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Star Wars: Theed Royal Academy Ch. 01

Posted on : 2012-01-29 08:49:25.699405

(Disclaimer: This story is a work of fantasy for free entertainment. Star Wars is the property of Lucasfilm Ltd. Please DO NOT repost without the author's permission. *Magée is based on Maggie Q*)

Star Wars: Theed Royal Academy - The Headmistress

She stood 168-centimeters tall, was thirty-one years old--somewhat older than most of the instructors here--and had the most delightful brown skin, dark brown hair, and matching almond eyes. With her slim, sculpted body poured into a soft black dress that turned translucent when she stepped in front of the window, there was no doubt that here was the undisputed head of the Theed Royal Academy.

Sabé held her breath while she watched the older woman pace back and forth, sharp heels clicking loudly on the polished floor while she scanned the new entrant's file. The eighteen-year-old had come here straight from the showers, the handmaidens and fellow students on the shuttle having had their fun with Mirai Veruna's beautiful cousin, and her own brown hair was still damp, her simple robe clinging wetly to her tight body.

"You can relax, sweetheart. You're not in trouble." Magée Quigley's voice was soft, almost soothing, her simple accent a nice change of pace after all the posh women who had spent the half hour shuttle ride brutally violating Sabé. She had been a handmaiden once, as had all the instructors at the Academy, and her reputation around the city was that of a stern but honest woman who genuinely cared for the well being of her students.

She put the file down and turned to face Sabé. Naturally shorter than the teenager, today she towered over her in slutty heels, looking more like a high-priced call girl in her sheer dress than the headmistress of Theed's most illustrious academy.

"I make it a habit to meet with all of my ladies," the exotic beauty continued. "I like to let them know the rules right away so there aren't any misunderstandings."

She ticked her fingers while she explained.

"Academic attendance is optional, as long as you demonstrate that you are studying on your own and can pass the exams. Physical training is required, however, and if you are late you will be given ten lashes in the courtyard. So don't be late."

Sabé stared into her pretty face.

"Sexual intercourse is not only allowed, it's encouraged. You don't have to sleep with your roommate, but you will be rewarded if you do. You may resist the advances of your fellow students, but if you don't submit immediately to instructors, assistant instructors, and VIPs designated by myself, you will be punished for the first offense, then expelled after the second."

Sabé swallowed, blinking several times. She had known it would be different here, but from the way the Headmistress spoke it sounded as if she would be fucking 24/7.

Magée sensed what she was thinking and flashed a sweet smile that instantly calmed her nerves.

"It's not as bad as you think. In fact, you'll come to like it. Trust me. They had to literally drag me out of the Academy after I graduated."

She glanced past Sabé's shoulder, then walked over and shut the door.

"One other thing," she said gravely. "King Veruna isn't especially liked around here, not after the stunt he pulled last year, and word has already gotten around that you're family."

She cleared her throat.

"I'll tell you plainly, girl, it's not going to be easy for you. The instructors won't intentionally hurt you or your grades, but they can make your life rather unpleasant."

Sabé frowned. She'd had nothing to do with Veruna's schemes; in fact, she had tried to keep her father from getting involved in them at all.

Magée held up a small piece of folded flimsy. "This is a list of women you can go to if you need to talk." She held it out, only to pull it back before Sabé could get her fingers on it. "But you have to earn it."

Sabé giggled nervously, suddenly very conscious of how naked she was underneath the borrowed robe.

"Whatever do you mean, Headmistress?"


Sabé had been ready for anything after the attack on the shuttle by her fellow students and overseers, or so she had thought, her long legs in the air, her toes curled tight while she kicked her feet and moaned at the top of her lungs. Mere minutes had passed since her arrival at the Academy, and now she was sitting on the edge of a beautiful old-fashioned desk, while the even more exquisite owner munched away between her firm thighs.

"Ugh," Sabé squealed. "Mistress--Mistress!"

The exotic Magée grinned at that, her face partially hidden by Sabé's own smooth pubic mound while she inhaled long and hard and chewed on the younger woman's labia. She had claimed to do this with all of her new students, but somehow Sabé doubted that. Perhaps over an entire one or two years, but not after meeting them for the first time.

Sabé fell back with a groan, wincing as her head bounced off the hard surface. Flimsies stuck to her damp skin, but she didn't care, thrashing about and bucking while a woman old enough to be her mother feasted on her dripping cunt. In truth, she hadn't totally hated what the women had done to her on the shuttle ride over here, her face pressed against a window while a dozen girls and several handmaidens fucked her holes with strap-on Powerdrives, thick Gungan spunk coating the insides of her thighs by the time she stumbled down the landing ramp looking like she had just climbed out of a swamp. Add to that what the gorgeous Headmistress was giving to her now, and Sabé had a feeling that her new lover had been right after all: she was going to like it here and might never want to leave.

Her orgasm came out of nowhere, Sabé's brown eyes going wide. She threw her head from side to side and gripped the sides of the desk, trying desperately to pull away from the professional pussy-eater. Magée wasn't having any of that, grabbing her by the ankles and holding her in place while she lapped at the gushing twat and drank up all she could.

Her chest heaved and glistened when she finally relented, her face soaked with Sabé's juices when she pulled back and began kissing the girl's warm inner thighs.

