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Mutual Agreement Ch. 03

Posted on : 2012-01-28 17:25:05.182257

Once their car had backed out of the drive I made my way into the bathroom and looked for the douche bag. I looked around but couldn?t see it hanging anyway and finally found it under the sink cabinet along with the rinse that Kathy?s uses to clean herself out with after sex.

I picked everything up and took it out to the garage and placed everything at the bottom of the trash making sure it was completely out of sight. I didn?t have much of a choice right now other than doing what David had asked. This was a big guy that could do great bodily harm to someone if he so choices.

I was going to have to find some other way to warn my wife about David tonight and thought maybe I could call her on her cell phone but she might hang up on me thinking I was just telling stories again. I really wished she had told David the truth about us.

I walked back into the house thinking about how I could warn Kathy or keep them from having sex tonight. I thought that might be just the thought I was looking for. Maybe I could talk to them most of the night once they returned from dinner and at least it would give me a little time before I could figure out something else.

The Valium I took was really making me feel tired and I had all of those beers tonight. If I was going to stay up late tonight I?d better take a short nap before they returned. I walked into the guests? bedroom which was now mine as long as David was here and looked at the clock on the dresser. It was a little after three in the afternoon and I turned over and fell asleep.

I woke up around nine that evening feeling a little groggy after being asleep for almost six hours but it gave me a chance to sleep off those drinks I had this afternoon. I got up and walked into the bathroom to pee wondering when Kathy would be back with David tonight. My whole body felt very weak and I thought it might be the effect of the beer and the Valium I had taken this afternoon.

I walked out into the hall and past our bedroom and looked inside but nobody was here yet and continued to walk into the living room. My heart sank as I saw David on the sofa kissing Kathy with one arm around her back and massaging Kathy?s tits with his other hand.

Kathy broke the kiss once she saw me enter the room and said hi to me slurping her words as she spoke. Kathy?s voice sound a little silly as she told me that David was going to fuck her all night long tonight. Kathy got up breaking away from David?s grip and walked over toward me almost falling on her way to me.

Kathy put her arms around me and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips and said, ?don?t you get jealous tonight darling, David is only going to be fucking me tonight and I want you to behave for me.?

David laughed as he walked over toward Kathy and grabbed her around the waist and told me not to steal his woman away from him and that I had my chance. David?s hand lowered down over Kathy?s mound while his other hand cupped one of her tits in his big hand.

Kathy turned around and gave David a long kiss as she places her arms around his shoulders. David reached down now to cup her little ass in his hands. I couldn?t help but notice the contrast between the couple with David being as dark as he is and my wife had very pale white skin with her long red hair.

Kathy broke their kiss and turned around toward me and pointed shaking her finger telling me I was a bad boy standing there watching them kiss with her words sounding garbled as she spoke. Kathy kept looking at me and said she wanted me to take my medicine and go to bed so David could fuck her.

David looked at me while holding my wife from falling and said, ?Now go do what the lady said and take whatever she wants you to take because the old black snake has a big job ahead of him tonight,? and winked as he spoke those last few words.

I walked over to the kitchen sink and poured a glass of water and took one of the Valium pills and swallowed it and looked back to see what they were doing. Kathy said I was a good boy again and put her arms back around David and started to kiss him again. David looked up at me while kissing my wife and said, ?You had your little show this afternoon now get your ass in that bedroom.?

I walked past them toward the hallway as David gently sat my wife down on the sofa and told her he would be back in a minute and walked toward me. I wasn?t sure what he was going to do as he walked up fast behind me and put his arms around my shoulder.

David apologized for sounding so direct tonight but said I would understand how he felt about being alone with Kathy tonight. David also thanked me for getting rid of her douche bag and contraceptive?s today and patted my back.

