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Dominating Ken Pt. 09-10

Posted on : 2012-01-28 18:12:03.815963


Kimmee's (Ken's) heels clicked across the marble floor of the hotel lobby. He was in a hurry to go nowhere. He figured if he walked fast enough no one would notice the secret underneath the feminine facade. Mistress Kareena had done such a fabulous job at hiding his masculinity and highlighting his feminine qualities that someone passing by would not even have second thoughts that Kimmee was a woman. Despite this remarkable transformation, Kimmee felt insecure and vulnerable. He felt like all eyes were glaring at him and questioning his identity.

After aimlessly wandering around the hotel, Kimmee finally found a chair in a quiet corner of the lobby. It was awkward sitting down in a skirt. He felt the need to cross his legs. He chuckled to himself at this feminine instinct.

Kimmee read the instructions from his mistress and the list of things for him to do. For the most part, it was a list of feminine items to buy or try-on. Kimmee was to take a picture during each task and transmit it to Mistress Kareena via the cell phone. Not only did this document his first female day, but it provided Mistress with a continued update of his progress throughout the day.

Kimmee re-read the note several times in a daydream state. He was comfortable where he was and was afraid and nervous to start his tasks. Finally he mustered up enough nerve to get up and start his first task, which was to purchase a tampon from the ladies room in the hotel. Fortunately the restroom was not far from where he was sitting. He stared at the entrance for several minutes. When he was certain no one had gone in, he quickly made his way into the ladies room.

When the door closed behind him his body tingled with excitement. His cock swelled in its trapped state. He couldn't believe he was standing in a ladies restroom. It was taboo and kinky. He observed the fresh flowers on the marble counter and an eloquent couch near the entrance. Kimmee thought about how nice and luxurious the ladies room was compared to a men's room. It was like a luxurious escape from the world. 'I guess this is a nice perk to being a woman' he said to himself.

Kimmee approached the tampon dispenser which hung on the wall. He pulled two quarters from his purse and inserted them into the machine. A tampon in a pink wrapper dropped in the tray at the bottom of the dispenser. Kimmee picked it up and another rush of excitement flushed through him. To a normal woman this was an everyday purchase. However, Kimmee was a sissy whose emotions were wild with ecstasy. To him, purchasing the feminine product was an exciting event. He stared at the pink wrapper and thought about how intimate of an object the tampon was. Knowing that the intended place for the tampon was a woman's pussy aroused him. He grimaced in pain as his cock swelled and tried to free itself from the confines of his panties.

Kimmee tried to calm himself down, but it just wasn't happening. He looked at his watch and realized 20 minutes had elapsed since he first left the room and he had only completed one task. He decided he had to move on, despite the struggle occurring in his panties. Using the camera phone and snapped a picture of himself holding the tampon. He transmitted the picture to Mistress Kareena and then continued on with his assignments.

The instant Mistress Kareena's phone beeped, she picked it up and viewed the picture. She was thrilled that Kimmee was following her orders. She had been concerned when nothing came through in the first 10 minutes. She wondered whether he had wimped out and left. Now that she had confirmation that her sissy was going through with the assignments, she relaxed. Mistress Kareena headed for the shower and began preparing for the evening events.

There were 3 pictures waiting for Mistress Kareena when she came out of the bathroom. One was with Kimmee holding his new lipstick and the other two were pictures of him in a dressing room trying on a dress. She was impressed at the dress Kimmee had picked. It was plain black and the loose flowing style hid his masculinity well. Kimmee's pussy moistened as she stared at the pictures. Even to her, it was unbelievable that Kimmee was going through with the tasks. She was thrilled at how her power and seduction had forced a man to feminize himself. The more she interacted with him, the more comfortable she became with her female power. She was excited and nervous about the planned evening events with Miss Jen, and Miss D.

Mistress Kareena dried and styled her hair. She was tedious with her make-up, trying to get the perfect look of sexuality and dominance. Finally she slid into her slinky black dress. It hugged her curves snugly, leaving no room for undergarments. The dress was more risqué than her typical style but she knew it would drive Kimmee crazy. She also knew that Miss Jen would be pleased that she was wearing the dress. Staring at herself in the mirror, she was impressed at the sexual radiance she exuded. She felt a bit kinky and naughty. Her pussy dampened from the excited thoughts.

Mistress Kareena finished getting dressed just in time to catch Kimmee on his last assignment. She hurried down to the hotel bar and settled into a small table at the back of the room. She had a perfect view of the bar where she could spy on Kimmee without being noticed. His last assignment was to sit at the bar and have two drinks. He could order a cosmopolitan or an apple martini. Mistress Kareena chose these drinks because they were more of a woman's drink and they were a bit potent.

About five minutes after Mistress Kareena arrived, Kimmee walked into the bar. Shopping bags hung from his hands and he looked frazzled. Mistress Kareena's pussy tingled at the sight of her sissified boy. He looked pretty and girly. She giggled, knowing that beneath the skirt, his cock was neatly tucked between his legs like a pussy.

For Kimmee, the bar experience was nerve racking. Throughout the day he was able to avoid people and avoid talking. Now he had to order a drink from the bartender He thought about how embarrassing it would be if he was asked for ID. He was terrified of having to speak. He didn't know if he could pull off a woman's voice. Kimmee could have contemplated the whole bar assignment for hours but unfortunately he only had 10 minutes left to complete his assignments.

He sat on the barstool and crossed his legs like a lady. With his legs crossed he could not help but to squeeze his thighs and groin muscles. He felt lady-like and excited. He wished his cock was free and able to grow hard. He put his pretty purse on the table and the bar tender approached. Kimmee managed to squeak out a drink order. His voice was soft and crackly. His face was flushed with embarrassment. The cosmopolitan was a lighter shade of red and strong with Vodka. He drank it quickly and motioned for another one. He thought about ordering the apple martini, but was too embarrassed to speak up. It was easier to point to the glass and nod for a refill. He gulped the second drink down faster than the first and left a $20 bill on the bar. Too nervous to wait for change, he quickly got up and left.

Mistress Kareena had snuck out of the bar and was at the door when Kimmee arrived. Before he could knock she pulled the door open. "Hello Kimmee. How was everything?"

Kimmee was exhausted and his feet were killing him. However, the sight of his Mistress in the slinky black dress refreshed his emotions. Her perfume was sweet and intoxicating. She was dressed for adventure and Kimmee knew it. He suddenly felt invigorated and excited. "Pretty good. I completed all the tasks Mistress. My feet are a little sore, but other than that I'm fine."

"Awww.. Poor girl had a rough day. I guess you have new respect for us girls don't you. It takes a lot to be pretty doesn't it?"

"Yes. I don't know how you do it."

"Well, we've got a dinner date. Let's freshen you up a bit sweetie."

Mistress touched up Kimmee's make-up and lipstick. She re-applied his perfume and adjusted his wig. When she was satisfied she gestured toward the door. "Let's go dear. You need to be on your best behavior or I'll punish you, got it?"

"Yes. Ma'am."

Mistress Kareena led him to the hotel restaurant, where they were joined with Miss Jen and Miss D. The excitement brewing in Kimmee was torture. He knew it was going to be an unforgettable night. Any reservations he had, vanished the minute his saw Miss Jen and Miss D sitting at the table. They were both dressed to kill. Kimmee had a particular attraction to Miss Jen. Tonight she had a strong and powerful glow. Her hair was pulled back into a tight bun. She wore a black dinner dress that was sexy and sophisticated. Expensive pearls added to her eloquence.

Miss Jen's eye lit up when she saw Kimmee and Mistress Kareena. First she addressed Mistress Kareena. "Wow. Don't you look spectacular!"

Mistress smiled and thanked Miss Jen for the compliment. She felt underdressed compared to the beautiful and eloquent attire which Miss Jen and Miss D were wearing. Miss Jen's compliment put her at ease.

Next Miss Jen looked over at Kimmee. In a voice that purposely drew attention from other patrons, Miss Jen commented, "Oh darling, don't you look beautiful."

Kimmee's face flushed as the attention focused on him. Before he could sit down, Miss Jen ordered, "Turn around for us Kimmee. Let us see the whole outfit."

Kimmee slowly did a pirouette in front of the ladies and the few onlookers in the restaurant. Miss Jen and Miss D let out a few sighs and comments of approval Kimmee was excited at how pleased Miss Jen and Miss D were. He was also embarrassed from the attention he was getting from others in the restaurant. He was happy to finally take a seat at the small square table.

Miss D kept the attention on Kimmee. "Your make-up is beautiful sweetie. Let's see your nails."

Kimmee put his hands on the table so the girls could admire his shiny red nails. Miss Jen took his finger in her hand and gently rubbed the tips of his fingers. "Very nice sweetie. Red is a pretty color for you."

Kimmee's cock twitched at the touch of Miss Jen's soft hands. He was extremely aroused at being in the company of three superior females. He felt extremely submissive and docile in their presence. Throughout dinner Kimmee remained quiet as the girls talked. He was the subject of most of the conversation. Mistress Kareena even passed around her digital camera and camera phone. The girls giggled as they viewed the pictures of Kimmee being feminized and living out his first day as a female.

Kimmee didn't know why, but hearing the girls talk about him and watching them view his pictures aroused him. They seemed to be very excited and pleased with what he was doing and that excited him. It made him want to please them even more.

At the end of dinner Miss Jen announced that she had to go to the ladies room. She looked over at Kimmee. "One thing you should know about women is that we like to go to the bathroom together." Her gaze moved over to Mistress Kareena. "Would you mind if Kimmee escorted me to the bathroom?"

Mistress Kareena smiled, knowing that a trip to the bathroom with Miss Jen would be an adventure for Kimmee. "Not at all. Have fun."

Kimmee's heart pounded fast as he followed Miss Jen into the bathroom. The bathroom was spacious and full of marble. Inside Miss Jen turned towards Kimmee. "I must say darling. Your Mistress has done a fabulous job bringing out the princess in you. Are you enjoying this."


"I knew you would sweetie. I'm enjoying this to. I just love to see little boys dressed up nice and pretty." Miss Jen's hands groped his crotch. "Is your little cocky poo pushed between your legs like a boy pussy."

"Yes. Miss Jen."

"Well now, it must be dying to break free. Why don't we give it some air." Miss Jen led Kimmee into the large handicap stall. She pulled his skirt down, reached into his panties and freed his cock.

Kimmee's cock swelled to full size instantly. The fullness of his cock was a welcome feeling. Precum oozed out the tip. Miss Jen squeezed it a few times, milking out a small amount of cum. She scooped up the cream with her finger and raised it to his lips. "A little excited, aren't we princess."

Kimmee opened his lips to answer, but his words were stopped by her sticky finger. Silently he sucked his cum off her finger. Her other hand stroked his cock gently. He felt slutty and submissive. His pent-up sexual energy was gaining momentum. Kimmee was afraid to pull away, but even more scared to have an accident in her hand. He held on as long as he could and then he finally begged to Miss Jen, "Please stop. I can't take it. I'm going to cum! Please stop or let me cum!"

