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The Morning After The Night Before

Posted on : 2012-01-28 17:29:08.803405

Author's Note -- This is part 16 of a series of stories. The whole series (so far) is:

  1. In camera

  2. The sins of the father

  3. Summer of love

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  5. Summa cum laude

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  15. Family and friends

  16. The morning after the night before


The Morning After The Night Before


"Hmm?... What?" Parry blinked in the early morning daylight and squinted at the clock on the table beside the bed. It hadn't broken the news gently that it was 6AM.

"You don't have to go to work today. It's the weekend." Meg's arm snaked round him and she pressed herself against his back.

If he'd been disinclined to get out of bed before, now he knew it just wasn't going to happen. At least, he amended his thoughts, not soon.

"I really need to catch up on my paperwork." He protested for the form of the thing as he turned over to meet his wife's lips and to draw her even closer to him.

"Did you sleep well?" Meg asked as she nuzzled his cheek. He'd been dog tired last night.

"Like a log." He asserted between kisses.

"So that's where this little bit of wood came from." Meg teased him as her hand found his morning erection. She curled her fingers around it, feeling its velvet soft skin over hard flesh, pulsing, hot in her hand. Parry gasped as the ball of her thumb circled the tiny fissure at his tip.

"Meg..." Parry found it difficult to carry on a conversation at that moment. All he could think was that he wanted his wife... wanted her on her back, legs akimbo; wanted to be deep inside her, feeling the silk purse of her pussy squeezing his cock; wanted to feel her warm skin pressing against him, her lips on his, her tongue darting into his mouth; wanted to hear those little noises she made as she approached an orgasm; wanted to come together with her, deep inside her... He didn't have to say anything though. He'd already pulled up her nightdress and was caressing her rapidly engorging labia. His intentions and desires were clear enough. He didn't have to say a word.

Meg rolled away from him, onto her back. Her legs spread wide as Parry flung the eiderdown off them and practically pounced on top of her. Again, he felt her fingers curling gently around his cock as she guided it to her smooth pussy, using his hard head to massage herself from her clit to her perineum, rubbing him against her hot, sensitive flesh, spreading her juices and the tiny drop of pre-cum from his glans.

Parry moaned with lust as his cock slid over her flesh, He knew who she'd learned this trick from: Meg had started including it in their foreplay after her first session with Eric. Recalling that, Parry felt nothing but gratitude towards his friend and employer. The younger, significantly better endowed alpha male of this household had really rekindled Meg's interest in sex and, right at this moment, Parry was reaping the benefits of that.

Picking his moment, he pressed forward just as his cock rested against the entrance to Meg's vagina. She gasped as he slid deeply into her body until his pubic hair pressed against her own, defoliated mons.

"I love you." She husked, her voice hoarse with pent up desire. Her legs curled around his flanks, urging him deeper.

"And I love you. Always have... Always will..." Parry grinned down at her and ground his pelvis against hers. He slowly eased a couple of inches back so that he could thrust into her body again. He loved watching her face as she gasped. Lust was so becoming on Meg.

"Always?" Meg challenged, gasping as he thrust hard and deep once more. He used to be a much more gentle lover but that was back in the monogamous days, when Meg had only wanted him to be gentle. These days, she demanded more of him and it was clearly his pleasure to give her what she wanted.

"Always." Parry lowered his mouth to hers to put a stop to the banter. Meg returned his kiss with ardent enthusiasm, pulling him as close as she could, until her breasts were pressed almost uncomfortably against her ribs by his weight on top of her.

She loved to feel herself pressed under him like this. She enjoyed the feeling of being slightly trapped, slightly helpless and unable to resist his advances. It was her favourite role: not least because it brought out the macho side of her husband and that was a welcome juxtaposition to Eric's necessarily much more gentle sex play.

Parry worked his hips hard; putting all the effort he could into fucking Meg. He knew just how much she could comfortably take and he pushed that limit just a touch as he pummelled her pussy, feeling her muscles quiver and seize around him as she responded to her ravishment. He knew when he'd been just a little too vigorous because Meg bit his lip as he collided with her cervix. He tasted a trace of blood and eased his pace a fraction.

Meg's nails bit deep into his buttocks as she urged him into her again. Clearly, she wasn't in the mood for 'gentle'.

Tasting his blood on his lips, Meg pulled her mouth away from Parry's. "You're slowing down, Old Man." She chided with a twinkle in her eye. Letting go of one butt cheek, she grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled his face back down to hers, kissing his slightly swollen lip until the salty tang of blood was all gone.

Spurred on by her jibe, Parry put his back into it. He ignored her gasps, fucking her as hard as he could, not even slowing down as Meg started to climax steadily, playing through her first orgasm and ignoring the spread of moisture between their bodies as Meg's glands were wrung out by his vigour and her ecstasy. He gritted his teeth and clenched two fistfuls of pillow as he clung to the vestiges of self-control until Meg's moans and muscles told him her second climax was imminent. Reading her body language with exquisite precision, he let himself come just as her second orgasm peaked, flooding her pulsing, boiling pussy with his seed as Meg arched under him, lifting both their pelvises clear of the bed as she wailed in the sheer ecstasy of her release.

As the slumped together, still conjoined, the moist revenants of Meg's first climax cooled on their skin, unheeded.

Gasping for breath, they clung to each other for a long minute. Meg was still pinned between the mattress and her mate and she was feeling completely fulfilled and, incidentally, still physically filled with Parry's barely softening cock.

When he finally slipped out of her, he rolled them both onto their sides, allowing Meg to close her thighs before all his seed trickled out of her.

"Hmm." Meg sighed, contentment warmed her right through as she lay in her husband's arms and listened to him catching his breath. She'd missed him this last week, despite Eric's tender services. Parry was always the one she really wanted.

"Now can I go to the office?" Parry asked with an almost completely straight face.

"No." Meg snuggled against his chest. They lay silent for a long time before he spoke again. "Parry?"


"About Kelsey's baby..."

"Kelsey's and Eric's" He gently disavowed paternity, realizing where this conversation was leading.

"Are you sure? Because its ok if..." She wanted to say it was ok if he was the father of Kelsey's child, but the words stuck in her throat. That's not to say she didn't mean them, but it was an emotive subject.

