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Sean was excited to be home. His unit was not supposed to return from Iraq for another week, but just a day earlier they were told to board a plane and leave. He had not contacted anyone at home, mostly because he did not have time, but he also wanted to surprise them. He was especially excited about seeing his younger sister Amanda who had just turned 18 and was going to graduate from high school in a few months.

The taxi pulled in front of their modest house. It was still winter and there were traces of snow and ice covering the front yard. Sean walked to the front door and turned the knob. The door was open. He quietly stepped inside, but no one was there. When he called out no one answered so he headed back towards his room to unpack and wait. That's when he heard noises coming from his sister's bedroom.

Sean stopped and peeked through the door which was cracked open. Amanda was sitting in front of a computer and typing with one hand. The other hand was between her legs. Her jeans and panties were on the floor by the chair and her knees were spread wide. Sean could hear moans between the clicks of the keys.

"Ooooohhh... uuuuuhhhh... click, click click... mmmmppphhhh... uh, uh... click, click, click."

Sean was shocked. His sister, who had been an innocent young teenager when he joined the Marines, was engaged in a hot session of computer sex. He knew it was wrong to watch but he couldn't seem to break away. He could feel his cock growing hard as he watched his sister getting more and more excited. Her fingers caused faint squishing sounds to emanate from her pussy.

Mmmmmm... mmmmmm... oooohhhhh... click, click, click, click... uh, uh... mmmmpppphhh... click, click, click."

Amanda was becoming more and more excited as she clicked away on the computer. Suddenly her knees began to wobble. She arched her back and straightened her legs. Her toes curled and her body jerked in a series of spasms. She let out a muffled squeal and a series of gasps and moans. Several seconds later her body collapsed back into the chair until her trembles subsided and she regained control.

Amanda, now with both hands free, continued typing for another few minutes. Then she stood and bent over to pick up her jeans and panties. Sean stared at her naked ass with two perfect spheres separated by a cleft down the middle. Between them he could see her swollen pussy with the petals open wide and glistening with cum.

Sean made a quick escape while Amanda pulled on her clothes. He went back outside with his bag, gave Amanda a little time to recover and then re-entered making his presence known in a loud voice. Amanda came running out from the back room and flung her arms around him in a big hug. He was very aware of her breasts pressing into his chest and hoped she did not notice his still hard cock.

"Sean, I can't believe it. You're home. I have missed you so much. I'm calling mom and dad right now. They will be so totally freaked."

The celebration went on well into the night with neighbors and friends dropping by until Sean could hardly stand because of the jet lag. The next morning he woke late. He found a note from his parents saying they were all out shopping and would be back by noon. Sean contemplated getting something to eat, but when he passed Amanda's room he opened the door and stepped inside.

Her bed was not made and there were clothes strewn about, including a pair of panties on the floor. He picked them up and sniffed the crotch. There was a strong smell of pussy. Sean assumed that these must be the panties his sister was wearing after masturbating at the computer the previous afternoon.

Her computer was on. Out of curiosity Sean moved the mouse to clear the screen saver. He was surprised to find someone still logged on to a porn chat site by the name of "Puffy n Wet." He knew it had to be Amanda. Sean scrolled up and read the first entry from someone named "Meat Grinder." It was from last night.

MG: I quietly move up behind you in the dark alley.

PW: I sense someone is there. I am afraid. I turn to look.

MG: My hand clamps across your mouth. I twist your arm and push you face first against the brick wall.

PW: I try to scream but am unable. I struggle to get free.

MG: I twist your arm higher.

PW: The pain is unbearable. Tears run down my cheeks.

MG: Cooperate and you won't get hurt.

PW: I nod my head.

MG: I take my hand from your mouth and slide it down to your breast. I crush the soft flesh through the flimsy top you are wearing. My other hand slides around your body and cups your pussy.

PW: Wha... what are you doing?

MG: Shut the fuck up if you don't want to get hurt.

PW: Please... I'll give you money. Don't hurt me.

MG: I push my hand under your top. I pinch your nipple hard and twist it.

PW: Ooooohhhh... nooooo... please...

MG: I slip my hand down the front of your jeans and into your panties. My fingers find the hot folds of your sex.

PW: I want it to stop but... ohmygod... what is happening.

MG: I twist two fingers up into your cunt.

PW: Ahhhh... stop... ooohhhh...

