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Start of a New & Different Life Ch. 01

Posted on : 2012-01-27 11:56:41.783885

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Thanks TGH and crew for all your help!


Some couples will warn newlyweds about that seven-year itch. Thankfully, we didn't experience that. Yesterday Wendy and I celebrated our fifteenth anniversary. Yes, at times things can get a little ordinary and we can take each other for granted. Also, over time, you run out of rooms to do it in, tables to do it on, and new positions to try.

With the kids doing well and earning scholarships, my wife and I were freed from some major financial responsibilities. It is a good thing, too, as we both had lost our jobs in the past year. Thankfully we were able to find new ones, but not at the same pay.

After nearly a year out of work, I was able to get my old job back but, again, not at the same salary, however, my employer did include profit sharing. Wendy was a little discouraged by some of her prospects but after a hard search she felt confident she landed a decent job. Then she started to stress a little bout her lack of professional wardrobe. Being a typical guy I started to think about solutions for her problem and made a couple suggestions between using a credit card to finance a couple things and then she came up with the brilliant idea of sharing clothes with a couple of her sisters and close girlfriends.

When Wendy puts her mind towards something, she accomplishes her goal and she landed the job selling information and business data. After two weeks of training, she was out on the sales floor. She was a hit and quickly started earning commission checks. Then, out of the blue, she had won a sales contest and the prize was a one-week vacation in South Beach, Florida.

Watching her get ready for work every day, my little mind began thinking. Her office was pretty professional and at first we struggled. Wendy did not have the wardrobe for this position. But thankfully she was able to borrow some skirt-suits from her girlfriends. I'm thinking that this is where the thought of another man crept into my mind. Don't get me wrong, I love watching my wife heading out to work feeling sexy and confident, and being a guy I love her in short skirts and black pantyhose. I'm not sure why I find pantyhose so sexy but I just can't help myself and have to look.

So after a couple weeks on the job I noticed that Wendy had begun shaving her pussy. A month into the job, her pussy was still bald. Six months into the job and wow, her pussy was still bald.

When I inquired about the change in her nether region, Wendy said that she had been talking with one of her hip girlfriends and got the low down on her low-down region. Wendy also said the sex was better and she found herself in the mood and wanting sex more when she is bare. I did notice an uptick in our lovemaking.

Then one night I let it slip out. Wendy asked me what I was thinking about and I told her. She was giving me the world's best sloppy blowjob and what can I say, I was weak. At first she thought that I was fishing for trouble and then she thought I wanted to do one of her friends. Over the next week or two, she started to realize that I liked the idea of her being with a guy other than me.

One night, on my way home from work, I stopped by the local adult toy store and picked up a few things. I've always wondered what a nice, thick cock slipping into my wife's tight pussy would look like. This toy would give me that visual and give her sugar walls something to grip onto. Wendy was a little shocked to see the new toy but somehow it grew on her; maybe it was how life-like the toy was.

We caught a break as the kids were out at friends' house for the night. When Wendy brought out the toy and some adult videos, I went into shock as all the blood rushed down to my nether head.

"So, Lover," she kissed and talked to the life-like dildo. "Can you make a girl happy?"

Her words caused me to make a little wet spot in my underwear. Never in my life or fantasies has Wendy been this naughty.

Wendy gave me her OMG look. "You know, a girl can really enjoy this. I'm thinking he will always make a girl happy? What do you think, Honey?"

"I'm sure he will."

"Can you visualize him sliding in and out of my pussy, stretching me open? Does that turn you on baby?"

My eyes focused on her, "Oh, yeah, it does."

Wendy gave me a puzzled look like she thought she had finally figured me out, then smiled, "Wow, you really want to watch a guy doing me!" She gave me a soft kiss.

"Oh, yeah, I told you that I did," I replied.

"I know, but I didn't believe you. I thought you were fishing, trying to get me to admit to something that I didn't do."

"No, Baby, that wasn't my intention."

Wendy paused for a moment, "I'm sorry about that. Guess that's what I expected as a couple of my past boyfriends were jealous."