"Meg... I'm pretty close to positive. Remember my birthday present?" He was referring to Kelsey giving him her last cherry -- her anal cherry -- for his birthday.


"Yes. Since then... I'm not the father." Parry's fascination with ass was his alibi. Since his birthday, he'd spent several night's with Kelsey but only had anal sex with her. She'd learned that she quite enjoyed it and it wasn't something she was ready to try with Eric -- only Helen and B were that brave (or that extreme) -- so she'd let Parry indulge his favourite perversion whenever they were together.

"Even so..." Meg asserted. "It would be ok... I mean it." Meg really did mean it. This family's games often felt a little unreal to her and a baby was as real as it gets but she really was ok with the idea that Parry could become a father again.

"Thank you." Parry understood that that hadn't been easy for her. He kissed her softly and hugged her tightly.

* * * * *


"Mmm... Good morning." As the sound of Eric's voice roused her, Kelsey stretched, cat-like, along the length of his body.

"Good morning." She felt Eric's hand resting on her abdomen just where it had been when she'd finally drifted off to sleep last night.

Had it been there all night? She hoped so. Eric had been so sweet about her bombshell. Not one word, action or expression made her doubt that he was anything but over-the-moon about the prospect of fatherhood.

"What time is it?" Kelsey blinked as she rolled in his embrace and finally opened her eyes to see Eric's goofy grin. She kissed him quickly.

"Time for me to be up and about but... I didn't want you to wake up alone." He punctuated this with another kiss. This time he was in control of it and he made it a good one, ignoring their morning breath.

"Its that sort of sweet consideration that made me choose you to be the father of my child." Kelsey said with a smile. Well, it was one of the reasons. Eric ticked so many boxes for her.

"So I'm still getting the blame?" He knew he wasn't her only lover but didn't care. Whoever had provided the DNA, he fully intended to be the father of Kelsey's baby.

"Oh, it's definitely yours... ours." Her hand fell lightly on top of his, on her belly.

"Ours." Eric echoed. Ours, he thought. There were currently four women in his life but Kelsey was the one who felt most like a partner. B and Helen were his best friends, muses and playmates but he'd always been aware they were more into each other than anyone else. Meg was very married and, though he loved her and knew she felt the same, he was her toyboy and he was comfortable with that. He had too much respect for Parry to ever want to come between them. But Kelsey was the most nearly monogamous person in this menagerie. She'd chosen Eric to be her first lover and now she'd chosen him to be the father of her first child.

In college, Eric had never expected his life to turn out the way it had. He'd expected an unremarkable career in his father's business empire and an unremarkable love life: Then he inherited a not-so-small fortune and everything changed. But had it changed so much? He had a career, albeit not in the family firm. His love life was certainly not unremarkable but only because of B and Helen.

Kelsey? She was his 'normal' relationship: The one the media never got to hear about. They spent more nights together than they did apart and now she was pregnant. Eric had an idea.

"Lets get married." Eric's idea translated into three little words very easily.

"What?" Kelsey hadn't heard him right. She couldn't have heard him right.

"Lets get married." Eric repeated calmly. He was calm too, deeply so, not just on the surface. It seemed right to ask her.

"Married? You and me?" She was struggling to accept the evidence of her ears.

"No. You and the gander, me and the goose. Of course you and me." He smiled at his own light-heartedness and kissed her passionately without waiting for an answer.

When they broke for air, Kelsey's cheeks were soaked with tears. Eric kissed one of them away as it rolled from the corner of her eye. It was saline on his lips.

"Well?" He figured she'd had long enough to think it over and he wanted an answer.

"Yes!" Her answer almost exploded from her mouth. She flung herself against him and pressed her lips over his, her tongue instantly encountering his own as they rolled over on the bed, coming to rest with Eric pinned down by the weight of his fiancée.

Her knees were either side of his hips and he could feel the heat radiating from her crotch, pressed against the base of his cock. He'd woken semi-erect and was rapidly rising to the occasion.

* * * * *

"Honey B?"

"Hmm." B was just barely conscious.

"Sorry to wake you." Helen whispered in her girlfriend's ear. "I need my arm back."

"S'ok." B rolled away from Helen, onto her front propping herself up just enough to unpin Helen's arm.

"Thanks, Honey." Helen leant close and kissed B's shoulder blade before getting up to go to the bathroom.

"Hmm." B was already drifting back to sleep, her face mashed against the cool, fresh part of the pillow.

Helen took her time in the bathroom. Morning ablutions were a critical part of her day: more so, given what her work usually entailed. After using the toilet, she douched both orifices, showered and ran a razor over her legs, her under-arms and her pubis to make sure she was properly smooth. She moisturized from head to toe, blow-dried her hair, sitting on a towel to let the last of the moisturizer be absorbed into her skin. Because she fully expected to have anal sex sometime today, she squatted over a mirror and used a long thin nozzle to squirt a small amount of anti-bacterial jelly past her sphincter. It paid to be prepared, especially as Parry was back and, after a week away, she felt she was owed quite a lot of his attention.

She repainted her nails, toes too, and spent a few minutes applying make-up that barely showed but made the world of difference. The make-up that definitely did show was peach flavoured lip-balm on her nipples and areolae: it made a glisteningly moist invitation to 'suck me'.

She used a scent-free anti-perspirant so it wouldn't compete with her perfume, which she applied sparingly behind her ears, her throat, under her breasts, the base of her spine, her navel, in the crook of her elbows, the backs of her knees, wrists and ankles. The effect was that wherever somebody's nose was, she would smell sweet but not overpoweringly so.

Finally, she put a slender gold chain around her waist. The pendant on it had been intended as a necklace but Helen found she preferred to wear it round her middle because, as a necklace it drew peoples' eyes to her cleavage, but as a belt it drew their eyes much lower. There was no point in being naked and not being looked at. It was a beautiful pendant: a two inch long stylised vagina, artfully made out of solid gold ribbon, set with a single pearl to signify the clitoris. It was so stylised that it took people a while to realize what it represented but, once they did, they couldn't keep the image out of their minds. Helen loved it.

She turned slowly through three hundred and sixty degrees, checking herself out in the bathroom mirrors. Their bathroom was practically all mirrors, so she could see herself from every conceivable angle. Satisfied that she was presentable, she went to make breakfast, trying not to wake B as she padded barefoot through their bedroom.