Miss Jen was an experienced manipulator and she knew that he was on the edge. She immediately let go of his cock and giggled. Ken stood in front of her, breathing deeply and concentrating on not cumming. Miss Jen moved close to Kimmee and began to unbutton his top. She whispered into his ear, "Let's see what pretty lingerie you have on." She removed his top and had him step of his skirt.

Miss Jen admired the feminine corset and matching stockings and panties. Her hand traced the pink ribbon from the cup of the corset, down to his stocking. "Very pretty Kimmee. You look very sexy princess. Mistress Kareena has done a great job with you." She leaned in and kissed Kimmee on the mouth. She spoke to Kimmee in a quiet seductive tone that resonated with erotic pleasure, "Ohhh. I just love seeing boys like this. It makes my pussy wet. Such a pretty girl you are. I love it when pretty boys lick my pussy. Do you want to lick my pussy pretty Kimmee?"

The pleasure in Miss Jen's voice transformed into physical pleasure for Kimmee. He was experiencing a tremendous excitement and arousal mentally and physically. Ever since he met Miss Jen he fantasized about licking her pussy. "Yes Miss Jen. I want to lick your pussy. Please let me lick your pussy"

"Are you a pretty girl for me?"

"Yes. I am a pretty girl."

"Are you a slut, willing to do anything for me?"

"Yes. Whatever you want Miss Jen. I want to please you."

"Open your mouth sissy slut and stick out your tongue."

Kimmee did as instructed. Miss Jen moved closer and inspected his tongue. "A little farther please. Show me that pretty tongue of yours."

Kimmee submissiveness and inferiority deepened from being inspected in this manner by such a young girl. Finally Miss Jen gave her approval. "I guess it will be good enough for my pussy. On your knees slut."

Kimmee was thrilled at the thought of licking Miss Jen's pussy. He didn't care that he was in a public restroom. He kneeled between the toilet and Miss Jen. Miss Jen raised her dress and Kimmee found himself staring at red silk panties. "Pull my panties down," ordered Miss Jen.

Kimmee lowered Miss Jen's panties to her ankles. Her pussy was swollen and surrounded by a thin strip of pubic hair. "Keep your mouth closed darling. Just inhale my scent." Kimmee closed his mouth and inhaled the strong scent. His cock twitched at the smell. Miss Jen guided his head toward her pussy. Then she pushed his head into her pussy and reinforced her order, "Keep that mouth closed slut. Enjoy my smell."

Miss Jen began to hump Kimmee's nose and mouth. Kimmee wanted to open his mouth and taste her but he remained obedient. Miss Jen was in need of release and she did not hold back. Her pussy quivered from the power she had over Kimmee. She was young and she had an older man kneeling before her, willing to cater to her every whim. Her pussy throbbed at the knowledge that she was controlling a man who was physically stronger than her. As if to enforce her dominance over her sissy, she firmly pushed his face and nose deep into the wet folds of her pussy. Her thighs clenched his head tightly as an orgasm rocketed through her body. She knew he was desperate for oxygen. He kept his mouth shut, but tried to pull away. His struggles were fruitless against the vice like grip of Miss Jen's thighs. She held him tight, so that he would experience the power of her pussy. Finally she released her prey and watched in delight as he gasped for breath, on his hands and knees.

Feeling powerful and goddess-like, Miss Jen placed her hand on Kimmee's head, grasped his hair and gently pulled his head upward. She lowered herself and stared into his eyes. "Don't worry sissy. You'll get to taste my pussy tonight. In fact you're going to get to know my pussy very well tonight. I've been waiting for this night for a long time and I know you have been to. Are you ready to submit to the female goddess tonight? Are you ready to worship Mistress, Kareena, Miss D, and myself?"

Kimmee thought Miss Jen's words were strange, but he didn't care. All he could envision was himself pleasuring three beautiful women. Still trying to catch his breath, he said, "Yes. Ma'am. I'm ready to worship you."

Miss Jen smiled, "Good girl." She released his head and dropped a set of keys on the floor in front of him. "Pull yourself together sweetie and then fetch my car. It's the BMW parked out front."

Kimmee reached for the keys. The tip of Miss Jen's shoe trapped his hand over the keys on the floor. Kimmee looked up, helpless as a mouse caught in a trap. A devious grin appeared on Miss Jen's face. "Loose the skirt and blouse when you pick us up darling. Your lingerie is too pretty to cover up. Don't hide that boy pussy either. Keep it nice and swollen and show us what a horny slut you really are."

Miss Jen abruptly turned and walked out of the bathroom. Kimmee quickly stood up and fixed his clothing. He went to the mirror and touched up his make-up and then exited the restaurant. He immediately recognized her BMW in the parking lot. Inside the car he stripped down to his lingerie. It was still daylight and so he was a bit nervous about sitting in the car with an erection dressed in dainty clothes. He decided to wait in the parking lot until his Goddesses walked out of the restaurant. He soon learned this was a big mistake.

Mistress Kareena laid into him the second she opened the car door. "How dare you make us wait slut! You should have been here waiting for us. I should make you get out right now and beg for forgiveness."

Kimmee's heart stopped at the thought. The public humiliation would be too much for him. "Please don't mistress. I'm sorry. Please don't make me get out dressed like this."

"I'm in a good mood sissy, so I won't make you do it. You will be punished for this sissy."

Kimmee meekly replied, "Thank you mistress."

Kimmee was surprised when all three girls slid into the back seat of the spacious BMW. Mistress Kareena was in the middle. Miss Jen spoke up, "Okay sissy, take us to my shop and park in the back."

They were the last words spoken to Kimmee during the ride. As soon as he pulled away from the restaurant, Miss Jen and Miss D turned their full attention to Mistress Kareena. At first it was silent in the car. Kimmee could barely make out the sound of hands rustling across fabric. A faint moan from Mistress Kareena drew Kimmee's attention. He glanced in the rearview mirror and was delighted at the sight. Miss Jen and Miss D's hands were all over Mistress Kareena's body. They were gently caressing her tits and rubbing her thighs. Each young girl was delivering soft kisses and licks to Mistress Kareena's neck. Through the mirror, Kimmee could see Mistress Kareena's closed eyes. She was drifting into pleasure.

Mistress Kareena's thoughts drifted back to dinner. She was certain Miss Jen and Miss D were flirting with her. Perhaps it was too much wine or maybe the kinky weekend, but she was flattered and slightly aroused at the attention she was getting from the beautiful and young girls. When they exited the restaurant all holding hands, she felt like a girl herself.
While getting into the car, Mistress Kareena felt a few casual touches on her ass and tits. At first they seemed innocent but within seconds she knew their purposes. Miss Jen and Miss D were quick and swift at bringing out her arousal. She didn't have time to think or protest. Their skillful seduction sent her mind and emotions reeling instantly. She did not know how to react so she sat there and let it happen. She titled her head back, closed her eyes, and savored the pleasure coursing through her body.

Within minutes, soft lips sucked on each of her nipples. Gentle hands glided over her thighs and applied just enough pressure to cause her legs to spread. Fingers gently probed and teased her juicy pussy. Every movement was soft and gentle. Kisses and caresses teased her body from head to toe. Occasionally a tongue would slip into her mouth and she would do her best to return the kiss. She opened her body and soul to the forbidden pleasures. Her body was hot and tingling. Soon she was bucking and moaning in delight. Fingers continued to tease her pussy and awaken her inner most feelings. The touches and kisses brought out her orgasm and enhanced its pleasure. When her body had enough, the fingers and kisses gently retreated leaving Mistress Kareena breathless and refreshed.

Kimmee pulled into the parking lot just as his Mistress came back to earth. Mistress Kareena was glad for the timing as it helped her avoid an awkward moment. Had there been a few more minutes in the car, she would not have known what to say to Miss Jen and Miss D for their stellar performance. She quickly turned the focus onto Kimmee. "Hurry up sissy slave. Get the door for us."

Kimmee looked backed nervously. "May I put my clothes back on Mistress?"

Miss Jen intervened, "Sweetie, your lingerie is much to pretty to cover up. Don't worry, no one will see you back here."

Kimmee stared with an uncertain look. Mistress Kareena's tone became authorities. "You heard Miss Jen! Don't keep us waiting slut or we'll make you go in the front door in your sissy clothes. Is that what you want darling?"

"'m coming!" Kimmee jumped out of the car and opened the door for the ladies. In his rush to obey, he did not notice the large wet spot that had formed on the front of his panties. The girls picked up on it right away.

Miss D traced her finger nail over the wet area. "Hmmm. It seems that princess slutboy enjoyed the show in the car."

Mistress Kareena reached down and adjusted Kimmee's cock so that the tip poked out of the waist band of the panties. She rubbed her finger over his pee hole causing precum to ooze out and causing Kimmee to gasp from the pleasure. "Poor girl, if you got that excited over watching us, it's going to be a long torturous night for you. The fun is just starting."

Mistress Kareena gave Kimmee's boy pussy a firm squeeze and then grabbed his swollen pussy and pulled him toward the door. "Come on sissy." He had no choice but to follow. He was led inside and down a flight of steps. As they descended the steps, the reality of what was happening began to sink in for Kimmee. It was the first time he was alone with all three Mistresses. It was thrilling and arousing. His excitement grew exponentially with each step down.

At the bottom of the steps was a large open room. One side of the room was set-up as a sitting area with plush carpeting and a couch and love seat. Midway through the room the carpeting abruptly ended and turned to plain white tile. Various tables and bondage equipment covered the floor and hung from the ceiling. The walls were lined with whips, chains, paddles, and various other bondage toys. Because they were in the basement of a lingerie and adult novelty shop, Kimmee was not surprised at what he saw. Of course the broad display of toys and bondage equipment was intimidating.

Kimmee was relieved when the girls choose to take residence at the sitting area. Miss Jen pointed to a bar in the corner of the room. "Kimmee, Fetch us some wine and pour 4 shots of vodka."

On top of the bar, Wine glasses and shot glasses were neatly placed on a serving tray next to a bottle of Merlot and a bottle of Absolute. Kimmee poured the wine and vodka and used the tray to serve his Mistresses. Each lady took a glass of wine. Kimmee held the tray of shots, unsure what to do. Mistress Kareena pointed to the floor in the center of the sitting area. "Kneel," she commanded.

Carefully balancing the tray, Kimmee kneeled. Miss D took the tray from him. Mistress Kareena explained the shots like a drill sergeant, "These are naughty shots for you sissy. One is for making us wait for the car, one is for wetting your panties like a naughty school girl, one is for begging to Miss Jen in the bathroom like a dirty whore, and one is because I know you're going to fuck up something before you finish the first three."

The three girls laughed at his expense. Miss D got up a brought over a large plastic funnel, similar to a beer bong. The base of the spout had a knob that was used to stop the flow of liquid. Kimmee was ordered to tilt his head back and the funnel was placed in his mouth and the knob was turned so that the funnel could be filled with vodka. Each girl took turns pouring the shots into the funnel. When it was full, Mistress Kareena released the knob and pure vodka rushed straight down Kimmee's throat. It happened so fast, Kimmee could barely taste the vodka. The aftertaste caused his eyes to water and his head to spin.

