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A Shade of the Past Ch. 02

Posted on : 2012-01-28 17:25:51.575933

Sam decided to talk since she was being held so tight in his arms. "He seems to like you," she purred in Tevis' ear, "Do you know him well?"

"We were friends...once. It is no longer allowed for us to associate together. My laird, or lord as you call them, has been deemed an outlaw. So all of his clan members are called 'beggars'," he explained. "A laird's son does not even have to acknowledge that he sees us. The laird himself," he shrugged leaving her to finish the statement on her own.

"He seems to like you," she repeated stubbornly.

He almost smiled as he nodded. "Yes, he does, but it is not allowed."

"I take it you are allowed to be my escort in his presence," she mused somberly. He nodded in agreement. "My interpreter too," she added, "I can't speak Dragon."

"I am not usually allowed to speak so openly to them, but on your behalf it is allowed," he assured her with a little grin.

"Good," Sam'ain Faye sighed, "I do not want you to get yourself in trouble just because you are helping me." His grin widened into a mischievous smirk. "What," she asked.

"I don't need your help for that! I get into trouble well enough on my own, I assure you!" A shiver went through the dragon holding them. Did he understand what Tevis had said? Was he laughing, she wondered. She looked down at that moment and gasped in shock. For miles in every direction was a dark red wasteland. There were canyons and cliffs, but nothing else. It was barren and covered in swirling red dust. "The dragons here do not need the trees, only the rock and air. If you watch long enough, you will see the fires that coat this terrain with the red sulfur. It is dangerous to creatures who cannot fly." Yet even as he spoke, she saw someone picking his way along the ground carefully. "That is one of my clan," he whispered spotting the male below too. "They force us not to use our wings any more, so we have to be ever more wary and deadly to survive these days." Ulgan banked and circled after passing the man they discussed. "What is he doing," Tevis snarled. The dragon casually dropped them over the traveler. Tevis held her close as they fell to the ground, twisting to land on his feet easily beside his old friend. "Arrogant pup," he exclaimed angrily, "he cannot mean to leave us here. He must have seen something I did not." The dragon spiraled down again further ahead picking at something on the ground. "What is he doing?"

"I have been searching for Gin'Haru Kagami and Kin'Toru Jomei. The two went out late last night and no one knew they had left until this morning. An arrogant dragon saw fit to casually mention it in irritation after they had plenty of time to get killed first," the old ranger stated sarcastically keeping his eyes on the dragon ahead.

Tevis was appalled! "The dragon scouts let two infants outside at night...alone?" His disbelief was evident in the tone of his voice.

His friend's shrug annoyed him even more. "They said, 'How were we to know they were infants when so many of your kind can grow small at will?'" He nodded up at the long serpentine line gaining altitude. "Looks like your student may have found them for me," he remarked happily.

"He is no longer my student," Tevis growled at him angrily in warning.

"Only because you choose to obey the dictates of an old friend over a new one," the ranger stated unrepentant. "That boy will be McLaird soon; will you still insist on ignoring him then?" Tevis turned away ignoring him. "If that boy's courage continues to grow, I would like to see you try to ignore him as a laird! You will look like Gabe trying to ignore McLaird McKeinly," he warned with a little snort of amusement.

Ulgan spiraled down over them dropping the two small kids as he changed to land nearby. The two men caught them easily enough; even though, it surprised Sam they would treat it so casually. Then, he turned to the grateful elder with a grin. "Lose something, old ranger," he teased him merrily.

"I appreciate your help, McLaird Tamulous." The ranger set the boy beside his sister giving both of the wayward youths a stern look of disapproval.

Tevis laughed. "Not a laird yet," he warned. The ranger simply smiled without apology glancing at Tevis. Ulgan looked between the two and caught on to his meaning. "How did they get out this far without you catching them sooner?"

"The dragons let them out and didn't think to tell us about it, I guess." Ulgan looked down at Tevis' tone. "If it had been anyone else's children, they would have been dead by now," he explained sadly.

Ulgan looked at the two kids frowning in speculation. "These are D'Angelou's children, right? Who would have been dumb enough to let them outside," he questioned.

