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A Twist In The Tale

Posted on : 2012-01-28 17:28:32.310536

Satisfied with his performance she dismisses him back to his position. "Good boy." She says patronizingly as he crawls back to the corner naked and cold. She pulls up the covers and lies down in the warm to sleep.

As she drifts off to a peaceful slumber he scowls at her from where he sat. He so passionately wants to teach her a lesson, he was not some toy to be messed around and abused. He begins to hug himself tighter to try and keep warm. Looking at her fills him with such anger and passion, how he longs for her to love him back and to accept him in her bed, even just for one night. He wants to touch her when he wants to not when he was forced to; when she wants it. With these thoughts he slowly falls asleep shaking in the cold.

Some hours later he feels something grab him and drag him across the floor. Half awake he looks up at her through blurry eyes. He can see the passion he had seen so many times in her eyes. They are deep eyes and he knows if she returned the love he could easily lose himself in those pools of hazel beauty. Her dyed red hair was messy and hanging loose over her shoulders. The body she has was perfect, her skin was soft and her assets well pronounced.

Leering down at him she saw he was still asleep, to wake him she fiercely slaps his face until his eyes are bright and he is alert. "You know what to do, boy." She says to him to as she pushes him to the floor. He sighs and nods his head, she loves knowing he didn't want these things. She uses her arms to pin his legs down and pins his arms down with her legs.

He raises his head and looks up and what she was presenting to him. Her moist, soft lips were now hovering above his face teasing him. As she lowered herself down to his mouth he begins to feel a rousing in his lower regions, this is quickly dismissed as she bit down on his rising desires. "You are not to put that thing near my face!" She howled he has little time to feel the pain as her luscious lips reach his mouth. His tongue slips from his mouth and into her sweet open hole; he feels her tense up a little as he begins to move in and out of her.

As he does as she desires she watches his ever growing manhood with her eyes to ensure it comes nowhere near her face. She feels little attraction towards this inferior specimen of a man; he is only good for one thing; pleasuring her. Feeling him inside her she lowers herself further down onto him. His tongue leaves her hole and begins to dance around her clit sending immense pleasure through her body. This is what he good at, what he was made for. Wanting to be completely full she releases his hands, she does not fear him trying to escape, she is very aware of his desire for her. She knows he looked at her through the nights, wanting and needing her. So she knows he would stay where he has even without the restraints.

Once his hands were free he knew what he was being permitted to do. Immediately his left hand enters two fingers into her slippery pussy and then leaves again to be quickly replaced by the same fingers on his right hand. The now lubricated left fingers are inserted into her tight but accepting ass. A moan reluctantly escapes her lips as he completely fills her and the dance between his tongue and her clit resumes. Knowing it wouldn't be long before she came he couldn't help but have blood rushing down to his now throbbing penis.

Seeing his penis growing and getting closer to her face she opened her mouth to bite on the smooth head. As she lowers her head to do so she feels her body reach climax and her body convulses forwards as she comes onto his hands and face. Due to her mouth being open his penis slips inside her warm, moist mouth and her tongue strokes along it as she moves further forward. How dare he do this to her?! She was filling with rage as she took more of his pulsating cock into her mouth uncontrollably. Tasting his excitement she pulls her head back and quickly dismounts him.

Surprised by the pleasure he had just received he does not even realize that she has stood up and is looking down on him angrily. In fact he does not realize until she pinches his balls hard and he snaps back to reality and curls up into a submissive ball. He knows well enough not to look at her, she has got like this before and has slapped him around and then left him alone until she wants him again. Her beatings are the one thing he can count on and he relies on them to know she still wants him. After suffering through this for so long he has began to enjoy those beatings.

Fuming with anger she glares down at his pathetic naked body in its submissive position. He was not looking at her and if he knows what is good for him he won't. With his stature and build he could easily take over and walk away anytime he wants, but he has never made an effort towards this possibility. She knows he wants her; he desires her and needs her to accept him and to love him. As she looks down at his feeble frame other feelings passed through her mind, confusion was one of them. She lifts her arm to wipe away what remains of her oral violation yet she didn't feel violated. The anger fades from her mind and confusion and desire replace it. Analyzing his body she begins to notice he is not inferior in appearance. He is curled up yet she still can pick out his well defined stomach muscles and his slightly arched pectoral muscles which compliment his broad shoulders perfectly. In his current position his penis was hidden but she already knew of its size and impressive girth and now she knows of its enjoyable taste. Also due to his posture his exquisite behind looks even more firm and sexual.

He sits there for a few minutes wondering why she has not lashed out at him for his disrespectful actions and his well timed plan. A thought crosses his mind to look at her and see what is going on, he needs his beating. No, he couldn't look she hates it when he does but it means he will get what he wants for once. So he sits there waiting for her fists but they still did not come. He wants her to beat him so he turns his head and looks at her. He sees her glaring down at him, she is making her anger very obvious but there is something different about the look in her eyes, like she wasn't sure what to do. "Are you OK, Miss?" He asks quietly, it seems to snap her out of whatever trance she is in. Her eyes clear and she releases a huge sigh and spins around away from him.