Once again the girls laughed at his expense. Miss D commented, "That ought a clean out the naughtiness."

Kimmee could handle his alcohol pretty good. However, he had been drinking earlier and Mistress Kareena had kept his meals light throughout the day. The 4 ounces of vodka went straight to his head and he was buzzing pretty good. The girls had carefully planned the whole night and so his semi-drunk state was no accident.

Kimmee remained kneeling while the girls chatted and finished their wine. Occasionally the girls would force Kimmee to consume wine through the funnel. His mind was swimming and he half heard their conversations. All he could think about was how exciting the night was going to be. Finally Miss Jen spoke up, "I think it's time we start."

Mistress Kareena took Kimmee into a small empty room. On the floor were ankle and wrist cuffs, a collar, and a blindfold. Mistress unlocked his shoes and ordered Kimmee to strip naked and put on the items on the floor. She had things to do so she left without watching.

As instructed Kimmee stripped naked and put on the cuffs, collar and blindfold. For what seemed like an eternity he stood naked and in darkness, waiting for his next instructions. As he waited his mind overflowed with fantasies and scenarios of what could happen with his three lovely mistresses. He was thrilled at the opportunities and amazed that he was fortunate enough to find himself in a strange but wonderful predicament.

Finally he heard the door open. No words were spoken. He felt chains being attached to his ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs. There was a forceful tug downward on his wrist cuffs. Kimmee followed the tug and got down on his hands and knees. The person walked behind him and ran her hand along his ass and over the base of the butt plug that had become a permanent fixture in his ass. Mistress Kareena's soft voice broke the silence, "You won't be needing this right now."

She tugged on the plug and it oozed out of his ass. The emptiness was a welcome feeling for Kimmee. Having the plug in all day was becoming discomforting. Mistress Kareena reached around his neck and unclasped the gold necklace that Kimmee had worn everyday for the last 10 years. "I'll hold onto this for you dear. Tonight you are to be as naked as the day you were born. No body hair, no clothes, no jewelry." Mistress Kareena tugged on his cock a few times and moaned into his ear. "Mmmm. I like you this way sweetie. Naked and submissive, like a baby boy dependent on his mommy."

Mistress Kareena tugged his chains, in a manner that caused him to sit up on his knees. She leaned forward and positioned her nipple in front of his mouth. "Open your mouth sweetie and suck on mommy's nipple."

Kimmee did as instructed. Mistress Kareena responded with delight "Oooh that's it's baby. Drink mommy's milk. Mmmm. It's so good, isn't it sweetie."

Although there was no milk, Kimmee sucked like a hungry baby. His aroused emotions surprised him. Mistress Kareena continued with the baby talk. "Ooh yes sweetie.... my baby girl. Your pretty glossy lips look so nice on my nipples." She squeezed his dripping cock and hairless balls. "Mmm. Your pussy poo is fresh and clean and wet. Such a naughty baby girl."

Mistress Kareena was becoming equally aroused. She had not planned on taking Kimmee down this road; it just seemed to happen. Mistress Kareena soon realized she was moving away from the planned events. Miss Jen and Miss D were waiting for her and Kimmee. It took all her will power to get back on track. She pulled away from Kimmee. "That's enough sweetie. Now we've got to clean up that angel face up."

Mistress Kareena carefully wiped away the lipstick, eye shadow, and makeup on Kimmee's face. "Mmm. There's my little Ken. All ready to worship his mistresses."

It was the first time all weekend he was referred to by his real name. Ken was surprised but did not have much time to think. Mistress Kareena pulled on a leash that was attached to his wrist cuffs. Ken was forced to walk after her on his knees.

He was still blindfold so all he could do was trust that his Mistress would lead him safely around the room. Ken sensed an overwhelming quietness as he crawled after his Mistress. Finally his Mistress stopped and his blindfold was removed. His eyes adjusted easily to the candle lit room. The three girls stood in front of him dressed identically. They looked like sexual Goddesses.

Small white candles encircled him and the three girls. The smell of incense was thick and overpowering. The girls appeared like a beautiful mirage in front of him. All three were dressed like Roman Goddesses in toga style dresses. Mistress Kareena's dress was long and flowing. The top was strapless and sleeveless, showing off her toned arms and ample cleavage. The white satin dress was trimmed in gold and pulled into her slender waist by a braided gold belt.. The dress flowed down to her ankles and had a provocative slit that ran far up her side. Her bare leg peeked out from under the dress, teasing Ken. Ken's eyes were drawn to a thin gold leg band which criss-crossed up her leg and tied into a perfect bow a few inches below her knees. A gold arm bracelet snaked up and around her bicep. Finally gold dangling earrings and a thick gold crescent necklace complete with red ruby in the center, completed the Goddess image.

On each side of Mistress Kareena stood Miss Jen and Miss D. Their dresses were identical to each other and similar to Mistress Kareena's. They were white satin and trimmed in gold. However, instead of ankle length dresses, the hems stopped a few inches above their knees. Instead of strapless tops, the young Goddesses had only one should bare. The toga dress tied in a knot on the right shoulder and cut diagonally across the chest. Miss Jen and Miss D wore the same gold and ruby accessories as Mistress Kareena. All three Goddesses had their hair pulled back into a tight bun.

Ken was in heaven at the beautiful site before him. The girls were sexy and powerful. He was overwhelmed and intimidated at their beauty and dominant presence. Mistress Kareena let Ken take in the view for a brief moment. Then she took control. "Eyes down!"

Ken's eyes instantly darted towards the floor. There was a power in the room that caused him to obey without question.

Mistress Kareena talked in a formal and authorative tone. "You are here to worship us as true Goddesses. You will obey and worship us without question. Is that understood?"

"Yes ma'am."

"You have proven yourself worthy enough to serve us. Tonight we will take you as our servant. We will allow you to worship us. You will please us in anyway that we wish. Our pleasure comes before yours. Are your prepared to accept this responsibility?"

Ken was not sure what he was getting into. All he knew was that he was surrounded by three beautiful women and they were asking him to pleasure them. His cock was on the verge of exploding. He would do whatever they wanted in search for his own selfish pleasure and so he replied, "Yes I am."

"Excellent. I am pleased with your obedience. Now it is time to show your respect to us. I will read several statements. For each statement I read, you will kiss each of my feet and then you will say my name and repeat the statement. Then you will do the same to Miss Jen and then to Miss D. Is that understood?"

The instructive tone in which Mistress Kareena was speaking, combined with the aura of candles created a ceremonious atmosphere. Ken felt as if he was being inducted into a sacred society. He obediently replied, "Yes ma'am."

"Good then let's get started. I exist to serve you. Your pleasure is what is important to me."

Ken leaned over and kissed Mistress Kareena's left foot and right foot. He felt as if he was worshipping her. His cock pulsed with each kiss. Ken repeated, "Mistress Kareena, I exist to serve you. Your pleasure is what is important to me."

He moved over to Miss Jen and kissed her feet. He repeated the words to her. The thought of worshipping a girl so much younger than him seemed taboo and thrilling. Ken's cock dripped in excitement. Once again he repeated the gesture and words to Miss D. Again he was thrilled at worshiping such a young girl.

Once he was finished with Miss D, Mistress Kareena continued the ceremony. 15 minutes later Ken had kissed each of their feet a half a dozen times and had proclaimed his inferiority to the mistresses and all women. He pledged to be loyal and obedient to each of the girls and to all females. He committed to strive to be more like the superior woman.

Next Ken was led over to a long cushioned table. The girls had him lay on his back. Miss Jen and Miss D each took one of his hands and pulled them back underneath the table and secured his writs to a leg post under the table.

Mistress Kareena stood next to Ken, looking down at him with an omnipotent smile. "It's time to worship the essence of your desire."

Miss Jen stepped behind Mistress Kareena and unzipped her dress. Mistress Kareena's dress fell to the floor, leaving her naked. She mounted Ken on top of the table, straddling his chest. Her pussy was shaven clean, allowing Ken an unobstructed view of her swollen and moist pussy.

Although Ken's eyes were already fixed on the juicy treat inches from his face, Mistress Kareena barked the order, "Look at my pussy slut."

Mistress Kareena's dominance was making him drunk in lust.

"It is this pussy that has overpowered you and controlled you. It is this pussy that has brought you to your knees and turned you to a sissy. Tonight you will experience its power. Tonight you will worship my pussy."

Mistress Kareena moved overtop of Ken's face and lowered her pussy onto his mouth. Eagerly he licked and sucked the swollen petals of her pussy. While she fucked his face, Miss Jen gently massaged his cock and balls. Ken was could hardly concentrate on Mistress's pussy with all the pleasure he was getting from Miss Jen. He didn't even notice Miss D expertly maneuvering a video camera around the room . Mistress Kareena continued to grind her pussy into his mouth and nose. He was helpless with hands tied to the table. Somehow he managed to keep pace with the face humping. Mistress Kareena started to chant "Worship my pussy. Obey my pussy. My pussy controls you."

Ken heard those words over and over again. At the same time his cock was being teased and pleasured by Miss Jen. The chanting and pleasure were infusing his mind with a new purpose in life. Each time the words entered his mind he became more submissive and more excited. Soon he was truly worshipping her pussy with his tongue.

His worshipping was having the desired effects on Mistress Kareena. Just before her orgasm approached she paused for a second and looked into Ken's lusting eyes. She smiled a wicked smile and said "This is the power of my pussy. Respect it!" Then she covered his mouth and nose with her pussy. Her hips bucked back and forth, smothering Ken in her pussy.

Ken struggled to breath. He pulled on his restraints but could not free himself. He could hear Mistress Kareena screaming in orgasmic pleasure. Her screams seemed to fade in Ken's mind and then everything went black.

Only a few seconds had passed before Ken regained consciousness. A few more seconds had passed before Ken realized that he was now staring at a different pussy. This one had a thin strip of pubic hair. He was in a dreamy state and was delighted to discover that Miss Jen's pussy was now inches from his face. Another look of omnipotence cast down on Ken.

"Look at my pussy slut," ordered Miss Jen.

Once again, Ken obeyed.

"It is this pussy that has overpowered you and controlled you. It is this pussy that has brought you to your knees and turned you to a sissy. Tonight you will experience its power. Tonight you will worship my pussy."

Ken's brain was back to full oxygen but he couldn't help but think De Ja Vu after hearing Miss Jen's words. De Ja Vu it was, but this time it was Miss Jen humping his face and Mistress Kareena playing with his cock. Miss Jen began the chants, "Worship my pussy. Obey my pussy. My pussy controls you."

Eagerly Ken worshipped Miss Jen's pussy with his tongue. He savored her young and fresh juices. He did all he could to bring the young Goddess pleasure. Soon her orgasm approached and just like Mistress Kareena she paused and said, "This is the power of my pussy. Respect it!"