* * * * *

"Morning Miss." Diego was one of three regular cleaning staff that Eric employed. One of them came in between 5AM and 7AM every morning to clean and polish the main rooms and take out the trash. The bedrooms got cleaned as the opportunity presented itself, generally when everyone was out, but the cleaners frequently encountered the girls.

Diego was the newest member of the cleaning staff and still not quite used to the wayward ways of the women in this household. He was only eighteen, from Puerto Rico and was planning on starting college in the fall. Eric seriously over-paid his domestic staff, guaranteeing their discretion, so Diego was saving a lot of money towards his tuition fees.

"Good morning Diego." Helen passed close to the young man, smiling to herself as she heard him breathe in deeply through his nose. "Do you like my perfume?" She asked without looking back at him. She just wanted him to know that she knew what he'd done.

"Yes Miss. It's very nice." Diego sounded more than a little embarrassed at being caught in flagrante.

"Diego, if we're going to be friends, you really should start using my name." She turned to him, giving him her sweetest smile.

"Yes Miss... Helen." He managed... just.

"Better." Helen couldn't help herself. She sashayed back to him, standing just a bit too close and lifted his chin with one finger. He stood petrified as she gently touched her lips to his for the briefest moment. "But if I catch you trying to look away again, I'll be very offended. I've gone to a lot of effort to look like this and I'd like it to be appreciated." She took her finger away from his chin and took a step back. "Ok?"

"Ok." Diego still didn't take his eyes off hers though.

"So say something complimentary." Helen held her arms out a little, inviting his gaze.

"You're beautiful." It was lame.

"Thank you, Diego. I'm going to make coffee. Would you like some?"

"No, thank you."

"Suit yourself." Helen turned and headed for the kitchen, She had no intention of seducing the young man... Not today.

Diego watched her until she turned the corner. Beautiful? That was an understatement. He'd taken to wearing cycle shorts under his jeans to restrain the permanent erection he had at work. Every wall in this place had massive, exquisitely detailed photographs of Helen and B and others. He hadn't bothered looking at porn since he'd got this job a month ago. All his fantasies these days were about the girls he occasionally saw in Mr Kruppa's apartment. He wished he could ask for copies of some of Eric's images, but that would be too weird. He sighed as Helen left the room. She'd kissed him. His cock was like iron and he knew it still would be an hour from now, when he got off work.

* * * * *

The smell of fresh coffee and cinnamon rolls didn't change Diego's mind so Helen breakfasted alone. She didn't mind that much. She had stuff to do and that stuff included emailing Sabine, who ran Eric's London gallery. The 'Through a Glass Darkly' exhibition was due to cross the Atlantic in about a month and Helen fully intended to go with it. She had no qualms about inviting herself to stay with Sabine and Peter: she knew the only thing she could do that would offend Sabine was to check into a hotel instead of crawling into bed between them. Sabine and Peter had been a great find. The term kindred spirits sprang to mind. Certainly, she'd never met a couple so quick to get so dirty.

By the time she'd finished telling Sabine about her recent misdemeanours and clicked 'send', she was getting moist at the prospect of reprising that adventure with Sabine and Peter on the side of the Thames... and she still had to take Sabine pole dancing on the London Underground.

"Morning." B wandered into the kitchen, interrupting Helen's daydreams. B clearly hadn't spent anything like the time in the bathroom that Helen had. Her hair was dishevelled and she was just barely awake. At most, she'd splashed some water on her face.

"Morning, Honey." Helen tilted her head back to be kissed en passant. Peppermint. She revised her minimum ablutions assessment to include toothpaste.

"Refill?" B was filling a cup from the coffee pot.

"Please. I want a full bladder when Daddy wakes up."

"Really?" B leant past Helen, refilling her cup.

"I've been writing to Sabine about next month's exhibition..."
"And now you're in the mood to give Parry a golden shower. It figures." B sat down opposite Helen and started to pick apart a cinnamon roll.

"If I can drag him away from Mom this morning." Helen closed her notebook, pushed it aside and gave B her undivided attention. It struck her that nobody looked quite as good first thing in the morning as B did. In fact, Helen reckoned, B looked better, bleary eyed and mussed up, than pretty much anyone else at their best.

"That won't be a problem." B said with an angelically innocent smile. "I was planning on getting Meg alone this morning. I'm going to be all sweet and innocent so she can practice seducing a girl.

"Cool. I don't suppose we'll see Eric and Kelsey before lunch."

"I hope not, but as it's only just gone 8:30, we won't see anyone for a couple of hours. Coming for a workout?" B stood up, leaving her empty cup.

"Sure." So Helen would have to do all her make-up again. So what?

* * * * *

Kelsey moved her hips slowly. Eric's cock filled her so completely that he couldn't thrust without causing her discomfort. Instead, he lay still and let her move against him, controlling the pace and the penetration to suit herself.

At least when he entered her from behind like this, she could accommodate enough of him to feel close. His pubic hair was tickling her bottom as she moved against him and his arms held her tightly so that her back pressed against his broad chest. One of his hands toyed with a conveniently situated breast, rolling her rubbery nipple between thumb and forefinger, while his other hand rested gently on her flat belly: Flat now, but not for much longer. Their child was in there somewhere.

Kelsey stopped touching herself, placing her hand on top of Eric's instead. She really didn't need to touch her clit right now and she wasn't in any kind of hurry to come.

The juxtaposition of rough stubble and soft lips on her neck made her moan and squeeze him tightly inside her. It made him push against her. It made her gasp. She breathed deeply, forced herself to relax and moved against him a little faster.

He'd proposed! She still couldn't quite believe it. Last night she'd blurted out her secret and half expected Eric to be upset. By rights he should be mad at her for 'trapping him' but Eric hadn't been mad. He'd been sweet and understanding. He'd taken her to bed and

Held her while she cried and done all the right things. And this morning... to propose... out of the blue!

She was crying again, even as she'd felt that first, slightly uncomfortable, stretching of her insides as he'd slid into her. He didn't say a word. He knew not to. He just let her make love to him... slowly... almost silently... ignoring the tears on her cheeks.

For all the slowness and gentleness of their coupling, Kelsey could feel a climax building steadily in her abdomen like the electricity in the air before a summer storm. She was starting to tingle and knew that, soon, lightning would strike right beneath their hands.

