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The Order of the Goddess Ch. 03

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The code of the Order of the Goddess is entirely transitory. It has been written and rewritten over many generations by the greatest female warriors who historically have contributed their newfound wisdom from their lifetime experiences. The code of the order does not dictate our reality. It is our reality that dictates the code. - Aliana: High Priestess of the Goddess.

Before every quest, Elexsa had often dwelled upon these words that were written so many generations ago. Unlike the Atticult which had strict, uncompromising and in her own opinion, outdated, superstitious rules that its followers were supposed to adopt blindly and without question; the Order of the Goddess was flexible. It relied on the real-life experiences of its members and their wisdom. How else could an order possibly grow and learn from each succeeding generation unless it was flexible. Elexsa knew that she was the last of the Order but certainly not the best; not even close to being the best of its many members. The existing code of the Order was something she believed in with all of her heart as from her experience it had yet to be proven to be untrue. However, she still wondered what may possibly lurk in her future that would inspire her to want to append her own wisdom to it.


Elexsa had wasted little time in departing from king Iesric's palace. She had decided that the best course of action would be to disguise herself as a peasant girl and then ride to the outer edges of Atroskian territory where some of the seedier villages lay. Looking as she did she knew that if she frequented enough of the dingy village grog stands and casually made enough people aware that she was riding alone without a chaperon it would certainly be only a matter of time before she would be captured by the lecherous girl hunters of the Atroskian Harem League.

The Bishop had found some meager garments for her to wear. She accepted them and decided to arm herself with only a single blade. From her weapons belt she pulled out a shiny knife the length of a man's foot. The blade was angular with many jags along its razor edge. The Bishop wondered if this was the dreaded "castrator" blade that females in the Order were rumored to carry.

Elexsa took the peasant garments and exited to a private room. After stripping off the clothes and weapons of the sisterhood, she strapped a small leather band around her upper thigh; a small holster was attached to it where she tucked away the knife. She fitted the white skirt and corset around her body. The garment was a bit too small and she felt as if her bosom was literally overflowing from its top. She didn't mind it though as her bursting cleavage would more effectively entice the girl hunters. After she had fitted a brownish bodice to her upper body she returned to say a quick farewell to the priest. She allowed him to bless her quest in the name of the Atticult; something she did as only a courtesy to humor him. Moments later she had mounted the horse that had been provided to her by the king and was off. As she took in a deep breath she realized that this quest would be rather unique for her as it would be the first time she embarked without her weapons and with the goal to be intentionally captured by an enemy. She rode at top speed out of the kingdom and through the forest in the afternoon heat; hoping to make it to the outskirts of Atroskian territory by evening.


Eventually she entered the squalid village of Porvanais which was within the Atroskian border. The Atroskian nobility did not treat its citizens as well as King Iesric of Terradorn did. Shanty houses lined the streets while starving animals scavenged for food or mated in the open, manure covered roads for all to see. The stench of the village was quite foul as she noticed children splashing about in a small lake that looked far from sanitary. Many of the villagers gawked upon her as she rode through the streets as she was a stranger to them; the men quite impressed with her.

She had entered several grog stands while pretending to be a poor, penniless widow looking to be a server; making it clear to the owner of the stand and anyone within earshot that she was currently camped out alone at the east side of the Trawn river, near the falls. By the time she came across her third grog stand she was certain that there would be girl hunters among the patrons inside. Three of the horses tied up in the street had small oval marks with two lines crossed through the center branded into their rumps. It was the mark of the Atroskian League. The same exact brands she had heard were burned into the lower backs of all abducted harem slaves; marking them as property forever. The grog shop was easily the seediest by far; two beaten and bloody men were on the ground unconscious near its entrance.