Ken knew what was coming and could do nothing to prevent it. Miss Jen used her fingers to open her pussy. Then she impaled her throbbing pink lips over his nose. She pushed down and smothered his mouth. This time the darkness came faster and lasted longer.

Once again Ken woke in a dreamy state. The alcohol, incense, cock teasing, and lack of oxygen to his brain were teasing his mind. He tried to move and was quickly reminded of his helpless state. His cock seemed to enjoy the situation. Ken soon discovered he was staring at a different pussy. This time it was Miss D's. This was the first time Ken had seen Miss D's pussy which caused a renewed excitement in Ken. Like Miss Jen and Mistress Kareena, Missy D's pussy lips were swollen. Her pussy was surrounded by a neatly trimmed patch of hair. Her sexual scent seemed stronger than the other girls. Ken could not wait to experience her divine taste.

Ken was ready for the order when it came. "Look at my pussy slut!"

He was ready to worship another pussy. Soon he was licking and sucking Miss D's throbbing clit. His mouth and tongue were tired but he continued to drive a deep pleasure within Miss D. He existed to bring her pleasure. He was helpless and at her mercy.

Then came the pause that he feared and the words echoed in his mind. "This is the power of my pussy. Respect it!"

By now Ken understood the power of a woman's pussy. He did respect it. He wanted to shout it out but it was too late. Miss D's pussy clamped over his mouth and nose. He inhaled her strong musky scent. He struggled helplessly to breath. Ken remained conscious long enough to feel a warm stream of girl cum fill his mouth. It was sweet and exquisite. He drifted off wishing he could taste more.

Ken seemed to be getting a 'high' effect from all the pussy suffocation. He felt as if he were hallucinating when he awoke. The pussy smell was a pleasant addition to his dreamlike state. Slowly everything came into focus and he recognized Mistress Kareena's dripping pussy inches from his face. "Look at my pussy," she ordered.
Ken was enjoying himself, but he did not know how much more he could take. He pleased for mercy. "I respect you pussy, Mistress. I worship it. Please be merciful Mistress! I want to pleasure you, but I don't think I can take more."

All three girls laughed at his pleading. Mistress Kareena's voice was steady and commanding. "Tell it to my pussy. Tell my pussy how much you respect it and want to worship it."

Ken thought it was silly to talk to her pussy but he knew better than question her. He stared straight into her puffy lips and said, "I respect you and worship you. I love to worship you. I love to please you."

Miss Jen commented, "Keep going pathetic slut. Call it by name. Tell Pussy how you are a slave to it and will do anything for it." Miss Jen reached over and, using her two fore fingers, gently spread open Mistress Kareena's pussy so that Ken could stare into her deep hole.

Ken could feel Mistress Kareena's body shudder with pleasure. Now he stared in awe at the site before him. He was too shocked and excited at what he was seeing to feel any humiliation. He talked straight into Mistress Kareena's pussy. "Pussy I will do anything for you. I am a slave for you Pussy. I live to serve you Pussy."

All three girls were delighted with his response. Miss Jen eased her fingers away from Mistress Kareena. Mistress Kareena caught her breath and then her ceremonious voice took over. While she spoke Miss Jen gently stroked Ken's cock, keeping him on edge. "You stare out what brought you life. Tonight slave, you learned that it can also take away your breath which gives life. Now you know it powers. It is your purpose in life to worship and pleasure pussy. Do you understand slave?"

Ken fully understood his purpose and he accepted it whole heartedly. "Yes. I exist to worship and pleasure pussy."

"Very good slave. Tonight you will live by those words." Mistress Kareena moved off of Ken and Miss Jen took her place. Miss D straddled Ken's face but was facing toward his feet. At the same time Miss Jen straddled Ken's waist, facing Miss D. She positioned herself over top of his cock. Before Ken could make sense of anything, both girls eased down onto Ken. Miss D lowered her pussy onto his mouth and nose. Miss Jen impaled herself onto his cock.

Both girls slowly humped Ken. Ken was in heaven. He licked Miss D's extra juicy pussy and was thrilled to have a 19 year old beauty riding his cock. It was hard for Ken to think with so much action going on, but he soon realized that he should have cum the instant Miss Jen lowered her tight pussy onto his overly teased cock. For some reason he was not feeling pleasure in his cock.

Mistress Kareena took delight in explaining his unique state. "Ken, you're such a slut. It must be killing you to feel no pleasure, while such beautiful goddesses are fucking you. Don't worry, your little boy pussy is not broken. We've been massaging a special numbing lotion in all night. We didn't want to ruin tonight with your nasty cum. Tonight is about our pleasure darling. Tonight you worship us and exist for our pleasure."

She was right about Ken. Emotionally he was having the night of his life. Physically he could not feel the pleasure. It was driving him crazy to know that his cock was inside a hot young girl but he could not feel her warmth and tightness. Miss Jen's and Miss D's humping began to increase in rhythm. Somehow they managed to kiss and play with each others tits while they humped Ken. He was just a sex toy to them.

Off to the side, Mistress Kareena worked the video camera with one hand and with the other she worked her own pussy. This was a first experience for her. Her pussy was wetter than ever. The sight of Miss Jen and Miss D playing with each other while humping Ken's face and cock was sexually exhilarating. Mistress Kareena's own pussy took great delight in the scene.

Soon Miss D's pussy began thrusting harder onto Ken's mouth and nose. Miss Jen and Miss D's timing were perfect. They moaned and screamed together in ecstasy. Once again, warm girl cum gushed out of Miss D's throbbing sex. This time Ken remained conscious and was able to enjoy it's gooey warmth.

When the girls finished with their toy, they released him from his restraints and allowed him to rest for a few minutes. Ken was happy for the break. His arms were tired and weak from being restrained.

Miss Jen and Mistress Kareena left the room. Miss D brought a damp cloth over to Ken and began to wash him off. She took her time, slowly running the soft cloth over Ken's chest and arms. For Ken it was soothing, refreshing and erotic and to be cleaned in this manner. Miss D teased his nipples a few times and spent extra time washing his cock and balls. Her slow erotic teasing intensified Ken's desire to cum. Her gazed into her eyes silently but with a look that pleaded for release. Miss D smiled seductively, knowing his desires.

Their gazing was interrupted by the entrance of Miss Jen and Miss D. Now Ken's eyes were gazing at the dildo protruding from Mistress Kareena's crotch.. Miss Jen also wore one. Their purpose was no mystery to Ken. His manly instincts would normally reject the idea of allowing a dildo inside of him. His ass even clenched at the thought. However what was left of his manliness easily shattered from the erotic vision before him. Mistress Kareena possessed a sexual maturity that intimidated and fascinated Ken. Miss Jen was young, and vibrant with a firm body that mesmerized Ken. Together their sexuality was powerful and overwhelming, transforming the dildos into a pleasurable desire for even the strongest of men.

For Ken it was a moment that he knew would come and he was excited for it. Ever since Ken met Mistress Kareena he fantasized about being fucked by her with a dildo. Ken's thought drifted to the first time she made him use a butt plug. He did not want to use it. He was a straight man and it seemed wrong and unnatural to insert an object into his ass. However, he could not resist Mistress Kareena's erotic power and he forced himself to obey so that he could please her. What he did not anticipate was the tremendous pleasure that engulfed him when the plug was inside of him. Much of the pleasure was driven by being forced do something he didn't want to do. However, it was the intense and focused pleasure that took him by surprise and made him beg to cum. Once he experienced that deep forbidden pleasure he never turned back.

The butt plug was a small step toward Ken's feminization and submissiveness. Now he was about to take a big step forward. Miss D helped Ken off the table and made him kneel in front of Mistress Kareena. Then she retrieved the video camera and began to record the next life changing event for Ken.

The dildo added to Mistress Kareena's powerful and dominant aura. Ken felt weak and submissive kneeling in front of her with the cock inches from his eyes. Mistress Kareena moved the dildo towards Ken's lips. She purposely called him by his girl name. "You've had a lot of practice on your dildo Kimmee. Let's see what you can do. Show me what a good cock sucker you are sweetie."

Ken could not believe it, but he was actually excited to show off his cock sucking skills in front of the girls. Slowly he licked the head of the dildo and took it into his mouth. Mistress Kareena gently thrust her hips back and forth and began to moan. She was thrilled at his eagerness and she found it invigorating to have her sissy kneeling before her, sucking her strap-on. An erotic energy took hold of her mind and body and she began to thrust harder and deeper into Kimmee's mouth. Mistress Kareena's pussy dampened with each thrust and she moaned as if Kimmee was truly sucking her cock.

Kimmee also found the experience thrilling. While he tried to keep up with Mistress Kareena's thrusting, Miss D and Miss Jen cheered him on. "Suck it sweetie....what a slut.....Make her cum slut. Deep throat it are such a good cock're a natural..."

Kimmee's arousal was peaking and he did his best to show off his cock sucking skills. Mistress Kareena put her hands on the back of his head and thrust into his mouth. She held him firm and controlled the rhythm. Her breathing became irregular and her moans were deeper and filled with lust. Kimmee was certain that Mistress Kareena was about to orgasm, but then she abruptly pulled away, causing the dildo to pop out of his mouth. It took her a few minutes to catch her breath.

She looked down at her slave, waiting obediently for her next command. Instead of a command, she asked, "Do you want to cum slut? Do you want to cum for me like a girl?"

Kimmee was not sure what she meant by 'cum like a girl' but he didn't care. He heard the word 'cum' and that's all he cared about. He quickly responded, "Yes Mistress. Yes! I want to cum!"

Mistress Kareena glanced over at Miss D and winked.. She was happy that this was being caught on video tape. She knew this video would be a keeper and would be watched many times over and over. Mistress Kareena quickly returned her attention to sissy Kimmee.

"Mmmm. I just love it that you are such a slut. You will cum like a girl for me, won't you slut?"

Once again Kimmee was not sure what she meant but he did not want to risk losing the opportunity to cum so he just begged the way Mistress Kareena liked him to beg. "Yes. I will cum like a girl. Please let me cum like a girl for you."

"Very good sissy. Hop up on the table. On your back like a slut."

Kimmee did as instructed. Miss Jen secured his wrist to the table legs under his head. Then she walked down to his feet. "Spread your legs for me slut, "ordered Miss Jen.

The table was narrow so Kimmee had to hold his legs up once he spread them. Kimmee's groin and ass stretched slightly. It was a wonderful feeling. With his arms tied back and his legs spread for Miss Jen and Mistress Kareena, he felt vulnerable and slutty. His ass tingled knowing what was going to happen.

Miss Jen lubed up her fingers and slowly teased Kimmee's ass with them. Kimmee's ass had already been stretched by the butt plugs that he wore over the last few days and so Miss Jen's fingers slid easily into his ass. Her dirty talk added to the teasing. "Feels good having my finger your pussy hole doesn't it? You want to be fucked in your pussy hole don't you?"

Miss Jen's slick fingers felt like heaven inside of him. Her reference to his ass as a pussy hole added a whole new erotic element that mentally drove him wild. He opened up to her fingers and moaned, "Oh yes. That feels so good. Please fuck my pussy hole."