The old scout sighed wearily. "D'Angelou takes them out with him, so they know the terrain and the way to the outer gates. If I had not caught them in another hour, they could have been anywhere in the solar system. No one travels the worlds the way he does...and these two go with him nearly everywhere!" All three of them stayed silent in somber contemplation of this comment. Ulgan stared at the two tiny kids trying to decide how long they would have lasted on their own. They only looked like they were five years old. The ranger smiled dryly and shook his head. "They are eight, my laird. The dragons often complain about the lack of growth lately. Doubtless they could survive together unless something much larger and more powerful took an interest in them." No one mentioned slavers, but everyone thought it. "Either way, they would still be gone. D'Angelou would have left too," he added pointedly.

Tevis frowned at the idea unhappily. Ulgan shifted nervously and asked, "Can you get them back safely on your own? I can fly you closer to the caves if you want."

The old man dismissed it with a smile. "They wanted to go out. We will walk back. Besides, we want them to get it out of their system, don't we? Thank you for the kindness, Ulgan Wrath...We will remember it." Then, he eyed the dragon and Tevis idly. "Don't see the two of you together much anymore. Does your daddy know you are hanging out with low-life scum like us?"

Ulgan shrugged. "My father knows I stay at McLaird McKeinly's den. He also knows that Clan Ramus lives there. If he expected me to ignore old loyalties, he should not have granted my request to stay when he left." Tevis tensed warily. The ranger noticed it. "In his own way, he is telling me to choose wisely and deal with it my way. He knows McLaird Ramus is an ally and a friend to us all, but to go against the king..." Ulgan shook his head in disapproval. "Not that the old man has a right to complain when his own lineage is 'tainted'!"

Tevis glared at the ranger upset, but not wanting to be the one to correct him. His friend nodded agreeing with his unspoken warning. "Only a fool blatantly slaps the face of his king," the elder replied sternly. "You would do well to guard your tongue, young fool." The dragon flushed as the ranger drew the two children back towards their home. Tevis watched Ulgan solemnly until the three were out of hearing range.

"When will you ever learn," he hissed sullenly at him. His words were soft, but the disappointment came through clearly.

"When do you plan to teach me?" Sam shifted uncomfortably as they stared at each other. Ulgan's jaw was set in a firm line of defiance! "Why does she want to go to my land? Another tree fanatic," he asked to change the subject. Tevis smiled and nodded. Both of them suddenly looked much happier. It seemed like an inside joke between them by the amused looks on their faces. "You do not talk to her much...she must be terribly bored by now," he surmised speculatively. Sam smiled at him since he was looking at her with a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

"You will leave her alone, Ulgan Wrath!" The dragon glanced back at him undaunted. "She is a McLaird's daughter! Do you want her father to know? Or your own to wonder why you consort with on of 'us'..." The dragon frowned in thought. Tevis waited powerless to stop him if he couldn't talk him out of it.

"She is not a dragon blood like you, is she?"

"No," Tevis answered darkly. "She is Jenna's child, but she has none of the McLaird's blood in her." The boy nodded accepting his warning, but still contemplating mischief.

"So if she had dragon blood, it would be okay," he asked teasing his ex-tutor. He grinned back at him knowing the McKeinly laird had a new daughter by Jenna Karro. Tevis stilled in horrified shock! The dragon boy laughed. "Gods, Tevis, that face! I should just to see what you think of it!" Tevis paled. Usually when the boy threw out that type of challenge, he didn't forget it no matter how long it took.

"I think Justin would murder you, and so would Kane," he whispered in terror. Sam considered the little tattooed girl momentarily and wondered if she wouldn't be the dragon's match. She seemed terribly grown up even as a child, and her magic was stout enough to make anyone tremble. "They all love that little girl, so don't go messing around with them! You can't be that stupid..."

Ulgan laughed. "You forgot Gabriel. He is the child's guardian. McLaird Ramus of the Light Clan," he stated fondly, "how is he doing?" Ulgan moved closer to Tevis easing his concern that he would touch the girl.

Tevis shrugged, but his body relaxed marginally. "I don't know. Recovering, I should think," he admitted dryly trying to sound less sarcastic than he felt. When Ulgan reached out towards him he stepped away from the Glade Dragon belligerently. "Ulgan," he warned hissing his name angrily.