MG: I can feel your juices flowing as I fingerfuck your pussy.

PW: Mmmmppphhh... please... ooohhhhh... nooo..

MG: I bite into the side of your neck and thrust my fingers deeper up your cunt.

PW: Aaaahhhhhhhhh...

MG: You love it. Don't you?

PW: My body is betraying me. My nipples are swollen and my pussy is dripping.

MG: Answer me bitch.

PW: Pl... please don't hurt me... oh god... aaaahhhh

MG: I grab you by the hair and throw you to the ground. I pull out my cock and shove it in your face.

PW: I turn my head and feel the hard flesh press against my cheek.

MG: If you don't want to get hurt you had better suck it. Now.

PW: I feel the large bulb brush across my lips. I open my mouth.

MG: Grabbing your hair I slam my cock into your mouth until it is lodged in the opening to your throat.

PW: I gag desperately trying to get air.

MG: Oh yeah... that's it... suck it...

PW: I do my best to keep up. Spit is drooling from my chin. I open my throat because of the pressure and feel the hard cock slide even deeper.

MG: I jam my cock all the way down your throat and hold it there.

PW: I can't breathe. I am going to pass out.

MG: I finally pull my cock from your mouth. It is dripping with spit.

PW: I gasp for air only vaguely aware of where I am.

MG: I pull you up by the hair and throw you face first against the wall.

PW: Wha... no, please.

MG: I yank your jeans and panties down to your knees.

PW: What are you doing? Don't hurt me.

MG: I bend you forward and ram my cock between your ass cheeks until it finds your opening.

PW: I feel him against me. My body reacts against my will and pushes back. The head of his cock slides inside me.

MG: I grab your hips and slam my cock deep into your pussy.

PW: Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh...

MG: I pull out and pound it into you again and again and again.

PW: Ohhh... oh god

MG: My hands move under your top and crush your tits.

PW: I feel his cock go deep inside me again and again. I want it.

MG: Your pussy is milking my swollen meat. My balls slap hard against your clit.

PW: Fuck me... oh god yes.

MG: My swollen meat pounds your pussy harder and faster.

PW: I reach down to rub my clit. I am going to cum.

MG: I pinch your nipples hard and twist them while driving my cock deep.

PW: Fuck me... fuck me... oh god... almost

MG: My cock pounds your pussy hard and deep. I move a hand to your throat and squeeze.

PW: Oh god... oh god

MG: I feel your pussy tighten around my cock.


MG: I keep pounding. Juices are splattered everywhere.

MG: My balls are filling with cum. I fuck you faster.

MG: Just a little more... oh god

PW: (breathing hard)... In my mouth baby. I want you to cum in my mouth

MG: Yes... oh god.

PW: I wrap my lips around your swollen cock and suck off my juices

MG: Just a little more.

PW: I swirl my tongue across your meat. My eyes look up at you with lust.

MG: Oh god

PW: I feel you swell between my lips.

MG: Yes

PW: I want your cum. Give it to me baby.


PW: Mmmmmmmm... more


PW: (Gulp)... Mmmmmm, that was good

MG: Oh fuck... I'm drained

PW: I'm still horny. I'm going to fuck myself silly with my vibrator.

MG: Have fun. See you soon

Sean wrapped her panties around his cock and closed his eyes. He imagined Amanda's lips wrapped around his hard meat as she looked up at him. Seconds later a huge load of cum gushed into the crotch. He kept shooting until her panties were drenched. Afterwards he felt guilty. A brother wasn't supposed to think of his sister like that.

Sean wondered if "Meat Grinder" was her boyfriend and if they just used the internet when they couldn't be together. He decided to test the waters and set up an account using the name "Marine One." He noticed that there were a lot of options including video, and that there was also a search and messaging feature.

Sean composed a message to Amanda that he was sure would get her attention and hit the send key. Sure enough he found a reply later that afternoon from "Puffy n Wet" who asked him to meet her in a public chat room at 10PM that evening. From there she suggested that they could go into a private session.

Sean said goodnight to Amanda at a few minutes before 10PM and watched her go into her room and lock the door. He did the same and set up his laptop next to the bed. He logged onto the site and went to the chat room where "Puffy n Wet" sent him a message inviting him to a private chat. Sean accepted.

MO: I'm new at this. How do we get started?

PW: There's nothing to it. We just make it up as we go along.

