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The EMT Ch. 04

Posted on : 2012-01-28 18:13:37.387325

I've been away a long time - personal circumstances kept me from continuing this story - but now I'm back. To all of you who have written to me and asked me to continue, thanks. I hope you enjoy the way this now goes on, and as always, I look forward to your comments.

After such a long pause, you may want to refresh yourseves by skimming through the previous Chapters. This one just jumps in where we left off in Chapter 3, so maybe read the end of that at least.


Thursday Evening (Continued)

John removed his hands from her, and walked back in front of her, and placing his finger under her chin, raised her head to look directly at him. Looking into her eyes, he spoke clearly and firmly for the first time since he had told Ian to sit down. The words were clearly meant for both Suzanne and Ian.

"Tell me that you want me to fuck you Suzanne."

Suzanne blanched. She desperately wanted to be fucked, she knew that much. Her pussy was on fire and drenched at the same time. This whole incredible evening had brought her to a level of excitement and lust that she could never have imagined feeling. But to let John fuck her, here in front of her husband; could she do that? She glanced quickly over at Ian. He now had his hard cock out and was stroking it in his lap. Her eyes pleaded with him for some support or guidance, but all she got was his sheepish stare in return. She realised he was too far-gone to help her. She looked back at John, and allowed her body to over-rule her mind.

"Yes Sir," she whispered, "I want you to take me. I want you to use me. Please Sir, please fuck me."

John sighed a satisfied sigh and removed his finger from under Suzanne's chin. Her head immediately dropped in her shame and humiliation. Part of her wanted this to stop; the game had gone further than she had ever imagined. But she was more excited than she had ever been; her whole body was tinglingly alive with her excitement.

As she stood there, with her legs spread so lewdly apart, her hands and arms hanging limply at her sides, with John standing motionless before her, drinking her in with his eyes, she had never felt so aroused and exposed. John spoke to her again, quietly but insistently, "Pull up your negligee Suzanne, let me see your wetness."

Suzanne's heart missed a beat as she again realised how utterly in his control she was, and how powerless she felt to resist his insistence. Slowly, her fingers seemed to act of their own accord as she started to gather the filmy material of her nightdress at the sides of her upper thighs. Her hands never moved as her fingers rucked up the material, and as the hem of her negligee started to slide slowly up her legs.

She felt the hem slide past her knees and on up her thighs as she continued to gather the material as ordered by John. Ian couldn't believe what he was seeing. His wife was deliberately exhibiting herself at the whim of his best friend. Finally, the hem of her nightie was in her hands at the sides of her thighs, and hung just below the level of her pussy in front of her. She paused momentarily; unable to uncover herself completely in the slow and deliberate way she had been so far obeying John's command. Silently, John motioned to her to continue with a nod of his head.

Suzanne had no choice. She bent her elbows and pulled her hands, and her negligee, upwards, until she stood there naked from the navel down. Her head was already hanging in her shame when John asked, "Are you wet Suzanne?" The question was so humiliating for her, the answer so degrading, that she could only nod her head slightly in answer. She knew that she was wetter and more excited than she had ever been before, every nerve of her body alive with this new and exhilarating feeling of exposure, submission and humiliation.

John repeated the question, "I asked are you wet Suzanne?"

She nodded her answer again, and then whispered timidly, and with great shame at herself, "Yes Sir, I am very wet".

John reached out towards her, extending his middle finger, sliding it gently and smoothly between her legs, finding her lips open, and feeling for himself the incredible wetness of her sex. For a few seconds, he explored her, adding to her humiliation and excitement.

"Oh you are wet" he murmured as his finger slid back and forth across her dripping sex. "I can see that you are really enjoying this". Suzanne could only stand there in her shame, allowing this man to discover her, unable to resist the temptation to move her hips in response to his touch, pressing her sex back against his exploring finger.

When he finally withdrew his finger, she almost gasped in disappointment.

