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Hooking up with Right Couple Ch. 03

Posted on : 2012-01-28 17:35:14.553994

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All characters, people, relationships and situations in this story are absolutely sexual fiction. There has been no intention to make this story represent any actual situations or real persons or real relationships. It is written purely for your pleasure. If you do not enjoy such stories then leave now. If you do enjoy such stories, read on. Remember to always practice safe sex.


On Wednesday morning I called Mary and told her I was coming over for a party tonight. I would be there about 4 and I wanted Bill to be naked when I got there. Mary was to wear stockings, garters and a blouse with all the buttons done up and a red skirt. Her 4 inch heels would be fine. Mary was to shave her hairy pussy so it was bare and naked. I wanted a nice clean cunt to work with. Mary was to kiss me when I came in and to address me as Master Ken.

I arrived at the farm at 4:00 and when I walked in Mary was dressed exactly as I had requested. Mary seemed to like playing this role and said, "Hello Master Ken, thank you for coming. I have missed your big cock so much, I hope you will fuck," and she stopped when she saw I was not alone as three of my friends walked in.

"Oh, let me introduce you. Guys this is Mary. Mary this is Jim, Phil and Gary. Guy's, Mary is a horny wife that likes to fuck. This naked guy here is her wimpy husband. He is now my own cock-toy. He likes to see his wife fucked. Now, hubby, do you have anything to say to me.

"Uh, but these guys are here, I can't say it in-front of them, "Bill said.

I pointed to his address book in my pocket and his face reacted so I knew he understood.

Bill looked at me and said, "Master Ken, would you please fuck my wife and humiliate me."

Mary heard this and her face went red. "Okay, that is what you want you wimp," she said to Bill. "That is fine with me, I want Master Ken to stick his big hard cock inside me and fill me with his hot cum. God you piss me off Bill. In fact, I would like all these guys to put their hard cocks in me while you watch. Just think of all that hot, sticky cum deep inside me. Does that make you horny?" Mary was out of breath.

"Hubby, be a good host and go cook the steaks I brought. Your lovely wife here is going to have a few drinks and relax with us. We want dinner in one hour. Bring us each a beer and bring your wife here a red wine.

We sat on the porch and had our drinks. Jim brought out a couple of joints and we made sure Mary got her share. After dinner and a cigar on the porch we drank a glass of brandy. The husband Bill served us in the nude. We retired to the leather sofas in the great room. Mary was feeling the effect of the grass and when we went into the house I undid five of the middle buttons on her blouse so it was done up at the top and bottom still. Her breasts were visible when she moved but still were covered with the blouse.

Jim brought us another brandy. Jim was a real comedian and he took a shoe lace and tied it to the top of the brandy bottle and then tied the other end around Bill's ball sac. He put the bottle on the floor and Jim had to bend at his knees to let the bottle sit on the floor. He was standing with his knees bend outward. If he moved he pulled on his ball sac. "Don't spill a drop," Ken warned.

We then started a game of husband and wife "Truth or Dare". Mary was first and chose Truth. I asked Mary, "How many guys have you ever fucked."

"Two", she replied.

"Right," I said and I walked up and kissed her and took off her shirt so I could suck her nipples.

Phil said, "Two, no way, you mean she has only had you and her husband. She is clean, unbelievable, almost a virgin. Wow."

Jim jumped in, "Hubby, you get truth; you have fantasized about your wife pulling a train. You want her to be gangbanged don't you?

Jim knew this was deadly but the physical consequences these guys could exert on him gave him no choice but to answer truthfully "Yes," Jim replied

"Slut wife, you get a dare, I want you to put this tattoo sticker on you husband's cock," I said. Mary grabbed the paper and I showed her to rub the alcohol on it and to tape it along his cock for 5 minutes. It wrapped around his cock and was along his cock. "Good girl, you win again, so you get to show us your pussy. Take off your skirt and open your pussy lips for us. Show us that freshly shaved bald cunt of yours. Open up those lips and show use your pink."

Mary did. She now had her black high heels and her white stockings and garter on. She looked so hot and she was getting horny because she was rubbing her pussy lips.

"Oh, I got one, hey slut, truth, what is the wildest sex you have ever imagine, "asked Gary.

Mary, the perfect wife a while ago, turned red in her face but responded, "Well, I did read Jim's story and I did have a dream last night of a bunch of guys all around me and playing with my body while I touched their different size cocks. I can still only imagine what different cocks look like."

"Good, Gary said as he walked over to her and took her hand so she could unzip him. "Reward is to start with seeing this one." Mary undid his shorts and pulled out his penis and started rubbing it and then licking it.

I walked over to Jim and took off the tattoo sticker off his cock. "Wow, what artwork. You see hubby this tattoo is semi-permanent. It can last a long time but it is not injected into the skin like with needles. These are made with permanent ink onto this sticker. The alcohol rub opens the pores of the skin up and activates the tattoo. See no pain but the effect is the same. Slut what does this say."

