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Jim's Ride

Posted on : 2012-01-29 08:54:07.694179

After playing poker with a few of the my friends one Thursday night, I drove back home to Canterbury at around midnight. I usually picked up any hitch-hikers and took them as far I could on my normal route home.

There were mostly young men begging a ride and there was no anxiety about violence done in private in those days. Because of the regularity of my habits, I gave rides to some hitch-hikers more than once.

Some were content to negotiate where I could take them and sit quietly until our parting intersection, others would keep conversations alive after establishing common ground either through establishing what was happening that night, suburbs we lived in or visited, or maybe transport options etc.

Driving through South Wixton on Stanley Street I noticed a boy who looked to be in his mid-teens, slim with blond hair, well dressed, who I had given rides to a few times previously. He seemed interested in my car, a non-descript dark green Wolseley. I guess to him, any car was a luxury.

I usually dropped him off after about 4 miles, but this night, I thought I might take him as far as he wanted, and tell him it wasn't too far out of the way.

As we approached our usual drop off point, I offered to take him a bit further. Someone that young could be fun.

I asked him what his trousers were made of. It was a completely absurd question. He thought it was cotton. He appeared to be shy and very timid when the conversation became personal.

I wondered how far he would go. I reached across and felt his pants near the top of his leg, rubbing it between my thumb and finger. I wanted to grope him but I would have to be patient. I kept him engaged in conversation and found out he was out dancing with his girlfriend on Thursday nights.

I kept driving knowing every mile I travelled, I would have to drive back again, but I was hoping to make some ground with him. He seemed to try hard to keep things on a friendly basis. If he was trying to fit keep my approval, I guessed it to be unlikely that he would reject any assertive advance. Even though there was no perceptible chance I could get what I was after, I wanted to try anyway.

After about 6 more miles I asked "How far from here?"

He said, "At the end of this park."

I said "Let me feel that material again. I think its Gaberdine."

I put my hand on the top of his leg and could feel one of his balls. I was getting excited. This familiarity made him feel very uncomfortable.

As we approached the place where he turned off, he said, "I don't live far away. I can walk from here."

I said, "No trouble. I might as well take you all the way if we're this close. Which way?"

He replied in what I thought was a very reluctant tone, "Down there".

I kept my hand on his leg moving it only to change gears, returning it to his leg, which had begun to shake. I turned into the second street, feeling his leg, probing for his cock. We drove to the end of the street, probably passing his house.

He said, "This'll do."

This was my last chance. I had to do what I could now. If he got out of the car now, all my driving would come to nothing.

I said in the gentlest voice I could, "Let me feel that material again. I want to find out how it was weaved."

I ran my hand up his leg for the third time, very slowly and probed for his cock and found it. It seemed to be very large and I thought I could feel it growing, stiffening with the urgent hardness of youth.

He tried to push my hand away. I can usually do whatever I want when someone so young gets an erection.

I gave him a look of hurt disappointment, and waited for him to remove his hand from mine so I could proceed. After about 20 long seconds, I guess it was easier for him to remove his hand than to try and outstare me and deal with my accusatory glance and disappointment.

He slowly and resentfully removed his hand. I took it as a sign that I could proceed, and I fully intended to fully expose his cock. I undid his buttons and loosened his belt and had to pull hard on the material of his underpants to free his swollen prick from the confinement of his clothes.

When it was exposed, I was shocked to find his impressive cock was 8 inches long, circumcised, with a pronounced head and a straight shaft, but the best part was its unnatural hardness. I couldn't remember ever seeing anything as appetizing as this. Surely a more beautiful penis than this never existed. What a prize I had in my hand. I wanted to do everything I could think of to it. I began by masturbated him as lightly and as slowly as I could.

"Please don't do that," he implored me

"How old are you?" I asked still softly circling my fingers around his penis just below the head.

It appeared the more I stimulated him, the more he was in conflict, caught between his physical response and his dread of being involved in something wicked, taboo.


That was a surprise. He looked much younger.

He must have been excited kissing his girlfriend before I picked him up. She was probably too young to know what fucking was about. He didn't have a car so he was probably outside her front door, scared her old man would catch them necking.

But now, he must have been very disturbed by his arousal. It was probably his first time with another man in a way he hadn't been ever before. Perhaps his orgasm was mounting and feeling the urgency of his arousal, he must have been building gradually to a dreaded climax.

I wanted to play with this cock for a long time. That in itself would be a wonderful outcome for my careful attempt to achieve this unlikely seduction. But he seemed to be struggling with his conscience and would probably stop me and run from the car if this went on too long. I was doing something he had tried to talk me out of.

I had nothing to lose. How good it would be for me to suck his cock and swallow his semen! I put my left hand on his arm to reassure him I wouldn't hurt.

I said, "It will be alright. Honestly."

I played gently with his hard penis while it throbbed in my right hand. Clear sweet fluid was coursing out of the eye of his beautiful cock and I gently smeared it over the head. This probably sent alarm bells off in his mind as the intense sensations in his cock was depriving him of making rational decisions and was stripping away his control.

He jammed his knees together, crying, "Stop. Please don't do that"

"Would you mind taking your pants down?"

"No thanks. I'd rather leave them on."

I said "Let me put it in my mouth for a moment."

"No, he cried "You can't do that."

I bent down and put my mouth over his beautiful hard cock and gently sucked it and licked it. In about 5 seconds I could feel it harden even further and this made me get hard as well. I imagined tasting his semen. His throbbing cock felt like a larger, harder version of my own.

He held his breath. . . . He remained perfectly still.

"Please stop. Could you stop please?"

I lightly licked just below the swollen head of his cock. It was throbbing strongly with each heartbeat. It seemed to be the trigger to take him past the point where he became unable to stop it.

He must have experienced a very intense climax. He began involuntarily rutting his hips uncontrollably and weeping as my ministrations on his sensitive cock dominated his whole body. He began whimpering. He moaned a long strained groan in his throat. His semen was squirting into the back of my mouth.

He was ejaculating. There were 5 or 6 more long gushes on my tongue. I tasted his semen. I wish I could have seen his face.

I kept it in my mouth for a few seconds before I swallowed his cum.

I watched him as his obscene spasms gradually reduced and shame took over from his uncontrollable arousal.

He buttoned up his pants and got out of the car and said, "I have to go home now." He didn't sound happy.

It worked. My patience had paid off. I felt very powerful that I had seduced a straight young boy into letting me suck him off.

As I drove away, I could see him struggling to get his pulsing cock back in his pants. I drove home feeling as light as a feather. It was getting late. It was probably too late to find anyone else at this hour.

I hope I see him again. I want to tease that beautiful cock. I know I can get him to do whatever I want if I proceed slowly enough.

It was probably the beginning of his bisexuality. I might never know.

I'll go to a beach I know tomorrow. Anything can happen there.
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