Miss Jen was generous with the lubrication. When she was satisfied that Kimmee was lubricated properly she stepped away and let Mistress Kareena take over.

Mistress Kareena and Kimmee were equally excited at what was about to occur. It was a first for both of them. Mistress Kareena felt her pussy quivering and throbbing as she moved into position between Kimmee's legs. She commented, "I just love to see you on your back with your legs spread like a slut. I could have fucked you doggie style, but I thought this was more appropriate for such a sissy boy. I also wanted to see you cum all over yourself as I fuck your pussy hole. Are you ready to cum for me Kimmee?"

Ken could barely hold back his excitement. He was on the verge of cumming just thinking about what was going to happen. "Yes. Please let me cum. Please fuck my pussy hole!"

"Calm down sweetie. Don't cum just yet. We've got to enjoy this for a few minutes. Don't cum until I say so, O.K.?"

"Yes Mistress. Thank You."

Mistress Kareena slowly teased the rim of Kimmee's ass with the head of the strap-on. Little by little she eased the cock in and out of his pussy hole, going deeper with each thrust. The cock was going in easier than she thought but she still took her time. She wanted Kimmee to enjoy his first ass fucking. Once the cock had been fully consumed by Kimmee's pussy hole, she began a gentle and even rhythm thrusting in and out of his hole.

The slow and gentle fucking was driving Kimmee wild. Each thrust into his tight hole awakened new pleasures. He fought hard to hold back his orgasm. Tears came to his eyes from such intense pleasure. Mistress Kareena quickened her pace and Kimmee knew he could not hold back any longer. He was about to plead for release but his Mistress beat him to it. In between short raspy breaths she ordered, "Cum for me now slut. Cum like a girl."

Within seconds a warm stream of cum spurted from Kimmee's cock. Mistress Kareena continued to pound his ass, causing more and more cum to spurt out.

Miss Jen could not let the moment go by without a verbal reminder of how pathetic he was at the moment. She stood to the side and jeered at him, "You're a sissy. Look at you cumming from being fucked in your pussy hole. No one's even touching your little cock and your cumming. You really like being fucked in your pussy hole like a sissy, don't you?"

Kimmee was too caught up in the moment to respond. He continued to cum and open himself up to his Mistress. He could feel his hot cum covering his chest and stomach. A few squirts even landed on his chin. Kimmee was amazed at the amount of cum that he produced. Finally the cum stopped and the thrusting slowed.

Mistress Kareena slowly pulled out and sighed with delight. She felt relaxed yet so alive. The whole experience was invigorating and far more exciting than she ever imagined. Fucking her slut was the ultimate act of dominance and control. Before her slut even erupted with cum, she was in the midst of multiple orgasms. Rippling currents had washed through her body. It was a pleasure that she would never forget and certainly a pleasure she would experience again.

Mistress Kareena asked, "Did you like having your pussyhole fucked slut?"

Kimmee could not lie. "Yes Mistress. Thank You. That felt incredible"

"Well you've been such a good slut. You deserved a nice fucking. Now rest up. We'll have more fun later."

The three Goddesses walked out of the room, leaving Kimmee tied to the table. He was so exhausted he quickly fell asleep. Kimmee was not sure how long he was asleep. He was awoken by a soft warm feeling dragging across his body. He opened his eyes to see Mistress Kareena washing him off with a damp wash cloth.

Mistress Kareena's voice was kind a sincere. "Did you enjoy last night?"

Kimmee's hands were no longer bound and so he relaxed and took comfort in the warm wash cloth. He thought about the night's events and his cock swelled. Mistress Kareena was dressed in her Goddess outfit, which brought back great memories of the past few hours. "Yes. Last night was amazing. You're incredible. You look like a Goddess."

"I am a Goddess sweetie. I knew you'd love it. You're coming along just fine Kimmee. You're a perfect slave. I'm so glad you've accepted female supremacy. It excites me so much when you worship and obey me."

Mistress Kareena's words seemed permanent and definite to Kimmee. This was all still a fantasy to him. Hearing her speak about him accepting female supremacy made him a bit nervous. His nervousness was soon lost to pleasure. Mistress Kareena lightly stroked his cock, teasing and tormenting him. She milked out some precum and rubbed the slippery goo up and down his shaft. Soon he was on the edge of orgasm. Soon he was begging for release. Like countless times before, Mistress Kareena manipulated his thoughts through his own pleasure. When she was sure he was lost in ecstasy she began her next phase of dominance. In a sweet yet firm voice she said, "Kimmee, I'd like you to do something special for me to show your commitment to female supremacy."

Kimmee was already lost in pleasure and brain washed by Mistress Kareena's sexuality. "Sure Mistress. Anything you want."

Mistress Kareena held up an oval pink pill. "I'd like you to take this pill."

Kimmee suddenly became alert. "Ah, what is it?"

"Don't you trust me sweetie?" At first her grip tightened around his cock to reinforce her displeasure with his question. Then she eased up and stroked his cock lightly. Mistress Kareena continued to stroke Kimmee's cock, keeping him on the edge of orgasm..

It was hard for him to protest in such a needy state. He did trust her but pills made him nervous. He weakly replied, "Ah yes I do trust you. I just like to know what I'm taking."

"This is a hormone pill. It's what sissy boys take when they want to be girls."

The look in Kimmee's face was priceless. It was a mixture of fear, uncertainty, and curiosity. Mistress Kareena's pussy dampened at his vulnerable state. She could tell he wanted to protest but he was afraid of crossing her. She loved the power she had over him. She edged him on both with gentle stroking of his cock and with devilish words, "Is there something wrong sweetie?"

"Well, ah... I...I do want to obey you Mistress. I just don't know if I'm ready for that yet."

"Oh but you love wearing panties and make-up don't you?"

"Yes, but..."

Mistress Kareena did not let him finish. "..and you just had an incredible orgasm when I fucked your pussy hole. You're starting see how much fun it is being a girl. You even acknowledged that you worship the female and want to strive to be like the superior female. This is only the next natural step."

Mistress Kareena could not believe how aroused she was becoming. Kimmee was squirming and she could tell that he wanted to obey her, yet he did not want to take the pill. She knew he would take it. It excited her to know that she would have her way.

Kimmee was silent, unsure what to say. Finally Mistress Kareena spoke. "Kimmee, I understand your feelings. I just want you to take this one pill as a symbol of your desire to worship the superior female. One pill is not going to change you. You need to take these pills every day for several weeks for them to work. How about it sweetie? Just this one pill?"

Mistress Kareena held the pill up for Kimmee to see. Kimmee thought about it. His cock swelled and twitched the more he thought about it. He was almost brainwashed to obey his Mistress. Her words made more and more sense to him. One pill would not hurt. One pill would show his commitment. Kimmee found himself reaching for the pill.

Mistress Kareena smiled and pulled the pill away. "Very good darling. As a sign of your commitment to female supremacy, you will take the pill in front of Miss Jen, Miss D, and myself. First we need to pretty you up a bit."

Mistress Kareena made Kimmee sit up. Then she helped into an emerald colored bustier. The bustier was cup less and was trimmed in black lace and ruffles. She made Kimmee put on a matching thong and black lace stockings. Mistress Kareena even made him put on a sheer black robe to complete the sexy look. Kimmee's boy pussy was dripping cum by the time he was dressed. His panties were damp from his arousal.

Mistress Kareena made Kimmee get on his knees and follow her into the main room of the basement. Once again the room was lit only by candlelight. Miss Jen and Miss D were standing in the middle of the room dressed in their Goddess outfits. Kimmee was led over to the two Goddesses and then Mistress Kareena took her spot in between Miss Jen and Miss D. Kimmee found himself in the same spot where the fun events started and he was equally excited.

Miss Jen spoke first. "Last night you were Ken, a naked and inferior male. You have served us well and proven your desire to worship the superior female. You are still an inferior male and by the laws of nature you always will be. However, you now kneel before us as Kimmee, a pretty sissy. You have worshiped the female pussy and drank our Goddess nectar. The female nectar is endless. The more you drink the more you become like us. You will strive to be like us. Do you accept this as your fate?"
Kimmee was lost in the moment and happily replied, "I do."

Next Miss D carefully placed a white satin pillow on the floor in front of Kimmee. In the center of the pillow was the pink pill that Mistress Kareena was holding earlier. Miss Jen continued, "As a sign of your acceptance to worship the female, take the hormone pill before you and swallow it."

Kimmee picked up the pill. His hands were shaking, but his whole body was alive with excitement. His panties seemed to get wetter by the second. The Goddesses watched closely as he put it in his mouth and swallowed. It went down hard, without any water and that's the way the girls wanted it. It was painful to be girlish. Mistress Kareena felt a mini orgasm pass through her body when the pill went down Kimmee's throat. She had done it. She had taken her boy slut, turned him into a sissy and made him want to take a pill that would kick of a physical change in his body. Her female power was in full force and it was exhilarating to her. It would not be the last pill that Kimmee would take. It was also a small step in Mistress Kareena's plan. Kimmee was her slave. She was taking over his life. Soon she would be his life.

When the pill went down Kimmee's throat, the girls all started clapping. They each went over to Kimmee and gave him a kiss and told him how proud they were. It made Kimmee feel good about his decision. He was glad that he pleased his Mistresses. Next Mistress Kareena kneeled in front of Kimmee. She had a small round container of cream in her hand. She scooped some up on her finger and applied it to his nipples. She explained as she applied, "The pill was symbolic, but this is not. This cream is designed to make your nipples longer and larger just like a girl. No one will notice but us. It will be our little secret way of transforming you into a true sissy. I want you to apply this to each of your nipples every morning and every night."

Kimmee's nipples were erect and tingling from the attention. He did not have much of a choice but to obey Mistress Kareena. She delivered a command and not a question. He was actually excited about the nipple cream. To have girl like nipples excited him.

Next Mistress Kareena handed him a large brown bag. "Kimmee, this is for when you get home. There are some special girl items for you and some instructions for you to follow. You need to go home now and rest up. Miss Jen made arrangements for your car and personal items to be brought over from the hotel. You may go now."

Kimmee was a little disappointed that the fun ended. He started to stand up but Miss D stopped him. " Kimmee...on your knees dear. You may crawl to your car."

The girls giggled. Kimmee wanted to ask about getting changed, but he knew better. Slowly he crawled over to the steps in his bustier and stockings. The girls watched in amusement as he crawled up the steps on his hands and knees. It was morning time and the sun was shinning. Embarrassed, Kimmee quickly crawled to his car hoping that no one saw him.

Kimmee's cock remained hard most of the drive home. He was very excited that he went through with the weekend. His life seemed to get weirder each day but he loved it. Mistress Kareena had unlocked a strange and wonderful desire within him. He stroked his shiny cock and was desperate to cum. He thought about the pill and the nipple cream and he felt as if his body was already going through a physical transformation. The weekend was full of so many surprises. Little did he know that there were more surprises waiting for him at his apartment.