The patrons inside were almost all men. They shouted amongst each other and cursed for the barmaids to hurry up to refill their spirits. When Elexsa had entered the dwelling it immediately became silent as the men paused to present ferocious stares upon her. Even before she had a chance to walk halfway across the establishment to talk to the owner each man it seemed had made every demeaning and perverted statement about her that they could think of; oblivious and uncaring that she could easily hear them. By the time she had talked with the owner about her potential employment she knew she had done everything short of blatantly announcing where she was camped for the girl hunters to hear. It was now only a matter of waiting to be hunted. Many of the men offered to buy her a drink, she declined but promised to be back tomorrow to possibly serve them. One of the men blatantly tried to pull off her bodice to which she quickly pulled away; laughing flirtatiously while hiding her inner desire to smash his nose into his face.

Her campsite was at the very border of the Atroskian and Terradorn territories; far from the squalor of the village. As she had declared she had settled in a small forest clearing at the edge of the Trawn river; a small tent was set up as shelter. Anyone who was overlooking the forest from the mountains could easily see where her campsite was located as she had started a small fire; making sure that smoke billowed from it. All she needed to do was wait while her horse grazed. She was almost impatient to be captured as the thoughts of what princess Anna could possibly be enduring began to flood her mind.

While waiting she decided to peel off the garments from her sweaty body and take a swim in the river. She quickly dove into the warm water before swimming under a small waterfall which cascaded down from an upper ridge. She stood upright in the shallow water which only came up to her hips and began showering naked under the falls; washing the grime from the village off of her body and then wringing out her long hair with her hands. After she had bathed, she hauled herself onto the rocks near the forest clearing; the water streaming from her golden curves. She relaxed on her back upon a large rock as she basked in the warmth of the setting sun.

She contemplated that it would be prudent to provide one more clue as to her location to the girl hunters in order to expedite her kidnapping. The hunters had finely attuned senses much like she possessed. Just as she could detect the musky odors of men from long distances away, the girl hunters could detect female scents. Certainly the release of some natural feminine pheromones into the air would hasten her capture. She knew that the quickest way to release them would be to simply reflect on her long lost husband, Drake.

The Order of the Goddess encouraged women to not be afraid of their bodies and to enjoy the many pleasures in which it offered. Elexsa had often mocked the superstitious dogma by which the Atticult viewed human sexuality, especially when it came to females. Despite that she had always tried not to indulge in such self-induced pleasures because they reminded her too much of the man that was no longer a part of her life or her daughters. Whatever lustful need such action would temporarily fulfill would be overshadowed by a long night of tears and heartbreak of the life that might have been with her husband but wasn't. However she was now on a rescue mission and it was imperative that she reach the palace of the harem as quickly as possible. She relaxed her body and allowed the thoughts of her husband to fill her mind as her fingers began moving along her upper body.

She lightly caressed her naked belly with the tips of her fingers as she thought of Drake's handsome face and bulging arms that once encircled her abundant curves. Heat immediately burned within her as she moved her thighs. She grasped her breasts gently in her hands and squeezed; imaging it was his hands that were caressing her and making her tingle with such exquisite delight. After tossing her hand into a puddle of warm water between the rocks she moistened her upper body and stroked herself up and down while beginning to breathe harder. Her loins slowly became inflamed with the wet heat of passion that only Drake could truly subdue within her.

She placed her fingers on her belly and then moved down to the intimacies between the softness of her strong thighs. While rubbing away in abandon with one hand, she continued stroking her upper body. She closed her eyes and moved her head from side to side in sexual frustration. For far too long she had been alone; burning lust had been tormenting her body mercilessly for six years. With all of the meditation techniques that she had learned from the Order, the calming of a woman's natural desires was something she had never overcome. She began to rub deeper and harder between her thighs.

Intense passion began to consume her. The forest was so peaceful, the river so beautiful. She wished at that moment that her husband would swim to her from the river, crawl onto the rock and quench her raging desires. She imagined the weight of his body pressing down as she surrendered herself to him; allowing him to ravage her. His musky scent, bulging shoulders and chest would be a feast for all of her senses. While breathing harder she arched her back; thrusting her breasts upwards towards the two full moons that were appearing in the evening sky.

