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The Surrogate Ch. 07

Posted on : 2012-01-28 19:24:43.998849

"I love your shaved pussy, Sadie," my husband Tyler said as he worked his tongue between the folds of my labia.

I lay on my back with my legs spread in our marital bed. My husband tried to do with his mouth what he couldn't do with his puny peter, give me an orgasm.

"Now flick your tongue on my clit," I said to Tyler. "Work your fingers fast in my puss....that....that's it."

I was close to cumming and I let him know. "I'm almost there take... a finger....and jam it up.... My ass..." I panted.

"OWWW!" I screamed. I pulled him out off my crotch by his hair. It was his turn to holler in pain. "Are you crazy?" I continued yelling. "Why would you jam a ....DRY FINGER UP MY ASS?"

He looked at me dumbfounded in the ambient light flickering into our bedroom. "I'm sorry... I didn't think."

"You have two fingers covered in my passion and you choose to jam a dry one up my ass from your other hand. There's no pleasure in that. Do you like to hurt me?

"Of course not," he flicked his tongue at my pussy.

I pushed him from between my legs and rolled over onto my side, turning my back and outraged ass to him. "You Suck."

He rolled towards me his little 5 inch erection pressing against my butt-crack. He reached around and began to massage one of my big 38D titties. He pinched my nipple a little too hard, "Ouch. Tyler. Your hurt me again." I yelped.

Ignoring my discomfort he selfishly complained, "Come on Sadie, you got me all worked up."

"I don't suppose you'll quit pestering me until you get what you want." I sighed and then rolled over on my back. I spread my legs. Tyler mounted me shoving his pathetic pecker into my sopping unsatisfied cunt. He piston into me whining like a little kid.

I lay on my back looking at the ceiling waiting for him to finish his business. I didn't have to wait long. He groaned and sputtered cum into my twat. He rolled out of me and was almost snoring before his head hit the pillow. I felt used and unsatisfied. "Was this how it was going to be from now on?" I whispered in the dark.

I wiped the tears from my cheeks before I rolled over into my own restless sleep.

The next morning I got the kids off to school and Tyler off to work. I went back to my bedroom and opened the drawer to my nightstand. I pulled out a 12 inch purple dildo. I could shove 8 inches in and have four inches left to hold on to when I manipulated it in and out of myself. It was a recent purchase. Mother had been cleared by her doctor for sexual activity a few weeks ago. She and Daddy had been going at it like rabbits ever since. In fact they had just returned from a cruise. "A second honeymoon," Mother had beamed.

I lubed the hard purple plastic passion stick with KY from a tube in drawer and opened my robe. I lie back on my bed and wet my forefinger and thumb with my tongue before pulling on my nipple. I rolled it between my fingers. "Oh yeah," I breathed. As my nipples got hard my cunt got wet. I bowed my head and lifted my heavy tit up to mouth. I sucked my nipple hard and then teased it with my flickering tongue. I got wetter.

I lay my head back down on my pillow and slowly inserted about 8 inches of the dildo between my legs. I arched my back as the curved head made contact with my G-spot. "OOOhhhh," I moaned. I took a moment to adjust to the size of the toy. Then I began to work it in and out of my hot box. Pussy juice flowed down my ass. I began to diddle my clitoris as I picked up speed with the artificial prick. I sucked on two fingers.

I was working the dildo in me like it was drill bit. My pussy was on fire and my clit burned with passion. As I reached the edge of climax I took my fingers and jammed them into my ass. "DAADDYY," I screamed out in orgasmic pleasure.

The phone rang. I let it ring a few seconds as I caught my breath. "Hello."

"Sadie, what's wrong? Why are you out of breath?' quizzed my mother.

"Oh, hi, mom....I had to run to get the phone that's all."

She wanted to have lunch and tell me all about her cruise. I grudgingly agreed. I really didn't want to hear about the details of her second honeymoon. About how much Daddy had gratified her after such a long sexual dry spell. My imagination filled in all the specifics just like Daddy's magnificent 9 inch cock must have filled her. I was jealous.

I showered and dressed and met her at a downtown bistro. She was already there and she kissed each side of my face when I joined her at the table. I sat down and ordered a cocktail.

"You look radiant, mother," I said, "you're actually glowing."

She blushed, "Well your Daddy's twat tamer has a lot to do with that."

"Mother!" I scolded looking about to see if anyone overheard her crudeness.

