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Chapter 06: Joyce Gets a Massage

Posted on : 2012-01-28 19:37:15.49573

After my first workout with Joyce I was getting massages from her regularly. Every session was as hot as the very first and we were learning how to turn each other on. I kept kidding Joyce that one day it would be my turn to do the massage. She would always just smile and tell me that was her job. After about a half dozen sessions, I decided the next time we were together, I would be the masseur.

It turned out to be a hot, sticky July afternoon and I arrived a little early. I parked my car in front of the condo and went inside and up to her front door. Before I could knock, the door opened several inches and a little voice said, "Come on in." I pushed the door open cautiously just wide enough to slide around it. Joyce was standing at the end of the short hallway looking amazingly sexy.

She looked like a pixie, smiling from ear to ear and I smiled back at her, "Damn you look awesome girl." Joyce's dark hair was in a pony tail and she was only wearing a pair of high heels, tiny lavender boy shorts with a matching bra. The thin gauzy bra material was stretched to its limits by her gorgeous DD tits, and her oversized nipples stood out like small thumbs. The soft material of her shorts clung to her pussy lips and molded into an impressive camel toe.

I closed the door and mumbled, "God, you look good enough to eat my dear." If possible, the smile on her face got even bigger and she responded, "Sooner or later, that's pretty much the idea mister."

I walked over to her and leaned in and gave her a huge hug pulling her body to me, smashing her soft tits against me. She responded by slowly pushing her pussy against the bulge growing in my shorts. Within seconds, our lips had found each other and we kissed hard, interlocking our tongues as our breathing increased. Joyce let her hands fall to my ass and pulled me hard against her pussy and began to rotate. "Mmmm, damn that feels so good," she said.

I mumbled through our kiss, "I agree completely," and she increased the pressure against my cock. We kissed in short little stabbing licks at each until I knew it was time to start phase two. "I think it's time to start your massage young lady. It's my turn to make you totally relaxed."

Joyce smiled and let her hands slide slowly off of my butt and took one of my hands and led me back to the massage room. The candle was already lit and sultry bluesy music was playing. Without speaking she slid onto the table and slowly lifted her legs one at a time for me to remove her heels. Her eyes never left mine as she teased me with her slow sexy-as-hell, cat-like moves.

With her heels gone, it was time for her bra. I started to reach around her to unfasten it and Joyce said, "Let me lie down first." I was puzzled, but I knew enough not to question what she had in mind. She slowly turned her body so that she could lie on her stomach and when she got comfortable, I asked, "Now?" She nodded her head yes and I reached forward releasing the clasp that held in her huge titties.

Once it was undone, Joyce lifted up a bit as I pulled it out from under her. Moving to the foot of the table I reached up and grabbed the waist band of her shorts and peeled them off her round ass. As I pulled them down she wiggled her hips and in no time her shorts were in my hands. I quickly put them to my nose and inhaled deeply. Her pussy aroma was strong and sexy. After a second quick hit, I dropped them on the floor to join her bra on the carpet.

Without moving I pulled my shirt over my head and kicked my shoes off as I unzipped my shorts. Quickly, my clothes joined hers in the pile on the floor. I decided to leave my white tiny briefs on. The white against my tan looked good and I liked the way the contour pouch held my cock and balls.

Joyce lifted her head off the table to see what I was doing. She let out a slow whistle, "Now who looks awesome?" I said, "I hoped that you'd like them. I doubt it will stay on long, but you know how I like to make a good first impression." She giggled and said, "Hmmmm, that lump in your undies definitely looks like it could make an impression all right. Mmmm, I can't wait."

I smiled at her as I moved to the head of the table. As I moved, I ran my hands slowly over her body briefly caressing her ass cheeks. Joyce's body felt hot against my fingers. Once at the head of the table, I put oil on both hands and began at her shoulders working down to her lower back area. She sighed softly as I gently worked the oil into her skin. I knew Joyce has a bit of a low back problem so I spent a good amount of time working on her back and arms. She sighed repeatedly as I worked on her low back. I didn't move from the head of the table so that as I leaned over her body to the rub the top of her ass I could push my hard cock against her head. She extended her arms grabbing my thigh and pulled my cock hard against her.

Joyce was responding just the way I had hoped so I slowly moved to the side of the table and poured more oil onto her back and upper legs. I alternated working on her back and thighs. Each time I worked on a thigh, I opened her thighs a bit more until I had a clear view of the bottom of her pussy lips. It looked like Joyce had planned a bit of a surprise for me since they didn't look as hairy as they were the last time I saw them.

I began massaging her beautifully rounded ass and dribbled a pool of oil on each cheek letting a small stream glide into the crack of her ass. I grabbed each side of her butt and squeezed them together smearing the oil all over her creamy buns. I could feel her crack being lubricated as the oil made its way into her nether valley. I rubbed her ass hard, pushing her pussy into the table, rotating it in circles. Joyce started to moan again.

It was definitely time to go to the next plateau. I put more oil on my hands and spread her ass cheeks wide. Her rectum seemed to open and close on its own in anticipation of what was coming next. I placed my index finger against her anus and slowly slid it in. Immediately Joyce's muscles clamped down involuntarily. The feeling of her silky ass squeezing my finger was heavenly. Soon I had 3 fingers working in and out and she raised her ass each time to meet my thrusts.