"Baby, I hope you can see that I'm not jealous. I think it would be so erotic if we ever decided to share this kind of experience."

"So, how long have you had these naughty thoughts?"

"Forget about me, what about you?"

"Easy there, Champ. You tell me, first?"

"I don't know."

She kissed me on the cheek, "Yes, you do."

"Fine, I have fantasized about you and other men for a long time. You know that I love watching porn and, well, sometimes I wonder what it would be like to watch you."


While Wendy hadn't had a lot of lovers, she did have one or two that were hung. Maybe by being honest with her she would tell me more about her experiences before we met, as I was dying to know! "Yeah, and you did tell me that one of your lovers had more girth than I do."

"Oh, I did, did I?" She frowned, "I'm so sorry about that."

"There isn't anything to be sorry about. You were honest."

"No, I had too much wine."

"You were honest and I would rather have you being honest than just telling me what you think I want to hear."

Wendy put her hand on my thigh, "So you want to watch me give head to another guy?" She bought the life like dildo to her lips.


"What if he cums?"

Oh, we hadn't talked about that before. I'm not sure why, but the idea of that was so compelling to me: to have him not only do my wife but to cum in her was strangely maximally erotic. "Well, Baby, right now I'm thinking that would be hot."

"Easy there, Cowboy, there is no thinking about it right now. Once the deal is done, it's done. So you better think long and hard about that aspect of this kind of play! I'm not going to risk our marriage for this fantasy of yours, got me?"

"Would you want to watch him do this?" She moved life-like dildo down to her crotch.

"Oh, yeah, Baby."

"So, now I know why you like watching me with toys."

Something was brewing in her mind. "You know, I have this idea that might work out for us."

"Oh, do tell!"

Well, remember that movie Dick and Jane?

"Oh, yeah, that was a good movie. I've had the hots for Tea Leoni ever since I saw it." A smile came over his lips, "Yeah, I remember that movie."

"Easy there, Lover," Wendy playfully slapped me on my thigh. Without explanation, she said, "Well, we could use some extra cash.

"True," I wasn't sure what she was up to.

Wendy reached out and grabbed my cock, "Well, I have this idea." She kissed me hard on the lips.

Wendy told me her plan and told me to think about it. It sounded kind of risky but we should be able to pull it off. This was a side of Wendy that I had never seen before. She was in charge, confident, and strong. It was as if she had been planning this for years and I was drinking her confidence, making me intoxicated with her lust.

I noticed her neck and the top of her chest blushing and her nipples were rock hard. Normally, in that state, they were an indicator for her arousal but now they stayed hard. I easily sensed her excitement. Normally, over a little time, they will grow soft when left unattended. That was not so as she contemplated her plan. Reaching down, I found her pussy sloppy wet.

"You like that?" She reached for my hand, taking my index and middle finger, and then guided them between her lips into her warm body. As my fingers dipped into her treasure, her body arched, giving me deeper access, "Feel how wet I am, can you handle that?"

Feeling her arousal and hearing her talk dirty brought my cock back to life, "Oh, yes."

"I see that, but are you really ready to watch some strange guy touching me?"

"I've been talking about this for some time. Have you ever seen me get jealous?"

Wendy moved the life-like dildo to the bed, making it poke upwards. "You know, this is what it will look like having my handsome stranger on the bed." She leaned forward putting her lips on the tip of the cock. "Are you sure you want these lips on him?"

In a totally slutty move my hot wife started to pretend she was brushing her teeth with that thing. Funny, as I hadn't thought I could get any harder! I was wrong.

Then she took the cock in her mouth, working a couple inches in while leaning up, exposing her pussy to me. Talk about an erotic vision, watching my wife giving head while checking out her wet pussy.

Wendy moved on the bed while keeping her hands on the cock. I have to say it was very erotic watching my wife move all cat-like on our bed to guide that thing into her pussy.

Wendy looked me in the eyes while the tip of the cock was touching her lips, "Are you sure you really want this?" Wendy didn't allow me to answer. She started to slide down the stiff cock. Once she had the whole thing in her, Wendy opened her eyes to look at me. "Wow, I didn't think I could take it all!"