Snapping back to reality she realizes she has let her weakness be known to the unworthy thing before her. She has no time for him now, not after that episode. Climbing straight into bed she faces away from him and presses her eyes shut and begins to will the sandman to come. She can feel his eyes burning into her back, why was he not falling asleep. He should be glad he did not get a beating this time, he fully deserved one. Unable to sleep she rolls over and stares into his eyes. "Go to sleep boy! You are finished with tonight." She hisses at him, his eyes move away from hers and she watches him like a hawk until he falls into slumber.

For once in his pathetic existence he was filled with a passion and desire to go against her rule and take her for his own. How dare she take away the one thing he relies on to know she still wants him! With her watching him he was not going to be able to act on these sudden wants of immense passion so he slowly shifts his gaze from her and closes his eyes to fall asleep. Out of her sight he pinches himself continually so he does not fall asleep; he wants no needs to take her tonight. She has taken what he like away from him so now he will take away the things she wants and desires; control. His eyes open some time later and he glances over to the bed. Sure enough she is now sound asleep and probably dreaming of how she will defile him tomorrow. Feeling his anger and passion bubble up inside him he knows he has to act now and not wait any longer; he cannot. Silently he stands up and searches for what he needs, he quickly finds the leg and arm shackles she had used on him so many times before. Rather stupidly she kept the keys with the shackles, he had a sudden fear that they would not fit her and that she may be able to slip out of them when she awakes. He began to think back to the times he had been in those chains, no they would fit her no problem they had always been too tight on him and painful. He creeps over to the side of the bed where she currently sleeps and smiles as he attaches the shackles to her wrists and ankles. Moving quickly but cautiously he attaches the chains to the hooks she once attached him to.

Feeling a presence near her she opens her eyes to find her pet looking down at her. "What are you doing?! Get back to bed!" She screams at the top of her lungs, not until after those words have passed her lips does she notice the position her arms and legs were now in. Then she feels the cold metal pressing down onto her warm skin. "You damn bastard!" She yells at him as she begins to struggle to get free, she stops as she begins to hear laughter come from his lips. It begins to dawn on her, she has no control anymore. He has finally acted out against her oppressive régime. She is brought back from this train of thought when she feels the cold as he rips her covers from off her. Her semi-naked state is revealed to him and he takes his time looking at her body up and down. She witnesses a crude smirk grow upon his face as he plots his revenge. All of a sudden he turns away and begins searching through drawers for something. As he finishes searching and turns around she can see what he has in his hands; some lube, a dildo and a pair of scissors.

With his tools in hand he mounted his reluctant slave and places lube and dildo by the side of her. "I guess you have figured out what they are for by now my little Pink." He says feeling utterly confident about his newly formed plan. If he could not get her to admit her love for him then she will never leave this bed or these chains. Seated on her body he leans forward with the scissors in hand. He does not have the time or patience to undress her completely so he uses the scissors to cut open the cups of her bra to reveal her naked breasts and deep pink nipples. He shifts his body around so he is now facing the other way and he cuts open her pant to reveal her soft luscious lips that are, to his surprise, a little damp from all the excitement. He places the scissors with the other tools for the evening and takes time to examine his prize. With her deep and heavy breathing her more than adequate breast rose and fell with her chest. This only proved to ass to his excitement, his penis was getting harder the more he looked at her. His gaze moved to her long slender legs that stretched out from her sweet ass and juicy lips. Lost in thoughts of her sexual legs he takes a while to realize his now fully erect penis is brushing up against something soft and warm. Upon noticing this he looks down and sees he is poking his former mistress in the side. He almost curls up into his submissive position and begin to beg her for forgiveness but then he remembers he is in control now, not her. He climbs back on top of her facing her breasts and grimacing face. He must be hurting her with hi weight, good. He slowly leans over and picks up the dildo but not the lube. She will have to please him enough to earn lube.

Watching his actions with fear she wonders why he has not applied any lube to anything. She watches him reach his arms behind him. She feels her cheeks part and something pushing against her asshole. Slowly but surely she feels him penetrate her tight, dry ass with the toy she has used on him so many times. Unimaginable pain shoots through her body as he forces it all the way inside her. "You have to earn lube, my dear Pink. As of yet I have received no pleasure." He snarls at her as she lets out a scream of pain.

