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Summer At The Beach House

Posted on : 2012-01-28 18:36:56.522152

I've not told anyone the whole story of that summer. Bits and pieces I've shared, with my husband, girlfriends, and a few others. But the whole story has been known only to me. I didn't keep a diary but the memories are powerful; pictures from the time help bring it all back.

I was 29, married just over 2 years. My husband was 34. We have a good marriage. We had met after graduating college. I was a teacher in a private school. He was a manager in a new start-up and working to move up. I'd say our marriage was pretty good. We had plans to start a family, save money, all the stuff that goes with it. Our sex life was also good. But, just good. We had lost some of the passion of our courtship. The first year we made love often. The second year was less. It felt good to share our lives, our home and build a future, but I had memories of dating in college. I had started to dream of meeting new guys and being a bit wild. Sometimes I woke in the morning, wet, and recalled dreams of fucking in some apartment, after some party. I worried I was drifting away from what my life had become.

So the spring before that summer was the start of it. My aunt, who was always a great support, asked for a favor. She and my uncle had a beach house at the shore and asked me to house-sit for the summer. She knew I had the summer free and thought it would be nice for me to use it. She offered it as a way for me to relax. It would be a fun place to get-away with my husband. Maybe she knew I needed some time to myself. I also knew she was worried about my uncle's health. He had retired and then learned he might not have much time left to live. They decided to spend that summer traveling. Knowing some-one dependable was sitting their house would be comforting.

My husband and I considered it. The upside was access to a great house nearly on the beach. The downside was he could only be there for weekends. The drive from the city was 4 hours. We debated and decided to do it. My aunt was thrilled. I offered to pay the costs but she would have nothing of it. Just move in, make myself at home and enjoy it. All bills would be paid. I resisted and she insisted. We compromised by her letting me re-decorate the spare bedrooms. I had all summer to do it.

So in mid-June when school got out I moved in. My aunt gave me the keys and instructions on the security system, the schedule of the lawn crew, and other things I'd need to manage. It wasn't much really. They had almost everything covered. My husband and I drove down on a Saturday. I had packed most everything I'd need knowing he could bring more the next weekend. We let ourselves in and walked around the house. It was a comfortable 4 bedroom house furnished and decorated by some-one with excellent and expensive taste. The main house faced the shore road. The first floor was a massive living room, dining room, kitchen and study. Upstairs was the master bedroom and bath and an office. The main house faced the ocean which was just across the street. Shaped like an L, the main house was the base. Jutting off the back was a wing with 3 bedrooms and baths. Off the kitchen was a 2-car garage. The area within the L was a well-tended garden. I decided to take one of the spare bedrooms; the last in the corner. The master bedroom was spacious and luxurious but it felt like an invasion of my aunt's and uncle's space to use that.

We went to dinner that first night and toasted our good luck. We had a great beach house until September and at no cost. That night we made love. In the morning we slept late. I made breakfast and we walked to the beach. It was across the street and down a short path through some dunes to the sea. It was cool and while people were there, no one was in the water. We went to a place for a late lunch and back to the house. He wanted to leave in time to get home before midnight. We made love again and he was off.

That night was my first night sleeping alone and away from home since we married. I slept well. In the morning I surveyed the house admiring the art and furnishings. Behind the main house the garden was blooming with gorgeous shrubs and flowering plants. It was my aunt's pride and joy. The area was surrounded by a fence and quite private. I knew I'd spend much time there. My bedroom was flooded with light from windows on 3 sides. It looked out on the garden on one side and a landscaped expanse to the neighbor's house on the other.

I went shopping and got groceries and settled in. I explored the little town and saw that some shops were busy but the summer crowds were yet to over-run the place. It felt strange being alone and I was restless. That first week is a blur. I shopped, read books, watched TV, and rested. I thought about how to re-paint the spare bedrooms. I also masturbated. I couldn't sleep one night and after a phone call with my husband, I played. I was on the couch, in the living room, TV on, and slipped a hand into my pj's. I was wet....and I played. Soon I came. In the morning, I did it again.