"How do you feel?"

Wendy didn't move, just sat still with it in her, "Oh, Baby, I feel good, maybe a little stuffed. Its kind of big and thick but I'm getting use to it."

"Wow!" Desperately I wanted to see it in her and moved up onto the bed, trying to get a better view of that thing impaling my wife.

"I know, wow!" Wendy's breathing started to change. "Hold him for me baby."

Without thinking I reached out and grabbed the base of the toy. I've never touched another cock before, nor have I seen a hard cock other than in a porn movie. Wendy started to rock her hips sliding up and down the shaft with her arousal coating it. I could tell she was enjoying herself.

I'm just not sure which way I want to have him fuck me. That thing is so thick I almost want to be on my back while he does me. Do you think that would be hot?"

Now she was just toying with me. "Of course, that would be sexy." I quickly told her that any way she wanted to take it would be sexy. I was just stunned but I was also enjoying the fact that she seemed to be into it. For me, just knowing Wendy is turned on is ultimately sexy. I hoped she really meant that it turned her on for, if she was faking it that would dramatically take away from my enjoying this experience.

"Stroke it, Baby!" Wendy's voice was lustfully deep and sexy.

"Excuse me?" "Did she want me to stroke his cock?"

"Jack off for me! I want to watch you stroke yourself."

I lay down next to her with my head near her ass allowing myself a view of the toy show. From this position she could easily watch me. I have to say it was kind of strange and very awkward holding an ersatz cock in my left hand while holding my own cock in my right.

Wendy sounded a little annoyed, "Come on, Baby, jack off for me!"

Trying to pace myself, "I have to be carful or I will cum."

Wendy started to move faster up and down that thing. "I want to watch you cum!"

Who was I to refuse a lady in need? I tried to match what Wendy was doing with my hand, as she went down so did my hand. I wasn't sure if my stroking was doing anything for her but I thought it would be more erotic if we were in sync.

"Oh, that's hot! Why haven't you masturbated for me before?"

"I'm not sure that I know the answer to that question, maybe embarrassment? You never asked."

Watching my wife with this toy was pretty intense. Normally, Wendy has either her eyes closed or she's looking at me when she's fully engrossed in sexual activity. I guess she was looking at me, in a way, as she was watching me jack off, but it wasn't like she was looking into my eyes. At that moment, I wished that I could see more of her face to read how she was feeling. I was so close to cumming and tried to fight that inevitable buildup of pressure.

Wendy started to bark: "Do it baby! Harder! Come on, look at me, and look at how he's fucking me. Jack that cock for me. I know you can see that thick cock in my pussy; I want to watch you cum. Yeah, that's it, oh I can see it, I can see that you are close! Come on shoot that cum for me! Cum for me, Lover!"

Oh, God, I was so close: "I'm going to, oh, yeah, I'm going to cum!

Wendy was really bouncing up and down that cock, "Yeah, Baby, cum! I'm going to cum too. Oh, I wish I could feel you cum in me. I want to feel how your cock expands when you shoot your cum in me. I love feeling it grow thicker in me, Baby! I'm going to cum! Oh, that's it"

Wendy was really working it now: with her right hand she was rubbing her clit and seeing that sent me over the edge! My toes curled, "I'm cumming!" I shouted. Then I felt that first stream eject hard from my cock landing on my belly. Wendy gasped then slammed down hard on the toy almost crushing my hand. Her body shook and convulsed. Oh, how I loved feeling her reaching orgasm. A couple more streams of cum shot out of me.

It felt like a lifetime watching her lost in her orgasm. Then, once finished, Wendy collapsed on the bed, face to face with me, our bodies pressing next to each other. All I could think about was that dildo and if it was still in her.

Kissing me softly on the lips, Wendy moaned, "That was awesome baby. Did you enjoy it?"

"Oh, yeah, very much so." I was exhausted, yet strangely satisfied. We had ventured into new territory and into my fantasy camp and we had had fun. The fact that Wendy enjoyed herself was amazingly satisfying yet, at the same time, terrifying. Did I just unleash a sexual tiger? There was only one way to find out and that was together!