When Kimmee finally arrived at his apartment he plopped down on his couch and stretched out for a nice long nap. Physically and mentally he was exhausted from the weekend events. He was too drained to think about what was in the bag that Mistress Kareena sent home with him and too exhausted to notice that his apartment was not quite the same anymore.

He slept for several hours and awoke at dusk. He was still dressed in the Emerald corset and stockings and his cock swelled at the memory of the weekend events. Still in a sleepy state, Kimmee got up and headed toward the bathroom. He sensed a difference in his apartment but in his sleepy state he did not have the motivation to figure it out. He undressed, not even noticing the new pink towels and wash clothes accenting the bathroom. It was not until he opened the shower curtain, that he realized things were much different. The showerhead was missing and a brass cap sealed the opening of the pipe. A small note dangled from the pipe, which read 'No showers for sissy boys - only bubble baths.'

It took Kimmee's mind a few seconds to register where the note came from and his cock responded even faster. Suddenly new things popped out at him like glowing lights. Feminine items invaded his bathroom. There was berry bubble bath, strawberry shower gel, and Moonlight body wash. His 'Head and Shoulders' shampoo was replaced with "Herbal Essence." Pink and purple scrunchies hung from his washcloth rack. A soft white bath pillow clung to the back of the bathtub. Ken's eyes quickly scanned the bathroom. Scented candles were scattered throughout. Woman's Secret deodorant took the place of his Brut deodorant. He noticed the pink towels and washcloths. Every ounce of manliness was removed from the bathroom. Even his Fortune magazine was tossed and replaced by Cosmopolitan.

Kimmee gasped to himself, "They thought of everything." A feminine world was being forced upon him and his cock responded positively to the dominance. He stroked his boy pussy and pondered the situation. He had never given Mistress Kareena his address or a key to his apartment and so he wondered how it all came about. He was a little nervous about the reality of the situation. The walls to his fantasy were crumbling and exposing him into the real thing. He was nervous but delighted.

Kimmee could not help but stroke his boy pussy as he wandered through his apartment looking for new things. He felt as if he was on a treasure hunt and his bedroom was full of jewels. Red satin sheets covered his bed and pillows. His body shivered just from the sight of the silky and shiny fabric. Kimmee could not resist the temptation. He slid his naked body in between the satin sheets, leaving a trail of precum down the top sheet. Being surrounded by the delicate fabric was almost an orgasmic experience for him. He began to lightly hump the sheets, enjoying the smooth rubbing over his cock. Kimmee wondered how he would ever get to sleep in such soft fabric.

Lying in his satin cocoon, Kimmee glanced around the room. Red floral curtains accented his window and fresh roses overflowed from a crystal vase on top of his bureau. A small vanity table was added to his room. The vanity was covered with various, tubes, jars, and containers. Kimmee felt like a kid on Christmas morning. He hopped out of bed and hurried over to his presents.

The vanity was filled with lipsticks and glosses. There were drawers and compartments filled with eye shadow, eye liner, foundation creams, age defying creams, blushes, lotions, perfumes, and lots of girly things that Kimmee never knew existed. Kimmee's body flushed with excitement as he sorted through the girly things. He was excited to hold them, afraid to open them, and even unsure what to do with them. Things were happening so fast. He was being engulfed into a deeper feminized state. His balls were full and ached for release.

While exploring the vanity, Kimmee remembered the bag he was given at Miss Jen's place. He quickly headed to the living area and inspected the contents of the bag. There was an envelope addressed to Kimmee, a few containers of cream, and several magazines, pamphlets, and books about applying make-up, nail polish, and other feminine subjects. Ken opened the envelope. Inside was a picture of Miss Jen, a picture of Miss D, and a Picture of Mistress Kareena. The girls were each dressed in the Goddess outfit they wore the night before. Also in the envelope was a letter. It read:

"Dear slut Kimmee,

You made us all so proud this weekend. Your training is moving along at a fast pace, but you have much more work to do. You have three assignments to complete:

(1) Get to know your feminine side. We have supplied you with everything you need in your apartment (*smiles and giggles*). You are to read and study the materials in this bag so that you know how to create a feminine appearance. You will learn to create a glamorous and radiant look with make-up and cosmetics. Bring out the woman in you sweetie.

(2) Soften up for us dear. Your skin is much too coarse and dry. In the bag are three types of creams. Apply them once in the morning and once before bed. We've made it easy for you by color-coding the containers. The pink container is for your titties, the red container is for your nipples, and the purple container is for your hips, legs and arms. Gently rub these creams into your skin. They are specially formulated to soften your skin so that you are nice and pretty.

(3) Worship the female daily. Take the enclosed pictures and arrange them onto a poster. Also add pictures of 2 different co-workers to the poster. They should be women that you work closely with each day. Design the poster to symbolize female supremacy. We know you are a Graphic Artist, so we have high expectations for the final product."

Kimmee's cock was twitching and dripping while he read the letter. He was extremely aroused and in need of release. He decided to try and e-mail Mistress Kareena and beg for release. His e-mail read:

"Mistress Kareena. Thank you for an incredible weekend. Thank you for all the wonderful things in my apartment. It's so exciting and arousing. I'm incredibly horny from it all. Can I please cum?"

A few minutes passed and then a reply came back. It read, "Mmmm. Yes. I knew you would love everything. You're such a sweet sissy and horny all the time. You must obey before you can be rewarded. Complete your assignments and I will consider letting you cum. When you are done with the poster let me know."

Kimmee replied, "I don't know if I can make it that long. It will take a few days to do the poster. Please Mistress my balls are aching. Please let me cum!!"

Mistress Kareena's pussy was already dripping from his pleas. She loved the control she had over him. She loved the teasing. "Awww. Poor little girl. Are your ovaries sore? Is your little clittie throbbing? I guess you better get working on that poster. Don't you dare cum without my permission slut! Why don't you take a nice bubble bath and calm yourself down. Night-night baby doll."

Kimmee pleaded more through e-mail, but his e-mails were not returned. Frustrated, he took Mistress Kareena's advice and took a bubble bath and went to bed.

In the morning, Kimmee discovered more surprises. His blue razors were replaced by pink Lady Gilette razors. His underwear drawer overflowed with panties, thongs, and bras. There were no boxer shorts or briefs to be found. Even his socks were replaced with women's socks, trouser socks, stockings, and pantyhose. Kimmee had little choice but to feminize himself. Before putting on his feminine undergarments, he sat on the edge of the bed and applied his creams. Slowly he rubbed the nipple cream over his nipples. He spent more time than needed, rubbing in the cream and pulling his sensitive nipples. He felt like a naughty girl playing with her nipples. He knew this cream would enlarge his nipples and he was aroused by the thought.

Next he picked up the pink container. He wondered what kind of cream it was. There were no markings on the container. He shrugged it off and rubbed the cream over his chest. It was cool and soothing. Again he felt like a naughty girl, playing with her chest. He even pushed his chest together, trying to from a little cleavage. Finally he applied the cream from the purple container to his legs, arms, and hips. When he was done he felt soft, refreshed, and hornier than imaginable.

Kimmee continued his routine each morning and evening. He also worked on his poster throughout the week. There were two female graphic artists that worked with him. Penny was a tall thin brunette. Penny was featured in a company newsletter a few months earlier, so Kimmee was able to pull her picture from the newsletter file. Kathy was more of a challenge. She was blonde and beautiful and Kimmee could not find a picture of her anywhere. She was very bubbly and friendly and so Kimmee knew he could easily talk her into a photo. He pretended that he got a new camera and wanted to test it out. This was not an unusual request since he was a graphic artist. Kathy's fun personality played right into his plan. She playfully posed for Kimmee as if she were a model. Knowing what the photos would be used for made the short photo session arousing for Kimmee. He took the pictures, thankful that his cock was pushed between his legs like a pussy. Otherwise he would not have been able to hide his excitement.

On Friday afternoon Ken made the final touches to his poster. He closed the door to his office for privacy and went to work. In the middle of the poster he put the female symbol - a circle and a cross. Above the symbol were the pictures of Miss Jen, Mistress Kareena, and Miss D. Mistress Kareena's picture was in the middle and slightly higher than the other two girls, which was how he remembered seeing them the first night in the basement of Miss Jen's store. To the left of the female symbol was Penny's picture and to the right was Kathy's picture. Below each picture Kimmee added names. Kimmee took the liberty of adding 'Miss' in front of Penny and Kathy's names. Finally he added the words FEMALE GODESSES in large letters across the bottom of the poster.

He was so excited about completing the poster that he could not wait for home to admire. His cock was pressing hard against his panties and pants. Kimmee unzipped his pants and stroked his cock while admiring the pictures of his Goddesses. Cum began to leak from his painfully aroused cock. The girls were all gorgeous and he imagined kneeling at their feet and worshipping them. Kimmee closed his eyes and massaged the sticky cum all over his boy pussy. Soon his hands and cock were slick with his goo. He clenched his fingers around his cock like a tight pussy and imagined Miss Jen riding him while the other Goddesses watched. He felt an orgasm coming, but he continued to stroke. He stared at his co-workers and imagined being their fuck toy. Kimmee was daring enough to sneak a finger down to his pussy hole. Slowly he pushed it in and his whole body shivered. He imagined Penny fucking him up the ass. It was too much for him to handle. His mind went into overload and he pumped hard into his hands. For the first time he broke down and could not hold back. His cock swelled against his tight hand and an intense orgasm took over. Hot cum spurted out and covered the floor. Kimmee pumped and pumped and drained his cock of all his pent-up cum.

When he was finished he felt guilty and ashamed. He knew Mistress Kareena would be furious if she found out about his accident. Quickly he got down on the floor and licked up the evidence. He was surprised at the amount of cum he had to lick up and he was not thrilled about doing it, but he knew Mistress would want it that way. It seemed dirty and disgusting to him, but he did it anyway. He was a slut and could not control himself.

Just as Kimmee finished cleaning up his mess, his phone rang. He picked up the phone. It was the front desk security in his office building. "Hi Ken. We have a Miss Kareena here to see you."

Kimmee's body tensed at the mention of his Mistress's name. Even though he had just had an orgasm, his cock grew hard instantly. "..ahh..okay. I'll be right down."

Kimmee never dreamed Mistress Kareena would show up at work. He was excited but nervous about what she would do. He prayed she would not expose his secret lifestyle to his co-workers and he prayed she would not discover his accident. Kimmee pulled up his silky panties and buttoned his pants. He wanted to wait for his cock to shrink but he knew Mistress Kareena wouldn't want to be left waiting. He grabbed a paper file and held it in front of his crotch to hide his erection.

Mistress Kareena sat in a guest chair in the lobby. She was stunningly beautiful in a pinstriped suit coat and skirt. Ken knew the security guards were enjoying the sight. Mistress Kareena played the part of a business woman very well when Ken met her. "Hello Ken. It's so nice to see you."

"Hi Miss Kareena. I'm glad you could make it. Shall we go up to my office?"