MO: Are we supposed to be using video so we can see each other?

PW: No. I don't do video or voice. We just type what we want to do.

MO: So how does that work. Do I ask you to take off your clothes or something?

PW: I'm already naked except for a pair of panties. And you?

MO: The essential organ is fully exposed and ready for action.

PW: You mean your cock? Is it hard?

MO: Not yet.

PW: I can help with that. Do you want me to suck it?

MO: Sure, but how does that work? I need an image in my mind.

PW: I can be anyone you want - a movie star, a girlfriend, a wife, a mistress.

MO: How about my sister? Could you be her?

PW: Wow, that's a little kinky. Do you really have the hots for your own sister?

MO: Yeah, after I saw her naked. She didn't know I was looking.

PW: Was she in the shower?

MO: No, she was masturbating in her bedroom. She left her door open.

PW: That is hot. What did you do?

MO: I jerked off in a pair of her panties.

PW: You are kinky. Ok, I'll be your sister.

MO: And I'll be your brother. Do you have one?

PW: Yeah. I never really thought about sex with him but he is pretty hot.

MO: Is that who you are going to imagine I am?

PW: Hmmm... why not. Sucking my own brother's cock will be interesting.

MO: More than that I hope.

PW: We'll see. I'll start.

MO: Ok

PW: I am lying face down on the bed fingering my pussy.

MO: I come home early and hear sounds from your room.

PW: I tilt my ass in the air and push 2 fingers up my cunt.

MO: I push open the door and see you.

PW: I rotate my ass and push my fingers deeper.

MO: My cock grows hard. I know I should leave.

PW: I imagine it is my brother's fingers in me. I call out his name.

MO: I am shocked to hear my name. Does she know I'm here?

PW: I push my juicy fingers into my mouth and imagine it is my brother's cock.

MO: I know I should leave. It is wrong to see my sister like this.

PW: I take the vibrator from under my pillow and put it in my mouth.

MO: I unzip my jeans and pull out my hard cock.

PW: I roll onto my back and prepare to fuck myself. I see you.

MO: Our eyes lock but I don't move.

PW: I sit up and stare at the huge monster poking out at me.

MO: This is wrong. You are my sister.

PW: I know.

MO: I should leave.

PW: I know.

MO: I can't help myself. I move forward until the tip of my cock brushes your lips.

PW: I flick my tongue across your knob.

MO: I moan as flashes of pleasure surge through me. My cock twitches

PW: My lips slide over your knob and down your meaty shaft.

MO: Aaaaahhhhhhh

PW: My tongue explores the veins and ridges of your hard meat.

MO: Oh fuck

PW: I bob my head up and down and fuck you with my mouth

MO: Oh god yes

PW: I go faster and faster forcing the head of your cock into my throat

MO: Oooooohhhhhhhh

PW: I open my throat and take you deeper

MO: Oh shit

PW: My lips press against your pubes. My tongue massages the underside of your cock.

MO: Yes... suck it sweet sister of mine

PW: I pull you from my mouth and nibble on the head of your cock.

MO: Mmmmmmmmmm

PW: I kiss down your shaft and take your balls into my mouth one at a time. My hand is stroking your hard cock

MO: Oh fuck... you're driving me crazy

PW: I slide my lips back down your shaft and fuck you with my mouth

MO: I put my hands on your head and move my cock in and out of your mouth matching your bobbing motion

PW: I feel your hard meat slamming into my mouth. Spit is drooling from my lips.

MO: Oh god, oh fuck, I'm gonna cum

PW: Mmmmpppphhhhhh, ssssshhhhllllluuuurrrrrpppp

MO: Ah, ah, oh fuck

PW: ggggghhhhhhhhhh (fingering my pussy)

MO: Almost... oh god...

PW: I feel you swell. I want to taste my brother's cum


PW: I feel it shooting into my mouth. I want more.

PW: I swallow but it is too much.

PW: I feeling it drooling from my lips and chin

PW: My fingers rub my pussy faster. I am going to cum.

MO: Oh fuck that was good.

PW: Will you lick my pussy?

MO: Of course sister.

PW: I lay back and spread my legs.

MO: I move my face between your thighs. My tongue flicks across your clit

PW: Yes... oh god. Eat me

MO: I push two fingers up your cunt and nibble on your clit

PW: Oh god... put a finger up my ass

MO: I rub my fingertip across your asshole and push. I feel you open.