Wendy snuggled into my chest, "Good, Baby, I'm glad you enjoyed." The, with a slap to my arm, "Why didn't you purchase a toy like that before?"

"I thought you would be afraid of it, or that I was a perv."

Oh, Honey, I knew you were a perv a long time ago, but a girl can use a little toy like that." Wendy reached down between her legs to grab the toy and then placed it between us. "Okay, maybe that isn't so little. Oh look, it's a vibrator also. Wow, I wonder how that feels?

Like a kid at Christmas, I blurted, "Should I turn it on?"

"No, Baby," she laughed. "I'm way too tried to go again, sorry."

We fell asleep in each other's arms and slept like babies. I didn't mind having cum on me as I was too tried to get up and clean up. Most times, Wendy didn't clean up after sex so why should I? Strange, because I've never left my cum on me but I was too exhausted to clean myself up.

End chapter 1

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Saga at School: Saga Examined

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You come to class, nervous, right? wondering how you'll do on the test, wondering if you can fake your way out of questions that stump you, right?

Honey, you have a different problem this test day.

Because who's sitting in your chair at your desk today? that nobody else can see?

Uh, huh: me.

'Sit right down,' I say, and now you know what pure sin sounds like when you hear my voice: sweet, alluring (*blush* okay, that was shy-inducing), knowing, and just o-so-slightly dangerous and menacing.

You know you should run, screaming, from the class, right? But you're drawn right into my intense blue eyes that fill your universe.

And, as you are drawn into me, you know what pure sin looks like. White, and sapphire, and ... long and purple.

Uh, huh: guess what I've got strapped on? Yup: 'phfina's packing.

Saga, you're gonna know what pure sin feels like in a few seconds, 'cause I'm patting my lap with both hands, indicating where you should sit ...

... to take your test.

Oh, yeah: you'll be 'tested,' all right! How long are your exams? 7 or 9 inches?

Oopsie! I meant to write: 'one or two hours?' Silly me!

Either way, inches or hours: your 'test' is gonna be ... loooooong!

You ... sit.

I ease off your panties, growling in your ear about how we will deal with your unpreparedness and insubordination later. Wearing panties to a 'phfina-fuck, indeed? What were you thinking!

But we'll deal with that later, because now you have to focus.

On your test.

And on the warm, warm, unyielding cock I'm easing into you cunt.

'Like it?' I purr, knowing 'like' is not a word you are thinking.

ARE you even thinking at all, Saga?

Saga! You must focus ... on your exam, that is.

I add: 'I kept it nice and wet and warm ...'

And I smile evilly, and conclude: '... in my kitty!'

That purple cock, Monty, by name? Yes, he's been keeping me company, while I awaited your arrival.

And now he's buried, to the hilt, filling you.

You can tell that, by the way, because your ass cheeks are resting on my hips.

'Comfy?' I whisper my inquiry teasingly.

I'm not sure your response is in English, or in any language at all, for that matter.

And, oh, my goodness, are you that close already?

'No cumming!' I snarl, and your whine is one of the most pitiable things one can hear in the universe.

I'm unsympathetic. 'You enrolled in this class; you studied hard. You finish this exam, and answer every question, doing your best. And THEN, if I allow it, you may cum, but only then, you hear me?'

'Yes, mistress,' you whimper, your face pinched in concentration, trying to stay here, trying not to lose it.

'Good girl,' I condescend in my most patronizing tones.

Guess who's bitch you are, Saga. Guess.

The prof hands out the exams and drones pointlessly on how to take it and how much time you have and blah-blah-blah, it's if these profs think the students have never taken an exam before.

... with a big purple cock buried in their cunts.

And an evil little bitch whispering distracting sweet nothings in your ear.

Oh, yes: I am a naughty one, teasing when everybody wants to be serious, playful during homework time or test-taking time. Such a demanding little bitch I am.

Deal with it, Saga.

'Cause as you're answering the questions and writing your essays? My hands? That have eased off your bra? Where are they now, massaging and pinching?