Silently, John reached out and took her right hand and by gently squeezing her wrist, signalled for her to release the bunched material of her negligee. It dropped quickly to the floor on that side with a rustle, and she allowed her left hand to release it too. Now John pulled her hand towards him, placing her hand on his groin. She could feel his hardness through his slacks, straining against the material of his underwear. He pressed her hand against him, moving it slightly against his growing erection ? his desire was clear. Closing her eyes in the shame of what she was doing, Suzanne obliged by feeling the outline of his cock through his trousers, wrapping her fingers delicately around the bulge that was rapidly thickening beneath her fingers. She explored its outline, walking her fingers from the base to the tip, and back again. She actually licked her dry lips as she felt his length and girth, imagining how he would feel inside her.

As Ian watched in silent fascination at the tableau before him, his mind was in turmoil. For him, too, things had gone further than he could ever have expected. His cock strained in his hand as he watched his beautiful wife, standing all but naked, her head bowed and eyes closed, totally exposed to his close friend, and now clearly relishing feeling John's cock as he stood still before her.

Ian had never seen his wife act this way, so subdued, so compliant. She had always been an active and enthusiastic participant in their own lovemaking, often taking the initiative, equal partners. To see her now adopting this passive, almost submissive role was fascinating to him. He was seeing a new side to his wife, and it was exciting him beyond belief. He pulled harder and faster at his own cock as he sat on the sofa observing.

"On your knees!" demanded John, in that same firm and clear voice, aimed directly at Suzanne this time. A shiver ran through her as the import of the words broke through her excitement and mixed emotions, and her eyes briefly opened with the shock and realization that she actually enjoyed being commanded like this. After the briefest pause, she complied, and sank slowly to her knees, her exploring hand never leaving his crotch. She struggled briefly with the negligee, as it bunched at her knees as she knelt, pulling the material taut across her excited breasts. With her other hand, she reached down and freed the gauzy material from beneath her knees as she lifted each one in turn.

Once settled on her knees, she settled back on her haunches such that she actually had to reach up to continue feeling John's cock, now fully erect, but still trapped within the confines of his clothes.

"Part your legs" John demanded, and once again she complied, shuffling her knees apart so that her thighs were opened. As she did this, she could feel her leaking wetness, and her lips parted and her sex opened, like a flower, in her excitement. She desperately wanted to feel something against her sex, or inside her, to satisfy her body's craving for release.

Ian had a perfect profile view of his wife and best friend, partially silhouetted against the light still streaming into the study from the kitchen, where Suzanne had so brazenly exhibited herself so shortly before. He could see his wife on her knees, head level with John's crotch, as he stood motionless in front of her. Ian's own excitement was reaching a peak as he watched Suzanne, unbidden, reach up with her other hand, and start to undo the zip of John's trousers. As she did, her head came up, and her eyes gazed intently at John's crotch as her delicate hands worked the zipper.

Ian couldn't believe what he was seeing in front of him. The beautiful wife that he adored and worshipped, and was so proud of, was about to take out the cock of his best friend as she knelt before him, her perfect body outlined perfectly through the sheer material of her honeymoon negligee. He held his breath and squeezed his engorged prick as he watched, desperately trying to delay the orgasm that threatened to overtake him in his excitement.

With John's zip fully pulled down, Suzanne snaked one of her hands into his shorts, and he groaned audibly as her cool soft fingers wrapped around his straining cock. With some difficulty, she eased his erection from his shorts and trousers, and it unfurled before her eyes, to stand straight out in front of him, stiffly erect and impressive now that it was released from the confines of his clothing.

Both men watched in awe as she raised both hands, one either side of his cock, fingers outstretched, and as she slid her hands simultaneously up and down his length, sliding the skin of his cock against the engorged stiffness beneath the skin.

She was aware that John's cock was longer and thicker than Ian's. After the years of familiarity with Ian, the difference was striking and novel. It reinforced in her mind what she was doing. For a brief moment, the novelty of what she was doing made her question whether she should continue, but her own excitement and, the word burst into her mind bringing its own wave of thrilling excitement, wantonness, made it impossible for her to stop.