"Oh, Sadie. You know what he's packing. After all ...all men aren't created equal."

"Yeah, I know..." my eyes drifted and I looked at the water glass. "How was the cruise?"

Mother told me all about it during the course of our lunch animating different details. "We were dancing in the ballroom when one elderly gentlemen asked your father if could dance with his daughter." She laughed and hooted.

She was gorgeous just 48 years old. Recent plastic surgery had only added to her beauty. A facelift had subtracted ten years. And, a boob lift had successfully fought off the effects of gravity on her 38DD breasts. She was fit and tan. If it wasn't for the white streak of hair that dangled from her dark forelocks, her trade mark, we very easily could have passed for sisters.

"How are things with you dear?" she asked.


"That's it?"

"The kids are fine, Tyler is fine, and I'm fine." I snapped.

"Why so bitchy?" Mother replied a little taken aback.

"I'm frustrated...." I couldn't help myself once the words were out of my mouth, the tears followed.

Mother scooted her chair around the table and took me in her arms and held me as I cried. "There, there, Baby-girl."

I finished weeping. It actually made me feel better just to release some of the bent up aggravation. I dapped my eyes with my napkin. "Baby-girl? You never called me Baby-girl; Daddy calls me, Baby-girl."

"I know. He told me. He told me everything. He showed me the pictures of you on the balcony in Dallas," she smiled perversely.

"I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything. Remember I was the one that asked you to fuck your father. Did you think after all the time we've been married he would keep something from me. Something so wonderful. He told me all about your dress in Dallas and how you relaxed him before his speech," She laughed and then more seriously, "Do you know how much you mean to your Daddy? He misses you."

"He does?"

"Of course he does."

"I miss him so much, but he doesn't need me anymore. We agreed that once your health returned that I would no longer be a surrogate." I said.

"I know dear. I appreciate both you and your father honoring that agreement. However, things aren't a 100%. I have to be careful not get a yeast infection or a bladder infection. I'm afraid he's still going to need you," she said.

"I don't understand Mother."

"Not only was your father blessed with a copious cock but also with an over abundant appetite for sex. I don't think I'm going to be able to have sex with your father as much as he needs."

She leaned over and kissed me. Surprised I hesitated and then kissed her back. My tongue invaded her mouth and wrestled with hers. She broke our kiss and said, "I need you too, Baby-girl."

We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping. I called my neighbor and arranged for her to watch the kids after school. I then called Tyler at work and told him to bring a pizza home for the supper because I was going to be late. He groused about it so I snapped at him, "Look fucker you had your good time last night, Mother and I are shopping, so now it's my turn to have a good time."

Mother laughed as I hung my cell phone. "He has no idea how good of time you're going to have." I smiled back at her. We got in our cars and drove to her house.

A couple of hours later Daddy opened the front door. "Helen? Helen, I'm home." He called out. "In the bedroom dear." Mother hollered out the open bedroom door.

She smiled at me. We were perched in the middle of their king size bed kneeling side by side with our arms around each other's waist. We had on matching black garter belts and black fishnet stockings. We were way too excited and wet to wear panties. We decided that if we didn't need panties we didn't need bras either. The cool air made our already excited nipples that much harder.

We fought to stifle our giggles as we hear his footsteps on the stairs. He pushed open the bedroom door. His mouth dropped in surprise at the sight of us.

Mother said, "I asked Sadie to join us for a little before supper delight." She then kissed me. Our tongues teasingly entwined. She broke the kiss and continued, "I hope you don't mind." She smiled at Daddy.

He looked first at mother, drinking in her full beauty. Then at me. He smiled, his eye twinkled in joy. "I don't mind at all."

He ripped open his shirt as he walked into the room the buttons flew about the room. He kicked off his shoes and hopped on one leg and then the other as he pulled off his socks. We giggled. Daddy tore down his trousers and stepped out of his boxers. He rushed towards the bed his eager erection led the way.

I wrapped my arms around Daddy's neck and kissed him hungrily. Our tongues darting and dashing into each other's mouth. Daddy squeezed one breast as he bent his head and sucked the other's nipple. I arched my back and moaned. Mother rolled off the bed and dropped to her knees with a thud. Daddy and I looked down at her jointly amazed at her athletic ability. She took his handsome hard-on in one and hand and blew a hot breath along its shaft. It danced in her hand.