Mary walked over to us and looked at Jim's rock hard cock. As Jim looked at his cock he saw it too. Mary read, "Owned by Ken" which was now tattooed with black ink on three lines on Jim's cock. Mary laughed, "Look at this. Is this still fun? This is just like the perverted stories you read to me. Look now Master Ken owns your cock. He controls when and if you ever cum again. Maybe he will let you fuck someone's ass like the story says. The story also says you never put it into me again and that is fine. I think Master Ken can find me a hard cock." Mary slapped Jim's cock and Jim shot out some pre-cum as he was so excited.

I put Mary on four pillows on the coffee table in the center of the room. I dropped my shorts and put my cock in her mouth. She opened up and wet me good. I moved to her pussy and saw she was soaking wet. I pushed into her and she took me but she was still so tight. She moaned as I pulled back out and Gary put his cock into her mouth. She sucked and slurped on his cock like it was desert for her. Her tight cunt made me cum soon so I shot more sperm inside her. Mary also came and I felt her tight cunt muscles grab by cock. I pushed the last of my cum into her and then pulled out.

Gary pushed his cock into her so she had no break in the fucking of her tight cunt. Phil put into her mouth and Mary took his cock deep into her throat as Mary held her head and throat fucked her. Jim was under the table playing with Mary's hanging tits. He pulled out some nipple clips and put them on her nipples. Mary jumped but the cock in her mouth and the one in her cunt kept her pinned on the table on her knees. Jim continued to massage her tits and kissed them all over. Gary shot his sperm load inside Mary and grunted as he pushed in and out of her to bury it deep inside her tight cunt. When he pulled out, Phil moved to her cunt and pushed his wet cock into Mary. Jim put his cock into Mary's mouth and she continued sucking.

Mary continued to have her cunt fucked constantly. She had so many orgasms that we had to roll her onto her back on the kitchen table so we could easily fuck her mouth and her cunt since she had nearly collapsed on the coffee table.

Bill was still held in place with the bottle of brandy tied to the string on his balls. I felt he was left out so I walked over to him and brought his head down to my cock level. I slapped his face and then told him to open up. I held his head as I forced my cock into his mouth. He gagged so I pulled back and then re-entered. He gagged but I had gone deeper. Soon he stopped gagging and just started licking my cock and bending his head back so I could put it deeper into his throat. He was cleaning his wife's pussy juice off me. He got me hard so I pulled out and another cock went into his mouth for cleaning. When he had cleaned all our cocks we led him over to his wife on the table and made him clean our sperm out of his wife's cunt. He sucked and sucked.

We sat down and had another joint. We could hear Bill slurping his wife's cunt and Mary was just moaning and twisting on the table. Jim started the planning, "Hey Ken, game of cards for her ass?"

We all agreed and played a round of poker, winner to get Mary's virgin ass. Jim won the game and he suggested, " How about next winner gets husbands ass." We all agreed so we played. Phil won and he seemed too happy. "How about ass and cunt for next winner," Jim said as he dealt the next hand. Jim and I won so we agreed Mary gets fucked by Gary in the ass while I fuck her cunt.

We got up and with our cocks bouncing we walked to Mary, Mary started grabbing Bill's head to bring her off. I pulled Bill back. Jim got Mary off the table and took her into the bedroom. He had her bend onto the bed and lifted her ass up. "Husband, get over here and make me real wet." Bill started slurping on Jim's cock. Jim pulled Bill off and made him lick his wife's asshole. "Get it real wet, take some of our cum from her cunt and rub it in there. Here use this cream too." Bill prepared his wife's asshole for its first visit.

I gave Bill a condom and said, "Here, put this on this nice man's hard cock so it can go into your wife's beautiful asshole."

Bill opened the condom and put it on Jim's cock.

Mary was squirming as we held her ass in the air. Jim rubbed his cock on here crack and her husband started putting in Jim's cock into her asshole. Mary squirmed and we held her so she couldn't move. As the cock entered her tight asshole Mary started screaming that it was too big so Gary put his cock in her mouth and started fucking her mouth. Jim was now buried to his balls and her pulled back slowly and then returned. As Mary's ass muscles loosened up Jim increased his speed. Mary was muffled with the cock in her mouth and she was held in place by me and Phil. As Jim was building to shoot his cum in her ass, I grabbed Bill and pulled his head beside his wife's ass. Jim pulled out of Mary's asshole and pulled of the rubber and shot his cum onto her husbands face and into his mouth. As Gary was getting close from Mary's expert sucking job, Gary pulled out of Mary's mouth and walked over to her husband. He also shot his load of sperm into Bill's mouth.

"Good cum-slut," I said. Now lick up these men's cocks so they are clean. Oh and thank them for fucking your wife's mouth and her virgin asshole."

