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Soul Sisters

Posted on : 2012-01-27 12:02:56.789983

Novella Length ~ 35,000 words

For those that can't wait:

Ch.19 - First Date with black man

Ch.20 - Sissy Sex

Soul Sisters

Chapter 1

Lori swept into our lives like the hot August winds of Tucson. My wife, Erin, and I moved there for the fall semester when I got a job as an assistant professor at the law school. Erin found a job at Lori's dad's small accounting firm. He was just starting a branch office and Lori came down from Phoenix to help on their first big project.

Just out of college, money was tight with our school debt hanging over our heads. Erin and Lori immediately hit it off over the phone. When Lori offered to pay us her per diem to put her up in the second bedroom at our tiny apartment, we agreed.

The first time Lori flew in, Erin was stuck in a client meeting so I went to pick Lori up at the airport. I was holding up a sign as Lori walked through security. When Lori waved at me, the woman next to me said, "Are you twins?"

It was a little odd. Lori was tall and skinny wearing a long slip dress and a gorgeous smile. But for Lori's small perky tits, we were the same...well my hair was a little longer. Her vivacious personality overcame the weird perm job she had. We were both five ten, and both with athletic bodies. Our waists matched up perfectly when she squeezed up against me in a hug. There was so much life in her it felt like some of it flowed over into me.

"Sorry about the hug," Lori said. "I'm always so stoked when someone meets me at the airport."

Man she felt so good in my arms. Her body was completely different from Erin's curves. Lori's neckline went on for days. She wore honeysuckle perfume. I think a little rubbed off on me we hugged so long.

We chatted non-stop all the way over to the office and picked up Erin. Then the three of us went to lunch. We turned a little burrito cantina with a wavy concrete floor and mismatched chairs into a wild party. We filled up the tiny space with sangria and salsa dancing. It was like college all over again. I went back to school and the staff in the admin office commented about my mood.

That night I picked up the girls around eight and we all went for a run in Sabino Canyon. I made us some brown rice, chicken and vegetables. Rather than eat standing around the kitchen, Lori suggested we go outside. I turned on the misters to fight off the heat. Erin put on some music and Lori brought out a bunch of tea candles.

The non-stop blabbering from earlier stopped. Everyone started settling in. Soon we were like old friends that just reconnected. Once I got buzzed, I couldn't stop looking over at Erin. She was still in her running shorts and when she moved I could see all the way up the inside of her thigh. Her big boobs were straining the material of her sports bra. She noticed me noticing and started teasing me by letting her leg fall open or pretending to adjust her bra. For her, she was being a hussy. It got me hotter than the night.

Erin and I were all over each other the moment we entered the bathroom. Erin ended up on the counter with me tugging off her sports bra. I kissed all over Erin's big breasts tasting the saltiness of her skin. By the time I got her shorts off, I was licking from the underside all the way over her hard nipples.

When the musky scent of Erin's pussy got into my nose, I went wild. I dove for her wetness and lapped it up.

"Don't," Erin said trying to push my head away, "I'm all gross down there."

I forced her hand away and her legs farther apart. I kissed and sucked up that raw taste. I ran my whole mouth over it and even nipped over her butthole once. It got her crazy for me. She pulled me back up to her. While we shared the taste of her in our kisses, Erin grabbed my cock and shoved me inside her. She bucked so hard my cock kept slipping out. It made me remember that I hadn't put on a condom.

Erin must have remembered too. She panicked and pushed me away.

I was standing there trying to catch my breath and control a raging hard on when Erin grabbed and jerked my cock a couple of times until I launched onto her tits. She kept hold of me and guided the spurts all over her middle down to her pubes. Still cumming I knelt and put my mouth over her clit and two fingers inside her and brought her to a screaming orgasm.

During our first try at a shower, we ended up messing around again but the condoms were in the bedroom. Finally, I had to get out and wait until she finished. It was impossible to be in there together without touching which led to more.

We had condom sex and it was good but nothing like before. I went to sleep with a boner thinking about the cum all over Erin. She just wasn't that kind of girl. We didn't have that kind of sex until that night. I had just licked her butt and loved it...she loved it too.

The next morning, there was a titillating energy among all three of us. We got up early and went for a swim. Lori wore the world's tiniest bikini. She had a three inch red band of material over her tits. The undersides and tops were exposed. It was hard to look over at her without getting wood. Though much smaller than Erin's, they were perfect little works of art. A painter couldn't make up something that looked better. The fact that she was proud to show them off made them sexier.

Topping that was Erin walking out of the locker room wearing the same skimpy red bottoms and a bikini top for the first time. There wasn't an ounce of flab on her dancer's hips. Guys stared.

After swimming our laps, we were drying off when

Lori asked, "Notice anything wrong with this picture, Jan?" She was staring at my swim trunks. "It might be time to give up on the capris length board shorts. Did you get those from your grandma when you were ten?"

I blushed and said, "Fifteen."

The girls laughed and teased me about them all the way back to the apartment.

"Thanks, Lori," Erin said. "He thought he was the hottest thing in New Canaan. I just didn't have the heart to tell him."

"He's the same size as me," Lori said. "Maybe he should just wear mine. I'll go naked. I hate clothes anyway."

That night we sat out on the balcony drinking sangria. It was like we'd been together all our lives. It was so much fun to be around them. We all loved the same food, music, and movies. We loved to work out and be silly. We had our chairs in a triangle. Lori had her feet in my lap, mine were in Erin's and Erin's were in Lori's. Even our toes looked the same.

By the end of the night, we were completely content, silent, feeling the mist, listening to music. Lori looked over at Erin and picked up her foot. She looked at me and kissed Erin's toes. I did the same thing and kissed Lori's. Erin kissed mine. It was so much fun to be around them, I couldn't imagine the rest of my life being any other way.

Erin and I made love among a thousand kisses. I kissed her everywhere, a thousand of them and we fell asleep in each other's arms.

Chapter 2

Friday after work I figured we'd hang around the apartment again so I agreed to do research for the head of Women's Studies to pay off debt. I got a little worried when the girls were jazzed up standing in their running clothes as I pulled into the parking lot.

"Come on Jan," Erin said. "Let's run these two blocks square starting here on Kolb. That's almost a 10K. We have a girl's night out planned."

I changed in the lobby bathroom and was back in a flash. The whole time I was gone I struggled with choosing fun or finances.

"Ready?" Lori asked and started trotting for the sidewalk.

I took off behind them and continued to fight the desire to join in on the wild night out. Finally, my commonsense took over. "I took on research work today," I said. "I'm going to hang back at the apartment."

"You weren't invited silly," Erin said, "It's a girl's night out."

"Ouch," I said. "That's not fair. I don't know any guys here yet."

"Roger's picking me up tomorrow," Lori said. "Maybe he can be your boyfriend."

"I don't want a boyfriend," I said. "I mean friends like we are."

"Lori's my girlfriend," Erin teased.

"I'm your girlfriend," Lori said.

"Dammit, you know what I mean," I said. "Where are you going?"

"Like our favorite Cheryl Crowe song," Lori said, "Wherever we can find some crossroad trucker

to demonstrate his might."

"But your engaged," I said.

"Why are you pointing a finger at me?" Lori asked. "What about Erin? Erin's fuckin' married."

Most guys would be freaking out but I knew Erin. She'd never cheat on me. They were just goofing. I ran in front of them, turned around, then ran backwards with my arms folded in front of me.

"Go ahead," I said. "Fuck every guy at the club and see what I care. I'm never kissing your guys' toes again."

The girls stumbled into the street laughing until somebody yelled out their window at us.

"That guy's screaming out the window like an asshole," I said to Lori. "Flag him down...He's got to be your type."

Back at the apartment, I was grilling swordfish on our hibachi on the veranda listening to an old Cranberries song when I noticed Lori coming out of her bedroom wearing a short silk slip dress. I could see that she had nothing but a g-string underneath. She had strappy heels that made her tanned legs look fantastic. But for the weird hair, she was a knockout.

I checked the fish and put on the veggies before glancing back at her. When I did, Lori was putting what looked like a packaged scarf in a small purse. She put a g-string in next, lipstick and a little toothbrush.

"What was that package?" I asked.

Lori pulled it back out, ripped open the plastic bag and shook out a silk slip dress. "It's my party purse," Lori said then laughed. "I can't come home wearing the same dress I wore to the club. I'd look like a hoe."

The sluttiness of that purse combined with Lori's cavalier attitude instantly made my dick poke out the material of my shorts. We just didn't know people like that. With that dress on, she might as well have been naked.

Erin walked into the room wearing a sexy black mini skirt and was spilling out of her blouse. It didn't help the situation.

"What happened?" Erin asked pointing at my tent pole.

"I think somebody's excited to find out that I'm a total slut," Lori said.

The girls laughed and I did my best to plate food around my boner. My cock would not go down. They kept teasing me but I couldn't get over it. As soon as they finished dinner, Erin grabbed the keys and gave me a kiss. Lori kissed me too.

After cleaning up the apartment and getting the laundry started, I tried to sit down and do research. It didn't work. I whacked my dong thinking about Lori being such a little slut, and how skinny she was, and eager she was to go out and get fucked. The way her dress clung to her skinny body and the naughtiness of the g-string drove me crazy. Ugly girls had to dress like that, not girls as pretty as Lori.

Then I remembered Lori saying that she had a fiancé. The thought of her cheating pushed me over the edge. I ended up shooting a wad of cum on one of the essays, but the release provided no relief.

It was a tortured night. I'd never done perv things before but I had this weird desire to go into Lori's room and look at her clothes and hold up her tiny underwear. It even extended to wanting to smell her dirty thongs. What was happening to me?

I went into the kitchen and made myself a strong drink. I figured the cosmo would help me get control of myself. While it prevented something stupid from happening, I didn't finish reading a single law review article. Around midnight, after my second cosmo, I went to bed.

Somewhere during the night I felt a mouth on my cock. I instantly went stone hard.

My cock had just violated Erin's virgin mouth. We'd been together five years and she'd never even hinted that she'd suck it.

Seconds later Erin was riding me. She was biting more than kissing. She'd never been rough at all before that night. She even grabbed my throat a couple of times while her breasts bounced up and down. I could see her engorged nipples trying burst out of her bra. She couldn't get fucked hard enough.

"Fuck me, dammit. Get that pussy," Erin ordered.

I could smell the tequila on her breath. My sweet innocent Erin had a hard lustful look in her eyes.

"Erin," I said, "I don't have a condom on."

"Then you better not cum, motherfucker," she shouted. "Get moving."

I grabbed her hips and pumped her hard. There was fury in our fucking. The rougher I got, the rougher she wanted it. She pulled her breasts out of her bra and pushed her nipples into my mouth. Erin ordered me to bite them. It seemed like she was getting into the pain. She bent all the way back until she was holding my ankles and bucking me. Erin eyes got wide she was so frightened by how hard she was cumming.

She kept riding me through the second orgasm. As soon as she came down, she flopped over on her side of the bed and passed out.

My cock was throbbing for release but I'd held off so long it hurt to try to cum. When I slid my hand over my pubes I winced. Erin's bush hair rubbed a raw spot where she was grinding.

I felt used. At first it angered me but the more I thought about being Erin's booty call, the more excited it made me. Cum went everywhere. I must have been exhausted because the next thing I remembered was the phone ringing.

Chapter 3

I hopped in my worn out Toyota pick-up and drove over to get Lori. She got in, laid her head in my lap and went to sleep. She smelled of sex and booze and cigarettes.

Erin was at her Tai Chi class when we returned to the apartment so I helped Lori to the bedroom. Lori pulled off her dress and stepped out of her thong before I could leave. She walked over and made me kiss her mouth and I'm not talking about peck. I could see cum leaking down the inside of her thigh.

I don't think she used the toothbrush.

She fell into bed without putting the covers over her. No doubt someone had been burning up her pussy all night. It was a gaping, smelly, sopping mess.

Did I mention that she smelled bad?

When I was about to close her door, I stopped and looked at her all used up lying on the bed. That mental image kept me from any meaningful work. I finally gave up fighting the urge and beat off imagining going down on Lori while she slept.

Somehow, in a couple of days, I went from a five-night-a-week-in-the-missionary-position sex life, to this.

Erin returned home around eleven looking completely revived. She raced over to kiss me and sit in my lap. "Oh my gosh...I was sooooh fucking drunk last night."

"Maybe from now on I should be the designated driver," I said. "You were a little out of control. I didn't have on a condom."

"Why not?" Erin teased.

"You didn't give me a chance to put on a condom before you fucked me," I said. "You're not on the pill."

Erin laughed and went into the kitchen for water. "You just accused me of fucking you."

"You were wild."

"I was drunk and horny as shit," Erin said. "Lori and I were dancing with a bunch of guys...she likes them rough."

"Isn't Lori engaged?" I asked.

"The only thing I'm sure of is that Lori is a slut for macho assholes," Erin said after drinking half a bottle of water. She sat in my lap again and gave me a kiss. "Are you mad because I danced with guys?"

"I'm not mad," I said. "We just didn't talk about it. I guess I'm a little jealous of being left out."

"Did you beat off thinking about Lori last night?" Erin asked.

"Yes," I said without hesitation though she knew the answer from the heat in my face. I never lied to Erin. "I'm sorry."

"I went out looking like a whore and you never once said a word, good or bad, because you were eaten up with Lori," Erin said. "I'm a little jealous about that. But it's also a little dangerous and exciting."

"I will never do anything with Lori," I said. "I'm sorry, Erin."

Erin kissed me again. "I wish Lori was out here to hear you apologize. Because every other guy would have lied, then they would have blamed it on something, then they would have said they were sorry but wouldn't have meant it. That's why Lori is jealous of me. That's why Lori wants to fuck you."

A woman couldn't be loved, more than I loved Erin. I put my hands around her waist and kissed her salty cleavage and said, "It was exciting to hear you were dancing with guys at a club. I didn't know you owned clothes like that."

"I don't," Erin said. "I don't say, 'pussy.' I don't suck cock. I don't want you near my pussy unless I just got out of the shower. That's my problem, I don't."

I realized there was a reason Erin kept sitting on my lap. She had her knees on either side of me. Her breasts crowded my face. I had to put my head back to look up at her.

I let go of Erin's waist. I stopped controlling her. That's what this was about.

"I'm pretty sure you did last night," I said.

Erin had to throw her head back a little. It was like her whole body lit up. It was beautiful. She grinned full of joy for a few minutes then the grin turned mischievous. She was ready to try to be in charge.

"I'm going on the pill on Monday," Erin said looking me in the eye. "But it's your responsibility to have a condom ready when I want to fuck. I'm not letting you cum in me, but anyone else can."

It hurt to hear, but it was just as thrilling to think of Erin being bossy and not caring what people thought. She grew up being locked into the good girl role. I didn't want to ruin her moment by fighting her or telling her it was ok. If I agreed, then it was like I was letting her, instead of it being her decision.

"I love you, Erin."

"What will you say if I kiss you and tell you that you just tasted another man's cock?" Erin asked.

"I will ask you if you want me to like it," I said. "If you do, I will."

"What if I call you and ask you if my boyfriend can get to second base," Erin asked. "What if say, 'Good, because he's already been to third.'"

I played right along. If she had to fuck fifty guys to be the woman she wanted to be, I'd line them up for her. We both knew her happiness was the most important thing in the world to me.

Erin walked out of the room with her head up, her back straight.

Chapter 4

Lori awoke a few hours later and the moment the three of us came together, the world was at warp speed again with Erin pulling us along.

We took off for a day shopping at the mall. We tossed pretzel bites into each other's mouths and the girls tried on clothes none of us could afford to buy.

After that, we took what little money we had to buy new running gear. The three of us stuffed into a dressing room giggling like idiots. In the madness of flying body parts, Lori and I realized we wore the same size running clothes and shoes. It was all from the girls' section but Erin wanted the three of us to match and it looked pretty much the same as the guys, so I bought them.

Everything was going great until late in the afternoon when Lori's fiancé came to town to drive her back to Phoenix.

We met Roger at our little cantina. He was heavy set, about five feet seven with fat hairy fingers. He was balding with a thick pelt of black hair poking out of his cheesy Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned too far. He had a ghetto chain around his neck so big it swung when he walked. His presence soured our festive mood.

His first words to the group were, "Sangria? What the fuck? Where are the tequila shots?"

He looked over at Erin and said, "Damn, you're ya doing babe?"

Lori hugged him but then Lori sat next to me in

the restaurant's only booth. They kept it just for us...The three of us.

Roger snugged in next to Erin and yelled out for the waitress. When Erin suggested Patron shots, Roger said, "I better be getting head for top shelf."
The waitress was still twenty feet away when Roger said, "Babe, get us four shots." Roger smiled at Erin and said, "Still want Patron?"

"Fuck off," Erin said before I had a chance to call him out.

Needless to say, dinner sucked. The guy sat and bragged about how rich he was and his goofy BMW M3 and his job 'running a media company' which turned out to be a six page paper listing the acts playing at nightclubs in Phoenix. I sighed out relief when they headed back north after dinner.

Before leaving the house, I'd thrown our air mattress and some blankets in the truck. Erin and I went out dancing and got buzzed. A couple of times, she led. It was so cute.

We drove up in the hills and made love in the

back of the truck. Despite being out in a public place where people uphill from us might see, Erin stripped naked. She laid on the hood of the truck and told me to lick her pussy.

Erin's pussy tasted like nectar. It always did. Once I was into it, she pushed me back and wet her fingers in my mouth. She fed her taste to me until it got her so excited it curled her toes when she got off. I lost my head and grabbed her foot and sucked her toes into my mouth. Erin convulsed up. Instead of looking at me she looked at her other foot. It was dirty too.

"Stop," Erin said. "I can't take it. I can't stop cumming."

I slipped two fingers inside her and kept sucking until she started crying and reached out for me. "Come to me, baby," Erin said. I held her and kissed her and fucked her on the truck but she could not fill up.

She fucked me in the sand and in the cab and in the bed of the truck. We made love until the sun came up. I was cumming inside the condom inside Erin kissing the streaks of morning sun crossing her big beautiful breasts with tears of joy in my eyes. I can't remember a time when we were happier or closer.

Sunday was designated as our lazy day. After church and swimming, we soaked in our tub. Erin got out first and walked back into the bathroom holding two pairs of terry shorts.

"Let's wear these and nothing else," Erin said. "I want easy access to your cock."