PW: Ooooohhhhhh... oooohhhhhh... just a little longer

MO: Is your finger really in your ass?

PW: Yes. Oh god

MO: My finger goes deeper into your ass. I rake my teeth across your clit

PW: Typing with one hand, finger in my ass and thumb on my clit.

MO: Cum for me sister. Cum in my mouth.

PW: Almost there

MO: I clamp my mouth over your pussy and shove my tongue up your cunt.


MO: I lick your juices as they pour from your pussy.


MO: Cunt juice runs down my chin and neck.

PW: Oh god... mmmmmmmmm... that was a good one

MO: Mine too. I shot a stream of cum five feet across the room

PW: And I'm sitting in a puddle.

MO: Caused by your brother eating your pussy. Now would you fuck him?

PW: It could never happen. He's not like that.

MO: But would you if it could happen. Hypothetically.

PW: I don't know. Maybe. I liked the idea of sucking his cock just now.

MO: Well I'd definitely fuck my sister if I got the chance.

PW: Then go for it. I gotta go pee. Talk to you soon.

MO: OK. Goodnight.

Sean heard Amanda's door open. She walked down the hallway to the bathroom. He waited until he heard the toilet flush and stepped into the hallway wearing only his briefs. He slowly walked towards the bathroom. Amanda stepped out wearing an oversized t-shirt that fell just below her pussy. Her hard nipples poked out through the thin material. They stood and stared at each other. Sean broke the silence.

"Um... Hi Amanda. I was just on my way to the bathroom."

Her eyes took in his muscular body and then glanced briefly at the bulge in his briefs before looking away.

"Oh. Okay. It's free now."

Sean knew it would be up to him to make the first move. He knew now that she found him sexually attractive and was not repulsed at the thought of sucking his cock. He took a step closer. He glanced down at her tits and then up into her big brown eyes.

"Did I ever tell you how sexy you are, Amanda? You must drive the boys at school crazy. That probably sounds a little weird coming from your brother, doesn't it?"

She shrugged her shoulders and looked down at the ground.

"Not really. I mean you're a good looking guy too. If you weren't my brother I'd be attracted to you."

Sean put his hand under her chin and lifted her head until their eyes met.

"Sister or not, Amanda, I'm attracted to you... I mean really attracted. I know it's not right, but..."

He leaned his face into hers and brushed against her lips. He pulled back to see her reaction. Her eyes were filled with desire.

"I want to kiss you Amanda. A kiss isn't wrong, is it?"

He leaned forward again and kissed her. Amanda was frozen and unsure what to do. His lips parted. Amanda felt his tongue and opened her mouth. Sean pulled her closer until he could feel the warmth of her body against his. She wrapped an arm around his neck. Sean pulled away from the kiss and touched her cheek. Their faces were inches apart.

"Stop me if you think this is wrong, Amanda."

Their lips met again, this time with more urgency. Sean slid his free hand under her t-shirt and cupped his sister's naked breast in his palm, gently squeezing it with his fingers. Amanda moaned and straddled her brother's thigh. Sean could feel the curls of her pubic hair against his skin. His other hand slid down her back, under the t-shirt and over the rounded cheek of her firm ass. His fingers gently massaged the creamy skin.

They continued to kiss shamelessly in the hallway afraid that if they stopped the spell would be broken. Sean pinched her swollen nipple. Amanda rubbed her pussy against his thigh. She could feel his hardness pressing against her lower stomach. Sean bent his legs and shifted his bulging cock so that it was pressed against his sister's pussy. She pushed back against him.

Sean took his hand from Amanda's breast and cupped the other cheek. He pulled her tighter against his cock. Amanda spread her legs and fucked her pussy up and down his length. Using both hands, Sean lifted his sister into the air and pressed her back against the wall. She wrapped her arms around his neck and dug her heels into his buttocks.

Amanda moaned when Sean sunk his teeth into her neck. She rubbed her clit against the tip of his cock which was poking up through the elastic in his briefs. She could no longer hold back the pressure boiling in her loins. Her fingernails dug into his shoulder. She threw her head back and squealed. The explosion that ripped through her pussy rocked her body. She thrashed and bucked in a series of convulsions.

Sean lowered his sister's trembling body until she was standing on wobbly legs. Their lips pressed together and their tongues mingled in a hot passionate kiss. Amanda slipped her hand between them and slid it down into Sean's briefs. Her fingers curled around his hard flesh and slowly pumped it up and down.