I knew that Joyce loves anal play and can orgasm just from ass play, but I didn't want to pass up opportunities with her hot pussy. So, as she raised her ass off the table, I slid my other hand between her thighs. Two fingers slipped quickly into her dripping snatch. As soon as I got myself situated I started fucking both her holes with my fingers making sure that my thumb was rubbing against her clit.

Joyce was moaning like crazy and grabbed the end of the table for support. I continued to finger fuck her sopping pussy and her ass as best I could. It was kinda like riding a wild stallion. I was holding on the best I could. Joyce was screaming at me to make her cum and then her legs got tense and her breathing stopped for a second. Then she doubled up as if I'd punched her in the stomach. I wasn't touching her pussy, but my fingers were still in her ass.

I just let her go through the orgasm for a bit then I slowly started finger fucking her ass again and then her pussy. She tensed again and yelled, "Oh my god, oh my god" over and over again. I finally quit massaging her when she grabbed my hands and pleaded with me to stop. She was covered with a sheen of perspiration and her eyes were nothing but tiny slits. I rubbed her neck and shoulders until she recovered.

Joyce looked up at me and said, "Well, I think I owe you one for that little experience. You nearly caused death by orgasm." She smiled at me and patted the front of the table. I moved in front of her. She looked up and said, "I love the undies babe, but they gotta go." I smiled and complied with her request. My semi hard cock bobbed in the air as she moved forward to cover it with her lips.

Her mouth felt like it was on fire as Joyce sucked me in all the way to the root. She had my balls in her hand and caressed them like precious eggs. The feeling was unbelievable. She swirled her tongue around my cock as it went in and out of her mouth. The finger of her other hand found its way to my ass and was buried passed the first joint. I decided to return the favor.

I leaned forward and easily found her ass and began finger fucking it again. After a bit of finger fucking each other's ass, Joyce pulled my cock from her mouth and panted, "I want your cock in my ass." There wasn't anything I'd rather do, but I warned, "If I fuck your ass, I'll shoot my load." Joyce spat back, "That's what I want. Fuck me hard. Do it!"

The table was just wide enough to fuck doggie style. As I got onto the table Joyce rose to her knees. I lined my cock with her asshole and slowly pushed forward. There was plenty of lube left from the earlier massage so the head slid right in passed the tight ring of muscle. As I started getting into a rhythm, Joyce started repeating in a low moan, "fill me up, fill me up." So, I grabbed her hips and started thrusting as hard as I could. Joyce grunted every time my balls slapped against her pussy. In no more than thirty seconds, I knew I was gonna cum, "Here it comes" I growled.

Joyce could feel my legs tense as the cum made its way out of my balls into her silky ass. As my first spurt hit her insides she yelled, "That's it, that's it, Fill me with your cum." I continued to slam against her as I shot spurt after spurt into her hot ass. Finally my contractions stopped. She immediately started squeezing my cock with her sphincter muscles. It felt like she was sucking my cock and it kept my cock hard for a while longer. I'd never experienced that sensation before. Finally, I slid out of her with a plop sound.

Joyce said, "Gawd I love the feel of something hard in my ass. That was hot." Then she slowly cat-like turned around to where my cock was hanging and sucked it into her mouth and licked all the cum and sex juice from it. Then she raised her head and gave me a hot soul kiss with lots of tongue. She pressed her titties into me as we made out like two teenagers in heat.

Slowly she broke the kiss and looked into my eyes, "That was one hell of a massage, but now I want to show you the surprise I have for you." With that she spread her legs apart to show me that she had shaved the bottom part of her pussy lips. She had left just a bit hair on top, but most of her lips were smooth and bare. My cock started to twitch and get hard just looking at her beautiful pussy lips. After a minute of grinning in silence Joyce said, "Any chance a girl could get some service around here?" I just grinned at her as my cock got rock hard again and said "Mam, you look good enough to eat."

I slid between her thighs and began running my tongue along her bare lips. In no time Joyce's clit was swollen and sticking out like a tiny cock waiting to be sucked on. So, that's just what I did. Knowing that her ass was still nice and wet, I slid a thumb into her ass and started sucking her clit like crazy alternating long tongue strokes up and down the entire length of her pussy slit.

Joyce was moaning and thrashing like broncin buck. I knew it was time to fuck her with everything I had so I moved to my knees and placed the head of my dick against her pussy and shoved hard. She was really wet and my cock slid all the way in to my balls. Joyce yelped as she grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled hard. I fucked her pussy as hard and as fast as I could. I knew I wasn't going to last long, but I wanted to bring her to orgasm first.

Joyce's eyes were closed and her tits bounced on every down stroke. She was lifting her hips to meet my thrusts as I rammed my cock in and out of her. Then she started rolling her head from side to side and her moaning started to get louder then she yelled, "That's it, that's it. Keep fucking me hard. That's it."

Then she went stiff and I knew she was cumming. I plowed my dick into her as hard as I could and I knew she was in a continuous orgasm. I felt my balls begin to tighten and gasped, "I'm cumming." Joyce pulled my in tighter and yelled, "Fill me up. Give me your cum." When my orgasm hit I couldn't believe how intense it felt. I continued to pump my cock into Joyce until I was worn out and couldn't thrust anymore. After not moving for a minute or so, finally my soft dick slid out of her dripping pussy.

I collapsed onto Joyce and we turned kinda sideways so we both could lie on the table. We just held each other while we cooled down. Finally Joyce broke the silence, "That was awesome. I can feel still feel your hot cum dripping out of my pussy and my ass. That was one hell of a ride cowboy." I squeezed her and smiled knowing there would definitely be another rodeo soon.
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