Her attempts to be a bitch were so cute I wanted to cry. She teased me by holding out the white pair then throwing me the fuchsia ones instead. No guy was going to complain about wearing a pair of girl's shorts if Erin was going to walk around topless and grab their cock.

Of course, I made it seem like a big deal but the shorts felt fantastic. And damn Erin's breasts looked gorgeous. Her areoles were a perfect delicate pink, all full and with hard nipples because she was in charge.

We both worked a bit then lay around on the couch watching sappy chick flicks. Though Erin picked the movies, I liked them all as much as her.

Erin hesitated but finally initiated the flirting and touching. I always waited for her up the ante. She kept touching my cock and telling me she was getting practice for her lovers.

At some point Erin pinned me on my back on the floor and asked, "Do you have a crush on Lori?"

"Of course I do. I really like her," I said then paused for a minute thinking it was the right time to bring up something that had been bothering me all week. "She's so nice but, what do you think of her hair?"

Erin frowned at me. "It's fine. The perm is easy to deal with."

"What if I paid for you guys to get your hair done this week?" I asked but with a lot less subtlety than I'd intended.

Erin smacked my hard cock. "Stop it."

"Sorry, that came out wrong," I said.

Erin pinned my arms over my head and dangled her tits in my face. "What's the problem? Does her hair disturb you're little beat off fantasy...I swear, one more word, and I'm cutting you off from touching yourself."

By the end of the day, we had sex three more times. Given our current pace, being cut off from masturbation was a hollow threat.

Chapter 5

Wednesday, Lori swept back into town. It was like a shot of adrenaline for all three of us to be together. The girls blew off a late night at the office to meet me for dinner. As soon as I walked into our cantina, I knew something was going on. Esperanza, the owner, covered her mouth with the dish towel over her shoulder and rushed to the kitchen. The girls had shots on the bar and were standing holding their purses.

"So is it a little crush or big?" Lori asked.

"Es grande," Esperanza yelled from the back.

"I know I've got a big old sloppy crush on you, baby," Lori said holding out her arms to me.


Erin shrugged. She handed me a shot of tequila and said, "That's not the worst part."

I drank the shot. Lori poured hers down my throat.

"So you hate my hair?" Lori asked.

It wasn't funny. I thought I was going to cry. I said, "Lori, I really didn't mean to hurt your feelings. You know how much I love you."

Lori hit me on the arm and said, "I'm just teasing you." She followed it up with a hug when she saw the tears. "Don't freak out sweetie...well, not yet."


"We all go," Lori said. "All of us. From this point forward, we're three blonde soul sisters."

"None of us has blonde hair," I said.

As we drove over to the salon, Lori plugged in my iPod and played Soul Sister and we cranked it up and sang at the top of our lungs with our heads out the windows. We sang all of the Train songs in my mix the rest of the way. They were my favorite band but it wasn't even close to enough to get me over having to get a new haircut.

Everyone loved my hair. It made me look like Russell Crowe.

We stopped at a liquor store. We slugged drinks out of the bottle in the parking lot of the resort salon. The valet came to check on us twice. It was about a hundred degrees in the truck. None of us noticed.

"Jan thinks it makes him look like Russell

Crowe," Erin blurted out.

"Erin, you still pin your hair back on top of your head," Lori said. "My mom stopped doing that with me when I was six."

"But you always say how much you like my hair," I whined to Erin.

"She lied," Lori said. She grabbed my hand on one side and Erin's on the other. "Fuck it, let's do this."

A few minutes later, drunk but not drunk enough, the three of us stumbled out of our dressing rooms in resort salon bathrobes. The staff kept complimenting my courage and Lori kept hugging me saying that I was making it so much easier for her to give up her crazy hairstyle.

They fed us champagne and dyed all of our hair the same color blond. We let the gay colorist choose the shade.

They guided us to the mani/pedi chairs to wait for the color to set. I was so nervous about my hair I didn't fight it. They gave us facial masks and I guess I wasn't paying attention but my nails ended up with a faint pink color with three clear coats on top.

"What's done is done," Lori said holding up my hand. "No time to think, let's just get our hair cut and be done with it. Everybody's got to be a smidge uncomfortable."

For all Lori's talk, Erin and I laughed our heads off as Lori approached the styling chair like it was at the end of a walk on Death Row. We had to push her the final few feet, her slippers scuffing across the floor.

When a guy started washing my hair, the realness of having to live with Lori's choice of haircut took hold. We got to choose each other's, Erin chose hers.

Sitting in the styling chair, a different gay guy

walked toward me with scissors.

"Don't look at me in that tone of voice," he said shaking the scissors at me. I couldn't help but smile.

It was a good tension breaker. My mom always said she picked a stylist with the same sensibilities and Raef had mine...or maybe what I aspired to someday. He wore simple black tailored pants and a black v-neck tee. His hair was awesome because it was cut so well rather than cut to draw attention. When that thought popped in my head, I knew I was drunk.

Despite the lingering angst, we kept chatting and laughing throughout. There was so much momentum in the situation I never really resisted. As soon as the haircut finished, a woman started after my eyebrows.

"Whoa, I never agreed to this," I said.

"You're going metro," the woman said and kept plucking not giving me any choice.

The girls just laughed.

When it was over, they spun us around toward the mirrors.

It wasn't bad at all. The color was natural looking, cut medium length with long bangs and a part on the side. Lori got pretty much the same cut except for a girl. Erin's was beyond shoulder length, she looked fantastic as a blonde.

"There's a million things you can do with this cut," Raef said, "This style is the new trend for male models with your body style. It's endlessly versatile. Let me show you how far you can take it."

He spun me around and attacked with the blow dryer and some curling iron looking things that I'd never seen before. He put some gel and spray on it. Before I could complain he lined my eyes then dabbed some color on my lips with his pinky finger.

In the mirror, Lori and I looked like twins. I was drop dead gorgeous...we all were. When I asked if he'd tone me down for the ride home, he just said, "No, Jan. You deserve to look this good."

By the time we made it to the apartment, we were wiped out and hung over. We all went straight to bed. Then Erin started touching my hair and talking about how pretty my fingers looked.

"Kiss your lipstick onto my lips," Erin whispered. "Soft, gentle, girl kisses...Paint my lips with your lipstick, baby. You'll get my pretty pink pussy if you make my lips as pretty."

Instantly revived, I understood Erin's fantasy and I wanted to do it right. I hopped out of bed and walked around naked lighting candles. I lit some incense and turned on some music.

Erin whispered. "Come to me my lesbian lover."

The kisses started off slow and that was sexy, but nothing like the way Erin started feeling over my body. She was making love to me like I was a woman. She caressed my 'breasts' and teased and pinched my nipples. She took her hands over my hips and butt to feel my curves.

When I tried to get my hand to her pussy she stopped me.

"Like this baby," she whispered. She put her fingers to my lips and I got them wet. She circled the tip of my dick then slid her middle finger down to the bottom of my shaft. When she moved her fingers at that spot, my dick started throbbing.

"You're getting fingered, baby," Erin whispered. "Finger me like that."

My wife literally fingered me to an orgasm while I did the same but we both wanted more. I went to the bathroom and wiped up. Erin stopped me at the edge of the bed when I returned. She got a condom out of the drawer.

"I thought you were on the pill?" I asked.

"Let's put it on together," Erin said. "I want to see two sets of painted fingers on your cock."

My cock was never harder. Erin's face was just in front of it. I could feel her hot breath. It looked like two girls were touching it. We kept getting our fingers wet in my mouth and playing with my dick until I was ready to erupt. Erin put her mouth over me and held it there while I filled up the condom with cum.

When I was spent she fell back on the bed. Her breasts were rising and falling, her areole full, her nipples hard. She said, "I can't wait until the first time a guy cums in my mouth...I'm laying here burning up thinking about my first taste of a man's cum."

As soon as I got one condom off, she had me put on another. She said she didn't want to get all sticky.

We started kissing again and fingering each other. Laying our sides, Erin started bumping her pussy against me. She wanted to fuck like women.

It was weird at first but then it got hot because there were so many more ways to get off without having to penetrate her. Erin began moving. She grinded on my hip bone and knee then moved all the way up until grinding on the edge of my ribcage as I kissed and licked the underside of her tits. She came so hard I felt my side getting wet. Erin nearly pulled my hair out.

I tried to ease her back down in bed next to me but she resisted. "No, baby," she said. "Let me get my pretty girl off again." It took no time for her to put her little pussy down on my cock and get me off without me ever going inside her.

We were going to have to buy condoms by the case at a warehouse store.

Chapter 6

The next day we all went for a long run in the hills laughing and joking along the way. Three people never fit together as well as we did.

"Last night I had my first girl-girl," Erin bragged. "And here I thought you were going to be my first, Lori."

Erin chugged along so beautiful and carefree neither Lori nor I would do anything but encourage her.

"I think I want him to be my first, too," Lori said. "Jan's the hottest bitch in the state.

We're going to have to keep him in boy's clothes or the girls will be lined up down the block."

"How does it feel to have two pretty girls panting all over you?" Erin asked.

"I can't imagine anything better," I said.

It wasn't all about sex. We were great for each other in every way. We started talking about getting serious and training for a triathlon a couple of months away.

After showers I made up some egg whites on whole wheat muffins and smoothies. Lori came out of her bedroom holding a pair of khakis and a teal polo shirt with their company's name on it.

"Aren't we soul sisters?" Lori asked.

"Those are girl clothes," I said. It was the first time I resisted the changes they were asking of me.

"Quit being a pussy and try them on," Lori said. She wasn't smiling any more.

Lori was pushing now. She didn't give a fuck about the clothes. She wanted me to give in to her. Her words hurt. I ran off to the bedroom.

Erin stopped me as I headed to the bathroom.

I was fucking crying again. My emotions were at my skin all of a sudden. "Baby, come here," Erin said and hugged me up.

"Lori was mean to me," was all I could say. It sounded more feminine than the damn clothes. That angered me but when I went to lash out, all I said was, "I want to call her a bad name."

"Baby, calm down," Erin said. "Lori doesn't want to hurt your feelings."

"I'm teary all the time all of a sudden," I said. "I'm being such a fucking girl."

Erin loved me so much. She thumbed off my tears and brushed back my hair. "Just tell her if you don't want to be like us and wear matching clothes, baby. We want to include you. She'll understand."

Erin put on Collbie Caillat's "Bubbly" to settle me down. After the first note, Lori came to the door.

"Quit coddling him, Erin," Lori said. "You're pissing me off."

"I'm sorry, Lori," Erin said and let go of me.

Lori stood there holding the clothes. "Look at me Jan," she said in a scolding tone.

The emotions rushed up on me again, I choked hard to hold back crying. I wanted so bad to make Lori happy. It was crushing me that I'd disappointed her. It hurt that Erin said that I wasn't going to be included as a sister.

I couldn't look at Lori but I ran over to her and hugged her. "I'm sorry," I said. "I was embarrassed because I don't have any decent underwear."

Lori said, "Stop crying, Jan. I'm sorry too, baby. Just tell me next time, ok?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry," I said. "I'm sorry, Erin...I can't wait to see what we look like."

Crying was cleansing. The women's pants fit much better than mine and a polo shirt was a polo shirt. We all looked so cool wearing the same thing I just went without underwear and got over it. We agreed to go to the mall after swimming.

I dropped the girls off and headed to school expecting everyone to freak out about the hair, nails and 'metro' look, but got exactly the opposite reaction. A couple of the older women in the office complimented the change and said they were wondering when my wife was finally going to put an end to my bohemian scraggly chin whiskers and whacky hair.

Around seven, the three of us headed over to the pool. We jabbered the entire way. I was almost inside the men's locker when Erin grabbed my arm.

"Hold on, Jan," Lori said. "We got distracted talking and almost forgot."

Lori rifled through her bag until she produced her red boy short swim bottoms.

My heart stopped beating. I wasn't ready. "No," I said.

"You don't have a choice, Jan," Lori said. "We burned those stupid board shorts."

The whistle blew signaling the last forty five minutes before the end of open swim. We'd have to hustle just to get in a mile.

"You guys suck," I said.

Lori grinned. "Of course I do," she said, "Erin, how about you?"

"I haven't yet, but I want to," Erin said, "How about you, Jan?"

Their joking torqued me. I grabbed the shorts and ran into the locker room. There was no time to think. I found an empty row of lockers to hide my stiff cock until I got the shorts on. Lori's bottoms were so small and my cock so hard the head peeked out until I doused myself in cold water.

I shouldn't have looked in the mirror. Once I did I wavered at going outside. I felt weak and humiliated. They looked idiotic with my pubes sticking out the sides and top. There was no time to mess around. I ran out intent on jumping straight into the pool.

Erin stood on the board with her swim bra and bottoms. Lori was standing behind her topless. She was fucking wild as hell. Talk about brave. There were a hundred people milling road, eighty percent were guys.

I almost fell over myself laughing. People were doing a double take until I closed up next to her. They kept looking back and forth until convincing themselves it was two guys.

After thirty minutes in the pool, I got over wearing the shorts. I was far faster with them on. Besides, my cock shrank to the point it didn't look weird and I was too cold from coming out of the pool to get wood. Once we got out and Erin put a towel around herself, she pulled off her top too. It was fun to stand there with our towels covering our chests and all three of us having the same bottoms.

Just before heading off to the showers, Erin pointed down at my crotch and the insides of my legs. "There's an afro in your pants trying to get out," Erin said.

"We have to put off your trip to buy panties. We have to deforest tonight," Lori said. "Let's grab some fish tacos at our cantina then head home."

Chapter 7

The pitcher of sangria at the cantina and wild dancing put me in the right mood. Things moved so fast, there wasn't any time to think. When we got home, we put on some music and burned a little incense and Lori brought out the shaving cream and razors.

"How do we do this?" Lori asked Erin.

"He's got more hair than both of us," Erin said. "So he does us and we do him. Lori, you go first."

The master bathroom had a two person tub and Lori had no problem getting naked. She had very little hair and I had a huge boner.

"You have such a huge crush on me," Lori said.

"Huge for him," Erin joked while poking at my dick.

I barely heard it. I couldn't stop thinking about being naked with two hot naked girls. Other than Erin, I'd only had a total of two other kisses from girls...well, Lori kissed me too I guess.

Thinking about kissing Lori's cock mouth got me even harder.

I was fumbling around trying to get my shorts off. My hands were shaking so bad, Erin had to help me.

"Get in," Erin said.

"Be careful, Doc," Lori joked using an accent out of an old Western movie. "Should you take a shot of whiskey before you use that scalpel?"

Lori put her hot wet foot on my chest. When I went to squirt out some shaving cream Lori said, "Stop. Kiss the toes first."

I loved Lori. She knew exactly how to settle me down. She reminded me that they wanted to make me feel included in everything.

I ran shaving cream over Lori's lower leg. Erin shaved under Lori's arms and encouraged me, calling me a good boy as I got more comfortable with shaving Lori. The kept teasing until Erin kissed Lori's nipple.
"This is so fucking hot, I think I'm going to cum," Lori said. "You're killing me with your delicate touch, Jan. It's making me crazy the way you're doing it. Don't put so much effort into making it perfect. I can't take it."

Each draw of the razor across her skin got me more excited. Half the bath water should have been my pre-cum so much was leaking out. I was so caught up in being able make Lori horny it took a while to sense the change in everyone's mood.

No one was joking any more. We were all sweating, panting out breaths, even with the air conditioner blasting.

As I moved up to Lori's thighs, Erin stuck her inflatable headrest to the bottom of the tub. Lori put her butt on it to bring her pussy out of the water. Once I shaved the outsides of her thighs, Erin helped Lori spread her legs. My wife's hands on Lori's ankle and thigh were making it hard to breathe. Sitting between Lori's opened legs staring at her pussy made it worse.

With Erin holding the one leg, I put the other over my shoulder as I shaved, taking my time, making my way up to her pussy. Suddenly, Lori grabbed my wrist and squeezed it for almost a minute before releasing her grip.

"Jan, you're too gentle and deliberate. Press down and get it over with for shitssake," Lori said.

"I've already cum twice watching," Erin said.

Lori kept her pussy bare. It was a compact, pink and pretty, all clean and wet, a far cry from the fucked opened mess it had been Saturday morning.

I lathered up one side. When Lori lifted a little I could see her ass. She'd taken cock there. I'd seen a picture of a girl like that in a guy's locker in high school but never in person. As I caught a second glimpse of Lori's ass, I started cumming but bit my lip. I never made a move or sound so they didn't know.

It took a long time, but after cumming, I had the patience to do it right. We were there so long, I got comfortable enough to lather over the top of Lori's pussy and shave the stubble without any fear. Serving her like that excited me. Lori trusted me with her most vulnerable area.

"Holy shit," Lori said when I was finished. "Erin, come here and feel that. I've never been so smooth."

My wife ran her hand all over Lori's pussy and ass and legs all the time smiling at me.

"It's making you crazy, isn't it?" Erin said. She kissed the top of Lori's pussy. "Stand up and let's drain the tub."

Erin had tons more bush hair than Lori. I worked on her legs and Lori used scissors around Erin's pussy. Erin realized early on that I knew what I was doing with a razor after all the practice. I held her foot at the arch and turned it to make Erin open her leg slightly wider. It got her so hot to expose her pussy to us it kept her on the verge of cumming all the way up her leg.

As I got up to the tops of Erin's thighs she had to keep her eyes squeezed shut and started breathing heavy. When I put my hand up under her butt to reposition her, Erin slammed her forehead into Lori's back and screamed out an orgasm.

"Sorry," Erin said between breaths. "I was trying to hold it in but it just made me cum that much harder."

"It happened to me earlier," I admitted.

"Me too," Lori said. "I think I'm cumming again right now."

The fun ended when the girls got the razors. Erin started lathering up my shins and I tried to put my leg under the water.

"I thought it was just around my cock," I said.

"Jan, it's getting old at this point," Erin said. "No one's questioning your manhood so stop protesting. You've got pink fucking nails and plucked eyebrows. Get over it."

"Triathletes save their legs," Lori said. "That's the lie I was going to tell him to get him to do it. But thanks for ordering him around, I think you made me cum again."

At first, it wasn't sexy at all to get shaved even with naked girls doing it.

Not that I was the hairiest guy in the world, but it took Lori a while to cut back the pubes around my cock and balls. They kept telling me how good I looked and how it was going to be so cool when we all had the same tan lines. They decided we'd go out on Saturday and buy bikes.