And lightning struck, sending her muscles into spasms, making her arch her back against him, crying out involuntarily as her insides twisted themselves around his rigid cock and the lightning danced through her nervous system until every inch of her tingled with the release of so much pent up emotion.

If there was a storm raging inside her, Eric's cock was the lightning rod, grounding her and drawing all of that fiery energy to itself. Through the long seconds of her ecstasy, Eric held her tightly against him: The only fixed point in her chaotic universe.

"Thank you." She whispered hoarsely through ragged breaths as the storm subsided.

"For what?" She could hear his grin. Or, more accurately, she knew that tone well enough to surmise that he was teasing her.

"For everything."

"I'm not responsible for everything."

"For caring about me... For not caring that I lied to you..."

"Shh." Eric's hand released her breast and his finger fell lightly across her lips, symbolically sealing them. "You'll wake the baby." He whispered so close to her ear that his lips touched her. "I don't care about you: I love you."

"Really?" Kelsey wanted to believe him.

"Remember our first time? Your first time?"


"When you gave yourself to me, you said I was the 'someone special' you'd been saving yourself for. Well, Darling, you're my 'someone special' too."

"Oh Eric..." She tried to twist in his arms but his erection was still lodged in her pussy, which still quivered with the aftershocks of her orgasm. She had to content herself with turning her head just far enough to be kissed.

"Did you really think I proposed just because you're knocked up?" He asked, grinning again.

"Maybe." She felt a sudden pang of guilt because it had crossed her mind.

"I'm not that noble."

"Say it again."

"I'm not that noble."

"Not that." Kelsey held his gaze, defying him to continue being flippant.

"I love you." Eric said simply.

It was the end of the conversation. Kelsey pulled his mouth down to hers and kissed him passionately and tenderly. When her neck started to ache with being twisted round to face him, she made another decision without consulting him.

She moved precipitously, pulling away from his embrace and feeling suddenly empty as she pulled free of his cock. Flopping down on her back, legs wide beside him, she reached for Eric's massive erection and pulled him on top of her.

"Fuck me, Eric. Fuck me properly... I want to feel you come in me... Ahh!" As she guided the hot, slick tip of his cock between her labia, Eric accepted her invitation, pushing into her with one confident thrust of his hips, making her gasp at the sudden force of his penetration.

"Are you sure?" In the back of his mind was the thought that he should be careful because she was pregnant.

"Yes..." She grabbed his butt with both hands, digging her nails into his firm flesh. "I don't need to be able to walk anywhere anytime soon." She giggled coquettishly as she made it absolutely clear what she wanted from him.

Eric eased back and thrust hard into her. Eased back. Thrust. Back. Thrust. Slowly building up the pace. He didn't often get to fuck Kelsey this forcefully so he wanted to make the most of this morning. He eased off a little when she started to gasp with every stroke, but she just dug her nails deeper into his butt, spurring him on again.

Faster and deeper; deeper and faster. Eric carried on right through Kelsey's second climax, feeling her pussy pulsing around him and the rush of heat and moisture as she came. And still he fucked her: faster and deeper, deeper and faster, ignoring the fact her eyes were closed now and she was barely conscious after coming twice. He could feel his own crisis approaching as Kelsey revived, showing signs of life again and moaning as he pulverised her sensitive insides.

As he arched backwards and his seed erupted deep in her flesh, Kelsey's third climax wrung a shrill cry of exultation from her lips as she trembled with fatigue and ecstasy, her pussy seizing around his cock so tightly he couldn't move.

Limp and barely conscious, Kelsey lay under the exhausted weight of Eric's torso, her breathing shallow. Eric lay still until he started to soften inside her. Only when he could easily dislodge himself did he make the effort to roll off her.

Kelsey rolled over too, resting an arm across Eric's soaking wet chest and flicking one of his nipples with her nail.

"I love you too." She said, nuzzling his shoulder and closing her eyes.

* * * * *

Sex, despite the rumours, isn't enough exercise to keep a girl looking good in her skin: Not even sex as frequent and as athletic as Helen and B were used to. The girls spent a lot of time keeping in shape and their 'gym' was the reason guests always had to stay in Parry and Meg's apartment, one floor down. Sure, they could have put the gym on that floor. Parry and Meg actually had rather more space available than Eric's apartment, but Eric had a marble paved roof terrace.

It was too cold this morning, but the girls frequently exercised out there in the summer. The terrace was overlooked from a distance by a couple of taller buildings but that was part of the fun. They liked being watched.

This morning they stayed indoors and started with half an hour of yoga. It's not enough to be willing, even eager, to spread your legs if you physically can't do it. Since Harvard, Helen and B had regularly used yoga to keep themselves flexible. Helen had often said it was as much a part of her professional skill set as the ability to give good head. Her clients paid her a lot and they had a right to expect her to be able to adopt any position they wanted. Yoga had made her so flexible that she couldn't remember the last time a stress position had got too much for her during sex.


"Yes?" B's voice was slightly muffled because her face was pressed to her shins and her arms were wrapped around her calves.

"Were you serious last night?"

"About what?" B let go of her calves. Her head stayed where it was as she reached behind her back and wove her fingers together before stretching her arms out at right angles to her spine.

"About getting our own place." Helen was sitting with her legs 180 degrees apart in a perfect box split and sliding her palms to each ankle in turn.

"Sure. We can't carry on the way we have been. Not with a baby in the apartment. And I can't see Eric throwing Kelsey out."

"All good things come to an end." Helen saw B's point. She'd already known it really, just hadn't wanted to admit it to herself.

"Its not an end. It's a new beginning." B straightened up, reaching high over her head, then arched backwards until her palms were flat on the floor. "We haven't had our own place since college. It'll be fun."

"I guess... I'll miss us all living together though." Helen pressed her chest to the floor in front of her, arms reaching across the mat towards B.

"We'll still be here a lot of the time. We could just move down to your parents' place, but-"

"I like that idea." Helen interrupted.

"But..." B's train of thought continued along the tracks. "Wouldn't it be fun to have our own space? We can make it our own personal temple of Aphrodite." B hadn't just thought of this. She was just picking her moment to suggest it.

"Ooh!" Helen sat up straight. B had now got her full attention.

"Exactly... Ooh!" B folded herself into lotus position. She was wearing nothing but a knowing smile.