David walked me toward the guest room with his arm around my shoulder and said, ?If you want to see the old snake in action later I?ll crack the door open so you can take a peak inside.? David went on to say that he didn?t like to be bothered while making love to his woman and said things might get a little intense than what I saw this afternoon and if I couldn?t handle it to just go to bed and forget about it.

David opened the bedroom door for me as I stepped inside and looked back at his face. David said that old black snake here was going to busy putting a black baby in this woman tonight and told me to stay clear out of the way and winked as he shut the door behind him.

I didn?t want to take a chance by opening the bedroom door again because I knew that David meant business and decided I would wait a few minutes and walk through the bedroom doorway and look inside the window.

Once I waited for a short time, I walked outside and went around toward the living room doorway which faced the back yard. I could see Kathy setting on the sofa with another drink in her hand while David was kneeing on the floor with one of Kathy?s feet raised up and kissing it as if he were worshiping her.

David reached over on the table next to the sofa and grabbed a bottle which looked like whisky and poured even more liquor into Kathy?s glass. David was keeping his word about Kathy not remembering to use her douche kit tonight. David put the bottle down and placed his hand around Kathy?s on the glass and tilted it up toward her mouth as if to force her to drink the rest.

Once she had drunk every last drop of liquid, David put the glass on the end table and leaned over and started kissing my wife?s tits. Kathy had placed her hand on the back of David?s head while he slowly worked his way down toward her belly and down to her thigh?s.

David was looking up at my wife and telling her something but I couldn?t hear or understand what he was saying. David was still on his knee?s as he slowly patted Kathy?s belly with his big hand and started to rub his hand in little circles around her belly. David than grabbed one of Kathy?s tits and began to squeeze around the nipple as if he were trying to milk it. David was talking and laughing as he reached over with his free hand and picked up the glass and placed it under my wife?s titty and went back to what looked like a milking session.

Kathy was laughing and shaking her head back and forth as if to say no to David?s remark. David put the glass back down and leaned over to passionately kiss my wife on the lips. Kathy was trying to pull herself off the sofa and once up she tried to dance seductively around David but could hardly keep her balance as David pulled her back down onto his lap.

Kathy had placed her little hand around David?s massive cock and was now stroking him as David played with her titty?s. David had lifted Kathy up a little higher off of his lap so he could suck and kiss her tits.

Kathy now wiggled her way off David?s lap and worked her way down on the floor on her knee?s so she could suck on his cock. Kathy appeared so tiny kneeing on the floor in front of this big man. She wasted no time putting the head of his cock in her mouth and started to suck on him. Kathy was having a hard time keeping her balance even kneeing on the floor and I could see David holding her shoulder with his hand to keep her from falling over.

I watched David as he lay on his back on the sofa and lifted his legs back toward his chest so his ass was visible along with his giant cock and balls. Kathy moved into position behind David and starting to lick around his balls taking them into her mouth one at a time.

Kathy than lowered a little further down as she hung onto the sofa cushion to keep her balance and started to lick around David?s ass. David lifted up even more to give Kathy more access to the crack of his ass as I watched my wife?s head move down and seemed to be running her tongue along the very crack of his anus.

David moved himself up and turned around so he could lean over the back of the sofa now and Kathy risen up so she could lick his ass in this position. David was holding the cheeks of his ass apart for my wife as she continued to lick him. This went on for several more minutes until David turned around and grabbed Kathy by the shoulders and stood her up on the floor in front of him.

I couldn?t hear what he was saying but seemed to be asking her a question because she was shaking her head up and down. David leaned over my wife and smacked her ass cheek pretty hard because I could see her body shake as his hand hit her. David did this several more times on both sides and when he was finished he grabbed a hold of both cheeks and squeezed them as hard as he could.

Once he lifted his hands away from Kathy?s ass I could see the red marks on both sides he had left on them. David than made my wife knee in front of him and I could actually hear what he said next. He was asking Kathy whom she belonged to and I could see her looking up at him and appeared to be saying his name. David lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. Although he was hurting my wife, he was very rough on her. With as much as Kathy had to drink tonight I don?t think my wife even knew what was going on.