That Friday night my husband arrived. He was tired after a day of work and the long drive. But I was rested and horny. We made love on the couch as soon as he got in. I was eager and all but tore his clothes off. He met my passion and it was great. I rode him...pressing down on his hard cock, grinding, wiggling. I came hard and loud. He did too. We both noticed some renewed passion. We went to bed after getting caught up on the week's events. He slept soundly. I was restless but slept too. In the morning, I woke him. He was sprawled on his side wearing pj bottoms. I had gotten up and put on a pot of coffee. He had not wakened. I slipped back into bed, just wearing a lace thong. He moaned a bit and curled on his side. I slipped under the covers and kissed his warm belly. He was fit and worked out regularly. I kissed his taut abs and felt his soft hair on my cheeks and lips. I reached into the slit of his pj's and gently freed his cock. I kissed the tip. It tasted slightly of salt. I tasted more....slipped the head into my mouth. He was soft but I felt him rising. I wondered if I could make him come and not wake him. Just using my lips and tongue, I toyed with his cock. He was growing and I resisted the urge to touch him. I sucked gently, softly, pulling him in. My tongue swirled about the spongy knob. It seemed I might be able to bring him off. He shifted some and woke. I remained under the covers. He exclaimed..."ohhhhhhh" as he realized what I was doing. I stayed put and greeted him "good morning sunshine....wakey, wakey" and slipped my lips over his cock. He moaned contentedly as I played. I held his hip and pulled his pj's down. He helped. I like the position of both of us on our side. I sucked him more and held his hip. He began thrusting and I guided his movement. His cock plunged deep into my mouth. I knew he loved it. It felt good for me too. I enjoyed the taste, the smoothness of his skin, the hardness, the swollen and pulsing tip. He continued to thrust and I tasted a bit of cream. It was salty, a bit bitter. It oozed from his tip and coated my tongue and roof of my mouth. I knew he was close. He was thrusting faster now and I cupped his ass and pulled him along. He knew I wanted him to continue. Soon he came. The first spurt was a hot surprise. My mouth was suddenly full of hot cream. A gf in college used to refer to the first spurt being like "come-gum". She thought it was like the gum that had a gel center......biting it let out a surprise burst of flavor. I know what she meant. I held his wet cock as he rocked his hips. The second spurt was larger, thicker. I felt him spasm and a splash of warm cream hit my neck and chest. More flooded my breasts. I lie there, taking each burst. He was moaning and I let him slip from my hand. After one last squeeze of the shaft and the last drops, I slipped out from under the covers.

"I think I may like this arrangement," he said as I cuddled next to him.

"Mmmmmm... me too" I whispered. "I missed you all week... and thought of doing that". I lay on the sheet, a wet spot forming near my breasts.

"And when did you think of that?" He asked with a sly look on his face. He rolled to look at me.

"After our phone call earlier this week.... I was so horny... I made myself come on the couch... thinking of it." His arm was over my shoulder. He stroked my back, cupped my bare ass cheek. I pressed to his chest. My breasts felt warm and sticky. I pressed against his ribs. We lay, resting and more of his come dripped onto the sheets.

After a bit we rose and I took a quick shower to rinse off. I stripped the bed and put the sheets in the laundry. We went to the kitchen. He stayed nude and I wore only a thong. We poured coffee and looked out on the garden. The sun was brilliant and the leaves were bright green and glistening. We took our coffees and went out on the deck and followed the path through the garden. "Do you think anyone can see us?" He looked about and thought not. The fence was solid and no neighboring houses offered views into the area. We went back to the deck and he relaxed on a lounge chair. He looked sexy... fit, relaxed, and comfortable. "I wish I had a camera" I teased and he posed on the chair. His 6 foot frame was fit but pale. His dark hair framed a handsome face and his eyes were bright and clear. I loved his arms and chest. He worked out and was nicely toned and fit. His abs were tight from lots of crunches. The soft hair on his belly thickens above his cock and balls. I looked down on him and felt a warm churning between my legs. I made breakfast and we ate on the deck. I had the growing suspicion that I was recovering the lost passion of my misguided youth.