"Can we have a pool?" Helen had wet dreams, no pun intended, about having her own pool again. She'd grown up with one in the back yard and she missed it.

"Of course." B made it sound like the most natural thing in the world. "Anything you want. If we can't afford it from our own immoral earnings, Eric certainly can."

"I'd rather buy it myself." Helen said, folding her legs to match B's position. They were side-by-side now and maintaining eye contact via the huge mirror in front of them.

"I agree. That's enough stretching for me." B unfolded herself and rose to her feet with exquisite grace and went over to the rowing machine.

Helen took the Stairmaster. She didn't say anything more until they'd both worked up a sweat. As the flywheel on the rowing machine slowed and stopped, Helen expressed what she'd been thinking about for the last few minutes. "We've always been a couple anyway."

"Since freshman year." B agreed. She was glad that Helen was starting to rationalize the need for change. She stood towelling her face and cooling down as the perspiration on her body evaporated.

"And Eric deserves to have someone for himself." Helen cared about Eric but his relationship with the girls was somewhere between 'best friend with benefits' and 'brother'. He'd tagged along for the ride but Helen and B had been the prime movers in most of the sexual shenanigans since Harvard. Helen was honest enough with herself to see that neither she nor B could give Eric the partnership that Kelsey could.

"And none of this means we won't still fuck him... or her." B observed with a melancholy smile.

"That's ok then." Helen gave B a tight hug, feeling B's arms snaking around her waist in response. They held onto each other tightly, their bare skin slippery with their sweat. After a long moment, B moved her head from Helen's shoulder and kissed her deeply, tenderly, offering herself in the silent language of lovers everywhere. A kiss like that can only lead to one thing.

"Shower?" Helen asked in a husky whisper as her lips and B's parted for a moment.

"Shower." B agreed, relaxing her embrace and taking Helen's hand, weaving their fingers together.

Helen led the way, drawing B along behind her into what used to be -- and would soon return to being -- an en suite bathroom.

* * * * *

"This is all wrong." Meg asserted as she snuggled under Parry's arm, enjoying the warm, sated feeling that was the aftermath of a truly dramatic orgasm.

"Why so?" Parry had been lost in his own thoughts but Meg's comment brought him back to Earth quite sharply.

"When you were a faithful husband, sex was never this good." She winked and squeezed him tightly.

"How sure are you I was ever faithful?"

"Very sure. By now, you'd have told me if you hadn't. Your first affair was when our daughter seduced you." Meg said with casual - almost nonchalant - certainty.

"So my secret is safe." Parry stage whispered, just to tease her.

"You have no secrets, Darling." Meg nipped his nipple gently with her teeth.

"Which is why..." Parry suddenly realized how scurrilously he'd been maligned. "Hey! What do you mean sex was never this good?" He sat up quickly, dislodging his wife who started to laugh at his consternation. Then she couldn't stop laughing because Parry was tickling her. He was merciless. "We always had good sex."

"Pax!" Meg gasped as he found all her ticklish spots with the ease of long experience.

"When did we ever have bad sex?" He asked, ignoring her pleas for clemency.

"Never!" She cried out, writhing and trying unsuccessfully to fend him off.

"Thought so." Parry stopped tickling her the instant she conceded the point. He sat looking down at her triumphantly. He couldn't help noticing how her bosom heaved as she gasped for air. "One of these days, Meg, you're going to end up across my knee." He settled on top of her, mauling one breast forcefully as he sucked on her lower lip.

"No I won't." Meg said matter-of-factly. "That's Helen's fetish, not mine... Speaking of which, you'd better stop doing that..." She was enjoying the weight of her husband's body pressing down on top of her and the hot, hard length of his second erection rubbing between her thighs. "You have promises to keep today and the girls will be miffed if I wear you out."

"Spoilsport." But Parry stopped trying to interest her in another orgasm. He rolled off her and pulled her back to her customary spot, snuggled beside him.

Despite her assertions, Parry noticed that Meg's hand instantly found his crotch, her fingers curling gently around the base of his cock.

"Darling, we're her parents. We have to consider Helen's needs too."

"Helen needs her ass paddling." Parry had promised her a spanking for being 'a naughty girl'.

"So go and paddle her bottom." Meg let go of him. "And you might ask B if she'd like to come and keep me company." Meg declared her self-interest.

"If you're sure." Parry kissed her briefly and got out of their bed.

* * * * *

"I thought I'd find you two in here." Parry interrupted soap and giggles. He hadn't known where they were but the gym had been third on his list after checking their room and the kitchen.

"Daddy!" Helen squealed with delight. Not least because B's fingers are very agile.

"Hi Parry." B had been less surprised by his arrival because she was facing the door. She pulled her fingers from Helen's crotch and pressed them to Parry's lips as he came close enough.

"Morning, Honey B. Mmm." He sucked on her slick fingertips for a moment, just getting the taste of his daughter's pussy, then he embraced them and exchanged kisses with them both. He needed a shower anyway.

"Mom let you out of bed with this loaded?" Helen had a handful of the hard-on that Parry had walked in with.

"Actually, Sweetheart, she sent me to paddle your bottom but first I want to be sure you deserve it." He flexed his shoulders as B took it upon herself to lather his back for him. One of the advantages of living in this asylum was that he almost never had to bathe himself.

"Oh. I definitely deserve a paddling. I'm a very naughty girl, Daddy." Helen put on her little girl voice.

"Go on." Parry insisted with mock-sternness. They'd played this game before.

"Well..." Helen squeezed some gel into her hand and started to wash his front while B was working her way down his back. "I told Francis on you."

"I already know about that." Parry tensed momentarily as B's soapy ministrations reached his buttocks and a couple of quick, slick fingers goosed him. "B!" He heard her giggle close behind his ear and instantly forgave her. Nobody could hold a grudge against the Honey B.

Helen was continuing her confession while washing his crotch. "And I threw my dress in the river and made Francis fuck me in public." She sounded contrite but that just showed how good she was at playing the submissive type. Parry knew better than to believe her act.

"And?" Parry prompted. He was having more than a little difficulty concentrating on his role in this little drama, with one girl juggling his balls and another threatening to go rooting for his prostate.

"And..." Helen paused for thought. "And I let him pretend to be my Daddy." This was a standard reason for a spanking. By the rules of the game, only Daddy was allowed to be Daddy.