Suzanne glanced across at Ian briefly, then licked her lips, and raised her head upwards and forwards, opening her mouth to receive the head of John's cock, then sucking him into her. John felt the soft warm wetness of her mouth over his knob end, and then the gentle suction as she pulled more of his erection into her willing mouth. He let out a short groan and closed his own eyes as he enjoyed the feeling of his cock sliding into the perfect receptacle ? the responsive mouth of his best friend's wife, who he had lusted after for so long. As he surrendered himself to the sensations, he was aware of other groans to his right, from where Ian was sitting on the sofa.

As Ian had watched Suzanne open her mouth and suck John's cock into her, his mounting excitement had overwhelmed him, and he had been unable to stop the orgasm that had been building since he came downstairs. With his eyes locked on the scene before him, he had squeezed, stroked and released his own cock just once, then slid his hand back to the base of his cock to repeat the cycle. This time, as more of John's erection was swallowed into Suzanne's mouth, and as he heard his friend groan in pleasure at his own wife's skilful oral manipulation, he felt the pressure build and then well over, and he pumped his own cock as a first violent spurt of ejaculate streamed from the eye of his cock.

He groaned and strained, with both release and regret, as his orgasm continued with a second and third spurt. He squeezed his eyes closed, and squeezed the base of his prick, cupping his balls with his other hand, as his intense orgasm subsided. It took 30 or 40 seconds for him to come back to earth, although to Ian it seemed more like 20 minutes as he revelled in the pleasure of his complete release.

Eventually, he opened his eyes, to see that his noisy ejaculation had caused a temporary suspension of the action on the floor in front of him. Both John and Suzanne had stopped what they were doing to turn and look at him, distracted by his groans and the sounds of his completely self-indulgent climax, inspired by his wife's lewd behaviour all evening.

A thousand thoughts passed through Ian's head in the afterglow of his ejaculation. Pre-eminent among them was a strange new post-orgasmic feeling of guilt and self-disgust. In the peak of his excitement, he had willed on his wife to expose herself to his friend, wanting things to go further, wanting John to take charge and push Suzanne beyond her limits. He had wanted his wife to give herself to his friend, for his friend to share the intimacies and pleasures that thus far had been restricted for his own use.

Now his own needs had been satisfied, Ian felt less sure about how things were progressing. His beautiful wife still knelt on the floor in front of John, John's cock in her hand and her lips still parted, her mouth having recently been vacated by John's still erect penis. Ian wondered what he had done, and began to regret pushing Suzanne as far as he had with this game. He closed his eyes to blot out the vision before him, unsure that he wanted it to continue, his excitement having subsided, and his mind having returned to a more normal state from its previous crazy pursuit of his fantasy.

Suzanne, having witnessed Ian's strong climax, now misunderstood his closing of his eyes, interpreting the act as consent to continue. She turned back to John to resume her sucking of his cock. Likewise, John turned his attention back to Suzanne and enjoyed the sensations again as her warm mouth closed over his knob. He put his hands behind her head and pulled her on to his erection, forcing as much of his stiffness into her mouth as possible. He couldn't believe his luck that this gorgeous woman was paying such divine attention to his erection.

As Suzanne continued to fellate John, Ian kept his eyes closed and tried to come to terms with the new feelings that were washing over him. Guilt, doubt, jealousy, fear. Two minutes ago, he had wanted to watch his friend fuck his own wife; he had wanted his friend to know how she felt when she came; he had wanted John to take away a secret, private memory of his wife that would empower him when they met each other in the office; he had wanted John to have the experience of using his wife over him ? it was a kind of masochistic wish to share his most treasured possession.

Now, in the immediate afterglow of his climax, he began to realise that he had made a huge mistake; he had crossed a line and it was impossible to turn back; he wanted John out of the house, and he wanted his own wife back.

But how could he stop it? Suzanne clearly wanted to continue, and it was obvious that John did too. Ian wondered if he was being petty, acting like a spoiled child. But there was no doubting how he felt ? he wanted, somehow to bring things to an end. He opened his eyes to see again the lewd spectacle of his wife hungrily devouring John's cock. He wanted to shout stop, to put an end to the game before it went any further, but felt powerless to do anything. He had totally lost control of the situation.