It was a long and quiet walk back to his office. Once in his office he closed the door. Mistress Kareena instantly took control. "Let's see if you really are a good girl when I'm not around. Strip down to your panties and get on your knees."

Ken was panic stricken at the sudden invasion into his office. Mistress Kareena could see his concern. She locked his office door. "Don't worry sissy. Your secret will be kept inside this office. Now be a good girl and do as I say."

Reluctantly Ken stripped down to his panties and stockings and kneeled before his Mistress. At first she didn't acknowledge him. She scanned his office and found his Goddess poster. "Hmmm. Very nice Kimmee. I'm impressed! I love it! I can see that you really do want to worship us."

As a reward, Mistress Kareena moved her foot over to Kimmee's crotch and massaged his cock with the tip of her shoe. He moaned at the touch of her shiny shoe. Mistress Kareena mocked him. "Mmm. My little sissy slut. You like having your clitty rubbed don't you?"


"Where is your purse dear?"

Kimmee tensed. "Purse? I don't have a purse Mistress?"

Mistress Kareena picked up a ruler and stepped behind Kimmee. She lightly swatted his ass with the ruler. "Shame on you sissy. You should always carry a purse. It should be filled with lipstick, make up and all your special creams."

Mistress Kareena walked around Kimmee and inspected him. "Hmm. Very pretty panties and stockings. Let's see those nails."

Ken held out his nails. They were painted in clear polish. He hadn't done his nails in a few days so the polish was a bit faded and uneven. Mistress Kareena did not allow for this. She swatted his ass again with the ruler. "Your nails need work sissy. They should be pretty and shiny every day!"

Mistress Kareena spent the next few minutes disciplining Kimmee. It was a technique she learned from Miss Jen. Light swats and clear directions. The purpose was to sexually stimulate Kimmee while mentally and physically disciplining him. It was form of training to get Kimmee to act and dress in a manner that was pleasing to Mistress Kareena.

By the end of the discipline session, Kimmee's cock was dripping. Mistress Kareena leaned down and rubbed his balls and cock with her hand. Almost immediately something seemed wrong to Mistress Kareena. His balls didn't seem as tight and swollen as usual. She became very suspicious and she spoke to him like a lecturing mother. Her hand firmly cupped his balls. "Kimmee dear. Something's not right here? Have you been a naughty girl?"

Kimmee's face blushed. He played dumb. "Ah..,no mistress. What do you mean?"

From his body language alone, Mistress knew he was guilty. She cupped his balls even tighter and raised her voice. "Don't lie to me sissy! You've been playing with your clitty haven't you? You let your nasty cum out of your clitty, didn't you?"

Kimmee's eyes instantly darted to the floor. He was embarrassed and ashamed. He could not hide his guilt. "Yes.... I'm...I'm sorry. I couldn't help it."

Mistress Kareena's was proud of herself for uncovering his bad behavior. She was enjoying seeing her slave cower and shake in front of her. She felt very powerful. Mistress Kareena smacked him hard with the ruler. "I can't believe you slut! Can't you control yourself? How could you disobey me like that?" Her voice was getting louder and Kimmee was fearful that people outside his office could hear.
Kimmee pleaded, "I'm sorry Mistress.. please not so loud...please don't yell. I'm sorry I'll do anything. I don't want others to hear."

Her voice lowered slightly. "That's the least of your worries. Damn right you'll do anything for me. I'm beginning to wonder about your commitment to me."

It was the first time Kimmee saw his Mistress get mad. He was fearful of her anger and fearful of losing her. "I'm sorry mistress. I couldn't help it. I..I..I was staring at the poster and I just couldn't control myself."

Mistress Kareena laughed. "You mean you just did it?"

"Yes. Right before you came. I licked up all the cum mistress."

Mistress Kareena looked over at the poster and at the wet spots on the floor. She couldn't believe what she saw. He was telling the truth. She laughed again. "How pathetic. You are such a slut! You will be punished for this. You can start by taking one of these to reconfirm your commitment to worshiping me."

Mistress Kareena held out a pink hormone pill. Kimmee knew he was not in a position to resist. He took the pill and swallowed it without question. Mistress Kareena smiled triumphantly and her pussy quivered at the control she had over Kimmee. Next Kimmee took eye shadow from her purse. "I was going to save this for the car ride, but since you've been a naughty girl I'm going to have you wear it now. It's a subtle color so I'm sure no one will notice."

Mistress Kareena carefully applied a small amount of bronze color above Kimmee's eyes. Kimmee was not happy about wearing the eye shadow in his office, but once again he knew he was not in a position to protest. He wished he could see what it looked like. He wanted to know if anyone would notice it. Mistress Kareena enjoyed the teasing and was not going let him see the result.

Kimmee was ordered to put his clothes back on and get ready to leave. Mistress Kareena took another look at his poster. She glanced at the pictures of hi co-workers. "Mmmm. These ladies look delicious. Are Miss Penny and Miss Kathy working today? You must introduce me to them."

Kimmee was scared about introducing Kimmee to his co-workers. He was afraid of his secret getting out. He didn't know what Mistress Kareena would say to them. On the other hand part of him was excited at the thought of Mistress Kareena, Penny, and Kathy getting to know each other. The possibilities of what could happen were endless. As usual, Kimmee's excitement and arousal squashed out the scared feeling and excitedly he answered, "Yes. They are here. How should I introduce you?"

"Hmmmm. Why, I am your Mistress. What is wrong with that," teased Mistress Kareena. Before Kimmee's heart stopped from fear, Mistress said, "You can introduce me as an out of town friend."

"O.k. Thank you Mistress." Kimmee escorted his Mistress over to the 'creative room' where Penny and Kathy were working. He was extremely paranoid about his eye shadow. The girls didn't seem to notice his make-up or they just acted like nothing was unusual. After a bit of small talk Kimmee and Mistress Kareena left the girls and stopped by Kimmee's office to pick up the poster before leaving.

Mistress Kareena drove Kimmee to her house. It was about an hour drive. On the way she made him strip down to his panties and stroke his clitty. She wanted his balls full of cum when they arrived. She also quizzed him about using and applying makeup, creams, and lotions. Kimmee was clueless and failed the quiz miserably.

Mistress Kareena was disappointed. "Your assignment was to learn how to make yourself beautiful. You obviously did not read any of the materials I gave you. I'm very disappointed Kimmee."

Kimmee could not look at Mistress Kareena. "I'm sorry. I did read a little. There's just so much to read. It's confusing and hard to learn."

Mistress Kareena laughed. "awww poor little girl. I know it's tough learning how to be pretty. You are a princess on the inside but you need to work on the outside. It is work dear. It's not easy being a Goddess. You've got to work at it sissy."

"I will Mistress. I will."

Mistress reached over and stroked his dripping cock. "Don't worry baby doll. We'll get you there."

Finally they arrived at Mistress Kareena's house. Kimmee had to walk from the car to the house in his stocking and panties. It was still light out and so he walked quickly hoping none of the neighbors would notice.

Kimmee was ordered to grill hamburgers for dinner in his feminine attire. While he grilled, Mistress Kareena called Miss Jen and told her about how naughty Kimmee had been. Both girls decided discipline and a big punishment were needed. Miss Jen had the perfect punishments and she filled Mistress Kareena in on the details.

When Mistress Kareena hung up from Miss Jen, her pussy was dripping wet. All the talk about discipline and punishments intensified her erotic desires. While she ate dinner she ordered Kimmee onto the floor. He polished her shoes with his tongue and gave her a foot massage. Next she collared and leashed him and made him walk on all fours to her bedroom. She made him lie on his back on the bed and she tied his arms and wrists tightly to his sides. Then she wrapped rope around his thighs, knees, calves, and ankles so that his legs were tied tightly together. He was completely immobile and at her mercy.

Mistress Kareena stripped all her clothes off. It was a sight that Kimmee would never get tired of seeing. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was clean shaved and swollen. Kimmee knew she was going have her way with him regardless of what he wanted. He was helpless and could do nothing but try to please her. In his helpless state his senses seemed to come alive. His cock twitched for attention and his entire body tingled in anticipation.

Mistress Kareena wasted no time in getting what she wanted. She straddled his face and positioned her pussy above his mouth. "Open," she commanded.

Kimmee opened his mouth eager for a taste of her hot juices. Mistress Kareena played with her swollen lips and teased her clitty with her fingers. She allowed a few drops of her juice to drip into his mouth. He was hungry for her and she was hungry for control. Slowly she eased her dripping pussy onto his mouth and ordered him to lick. His tongue flicked across her sex igniting bursts of fire within her. She pressed down and smothered him. He was eager to please and eager to keep up with her face humping. Mistress Kareena was delighted in his need to please. His tongue pressed deeper into her hole and teased her clitty. Orgasmic moans escaped her mouth and she humped him harder and faster and harder and faster. Her juices flowed into his mouth and over his face. Both Kimmee and Mistress Kareena were thrilled to be back to together again.

While Kimmee still lay helpless on her bed, Mistress Kareena decided to explain the next part of his punishment. She stroked his boy pussy as she talked.

"Princess, since you're having a tough time with the make-up I've arranged for you to have a beauty consultation and makeover." Mistress Kareena's pussy quivered from the Kimmee's worried look. She could see he was about to speak. She held a finger to his mouth. "Shhhh darling. No talking or I'll have to spank you for being naughty."

She began to stroke Kimmee's boy pussy gently. I know you are nervous and scared, but it will be o.k. You need some guidance and help to bring out the girl in you. You're my little girl and I want you to be pretty and sweet darling. The appointment is first thing tomorrow so you need to rest up."

Mistress Kareena untied Kimmee and crawled into bed with him. He was glad the she allowed him to sleep next to her. He cuddled with her the whole night.

In the morning Mistress Kareena provided Kimmee with red thong panties, a black garter belt and black stocking to wear. He had no clothes with him so had to wear his work slacks and shirt. Kimmee was extremely nervous on the drive to the store. He was fearful of receiving a beauty makeover in a public setting. This was one moment where he wished he was wearing a dress because it would be less obvious that he was a man.

They arrived at a local mall a few minutes before 9:00 am. Kimmee's heart pounded uncontrollably as they walked through the mall. Just before the entrance of the department store, Mistress Kareena stopped. "O.k. slut. You're on your own. Go to the cosmetics counter and ask for Miss Sheryl. I'll be waiting here."

Kimmee froze in panic. He had thought Mistress Kareena would be there with him the whole time. Doing it alone was more humiliating and embarrassing. "You're not coming with me," he asked in a panic.

"You're a big girl Kimmee. Run along now Kimmee. Don't be late for your appointment."

It took all his strength and courage to step into the store. His legs were weak as he approached the cosmetics counter. A beautiful red head was getting things ready for the day. Kimmee knew it was Sheryl from the nametag she wore. She made eye contact with him and smiled. "Hi there. Can I help you?"

Kimmee wondered what her reaction was going to be. He imagined she would laugh at him or tell him to get lost. It was too late to back out now. Kimmee's face flushed a deep red and he stammered and stuttered. " Sheryl, I'm here for an appointment...a..ahh.. makeover appointment....I'm...ahh...Kimmee."