"I think I've heard enough, young lady. You've clearly forgotten all your good manners. B? Would you be a good girl and go and keep Meg company for a while. I need a stern talk with my daughter."

"Yes Daddy." B got to call him Daddy too. She'd been unofficially adopted since that night in a Boston motel room. She left them in the shower, wrapped an enormous white towel around herself to minimise the dripping and went of to find Meg.

"Daddy?" Helen's little girl voice got even smaller.

"Yes Sweetheart?" Parry didn't pretend to sound cross with her anymore.

"It really was very bad of me to tell Francis about us, wasn't it?"

"It was." And he thought of just how many ways that could have backfired on them. What if Francis Deerborne had had a recorder in his pocket? It wasn't too much of a stretch of the imagination when he considered how Helen blackmailed the guy with a hidden video camera.



"Will you spank me very hard? ... I deserve it." It was barely a whisper. Helen was pressing her tits to his hairy chest and clinging to his waist, her cheek pressed to his shoulder.

"Yes... Yes you do." Parry was never quite comfortable with just how much it turned him on to redden Helen's bottom, but he was rigid at just the thought of what he was about to do. He reached for the shower controls and turned off the water.

* * * * *

Meg frequently tried to tell herself that she wasn't a lesbian. Certainly, until she started hitting on Rebecca at the office, she could have denied it to anyone outside this household with a straight face. But the fact was she had slept with -- ok, she had sex with -- more women than men.

Helen had seduced her and always took the lead. Meg loved her daughter too much to refuse her advances and did thoroughly enjoy the orgasms Helen coaxed out of her. There was certainly something to be said for a woman's touch, backed up as it was with a woman's knowledge of what it feels like to be touched just so. And Meg realized she was touching herself just so, right now.
Kelsey had started crawling into Meg's bed for a little TLC when she first came to Eric's household. They did fool around occasionally but it was different. It was much more about trust and tenderness than erotic adventure. She was very fond of Kelsey and the shyest girl in the household brought out her maternal side.

B? B was the one she couldn't deny her desire for. B's perfect beauty was entrancing. Her figure, her face, her skin, her hair, even her nails: every detail was impossible to find fault with. Oh, one could say 'I prefer bigger breasts' but nobody would ever say that B's breasts were in any way imperfect. And B knew how beautiful she was: Not in an 'OMG! I'm so gorgeous!" way, but self-awareness without that excessive pride. It was impossible not to fall in love with a person who gave so much of herself so freely.

The last thing anyone who met B noticed was her brains. B was brilliant but it was the one aspect of herself that she didn't flaunt at every opportunity.

Meg had spent so much time watching B and Helen, trying to figure out the dynamic between them and just got more confused. B seemed to follow Helen's lead, but B was so much smarter than Helen and, when you watched them more closely, seemed to be gently steering Helen's career through the world. Look closer still and it seemed that Helen was completely unguided, like a rogue missile, and closer still, even that 'force of nature' approach seemed to keep her in orbit around the calm and beautiful Honey B. It made Meg's head ache to try and make sense of it. All she really knew was that she loved B like a daughter and desired her so much she could not possibly deny it, even to herself.

"Parry said you wanted some company."

B! Blessed be. She really was the genie of the clitoris. Rub it and she will appear.

"I don't want some company. I want you." Meg was rarely so bold with her invitations. Her daydreams had certainly had an effect.

B just smiled in a way that would have made Leonardo Da Vinci reach for his brush. The towel slid down her body and pooled around her feet like the Aegean foam as Aphrodite stepped from the sea. Skin glowing with chiaroscuro radiance, B moved with feline grace to the bed and slipped under the covers, seemingly without any help or hindrance from gravity. Her nipples were hard and her areolae were swollen and puffy. She'd been very aroused already when Parry interrupted her shower.

Meg reached out to touch her. B sighed as Meg's fingertip pressed one nipple back into her breast. Slowly, B eased herself closer until their breasts were pressed against each other and their lips met.

B took the lead, flicking her tongue into Meg's open mouth and alternating between sucking on Meg's top and bottom lips. Meg was pleased that B was being proactive. B always seemed to know what people wanted from her.

Meg lay back, feeling B move with her, keeping their bodies in close contact without burdening Meg with too much of her weight. Meg eased her thighs apart and felt B's hips move to settle between her legs. They were touching from mouth to crotch now.

"Did Parry fuck you?" It was the first thing B had said since she'd taken off her towel and she already knew the answer. Two of her fingers were deep inside Meg's pussy and it was obvious they weren't the first this morning.

"Amazingly." Meg's voice was hoarse with pent up lust. B smelled so good, felt so good, tasted so good. She wanted to devour her. She almost screamed in frustration as B's fingers withdrew and B's mouth moved away from hers.

Without a sound, B moved right down the bed, flicking off the covers as she settled on her knees between Megs legs and dipped her head to lap at those sticky labia. Meg moaned and reached for her own breasts as B's velvet tongue probed inside her, seeking and finding Parry's come.

Nobody was more adept than B at licking Meg. Parry had the most practice but he was a poor second place to this. She gave herself up entirely to the pleasure of B's mouth, lifting her legs at the gentle insistence of B's hands on the backs of her thighs and holding on to her own knees to make herself as completely open to B as she could manage. She knew, even as she raised her legs, why B wanted her in this position. B's oral caresses widened in scope. Meg felt that quick, moist tongue fleetingly circling her anus. That caress always made her tense up a little and that was B's intent. As Meg's abdomen tensed, she squeezed a little more of Parry's semen out for B to lick from her inner labia. B kept Meg on the brink of climax the whole time that she lapped at that libation until the only thing Meg's pussy tasted of was Meg's pussy. Only then did B allow Meg the climax she craved.

B moved her ministrations from Meg's labia to her clitoris, holding the engorged bud between gentle lips and lashing it with just the tip of her tongue. She slipped two fingers into Meg's gaping vagina, pressing up against the woman's G spot and -- at last! -- making Meg climax, screaming at the ferocity of her release and clamping down hard on B's insinuated fingers. Only B ever made her wet herself the way she did as B tormented her clitoris now, keeping her writhing in ecstasy until she gushed all over B's face and the bed.