A scream from Emma, two floors above, saved him. The high-pitched scream broke the spell in the study, and stopped everyone immediately. Suzanne's eyes flew open and she pulled herself off of John's cock, her eyes frightened and alarmed at the sudden interruption from her daughter. John pulled away, stuffing his rapidly deflating cock back into his pants, expecting young Emma to appear in the study at any moment. Likewise, Ian covered himself and used his handkerchief to wipe up his emissions from a few minutes ago. Suzanne excused herself, and flew up the stairs to see what had frightened Emma. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Left alone in the study, an embarrassed silence came between Ian and John. Ian could not look his friend in the eye, embarrassed at the evening's events, and embarrassed by the feelings he was now having. John, for his part, recognised his friend's embarrassment, and realised that whatever had spooked Emma had probably put a stop to the night's adventures. He reached for his glass, and took a long gulp of wine whilst Ian went to the foot of the stairs to call up to Suzanne.

Suzanne called back down to confirm that Emma had had a bad dream, and that everything was OK, and Ian turned to John at last and spoke quietly.

"John, I think you had better leave. I will see you at work tomorrow and we can talk then."

John nodded his agreement, reluctantly. He understood instinctively that the spell was broken and that further enjoyment of Suzanne would not be possible tonight. He finished his drink, and then put his hand on Ian's shoulder and looked him directly in the eyes.

"Ian, you are a very lucky man. Suzanne is the most beautiful and exciting woman I have ever known. Thank you for sharing so much of her with me. Please tell her how much I enjoyed myself, and how much I would love to continue where we left off, should the opportunity ever arise again."

It was Ian's turn to nod. He was still completely mixed up about his feelings, but now his climax had had a chance to subside, he was better able to remember the excitement he had felt earlier, and less regretful about what had happened. He smiled at his old friend and shook his hand. "I'll tell her," he promised, "I don't know whether there will ever be a repeat. We'll see how things feel in the morning."

As Ian closed the front door behind the departing John, Suzanne came down the stairs looking very sheepish, now with a robe pulled around her covering her nakedness. She walked up to Ian and put her arms around him in the hall, and pulled him close

"Emma is fine," she whispered, "Let's go up to bed ? I'm suddenly very tired."

Friday Comes!

The next morning, Friday, Ian departed for work early, taking his small overnight bag with him. As usual, he left Suzanne still sleeping with a mug of steaming coffee on the bedside table. They had talked long into the night about the events of the previous evening, and both could really have used a long lie in bed to recover. As Ian tiptoed down to the garage, he envied Suzanne still lying asleep in bed ? he knew his combined workday and evening shift would be difficult for him, and he wondered how he would feel and act when he inevitably bumped into John at work. As he backed out of the garage and turned for work, he turned his thoughts again to his mixed feelings and emotions.

Half an hour later, Suzanne stirred and turned immediately, but sleepily, towards her luke warm coffee. Her mind was full of thoughts about last night, and the long discussions that she and Ian had shared after they went to bed.

She had felt some of the same guilt and regret at her behaviour as Ian confessed to. She had never before acted or behaved in such a fashion, and had surprised herself at how far she had let things go. There was no doubt in her mind that, had Emma not had her bad dream, she would have gone all the way with John. She remembered how excited she had felt under his gaze and under his hands, and she remembered how he had felt in her mouth. She knew that at the point Emma had screamed out, she was well past the point of no return, and that she would have done whatever John had told her to do. Her ready acceptance of John's dominant commands had been the most surprising part of the evening for her.

For his part, Ian had confessed to his mixed feelings immediately after his loss of self-control, but had also admitted to his intense excitement at seeing her exposing herself to John, and submitting to his commands. By the time they had finished talking late at night, the remembrances of the events were once again exciting Ian, and Suzanne had never really stopped being excited. However, their very long talk had left them both exhausted and they had fallen asleep at some point without Suzanne ever enjoying the release that Ian had enjoyed immediately before their game had come to an end. Just before they fell asleep, she remembered, they had each agreed that the adventure had been thrilling, and that they would discuss what should happen next over the weekend.
It was at this point, as Suzanne remembered that Ian was on night duty this evening, that she also remembered the arrangements for the dinner engagement with Ian's boss. She had forgotten all about it in the excitement of the last couple of days. With a shock, she remembered the importance of the engagement for Ian's career, and she remembered the arrangements she had already made. She looked at the clock and realised that she would have to move quickly if she was to get everything done. It was nearly nine o-clock. She jumped out of bed, and stepped into the bathroom.