David sat my wife back down on the sofa and started to walk my way toward the doorway and I started to back off not wanting to be seen. David closed the blinds on the door and I couldn?t see anything that was now going on in the room. So I walked back into the house to the guests? bedroom and waited a few minutes until I could figure out another way to watch what was going on.

A few minutes went by and I could now hear my wife screaming for David to fuck her harder. Her voice seemed very loud now as I herd her moaning for David not to stop. David must have been fucking my wife quite intense with al the sounds coming from that room.

Than everything seemed to get really quit for a few minutes until I could now hear them in the master bedroom. I decided to walk out into the hall because David said he would leave the door open and see if he really did.

Once in the hallway I noticed a light coming from the master bedroom, David had kept his word about leaving the door open. I slowly walked toward the door and looked inside and saw that David was already fucking my wife on her back. I could see his thick cock slicing in and out of her tight pussy. David?s cock was bare this time and I could see my wife?s pussy juice coating his cock and the lips of her pussy would disappear each time David thrust in and would stretch back out with each outward stroke he made.

Kathy had her arms around David?s neck holding his face near hers with her slim legs wrapped around touching his ass. I could hear David making grunting sounds as he rammed his cock inside her. David said that he was going to cum again and his pace got faster and David yelled out he was shooting his load. David started to slow down again but his cock remained hard.

David finally stopped and held himself very still inside my wife for what seemed like several minutes until he slowly pulled himself out of her with a plop. Kathy?s pussy was gapping open from the extreme stretching she was getting tonight. David told her he needed to take a ten minute break and would fuck her again.

Kathy lay on the bed as David slid a pillow under her ass and said to lay still. Kathy didn?t budge an inch as David got up off the bed and noticed me standing in the doorway and walked toward me.

David opened the door and walked out smiling and said he had pumped two loads of cum inside her tonight already. David told me to look in the bedroom and told me to look at the little woman on the bed. David said she was his now and that he stretched her pussy out so much tonight that she wouldn?t even look at any of those white college friends of mine anymore.

David said he liked to give a woman what she wants and right now he was working on getting what he wanted. I asked him if he meant some white pussy and he laughed. David said that was part of it but always wanted a relationship with an attractive white woman and what he really wanted most was a son.

David laughed again and said we made a great team referring to myself and him. David thanked me again for doing my part and told me he got a good start in doing his part and now the little woman on the bed was helping out by doing her part. David pointed out to me that he had Kathy?s ass propped up to hold his seed in her belly.

David went on to tell me what a good fuck Kathy was and how well she squeezed his cock. David said that Kathy would tighten up so much he thought she was going to pull his cock off and laughed. David was talking to me like we were buddies and the next thing he did was lean over and he asked me if I knew when the last time Kathy got any dick? I told David I wasn?t really sure and his reply was that it must have been a long time because she felt like a virgin.

David?s next question was really a shocker when he asked me if I had a camera and I told him I did. David asked me to go and get it and bring it into the room because he wanted me to get some pictures of Kathy the night she got knocked up. I went and retrieved my digital camera and David was waiting on the bed and holding Kathy?s pussy wide open for me.

David told me to get some closeup shots of his cum inside her pussy. Kathy was laying back on the bed with her eyes? closed. She had so much to drink tonight that she was really out of it. I got close and focused the camera and snapped the first picture. I could see the large pool of seed that was still inside my wife?s pussy.

David laughed as he sat close to Kathy?s ass on the bed spreading his legs and told me to get a shot of him laying next to Kathy. David?s cock was hard again and he told me to be sure I got his black snake in the picture. David told me that he wanted me to set in the chair in the corner and take some pictures of them fucking later tonight but I had to be quite. David got up and walked next to me and whispered that once Kathy?s belly started growing that he wanted me to take pictures of her belly every month until the baby was born. I just smiled as David backed me up toward the chair and told me to be very quite if I wanted to stay here.

