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Bangkok Heifer Ch. 02

Posted on : 2012-01-28 18:15:40.355729

Chapter 2: Slave Birth

(Thanks to techsan)

We went down to the street. Mr. Seal's Mercedes and driver were waiting for us. Gen. Subiyat made an appointment with Hollywood for that evening. We had a nice lunch at Mr. Seal's hotel. Later that evening we all drove to Hollywood Joe. Gen. Subiyat walked in like he owned the place; well, he may have owned a share. Hollywood Joe was supervising the torture of Elaine. He said to the Gen., "She thinks that she can out stubborn me but I have broken better before. The market for top line farang concubines is worth much baht every night."

Gen. Subiyat took Joe into a secret conversation. Suddenly Joe roared, "That American fucker might cost me my club and give me a rest cure in the lumber camps. I will gut that fucker and throw him in the klong."

I said to both of them, "Let me call the Senator and suggest that the Thai government would take an interest if he politely requested assistance."

Gen. Subiyat said, "You do that, Mike. In the meanwhile we need to videotape the woman for some profit. She won't be badly damaged, and who knows? She might have some new fun. After all you didn't leave her a virgin, did you?"

I said, "I'll make the call right now. Mr. Seal, may I make an overseas call?"

Mr. Seal said, "Just this once, Mike, because I love you."

I called and got the Senator's aide, Maurice. I told Maurice, "I know the Senator doesn't want to speak with me, but Elaine is in serious trouble in Bangkok."

Maurice asked, "What sort of trouble could Elaine be in? And why is she in Bangkok?"

"As to why she is here, I don't know or care. The trouble seems to be that she was sold by her husband into the Bangkok sex trade," I answered with a grin.

Maurice responded, "I can't believe that. In this day and age, no, that cannot happen."

I threw back at him, "Well, if you don't believe me, call her husband and have him get Elaine on the phone."

"I'll do just that. When Elaine talks with me, I will give her your phone number so she can chew you out personally." There was a click as he hung up the phone.

He called me back in ten minutes. Maurice said, "Aran said she was having a massage and would call in about an hour. I told him his credit cards are canceled if we don't speak with Elaine right then and he should carry the phone to her. He hung up on me and would not pickup again. What should I do?"

I suggested, "Tell the Senator to call Aran or the embassy. Did you find out what hotel they were staying?"

Maurice hung up without responding.

Joe gave me Elaine's visa and passport. He announced, "Won't somebody buy this farang bitch?" He edgily said, "No one buys her soon, I must throw her in the klong along with her good-for-nothing husband." He added, "No evidence is good evidence."

Gen. Subiyat called police headquarters to get the errant husband found before he left Thailand. Gen. Subiyat got a phone call back in a hour, saying that the idiot had over-consumed some purple heroin and was as dead as last year's sewage.

We now had a serious problem. If I had not notified the Senator, we could have just let Elaine suffer for the next few months until she overdosed on the local chemicals. But now with a dead husband, the Senator was going to believe that we had kidnapped his daughter.

Maurice called me back in two hours time, "I can't find Aran or Elaine. She hasn't checked into her hotel."

The Senator got on the line, "Mike, is this one of your stunts? I can make your life hell, you know."

I said, "I didn't put Elaine in this mess. The muscle bound idiot you let out of jail did. I'm actually trying to help." I added to him, "I will continue to hunt for Elaine but only you can motivate the Embassy personnel to action."

The Senator said, "Don't you worry, those little tight pants pussies will get my hot iron up their butts until they start moving. How are you going to hunt for Elaine and how did you know about Aran selling her?"

I answered, "I'm a businessman in Asia. To make money I listen and follow up on anything strange. And you have got to agree this is strange. A senator's daughter being sold into prostitution doesn't happen more than once a year around here."

The Senator asked, "How often does some husband sell his wife around there?"

I told him, "This sort of thing goes on all the time in Bangkok with foreigners. It's divorce without alimony paradise, if you know what you're doing. But nobody would do it to a Thai woman. The bar owners wouldn't buy. She could escape too easily and her family would be honor-bound to collect vengeance."