Erin worked on my legs, Lori my arms and chest. Once my legs were bare to the knee, they tingled and felt marvelous without hair. They looked like girl's legs poking up out of the water especially with painted toes. When Erin finished the tops of my thighs, she turned me over the headrest. She started shaving the hair off of my ass, and Lori removed what little hair was on my back. I got hard again with Erin positioned between my thighs.

"Uh oh," Erin said. "Somebody likes to be bent


"Stop," I said. "You guys were just as excited but nobody can see it."

"Lie on your back again and raise your arms," Lori said holding the scissors. "I forgot to do your pits."

When Erin shaved around my cock, she had to keep wiping away my pre-cum. It got all over the razors and made it difficult but she shaved me bare. I didn't complain when Erin spent extra time getting all the hair around my butthole cleaned off. There was something so freeing and tingly about being bare, I wanted to be smooth.

"Ok, let's see the results," Lori said when Erin finished. "Now we're really soul sisters."

"Well two and one with a tiny pogo stick," Erin said pointing at my cock.

"Fix it," Lori said. "Come on, I want to see."

Erin grabbed my dick and gave it a few pulls. That's all it took to get me cumming.

"Problem solved," Lori said.

We all took a quick shower and dried off. The only mirror big enough was the one over our double sink so we stood on the edge of the tub.

The girls didn't have to ask. I tucked my dick between my thighs. We were three hot blondes.

Erin and I were so lust fucked we were all over each other as soon as the bedroom door closed.

"Get the condoms," Erin ordered. "You're going to get to taste a well fucked pussy tonight."

"Won't it taste like Latex?" I asked.

"Try it and see," Erin whispered. "Come taste my well fucked pussy, Jan. Tell me how it tastes."

We played around again using our fingers to roll down the condom. Then Erin just lied back on the bed and put her feet on my chest. She grabbed my cock and put it inside her. I fucked her for a long time with her encouraging me to widen her out as much as possible.

"Ream me," Erin said. "I want to be opened and ready for a big stud cock. When he's done with me, you won't be able to hit the sides when you go in."

I didn't know a guy could get off that many times in a day. I had to recite legal precedent in my head to keep from cumming. Erin's bare pussy was gorgeous. It was so nasty for her to be completely shaved. Sluts did that. And the image of my innocent Erin being slutty drove me crazy.

With her legs on my chest, I could watch my cock opening her and thrusting in and out. It didn't last long enough before I filled another condom. Erin immediately sat up and forced me to my knees. Her pussy was still hot from getting fucked. It had that deep musky smell like after she'd been working out.

I liked it. My heart immediately started beating faster. It was so raunchy for me to have my tongue deep in her fucked pussy. My lips sucked over her full and throbbing clit. I teased it until Erin let out a gasp.

"I really like the taste of you," I said. "I love the taste of your fucked pussy."

Erin answered by shoving my face in deeper and holding it there. I got my mouth all over her pussy, licking and sucking up every drop of her until she shuttered out another orgasm. She flopped over facing away and I spooned in behind her. She had me reach over and cup her pussy in my hand. She whispered that she like the warmth of it.

"Keep a condom ready if I want more," Erin said before she fell asleep. "Otherwise I'll have to find a better fuck."

We used the last three condoms and I ate Erin out after each round. It was so sexy to be smooth and to feel Erin's smooth body. I ran my hand over her pussy and clit and was fingering her while I fucked her. She couldn't stop touching me and fingering me either. She used her hands and her feet to caress me while I was inside her. As soon as one session ended we'd separate and swear off any more. Then something on one of us made contact with something on the other and we were at it again.

Finally, Erin ordered me out on the couch. This time it sounded like she meant it. Erin was gaining confidence in taking control.

Chapter 8

"I thought about throwing a bucket of water on you two a couple of times," Lori said as she padded from the bedroom to the kitchen in her running gear the next morning.

She walked around from the other side of the kitchen and sat next to me the couch. She fed me an orange slice then ate one. She ran her hand over my smooth leg.

Lori and I shared a few quiet moments while sharing Lori's orange. We never said a word. I was learning that, as sisters, we needed those constant little affirmations. Guys could go much longer without them.

When we finished, I said, "We were going to go to the mall for panties."

Lori kissed my sticky fingers then said, "I adore you."

During the first mile running up into Sabino Canyon I became sure that any guy that doesn't shave is an idiot. It felt so freeing to have the wind on bare my skin and be smooth. My sweat didn't even smell that bad.

As soon as we got back to the apartment I asked. "What are we wearing today?"

"Thursday is 'same day,'" Erin said. "Today is jeans for casual Friday. Wednesday will be business attire."

"You've got plenty of jeans," Lori said. "Wear whatever you want. We don't have to be soul sisters all the time."

I knew they were teasing me so I played along. "I just really like the idea of sharing clothes," I said.

"Stop pouting," Lori said then started toward her room, "Let's see what we can do."

Lori threw me her white, mid-waist skinny jeans.

"But I don't have panties," I said.

"You'll have to beg for us to take you to buy those," Erin said standing behind me.

The jeans fit perfectly. I wore one of Lori's grey v-neck tees with Lori's blue blazer and a pair of Tod's loafers my mom bought me for Christmas. The first day I wore them I saw a girl wearing the same shoes so I never wore them again. I looked chic and the girls liked it.

Professor Lito, the head of the Women's Studies department, was rushing down the hall as I walked to my office. It took a second glance, but once Lito recognized me, she stopped dead in her tracks.

"Hi, Jan," Lito said smiling and reaching out to stop me. She'd always been brusk and avoided eye contact. I was pretty sure I only got the job because she thought that I was a girl from my name on the application.

I apologized for being behind schedule. "There's a lot going on at my house right now," I said.

Lito relaxed her stance and touched my sleeve. "Anything I can help with?" she asked.

She glanced at my wedding ring. "I forgot you were still getting settled here. How is your...spouse adapting Tucson?"

I don't know why, but heat came up in my face. Lito's fingers clutched mine for a second.

"My door is open if you'd like to chat. We can talk about anything. Don't worry about the research," she said.

Other than a professor thinking I was married to a guy, I had a great day at school. After work, I picked up the girls and started the hibachi.

While we set the table and made sangria, the girls stayed quiet waiting for me to try to talk my way into going out clubbing.

Lori finally gave up and went to her room. A minute later she stopped next to the kitchen table and set down her tiny purse. She picked up the plastic package containing her slip dress then looked over at me.

"There is one way I'd agree," Lori said.

Erin turned toward me. She'd been edgy and silent since I picked her up. I thought she might be wondering if I was going to ruin her evening by going.

"I've got research to do. Don't let me spoil the fun," I said.

They both nodded. Erin put her head down and walked toward the bedroom. Lori stared at me and nodded for me to follow Erin.

"Erin, could I help you get ready?" I asked.

I got out the razor and Erin let me touch up her pussy and legs in the shower. "You should be perfectly smooth," I said. Erin's hands were shaky when she reached to me for help getting out of the shower. She was so anxious about going out, she didn't say anything.

Lori watched as I washed Erin's hair in the sink with scented shampoo and wrapped it in a towel. I ran Erin a steaming hot bubble bath with scented bath salts. Erin was so weak legged I had to help her into the tub.

"Red nails?" I asked Lori holding up the polish.

It looked like a bottle off slut in my hand.

"Perfect," Lori said.

I stripped and got into the tub with Erin and polished her nails making sure to drain and heat the water to keep it perfect. I blew the polish dry. Erin kept closing her eyes and letting out shallow breaths. As she soaked, she was making the transition from being nervous to being on fire for sex.

"She's going to fucking kill some poor roughneck tonight," Lori said.

Lori and I used three towels to make sure we dried every inch of Erin except one spot. There was no drying her pussy. It was glistening. Erin had trouble keeping her hands off of it.

My wife was nice, natural girl pretty. She had full lips and olive skin so she didn't need makeup to attract nice guys. But Lori gave her smoky eyes and rouged cheeks and red lips to draw in the bad boys looking for a quick fuck.

I was thinking it but Lori said, "I don't care if she's on the pill. Erin's coming home tonight pregnant." Lori opened Erin's panty drawer. "Hey Jan, which pair of panties do you want to suck the cum out of?"

Erin had a drawer full of good girl panties and a pair of black ones her first boyfriend bought for her when she was sixteen. They were still in the package until that night.

I put hoop earrings in Erin's ears. I could feel the heat coming off of her before ever getting close to her skin. She kept quiet and kept taking short breaths while I had her step into her black mini skirt.

Lori helped me tape Erin's tits into her sequined deep v-neck, backless halter top. I laced the straps of Erin's heels up her calves. With my face so close to Erin's pussy, all my senses filled up with how ready she was to be fucked.

The whole experience was so unworldly, I'd forgotten my role. Lori had to put her hand on my shoulder and remind me with her stare.

I reached for the truck keys and said, "Maybe I should drive you and pick you up?"

When Erin didn't answer I said, "I'll just call you every so often to check in."

Her mother's harping refrain did the trick. "Shut up," Erin said. "Make yourself useful. Call us a


Erin put her foot up on the bed and touched perfume on the inside of her thigh. She shooed us out of the bedroom and closed the door to finish getting ready. She was holding a small bottle of lube as we walked out.

Lori and I waited listening to the radio and had a margarita. There was too much sex in the air for Lori and me to talk. When the cab honked, Lori gave me a hug and said, "I know what you're thinking. Stay the fuck out of my room. If you can't wear a dress at the club, you can't wear one in here."

"I promise," I lied as Erin walked passed me to the cab. Lori knew me better than I did.

I should have been worried about Erin cheating but my thoughts were limited to one subject. There was no resistance, I went straight to Lori's closet and started trying to pick out something to wear. When I couldn't coax my cock down, I beat off.

I took a quick shower and warmed up the hot rollers we used on Erin. I gave myself the most girlie curls and wore one of Lori's chokers to cover my Adam's apple. All I needed was a little color on my cheeks and lipstick.

Lori's thongs were so tiny, even with my cock soft, it took ten tries to find one that fit over it. My hands were trembling as I pulled a short silk slip dress off the hanger and put it on.

With bare legs and naked except for the tiny thong, I felt sexy and feminine...I looked awesome. Two or three times, I edged up to leaving the apartment but chickened out. I put everything away just how I found it and went back to our bedroom.

With the choice of white or fuchsia, I put on Erin's fuchsia terry shorts and the top. I synthesized Professor Lito's research wearing makeup and panties and never felt so sexy in my life. Maybe wearing women's clothes was a way to soothe me while Erin was going out to fuck another guy. I got pangs of angst a few times but smelling pretty, with pretty toes and fingers, and sitting in soft fabric, and feeling feminine comforted me.

Around one, I washed my face and put the clothes in the drawer then went to sleep with the phone next to my face in case one of the girls needed me.

Hours later, the tequila on Erin's breath woke me. When she kissed me, I tasted and smelled cigarettes. Erin never smoked. There was no time to wonder about how her mouth ended up like that before she worked her way down to my cock.

"Where's the fucking condom," Erin said. "I told you to be ready."

Her scolding got me moving. I opened up the case of a thousand under the bed and put one on.

She sucked me like she knew what she was doing, taking all of me once. She moved around until her sopping pussy was on my mouth and my nose was at her ass. Her panties were gone.

Erin's pussy was already opened as I sucked and licked at it. Her clit was full and she was ready. Something or someone had been inside her but she was so wet with her own juices I didn't taste anything but her. Her little butthole was glistening and greasy. She'd prepped to take cock in her ass. All of these things were assaulting my emotions and making me crazy for her.

Erin fucked the shit out of me. She pinned my arms to the bed and bucked so hard I kept slipping out because she'd been so opened up. She bit my nipples and ordered me to fuck her harder.

Once I got the rhythm she wanted, she said, "Get a finger in my ass...hurry."

We fucked out of control until Erin felt me ready to cum. She grabbed my balls and said, "Not yet... Me first."

She held onto my balls and fucked herself cumming. As soon as she was done she fell over onto her side of the bed. I was so horny my balls hurt.

"Where's your finger?" Erin gasped out.

She grabbed my hand and shoved it at my face. "Suck on it and get it wet then put it back in my ass, dammit. Lick my pussy until I fall asleep, Jan," Erin said.

The lube was flavored. It didn't taste bad at all. It had a sex smell and it was sexy to be sucking on a finger that had been in Erin's butt.

I finger fucked her ass again. It nearly got me off watching my finger slipping in and out, watching her little hole accommodating it.

"Please me, not you," Erin said. "Lick my little button, lick my ass."

I scooted down the bed and pleased Erin. I fell asleep with my face at her ass.

Chapter 9

The next morning when I picked up Lori, she climbed into the truck looking like she'd been in a fight. I practically carried her to bed. With her inside the apartment, between last night and her, the whole place smelled like dirty sex. Everyone was always in a constant state of arousal.

"No, take off my clothes," Lori muttered. She was leaking from her pussy and her ass. A huge handprint was still visible on her hip. Some jerk bit all over her nipples and she had a little hickey at her hairline behind her neck.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

"How's Erin?" Lori asked.

"She's at her Tai Chi class," I said but I knew she was asking if I was hurt over Erin's night out.

Lori gave me a sleepy smile. "Erin knows what she's got in you," Lori said after kissing me. "Give her time to tell you. It's not for me to say."
Because of the late night, the temperature was over a hundred by the time we got going, but nothing could keep us down. We were happy every moment we were together. Despite the midday heat, we blew off going to the mall and went for a swim. This time Lori wore her top and I didn't give a fuck if anybody said something about my swim bottoms. Besides this was a completely different crowd, more party types than pants and ties.

During our laps, some beefy black dudes shared our lane. They were pretty good swimmers but I ended up passing them once. I was greased lightning smoothed down and wearing skimpy shorts.

We were standing on wet towels drying off when

Lori said, "Don't look now but I think somebody's wanting to fuck you."

I turned and two hulking black guys were staring right at me. It looked like they had hoagies stuffed in their Speedos. There was no way not to notice.

"You're blushing," Lori whispered in my ear.

"They should stare." I joked then kissed Lori's cheek. "I'm pretty hot."

After stripping off my wet bottoms, I grabbed my shampoo and towel. As I came around the corner, the two black guys were blocking my path. They were massive compared to me. Even at five ten they looked a foot taller and each was at least twice as wide as me.

"Aren't you a sleek, skinny little thing," the huskier guy said. He closed in a tighter to me. His wrist looked thicker than my waist.

"Thanks," I said trying not to sound intimidated though the hair on my arms was standing up. "We're training for a tri. That was my wife and her friend."

"Skinny but pretty," the taller one said. He was as lean as sirloin. He stared right at my painted fingers. "How do you stay so skinny?"

"Definitely not getting filled up," the huskier one said.

"We work out all the time and eat right," I answered knowing my whole body was burned up with color. I stilled tried to talk through it. "We need to cut back on our drinking though."

"Where'd you get that swimsuit?" the huskier one asked. It felt like he was mauling me. He was so close when he moved his hand I thought he was going to touch me. I startled and stepped back.

If I looked down, I saw cock. Straight ahead I saw a wall of thickly muscled black man. I'd wilt under their stares if I looked up. It was impossible to hold myself together with my hand inches away from two big dongs.

"Lori gave them to me. We're the same size," came out of my mouth before I could stop it.

"Yes you are," the huskier guy said knowing for sure they'd scared me. "What's your name?"

"My name is Jan. What's your name," I said making a last, weak attempt, to defend.

"Ah shit, now you're sweating me for my name," the huskier guy said. "I'm Mike. He's Dane."

"I think I like this motherfucker," Dane said. "Go on and take your skinny self to the shower, Jan."

"Think about what you can get filled up on," Mike said. "I got me a couple of ideas."

"All I got is one big idea," Dane said.

The each stepped aside and let me pass. They stared as I walked away. "Mmmm, hmmm. You sure are skinny," Mike said.

"Narrow," Dane said. "But I like, Jan."

The club had private showers thank goodness. I stayed inside until I heard them start the water running then rushed to dress. My nerves were so bad I barely got my shorts...well Lori's shorts, out of the locker before I heard them coming down the hall.

While I was sitting, Dane swung around the corner with his towel up drying off his face. He stopped an elephant sized cock a few inches from my lips.

Mike followed around from the other side of the lockers. I was trapped between two enormous cocks.

Then I was trapped because I had a raging hard on. There was no way I was going to be able to put on Lori's shorts.

Sitting there was excruciating. My dick ached it was so hard. Those cocks surrounding me were unbelievably big and black and they were powerful and these guys were hitting on me or something. I didn't want to dwell for a second on why my dick was stiff as brick.

"Somebody steal your shit?" Mike asked after throwing his towel in his locker. He looked in mine and said, "Nope, it's in there."

Dane stared down at me and said, "Look, Jan. Just be straight with happens to everybody. Do you got a hard on?"

Dane was a good guy deep down. Mike I wasn't sure about.

"Yeah," I said. "It's just that you guys are pretty big so that's making me a little nervous. There aren't many people at law school as big as you are."

"All black dudes are this big bro," Mike said then turned toward the lockers.

"Quit fucking with, Jan," Dane said. "Go on and dress, man. Nobody cares. It's just us. We like you."

What was I going to do? The girls were waiting. Mike and Dane sat down on the bench on either side of me. I knew they wanted me to stand up so they could look me over. I put my towel in the locker and stood naked in front of them. I never felt so meek and dominated in my life. They just held me there for a moment in their stares. I couldn't move.

"Narrow," Dane said, "Just like I thought."

"You'll widen out real nice, won't you Jan?" Mike asked.

When I went to put on my shorts, Dane asked, "Where's your drawers?"

"Long story," I said and pulled the shorts over my boner.

"I like this motherfucker," Dane said and reached into his locker. "Go on and drop your number in my cell phone, Jan."

Dane handed his phone to me after I put on my shirt. I stood there frozen again.

"Go on," Mike said, "In case we go to the club and need to hit you up."

My fingers were shaking so bad I had to grip the phone with both hands to push the numbers. I looked into Dane's eyes while I placed the phone in his huge hand.

"Thanks," I said.

Dane chuckled and looked over at Mike. "I told you Jan was alright, bro."

Once they walked over to the sinks, I tore off out the door.

"What was going on in there?" Erin asked when I met them out front.