You know where they are. You can feel them. One, firmly grasping one globe, squeezing, but lightly brushing a nipple.

The other? Down there. On your clit. Think this: slow, very slow, circles.

I like to rest my hand on your tummy. I like to feel me in you, solidly filling you. I like to know that you are mine. I like to feel you tighten and quicken, I like to ease off, and feel you pant in exhaustion and desperation, begging, whining for release, feeling like you're gonna die or explode.

'Concentrate, Saga,' I whisper into your shoulder.

'What is this test anyway? Is it math?' I ask carelessly.

Then I say: '5' And kiss your shoulder and neck with 5 quick pecks, that still leave a trail of 'phfina-drool.

Then I say, 'Oh, is that answer 37?'

It's not a math test, by the way, right?

Like I care.

Because I latch onto the back of your neck, suck, nibble, and then you feel my tongue flick. 37 times.

God, Saga, you are so taut! You really need to relax! Your back feels like a brick wall, for goodness sake!

Then the next answer. Is that 10?

No, we'll save '10' for tonight. You strapped, face down, in bed, and me, wearing my elbow-length leather gloves, ready to administer '10' stiff stinging ones, to your ass-cheeks.

You like white leather or black leather, by the way?

No, I think this answer is 6.

Like me: little 'phfina. Little 6.

'Up you go,' I say.

And up you go. 3 inches.

'Down you go,' I say.

And down you go. 3 inches. Or: 'to the hilt.'

And we repeat that 5 more times to get ... 6.

The whole time, my right hand is kneading and pinching and rubbing your tit, and my left: slow, o-so-slow, circles.

Right. Fucking. There.

It must be really hard to fill out all those answers on the test paper with my ... distracting ways, no?

You finish your exam. Somehow. It was all a blur. What, actually, did you write? Was it a math exam, actually? You may or may not know.

'Can I ...' You say through tightly pressed lips.

'Do you have a request for your mistress?' I ask sweetly.

I am never more dangerous, than when I am sweet.

'Please, oh, mistress,' you gasp out, 'please may I cum?'

You wanton slut, you.

'Hmmmm,' I ponder hesitantly, and you think you may, at this point, actually die from want and anticipation.

'Oh,' I say in a remembering/recollecting way that you SO KNOW is just plain wicked, 'what about the bonus question?'

'Bonus question?' you pant disbelievingly.

'Yes, the bonus question, Saga,' I lecture superiorly, 'every quiz has a bonus question, of course. So answer me this question for the ... bonus.'

You wait ... as long as you can ... was that just 3 microseconds?

'What bonus question?' you almost shriek.

I smile. 'You like monty, thrusting in your purrrrfect little cunt, filling you, Saga?'

'Yes!' you cry desperately, hoping that was the bonus question.

No luck for you.

'Okay, then, Saga, your bonus question is this. It's an essay question. You see, monty? He likes it tight, like your tight little twat, squeezing him so hard, and thank you for practicing your kegels during the test, by the way. But imagine this. Imagine monty questing toward your virgin little rosebud, Saga. Imagine him covering in your cum juices, playfully poking, poking, poking at your anus. Playfully. As I lie atop you. And massage your clit with my hand. Imagine him, poking there, just the tip, until you can't stand it any more, and you beg me to enter your ass, Saga. And imagine him, going in, just the head, as I ease him into you, poking, exploring, questing, letting you get used to him, just an inch, poking in, and sliding out. Poking in, and sliding out. Until you beg, 'more' and ... 'harder.' And I give you more. An inch at a time. 2 inches. In and out. In and out. Then 3, then 4 ... then more ... then, Saga, then ... all the way in. Until I'm in your ass, Saga, all the way, and my hips are resting on your cheeks, and my body is on top of yours, and my little hand and fingers are slowly rubbing your clit in slow circles, and I'm kissing you tenderly, until you beg. 'Fuck me.' And I ask, 'Fuck you where, Saga?' And you submit to me completely, and you beg: 'fuck me up the ass, 'phfina, oh, God, fuck me up the ass!'