A little over 9 hours later, Suzanne was sitting at her dressing table with only her final preparations left to be done before the mysterious dinner engagement that could result in her husband joining the prestigious Executive Management Team at Ruler Electronics. Emma sat on the big bed behind her, playing with one of her dolls, already ready for bed. Suzanne had little left to do. She had been to the beauty parlour whilst Emma was at playschool, and her hair, nails and makeup were all expertly done. She had bathed carefully, so as not to disturb her makeup. All that remained was for her to retouch a couple of items and dress before the car arrived bringing the babysitter, and waiting to whisk Suzanne off to La Provence to meet Mr Graham Leicester.

Suzanne applied herself to the task, and remembered the events that had brought this evening's engagement. The strange e-mails she had received from HR at her husbands company had asked for her participation in her husband's 360-degree assessment at the end of his first year with the company. She was to meet Mr Leicester at the prestigious La Provence restaurant where he would ask her about her husband's general health and happiness at the company. The e-mails had also explained, confidentially, that her husband Ian was also a late candidate for promotion to the management team, bringing untold benefits. She knew that Ian was in competition with other candidates, including John, who she had been so close to giving herself to last night. She blushed as she remembered. All day long, she had been having flashbacks of her behaviour and the events of last evening. All day long, she had been only a moment away from becoming excited again, thinking about what had happened.

Again, she weighed her conflicting thoughts about the dinner engagement, and as she had when the invitation had first come, she determined to do everything in her power to win the position for Ian. She looked at her reflection in the mirror, and winked at herself. Suzanne knew she looked fabulous, and by the time she had dressed, she was confidant that she could have Mr Leicester eating out of her hand. She had no inkling that she had seriously underestimated the powerful Mr Graham Leicester.

Suzanne looked at the clock and saw it was 18:45. The car should be here in 15 minutes. She pulled her robe around her, and picked up Emma from the big bed. "Come on sunshine, it is time for you to go to bed." Emma, as ever the contented child, hugged her mother as she was carried through to her own room, and tucked into her bed with a couple of favourite toys. It was still light outside, so Suzanne pulled the heavy curtains across, leaving a small gap to shed some light into the room. She bent down and kissed Emma goodnight, then backed out of the room to return to her own room to dress. Suzanne pulled on a pair of thigh-high tan stockings (hold-ups), and smoothed them over the silky skin of her legs. Next, she slipped into a sexy black French thong panty, and pulled the sides high on her hips. The thong passed between her buttocks, and would leave no unsightly panty-line beneath the silky material of her dress. She turned in front of the mirror to admire the view and check that the underwear was properly and smoothly adjusted. Before putting on her dress, she slipped into, and buckled the high-heeled shoes she had chosen. They were black, and a very expensive indulgence from the January sale at her favourite shoe shop in Edinburgh's Royal Mile. She had always admired Jimmy Choo's styles, and these were perfect, with a feathery strap across the point where the toes meet the foot, and the slenderest ankle strap circling her dainty ankles from the raised heel, buckling discreetly at the side.

Finally, she slipped the dress from its hanger and over her head and shoulders, letting it gently cascade over her body as she shimmied to allow it to slip into place. This was her favourite cocktail dress, simple, black, backless (scooping almost to the dimples just above her ass cheeks), and with a perfectly respectable front that was cut just low enough to hint at the top of her cleavage. The dress was cowl-necked, with heavy folds of the very light and silky material draping from the shoulders and across the breasts. From beneath the breasts, the dress was plain and simple, and hugged her figure. With the cowl-neck drapes, it was perfectly decent without a bra (she couldn't wear one anyway as the back was so low), just as long as she didn't lean over too far. Suzanne knew from experience that leaning too far forward allowed the neck to fall away from her, allowing a view right down the front of the dress. As long as she was careful, this wouldn't be a problem.