The Senator sobbed and hung up without saying anything else. I almost felt sorry for him, but then remembered that he let Aran out of jail to marry Elaine. That made him partly responsible for the mess she was in.

We watched the training of Elaine. She really got excited when the electrodes were attached to her earlobes. When the current was turned on, she almost broke her attachments to the shoes. Elaine was learning lessons much faster than she learned in college.

The embassy contacted me the next morning. Apparently the Senator had made a great annoyance of himself and they had to appear that they were doing something. Since they didn't seem to care about Elaine or any other lost wife, I suggested, "You look in the Soi Cowboy area." Since this was the other side of Bangkok they would never get close to us.

Elaine was getting quite exhausted. Joe said, "Now is the time. Her suggestibility is very high."

Joe suggested that I reimburse him for all his costs. I asked, "What have you spent so far?"

Joe said, "I needed seventeen thousand."

I said, "Dollars?"

Joe responded, "No, baht."

I had enough pocket cash so I gave him twenty thousand and told him, "Keep the change." Joe looked at me suspiciously but took the money anyway.

As Joe was video taping Elaine anyway, I asked him for a copy of my investment. He allowed that if I furnished the tapes he would give me the duplicates. I countered that I wanted the originals for foreign distribution. He gave me the raw originals as he made them.

Elaine finally collapsed on her feet and started to snore loudly on the hardwood floor. Joe said, "Mike, this would be a good time for you to suggest to her what you want her to be."

I turned off all the cameras since I didn't want my face ever to be seen in this context. I spent the next hour and half reading selected scripts that Joe had prepared for English hearing farang women. I hoped that I had made her a better lover for the next man in her life.

When I left the room, Joe said, "You must be the first man that she sees when she wakes up."

"Why, Joe?"

"Mike, she will be in love with the first man that she sees, even if it's an ugly Mutt from the highlands."

"I don't want my face in any more trouble than it already is."

"Trust me, Mike. None of us want any risk to the dredging project. This will make her so easy to handle you won't believe what a slave she will be. Now go back in the room and get naked with her. I promise on my hope of staying out of prison that this will work better than a magic charm."

I went back into the room and got naked. I hoped that the cameras were still off and that Joe knew what he was doing and it wasn't a great joke on a farang.

Elaine woke up and saw me. She crawled over and started hugging me. She was only half-awake but she was so damn affectionate it was all I could do not to fuck the living hell out of her.

Joe had insisted that I have an ear-bud to listen to his comments without disturbing Elaine's mood. Joe suggested that I hold Elaine's ears close to my mouth and whisper commands of what she should feel towards me.

He was very firm that I could not be sarcastic or loving toward Elaine at this point. She needed firm, purposeful and direct simple commands of how to feel and act. He had me repeat after him the appropriate words and thoughts for her to remember. After another hour, I was damn near as exhausted as Elaine.

She collapsed into a short but very deep sleep. Joe said, "You better be ready to ride her down until she collapses again. But if you do you will have a true slave for the rest of your life."

"Joe, I'm not trying to be rude but how can that be?"

"Mike, I have trained hundreds of women this way. It's true that there is more work for me but the final loyalty is worth every minute of my time. Plus I am fifteen years older than you and I can ride a woman into love every time."

I took a nap, went to the bathroom, and brushed my teeth.

I was ready when Elaine woke again. I frenched her just as she came awake. I grabbed her ass and lifted it on my lap. Elaine grabbed me around the neck and returned my kiss. I followed Joe's advice and ignored her morning breath taste.

I stuck my tongue as far down her throat as I could. She wiggled her ass on top of my cock. I was prepared to try and stimulate her but Joe said in my earbud, "Don't confuse her. She needs control not love. Remember she has lost her memories and needs the surety of new memories. Now rule her, don't ask her!"

Joe then said, "Lift her up until your member stands alone and then set her down over your cock. She will be more than wet enough."

Hell, he was right. She was tight but very wet. She started to move up and down on my cock. She rubbed her breasts into my chest and wouldn't stop kissing me. She finally stopped kissing me to speak, "Please come in me. I need your cum. Take me."