"Nothing," I said. "We all introduced ourselves and that was it. They're pretty nice guys."

"I thought you were giving them your number or something," Lori said.

When my face went red, they both laughed and pulled me along.

"I guess you found your boyfriends," Erin said. "Who's going to tap that ass first?"

We gabbed non-stop all the way to buy our bikes. During the drive, Erin confessed that she didn't cheat. She tried to smoke a cigarette and opened her pussy with three fingers to keep me guessing.

Lori, on the other hand, admitted to fucking two different guys in the restroom and leaving with a third. "Gee, I used to smoke to cover up the cock smell. Roger keeps going into my purse for cigarettes but never finds any. Roger might not be the smartest guy I ever dated."

At the bike shop, a bunch of college guys started flirting and the girls flirted and it was tons of fun. When it came time to buy shoes and shorts and shirts, I just tried on the same stuff as Lori. One of the guys even helped me step into my shoes.

At some point I realized that the bill was going to be more than six thousand dollars. "I think we got carried away," I whispered to the girls in the dressing room.

Lori pulled a credit card out of her purse. "That's what Roger's for."

By the time we got everything back to the apartment, we had to hurry to the restaurant to meet that turd, Roger. The guy drove me nuts. He greeted Erin with a kiss on the mouth and stared at her chest. He even drew his head back to check out her ass when she sat down. He acted like she was single.

"I heard you girls went out on the town last night," Roger said. He looked over at Erin. "Did anybody get lucky?"

"Jan did," Erin said.

"You've got that right, babe," Roger said.

There were three reasons I didn't slap the shit out of him. Lori loved me more. Lori was punking him, and now, I didn't feel guilty that he'd just bought me two grand worth of stuff. I was going to enjoy every mile I rode on that bike.

When the waitress came to the table, I raced to order sangria before he could drone on about tequila shots. When Roger walked off to 'take a call from the coast' the girls took his side. When I tried to stick up for myself, Lori shut me down.

"Tell me right now, Jan," Lori said. "What's more important to you? Being the dominant male at the table or me?"

I was sitting wearing Lori's shorts and her t-shirt. I picked at the placemat and stared at the candle flickering at our table. Roger was walking up toward us.

"I love you, Lori," I said.

Roger irritated the shit out of me but I let it go and it was no easy task. He asked if we wanted to go Vegas and when Lori mentioned money being tight, he started smiling.

"Now you've got me thinking," he said. "I'm a dealmaker, that's why my pockets are lined with dough. Erin didn't you say you were a dancer in college? If you could dance at a bachelor party I'm throwing, I could help you solve your money troubles. Hell, with that body, we could go into business together."

It was hard to hold back the smile waiting for Erin to rip Roger apart. It never happened.

Instead she said, "Jan and I were on the dance team together, not a strip club, but I appreciate you offering to help us."

I was shaking with anger but smiled and kept the conversation going, but I guess I should have thanked him because it fueled our raucous sex that night including me having my tongue up Erin's ass and jacking off in front of her in panties.

Chapter 10

As much as I loved Lori, lazy Sunday mornings luxuriating with Erin was my favorite thing. There is nothing prettier than a naked, sun kissed, big breasted, blonde all mussed up and fucked and piled in the comforter waiting for you to bring her breakfast.

We touched now. I thought we touched before but we didn't. Our contact was almost religious it was so meaningful. We talked and no matter how much we talked, we always wanted to talk more.

That morning Erin sat naked leaning back against me. She ate her feta spinach omelet and told me how she'd felt about her night clubbing.

"I have this fantasy of how it's going to be and it never works out," Erin said. "These guys are assholes and they have no idea how to treat me.

Lori only fucks all those losers because she's afraid of getting hurt by someone she cares about. We're a couple of head cases and you're living the life with two hot girls slobbering all over you."

"People at school think I'm gay," I said.

"It makes me a little mad that you're getting away with it," Erin said. "You're wearing women's clothes and everyone's in love with you...including brawny black men. How can you be so self-confident?"

"I just don't care about what people think," I said. "All I care about is being able to relate like you and Lori do. I notice how you constantly have these little moments. You'll touch base. You'll go sit at the table and share a few sips of coffee and never say a word, sometimes it's just a glance."

Erin raised her eyebrow. "How did you pick up on all of that?" she asked. "Heck, maybe you are

becoming a girlfriend."

Erin finished her omelet and sipped her coffee while I picked up around the room. When she finished she handed me the plate and said, "Lori's little plan backfired. You're not going to be ashamed to go buy panties are you?"

"Nope," I said.

Erin didn't say any more. She went out for a couple of hours then returned to find me doing research sitting on the couch in her terry shorts.

"Follow me," she said. I tagged along behind her into the bedroom where she stopped in front of the drawer dresser. She ordered me to strip and keep my hands at my sides. A few seconds later our bed was covered in dozens of pretty panties dumped from a department store bag.

"Perfectly fold and place them in this drawer arranged by color, light to dark, left to right," Erin said. "Never open this drawer. I will issue you a pair each morning and before bed, you will give them back to me washed, dried and perfectly folded."

Panties are the only thing better than a bare body. It amazed me that a couple of ounces of cotton could completely change my personality, my whole outlook on life. Men's underwear is a ball and chain.

For the rest of the day, if I sat wrong or acted like a guy in any way, Erin threatened to never let me wear panties again. One time she pushed so hard I thought she was really going to do it and it made me cry, but she proved she sucked at being authoritarian when she consoled me and apologized.

We talked to Lori on Skype and I modeled for her. Erin said that she'd finally 'tamed the beast' by getting me into panties.

That night we were lying in the afterglow of fantastic lovemaking when Erin asked, "How did you feel when Dane and Mike were standing over you in the locker room?"

"It felt the same as when you order me around but was much more intense," I said.

"Have you thought about being naked in front of them again? Would you want to do more?" Erin asked. After that, she didn't have to ask follow on questions because my dick gave the answer. If we hadn't already made a severe dent in our stash of condoms, I would have been worried about being gay. But at that point, if it did make me gay, there wasn't much I could do about it. My raging boner was the perfect lie detector.

Chapter 11

Wednesday I saw Lori's smiling face again at the airport. Erin came too. The three of us got knotted up kissing each other to the point people started commenting but we didn't care.

That night, we had a blast. We ate baked artichoke and a bunch of finger foods and drank and danced to stupid girl pop like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, even a couple of old Pink songs. That got us thinking about having a spa party.

After I cleaned off our nail polish, we all piled

into the tub with razors and shaving cream. Not the smartest idea for three drunks to be shaving each other but it was a ball. There was water all over floor. It ran out into the tiled bedroom. Everyone was shaving everyone but we all ended up smooth and clean and in bathrobes on our bed.

We were being so goofy we decided to sit in a triangle and paint each other's fingers. That worked so well we switched to toes. Two weeks ago I would have worried about how I was going to explain black nails at school. Instead, I sat admiring how pretty that color looked on skinny fingers. They were fabulous.

I was girl high and happy when Erin turned off the music and stood. Lori stood over me too. The mood instantly changed.

"Terry," Lori said. "Go put on one of my dresses. I brought my camera and want to take some pictures."

"Start biting your lips to plump them up for lipstick," Erin said.

"Go ahead," Lori said. "Stand up for me and drop your robe."

Normally, it would have been exciting but the way they did it felt like they were ganging up on me. They were being mean. I didn't feel included.

Lori went into her purse and pulled out clothespins. She stared at me daring me to complain, to challenge her authority. I would do anything to be part of the group. I stepped forward. I simply loved them both too much to resist. That's why they sprung the situation on me the way they did, to get me more anxious.

"I want you to have little tits for the pictures," Lori said. "Go ahead and tease them up for me right now. Make me some tits then I'll clamp them down."

Without hesitation, I pinched and pulled but it wasn't good enough. Lori grabbed from under my arm and pulled up enough skin for small breasts. She got a bigger metal clamp out of her purse and clamped down half an A cup. The pain weakened my knees. I barely felt the clothespin. She did the same thing on the other side.

"Go," Lori said. "Don't make me wait."

I raced into the other room thinking that the faster I dressed, the sooner the clamps would come off. My thong was in place in seconds. The pain actually focused me. I put on the dress I'd tried before and ran to the other room.

"No," Lori said. "Keep trying. I can wait all night."

I couldn't help it, I started crying. I wanted to please Lori so bad, I went back and put on a different dress.

"No," Lori said. "Don't be a dumb cunt."

"Lori, he's crying," Erin said while she was moving some furniture and a lamp into the corner of the bedroom. "That dress is pretty on him."

"Quit coddling," Lori said, "Jan if you don't come back in the right dress, I'm putting a clothespin on Erin's clit."

I was whimpering, my lip was quivering, even when I tried my best to hold my mouth closed. I looked where they were setting up in the corner. They had moved the black circular chair and put the old fashioned looking lamp next to it.

That's when it struck me why Lori wanted nipples. I ran back to the other room and tied a thick black ribbon around my neck to make a choker. I wore the thong and a really short olive green slip dress edged in a band of black. It had spaghetti straps and was straight across the breast. I sat down and put on these wild looking black heels with buckling straps up to the calves.

I kept biting my lips to get them puffier and to bear the pain.

"Good girl," Lori said. "You've pleased me, Jan. Give me a kiss."

As I kissed her she released the clamps, then the clothespins. She adjusted the straps and when the dress fell, my nipples were holding up the band across the top. It looked so hot I was ready to fuck myself.

"Can you stand the pain a little longer?" Lori asked.

"Yes, Lori," I said. "I want to be pretty for your pictures."

Lori reapplied the clamps. They brushed out my hair in long curls and pinned it up to expose my neck on one side. Erin blotted away my tears then expertly created Goth eyes and outlined and colored my lips blood black. It wasn't anything I ever thought I'd like, but it looked spectacular.

Lori took the clamps off again. She stuck quarter size suction cylinders over my nipples.

"These actually work," Lori said. "The clamps were to weaken you, make you vulnerable and overwrought."

The pumps did their job. My sore nipples held the material. The combination of my wounded feelings, my tiny tits poking up and my long skinny legs down to the heels were a fantastic idea.

"Go surrender to me, Jan," Lori said. "Go be vulnerable and wanting and ready to be bitten."

I thought about how to create the look for the pictures as I walked to the chair.

Laid out was too wanting. Curled up was too vulnerable. I struck a pensive pose by sitting in an uncomfortable position in the chair. I turned sideways then looked back in a way that my nipples could be seen straining to hold up the dress. I exposed the maximum of leg to the camera especially the inside of my thigh. After the first few of me looking out the window, I let the ribbon fall and offered my neck. Lori snapped another round of pictures, and then I dropped the dress strap. In the final series I let the dress fall to expose my nipple.

Erin appeared out of the bathroom. She wore nothing but a black leather corset, a black leather g-string and black knee high boots. Her big round breasts were pushed up and out by the corset. They dominated the room. She was wearing a black wig, with dark eyes and raging red lips.

Lori took a picture when she saw the fear strike me.

Erin came to me. I was so intimidated by her breasts I put up my hand as she descended onto me. Lori took more pictures.

"Surrender," Lori said.

The feeling of it was so beautiful. Erin pressed to me and bit my exposed neck. It was the most erotic feeling ever. I felt the desire. I felt feminine and submissive. Lori taking pictures increased my vulnerability.

Erin took me right there in the chair. She didn't care about my sore nipples. She bit and tortured them while she fingered me. That spot at the base of me was like a clit. I was on fire. Regardless of what she was doing she kept biting that same spot.
I kept my hands up defending as she pushed her breasts into my mouth. She bit me more than kissed. Then she opened my mouth with kisses and demanded all of me.

It was so awkward in that chair. It made it impossible for me to defend. She took whatever she wanted. Finally she put her pussy on me and humped us to cumming without me ever penetrating her. She mercilessly sucked and bit at the sore spot on my neck. I cried out in ecstasy and clutched at her to manage the pain. Lori gasped out. I could see in the reflection of the window as Lori turned her head away. In her bloodlust, Erin didn't care. She brutally sucked at the spot and kept us cumming until she had her fill.

My emotions were so spent. I went limp in Erin's arms. I surrendered and let her feed on me.

The covers were back on the bed. Erin managed to lift me and put me up there. She turned loving but was still dominating. She undressed me. She undressed. She wiped off my makeup and hers. She cleaned up the spot where I'd been bitten. She kissed it softly then kissed my lips.

We stayed there kissing and nipping and Erin soothed me with long sweeping stroked across my back. After a half hour or so she started grinning, then smiling. She kissed me and said, "Your mine now."

We started giggling and touching. Lori walked back into the bedroom and we invited her into our bed. The three of us lay naked looking at the pictures. They were incredible.

Lori had always wanted to put a boy in a dress and I was glad I could be the one to grant her desire.

I got up and went around the apartment shutting off the lights. When I got back to our room, Lori was leaning over Erin, kissing her and fingering her.

I shut off the bathroom light and started out of the room.

"Your mine," Erin said. "Come to me and hold me, Jan."

I scooted in next to my wife and brushed her hair back and kissed her neck while she and Lori made love with their kisses. Lori fucked Erin with two fingers. Erin surrendered a huge orgasm and her neck to Lori that night. We fell asleep, the three of us entwined.

I didn't care how far they wanted to take me. I wanted to go.

Chapter 12

We should have been too worn out with emotions to be on our bikes by five in the morning. There should have been questions about who loved who more and jealousy and hurt feelings. But we were racing down the road, me in the lead and the girls tucked in behind me on the big hills because I was the strongest rider. On the flats, we took turns. We pushed each other to go farther than we ever thought we'd go.

Back at the apartment, the girls showered first and I made breakfast. Erin was wet and gorgeous when I stepped into the bathroom. She waited until I stripped. She smiled at me and looked me in the eye all the way to my neck. I tilted my head and she kissed where she marked me sending biting shocks of electricity through me. I saw Lori's tiny mark on Erin's neck.

They ate while I finished dressing. There was no hiding the massive ugly wound so I did the opposite. I styled my hair to show it off and wore eyeliner and a hint of black around my lips.

I practiced looking totally sexy by pretending not to notice that I was touching near my bite with my black nails.

I was working at a law school, the most progressive place in an already liberal environment for goodness sake. People that wore buttoned down shirts and blazers were the freaks.

When I came out of the bathroom, the girls were waiting. Lori brought me some black skinny jeans a size too big for me and a loose fitting, whisper thin black t-shirt to go with some black Converse sneakers. I wore a thin black braided bracelet. Erin placed a simple silver chain necklace with two blood red rubies at the spot where I'd been bitten.

I finished off with a Lori's black collared jacket. I left the collar turned and pushed up the sleeves. Lori put the nipple pumps on me and gave me instructions on how to grow my tits.

I took some of the surrender ceremony pictures with me.

It was stupid to be wearing black in Tucson in a hundred degree heat but my look sparked a sensation. People I'd never met stopped me in the hallway to talk about their favorite vampire novel or movie or television series. I went from completely unknown to being surrounded at the student lounge.

Professor Lito, the Women's Studies professor that I researched for, kept pecking around the subject until she finally called me to her office late in the afternoon.

"Tell me more about your new look, Jan?" she said.

"I've got pictures if you want to see," I said. "Be warned. Some are a little racy."

We sat together on her couch. I kept my bite exposed to her as we looked through all but the sex ones.

"These are fantastic, erotic," Professor Lito said. "I didn't know you modeled."

"I wasn't modeling," I said. "That's my wife."

Lito wanted to know everything and I wanted to tell her about being soul sisters with Lori and Erin, but when it came time to tell her I said, "It's something so special I feel like I'll take away from it if I tell."

Professor Lito patted my leg and said, "Thanks for showing me the pictures, Jan."

We talked so long I was going to be late picking up the girls. During our conversations, Professor Lito offered me the chance to help write a paper funded by a grant. It was a huge bonus. We might be able to pay off one of our credit cards. I couldn't wait to tell.

I thought I heard a voice calling out to someone as I raced across the scorching asphalt parking lot to get out of the sun. When I got into the truck and turned on the air, I started laughing about being bitten and sun avoidance until my phone vibrated.

"When did you get so afraid of black men?" Dane asked.

"I was running to get out of the sun," I said.

"Get your narrow ass over here and talk to me," Dane said. "I been wondering when you were going to call me."

"My wife is waiting for me," I said. "But I can call and see."

Of course Lori and Erin teased me but they were so excited, they stayed at the office and worked overtime to let me meet Dane.

Dane hid no emotion. He was happy to see me. He teased me about my clothes and neck but he really didn't give a fuck. We had a couple of drinks at a booth for two at a bar next to campus. The happy hour crowd of downtown business people stared at us but Dane paid it no mind. What were they going to do about it?

Before we left, Dane said, "I like your vibe, Jan. I'm going to be out to the club one of these nights. Maybe I'll give you a call."

"Don't get the wrong impression. I'm not crazy," I said. "Believe me. No more bites. No more black for me."

Dane said, "When you get black, you won't be saying that anymore."

I met up with the girls and we stopped for groceries and by the time we ate, it was almost eleven o'clock.

The girls listened and let me talk about how I felt without trying to interject. They just enveloped me and supported me without drawing any conclusions about how I felt about Dane and my job and working for Professor Lito because there weren't any.

"Do you think he wants to see you go completely girl for him?" Erin asked.

"Please, please, please say yes," Lori said. "You're going out in a dress if it kills you."

After Erin and I laughed, Lori asked, "Did that come out wrong?"

I was picking up the dishes out on the balcony when my phone started vibrating. The girls raced to the dining table.

"It's Dane," Lori said. "Your first boyfriend is calling."

I took the call on the speaker.

"We're at the club and there ain't any pretty ladies here," Dane said. "Can you help a brother


"Bring Erin and Lori?" I asked.

"Yeah, they can come too," Dane said. "We're in the VIP area. Ask for me at the door. You already said you was coming so don't make me mad."

The momentum train came screeching to a halt as soon as I hung up. The girls sensed it and started inviting me to push but I couldn't be talked into a dress or skirt. And when that happened, I started going backward. Lori slammed my old underwear drawer when I tried to open it.

"Look, they asked you out," Lori said. "Don't go if you're going to embarrass Dane. He's sticking his neck out for you. This isn't a gay club."

Erin came in holding Lori's black pointed toe boots. She knew me. Being able to wear something sexy without being in open toed shoes was a huge start. I took a deep breath and settled down.