Finally, she slipped on earrings and necklace, replaced her wedding and engagement rings, and slipped a gold bracelet over her hand where it lay on her wrist, emphasising her tan.

She made a last quick examination of her reflection in the full-length mirror and smiled at what she saw. The overall effect was classic good taste and beauty. She heard the car pull up outside as she picked up her small handbag ? it would be all she'd need on this warm summer evening. She went carefully downstairs to open the door to the company's recommended babysitter.

Friday Evening

Suzanne felt really quite sophisticated as she entered the restaurant and gave her name to the Maitre d'. Ms Pyrford had immediately impressed her, the babysitter recommended by the company was bright, cheerful and respectfully professional, and Suzanne had no qualms about leaving her child in her hands. The car the company had sent had been more than comfortable, and the well-dressed chauffeur had been the perfect gentleman, opening the door for her and driving to the restaurant with a strictly professional diligence that had impressed Suzanne, although she had caught the admiring glance he'd given her as she slipped into the back seat for the short trip to the restaurant.

Now, as the respectful Maitre d' showed her through the restaurant, she was starting to realise that this was a lifestyle she could quickly get used to. La Provence was a highly respected eatery, and as she walked through its labyrinth she admired the décor and the well-dressed diners. She couldn't help noticing that she was being admired in return. Eventually, the Maitre d' brought her to a discreet table in a quiet corner of the restaurant, and she recognised Mr Leicester as he rose to greet her.

"Mrs James, how lovely you look." Suzanne blushed slightly at the complement, especially when Mr Leicester took her hand in his, and raised it to his lips for a very gallant, but old-fashioned, kiss on the back of her hand.

"Thank you Mr Leicester, please call me Suzanne. I always think of my mother-in-law when I hear Mrs James." Suzanne laughed.

"Then you must call me Graham," he smiled as he pulled out her chair for her. Suzanne sat with a demure "Thank you", and Graham returned to his seat. As he did, Suzanne looked around her. The table was round and very elegantly laid, with the place settings side-by-side rather than opposite each other. Both Graham and Suzanne were seated, he on her right, looking across the table and into the main body of the restaurant, their backs to the corner in which they were seated. The setting allowed them to speak quietly and confidentially, she realized, and to see all the other diners.

"Now, Suzanne, let me get you an aperitif. What will you have?" Suzanne noticed that, despite the busy restaurant, the Maitre d' had remained in attendance, and summoned over the wine waiter, who arrived promptly and waited for their order. Clearly Graham Leicester was a regular customer who they took pains to look after Suzanne realised. She ordered a gin and tonic, and was surprised to hear Graham order a diet coke for himself. She wondered if she had just failed the first test.

Graham quickly put her at her ease. "Please excuse me if I don't join you in a cocktail Suzanne, I enjoy wine so much with my dinner that I tend to overdo things if I drink cocktails as well, so I try to stick to soft drinks, at least until the food is served."

Suzanne turned towards him and returned his smile. For the first time, she noted his appearance. He was well dressed, casually, in expensive clothes. Dressed in slacks and a very smart silk shirt, with a blazer, and no tie, he was what Suzanne would call handsomely elegant. She could smell his cologne or after-shave, and recognised an expensive brand. She began to relax in his company, and thought to herself that she could have had a much less preferable dinner date.

As the drinks arrived, and menus were placed in front of them, they made small talk, and chatted amiably. Suzanne recognised that she was being studied as they chatted, but the examination was done so discreetly and elegantly, that she really didn't feel at all like she was being "interviewed".

With Graham's help and advice, they selected their food and ordered. Graham clearly knew the restaurant well, and was an excellent guide regarding their specialities. He took personal charge of choosing the wine to accompany their meal. Suzanne found herself warming to him, and whilst recognising his importance and power, and the importance of the evening for her and her husband, she was thoroughly enjoying herself by the time the first course arrived.

As they ate, Graham abruptly turned the conversation to the matter at hand. "Ian has made an excellent start at Ruler Electronics," he opened, "no doubt that is at least partly due to the presence at home of such a beautiful and charming wife."