She moved her lips down to his neck and nibbled on the tender skin. She slid down the wall until she could suck his nipple into her mouth. Amanda continued down his body trailing her tongue over his stomach. She hooked her thumbs into the elastic of his briefs and peeled them down his thighs. Sean's hard cock wavered in front of her face. Amanda stared at the vein streaked flesh before darting her tongue over the swollen knob.
It all seemed so surreal. Ten minutes earlier she had been sucking her brother's cock by proxy with her cyber partner. Now she was about to taste the hard flesh that she had so vividly imagined. She wrapped her lips around his throbbing meat and slid them down his shaft pushing his cock deep into her mouth.

Amanda had sucked a lot of cyber cocks but in real life her experience was limited to two boys in the back seat of a car. Intuitively she knew what to do but this was her brother, a Marine who had likely experienced many women. She was afraid to disappoint him. She slid her lips up and down his shaft swirling her tongue over the ridges of his hard cock hoping that she was doing it good enough to please him.

Sean had no such doubts about his sister's abilities. He put his hands on the back of her head and fucked his cock up into her mouth in synch with her bobbing motions. Her lips clung tightly to his shaft and her tongue massaged every nerve ending in his cock. It had been a long time since he had been with a woman and knew he wouldn't last much longer despite just having cum during their cyber session.

Amanda tried to remember all the things she had done to the guys she sucked during cyber. She reached under his cock and massaged his balls. She raked her teeth across his knob and then plunged her mouth back down on his cock driving him against the back of her throat. She knew guys liked to shove it down her throat during cyber but when she tried she gagged and knew it wasn't going to happen with Sean.

Sean could feel blood pumping into his cock and cum churning in his balls. The hot wet mouth of his sister stimulated his senses until he could no longer hold back the impending explosion. His stomach tightened and his balls tensed. His cock swelled. Sean held Amanda's head and grunted. Cum exploded from the tip of his shaft and gushed into his sister's mouth.

Amanda felt her brother squirt a powerful and steady stream of hot cum that splashed off the roof of her mouth and flooded down over her tongue. Many guys had cum in her mouth during cyber but Amanda had never actually experienced the real thing. She knew that during cyber boys liked her to swallow but found it was impossible with his cock still in her mouth. Instead, Amanda slid her lips further down Sean's spewing cock.

Sean was unable to think. His cock had taken complete control of his conscious mind. A second stream of cum erupted from is cock and then a third. Sean strained to expel the last few spurts that were desperately trying to force their way up his shaft. He looked down and saw Amanda's lips wrapped tightly around him and cum leaking from the corners of her mouth.

Amanda couldn't believe how much seamen her brother had deposited into her mouth. It seemed like so much more stuff than other boys had spewed when she jerked them off. She could feel it sloshing around in her mouth and leaking from her lips as she continued to bob her head up and down on his cock. Just when she thought he was finished she felt him swell again and wondered if he was going to shoot even more cum into her mouth.

Something suddenly happened to Sean that had never happened with other girls. The sight of his sister's cum coated lips around his cock had his head spinning in a second orgasmic frenzy. From somewhere his balls found a reserve of unspent cum and sent it shooting up through his cock until it exploded into his sister's mouth. This was followed by another and another until Sean was completely drained.

Amanda's body had been tingling from the moment she felt Sean's hard cock in her mouth. Her nipples were swollen to the point of bursting. There was a burning need churning in her lower stomach making her pussy all wet. The sensations shooting through her body intensified when Sean's cum exploded into her mouth. Amanda reached between her legs and rubbed her clit. The orgasm was almost instantaneous.

Amanda felt all control being transferred from her brain down to her pussy. Her nipples swelled even more and her stomach tightened. Her mouth opened around Sean's cock just as he was shooting his second load into her mouth. Cum flooded down over her lips and chin amid a series of gasps. Sean's spent cock fell from her lips. Amanda finally collapsed onto the floor in a small pool of her own cum.

Neither said a word for what seemed like an eternity but was actually only a few seconds. Amanda could feel cum running down her neck and onto the t-shirt she was wearing. She closed her mouth and swallowed what was left. Sean stood up straight and pulled his briefs back over his wilting cock. He wanted to say something but found no words. He turned and walked into the bathroom closing the door behind him.