"I can smell the blood, you idiotic ass! Why won't you let me look at the wound? Do you want to bleed to death just because you are too damn stubborn to give me a chance?" Tevis glared at him until the anger faded into resignation.

"It is too open out here," he advised, "and you cannot do anything to stop it until you reach your precious trees. Later..."

Satisfied, Ulgan turned away from him to hide his look of triumph. Tevis deflated behind his back relaxing his guard momentarily until he noticed where the dragon was going. "I am staying away from her only out of respect for you, you know. Otherwise," he grinned suggestively at him as he circled Sam'ain Faye dangerously. "Would you get into a lot of trouble if I seduce her?"

"You will get it if you do!"

"Only if they know," Ulgan stated dismissing the danger carelessly. Tevis grabbed his arm and swung him around to face him. Ulgan looked surprised. Tevis stared into his eyes forcing him to reconsider his actions and words.

"Is she that powerful? I have heard rumors about her mother...Is it true that the women of your race are not very powerful until someone has sex with them?"

"It is. They do not have to be taken, only made aware of their sexuality!"

"She is older than I am," Ulgan pointed out. "Are you worried about her? Or me," he whispered looking down at the hand gripping his arm so bruisingly tight. Tevis gasped and released him looking around warily as he stepped away.

"Despite you king's decree...," Tevis stated very softly, "you are still the son of a man I consider to be my brother."

Ulgan frowned at him upset. "Won't you consider me as your brother, time?"

Tev turned away from him. Ulgan looked hurt. The dragon suddenly turned and sent out a mist of scents to envelop Sam'ain Faye thickly. She moved within it warily, but allowed the damp smells to wrap around her. She grinned as his brilliant eyes studied her. Many of the floral scents were flowers she recognized already, but the others intrigued her. As he got close enough to touch, a deep, rumbling purr began to vibrate the air around them. When he leaned down to kiss her, his own uniquely-male, dragon's scent banished the array of other scents. She trembled; waiting for his lips to make contact with her own...he descended so slowly. No other boy had dared to do more than hold and kiss her before, but here was one she knew would dare if given the right opportunity!

"Too bad I cannot tell you how beautiful you look," he murmured as he claimed her lips. His purring vibrated down her throat and into her chest as he kissed. She sighed sinking into his embrace happily. He gathered her up tighter, deepening both the exploration of his tongue and the depth of that low humming noise. Realizing what he intended to do, Tevis protested by calling out the dragon's name urgently. Ulgan didn't stop when he heard the whisper; he played ever more skillfully, instead. The sound harmonized for just a minute with the aching throb of the pulse point beneath her abdomen. That was all it took! She cried out against him as the spot spontaneously burst sending out powerful sensations, exploding throughout her body unexpectedly. Ulgan caught her as her knees weakened, coming up from the kiss lazily to look into her dazed eyes. Sam blinked in surprise and tried to regain control of her balance. Ulgan was patient waiting until she could stand on her own before relaxing his grasp. She flushed when she realized she was still clinging to his very broad, very stout shoulders. Then, he purred delightedly into her ear. "You smell good enough to eat!" His long, orange, snake tongue licked at her neck. Sam shivered growing wet in reaction to both the touch and the husky growl against her ear. Her eyes widened in mortification as the liquid rushed down to soak her jeans. The dragon laughed and sniffed the air. He groaned expressively as he winked at her.

Tevis looked stricken when she glanced at him. Ulgan Wrath saw her glance and looked around catching his expression. He looked momentarily ashamed of his defiance, but his anger washed it away. "What do you care, old teacher? I am just the McLaird's son...right?" He hugged Sam'hain to his chest looking at Tevis as he rubbed his body against her getting his scent all over her on purpose. She leaned back into it closing her eyes as the smell penetrated her pores. "Besides, she will be safer in the glen smelling like me," the dragon pointed out defensively. Tevis nodded, but his wariness didn't diminish; except it was aimed now at Sammy, instead of the dragon. Ulgan let her go and paced in front of her angrily. "Damn you, Theo'doric! I have never treated you any different!" He turned and leapt into the air without explaining his outburst. It didn't need an explanation. Tevis looked down in shame. When the long dragon circled back for them, he wasn't ready for it. The creature hissed at them and circled again wanting to get this trip over with quickly. Ulgan rumbled in irritation. Sam stepped into Tevis as the beating wings neared the second time. Tevis caught her instinctively sucking in his breath and flinching, as the claws dug into his back hugging him close. Had Ulgan hurt him on purpose? Using the name he didn't like was a clear indication that the dragon boy was angry. Boy, she thought with a smile. Anyone who could do what he did with only a simple kiss was no longer a boy. Could Tevis do such a thing? She doubted it.