Suzanne blushed slightly. "I'm happy that he has done well," she responded, "but I am sure that it is the result of his own talents, and the support the company has given him. He was delighted to get an offer from such a well-respected company, and I know he has worked extremely hard this last year."

"Well his efforts have been noted and recognised," said Graham. "You are aware that he is a candidate for the vacant position on the Executive Management Team I hope?"

Suzanne confirmed that she had been made aware, and that she was personally very gratified that Ian had made such a good early impression.

As they ate their way through the excellent starters, and the wine arrived and was decanted at the table, Graham continued to probe gently into Ian's happiness and state of mind. Suzanne was honest and open in her answers, explaining how happy they both were in Edinburgh, despite the remoteness from their family and friends in the south. Suzanne deftly handled some questions about Emma and future plans for expanding the family, again truthfully and openly. She found it easy to tell Graham that she and Ian had decided not to have any more children, at least for the time being.

As the opening course was cleared away, and the main courses arrived and were served, Suzanne was pleased with the way that she thought she was answering Graham's gently probing questions. Graham was attentive to her, regularly filling her wine glass or offering water as they chatted. In the candlelight from the table, his eyes sparkled with a gentleness, and he smiled so warmly, that Suzanne felt more like she was on a romantic date with a distinguished older man than at an important interview.

They were approaching the end of their main course when Graham turned to her and asked, "Do you have any questions you would like to ask me Suzanne? I have been bombarding you with impertinent and personal questions, and have hardly given you a chance to get a word in edgeways."

Suzanne thought carefully about her response. On the one hand, she didn't want to appear too crafty and manipulative; on the other, she wanted to know more about the selection process and how she could help win the promotion for her husband. Finally, she decided to stick with the policy of being open and honest.

"I'm very interested in the process of selection for the new role," she replied, "who are the eventual decision-makers, and what are the timescales? I know we would both love for Ian to be selected, but I recognise he is a relative newcomer to the company. Are there any major areas of concern over his ability to do the job? Is there anything we can do that would help the decision makers reaching their decision? Oh dear," she smiled, "you kindly offered me a chance to ask a question, and I ask a hundred of them at once. I am sorry."

Graham put down his knife and fork, and pushed his plate away from him. An attentive waiter quickly materialised to take their dishes away. When he had gone, Graham turned slightly towards Suzanne; she felt his knee push against hers, as he collected his thoughts.

"Basically, I am the decision maker," he replied. "The selection process for the shortlist involved the whole of the Board of Directors and the other members of the EMT, but the final decision regarding the candidates has been left to me. Any of the candidates could do the job, if not they wouldn't be on the shortlist," he went on. "And yes! Ian starts a little way behind the others because we know less about him, and about you." He paused to let this sink in.

Suzanne swallowed, and then sipped her wine. "What do you need to know about me?" she asked, looking directly into Graham's eyes, and turning on all of her charm.

Graham smiled at her. "I'll be as honest with you as you have been with me Suzanne. The EMT is a bit like an exclusive club. We work closely and intimately, with the utmost trust in one another. As senior representatives of the company, we work long and anti-social hours, working with staff all day long, and often entertaining customers or suppliers during the evenings. Young wives aren't always comfortable with the demands that such a life can make on them and their families. We need to know that you can cope with these pressures, and that you will welcome them. There is no point promoting your husband into a high-pressured and demanding job, if by doing so, he is likely to have that pressure amplified by distrust, demands and pressure at home. No executive can withstand the combined pressure of such a demanding job, and not getting the support he needs at home. That is what we need to know about you. The partners of the other candidates have proven themselves through a longer relationship with the company, but you are an unknown quantity to us, and before I make my final decision, I wanted to assess you for myself."

Suzanne listened patiently through this monologue, her pulse quickening throughout. Here was the crunch. Ian was a candidate for the position, on nearly equal footing with the other candidates, and recognised as being able to do the job. But she was what was potentially holding him back ? it was concerns about her that might cost him the job. She knew that so far, the dinner had gone well. She could feel the interest that Graham had in her, and she had hardly stumbled in answering his questions, sticking as she had to her policy of honesty and openness. Now she had to convince him that she was as supportive as the other wives. The realisation that this was a crunch moment quickened her pulse even more.