I came quickly but she didn't stop moving on me and somehow I didn't get soft. After another fifty minutes she collapsed and I could free myself from her twat.

"Joe, that was the best damn sex that I ever had with her."

"Mike, you're a natural born slaver. For me this is hard work but you actually enjoyed the experience. I'm glad you don't want a club in Bangkok."

"What do I do now?"

"Keep her close. You should be the first one she sees when she awakes. You don't have to make it with her now until she cleans herself up though. Next time take her in the shower and wash together. At this point she will give you anything you want and not even notice that she gave it. You are the total focus of her life. In a few days she will be so attached that she could not stand separation from you. Then you have her for life; no matter what you do to her from then on she will obey you just to be with you."

Joe said I could stay here for two more days but then the dredging project would need me and I would need to take my pillow girl with me. I woke Elaine up and took her to the shower and toilet. I could barely believe it but she was afraid to leave me to go to the bathroom alone. I brushed her teeth and showered with her. She clung to me like Saran wrap.

I called the Senator and got his aide again. The aide said that the embassy was not very energetic in looking for Elaine. I said, 'Well, little me has found her. Do you want to talk to her now?"

The Senator got on the line and started talking with Elaine. I discovered that Elaine couldn't stand any separation from me. I had to hold her close for her to talk coherently on the phone. The Senator finally asked to talk with me. I answered his questions and told him that she seemed to need me close for some reason.

The Senator asked me to put her on a plane for America. I said that Elaine needed a person to go with her since she was very upset with any separation. Could he get some one that Elaine knew to go with her on the flight back to home?

When Elaine heard that I might not be with her, she went into a full panic mode. She started begging me to keep her with me. The Senator said that he was taking a fact-finding tour to Thailand the next morning. I said that I would be in Bangkok for two more days but I had to go to my new job on the Irrawady on the third day.

Elaine spoke to me and begged to go with me to the Irrawady. The Senator got into Bangkok the next morning. I guess if you have enough money you can get straight through anywhere. Elaine and I met him at the airport. He had arrived in one of those long range Gulfstream aircraft. He hugged Elaine but when he pulled her away from me she started to panic again. The Senator asked me if we could talk alone. I said we would need to wait until Elaine needs to sleep.

The Senator and I had a conversation while Elaine napped. I told him she had been badly frightened but not physically hurt. He asked who had done the hurting. I said I didn't know for sure but I would bet that her drunken ex-husband deserved much of the blame.

The Senator asked me where the bastard was. I said that I had heard that he had died of a drug overdose but I wasn't powerful enough to find out from the police. The Senator made a call to the Embassy. The little people from there made a beeline to the airport. The Bangkok police had a full report on the drunkard's demise.

The Senator, after getting that information, asked me what my intentions were to Elaine. I said, "If she were not panicking with any mention of a separation, I would just put her on the plane with you and never see her again. But with this emotional response she is having I feel responsible and I will keep her with me until she gets back her old attitude toward me."

The Senator thought for a minute and said, "She once loved you, boy. God knows why. I did not want her to settle for you."

"I remember that but I also remember her insulting me while she was with that terminal asshole. I can't pretend any sadness over his end. I just wish that it had happened before he started beating on my face. If you can stand me in your life for a little while, I will let her stay with me for the next few months. By then she should want to come home and hide from the jungle and the bugs and the general anguish of working on a jungle river."

The Senator said, "I know she could not stand such a life for a day let alone a month or two. Why don't I just put her on the plane while she is asleep and keep her sedated till we get home and a nice hospital."

"Well, she is your daughter. I would be careful with drugs but you could have a doctor fly with you to carefully observe any reactions."

The Senator said, "I have a doctor with me on the plane right now. Help me carry her on board."

I waited until the plane took off. I guess I was a little sad at Elaine's leaving again, so I didn't hurry away from the airport. The Embassy people caught me at the taxi stand and told me that the Senator had landed again and wanted to see me now. I got back out to the ramp where a very frightened Elaine suddenly saw me and broke free from the doctor and the Senator and ran to me screaming that she never wanted to be separated from me. She hugged me in such a suggestive way that I worried that the Thai morality police would be over there to arrest her. I took off my suit coat and wrapped it around her shoulders.