Sheryl's reaction took Kimmee by surprise. She was calm and business as usual. "Yes. I've been expecting you Kimmee. Please have a seat and I'll be with you in a moment."

Kathy gestured towards a tall chair that sat in front of the glass counter. Kimmee took his spot and could see the reflection of his embarrassed face in large oval mirror sitting on the counter. Next to the mirror were various cosmetics and polishes, ready to be applied. Unexpectedly his cock began to swell. The realization that he was really going through with a makeover was having a strange effect on him. He shifted in his seat to get more comfortable.

Miss Sheryl approached Kimmee. Her voice was soft and comforting. "Kimmee, are you ready to be beautiful?"

"Ahh...yes," replied Kimmee meekly.

"Come on now sweetie. Beauty starts from the inside. You need to be positive. Let me hear you say I'm ready to be pretty"

Kimmee certainly did not expect his makeover to start off this way. It added to his humiliation. "I want to be pretty," he responded with his eyes downward.

Sheryl's soft fingers slipped under Kimmee's chin and gently guided his gaze toward her eyes. "I can see this is your first makeover. Don't be nervous sweetie. I do boys all the time. I'm going to bring out that princess in you and you're going to love it. I want you to enjoy this, ok?"

Sheryl's eyes and words were mesmerizing to Kimmee. His nerves relaxed a bit but his cock swelled and begged for release. "Yes. Thank you Miss Sheryl," he mumbled.

Kimmee did not know it, but Sheryl was a close friend of Miss Jen's. She was one of many contacts in Miss Jen's network of dominatrix and female supremacist. Miss Kathy was thrilled when Miss Jen called her to set up the appointment. It was always a pleasure for her to do 'virgin' makeovers. She loved to tease and toy with her subjects during the makeover. She discovered a wonderful power that she had over men when they were sitting in her makeover chair. They were her subjects and she was an authorative figure to them. In her chair, they become submissive, obedient, and attentive to her. It's a power that takes her into an erotic high. Usually by the time she is finished with the makeover her panties are soaked and her pussy is throbbing for attention. It's a great way to start the day.

Miss Sheryl started with a cleanser. She dabbed some onto a cotton ball and began to wipe Kimmee's face. "First we've got clean all the dirt from your pores." As she worked his face she commented on his stocking. "I see you are wearing stockings. Very sexy. You are a sissy aren't you dear?"

Despite everything Kimmee had gone through, it still seemed hard to admit out loud that he was a sissy. He even blushed at the question. Part of him wanted to hang onto the male ego. However, Miss Sheryl had a magical and mesmerizing aura. Kimmee felt the need to answer her appropriately. "Yes. I am a sissy."

"That is so nice darling. It's absolutely wonderful that you have discovered your rightful place in society."

Miss Sheryl finished cleansing and then started to apply foundation. "A good foundation is the key to a pretty face," explained Sheryl. Kimmee's attention drifted past Sheryl. He was attracting strange looks from people passing by. He noticed other sales girls at the nearby perfume counters and he wondered what they were thinking. He started to feel self-conscious and embarrassed. Sheryl sensed this and she reeled him back in by directing her conversation at him.

"Kimmee, you are doing wonderful. You must be such a good sissy. I just love to know what sissy's are wearing. Tell me, are you wearing panties?"

"Yes. I am."

"Tell me about them precious. Are they thongs? What color are they?"

As Kimmee described his red thongs to Sheryl she noticed the bulge in his pants rising. She smiled knowing she had refocused his attention. Sheryl kept his attention throughout the rest of the consultation. She continued to apply make-up to Kimmee. She talked to Kimmee as if he was a little girl, explaining everything that she was doing and why she chose certain colors or products. She even made Kimmee look into the mirror frequently so that he could see the transformation and how the makeup enhanced and brought out his pretty girl features.

The public makeover was a punishment for him but it was also supposed to be a learning experience. Kimmee tried to pay attention to what Miss Sheryl was explaining but it was hard to focus. Her perfume was strong and sweet and intoxicating. She wore a low cut top and through most of the makeover her cleavage was purposely displayed right in front of his eye. Several times she rested a hand on his inner thigh or her knee would rub against his crotch as she leaned in to apply makeup to his face. Miss Sheryl seemed to be doing her best to make the makeover a pleasurable experience.

Just as Sheryl was making the final touches on Kimmee, Mistress Kareena came over. Mistress Kareena introduced herself to Sheryl and then commented on her work. "Wow! Kimmee looks beautiful. You did a fantastic job!"

"Thank you. She was such a good girl. It was a pleasure doing the consultation."

Kimmee blushed from the attention. Ms Sheryl & Mistress Kareena discussed the various products and they selected several items for Kimmee to purchase. Mistress Kareena also picked also picked out a few items for herself, Miss Jen, and Miss D. The total order came to $200, which of course Kimmee had to pay.

Mistress Kareena could not wait to show off Kimmee's pretty face to Miss Jen & Miss D. That night she made Kimmee dress in a burgundy corset and thong, and black stockings. His clittie was pushed between his legs and a thick plug filled his ass. She even had Kimmee wear a pair of black heels.

Kimmee was just as excited to see Miss Jen and Miss D. When the doorbell rang Mistress Kareena made him answer the door. Both girls were impressed with Kimmee's look. Miss Jen kissed him on the cheek, patted his crotch, and commented, "Kimmee, you look so pretty and sensual."

Miss D gave him an extra long hug and whispered into his ear, "looking hot darling. I just want to eat you up."

Kimmee's boy clitty twitched and swelled against the thong. The thin string was not enough to contain his erection. His cock popped out and grew to its full length. The freedom felt incredible. The girls just laughed. Miss Jen firmly grabbed his swollen clittie and used it as a leash to pull him into the living room.

Kimmee spent the next hour serving Mistress Kareena, Miss Jen, and Miss D. He served them drinks and brought them snacks. He also served them sexually. One by one he licked and sucked their pussies, bringing them to multiple orgasms.

When the girls were satisfied and ready for a break, Mistress Kareena brought out Kimmee's poster. Everyone was impressed with his work. Mistress Kareena hung the poster on the wall and had Kimmee kneel in front of it naked. She also placed the nipple cream, chest cream, and body cream on the floor by Kimmee.

Mistress Kareena instructed Kimmee. "Kiss my picture."

Kimmee stood up, kissed her picture and kneeled back down again. Mistress Kareena smiled. "Good girl. Now apply the nipple cream slowly while you stare at my picture on the poster."

Kimmee dabbed his fingers into the cream and slowly rubbed each of his nipples. He stared at his Mistress Kareena's picture and awaited her next instruction.

"Repeat after me Kimmee. 'Mistress Kareena I am inferior and submissive. You are supreme and I worship you and want to be like you'..." Kimmee repeated the words while rubbing his nipples. She continued. ".... Mistress Kareena you are a Goddess, and I will serve you and worship you every minute of every day...." Once again Kimmee repeated the words while staring at her picture and rubbing his nipples.

Mistress Kareena then ordered Kimmee to kiss Miss Jen's picture. Next she ordered him to apply the chest cream and stare at Miss Jen's picture. Kimmee did as instructed and repeated the same word, "Miss Jen I am inferior and submissive. You are supreme and I worship you and want to be like you. Miss Jen you are Goddess and I will serve you and worship you every minute of every day."

Kimmee was then ordered to repeat the same ritual with Miss D's picture while applying the body cream to his feet and legs. Finally he applied the cream to his hips, and arms and repeated the worship while staring at his co-workers pictures.

Mistress Kareena's pussy was dripping by the time the worship ritual was over. She felt powerful having her sissy kneel and worship her picture. She was excited to know that Kimmee was rubbing cream over his body that was designed to feminize him. Kimmee knew the nipple cream would make his nipples larger. What he did not know was that the chest cream contained hormones, which would turn his chest into soft round titties. Additionally the body cream was designed to sculpt the body, narrowing his hips and legs, creating a feminine physique. Mistress Kareena's pussy quivered knowing that each time he applied the creams he was becoming softer and more feminine. Each time he repeated this ritual, emotionally he would fall deeper under her control.

"Kimmee. This will be your worshipping ritual every morning and every night. Apply the creams, stare at our pictures, and repeat the words just like you did tonight. Got it?"

"Yes Mistress."

Just then there was a knock at the door. No one seemed surprised. Miss Jen looked over a Miss D and Miss D nodded her head and got up. Miss D wrapped a blanket around her and headed toward the door. She returned with a girl following her. Kimmee guessed she was a planned visitor since she was not shocked at walking into a room full of naked people.

Kimmee's already hard and dripping cock seemed to grow harder and drip even more when he realized someone else was joining in. The thought of seeing and tasting a new pussy thrilled him. This was the great reward for all his humiliation and submissiveness.

Kimmee managed to give the girl a quick look over. She seemed cute. Not as pretty as his other Mistresses, but she had attractive qualities. Something seemed a bit strange about her, but Kimmee could not figure it out.

Miss D introduced her. "Mistress Kareena and Kimmee, this is Candy."

Mistress Kareena took Candy's hand. "I've heard so much about you dear. Please come over and meet my sissy slave. He's going to love pleasuring you tonight."

Candy was quiet and she followed Mistress Kareena over to Kimmee, who was still kneeling. She stood directly in front of Kimmee. Kimmee stared at her skirt, excited to see the surprise underneath. Miss Jen and Miss D gathered around to watch the event unfold. Miss D was even capturing the activities on film with her camcorder.

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Mistress Ch. 01

Posted on : 2012-01-28 14:59:46.503281

Terry was completely broke. She lost her job waitressing after a particularly rude customer, set her off.

"Miss, this water is tepid, and this steak not bloody enough" He said, as blood oozed out of his steak. "You simply are, an incom ...
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The Name of the Game

Posted on : 2012-01-28 12:32:21.007014

Liz sat on the couch with her long legs crossed, the high heel on her raised foot rocking back and forth with the nervous energy of her toes moving. Her short tight skirt was up high on her thighs, the tops of her thigh high stockings showing a strip ...
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Transit Guy 4 U Ch. 01 Story 1

Posted on : 2012-01-28 14:18:26.308468

Transit Guy For You: The journals of a transit career

Chapter 1 Entry 1 Beverly & Pamela

Year 1

Entry 1: Introduction

This is the first entry of what I hope to be many during my career in t ...
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Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 06

Posted on : 2012-01-29 09:14:07.73664

I had just came all over Ariana Grande's face. She was sucking my cock dry when a knock came to the front door. I looked in her eyes, both of us confused, as the person knocked again.

"Who is it!?" I yelled out, hoping that he or she w ...
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Black Man One Ch. 22

Posted on : 2012-01-28 09:21:07.502268

Sitting alone in my livingroom, I was shocked by the events that has just taken place. Suddenly, I realized the black stud's "cum-soaked" sweaty bikini was still over my head and face. In disgust, and like an angry child, I removed them and threw the ...
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