Amanda walked back to her room and used the t-shirt to wipe cum from her lips, chin and neck. She threw it into the laundry and crawled naked into bed. She lay there trying to make sense of what had just happened. Had she really given her brother a blowjob? Should she say something to him or pretend like it never happened? At least they hadn't fucked. That would really be crossing the line.

Back in bed many of the same thoughts went through Sean's head. He had gotten what he wanted but now he was feeling a little guilty about it. He had set up his sister and she didn't even know it. Should he confess and tell her all about his identity as Marine One? He decided that wouldn't be a good idea, at least not yet.

Unable to sleep, Amanda got out of bed and went over to the computer. Maybe she could find a chat room to discuss what she had done anonymously or with one of her regular cyber pals. Marine One would be perfect, she thought. After all, he was the one who had put sex with her brother in her head.

Sean had forgotten to log off the chat site. He heard the ping of someone poking him and swung out of bed to check it out. He was surprised to see a message from Puffy n Wet. It said 'I need to talk. Are you still awake?' This should be interesting, he thought. Sean typed his reply.

MO: Hi PW. Still horny?

PW: No... well yes I'm always horny but I wanted to ask you something.

MO: Shoot.

PW: Something happened after our session earlier

MO: Yeah

PW: Something with my brother.

MO: Did you fuck him?

PW: No, but we did fool around. It just happened.

MO: Define fooling around

PW: I gave him a blowjob

MO: You're just trying to get me hard aren't you?

PW: You don't believe me

MO: You swear it's true

PW: I swear.

MO: Where did it happen?

PW: In the hallway. I was coming out of the bathroom

MO: Aren't your parents home?

PW: No. They are at a party.

MO: And he was just waiting for you with his cock out?

PW: No. He kissed me... we kissed. It just happened.

MO: Did he cum in your mouth

PW: Yes.

MO: And then you went back to your room

PW: He went to the bathroom and I went to my room. We didn't talk

MO: Ok, so now I'm hard. Are we going to fuck?

PW: Maybe later. I need your advice first

MO: What kind of advice

PW: Should I pretend like it never happened?

MO: Did you enjoy it?

PW: Yes. I had this really incredible orgasm

MO: Do you want to do it again?

PW: I don't know. I'm feeling guilty. He's my brother

MO: But you do want to fuck him, don't you?

PW: That's what my pussy wants but I'm not sure it's right

MO: You love him don't you?

PW: Yes, of course. He's my brother

MO: Wouldn't you rather fuck someone you love than some jerk you don't know?

PW: What if he's mad at me?

MO: For giving him a blowjob? It's every guys dream

PW: Even from his sister

MO: Absolutely. You want to know my advice?

PW: Yes.

MO: Go to his room right now. Don't wait

PW: Why? He's probably asleep

MO: I guarantee that he's wide awake thinking about the blowjob

PW: I can't just walk into his room

MO: Sure you can. Tell him you need to talk about what happened

PW: He won't get mad?

MO: No. He wants to talk just as much as you do

PW: I don't know. I'll think about it.

MO: Don't wait. Just do it.

PW: I better go. I'll take care of your hard-on tomorrow

MO: Don't worry about me. I'm sure I'll find a way to get it serviced

PW: Thanks for talking.

MO: Goodnight.

Amanda sat at the computer thinking about what Marine One had advised. Maybe he was right. After all he was a guy so he probably knew how guys think. If she waited until tomorrow it might be too late. She had always been taught by her mother to confront situations immediately. Amanda went to her dresser, took out a night shirt and pulled it over her head. She stepped into the hall and quietly knocked on Sean's door.

Sean shut off the computer and quickly moved back to the bed. A minute later he heard the faint knock on the door. He waited until there was a second knock. Sean turned on the bedside light and slipped out of bed wearing only his briefs. He opened the door far enough so that she could see his mostly naked body. He looked at her but didn't say a word. Amanda was the first to speak.

"Um, look Sean, we need to talk. I mean about what happened."

She waited for his reply. Sean stepped back and motioned her into the room. Amanda slid inside keeping her back to the wall and nervously fidgeting. He closed the door and moved closer until they were almost touching. She could feel his gaze but kept her head down so she didn't meet his eyes.

"It wasn't right. You're my brother, Sean. I... I don't know what I was thinking. It won't happen again, I promise."