Lori said, "I've got low waist leather pants. Let's go. All we have to do is find the top."

Though Lori had plenty of slutty tops, none worked. They tried pushing me into a dress again but I resisted.

"What about a camisole?" Erin asked. "You could wear the black jacket over it. That's androgynous."

They picked through the drawer. They saw nothing. They tried to force me into a dress.

I decided to look for myself. At first I thought it was a pair of stockings, then a thong. I grabbed the black mesh material and held it up. Muscle guys and rockers wore mesh shirts. This was flower lace but close enough. I don't know. I just fell in love with it.

"Are you fucking crazy?" Lori asked. "That's a thong teddy."

"It's got long sleeves," I said. "I can wear it under the jacket."

"The whole back is missing," Erin said.

"It's a deep-v," Lori said. "And you're complaining about a fucking dress. That teddy is too slutty for me."

I could ball the whole thing up in my hand. It was a nightmare to get into, but from the front it was pretty awesome.

"You're little dick looks great in that floral lace," Lori said.

"What's the back look like?" I asked Erin.

"Put the pants on first," she said.

With the pants, boots, and jacket on, they both admitted I was right.

"Now I want to wear it, but without the stupid jacket," Lori said. "You can see the thong peeking over those pants and your back looks fantastic. I want to fuck that pretty little ass."

"That's what's going to happen if that jacket comes off," Erin said.

Lori had a thick foundation to cover over the bite enough to hide it in a dark nightclub, but I couldn't bear to take off the ruby chain. I had to go flirty with the hair without going too girl otherwise the outfit didn't work. I could walk the fine line between boy and girl then blow them away if I got the courage.

Chapter 13

"Holy shit, where are the white people?" Lori asked looking at a line of a couple hundred.

"Yo," we heard someone call out. It was Mike standing at the door talking to the bouncer and waving us forward.

The crowd was not happy. People were bitching about us getting special treatment but we followed Mike inside and upstairs to the VIP lounge full of thick beefy black men. It got me tingling all over and breathless and instantly I was burning up in their presence. They threw off a masculine energy so intense it felt like the thunder of a locomotive in my chest, it hit all my senses and heightened my emotions...especially one that I was still too afraid to admit to.

A wide smile spread out across Dane's face. He was wearing a purple collared shirt and dark slacks. He had a fat watch and a big diamond in one ear. He stared right at me and threw his hand.

"Come on over here you big fucking sissy," he said. He reached out to shake my hand while still sitting on the couch, but as soon as we made contact he pulled me onto his lap and swatted my ass. The move attracted everyone's attention making it impossible to keep people guessing, so much for walking the line between boy and girl.

Everyone was greeting Lori and Erin. Lori already had her hands in the air pushing her ass up toward one of the guys. Mike had his hand at the small of Erin's back introducing her around.

Dane set me down next to him. He patted my knee a couple of times. "It's all good. I gave it fifty fifty you'd show at all," Dane said. "That jacket is ok...I see you've got to ease yourself into it. I dig that."

"Are you disappointed?" I asked.

Dane chuckled. "I don't know nothing about that, Jan. Just mingle. Get around my boys and you'll take to it. Everybody better know your name. I'm going to be watching your narrow self."

Sometimes it's best to be bold. It's like ripping off the bandage. I found the biggest, most menacing looking guy and walked straight up to him.

"Hi, I'm Jan," I said as I got close. "I noticed you were standing away from the rest so I thought I'd strike up a conversation."

"I'm club security," he said giving me a hard stare.

"Don't worry about me," I said. "Tonight I'm calm. Normally I'm smacking the shit out of bitches by now."

The guy held it for a moment then started smiling. "I'm Cecil," he said then shook my hand. "Dane said you was crazy. I guess I'll have to keep an eye on a badass like you."

The DJ got back on the mic and turned up the music. Lori grabbed my hand and we started dancing. Erin was in the middle of three guys, one of them was holding her waist as they moved.

I started dance at five. Erin and I met at a competition in grade nine. As juniors, Erin asked me out on our first date because I was the best dancer on our team in high school.

Lori got in front of me and started leading and it was like we were at the apartment. I let myself be that open, silly, fun person I was when it was just the three of us. Guys closed in.

A couple of times I glanced over and noticed Dane watching me move. No one danced with me directly but Lori stayed near me so I could get used to being the attraction around guys. We danced at the cantina to sexy Salsa music so we knew how to put on a show. That's why the cantina reserved the booth for us.

We stayed on the floor for the entire set and I met tons of people. But it kept getting more crowded and stuffier and I was having such a great time, I forgot about the teddy and took off the jacket for the last song.

Lori noticed and shot straight toward me. She couldn't keep her hands off of my back and she rubbed across my budding tits. Guys thought it was two girls and freaked out. They were humping on us from behind and yelling for us to kiss. At the end of the song, Lori French kissed me while grabbing a handful of ass. The cheers were so raucous the DJ yelled out, "Somebody done gettin' that ass torn up in the V-I-P."

When the DJ walked off the stage, a slow song came on and people paired up. A black guy with corn rows and baggy pants was up on Erin holding her close. Lori went over and sat in Dane's lap.

I walked to where I set down my jacket. I was high from dancing and Lori's sexual energy and being the center of attention.

I'd always been the person no one noticed. Until a few weeks ago, it was easy to blame my lack of friends on other people, but standing there I realized it was my fault. I was closed off. I didn't know who I was so it was impossible for anyone to know me.

Then Lori kissed Erin's toes on my balcony and I stopped wanting to run in one of the channels the world demanded I select. In that moment, I was freed to be the person I was meant to be as soon as I discovered who that was. I wasn't going to be reckless about it or I'd been at the club in a dress.

I had people helping me. Lori and Erin measured out steps. Dane measured out this one. I just had to be brave enough to keep clear eyed. I had to see what was instead of what I was told and not fight feelings that someone decided I wasn't supposed to have.

That's how I met John.

While putting my arm through the sleeve of my jacket I noticed John lounging on a couch with an open cushion next to him. When I saw that he was tall, very dark, and very handsome, my mind was so open I let it in.

Boys aren't supposed to say it, but John was attractive. I wanted to see how my skinny white fingers looked juxtaposed against his thick, dark, muscular chest. I felt the power in him and wanted to be close to it. He had style and that same charming, assertive personality as Dane.

Once I let my thoughts flow, it spawned a flood. It got hard not to stare. I tasted my cherry lip gloss.

That's the moment, John glanced over at me. Instantly, I was seduced. That word didn't exist any longer. I heard about it from my grandmother.

But my body needed no definition to understand what was happening. John pulled a wanting out of place in me that only women are supposed to have.

There was no stopping it, once he started. I had no defenses to the sexual banter he created with me in glances and expressions from fifty feet away. I finally smiled and walked over to him. Why delay the inevitable?

"Do you mind if I sit?" I asked.

John gave a nod and the waitress approached.

"A Negroni for the lady," John said, "I'll have another Braastad."

People talked about my grandmother being the definition of a lady but with the hint of a tart. Negroni was her drink. She taught me about the golden age of drinking, a time when people conversed about themselves through their drinks.

John's order was meant to find out about me and tell me about him.

It was my only hesitation of the evening. No doubt John knew what was going on and was taking a huge gamble by ordering me a drink in front of everyone. I needed to get up and walk off if this wasn't something I wanted to explore. It was cheap and stupid to play that type of game.

I stayed.

"You're a man that knows his cognac," I said, "Château de Triac Réserve de la Famille?"

He nodded and raised an eyebrow at my command of

French born of eight years of private schooling. I was educated for the age of art, subtlety and sophistication that stopped existing seconds after the first jump cut in a video on MTV.

Unfortunately, my grandma didn't watch television or a computer.

"I'm Jan," I said. "Thank you for the drink. I can't wait to taste it. It sounds intriguing."

"I'm John," he said. "It's a lady's aperitif."

My chest got hot. When I glanced over at John's waist I understood why he was trying to stimulate my appetite. There was more than a mouthful waiting. All those hours watching old movies and practicing the lines in front of the mirror should have been spent memorizing the girl's parts.

"Let's see how good a job it does," I said. "I admit I'm intimidated. This would be trying something totally different for the first time."

Right before the waitress handed me the glass, John said, "Who knows? Maybe you'll develop a palette for it."

It thrilled me to be caught up in flirting with him. I could feel pulsing in that spot that Erin fingered. I wanted him to want me. I felt so pampered. John set the perfect course for luring me deeper into seduction.

I raised the drink and said, "Very old school and ladylike, but that's exactly what you were going for."

From across the room, Lori immediately picked up on what was happening as soon as I brought the fruity colored drink up to toast. She smiled and raised her drink.

"To a lot of new things, John," I said then glanced down at John's zipper, "A massive amount."

John put his arm onto the back of the couch and said, "Sit back, relax, and enjoy. Take your time with it. Get all your senses into it."

John knew he was going to be into my panties if that was what he wanted. But he'd just told me that it was more important to him to cultivate me for more than a few minute fuck.

"Are you ready to show me how you taste it?" John asked.

As I looked into his eyes, I drew the glass to my mouth. The rim pushed down my bottom lip, my tongue tasted the alcohol.

I leaned back. John's arm wasn't around me but it was behind me, exactly where it needed to be. My leg was crossed toward John as I tucked under his arm. He sat back sipping his cognac.

"Are you stimulated?" John asked.


"Do you have the appetite?"


I was closer to John now. I'd turned toward him so far that I needed to kick off my boots and tuck my feet up behind me. John noticed my skinny white toes with black painted nails.
It put our faces closer together. I was calm but my heart beat fast. I brushed my bangs out of my eyes.

"A man that understands cognac knows how to be deliberate," I said, "How to coax out all of the flavors and aromas. That's what I want, not just a drink."

I sipped, again. My lips were close to his. John was a handsome man. He was well mannered. He had soulful dark eyes and thick powerful looking lips. I wanted to know what it was like to press mine to his. I was aching to touch him.

I forgot about anything but trying to entice him into doing something I didn't ever want to do. It was thrilling being in so close to him, being vulnerable and submissive but bold at the same time.

"We need to go to the ladies," I heard Lori say as she touched my elbow. "Put on your shoes, Jan."

Lori's tone snapped me back to reality. Lori was worried.

"Please excuse, me," I said to John.

"Erin called me on her cell phone from the bathroom," Lori said as we circled around to the hallway. The thug Erin was with earlier was standing out in the hall.

"We've got to get out of here unless you want to raise a black baby," Erin said as soon as we found her in the bathroom. "Wayne had two fingers in my pussy out on the dance floor. My flirty cockteaser routine doesn't work here."

"It's late," Lori said. "Let's say you got your period and get out of here."

My wife was trembling. I held her and reassured her. There was a huge rough looking guy in the hallway waiting for her. Whether I was in high heels or not, Erin wasn't going to be afraid. I walked out directly to the guy in the corn rows and politely but insistently said, "I'm sorry but we're going home now."

When I turned, John was standing in the VIP area where he could see down the hall. I hugged John and Dane and said our goodbyes to everyone.

Erin was broken and crying on the drive. She stayed curled up and stuck to me. Lori followed us inside then headed toward her room. "See you in a few minutes," I said.

That was why I loved Lori so much. She never entered my relationship with Erin unless invited.

I got Erin undressed, cleaned up and in bed. Erin cuddled into the middle of us because that's what she needed.

Chapter 14

Dane really liked me. He acted like he didn't notice me pulling into the parking lot at school. He'd been waiting. He was wearing one of those workout shirts to show off his muscles.

"Wow, you must work out," I said to him as I closed in. "Am I blushing?"

Dane picked his training gear bag up off his shoulder so I could his huge bicep flex. "Jeans and a pink Guess t-shirt?" Dane asked feigning disappointment. "I walked all the way over here for that? Where's that shirt from the club?"

I was in the middle of hugging Dane when Professor Lito walked around the building. Dane didn't have his hand cupping my ass, but let's call it a little beyond the center of my lower back.

I greeted her with a hug. Professor Lito shied a step back from Dane. I understood her reaction. It had been mine before I'd met him.

"Coach Jeffries," Professor Lito said then offered and official looking handshake. "Jan, if you don't mind, please stop by my office this morning to talk over our project."

"Shit be starting now," Dane said after Lito walked off. It was the first time I'd ever seen a negative reaction from him.

"Your chasing after me seems so much tawdrier after she called you Coach Jeffries," I teased but he wasn't up for teasing any more. Could people in a university setting care if a non-employee black strength coach was fucking a white male professor?

"How's your girl?" Dane asked. "I'm sorry about that Jan. Wayne was waiting on her because he was worried after she ran off."

Now I was blushing.

"Thanks for walking across campus to check,

Dane," I said. "Erin and Lori were giggling all the way inside work this morning. It was a misunderstanding. It was so loud in there."

Dane hesitated a moment to hug me goodbye but then shook it off. "I like you, Jan," he said. "You handled your business at the club, but there was no doubt in my mind you would."

Upstairs, Professor Lito was lurking holding a cup of coffee as I approached my closet-sized office. I followed her down the hall to hers. She introduced a few subjects then tried to appear casual and non-committal about inviting me to a gathering at her home that night.

"Well, my wife Erin, and our girlfriend Lori, usually go out clubbing on Fridays," I said before my mouth could hit the brakes.

Professor Lito had to close her eyes and put her teeth to her bottom lip before asking, "Lori's the other woman living with you and your wife?"

I'd explained the situation fifty times so she knew damn well Lori was our roommate.

"Now that it's out there, that sounds like too many," I said. "You probably weren't expecting an army with your invitation."

"Not at all," Lito said. "It's a progressive crowd, very fun, like us. We'll have an eclectic mix. I have a large outdoor space. I'd love to meet your wife and her girlfriend." Lito said. She nodded out the last two words to make sure she properly designated the relationship.

"Thank you," I said without giving any assurance that she had it correct. After Lito's incident with Dane and the probing into my relationship, I was a little upset about her questions. "Should I call them right now and see?"

I dialed Lori's number because I knew how she'd answer. "Hey beautiful, did you just miss me too much?" Lori asked. I used the speaker so Lori would know what was going on.

"I'm with Professor Lito," I said. "She just asked us to a party at her house tonight. It will be pretty great. Professor Lito is excited to meet you and Erin. It's you and Erin's night to party and I know the house is a mess and the laundry needs to be done. It would mean a lot to me. But your night is so important so..."

"Jan," Lori interrupted after letting me play it up by babbling. "Do you think you can get the housework done before we go?"

"Sure," I said and this time I didn't have to manufacture the excitement. I really wanted other people to see how the three of us were together.

"Ok, then," Lori said. "Make sure to get all the details. Find out the attire, what to bring, the time, the location. Be sure to write it all down. This is a big deal Jan. It's important to your career. Understand?"

"Yes, Lori," I said. "I love you."

"I love you to, sweetie," Lori said.

Chapter 15

Knowing the limitations of our wardrobes, I kept asking Professor Lito questions until she landed on a style of clothes we had. The girls wore cute hip hugging capris length pants, tank tops and sandals. I wore a pair of Ralph Lauren plaid Bermuda shorts my mom gave me, a pink polo and boat shoes.

"Quit pouting," Lori said. "You look like Russell Crowe."

Erin ran a stop light almost wrecking the truck she laughed so hard. Erin declared herself the official chauffer in our relationship from this point forward when we were walking to the truck. Erin loved to drive though Lori and I spent most of the trip wincing at our thousand brushes with death.

Practically everyone in Tucson had landscaped backyards with pools. Professor Lito's was packed with twice as many people as she told me were coming. We had no problem with socializing in a new crowd since people lined up to talk to us.

They were all nice people, except for a gay guy that kind of got up in my face and said I was in denial. It was a crowd only comfortable with labels. The more they tried to assign one to us, the less we said. Our avoidance prompted volumes of dialogue and references to 'the definitive research.' One professor got a little drunk and hinted that we were polygamists. Gay, lesbian, gender confused, gender role experimenters, and transgender people were 'ok' but bisexuals were deniers and polygamists were bad.

The food was good. I was searching for something else to nibble on when my phone rang.

"Did the girls go to the club yet?" Dane asked. "Come hang out over at the hacienda."

"We're at a party," I said.

"It sounds boring," Dane said. "It smells like white people."

"I'm white," I said. "How can you smell over the phone?"

"We're going to be swimming," Dane said. "I know how you white people are. Bring something to cook for the boys...Got to have something to offer to

roll with me."

We made a graceful exit at ten. When Erin stopped at the driver's door out in front of Lito's house, I remembered she was going to have the truck.

"Are you taking a cab tonight?" I asked.

"Give me your phone," Erin said. She saw Dane's number and the time and held it up at me. "You're so hot to get fucked by Dane that you don't even care if we go out."

"If one of my dresses is missing, I'll kill you," Lori said. "We should ground him."

"We'd never hear the end of his whining," Erin said then threw the phone in my lap. "I'll drop you off on the way back to the apartment but you better be home by two."

"Well," I said, "First, it's a swim party and it's customary for an invited guest to bring..."

"Are you cooking for your man?" Lori

interrupted. "Then just say it."

"There's going to be a lot of men," I said. "I'm cooking for all of them."

Dane's friends were coaches and players. These were all ultra-macho guys unlike Roger who was a big douche. I had no problem admitting these were bigger bulls and they never tried to make me feel like their bitch. They hung out in team jerseys and track suits and I got to wear leggings and a pink yoga top and walk around with bare feet and painted toes to match the pink top. Black guys had a thing for skinny white feet with long toes and painted nails.

When we went swimming in Dane's pool, the deal was that I wore skimpy bottoms, Lori's string bottoms. On the way to Dane's house I pumped up my ever growing little tits so the guys could pretend not to look at them. That was my role and I loved it.

I also got to cook stuff they wanted but couldn't admit to wanting without sending off a gay flare. The guys were running over me to get to my blue cheese topped ginger sesame Ahi burgers when Erin sent me a message that she was about to head home early.

"Let her fuck you over here. Dane's got extra rooms," the guys offered.

"Should I ask?" I said it looking at Dane to make sure I read all of his cues. I did that kind of stuff when I had on string bikini bottoms.

"As long as she's eye candy," Dane said to ensure that if any of the others wanted to stay overnight, they brought a hot girl. He also said it to keep people from thinking I was his favorite.

There were other women at Dane's house, but when Erin walked in wearing her club dress, all conversation halted. Erin was just drunk enough she wasn't intimidated.