Kathy was almost asleep as David climbed into the bed next to her and gently kissed her lips. David worked his way down her neck toward her tits and started to suck on Kathy?s nipples as my wife started to respond as David nibbled on her nipples. Kathy started to rub David?s hair and lifted one of her legs as if to tell David she wanted to be fucked again.

David moved into position above my wife and took a hold of her little ass and slid the pillow away as he started to guide his stiff cock toward the opening of my wife?s pussy. David was kissing my wife again as he reached down and rubbed the head of his cock in my wife?s pussy slit and started to push himself slowly into her.

I never saw any of the sperm that was puddled inside her pussy leak out so David was entering my wife again with his last load still deep inside her. David kept moving in and out of her pussy until he had four or five inches inside her. I could hear Kathy?s pussy now as David pushed himself deeper inside her. Kathy?s pussy was making sounds like someone using a plumber?s plunger.

David was driving himself in slow even strokes and had full control as my wife started to move her hips up to meet each stroke. Kathy was kissing David back now very passionately and running her hands around David?s back. I could see my wife?s nails digging into David?s skin leaving little red marks as he kept fucking my wife.

David moved his body up above my wife with his arms as my wife started to grind her hips even more trying to pull David deeper inside her pussy. The sounds coming from my wife?s pussy were load slurping sounds and when David pulled all the way out I could see the last load of sperm coating his cock and when her drove himself all the way back inside, my wife?s face had an extreme expression of pleasure on it.

David turned his head around and made an expression that told me he wanted me to take some pictures. I got up at the end of the bed and aimed my camera at his cock entering my wife and snapped a picture. I was able to get a couple more shots from the side of David?s cock as it sliced into Kathy?s pussy.

I couldn?t believe I was standing here in the same bedroom watching my wife getting herself fucked by this black man when all of a sudden I herd her voice as she asks David what I was doing here in the room.

David told Kathy that I came in to see if everything was all right as he continued to fuck her not even missing a stroke. Kathy whispered to David and said to watch me because I was jealous. Kathy whispered something else to David but I couldn?t hear what was said until David turned around and looked at me and said to go take my Valium and go back to your room. David went back to fucking my wife as he began kissing her on the lips again. I walked out of the room leaving them fucking as I headed for the kitchen.

Instead of taking another Valium I sat on the sofa and I could hear them in the bedroom fucking as my wife screamed out again that she was going to cum. Looking on the floor, I could see all of the clothes they discarded around the living room including David?s pants. I leaned over and picked them up and could feel his wallet and decided to take a look inside.

Unfolding the wallet I noticed his drivers licence and a few credit cards. Flipping through the section for pictures I saw what must have been one of his parents. I turned to the next page and there was a picture of a white blonde woman with David and a little biracial girl about five.

This must be his child and girlfriend because Kathy had said he had never been married before. I remembered David telling me this evening that he wanted a son. I flipped another page over and found another picture of the same woman that appeared to be several months pregnant. There were more pictures underneath this one so I pulled them out and couldn?t believe what I found.

There were more that had the same woman pregnant with a smaller belly and one picture had David on top of her with his cock fully embedded inside her and the last one was a shot of her pussy full of sperm. I than found a picture of the same woman standing by herself at a club I recognized in town.

I started putting these pictures back into the wallet and noticed there was one more sleeve. I turned the sleeve over and the next picture was my wife standing alone at the same club in almost the same spot. This picture must have been just taken within the last week.

I wanted to show these pictures to Kathy but I knew that David would miss them if I took them out. I wondered who the other woman in the photo?s could be. She had to live around here in town if the picture was taken at the club.

It seemed that David like to keep a photo record of meeting a woman and getting them knocked up. I put everything back as I found them and placed the wallet back in David?s pants not wanting to get caught.

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