She waited for his reply but was met with only silence. A tear streaked down her cheek. Sean gently wiped it away with his fingertip and then traced the outline of her lips. Amanda felt like a spell was being cast that she was unable to fight. Her nipples swelled beneath the night shirt. Her pussy tingled with desire. She looked up and met his warm and caring gaze.

Looking into his eyes, Amanda opened her mouth and brushed her tongue across his finger. He pushed it between her lips and she sucked on it like it was a cock. With his other hand Sean reached under her night shirt and up between her legs. His fingertip parted the moist folds hiding the entrance to her pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned. He pulled his finger from her mouth.

"Oh god. Sean... what are we doing?"

He rubbed his middle finger across her juicy slit before curling his finger up into her cunt. He slowly fucked it in and out of her juicy hole. Amanda gasped and spread her legs. Sean slipped a second finger into his sister's swollen pussy. She leaned against the wall and arched her back pushing against his thrusting fingers. She slid a hand down her stomach to rub her clit while Sean finger fucked her cunt.

"Faster... oh fuck... oh god..."

His fingers made wet squishing sounds each time they pumped into her dripping pussy. Amanda could feel juices leaking down her thighs. Her finger fluttered across her hard clit until she could barely handle the pleasure surging through her loins. Just when she could no longer stand it he pulled his fingers out of her pussy.

"I'm going to eat your pussy."

Outside her cyber world no one had ever eaten her pussy. Sean dropped to his knees, moved his face between her legs and clamped his mouth over Amanda's juicy plum. His tongue snaked up into her steamy hole.

"Oh fuck... eat me, Sean... eat my pussy..."

She put both hands on his head and humped her pussy against his mouth and thrusting tongue. Sean licked, slurped, kissed and tongued his sister with all the skills he had honed as a marine over the past three years. Amanda could feel a powerful explosion slowly building deep in her pussy. Her moans and gasps became erratic.

Sean moved his tongue to her clit and shoved two fingers up into her cunt. Amanda bent her knees. She humped her pussy against his thrusting fingers and probing tongue. Every part of her body tingled with excitement. Her nipples were swollen to the point of bursting. Her insides felt like they were going to explode at any second.

"Oh god... oh fuck... ooooohhhhhhhhh..."

Sean could tell she was close. His tongue went faster across her clit. His fingers dug deep into her pussy twisting around inside her and pressing against the walls of her cunt. Amanda's whole body was shaking. Her fingers dug into his scalp. She stiffened and thrust her pussy hard against his face. Sean clamped his mouth over her mound and sucked on her pussy. Amanda exploded with a gush.

Sean eagerly swallowed his sister's excretions. Just when she thought it was over Sean raked his teeth across her clit. Amanda's body went into a second series of convulsions. Her legs were wobbly and barely able to hold her up. No longer able to stand the pleasure she pushed his head away from her body and gasped for air. It was the most incredible orgasm she had ever experienced.

Sean quickly stood and pushed down his briefs. He grabbed Amanda before she collapsed to the floor sliding his hands behind her and down her body. He grasped her rounded cheeks and lifted her up the side of the wall. Amanda felt her brother's hardness probing between her legs. Her mind cleared when she realized what was about to happen.

"No Sean... please. Not inside me."

Sean moved the knob of his cock back and forth across Amanda's juicy slit. She did nothing to pull away.

"You know I would never do anything you didn't want, Amanda."

"I know. It's just that you're my brother. We've already done too much."

Sean continued to slide his cock back and forth between the folds of Amanda's pussy. He heard a faint gasp from his sister's throat.

"I love you Amanda. I don't think it's wrong. What we did made me feel so much closer to you. I want to be inside you."

The swollen head of his cock pressed against her opening. Sean felt his knob peek inside. Amanda was losing control of the situation. Her resistance was slowly overcome by her yearning for something big and hard in her pussy.

"Oh god, Sean, what are we doing. I want you too. I want you inside me."

Amanda pushed down against the hard protrusion wedged in her opening. Her pussy stretched around his bulging tip as it disappeared inside her. Sean thrust up driving his cock deep into his sister's steamy chamber. Amanda wrapped her arms around his neck, pulled her legs up and sank down on Sean's throbbing member until it was completely buried up her pussy.

"Fuck me. Fuck me Sean."