"Uh oh," Dane said. "Pretty lady, let me show you the spare bedroom."

Dane was gone a while. He must have been trying to explain the rules to Erin. Another little while after Dane came back, Erin emerged in a tiny bikini and came alive flirting and teasing, touching and hugging. Honestly, I didn't know she had it in her. She was so repressed growing up I couldn't figure out how she learned it.

Then somebody played Back That Azz Up and Erin shamed all the black girls with her dancing. Erin had ass. From that point forward, all eyes were on her.

Every time she came out of the water and adjusted her top there was a flurry of "damns," "shits" and "fucks." Girls said it too. It happened all over again when she put her finger inside the back of her bottoms to straighten them.

I sat off at a distance with a beer and watched. She'd get real close to a guy and when the guy said something funny she'd tilt back her head and laugh then glance over at me. A guy would ask her if she wanted to swim and she'd hold his arm to put her toe in the water. She'd let him know she was going to do it then make him keep working. Finally, she'd make him go in first. She'd jump in and have him catch her. She'd hug him and press her chest against him and thank him for keeping her hair from getting wet.

By the time the party was winding down, the sun was shining. We picked up Lori and all went straight to bed. Before we went to sleep, Erin whispered, "I'm finished searching. I know what I want now, baby."

"Is it me?" I asked.

"Yes," Erin said, "Only you but only after."

Chapter 16

Saturday started out as a lazy day except with Lori around. I made breakfast at three that afternoon and put on some music. The conversation meandered and somehow landed on Lori's wild sex the night before. Out of nowhere Erin cut her off.

"Are you ever going to give your heart away?" Erin asked in the most confrontational tone I ever heard from her.

"I've given it to Jan," Lori said then laughed to deflect the question.

Erin sighed, rolled her eyes then stared at me. It was the beginning of something that had been brewing all morning that I hadn't noticed until it erupted. I wanted to run. That's what guys did in those situations.

"Jan, I'm divorcing you and moving back home," Erin said to me. "I have the papers in the other room."

"I thought we were talking about dating," Lori said. She stood up and backed herself against the wall. "When did you decide that? Are you fucking crazy?"

"Why are you running away?" Erin asked. "You should be overjoyed. Now you, and the person you gave your heart to, can be together...Or did you just give it away because you knew Jan couldn't accept it?"

"Jan, you know how much I love you," Lori said looking at me. "Tell Erin."

"Should I go make us some tea?" I asked.

"I thought you wanted to be a girlfriend," Erin said. "Be a fucking girl. Or do you just want to prance around like some confused sad wretch pretending that panties and making tea does it...Have the balls to tell your girlfriend to quit hiding in cock, and give her heart to the person she knows will treat her right."

"Erin, are you saying that you want to treat Lori right?" I asked. "Do you want to marry Lori?"

"No!" they screamed in unison.

"I said I was sorry for what happened at the club," Lori shouted. She was still amped up from yelling at me. "Now that you mentioned it, I think you should divorce Jan. Then he can find someone he can cum in."

Erin's mouth gaped open. This time Erin was the one who got off the bed. She backed into the corner and folded her arms. "I can't do it," Erin

said. "I love him too much."

"Love him? I thought you were divorcing. Where are the papers?" Lori asked. "Bring them here so he can sign them. I'll drive Jan's ass up to Las Vegas and we'll be married before dawn."

My mind shut down. Instead of trying to figure out what was happening I started wondering about the cross-border civil procedure issues with divorcing in Arizona after being married in Connecticut and then applying to marry an Arizona resident in Las Vegas. Well, technically, I was also an Arizona resident even though I had a Connecticut driver's license and was registered to vote in Fairfield County.

"That's it, point the finger at me," Erin said. "Then race out and get fucked. Lash out because you don't have the balls to date someone you know is right for you."

Lori stared at me again. "How much cum have you dumped in Erin's cunt, Jan?"

This time my mind temporarily veered from civil procedure long enough to glance at my underwear drawer, the one with men's underwear in it. That was my backup plan if the tempest swirling around me invaded the imaginary deflector shield I erected. At that moment I realized that some genius intentionally constructed boxer briefs to prevent men from ever being in this position.

My plan worked. Erin screamed, "The same amount as the number of real dates you've ever been on...none!"

"You just don't have the balls," Lori said. "Go ahead. Spoil your precious virgin pussy with someone else's cum. Be a bad girl just once and fucking get over it. Come on, say I have a cunt. I dare you."

When it got quiet, I just shut the fuck up and sat on the bed and sang pretty songs in my head. Once I let my mind wonder if Erin was divorcing me, then I pinched the inside of my thigh until I stopped thinking.

We were silent so long my legs started getting numb. "Should we keep talking until we can work this out?" I asked.

"Are you doing it?" Erin asked Lori.

"Yeah, right after you lie down and open your legs," Lori said. "Jan, get a hard on and fill up that cunt."

"Ok," Erin said. "You go on one date with him and I'll stuff my cunt full of Jan's cum."

"Great!" I said ecstatic that there was a way to end the shouting. "I think it will be fun to take Lori on a date and show her how a nice guy will treat her."

Lori and Erin exchanged questioning and accusatory stares that worked themselves into a non-verbal negotiation resulting in Lori asking, "When?"

"Right now," I said then took off for the comfort of my boy clothes. "We'll go dancing...Give me five minutes to run to Basha's. Put on your hiking shoes and your pretty smile."

Chapter 17

I tore off out of the house before anyone could argue. In line at the grocery, I sent Lori a sweet text message telling her I was excited to see her.

After paying, I went in the bathroom and cleaned off all my nail polish and make-up with wet wipes. I dampened and styled my hair with gel to create a clean cut look.

I knocked on our front door to make it seem like a date and to avoid any chance of getting into the middle of another fight.

Lori answered ready to piss Erin off and make me pay for running to avoid conflict.

"It's the little woman playing boy," Lori said. "How cute is that?"

From behind my back, I whipped out a bunch of Lori's favorite wildflowers that I'd stopped and picked from the side of the road. She hated store bought flowers.

That shut her up.

Erin knew where I was taking Lori because we'd already planned the date for Erin and me. Erin handed over a small bag with the few items I was missing and slammed the door.

It was tense at first but Lori got comfortable with me on the short drive to Sabino Canyon. Her second strategy was to make it a 'girlfriend' date. We verbally positioned each other as we took the tram up to the first stop, but she let me hold her hand.

"We're climbing the creek?" Lori asked. She took off down the ledge to the center of the creek and stepped up on the biggest boulder so she was above me. I let her stand but didn't offer to help her down.

It was a tricky climb of all different sized and shaped rocks. The recent rain kept a narrow stream snaking through a much wider wash. It created another obstacle to cross if we didn't plan our route well enough.

Lori wanted to lead and I let her run. At first she got far ahead but when I didn't chase, she slowed. Over time she kept letting me get closer. Finally, she got herself stuck on the wrong side of the water. When I reached out for her, she let me help.

"Thanks, Jan," she said. "I love you."

I didn't say it back.

We stayed close with her trading off the lead with me. To help each other we started holding hands and touching. The contact and camaraderie made the climb fun. We teased and laughed and I kept complimenting her and telling her she was pretty. We got wet a couple of times crossing the creek. Then Lori slipped a step because of her wet sole and I caught her and her face ended up close to mine.

The creek was shaded at that spot and we were holding each other. We were sweaty and Lori could feel the strength in me. She brushed a stray hair out of her eyes and bit her bottom lip.

"Thanks," she said.

It was quiet from then and I led us to a severe, rocky bend in the creek where the water pooled under a big tree.

I set down my pack and grabbed Lori's bikini then asked, "Ready for a swim too cool off?"

I nodded at a secluded spot for her to change.
Otherwise, she would have stripped and jumped in naked.

"The sun's going to be down soon," Lori said as she stood behind a big rock tying her top. It was twice as sexy to watch as her being naked. "When are we going to the club?"

We swam and played for a while and Lori got more used to me touching her like a man touched a woman. She started enjoying me chasing and sometimes she let me catch her.

After a while I got out of the water to get some eco shampoo and our shami towels.

"Forget dancing," Lori said. "Let's just stay up here. I know you brought food."

I pulled out the plastic package holding Lori's dress. "This is where we're dancing," I said.

"Damn, your smooth, Jan," Lori said. "Forget Erin, I'm going to give you some of this hot little..."

Lori let her voice drift off. I grabbed her hand and led her back into the water. We goofed off washing each other down. Lori put on her dress and I the white linen pants and shirt my mom bought for me that I never wore. Erin forgot about a bra for Lori. Lori's perfect breasts clung to the material. Her nipples jabbed against the silk.

When she was dressed, I combed out her hair and placed a flower behind her ear. Lori put her thin fingers over mine and held the touch at her neck for a moment.

It was getting cool in the shade, so we climbed up on a big rock with a flat spot on the top as big as a table. We hung our bare feet off the edge. I laid out a pretty antique patterned place mat. I poured wine and set down the bottle then arranged the berries and cheeses and breads on a real plate to create the mood. I used Sterno to heat up a two cup size fondue container and handed Lori a skewer.

I fed her berries while I pulled out an iPod with earphones for two. The first time she offered me a raspberry I cupped my hand under hers. After she fed me I looked up at her and kissed the inside of her wrist.

Lori stopped talking. We danced with our feet being warmed by the sun baked rock and cooled by the early evening wind whispering around us. We dipped berries and bread squares in fondue. We at cheese and drank wine.

For dessert, I heated chocolate to have with strawberries.

All but one berry eaten and the sun nearly faded, we had to leave the park. Lori's favorite slow song came on just like I planned. I held the last berry to Lori's mouth. She bit into it and I used the juice of the berry to stain her lips. Before she could catch her breath, I kissed her.

"It can be this good," I said to Lori. "Erin and I have this type of date every Saturday night."

Before Lori could answer, Park Patrol shined their spotlight on us and asked us to head out.

We put on our shoes and ran down the hill laughing and passing families and couples out for a Saturday evening stroll.

Roger was at our apartment when we returned. On the landing outside the front door, Lori grabbed me around the neck and in my ear she whispered, "Where will I ever find a man like you?"

"I think I have an idea," I said. "But we can worry about that when you are ready."

Chapter 18

The next morning, I cuddled up with Erin in bed after breakfast. She was talking about some stupid bachelor party Roger mentioned the night before while they waited for Lori and me to return. I was too busy kissing around Erin's waist to pay attention when I noticed the scent of Dane. I thought I'd smelled the same scent the night before. Not the smell of his body spray, his smell.

"Did Dane come to the apartment yesterday?" I asked Erin.

"He did," Erin said. "I know he didn't tell you. How'd you know?"

"I can tell his scent," I said.

Erin smiled and laid her hand on my hair. "That's part of why he came over," Erin said. "Has John called you?"

Erin patted my back when I tensed.

"Yes," I said then backed up against the headboard. "That's really bad of me. I'm a flaky bitch."

"But you were so excited the other night," Erin said.

I crossed my arms and shook my head. "There's too

much going on...I don't know."

"Are those excuses?" Erin asked. "Have your feelings about it change?"

"It's cheating on you and I don't want to do that," I said.

Erin paused to force me to look at her. "Stop making excuses," Lori said. "It's ok to say you're nervous. If you don't want to pursue it, that's ok too."

I felt cornered and just wanted to change subjects. I wanted to say something to end the conversation.

"I don't want to lead someone on if I'm not willing to see it all the way through," I said. "It has happened to me a lot and I don't want to hurt anyone else like that."

Tears appeared at the corners of Erin's eyes before I finished my sentence. I rushed to console her but she pushed me away.

"Don't avoid calling John because of me. I can't carry that load too. I've already fucked you hard enough," Erin said.

"I wasn't talking about you," I said. "I meant girls in high school that stood me up at homecoming dances. We have great sex."

Erin glared at me. "Then how'd you know that's what I meant when I said I was fucking you over?"

Erin ran to the bathroom and cried and I cried and our lovemaking that had been so great died in that bed and it was going to stay dead until we fixed it.

It was such an emotional weekend that we ended the night soaking in the tub. We tried again to talk about our feelings and Erin brought up John.

"Dane really likes Lori," Erin said. "He hit on her at the pool that first day. He likes you too but doesn't want you to think he was going through you to get to Lori. That's why he's never brought it up."

I smiled. "You bullied Lori into going on that date with me. You wanted time to talk to Dane about Lori."

"And it's part of why I keep asking about John," Erin said. "If you are still interested, would you consider asking Lori to double?"

Instantly, my heart burst with excitement. "Oh, you're good," I said to Erin. "I get what the argument was about now. And now that you realize Lori won't go on her own, we're going to trick her. Lori's the one that wanted me to take black cock to begin with. She'll have no choice but to accept."

"Are you excited about seeing John or conniving to make a match?" Erin asked.

"No this is perfect," I said. "I'll make it a simple first date with no pressure to have sex. That way, Lori can ease into it."

Lori was excited to hear my voice on the phone. She told me fifty times what a great date she had with me. Finally we got around to talking about John and Lori got more excited. I waited until she was screaming giddy to ask her if she'd double with me.

"No," Lori said.

"Dane's a really good guy," I said.

"Where's Erin?" Lori asked.

"She's still shaky," I said sounding deflated. "You know what, forget it. With all of us fighting it's probably bad timing."

Lori sighed. I heard her tapping her nails against something in the background.

"Damn it sucks loving someone," Lori said. "Quit your fucking whining. I'll go but I'm only doing it for you."

Chapter 19

Even after being awake all night thinking about getting Lori and Dane together, my head continued to spin with new schemes as I walked the halls Monday morning at school.

Professor Lito must have thought I was blowing her off when I nearly passed her before speaking. I had to reach out for her to stop her and apologize. "Sorry," I said. "I was off in my own little world."

"The gathering didn't work so well for you," Lito said. "I'm sorry. Everyone loved meeting you and Erin and Lori."

Lito's tone stopped me from worrying about me. It was so much fun to figure out ways to make people happy. As soon as I heard the uneasiness in her voice, I knew what to do.

I closed in on Lito and asked, "Do you remember when you said that I could talk to you about anything? Well, I really need your help."

Lito nearly dragged me down the hall to discover the issue. I talked about Erin's problem saying that I read about it while doing research.

That's all it took. Professor Lito was burying me in information and calling colleagues in an instant. After talking for a long while, Lito patted me on the leg and said, "You know...I really like Erin and with Lori being out of town, maybe I should call her for coffee. Would that be ok?"

I got a lot of research done Monday night. Professor Lito met Erin for coffee at three that afternoon and it was dark by the time the truck pulled into the parking lot.

"Your professor dropped a bomb on me," Erin said getting out the truck and moving over to the passenger seat. "Sorry, I'm drunk. I only drove a block."

"What happened?" I asked.

"I thought wine had less alcohol," Erin said. "You don't realize you're stoned until you stand up."

"No, what's the bombshell?"

"She dumped Dane because of the way it would look if she had a big macho, non-intellectual, younger guy for a husband," Erin said. "It happened five years ago and she's never gotten over it. Now she's too old to have kids. She was drunk off her ass."

"She barely knows you," I said.

"She can't tell anyone because it's a secret, dumbass," Erin said. "You're a terrible driver...Damn, I feel so much better...Don't say anything to Lori."

We were happy and joking all the way into the apartment. Then the sexual tension crushed the conversation. In our normal routine, this is when Lori made me turn in my panties. That prompted one of many rounds of some type of sex before bed. Despite both of us being desperate for release, neither of us was willing to risk another failure.

Two days later, by the time Lori got to town, I swear I could have gotten off watching Erin poop I was so horny. Erin was frustrated too, but neither of us wanted to try self-help because we worried about the message it might send. We'd turned into a couple of head cases.

Lori showed up worse off than us.

Erin and I splurged and got a personal shopper at the department store so I could try on dresses in private. Lori and Erin gave advice and helped me pick out a pretty lavender above-the-knee dress with the same color high heels. When it was Lori's turn, she said, "We're skating. I'm wearing jeans. Let's go."

Lori and Erin stopped talking to each other the rest of the night.

The frustration and angst had the opposite effect when we got into the pool. We jetted through two miles during the hour and fifteen minute mile open swim period.

Thursday all three of us were itching to get fucked. Something had to change. It was so distracting that none of us enjoyed the build-up to John's knock on the door.

As soon as I saw him, I shivered in the ninety degree heat of the desert wind blowing inside the apartment. John was dark black, ebony in the truest sense. He liked crisp white shirts with cufflinks.

"I love the glasses," John said about the cute clear framed glasses I bought at the mall.

Dane complimented Lori but she turned her nose up.

So focused on Lori all week, I hadn't thought about what I was doing. When taking my seat in the back of Dane's CTS, I noticed Lori's jeans and remembered we were going skating. The first word I said in the car was, "Fuck!"

"Sorry," I said. "If I fall down, everyone's going to see up my dress."

John placed his hand over mine and said, "Don't worry about a thing, Jan."

When John's skin touched mine, fear stung me.

It took a while but Dane started talking and we all chimed in and a few minutes into the drive I was looking at my skinny white fingers with their lavender polish laced into John's hand. Without doing anything, John tucked me into that easy energy he exuded.

The situation was right. I felt right. My hand looked good in John's hand. I took a picture of us with my phone. We looked great together. We were enjoying each other already.

"Want me to take a better picture?" Lori asked.

"This one is perfect," I said.

At the skating rink, Lori was off in the restroom when I paid for my skates. When the clerk handed over the pair of girl's white skates, it sent a thrill that ended in my cock stiffening. There I was lacing my skates sitting around the picnic table with all the other girls. I finally started feeling feminine and pretty. Those emotions that came so naturally to me among two girls at the apartment appeared. I rolled off toward John as a sister.

They were playing Thriller when we stepped out

onto the rink. John went out first and extended his hand to me then put both of them at my waist when we started to glide. Being controlled by those huge hands, having my fingers over his fingers, having the wind in my face, I can't comprehend how a woman could ever feel more feminine.

During those first couple of songs, I learned more about how to be a man than the other way around. He made me feel totally possessed, completely protected. I felt free in submitting to him. He was so confident and easy to be with, he put me in another world. I couldn't be in that place as a man. And though we'd never spent a minute together on skates, we never made a mistake. He led and I followed without question. John was so expert he intentionally opened the door for me to take a different tact to demonstrate the perfection of the path we were on.