Leaving the toy inside her he turns himself around so his own asshole is hovering over her face. "You know what to do!" He shouts at her, he parts his cheeks and lowers himself onto her mouth. After a few seconds he begins to feel her hot, wet tongue shooting in and out of his hole. He smiles and releases a small series of moans as he forces her deeper into him. He begins to move the dildo in and out of her ass hard and fast. The more pleasure he receives the more pain she gets. He can hear her screams of agony but just forces her tongue in further and thrusts in her ass harder. As his throbbing head begins to leak from the pleasure he sees a red fluid running out of her. At last he had made her bleed. With his target reached he removes the dildo and hears a sigh of relief as he does.

The stinging and bleeding carry on even after he has stopped violating her. She notices him lift himself up and move backwards. "Now you'll finger it and suck my balls, bitch!" She watches as his balls come closer to her face, knowing she has no choice she opens her mouth and accepts his balls. She begins to suck as she moves her hand towards his asshole. He has moved so she can reach, as she sucks and fingers he moans loudly.

He felt her warm succulent lips wrap around his balls and begin to slowly squeeze on them as she started to suck. This was more than enough pleasure for him but it was only amplified by the penetration she was causing with her finger. He places his hands on her breasts and begins to pinch her nipples as she pinched her balls before. Once again he waited until his penis is leaking with pleasure and then makes her stop. He dismounts her and ensures that the chains and shackles allow her no movement whatsoever.

The shackles were so tight they hurt her delicate wrists and ankles. She begins to wonder why he had ensured she cannot move. As she looks at him he climbs back onto her higher up her chest than before. He takes his hands and forces her mouth open and begins to slide his head into her mouth. Once he lets go of her jaw a face of pure ecstasy appears above her. She feels a stirring inside her that that tells her that she likes him doing this to her and she loves seeing that face. She feels herself getting wetter as he goes further into her mouth.

Pleasure is running through his body as he continues to penetrate her face. She feels so good in there and he could do it however he wants. Forcing it further down her throat he feels her gag but he doesn't care. Finally he feels the start of orgasm indications and pulls out immediately. He still has a lot planned for her so he will not finish in her mouth. He moves down her body picking up the dirty dildo as he moves down her body. Quickly he shoves it deep inside her wet and welcoming lips, he hears her moan in pleasure. While he reaches for the lube he says, "I think you've pleasured me enough for a little lube this time." Squirting some onto his hand he rubs it over his shaft and around her asshole.

Watching him take his impressive manhood in his hand she prepares herself for the agony she is about to experience once again. She tries not to tense her muscles as he pressed his hard penis against her asshole slowly penetrating her. To her surprise the more he inserts inside her the less pain and more pleasure she experiences. His smile is a clear indication to her that he is enjoying this as much as her. She feels him moving in and out of her and the pleasure only intensifies. Moaning loudly she gives into her desires as he begins to move the dildo in and out of her dripping pussy in the same motions as he fucked her ass. In her mind she begins to feel an orgasm building, she is about to release her pleasure climax when he pulls everything out of her. She allows her face to collapse with sheer disappointment so he knows how she feels.

He feels immense accomplishment as he sees the look of disappointment on her face; at last she has given into what she really wants. He can see the wetness on her hot pussy and knows exactly how excited she is now. No time is wasted and his rock hard penis is inserted inside her and slams all the way to the back of her vagina. Her screams of pleasure only serve to make him harder and wider. As her muscles contract in orgasm he feels that his own won't be long. The desire to finally make her his was too much for him to suppress now, he has to fill her with his seed and complete his plan of her domination. Thrusting faster and deeper with every stroke he feels her orgasm again and again. The hot come is building up along his shaft and his balls are tight and wet from her excitement.

Feeling his come flow inside her tips her over the edge of her final orgasm, the pulsing mass of sexual energy inside her makes it the most intense feeling she has ever been through. This was so much better than when she dominated him. Watching his face screw up and scream with pleasure made her desire him more. Once she has felt him finish inside her she begins to let herself relax. It is pulled out of her with such speed and force she is brought back to reality. She feels her jaw be pulled open and his now flaccid penis is shoved inside. "Clean up my mess you little whore." He demands from her, she has no problems by now following his orders and quickly moves her head and tongue all over him. It tastes of both of their juices, blood and shit but she does not care she wants him now more than ever.

When he feels he is sufficiently clean he withdraws from her mouth and dismounts her. Although the thought of leaving her tied up is tempting her releases her from her shackles and chains. Immediately she grabs her wrists and begins to rub them and then moves to her ankles. Expecting a huge beating from her he begins to look at the floor and prepares himself to put up no fight. Instead he feels a soft, gentle hand cup his chin and lift his head. He still does not let himself look up from the floor, but as he feels her soft, warm, loving lips press against his. With this surprise his eyes flash open and look at her, he meets her gaze across the kiss. In her eyes is something he has only dreamt of seeing, love.

As the kiss is finished she takes his hands in hers and pulls him gently into the bed. She lets him lie down and then removes her torn underwear and snuggles down next to him. "I love you," she whispers and then feels a content sigh brush her head. A gentle and soft kiss follows as she slips into a content sleep.
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