She offered me Daddy's dick and I got on my belly on the bed. Starting at the base of his dick we each licked up its length until we ended at the head. We then interlaced our tongues in a fiery kiss. Daddy leaned against the nightstand and knocked the lamb into the floor. He moaned as his dick danced between our faces.

Mother tickled his testicles with her tongue. I bobbed my head on his meat like it was going out of style. Mother jerked her hand down his length. She felt it pulsate and saw it twitch she knew Daddy was going to cum. She quickly grabbed his dick out of my mouth and swallowed the whole nine inches. I gapped amazed that she was able to deep-throat that monster. Daddy bellowed like a bull and pushed her face against groin. I saw his pubs sway when she exhaled.

He cummed more than she could swallow. He popped out of her mouth. She grabbed me by the back of my head and kissed me, sharing Daddy's goo with me. Our tongues tangled in a cummy embrace. I broke our kiss and cleaned his jiz off her tits with my twirling tongue.

"Allen feed Sadie your cock again, while I get her pussy ready for you," Mother ordered.

I sat on the edge of the bed. Daddy stood next me. I bent my head and once again took his cock into my mouth. I snaked my tongue around the head of his dick cleaning the remnants of his earlier orgasm. I smiled amazed that Daddy hadn't softened a bit after his ejaculation. Meanwhile, Mother knelt between my legs and spread them. Expertly she worked her tongue into my splayed pussy.

In no time I was chattering in an indistinguishable tongue as Mother worked her oral magic. She had two fingers buried into me up to the knuckles. She lightly bit down on my clit. I spit out Daddy's dick and screamed, "OHHHHHH" as red and white colors exploded in my mind. My pussy clinched down on her fingers. Mother kissed me. I could taste myself on her lips. "My turn," she said.

She got up on the bed and rolled on her back. She spread her legs invitingly. I crawled up between her legs on my hands and knees. I ran my tongue up her thigh were it was exposed at the top of her stockings. I gently bit her dilated pussy lip before tunneling into it with my tongue. Her pussy was shaved clean and it was white against her tanned hips. The outline of her bikini clearly visible and sexy. Her scent was heavenly. I worked one finger and then another into her.

I felt Daddy positioning himself behind me. He kissed a cheek of my butt and patted the other one. I stopped my oral ministrations while Daddy worked his huge happy hambone into my hungry hole. "That's what I needed, "I panted.

Mother stroked my hair patiently as she waited for me to continue. "I love what you do for your Daddy." She sighed. I waited for my pussy to accommodate Daddy. Once he was fully seated, he heaved breathlessly, "Your pussy feels so good, Baby-girl."

I was glad he enjoyed the plush wetness of my love canal. He slowly began moving in and out of me. I adjusted to his rhythm and began licking Mother's pussy to the rocking motion. I licked from her asshole to her hooded clitoris. She pushed my face deeper into her folds with each pass. Daddy's bouncing balls played tag with my clit. I worked two fingers into Mother's twat as I tongued around her puckered asshole.

Daddy grabbed my hips and began pummeling my pussy with abandon. His dick was pleasurably poking into my G-spot. I felt the pressure rising deep within my innards. I was close to climax. He was too. It would be a race to see who cummed first. I felt his cock grow, twitch and shoot. He won the sprint as he bottomed out against my cervix bathing it with his cum. It sent me over the top and I growled into Mother's gaping gash as I orgasm in a dizzying purple haze. My cunt clutched Daddy's cock, milking the remaining jism from it.

I caught my breath. Daddy patted my ass and slipped out of me. "I love you Baby-girl." He dropped next to Mother and began massaging and sucking her tits.

I gave Mother my full attention, machine-gunning my fingers into her cunt, while I flickered my tongue against her clit. She was moaning and twisting like she was possessed. She raised her knees to her breasts, spreading herself wider for me. I dove my tongue into her tunnel like it was a train. When I thought she couldn't take anymore I gently bite her clit and shoved two sopping fingers up her butt-hole. She clutched the bed spread and arched her back and screamed like a banshee.

Daddy lay down beside mother as I rolled up next to her. He kissed her and then I kissed her. We basked in each other's arms in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

"Thanks Mother I needed that, Tyler has been less than stellar." I said finally gratified.

"Yes dear, thanks, I've missed my Baby-girl." Daddy added before taking one of her pouting nipples into his mouth.

She moaned, "My pleasure. I love you both so much. I think we can work out a satisfactory arrangement that takes care of all our needs." She patted my bare bottom and smiled.
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