We finished and he went to shower. He used a bathroom on the first floor. I walked through the house feeling happy, satisfied, and almost at home. As he showered I put on my make-up. Looking in the mirror, I saw hints of the girl I was in college. My auburn hair was a little wet and fell well past my shoulders. I knew it would lighten in the sun over the summer. Maybe I would lighten it more. My face was attractive. I know men notice my high cheekbones, my smooth skin, my green eyes. I looked critically at my figure. I'm 5'6 and not bad but no supermodel. I liked my shoulders and arms. Good definition and toned but not too muscular. My breasts are a full c cup and were still high and firm. My nipples were framed by soft areola. They tilted upwards. I liked how my breasts jiggled as I walked. Not bad for a 29 year old. Tennis lessons and time in the gym had served me well. Some light weight work would be enough to keep them that way. My stomach and abs were smooth, and firm. I thought I'd need to do more crunches to tighten more. My bush looked a bit full. The soft auburn hair formed a delicate triangle covering my rather full labia. I had noticed through school that some girls have very thin, almost delicate genitals. Mine are more full....more womanly I like to think. My lips swell and open when I am aroused. I've wondered if the same is true for the girly girls. My ass is firm and round. I run and go to spinning classes. It helps. My legs are smooth and slender. Overall, I thought a summer on the beach, with regular exercise, would help me stay sexy. I smiled as I sat at the vanity and got ready for the day.

Nude, I left the bath and went to my bedroom. I looked for something sexy and casual and realized I brought only jeans and tops. I selected a pair of jeans and a jersey. I wondered where my husband was and saw that he had left the bath. Nude, I wandered down the hall, through the dining room to the kitchen. He was back on the deck, nude on the lounge chair. I could see he was dozing in the warm sun. I thought we might wander through the shops in town, but thought better of it. I went onto the deck and pulled a lounge chair next to his. I tossed my jeans and top on a table in case we dressed to go out. We relaxed on the deck and joked about how good it was to live like rich people.... with not a care in the world. We lay there for maybe an hour. The sun felt good after a long cloudy winter. It was one of the first really warm days of the early summer. I got up and went to the dining room. There was a built in corner cabinet with glasses & liquor. I made two vodka martinis... my aunt had showed me how. Bringing them to the deck....I gave one to him and offered a toast to "being rich for the summer."

We sipped them and he dozed off. After a bit the sun was starting to fall. The garden was nicely located so that the sun filled the area. I felt a warm glow and moved onto his lounge chair. He woke. "Honey" I said, "I think this experience will be good for us.....good for me".

"How so?"

"I think I need to re-charge. Work is draining me of all energy. A summer resting, tanning, exercising will help a lot." He looked at me. I could see he was pensive.

"Yea" he said. "You get too stressed. I loved the way you woke me up. Look it's nearly 4 and we both haven't dressed yet. If our weekends are like this...weekdays apart could be great".

I sat near his thigh. I put my hand on his warm cock. "You know I love this. I want us to be be wild again like when we were on our honeymoon."

His cock twitched. I stroked him and soon he was rock hard. Straddling his waist, I guided his cock into me. I was dripping wet and he slipped in as I pressed down. We fucked hard and fast. I wiggled and breasts jiggling. My orgasm grew from deep within. As it welled up in me, I pressed harder, rocked forward, rubbing my clit on his pubic bone. I felt him twitching and pulsing. My labia were fully swelled now. I felt the base of his cock squishing them. As I lifted, I felt cool air between my legs. Pressing down I pushed harder. His hands cupped my ass and pulled me hard. I came. I exploded body trembling. My pussy was just burning. It spread all through me. I collapsed on him catching my breath. I felt his cock pulsing in me. I laid there feeling hot and so wet between my legs. He softened and slipped from me.

We stayed cuddling on his lounge chair. The sun was dropping and it got cool. My skin had goose bumps and my nipples were hard. I shivered and had to go in to warm. He followed and showered. We dressed and went out for dinner. I wore a cashmere sweater and jeans. I wore a thong but no bra. The cashmere feels so soft and soothing. After dinner we returned to the beach house. Soon he left for our house. I went to the living room and flipped on the TV. The house was quiet. I made a fire in the massive stone fireplace and curled up on the couch. The room warmed nicely. I think I dozed off. Later I woke and went to my bedroom to change. My thong was wet and stained. I stripped nude and wore one of his t-shirts and returned to the couch. I woke sometime in the early morning and went to bed. That night I slept soundly.