And I do, Saga. Slow, steady, powerful and deep thrusts. And I whisper vicious nothings in your ear. 'I'm fucking your ass, Saga,' I snarl. 'I'm fucking you up the ass, Saga, and I'm fucking you hard!' and 'You're mine, bitch. You're fucking mine and I'm fucking fucking you and you are mine!' and I ask you, 'Who's are you?'

And you scream, 'I'm yours! I'm yours! I'm yours!' and you cum. so. fucking. hard, with my big purple dick thrusting into and then fully buried up into your ass.

And that's the bonus question, Saga: imagine that and how it would feel.

Oh, and there's a bonus-bonus question about the next week, after a spankie, a good, solid hard, ass-cheeks-are-cherry-red spankie, where, without any preamble, I pull your ass-cheeks apart and bury my well-lubed monty all the way to the hilt right up your ass, and command, 'Cum.'

You can faint, too, cumming and screaming, if you'd like. I'll hold you.

With my big purple cock pinning you down onto the bed, buried to the hilt up your ass.

Bonus questions. Extra credit. You know.

But Saga, why are your eyes rolling up into your head?

The slow circles? They become a little faster, a little more insistent.

And I begin humping, thrusting monty in deep into your sweet little cunt.

'God, I love fucking you, Saga!' I exclaim, panting myself with the effort.

'Please, o, please, o, please, o please oplease, oplz oplz oplz!' you beg.

'Cum, Saga,' I command.

Yes, Saga, you may cum now.


So, how did you do on your exam? Did you do well?

Just one thing, sweetie, and you know this.

That test? It's an exam.

That's what it is. It's important because YOU are important. You want to do well on it because YOU want to do well. The test, in an of itself, are simply words on paper. That's what it is.

Whether you do 'well' on it or not is just an opinion, yours (the most important one) and the grader's and your classmates' and the whole world.

No big deal.

And that test? So what if you turn it in with ink blots marring the paper, and drool, and sweat, and tears, and the words, 'ofuck ofuck ofck ofuck ofuckingfuck o fuk o my fucking god fuck! i ah o ohgod im cummmmmming!' scrawled all over the lines and in the margins? So what? Or so what if you work really hard and get the 'A+ 100% Good job!' So what?

You know what you can do with the former? Frame it. It's art, Saga. You can sell each page for $25 million dollars and people will get into bidding wars to buy originals, especially after they watch the vid of 'Artist: work in progress' on how you made each page, no: each ink blot and smudged word, obscured by spittle. They'll be clamoring for sequels and scour the internet for other works and read and reread the cooking show and beg to suck your toes.

And you'll know what I'll do? Little me? Your fuck toy? Your mistress.

There are clubs that will go fucking nuts for a perfect little sub like you.

I'll put you up on the auction block, Saga. And those other cold bitches, those jealous mistresses.

Some of those biddies are pretty loaded, sweetheart.

You? $1 million for a night. Easy. I can make that easy, especially after all that paparazzi and hubbub of you the great artist exposing 'school life' and 'the rat race' and 'hiding in the closet' and 'real beauty' and every other 'norm' you wish to take on and expose.

And some fucking bitch will be like, I won the auction, here's your cool million, now give me that bitch so I can tame her all night.

And I'll look at you and ask you the question. 'Are you worth a million dollars, Saga?'

And I'll see in your eyes that you know the answer. You can fool everybody else, but you can't fool yourself.

'No, I'm not,' you say, and look away, and curse yourself for not hiding your tears, wanting so desperately to beg me to keep you, but not wanting to make a scene, because you know you're not worth it.

And my firm hand reaches out to your chin, and turns your head to face me, and I say: 'You're right, you're not.'

And I give that Lady her million dollars back and tell her to keep her money. Because I'm going to be holding something infinitely more rich and precious. Tonight I'm going to be holding you. Not worth one million dollars, because you are priceless, Saga.

'Let's go home, Saga.' I say softly.

And we get into your Mercedes or your old beater, and we drive home to your fourth floor flat or your palatial penthouse suite, and I shower you and bring you to bed, and I hold you through the night as you sleep.
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