Suddenly, they were sweeping over trees. The scented mist rising up from it reminded her of his kiss. Sam grew hot! She shifted feeling feverish, but the mist was all around her...touching her hot skin. Hadn't someone said the Dragon Lands could turn you into ice? She felt like she was being burned alive! Ulgan dropped her into a cool pool of blue-green water. Gratefully, Sam'hain sank into it as the Glade Dragon dropped down beside his burden on the shoreline. Since the water wasn't clear, she reached a hand down the front of her jeans to feel the thick slickness there. She washed it away flushing red at the though of it waiting for him even in the water. Ulgan knelt on the bank giving her a wickedly, knowing grin.

Tomas Fischel moved up behind him to distract him by taking off the flowing length of the concealing cloak. It distracted Sam, too. His back was turned to them as he revealed his long, black hair that hung to the back of his knee in mostly straight locks. Some curls gave it intriguing waves here and there. Then, he moved and she saw the supple, pale flesh of his bare chest and the ragged, bleeding wound on his side. Ulgan made a sound and stood to touch his hand to the thick blood. Tevis allowed it. The dragon moved to a vine coating a tree running his wet hand over leaves until one began to look less red. He plucked it up and brought it to the wound quickly. It was as wide as her hand and longer, but it covered the gaping wound completely. Ulgan sealed it to him by licking it against his skin. Tevis didn't protest as he sat waiting; he just watched silently until he was finished bandaging it. Then, Ulgan Wrath looked up from where he knelt holding his the undamaged area of his waist as he pulled himself to his feet. Tevis closed his eyes wanting to hide and ignore what he knew was revealed on his face. The dragon saw it, too. He had known how Tevis would react to it and had been watching for it.

The boy kissed his shoulder when Tevis tried to draw away from him, but he had been aiming for him neck. Tevis pushed at him gently. "Dragons don't...," he sputtered.

Ulgan smiled mysteriously. "No, dragons do not," he agreed. Tevis was too stunned to move when Ulgan caught him against him more fully and kissed his lips. Tevis actually tried to scold him for it, but got a mouthful of his tongue for the effort. Ulgan pinned his head as that thin tongue invaded his throat skillfully. Tevis let his body crumble back to the ground thinking the other would let go, but Ulgan followed him down purring deeply as he landed along his body. Ulgan arched his back and rubbed himself hard into Tevis' stomach. The man beneath him jerked and rolled. Ulgan swiftly compensated by catching his hands and lifting them up to off-balance his escape. Tevis fell to his stomach with the dragon biting along his neck and shoulders, rubbing himself against the back of Tevis' tight, leather pants. Tevis stilled. He allowed the dragon a second to enjoy the feel of it before he rocked his body from side-to-side in protest. The dragon disappeared. A mist heavily surrounded Tevis rising up slowly from where he lay. Tevis was panting weakly.

Sam'ain Faye rose from the water to stand over him wringing the water out of her hair and shirt wetting him down in amusement. He didn't even move. "Are you alive down there?" He kept to his appalled silence. "You act like a young man just getting his first taste of an elder."

"It isn't that," he protested softly. "I have been around..." He paused to judge her age. "I remember the parties Marrgar once held for the pleasure of his companions," he remarked obscurely. "Most of the people who came did not associate with the dragons, but both: half dragon and half...not." She looked far too amused to have misunderstood his allusion.

"Then, the half of you that is dragon must still be easily mortified," she teased.

"No," he admitted ruefully, "even that half enjoys it." He sat up at last, decidedly uncomfortable with the topic of choice. Oh, yeah...Tevis had wanted to give in badly judging from his body language, she decided thoughtfully. This could prove interesting!

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