Only when it was over - when she'd collapsed back on the wet sheet, panting, soaked as much with perspiration as with come and breathing heavily -- only then did she realize that B's fingers weren't only in her pussy. Meg felt the unfamiliar intrusion of another digit. She'd always resolutely resisted anal sex, but hadn't even noticed B pushing a finger through her sphincter.

Vaguely -- everything was vague after a strong climax -- she thought about it and decided she couldn't be mad at B for crossing the line. She'd had the most amazing orgasm and... and it didn't feel uncomfortable. It felt good actually, to be completely open to B: to have no boundaries at last.

"Come here." Meg reached for B, urging her young lover back up the bed.

B slid all her fingers out of Meg's body and moved on top of her again, kissing her with come drenched lips. Meg was less passive this time.

"That was why you wanted to see me, wasn't it?" B asked with a smirk.

"Not quite." Meg thought about that errant finger again. "But you're forgiven."

"It'll be our little secret." B playfully touched a finger to Meg's lips as if to silence her.

"Vain hope!" Meg actually laughed at the idea a secret could be kept in this household.

"I guess." B agreed. "So what did you want to see me about?"

"This." Meg reached between them, finding B's smooth crotch and pressing her palm against it.

"Ooh!" B's eyes lit up. She was more than ready.

* * * * *

"I see your point, but Eric's going to be upset." Meg had just heard B's plan to move out of the apartment. They were sharing a tub of sudsy water and relaxing after their fun and games. Meg had started to discuss what to cook for lunch but B had more important issues on her mind.

"Actually, I think Kelsey will take it hardest. I don't want her getting the silly idea she's chasing us out. We love her and we don't actually want to go, but a baby in the house changes a lot of things. We're notorious. How long before someone asks out loud, "Is that a fit place to raise a child?"

"As I said. I see your point. And you're right about Kelsey." As soon as B had said it, Meg realized that, yes, Kelsey was going to blame herself. "I'll have a talk with her if you like."

"After we break the news. Yes, please. She's very sweet but..."

"It's not easy being around people as self-assertive as you and Helen." As Meg could testify from experience: It was definitely not easy being the older woman in a 'family' in orbit around two such beautiful and forthright women.

"I know." B looked wistful. "And that's another reason our relocation will be good for Kelsey. It's good for Eric too. He sort of fell into this..." B gestured expansively, "This lifestyle, because he couldn't get into a steady relationship in college."

"Poor boy." Meg observed ironically.

"Yeah... but seriously, Meg, I think he'd get a lot out of being half of a couple and having a proper family. It's not like it'll adversely affect his love life, just where he keeps his harem. And he'll still have you downstairs, anytime he can sneak one past Parry."

"Which won't be hard to do. If you're not in the building, Parry will be 'out' a lot more often." Meg understood her husband's desires well.

"Well, I'm glad you understand. I'm going to need an ally to pull this off without tears." B stood and reached for a towel. When she'd wrapped herself, she took another from the rail and held it open as an invitation to Meg. "You'll wrinkle if you stay in there."

"Good advice, just a decade too late." Meg observed. But she got out of the tub and allowed herself to be wrapped in a towel.

* * * * *

"Ooh!... Yes, Daddy!" Helen writhed, impaled on Parry's cock, her still stinging bottom pressed against his hips as he thrust gently into her behind from behind, his arms around her, reassuringly firm in their embrace. She'd cried a lot when Daddy had spanked her, refusing to ask him to stop. It was perverse but she enjoyed the pain while it lasted and she really loved the way Parry was so gentle afterwards.

"See what good girls get?" Parry had always been a little conflicted about these games, unsure how he should feel about enjoying hurting his daughter - ignoring for the moment the fact he wasn't conflicted about fucking her. Conflicted, but not so conflicted he wouldn't play these games with Helen at every opportunity.

"Yes Daddy. I'll be good in future... Oh, That feels so good, Daddy... Hmm..." Her reddened ass was sensitive enough to make her squirm as Parry's pubic hair scoured already tender flesh. Her hand was pressed between her thighs, gently toying with her clitoris.

Parry moved rhythmically, gently, rocking back and forth against Helen's bottom, barely moving in and out but thoroughly rapt by the sensation and pleasure of being back in his daughter's ass. In a life filled with such a variety of pleasures, this was the monarch of them all.

He knew he didn't have to be gentle with her. Helen could take anything Parry had the vigour to give her, but this morning he was in the mood for slow, gentle, loving sodomy. The sensation of her tight passage gripping his cock, peristaltic pulsing massaging him, would soon elicit another climax. Not too soon, he hoped. There was a special pleasure in being rooted within Helen's ass when she came, when all her insides seemed to become molten for a moment in a flood of heat and pressure of contracting muscles. He could feel her hand strumming more vigorously at her pussy and knew he didn't have to hold on for long. With manful determination he clung to his self-control until he felt the first tremors of Helen's orgasm.

"Oooh!... Yes Daddy! Fuck...yes! I'm coming Daddy!... Coming... Fuck me... Come in me... Ah...AAAAH! Yessss..." Helen got vocal as her clit pushed her brain aside, grabbed the keys to her body and said 'I'll drive.' She was just barely aware of Parry's cock twitching violently as he drained his balls deep in her ass, milked dry by the fist-like grip of her rectum.

"Yes Baby... Come for Daddy..." Parry grunted through teeth clenched tight in the determination to hold his seed. "Ugh" and another grunt, hardly vocal as he gave in to the unbearable pressure in his groin and felt the exquisite, almost burning, tingle of his semen barrelling up the length of his cock and blasting from it's tip, flooding Helen's insides.

* * * * *

As it happened, B and Meg were the last two to surface that morning. Helen was still naked, naturally. She was proudly flaunting her still brightly pink bottom. Parry had pulled on a sweater, linen slacks and a pair of espadrilles he'd picked up in Costa Rica. He didn't have to defend a preference for clothes: apart from the obvious arguments of age, muscle tone and size, any of which would lead to unfavourable comparisons against the other male in the household...apart from his desire to show solidarity with his spouse, who always wore something, even if it was only lingerie... B had once explained that she and Helen felt more naked in the company of clothed people than in the company of other naked people. Since the girl's liked feeling more naked, Parry obliged them by dressing around the house. Eric was unselfconsciously wearing just a t-shirt and his 'gay icon' pants: Helen's last birthday present to him. They were indecently tight, peach coloured Lycra shorts, too short to be cycle shorts and too long to be hot pants They kept his penis under some semblance of control but only served to advertise just how much of it there was. Eric wore them often around the house, especially when he was working in the studio. He'd even let Helen and B take some pictures of him in them, in typical gay porn poses. Eric had no issues about his sexuality... and no shame.