The doctor was telling the Senator that Elaine had a serious fixation on me and she needed, not just wanted, to be always in the same room as me. I repeated my offer to the Senator. Elaine chimed in; "I will go anywhere with you, Mike. Would you let me have your baby someday?"

This was a bit over the top even for me but the Senator decided that something was going a new way and he wasn't going to oppose the path of the future anymore. The Senator did ask me to marry his daughter if I got her pregnant.

I'm now on top of the world with a wife-to-be, who couldn't be unfaithful ever, loves me to distraction, and would probably die to save my life. I'm not sure that I want all this but somehow it has come to me anyway.

I remember Joe saying, "If you ask her to, she will find you mistresses, kill your enemies, and be more loyal than any dog could possibly be. If that isn't good enough for you, you should die now because only your Christian heaven will be good enough for you."

Elaine's Story Continues

When I woke up there was a naked man with me. He started whispering in my ear. I had to really concentrate to hear him. He talked and talked to me. Finally I believed that he was there to rescue me. I fell asleep again.

I woke up with a man kissing me. Somehow this seemed normal. He lifted me onto his lap. He kept kissing me as he lifted my ass up. I slid down on his member. I honestly didn't know what I was doing but it felt good.

I suddenly recognized what I was doing I opened my mouth to protest but instead I said, "Please come in me. I need your cum. Take me."

I couldn't believe what I said. It didn't make any sense. I got excited and moved faster and faster. I could barely keep kissing him. I think I came several times. Finally I was exhausted. I collapsed in a sound sleep.

I next woke up when he was taking me to a shower. I suddenly recognized him as he was brushing my teeth. This was Mike.

Mike walked me over to a telephone. He had called daddy. Mike backed away to allow me to talk with father. I was terrified. I had never felt so alone. I was only at ease when Mike held me again. That felt so wonderful to be held by Mike. Inside I wondered what the hell was going on but my outsides needed to be next to Mike.

Mike arranged for Father to come get me. Suddenly I was scared out of my wits that Mike wouldn't be near. He hugged me and the fear went away.

The next day Father and I met at Bangkok's airport. Father's pet doctor was there. He gave me a twilight shot and I almost went to sleep. Suddenly I realized that Mike wasn't next to me and I went insane. They brought the plane back down. I saw Mike out the window and I broke two nails opening the hatch. I ran to see Mike. While I was hugging him I heard the words tumble out of my mouth, "I will go anywhere with you, Mike. Would you let me have your baby someday?"

Going to the Dredging Project

I now had a pillow girl on my hands. To anyone else this would have been a blessing. When I got Elaine and myself back to the partner of the dredging project, all kinds of laughter broke out. Joe was the first to recover from the laughing fit. He said, "You need milk in jungle." Then he broke out in laughter again.

Mr. Seal was having a fit and then noticed the calendar. He switched off the good humor and spoke, "Mike you need to be at the Irrawady now."

I had no real excuse. After all Mr. Seal was boss and I was the one enjoying the taming of Elaine. Before I could apologize, Mr. Seal stated, "I was going to fly you out to my freighter on an old seaplane, but it is having engine trouble. I have a turbo porter at the airfield you just left. Hope you don't need baggage."

As I got into Mr. Seals Mercedes, Elaine saw me leaving and dived through an opened window like a Dukes of Hazzard entry to the Gen. Lee. We got to the airport in six minutes.

The bad news was there was no pilot, the plane wasn't fueled and we had no maps. Well Elaine and I fueled the plane to over flowing, and got the engine running. General Subiyat got us a Thai Army pilot and maps of the route. We had some jungle clothes brought to us from my hotel. We took off without clearance but the General got that for us before a Thai Airforce could shoot us down. Elaine and I were seat belted together in one seat. The pilot had the other seat.

We arrived at an airfield near the dredging site. The plane took off without ever shutting down. A Thai army medic and a driver greeted us. The oldest working World War II duce and a half I had ever seen took all of us to a dock on the Irrawady where an even rattier tugboat was waiting.
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