"Thank you for your honesty," she told him. "Ian and I left our families and friends to come to Edinburgh for this opportunity." The emotion of the moment had caused her to speak more forcefully and directly than she intended. "We have never regretted that move over the last year. We are both absolutely committed to giving this opportunity our all, and making the most of it for our little family. I wish there was something I could do to demonstrate how important this is to us, and how supportive of Ian I really am."

Graham studied her carefully. The knowledge that she was the one who may stand between Ian and the promotion had brought raw emotion to the surface, and Suzanne was desperate to convince Graham that Ian had her full support. Her little outburst in response to his monologue had left her anxious and excited, and he could see how eager she was not to let her husband down, and how she had strained to keep her voice under control as she tried to convince him. Suzanne's eyes had filled with her emotions, and she was on the verge of tears from the stress and nervousness that she now felt.

As he studied her closely, she apologised for her little outburst and excused herself, to find the ladies room. Really, she needed a moment or two in private to regain her composure. Graham half rose as she lifted herself from the table to head to the bathroom, picking up her purse as she went. Just as she was about to head towards the ladies room, he beckoned her back, sitting back in his chair and gesturing that she should stop and listen to him. She couldn't believe what happened next.

Graham spoke quietly to her, forcing her to stoop to hear his words. "You can do something," he whispered to her, " when you come back from the ladies room, put your panties in my jacket pocket!"

Suzanne was astonished. She couldn't believe her ears. She looked at him aghast. Had she heard correctly? Her cheeks flushed, and the tears that had started to well in her eyes flooded up again. She thought her heart had stopped, she was so shocked. As a defence mechanism, she turned on her heel and rushed blindly towards the ladies room. Graham watched her go, his eyes noticing the delightful wiggle of her ass as she scampered across the restaurant in her high-heeled Jimmy Choo shoes.

In the bathroom, Suzanne found herself totally alone. She slammed the door to her cubicle in anger and surprise at this sudden turn of events, and sat down on the toilet cover without lifting it or her dress. She angrily pulled some paper from the roll and used it to dab her eyes. Did he really say what she thought he had said? Surely she misheard him. But she knew she had heard him perfectly well. She was totally confused; he had been a perfect gentleman all evening, and in the space of a minute it had all turned around. He had definitely made a most improper suggestion to her. How dare he?

Suzanne sat for several minutes wondering what she should do. Her anger, that had flamed so fiercely originally, subsided, and was replaced by a determination that he wouldn't get away with it. He had just said it so matter-of-factly; she couldn't believe his impudence. "When you come back from the ladies room, put your panties in my jacket pocket!" She ran the words over and over in her head. He must have said something else, what could it be.

But however much she played with the words, she could think of no other interpretation.

She assessed her situation. No one else could possibly have heard what he said to her; there were no witnesses. Indeed, as he had been a perfect gentleman all evening, in front of the Maitre d' and the various other servers that had attended them, she knew that there was no way she could accuse him of making an improper remark that would carry any credibility whatsoever. His statement was perfectly deniable, and yet perfectly clear at the same time.

Worse, she thought. He had just told her that he alone had the power to select her husband for promotion. If she were to make any kind of scene or accusation, it would surely ruin Ian's chance of the job. But she couldn't just ignore it, could she? Suzanne had never felt more alone. She thought again of the tone of voice he had used when he had said those words. Quiet yet confident and demanding. Why was that tone familiar? She racked her brains, and then she remembered with a start the authoritative voice with which John had addressed her the previous evening when she had been so shamelessly exhibitionistic. She flushed at the memory. God! Had she really gone that far? In the excitement and preparation for tonight's meeting with Graham, she had virtually forgotten about the events of last night, except when they popped unbidden into her head. At least, she consoled herself, she hadn't consciously thought about and recalled them. Now, for the second time in 24 hours another man was commanding her to do something that until yesterday had been totally alien to her.

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