Bill was busy sucking and thanking them and when he was done, Phil walked up to him and put his cock into his mouth. "My turn, now get this good and hard so it can go in your asshole. I hope it is real wet so it doesn't hurt you too much." Phil held Bill's mouth as Bill's sucked him hard. We moved Mary around on the bed so she could see her husband's deflowering. We set his ass in the air and put his face on the bed. Mary was exhausted and she looked right at her husband's face. Phil took some cum off her husband's face and rubbed it on her husband's asshole. Phil put on a ribbed and lubed rubber and then put his cock at her husband's asshole. "Now you slut wife what should I do with my nice hard cock that is resting here on your husband's asshole?"

"Fuck him real good, fuck that asshole. I took it so make him take it. Fuck him real good," Mary screamed at us.

Phil showed no mercy as he pushed straight into Bill's asshole until his balls slapped Bill's balls. Then he pulled out and pushed deep again. Bill, the husband, was screaming so much that we moved his wife over so we could put his face into her cunt to muffle him. We moved Bill's head up and down and deep into his wife's well fucked cunt. He screamed as his ass was fucked hard. Phil slowed his pace and reached around to the husband's cock. He pulled on it as he fucked his ass. I handed Phil the wife's hair brush off the dresser and Phil continued slowly fucking hubby's asshole and also using the hairbrush to slap hubby's cock and balls. Phil was working the hubby's ass, balls and cock all at once. Hubby couldn't hold off and he shot some cum onto the bed. Phil was getting read to cum and he pulled out and moved around the bed to he could shoot into Mary's cunt. He shot his cum on her cunt and belly and rubbed his cock around her swollen pussy so some cum shot inside her. The slut husband licked the cum off his wife's swollen cunt and stomach.

For the final event we set up the wife Mary so we could take her double. She was like a rag doll and I laid on the bed so she could impale my cock into the cunt. I bent her forward a bit and Gary put his rubber covered cock at her asshole and started entering. Mary opened up and Gary was balls deep. Mary was actually moaning as we both filled her. I grabbed her hips and lifted her in the rhythm to Gary pulling back in her ass. Mary was waking up and started grinding her cunt into my hips and moving her ass so she could take Gary deeper. We had a good rhythm going for a few minutes. I looked at Mary and saw those beautiful tits jiggling. Her tits now had some hickies on them so they looked like they were owned by us. Gary was getting ready to cum and he pulled out of the slut wife's ass and pulled off his rubber as her shot his sperm up her back. I lifted Mary off me. I pulled the slut wife down so her head was on my cock and she sucked my sperm down her throat. She had learned well.

When both of us were in the wife slut she had started moaning and was building to an orgasm. When we pulled out we cut her short so she continued shoving three fingers in and out of her sloppy pussy. She had hit the spot and we all watched her lying on the bed with her hips bucking as she rolled through as series of orgasms.

We stood around looking at her while her husband Bill stood beside the bed. He still had cum on his face and hair. I told Bill the husband to get us each a beer and then go and wash himself up and not to come back until I told him to. He got us our beer and went down the hall to the common bathroom to clean up.

Mary stayed spread out on the bed laying there with her eyes were closed. The slut wife laid there showing us her red and swollen cunt and her breasts had two nice hickies on them. She looked like she had either passed out from orgasms or fallen asleep from being worn out as a fuck machine. I pulled out another tattoo and washed the bare pubic area above her cunt. I laid out the tattoo on this bare skin and taped it into place. I rolled her over cleaned her ass cheek and taped one onto it. One more tattoo was taped to each breast.

After the five minutes for the tattoos to work on I pulled them off and admired the semi-permanent tattoos on the slut wife Mary. The guys laughed as they read them. I called to Bill, "Come here hubby, I need you to help me out."

I asked Bill to get himself hard and he did. "What does that cock tattoo say?

"Owned by Ken," he replied.

"After all the reading you have done on sub couples, what does that mean?"

"It means that you own my cock and you will tell me when I can use it. I can not fuck my wife or masturbate unless you tell me to do it. You get to rule what I do with my cock," hubby said.

"Good learning Husband. Now read what they say on your wife."

Bill the husband bent over his wife Mary and looked at the shaved pubic area. "Owned by Ken" was tattoo in black ink on his wife. There was an arrow that pointed to Mary's swollen cunt. Bill moved to his left tit and looked at the little red rose on the underside of her breasts. In the center of the tattoo was the word, "Kens". The tattoo was visible as she lay on her back but her hanging tit would cover it when she was upright. The right tit had the same tattoo, in the same place but it was in pale blue ink. Anyone looking at her on her back would see the tattoos clearly.

I rolled Mary over and showed her husband the tattoo on her ass cheek. The date was tattooed on the middle of her right cheek. "A reminder when her ass cherry was taken," I said.

"So hubby, what do these tattoos mean?

"They show that Master Ken controls her pussy and her tits so I can not use them unless Master Ken says I can. They are Master Ken's property to do what you want with her but she remains my wife."

"Good husband, now Hubby, I am going to sleep with your wife tonight so you go and sleep on the couch. You go and thank each of the guys personally as you show them out. Sleep naked on the couch tonight, you wimp husband." Master Ken ordered as the guys left the room.

THE END (or just the beginning?)
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