"Mm," she purred as she licked the cum from her lips. "Nice, but I think we can do a little better than that."

She took Sabé by the wrists and pulled her off the desk, a naked woman dragging another naked woman over to the plush lounger lined up against the wall and throwing her down. Sabé gasped, her firm breasts jiggling, and didn't resist in the least while her Headmistress stretched her out over the piece of furniture as if readying her for bed.

"Look at you," Magée said, running her hands over Sabé's smooth body, teasing her engorged clitoris and small pink nipples. "It's like looking into a mirror at a younger me."

She mounted her defenseless student, showing absolutely no shame in taking advantage of someone she was supposed to be mentoring, kissing her hard on the mouth while she lined up their vaginas. Sabé moaned pathetically at the feel of another woman's sex on her own, instinctively spreading her legs while Magée slid between them.

They grunted in each other's faces, two impossibly stunning Naboo women having missionary sex on an expensive lounger. Magée held Sabé's head in her hands, staring deep into the young woman's eyes while she rolled her hips and fucked her slowly but surely, their wet pussies squishing while they ground themselves against each other's taut bodies. Sabé had never done this before, despite seeing it in holovids and at some parties, and as she dug her fingers into Magée's supple brown skin and inhaled her sweet, fruit-based perfume her mind almost reeled at the realization that she was now officially a slut, the kind of girl she had longed to be when she was attending primary school but had never had the guts to try and become until now.

Gods, she was going to fuck everyone here!

Magée laughed--perhaps sensing what the girl was thinking, maybe even having thought it herself once long ago--and stroked Sabé's smooth face while they made love. She was in total control here, using her weight to keep Sabé in her place while she did what was needed to make them both feel very good, and it wasn't long before she brought the girl to the utmost height of sexual pleasure, making her feel things she hadn't even felt when her father took her virginity only the night before, or when Mirai would come over and rub her to a quiet orgasm under the table while the family ate dinner.

Speaking of Mirai--

"I knew your cousin," Magée groaned, not yet out of breath despite the constant rocking of her lower body. "She was a senior my first year as Headmistress."

Sabé hugged the woman's waist, holding her firmly while they rocked the lounger on its spindly legs. "Did you hate her?" she groaned back.

Magée laughed--more of a giggly moan really--and shook her head, silken brown hair falling in Sabé's face. "Quite the opposite, actually. I think I loved her."

Sabé's pussy tingled as images of Magée fucking Mirai on this very lounger flickered through her head; although knowing the Princess, it had been Mirai doing all the work.

"Is that why you're helping me?" she asked. "I remind you of her?"

"Maybe." Magée pushed up on her hands and stared down at Sabé's face while they screwed like non-lesbian lovers. "But as pretty as you are, I think we would have ended up here eventually."

And with that, reminiscing time was over, Magée pressing herself against Sabé's naked body and humping away like a madwoman, the exotic Headmistress burying her face against the girl's neck and grunting loudly while she fucked her with everything she had.

Sabé cried out, firming her jaw and gritting her teeth while she dug her heels into the woman's flesh. She stared at the ceiling, at the ornate painting that blurred as she was jounced back and forth, and moaned into her lover's ear while they exchanged pleasure on an almost spiritual level. She had been with women before, touching and tasting them by the dozens, but never like this, nowhere near like this.

"Mistress!" Sabé wailed. "Mistress, Mistress!"

"Mmm yeah," the older woman grunted. "Take it, Cadet. Take my hot pussy like you know you want it!"

"Yes!" Sabé cried. "Stars yes! I want it, Mistress! I want your pussy!"

And then Magée bit down on the side of her neck, hard enough to leave a deep bruise, and she lost complete control, thrashing hard enough to crack the lounger while she came hard all over her lover and herself. That proved the final straw for Magée, the Headmistress giving her one more great thrust before collapsing and grinding softly against the young woman's body, hot cream leaking from her pretty hole. Sabé's mouth watered at the thought, and she wished desperately that one day she might eat out the Headmistress as well as she had eaten her out.

Magée said nothing for a long moment. She remained on top of Sabé and caressed the girl's sweaty skin and smelled her hair while they both trembled and simply enjoyed the feel of another woman of equal beauty. Sabé wondered if she was comparing her to Mirai, the blonde Princess so much more experienced than herself, but then decided that she didn't care. She and Mirai were cousins, but that didn't mean they were anything alike, and she was certain that a woman as cultured as Magée would understand that.

"One year," the Headmistress said as she slowly disentangled herself from Sabé. "That's all the time I had with our Mirai."?

She remained on the lounger, sitting up between Sabé's long legs and staring into the teenager's eyes while she caressed her flat stomach and smooth pubic mound.

"I have you now. Be a dear and try not to break my heart like your cousin did. I'll never forgive myself if I end up pining for two of you."

She held up the folded piece of flimsy.

"I have business to attend to, so you'll have to leave now. But if you want to talk after classes, you'll find my address in here."

She waited for Sabé to take it, then leaned in for one last kiss. Smacking her lips, she came to her feet and slipped into her slutty heels before strutting over to the desk and picking up a folder. When Sabé didn't move she looked back over her shoulder, her beautiful face impassive, and adopted a haughty tone that made her seem much older than she actually was.

"That'll be all, Cadet. Remember: we don't tolerate tardiness here at TRA."
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