Only once did I lose my balance. A kid fell down in front of me. John caught me and set me on my feet.

I never wanted to stop skating with John but Lori came over and pointed to the spot where Dane was sitting. Dane and John sat at a table next to the rail, but Lori forced me to stand on the rink on the other side of the barrier.

I humored Lori until a slow song came on. Then I set down my drink and put my arms around John's neck. His body was so much different than anything I'd ever touched. It was hard to keep away. John stood and I looked up into his eyes. I was a girl with a boyfriend.

John put me back out onto the floor and skated me backwards as we swayed to the music. Again I got lost in feelings and his movements and in the music. Everything was perfect for the build-up to our first kiss. When the music stopped, I should have done it, but didn't.

I was a bummed out. The clerk took my skates. I was sitting on the bench slipping my foot into my heels when something made me glance over my shoulder.

John was staring at my legs.

He wasn't on a mercy mission. He wanted to fuck the shit out of me. I was burned up with the reality that a huge black man wanted me in that way. My body ached for his hands at my waist.

The ride in the car was another step deeper into my feelings. I had time to take John in, just enjoy being close to him and touching him. He loved when I laughed. Once, he brushed a hair off my glasses. It made me want to give myself to him. I got so bold I let my hand rest on his thigh.

At the theater, Lori took me to the ladies room. While we checked our makeup Lori said, "You're gorgeous and I look like shit. It's worse because we look like sisters and I'm the ugly one."

"I'm worried that John will be disappointed at the end of the date," I said. "I have no idea what to do with a guy."

"Jan, don't you think he's thought about that?" Lori asked. "Some guys like a hoe, some like making a girl into one. Believe me, John's into it."

The movie was some stupid CGI laden action pic. The guys loved it but I couldn't follow. I sat between Dane and John and drank and worried about eating too much in front of everyone. More than anything, I worried about the end of the date.

How was I going to kiss him? Where was I supposed to put my hands? How long was long enough? Should I let him open my mouth with his? What if he touched me in places I didn't want to be touched?

While I fretted, I got myself used to putting my hand in the center of John's chest. I dared slip my finger between the buttons on his shirt, and my skin touched his. After a while, it started happening a lot. He had thick ab muscles that I could feel. By the middle of the movie, my heels were off and I was curled up next to John daring myself to touch his zipper.

John picked up a piece of fish I wasn't planning on eating and fed it to me. He picked up some rice and put that to my mouth. He kept his fingers there until I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and sucked his finger and thumb clean. His damn fingers were almost too big to fit.

John ordered a chocolate molten cake and fed it to me. After we shared most of it, he got a little syrup on his finger and put it inside my mouth. I was hard as a brick but I was able to look him in the eye and suck that finger clean. Not in some over the top way but just like long time lovers would do.

Somewhere toward the last part of the movie, I hit the wall. My heart and mind had been so keyed up that I was having trouble staying awake. I took off my heels in the car and cuddled up on John. After a few minutes I noticed my dress pushed up high on my thigh. Before I could move, John covered the spot with his hand. He ran it up under my dress all the way to my hip and pushed his finger under the string of my thong.

We stayed like that until back at the apartment. Lori waited in the car with Dane. I was walking barefoot up the stairs holding my heels. I stopped a step ahead of John, turned and just went for it. His full dark lips enveloped mine and he opened my mouth to him. He grasped my hips in his hand and held me still and made me take his kisses until I nearly passed out.

"You're a fantastic kisser," I said still holding him around the neck.

"Good night, Jan," John said. "I'll give you a call tomorrow to find a time to see you again."

Chapter 20

Erin was still out when I got home so I went to bed. Erin crawled in next to me somewhere during the night. She felt so soft and warm I couldn't resist turning over toward her.

"Hi baby," Erin whispered. "I'm so sorry I missed you coming home from your big date. Marg...

Professor Lito and I are really hitting it off. She wants me to try something."

"What's that?" I said trying to sound dreamy and ready to get back to sleep.

An instant later the light was on and Erin was dragging me over to the full length mirror in our bedroom. When she started positioning my hips while she knelt in front of me, I went from sleeping with a hard on because I hadn't had any sex to raging hard.

"That's not I good idea," I said but Erin wasn't listening.

She moved her mouth up close to my dick. She wrapped her hand around the base and pushed the tip of me to her lips.

"Erin, let me go to the bathroom for a minute," I pleaded. After tons of sex and nearly a week without it, I could feel the ocean wave swelling inside me. If I wasn't trying to hold it back, I would have already been cumming.

Watching herself in the mirror, Erin wet her lips with her tongue before kissing the head of me. The heat of her breath alone could have pushed me over the edge. I tried to think of Roger's hairy belly to kill my boner, but it didn't work.

Erin opened her mouth and took me inside letting her tongue guide the way as she watched. She took me down to where her hand was wrapped around me, closed her lips tightly, then withdrew. She was sucking so hard it made a popping sound when my head pushed her lips apart.

"You must have been getting excited on your date," Erin said. "I can taste the saltiness."

"No, I took a shower," I said. "It's what you're doing. Erin something's about to happen."

Erin looked up at me grinning and put her mouth under my dick. "Do you like my blowjob? Am I good at it?"

She didn't wait for an answer. She moved her hand and went all the way down on me a few times and that was it. I couldn't take it. Before I could push her face away, my knees buckled causing me to take a step forward. That pushed me deeper into Erin's mouth and I started cumming.

I turned my head and in the mirror, I saw cum splashing out of Erin's mouth. She pushed me back and guided more onto her face then down the front of her until she'd pulled me to my knees between her opened legs.
She used the fingers on her other hand to open her pussy as I released the last pulse onto her clit.

Erin squeezed my cock so hard I started screaming as she was screaming out her orgasm.

"Hurry," she panted out. "Push the cum into my mouth with your cock. Push it all in."

She scooted up off her back and turned the mirror. I put my cock to her mouth. I never went soft. Erin used the head of me to put cum into her mouth.

"What's going on," Lori shouted as she ran through the door. At that moment Erin took my cock away from her face.

She showed Lori her cum filled mouth in the mirror, then swallowed it.

"Come play in it, Lori," Erin said. "Come play in it with me. Jan's cum tastes pretty good."

Erin lay back and she and Lori ran their fingers in the cum and fed it to Erin. It got Erin so excited that she scooped some of the cum on her belly onto her finger and put it by her pussy.

"Baby," Erin said to me. "Use your tongue and put it inside me."

Lori held Erin's pussy open and I took the cum from Erin's finger and put it into her pussy. She only let me push my tongue inside once before squeezing my head between her legs. I rested my tongue on her clit while Erin and Lori kissed.

"Oh, you are a dirty, dick sucking cum dump," Lori said. "My tongue tastes cock as far as it will reach into your slutty mouth."

Erin opened her thighs and shoved my face over her clit. When she started cumming again she pulled me up to her and we shared the taste of us until she calmed down.

"I'm very proud of you, sweetie," Lori said. "But it's the middle of the night. I'm going back to bed."

Erin's sexual breakthrough overwhelmed conversation during our morning run. She got so worked up she had me cum all over her again and eat her sweaty pussy while Lori licked the cum off of Erin's body and fed it to her. How the hell is a person supposed to work with that image in their mind? It took up so much space that I forgot about the part where I used my fingers to get Lori off while eating Erin.

Somehow I made my way up to my crap office only to see a sign on the door ordering me to go see Professor Lito. Lito was leaning back in her chair grinning as I entered. "Well?" she asked.

"You've got to know just by looking at me," I said. "Thanks for helping us out."

"Erin is such a great girl," Lito said, "We are so much alike. There's just too much pressure to be perfect."

"She really trusts your counsel," I said.

"Jan, I want you to take that opening in my department," Lito said. "It's a much better salary and you'll be better positioned to get the money to do research."

"Thank you, Professor Lito, but that might be too generous," I said. "I'm not too sure a man has credibility teaching those classes."

"It's Marg," Lito said. "Somehow, I think you'll

manage. We'll tell your boss Ron about the move today."

I wanted to worry about the job I'd just been told I was taking, but Dane was waiting in my office when I returned.

"Wasn't it locked?" I asked.

"Dude, I'm black," Dane said. "What did Lori say?"

"Erin had a breakthrough last night," I said.

"That's great, but damn, I was counting on going out again Saturday," Dane said. "Think Lori will go out solo?"

"I have to be honest, Dane," I said, "Probably not."

Dane got up and walked out.

A few minutes later, John called. "What do you have planned for Saturday?" John asked.

I struggled with how to tell the black man I was seeing that I couldn't go out because Saturday night, was date night, with my wife. "Well something is going on with Erin," I said.

"That's what I mean," John said. "There's a cover band that plays old school funk at that same casino."

I didn't know what John was talking about. I told him I'd call Lori and see if she'd double because I didn't want to leave Dane hanging.

Somehow, I squeezed my two classes into my party planning schedule. No wonder my grades in high school were so much better than the kids that dated. Who had time to study?

Lori picked me up and we raced to the mall to find dresses. After I decided on a fabulous, star fruit yellow lace shift dress that hugged my body and made my legs look like they went on for miles, Lori had to find something pretty. Dane was going to be blown away.

"Where's Erin tonight?" I asked.

"Duh, she's practicing," Lori said.

That night Erin's fantasy evolved into me putting her on her knees on the bed and cumming all over her ass and the bottoms of her feet. She liked it because she couldn't stand up. She had to stay on the bed. I walked around staring at her while I slipped on another condom and went back inside her.

Erin screamed out while I fucked her. "I feel it dripping down the crack of my butt," she shouted. It caused me to cum all over her ass again. Then she had me put the head of my cock to her puckered little opening and let it pulse there.

"I'm used up, baby," Erin said. "Carry me to the shower."

After her shower, Erin laid in bed completely spent. "After all that sexy dancing and the sex, I'm worn out."

"Sexy dancing?" I asked.

"Roger's bachelor party," Erin said. "I knew you weren't listening to me on Sunday."

The next morning, I was left alone with no vehicle worrying about the bachelor party. There was no time left to think about the date. Neither Erin nor Lori showed up. Around two Lori called and said that Roger was going to pick me up around five.

"What's going on?" I asked Lori. "Why is Erin stripping?"

"I guess tonight's the night of the

breakthrough," Lori said. "I'm as clueless as

you. See you tonight."

Nothing got done. I didn't care about the date with John. I dreaded Roger showing up until the moment he swung into the parking lot. I praised my luck that he was on a call when I hopped in.

The car reeked. On top of everything else, Roger smoked weed. And, of course, he had ecstasy tabs in his cup holder.

"How's it going, Jan?" Roger asked before shooting out of the parking lot. "Take whatever you see. It's all good."

Roger threaded through traffic toward I-10 driving like an idiot, constantly yelling at other people and tailgating. He was trying to impress me with the car's power, and his ability to drive, smoke a blunt and talk on his phone about some band he was trying to get booked into a club in Phoenix.

Deal done, driving over a hundred on I-10, Roger said, "That Erin is a real champ for helping me out. You're not going to find a banging body like that outside of LA or Vegas. I can't believe her tits are real."

Maybe I was never going to be a sister. I wanted to kill Roger though I knew that, in his feeble mind, he was being complimentary.

"She is pretty," I said. "Is it going to be a big party?"

"Huge," Roger said. The car swerved and we missed the concrete divider by an inch, "Twenty three guys. And these are players like me. I told them fifty a dance and nothing less than a five in the g-string. I hooked you up. She'll be walking out of there with at least two grand if she works hard."

"Why are they driving all the way down to Nogales?" I asked.

Roger turned his head and looked at me instead of at the car he was about to rear end. "Jan, maybe you're immune to it because you see it every day. But in case you haven't noticed, Erin is smoking hot. I took a picture of her at the club the other night and gave the guys the option. It was unanimous. I can guarantee there's been some seed spilled over that pic."

"Do you know what Lori's doing tonight?" I asked through gritted teeth.

"Yeah," Roger said. "She's going to that concert with you. I tried to get her to come to the party. There's a little bit of a lesbo vibe between them. That would be awesome if something happened with the two of them up on stage."

Roger droned on and on about the Moet and the shrimp as big as his cock and I zoned out until we eased to a stop at the valet. We had an odd moment at the end where we chest bumped then kissed my cheek and said, "Bye, babe." Other than that, I was free of Roger.

A perky girl in a blue suit guided me to a private lounge near where Lori and I were having dinner with Dane and John. The lounge was set up for the bachelor party. There was a stripper pole center stage.

Behind the stage, Lori and Erin were waiting. I wanted to freak out about my wife being alone among twenty five idiots like Roger, but she was so bursting full of life, I just smiled. Maybe there were some guys so self-absorbed they'd be willing to ruin a moment like that, but not me.

Erin fanned out a huge handful of twenty dollar bills. "That's one of our credit cards," Erin said. "I did it all by myself."

"Yes you did, sweetie," Lori said and kissed her cheek. Lori patted my back while I was hugging Erin. It was a nervous pat.

Erin rattled off every song she had for the two hour performance. She could easily choreograph that many unique routines with all her experience.

"I wish I could see it," I said to Erin. "You're such a great dancer. We should videotape it."

"That was my one condition with Roger," Erin said. "Security is going to wand everyone. No phones or cameras. I'm sorry, baby."

My genuine disappointment made Erin hug me again, and once I heard about security being present, I felt much better.

"I'm going to make a bundle," Erin said. "Now get out. Have a good time on your date, Jan. I've got to get ready and run through the routines one more time."

Lori and I talked to the hotel security officers outside the door and after we showed ID, they gave us the code to get through the backstage door.

It was time to get ready for the date.

"Why are you so worried about Erin?" I asked. "With all that security, it seems safe. You don't think Roger would let something happen do you?"

"Huh," Lori said. "Erin's fine. What are you wearing?"

"Didn't you bring my dress?" I asked.

"Oh, I forgot," Lori said.

There was no more time to worry about Lori once we got to our room.

I hurried to run a scented bubble bath. Once in the tub, I called for Lori, but she never came. Some music and scented oil candles relaxed me enough that my hands stopped shaking so I could shave. I got into my meticulous routine for removing hair and that calmed me more. The time alone allowed me to let go of the cluster of anxieties and focus on the date.

Out of the tub, I checked my suctioned tits and they looked really sexy. When I rubbed my fingers over them, a flood of lust washed through me. I wanted to put my hand on my button but knew where that would lead. There was too much work to be done.

I painted my nails red and walked on my heels into the bedroom of the suite. Lori was opening the closet door.

"Oh my gosh," Lori said. "Your toes will look awesome in the gold glittered heels. I guess I'm going to have to go all out."

As Lori helped me zip into my dress, I

said, "Black men want their women to make a statement. They have a keen sense of detail. That's why I bought the heels with delicate straps that weave, cross and loop. It also has this asymmetric ankle strap. I'm pretty sure that John likes my feet.

The dress and shoes with red lips and nails made me feel like a Fifties starlet. My little tits and long lines with skinny legs made me feel so feminine I couldn't stop looking in the mirror and posing. At the last minute, we decided to pin my hair up and I wore Lori's pearls.

John came to the door wearing the perfect dark suit to match my dress. He looked me over then gathered me into his arms pressing me against him. My mouth found its way to his.

"Don't worry," I said nervously brushing his lips with my finger, "I wanted to kiss you before

using too much lipstick."

The first few minutes in John's presence, it was hard to get settled. His energy was so strong it felt like it was pressing against my chest making it difficult to breathe. I was intimidated and wanting of him at the same time. He was so attractive I couldn't stop looking at him or craving a chance to touch him.

By touching him, and seeing my white fingers on his big strong black hands, it got me crazy.

We rode the elevator to the ground floor and passed the bachelor party lounge. We could hear Erin's music pumping and guys cheering until we entered the restaurant where we were going to see the band.

While we waited for the hostess to find our seats, John inched me toward the corner.

I knew he was going to try to calm me down so I said, "One more kiss. I'm so hot right now. Kiss my mouth like a mature black man ready to fuck his white virgin. Do it before something changes my mind."

John grabbed me and held me in place with his hands on my waist. He kissed an electric current throughout my body. He moved his hip the tiniest bit but enough to let me know what he wanted me to do. In all the time I had to prepare I never concentrated on the part where I had to touch a black man's cock through his pants.

My eyes looked into his and my hand swept across his zipper. John was enormous. I knew it before, now I had it in my hand. I could feel my little dick leaking onto my button.

John did all the explaining that needed be done. He was ready to let me be a different kind of girl this night, one that was ready to be opened for the first time.

I was narrow. He was wide.

When I think back on it now, I'm still not sure if I was really ready. I never focused beyond the dating part. But then the hostess approached and John put me in front of him rather than at his side.

He wanted me moving for him, he wanted me getting ready. When I used my dance training to take that first step to move in a way to entice him, I was as good as fucked. There was no turning back. As I twisted my heel to jut out my hip, that instant, the heat burning inside me took over. No one had to give me the book on what to do.

Ours were shitty seats. The place was rectangular with a big bar taking up the middle. We couldn't see the stage from our booth even though it was a step higher than the floor. There was a reason for it.

At the table John didn't give me a moment to calm down. He sat back with his zipper poking up at me. I forgot about Dane and Lori and the thousand people milling around. I sat up with my back straight, my legs crossed, my lips pouting, and my hand unzipping John so I could reach for his cock. I was going to use every fiber in my body to draw John to fuck me.

Because we were a little higher than the tables in front of us, anyone looking could clearly see as I reached under the tablecloth to hold his cock in my hand.

John put his mouth to my ear and said, "Get it wet, Jan."

This was climbing stairs two at a time. I thought we were going to have a nice dinner then somehow it was going to happen in his hotel room, but five minutes after leaving the hotel room I was licking my fingers and caressing the underside of the head of John's cock.

My nails teased his shaft but I kept my fingers wet going over his huge head. My hand didn't even get close to covering the length. Quickly, I stopped trying to think mechanically. This was like dancing, you had to feel it. I let my lust come out. I wanted him to feel my longing.

"Jan," Lori called out. "Let's go to the ladies room."

"There's plenty of time for that later," I said.

There's no going backwards while stroking a man's cock in public. You are what you are. It was wanton and that's what John wanted and that's what I had to be to take a cock that size.

With two fingers and my thumb I worked a rhythm over the edge of the head of John's cock while I looked into John's eyes.