How gentle her husband was; his body had brought her such pleasure. The two of them had engaged in every form of bliss, even forms that the Bishop of the Atticult would have deeply frowned upon. She smiled as she specifically thought of those forms while licking her lips; her eyes half closed as her thoughts caressed her mind and increased her yearning as she rubbed and started gasping. She had fought off so many men who wanted to slice her flesh, rape and mutilate her but with her husband, she allowed herself to be weak as she would fall into his strong arms in surrender.

Soon she was loudly gasping; crying out with a passion that only true ecstasy could bring to her curvaceous body. Ever faster she rubbed as the sharp wave of sexual release surged through her. She began screaming with such intensity that it seemed to echo about the rocks; a flock of startled birds emitting from a nearby tree. While fully stretching her body she screeched even louder as she rolled about in a blissful trance on the rocks while arching her backside into the air; wishing Drake was there to take her at that very moment. She couldn't deny how much she missed the pleasures of the flesh. The Order had taught her many things about a man's body and about her own and the nights with her husband were like delicious feasts of shameless perversion. She continued to roll about; trying to subdue the thrust of pleasure that had surged through her body as she held her toes ridged from the intensity. As her climax calmed her nostrils flared as she inhaled the clear scent of a male who was obviously very close by.

She immediately leapt up and ran back to the campfire to retrieve her clothing. As she began picking up the garments she froze. A long blade was suddenly at her throat and a strong hand had gripped her by the hair; pulling her head back. She was truly surprised as she had become so intoxicated by her fantasy that she had allowed her other senses to be distracted. Although her goal was to intentionally allow herself to be captured, she still cursed herself inside for letting a man sneak up upon her so easily.

"Stay calm wench," he said softly with a deep scraggly voice. "Are you going to cooperate with us or shall I remove your head right now."

She almost wanted to laugh as in the present position that the two of them were in she could have so easily pushed the blade away from her and spun around to break his neck before he even knew what had happened, but she feigned terror.

"Please, don't kill me kind sir, I am but a mere widow," she exclaimed as if pleading; hamming it up as best she could. Suddenly a hideous looking man with a swollen face and long greasy hair emerged from the forest in front of her carrying a rope followed by a very plump woman who held a large net.

"Yes, you must be a widow," said the terribly unattractive woman. "We watched your little performance on the rock you dirty little whore." She was quite overweight and looked almost more masculine than the two men. Elexsa was angered that they had witnessed her indulge in her passionate desires as that was something deeply private to her.

"She's so beautiful, quite a nice little tart!" said the hunter with the knife. "Wouldn't mind bending her over a rock right now." There was laughter among the three.

The hunter with the rope approached her as the hunter behind her continued holding the blade to her neck. He smiled through black tobacco root stained teeth and ran his calloused hands along her soft body. Elexsa's mind immediately became inflamed with anger. Ordinarily any other man would have immediately received a broken nose or possibly even have lost a finger for doing such a thing to her. Her mind quickly filled with rage as he brought both his hands to her firm breasts and squeezed at their plumpness while pinching her nipples. The female hunter stood smirking.

"My My, we are a healthy lil tart, arent' we?" He said as he spit tobacco at her feet.

The knife hunter laughed in her ear; his foul breath making her gag. He propped the blade up under her breasts and began smelling her long hair. "Hmmmmm, she's definitely much better than a typical peasant. She is so beautiful!"

"Yea, look at her, shapely, good muscle tone. She's the best catch ever, definitely one for the league. A morsel like this will pay all our wages for awhile," said the rope hunter. He began to move his hands down her body while making obscene comments; graphically stating what he'd like to do to her. He put his fingers between her thighs and intimately violated her. She gritted her teeth in rage as she felt his dirty finger inside of her body; blemishing her dignity.

"She's already been penetrated," said the rope hunter.

"Of course she has, she said she was a widow you fool," replied the female hunter.