Holding onto her ass cheeks Sean slammed his cock up into his sister's pussy again and again driving her up the side of the wall. Amanda's squeals and moans were periodically interrupted by words like 'fuck me' and 'harder' and 'fuck my pussy'. He could feel her tight pussy grip his cock each time he buried it deep inside her body.

Amanda's first orgasm hit like a thunderbolt. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders and her heal pounded against his ass cheeks. Cunt juice leaked out of her pussy and dripped from his balls. Her screams pierced the air. Sean continued to pound his cock up into her gushing pussy until her screams turned to whimpers.

With his cock still buried deep in his sister's cunt Sean staggered over to the bed holding her weight in his hands which were still cupped under her ass. He slowly lowered her onto her back with her ass hanging over the side of the mattress. He grabbed her les and held them against his sides, then looked down and watched his cock slowly move in and out of her spread pussy lips. Her hard clit stared up at him from its little boat.

Amanda slowly recovered from her earlier orgasm and was soon moaning and gasping from the feel of her brother's big cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy. No one had ever fucked her like this or made her feel the things she was feeling as Sean stuffed her vagina full of his hard meat. She sat up on her elbows so she could watch. It was the first time she had actually seen a cock fucking her pussy.

Watching her pussy getting fucked was like an aphrodisiac. She could feel the pressure building in her belly each time his big cock buried itself deep in her cunt. She was amazed at how big it was and how easily it slid between her spread pussy lips and disappeared into her body. She could see her brother's vein streaked flesh glistening with pussy juice each time he pulled out.

Amanda slid a hand between her legs and rubbed her clit. Her fingertips brushed against Sean's cock. She could feel it moving back and forth. Her fingers moved faster over her clit until her breathing became erratic. Amanda threw her head back and screamed. Sean pulled out of her pussy and watched as cum actually sprayed out from her cunt and splattered onto the floor. It was another first for Amanda.

Sean climbed onto the bed and pulled his sister on top of him in a sixty-nine position. She lowered her pussy to his face, shed her night shirt and bent forward to suck his cock into her mouth. Her lips slid down his shaft until the bulging head pressed against the opening to her throat. Amanda knew the technical aspects of swallowing a cock from chat rooms and 'how to' blogs but she had never done it. She was determined to change that.

Amanda stretched her tongue along the underside of Sean's cock and relaxed her throat. The bulging knob pressed against the opening and began to slide deeper. She stopped and fought the urge to gag before continuing to let it slide deeper into her throat. She finally had to pull away to catch her breath. She tried to ignore Sean's probing tongue but was unable to hold back the gasp before plunging her mouth back down on his cock.

On her second attempt Amanda was able to slide her lips down all but the last inch of her brother's cock. Once again she pulled away and paused for a few moments to enjoy Sean's mouth sucking on her pussy. When she slid her lips back down his hard cock she felt it easily push into her throat. This time she was able to manipulate the last inch by pushing her tongue forward and pressing her lips down against his pubes.

Sean felt groaned when he felt his sister's lips slide completely down the length of his cock. He knew he would not be able to last much longer despite having shot his load twice during the last hour. The taste of his sister's juicy pussy only added to the erotic pleasure surging through his body.

Sean tried to take his mind off what Amanda was doing to his cock so he could last longer. He opened his eyes and found himself staring at her tight pink asshole. He remembered from their cyber session that he had shoved a finger up her ass while he was eating her and that she loved it. In fact she had shoved her own finger up her ass to simulate the experience.

Sean flicked his tongue across his sister's tight nub and coated it with saliva. Amanda pulled her mouth from his cock and moaned. No one had ever done this to her even in cyber. It sent tingles shooting through body. Then she felt his finger press against her opening. Sean twisted and pushed until his fingertip slipped past her tight anus. He felt her tense and stopped pushing until she relaxed.

Amanda had fingered her own asshole numerous times both during cyber and while masturbating. She liked the feeling and never felt any discomfort. Somehow it was different when someone else pushed their finger up her ass. Not only was his finger much bigger than hers but she wasn't controlling the action. She tensed each time he pushed deeper. It wasn't until his finger was all the way inside before she could relax.

Sean went slowly to allow her to adjust. Once his finger was completely buried he twisted it around inside her asshole before slowly moving it in and out. Amanda felt the intense pressure slowly give away to feelings of pleasure. She moaned when Sean went back to licking her pussy at the same time. She lowered her mouth over his cock and let it slide down her throat.

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