Week 2

Monday was a day to get working on the bedrooms. I went to local hardware store and got some help to select what I needed....paint, brushes, drop cloth, roller, etc. The guy was helpful... he knew my aunt and uncle. I wore jeans and a jersey; again I left off the bra. I returned to the house and started to prep one of the bedrooms. I moved the furniture away from the walls and cleaned everything. The furniture scraped the wood floor and left scratches. I'd need to fix that somehow. It took much of the afternoon to clean the walls and trim. I called it a day and made dinner. That night was restful. I slept nude that night and pretty much decided that would be my summer routine.

In the morning I made coffee and breakfast. I was nude and felt comfortable roaming the house that way. The walls of the bedroom that I had scrubbed felt damp. I opened the windows to air it out and knew I'd have to wait a day to paint. Around 11am a truck pulled into the drive-way and two guys started to unload mowers. I rushed to my bedroom and threw on my husband's t-shirt and a pair of shorts. I saw it was the landscape crew ? a guy in his late 30's and a younger guy. They mowed the lawns and tended the shrubs. I went out to the driveway and said hello. The older guy owned the business. He knew from my aunt that I was sitting the house. The younger guy was a college student. Their schedule was to come by once per week. They showed me how to water the garden if it got dry. As we walked around the property, I noticed both were checking me out. I guess I looked a bit.... interesting... as the loose fitting tee shirt hinted that I wore nothing beneath. The idea excited me that they were notcing. I saw both were attentive and helpful, like the guy in the hardware store....maybe my growing comfort with myself was going to be good.

They left and I had nothing to do but let the walls dry. I made a light lunch and ate on the deck by the garden. It was warm. I slipped off the tee and the shorts and reclined on a lounge chair. The sun felt great on my bare skin. After a short while, I was restless and went to find a novel to read. In the study I found a romantic novel that my aunt must have left. Returning to the deck, I lay back and started to read. It soon became clear this was a very erotic story. The main character was a young woman who was forced to work as a courtesan in Paris. The sexual escapades she had with royalty were explicitly described. As I read, I found myself fantasizing about the experience of so many sexual adventures.

It cooled as the sun set and I went in to warm up. That evening I dressed to go through the shops. I wore jeans and a fleece pull-over top. Again I left off a bra and panties as having decided these were not going to be part of my summer attire. I browsed the shops and bought some things for the kitchen. I returned home and phoned my husband. He sounded tired. We decided to talk again later in the week and bid each other sweet dreams. I went to bed early, sleeping in the nude, and woke before sun rise. I woke from a dream...some mix of the novel and the encounter with the lawn crew. The details were fuzzy but I was clearly aroused. I played....lying in the warm bed, and made myself come. I dozed off and slept soundly until mid-morning.

Rising from bed, I wandered to the kitchen, made coffee and had fruit and yogurt. Being nude felt totally natural. I checked the bedroom walls; they were dry. I decided I'd paint the walls. I thought about doing this nude but decided it would be better to wear something. I got my husband's tee which would be no great loss if stained by paint. So I painted the walls....a nice stone color...a pale grey/silver. It only took a few hours to roll the walls and brush the edges. When dry, I'd paint the trim. And I hardly got paint on me or the t-shirt. The day was warm so I left the windows open to dry. I decided to go to the beach and changed into a bikini that I wore under a jersey and shorts. The path to the beach was across the street. It led through some dunes to an expansive beach. I laid out a towel and sat for awhile. I got bored and walked along the shore. Few people were around. I knew the weekends would be different and crowds would build. Mostly I fantasized about the courtesan servicing men in their chambers, improving her erotic skills, and surviving by her wiles. I noticed that sexual thoughts were almost always with me... I liked it.

So that became my daily routine. Sleep in the nude, work in the house, shop, visit the garden and beach. My tan deepened and was all-over. Thursday of that week I had phone sex with my husband. I was watching TV when he called. We chatted about his work and my week. Soon our conversation turned to him arriving late on Friday as usual. I asked what he wanted when he got in...and he said..."you." The sexual tension grew immediately and I asked for more hints of what he wanted.

"Be like you were on Saturday morning,....and Sunday on the deck... you were soooooo...sooooo frisky." I could hear the excitement in his voice. "Mmmmmmm" I moaned as the idea unleashed a flood of memories.

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