"We have to make sure, virgins go for way higher. This whore has probably been shafted in all her openings!" laughed the rope guard. "But her looks will more than compensate for her lack of pureness." Elexsa could see his jugular vein throbbing through his neck. She regarded it like a ravenous animal; how so very easily she could tear into it if she in fact decided to. This man was still alive and breathing only by her choice of restraint.

The knife hunter spun her around by the hair and bent her over; holding his strong arm around her upper body, she did not resist. "Look at that backside. That's ripe, plump and ready to be pounded." He slapped her rear repeatedly and harshly as the three continued laughing obnoxiously as he suddenly pulled her up and spun her around by the hair until she was facing the rope guard again; the knife back at her throat. The rope guard stepped back slightly at the sight of the intense and overwhelming hatred and wild outrage that was exuding from her face. He didn't know women were capable of such intense anger.

Elexsa prayed internally to the Goddess to subdue her rage. Every fiber of her mind wanted to lash out and murder these hunters who had undoubtedly kidnapped the wives and daughters of many and banished them to the enslavement of the various Atroskian harems.

"Bend her over again," said the rope guard as he began to unbuckle his pants.

"No, this one is easily good enough for the harem league, she's not for you!" said the female hunter.

"Who's going to know," the rope guard replied. "A slice off a cut slab of meat is never missed!"

"You're still contagious. She's worth a lot of money and I'm not going to have her already breaking out in blisters by the time we get her to the palace," she said sternly; clearly the leader of the three. "She is to be untouched until she reaches the harem." She approached Elexsa and held her face in her hand. "Then she will be opened and enjoyed by those that can afford such a prime cut of female. Now; let us tie her to the ground and celebrate our catch. What's your name harlot?"

"Kara," whispered Elexsa.

"I'm sure the harem league will provide you with a better name than that." She mused.

The two men angrily followed the orders of the female hunter. Elexsa simply fell limp in their arms and allowed them to tie her naked and spread-eagled to the ground under the stars that were beginning to form in the darkening sky. Ropes were fastened to her ankles and wrists and tied to small steel poles that were hammered securely into the ground. Throughout the process they made every foul remark about her body in which a strong drive male could.

"What about my horse?" she protested.

The female hunter approached. "Rest assured we will bring your beast to the palace with us, many of the villagers enjoy horsemeat."

Elexsa stared at her in disgust; the Atroskians were truly animals. She looked towards her shabby clothes that lay in a pile next to the tent; her blade underneath them. This was going to be even tougher than she imagined. It was already taking every ounce of energy she possessed to tame her natural instinct to fight an injustice and she wasn't even inside the walls of the harem palace yet.

She lay flat on the ground at the edge of the forest clearing. The three hunters had brought their own horses into the clearing; pulling some grog bottles from their saddle packs to begin drinking by the fire that Elexsa had started. She felt the mosquitoes of the plush forest begin feasting upon her exposed flesh in the humid night air. She was sickened by the rancorous and foul tongues that the hunter's possessed as she heard them speaking of various plunders; women were nothing more than animals to them. What angered her most was that another woman was aiding them; betraying and exploiting her own sex for profit, how could she do this? In a short time they were all quite drunk as the female began to make sexual advances towards both of the hideous men. She tried to fondle them only to be rejected and spurned.

"If we want a whore we can get one better than you in the village. I'll never be drunk enough to shaft you!" said the rope guard as they both scoffed at her before lying down; practically passed out from the spirits.

Several times the female hunter tried to crawl on top of them only to be pushed away as they began to sleep. She cursed at the men as she took a few more swigs of grog and approached the bounded Elexsa; kneeling at her side, a look of vengeance upon her face.

"Hello pretty girl." She slurred her words in an angered tone. She took another gulp of the beverage; swishing it around her mouth before spitting it upon Elexsa's face. "I see that the mosquitoes are already enjoying your succulent flesh tonight; good for them," she giggled.

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