Meg had put on more comfortable, less frivolous lingerie than last night's and a light robe. She'd get dressed later, after she'd had time to do her hair and makeup. Kelsey and B were as innocent of attire as Helen.

Meg took over supervising activities in the kitchen in preparation for lunch while B said a proper good morning to Eric and Kelsey.

There were tears before lunchtime when B broke the news about moving out. Parry had already heard it from Helen so Eric and Kelsey were last to know. Kelsey took it very personally. Eric seemed in shock. When Kelsey fled back to her bedroom, B, with Eric in tow, followed hard on her heels.

"Kelsey... Kelsey..." B had left Eric standing and was hugging her distraught friend, stroking her hair and cooing her name. "It's not because of you... or your baby. Helen and I are both over the moon about that. It's wonderful news... But you don't want to raise a child in Eric's private brothel, do you? ... And we'll see each other every day... I promise..." B offered all the reasons she could think of, but got no response. "You're not chasing us out... It's my idea, so you can't blame yourself... Eric? You understand, don't you?" She appealed to him, still standing mute, watching B trying to console Kelsey.

"I guess." He managed. It was a shock, certainly. But he'd listened to what B was trying to say to Kelsey and it did make some sense. Of course, he knew more of why Kelsey was feeling it was her fault. B hadn't heard about his proposal: didn't know Kelsey had two reasons to feel she was displacing the girls... He snapped out of his stupor and moved to the other side of Kelsey, kneeling to get face to face with her, holding her face and kissing her wet cheek before speaking. "Kelsey... Better tell B."

"Tell B what?" B asked gently.

Kelsey just started to sob louder.

"Can I tell her then?" Eric asked. There was barely a nod in response. He looked up, catching B's eye, took a deep breath and said, "We're getting married."

"Wow!" B's face lit up. It wasn't the reaction Eric had expected. When she bounced off the bed, came round to his side and hugged him tightly enough to inhibit his breathing, he had to believe she was genuinely delighted.

B let go of Eric and dragged Kelsey upright so she could hug her properly too. "Darling. I'm so happy for you... Oh dear. No wonder you think you're pushing me and Helen out of the nest... Silly girl. We love you both. I know Helen will be as happy for you as I am."

"Really?" It was the first coherent word Kelsey had uttered.

"Really. Now kiss me." B led by example, touching her lips to Kelsey's and willing the girl to respond in kind. Kelsey's mouth yielded slowly, opening like a rose against B's until they were kissing properly... properly in B's estimation. Eric watched with relief, not feeling left out. B's particular brand of diplomacy was the glue that held his extended family together. He didn't think her plans would wreck what she'd worked so hard to build here. He had faith in her. B was way smarter than him and he was smart enough to know it.

* * * * *

"I was just about to send out a search party." Meg heard B and Kelsey come into the kitchen behind her.

"Meg..." Parry's voice was enough of a surprise to make her turn away from the stove. Her husband so rarely interrupted cooking. Everyone was in the kitchen and Kelsey had clearly been crying.

"What's going on?" Meg asked.

"Eric and I..." Kelsey spoke so quietly that her voice barely carried across the room. "We're..." She stalled until B's hand crept into hers, lending just enough moral support to allow her to say what she needed to say. "We're getting married."

Eric and Parry found themselves surplus to requirement as the mass of females in the room imploded around the bride-to-be. Looking at each other past the crowd of excited women, a silent agreement was reached and they adjourned, unnoticed, to the family room.

"Drink?" Eric headed straight for the bar.

"Absolutely." Parry perched on a bar stool, picked ice from the bucket into a couple of glasses and let Eric pour them both some serious measures of bourbon. He raised his glass, chinked it against the side of Eric's and said, "Congratulations."

"Thanks." Eric gulped down about half of his drink in one. Parry sipped his.

"It does make B's relocation plans even more justifiable." Parry was no more happy about the girls moving out than was Eric, but it made more sense as the day wore on.

"I suppose so... But, damn it! I'll miss having them living here."

"And so say all of us." Parry took another sip and thought about the situation.

"Was it like this when Helen left home?"

"Worse. Meg was in pieces the day Helen went off to college. And, if I'm honest, I wasn't much better."

"Kelsey's taking it hard. She thinks it's all her fault."

"B won't let her think that."

"I guess..."

"If I found a way to keep everyone under one roof, would you back me up?" Parry had total control of Eric's money anyway, but this was domestic, not business, so he wouldn't use his power of attorney without Eric's approval.

"Whatever it takes."

"Ok then. You move instead."

"Excuse me?" Eric figured he must have misheard. He thought Parry had suggested that he move out of his own home.

"You and Kelsey move out of the penthouse so Helen and B don't have to."

"How does that help? You're still talking about splitting up the family." Eric didn't see any value in what Parry had suggested.

"We have time. You actually own this building and the lease on the floor below mine -- the whole floor, mind you -- is up for renewal next April. We have just enough time to exercise the six months notice to vacate clause in their contract. There'll be a pretty hefty financial penalty for doing it, but you'll get a whole floor and the family will still live under one roof. The girls keep the penthouse, your studio stays where it is and we have the top three floors to ourselves." Parry laid out his idea.

"Brilliant!" Eric relaxed. Parry had solved all the problems in one go.

"This place isn't exactly child-friendly anyway. You wouldn't want a toddler anywhere near that terrace."

"Enough! Where do I sign?" Eric finished off his bourbon and poured himself another.

"You don't. But you do get to break the news in the kitchen. We should be able to get a word in edgewise by now. C'mon." Parry stood, taking his drink with him as he headed back into the fray.

* * * * *

"Tell me this is crying happy." Eric raised his voice just enough to be heard by the huddle of apparently unanimously tearfully women. Parry exercised the limits of his culinary skills by stirring the saucepans that were bubbling away, unsupervised, on the stove.

"Eric?" Kelsey's voice was strident. "How can you joke about it? B's leaving." Her admonition didn't mention Helen but, if anyone noticed, no one held it against her; even Helen, who understood better than any of them just how important B was in their world.

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