The waitress appeared while I was admiring John, getting more comfortable, and moving in close. He made no effort to make me feel at ease like before. He ordered the drinks and food and I kept stroking John letting something inside me build up enough desire to be bred.

It was exciting to be smiling and talking while John's cock was growing and getting harder in my hand. His cock was velvety smooth. I loved to explore the texture of him. I kept glancing down to see it. His cock was gorgeous.

"Give me a kiss," John said into my ear. He loved to have his mouth at my neckline. It was long and beautiful and there for him to ravish like the rest of me. "Then get you a taste. Have the taste in your mouth before anything else."

It's going to make people mad but that's why black guys love white sissies. A bitch would resist or complain. A hoe would make a scene of doing it.

I bent down like I was taking off my heels and couldn't get the strap undone. I pulled out John's cock as my face went below the table. I took him in my mouth down to the back of my throat. The tip hit my gag reflex but I held him there. I stayed down on him until I had the scent of him in my nose.

I did the same thing with the other heel, sucking in all the taste of him as I came up. I gave the tip of him a delicate kiss.

Immediately my hand went back to his cock. My nose was full of his aroma and my mouth lined with his taste. My nipples were tingling, full and ready, my body craving that cock. I'd completely forgotten my manhood.

By the time my drink came, it didn't have any taste for me. All I wanted was more cock. I'd turned the corner from whatever I was before, to a wanton slut dying for cock.

I moved around and put my mouth down on him again. I kept my lips riding over the head and down the ridges. I bathed it with my tongue. With a few quick strokes, I poked out my cheeks and ran him up over my top lip and under my nose to keep that smell on me.

Rather than try to pick out the hair that got into my mouth, I swallowed it. It wasn't the only part of John I wanted inside me.

"Jan," Lori said again. "Go to the ladies room."

"I thought I was already past the appetizers," I said as the waitress approached with them. "Lori, I'd rather just enjoy this meal."

With no shred of the old me left, I tended to John, making sure he had everything he needed. He'd want for nothing all night with me. In public, I was getting turned into a slut for black cock.

I cut up and ate my food like I was lusting for it. I used my fingers, my mouth, and my motions. When that wasn't enough, I'd find a reason to go down on John again. No amount of Lori's lecturing could quell my unbridled wanting. If someone was watching, they knew I was blowing John at the table but as long as I didn't push over the limit, it was what John wanted and that's all I cared about.

Staying off his cock got more difficult as we dined on the main course. I was a whimpering like a little cock slut unless I fed on that beautiful black monster. When they turned down the lights for the first act, I went crazy on John for almost a minute before coming up. My throat was widened. I imagined food going down it easier.

"Scoot to the edge of your seat, girl," John said once they cleared the table. "Start building up the fire in that little pussy."

"Yes, John," I said.

I got John's fingers wet. He put his hand down and he wet my button. It felt like I had a flaming rash over it.

He broke contact with my ass and I gasped out a breath. Then he popped me so hard it brought tears to my eyes. "Rub it in," John said. "Keep popping it hard and working it in. You're not even at one yet. You've got to get to eleven or I'll rip you apart."

It was frustrating as shit trying to keep on his cock and work my pussy and keep from screaming. I wanted to go out back and get fucked. But the frustration was part of the buildup and it was John's decision. My opinion didn't matter. So I stopped thinking and made my best effort to act proper while prepping my ass to be opened.

My face had to be a mess. I'd rubbed that beautiful cock all over my cheeks, my neck and ears. I wanted my entire being slathered in it. By that time, I knew the feel of every ridge and vein, the texture of the head of John's cock, its color and taste. I kept doing everything I could to get hotter. I brought John's hand down to my pussy and whispered for him to burn it up.
When I finished whispering, John kissed my well fucked mouth. My lips were plump and pouty from sucking cock. He popped my pussy so hard it sent stars into my eyes three or four times. He felt over my opening. He kept the heat of his hand there and whispered, "That's two or maybe three. That's a good girl. Keep that heat coming up in it for me."

People had to know. I was so hot I couldn't feel my body any more. Everything was a burning sensation at my button. I was cock choking myself and slobbering so much I held my napkin around the base of his shaft to keep from dripping on his pants.

I used my fingers to wipe up some of my spit then slicked my cunt. As they brought John's cognac, my hole opened enough for my finger to sink down into it a little. I came up off the seat and had to grab the table.

"That's three," John said.

I was a tea kettle boiling over and he wanted me hotter. I didn't think it was possible. I'd never been this out of control before. I was all adrenaline and desire.

The raucous applause for the end of the first act snapped me out of my cock lust enough to notice that a bunch of Dane's friends were crowding around our booth. A guy I only met once before slipped in next to me. Somewhat secluded by all the people, I dropped all pretense of caring. John's cock punched down my throat deeper than before. I wanted my nose at his pubes but it wasn't going to happen.

While I sucked his dick and fingered myself, I felt a different hand on my ass. It smacked over my hole three times in quick succession. My hand was guided to a cock. Now, I had one in my mouth, and one in my hand.

My writhing body hit five when the cock in my hand started cumming. I put my fingers over the top of it to block the spurts. For the first time, I'd stroked off a black cock.

The torrent of lust running through me let me know, I was going to make it now. As slow as it started, I was flashing to my peak. John recognized it and pulled me off his cock.

"Let her up," John said to the boys.

The main act was starting. All the seething energy in me came rushing out. I broke from John's grip. I was moving toward the stage so fast the whole crowd got up and poured forward. I got bumped and shuttled until being stopped at the opposite end of the bar from the stage.

I was so hot to get fucked my hips started moving to the music. I backed up on a guy behind me. He held still at first then clutched my waist and pushed against me. It didn't last long, a surge of black men opened the crowd and they enclosed around me with John gathering me up from behind.

I'd gone to red. I had to have cock at that moment. Standing still was like holding my hand on a hot stove.

I reached back and unzipped John's pants again. He grabbed me around the throat and said into my ear, "Easy Jan. Be easy for me baby. Just let it come down. You're not wet enough, girl."

I'm not proud of it, but in front of me on the bar on a used plate was a swatch of congealed grease from a steak. I dipped out of it three or four times and covered John's cock after dabbing it at my pussy. I hoped it was enough to get him inside me, but he was going in.

Amidst a thousand people dancing to "It's Your Thing" I dug my nails into the wooden bar and John made his first push to open me. I moved to get down on him but he pulled me up again.

"Let me do it, girl," he ordered.

I tried to be good. I put more grease and some butter on his cock. He worked my little hole, opening me up. He was going to make it. But when I felt my body release to him it shocked me like a heart attack.

My body was moving hysterically. When I saw the path was too far to make it out the front door, I plowed over people to get out the back.

I ran blind trying to get control over my mind. I was running through a kitchen then a hallway. I burst through doors and recognized the area. My focus narrowed to the security pad on the door to Erin's dressing room.

I opened the door and no one was inside. My legs wouldn't stop moving. I plowed around the corner out into the lounge. Over a partition, I saw Roger facing away. He was alone or at least that is what I thought until I called out his name.

Roger startled. Glasses spilled and I saw a streak of blonde hair zipping behind the stage.

Roger turned and tried to pull up his pants as I charged at him.

"I'm a dog, Jan. I can't help it," Roger said. Every step I got closer, his eyes got bigger. "That pussy was just too good to resist."

He let go of his pants as I jumped at him. He turned and let my momentum carry me onto a backless couch where I thought he'd been fucking Erin.

"Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me," I heard myself saying. When Roger hesitated, I grabbed his slicked cock and put it to me.

"Jan, what's got into you?" Roger asked. "Are you sure?"

I ripped away my thong, and grabbed him again. This time he was fully hard.

"Fuck me Roger," I said. "I'm burning up for your cock."

Maybe I raped him at first. Because he wasn't making any effort, but I pulled him in and after all of John's work to get me open, the second time he pushed he sunk deep into my ass. The feeling was so overpowering, I came all over my dress.

It caused spasms in my newly opened pussy that gripped Roger's cock and drew him into me.

As quick as the first orgasm came, I built to the second. Roger did the right thing by swatting my ass. When that didn't work, he slapped my face a couple of times.

"That's my girl," Roger said. "Take that dick pretty for me, now. You're a giving me a good tight pussy to fuck."

Roger was insistent with his thrusts but he was kind and caring in his way. I started crying some and I asked Roger to kiss me and he did. "I'm sorry I didn't like you, Roger. You're so good to me."

Roger got into it at that point.

He pulled down my dress and saw my nipples poked up and puffy and went after them with his teeth. The biting brought me over a second time and he was building his nut for me.

"Please put your cum inside me," I whispered into his ear as I clutched him to me.

"Jan, you're killing me," Roger said. He started grunting and pawed me. He bit my nipples again and put his forehead in the center of my chest as he pulsed cum into me.

When Roger came down, his touch immediately turned gentle. His cock was big enough that he could hold inside me after cumming. He kissed where he'd been biting and put his weight on me. "That's a girl," he said. "Damn you can fuck. That might have been the best pussy of my life."

"Roger, what the fuck?" I heard Erin yell.

"Don't move Roger," I begged and grabbed him tight.

Erin came up over the stage and stood at the edge with her hands on her hips.

"You lousy fucking asshole," Erin said.

"Stay inside me," I said to Roger still clutching him. "Erin, he was so good to me when I needed him. I made him fuck me."

"No you didn't," Roger said. "I loved it."

"Sweetie," Erin said then stepped off the stage and moved toward me. My body was still burning up. My tiny waist started moving to try to bring Roger's cock back to life. Erin touch my forehead. "Where's Lori? You feel like you're burning up with fever."

"Let him be a minute," Roger said pushing Erin's hand away.

I heard more people coming in from around the stage. At some point I felt Roger pull away. Before I had a chance to whimper, I felt John's massive cock at my hole.

John wasn't taking any chances. He pinned my hips to the couch.

"Take it easy with her," Roger said. "I've never seen a girl so eaten up before."

John stayed poised at my hole until I looked up at him.

"You do it, Jan," John said. "You take that cock. Give what you've got up to me."

John entered me slowly. I watched his eyes and his hips. This time when I opened for him, I cried out in ecstasy. I surrendered my body to John. Instead of cooling down, John brought me right back to ten and beyond. I was screaming out and digging my heels into his calves and cumming from a place deep inside. He fucked all the man right out of me as his cock forever staked its claim on my body.

Every ounce of me was only there to serve at his pleasure. He hit bottom and ball slammed me until he dumped cum in me so deep it would never leave.

"Get up," John said as soon as he

finished. "You're here to be bred out. Get over the couch and let me breed out your mouth while Dane gets his piece."

I moved immediately. With my ass up in the air in front of Dane I asked, "How do you want me?"

"That's my girl," Dane said. "You got that back arched and that moneymaker just right."

As Dane pushed into my ass, I kissed the tip of John's cock. It was rotten with nasty smells including the steak grease but I cherished the chance to have it in my mouth again. I licked from sack to tip cleaning it up then plunged down on it and sucked it showing my submission to it. I wanted to do everything to draw his seed into me.

As I took more and more of him down my throat, John helped me my by shoving my face further down. He was holding me as I gagged on his cock.

A commotion broke out at the front door as I was being spit roasted.

John said, "Roger, let them all in."

A few seconds later John shot down my throat. Dane flipped me over. For the first time, I noticed how pretty it looked to have a black man between my skinny white legs. My red toes and the heels were gorgeous.

Dane was another bull staking his claim on me. He wasn't fucking me for a quick nut. He was making a permanent demand for my pussy whenever he wanted it.

I gave myself away to him like that. My sounds and the surrender in my eyes let him know he owned his place inside me.

Dane's nut was violent. I felt the stinging wet heat of it in my ass. Then he shot over my cock, my belly and my dress. He brought his cock to rest on my belly. It was a hot heavy piece of meat still convulsing out cum. When he was finished cumming, he dragged his head back down my belly over my cock. He stopped at my opening. He moved his feet to back away, but couldn't stay away. Dane pushed back inside me one more time. He couldn't get enough of what I was giving. Of all the moments, that's the one I'll never forget. How can someone ever feel more desired?

"Don't you grin at me, Jan," Dane said then swatted my bottom. "Though you fine, don't let it get to you."

The room was full of black men. Mike was the next one to step up. I let him move me into the position he wanted to use to fuck me.

Mike kept me on my back. Like the other times, I didn't try to overthink it. I was born for this. All I had to do was listen to my body and take instruction from my man.

Mike wasn't as confident as Dane or John. He was nervous. I spit onto my fingers and took him into my hand. I guided him into my pussy squirming for his cock. Through my moaning, I said, "Yes, that's your pussy Mike. I have to have you."

It made me feel so sexy to have my legs open for Mike and my head hanging off the couch waiting for Dane's cock.

Dane smiled when he saw me smiling. He really liked me. I wanted to do everything possible to please him.

He let the tip of his cock land on my forehead and pushed it forward. All the juices from my cunt slicked my face. Dane put the head of him in my mouth once. He let his nut sack rake across my face until his balls were over my mouth and my nose was at his ass.

Dane dropped his balls in my mouth and I sucked them clean over and over as Mike fucked my ass.

Dane moved back and shoved his cock down my throat. It was so much easier to take an enormous cock lying on my back in that position. I liked sucking cock that way much better. More of me was always in contact with my bull. Dane's nuts banged my forehead and over my nose. My face was between his legs. I loved it.

Dane got his second nut down my throat so deep I never tasted it. He pulled out to give me time with Mike.

Each one of the fifteen guys was going to get all the time needed to breed me and lay stake to unfettered access to my body. From that night forward, when they wanted me, there was only one way to respond.

Mike swiped across my ankles trying to decide if he could grab them as he built up to his nut. I sensed it and put my ankles to his hands a few times. Once he grabbed them and pulled my legs apart, he grunted out a flooding load in my pussy.

"Yes, take your pussy, Mike," I said moving along with him as he pulsed in my ass. "Keep taking it. Take it all you want."

They all had me that way. They all owned my ass on command. They could fuck me whenever. I was submissive to all of them in any way they wanted, whenever they wanted.

When all of them had their piece of me, John helped me to my feet and stripped off my dress and heels. He bundled me in a hotel robe and carried me out to his car.

He put me in my bed on my side. I was almost asleep when he slipped in behind me ready for more. He fucked me to sleep. Cum leaked out of me all night. John kept me on my side and accessed me any time he stirred. I greedily pushed back on him as soon as I felt him moving.

In the morning, John put me on my stomach. He put my legs together and his on the outside. He drove his cock into me and fucked me non-stop until we were both sweating and I was moaning and screaming into the sheets clutching them in my hands. He stayed inside me until he softened. He wiped off his cock on my ass and left.

The separation, the emptiness I felt in my ass had me bawling a few minutes later. I cried myself to sleep again.

Chapter 21

Tired and sore as I was, I dragged out of bed a few hours before the girls were due home.

Cum drained from me as soon as I was vertical. The wetness dripped over skin already coated with dried semen. It got me smiling and gave me a boner. I felt sexy and slutty and deliriously happy and still aching for cock.

I found one of Erin's maxi pads but didn't have panties. I had to put on a pair of my old underwear. They looked weird on me. I smiled. I couldn't stop smiling. I wanted to go out on the balcony and shout it to the world. I wanted more cock.

I continued to check how stupid my underwear looked in the mirror in the bathroom then glanced up at my face. I hadn't worn much make-up the night before. So, but for the noxious smell and the strings of dried cum, it wasn't too bad. Brushing my teeth twice and using mouthwash didn't get the taste of dick out of my mouth. That kept my boner going and made me smile again.

My dress was in a bag on the table. It smelled so bad I took it to the dumpster and threw it in and the cum covered heels in with it. I put the sheets and mattress pad in the washer and walked around trying to decide how to deal with my pussy.

Erin didn't douche. I checked Lori's bathroom, she didn't either. We didn't have any squeeze bottles nearly empty.

The second time I went to search Lori's bathroom I remembered the detachable showerhead in her bathroom. The maxi pad was soaked when I stripped down. I moved over to the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door to check out my butt. I was so open it would be no problem using the showerhead.

I took a little of my pre-cum and touched around my opening while watching in the mirror. In a few seconds, I was on fire for a cock. I lie back on the floor so I could see my pussy in the mirror. Two fingers went in easily, then three, then four. With my perfectly manicured fingers, it looked like a girl fingering her pussy. There was nothing prettier than my red nails all over my pink pussy.

My hole was so well lubricated, if my arm was longer I could have gotten my entire hand up there.

Having a gaping ass was so sexy to me I couldn't stop playing with it. I started thinking about what we had in the apartment that could substitute for cock.

We did have cucumbers.

"Stop fucking around!" I screamed. Damn, I'd turned into such a slut.

I got up and got into a scalding shower and soaped up everything and douched myself a half dozen times with the showerhead.

Standing in front of the mirror again, I was all pink and pretty and achy for cock. I swiveled around positioning my hips convincing myself that they looked fuller now that I was a woman in that way. My cocksucker lips were certainly puffier and so were my nipples. I kept stopping to tease and pinch them with my fingers. Everything on my body felt connected to electricity.

I teased up my hair and put on a pair of Lori's white capris and a pink tee. My ass looked fantastic until I noticed I was fucking leaking again.

Twenty minutes I searched the internet looking for how to take care of a well fucked ass. The next thing I knew I'd veered off into blowjob techniques and how to be a good bottom. That made me realize all of the seemingly clinical stuff on the internet was bullshit.

After another shower and cleaning, it was back to boy underwear and Lori's jeans. But I couldn't wear Lori's jeans because my underwear showed. I couldn't bear the thought of putting on my old clothes. I wanted to finger my pussy. I was aching for cock.

I was a mess.

I ended up wearing my swim bottoms with a maxi pad and the apron hanging inside the pantry.

The house was clean and food was ready when Lori and Erin came in the door. At that point I was on the last of a six pack of maxi pads still wearing the bottoms and the apron. The girls wouldn't mind.

Lori was the first around the corner. She nearly fell down laughing. When Erin saw me, she did too. We were all laughing because overnight I'd turned into a ridiculous slut who refused to wear boy clothes.

"Get out of the way. What are you laughing at? Let me see," I heard Roger say. The sound of his voice froze me. Then it angered me because he was intruding into our girl time.

When Roger saw the back of me standing at the sink, I felt prickly heat along my collarbone.

"I've got to go back outside," Roger

said. "You've got to put some clothes on, Jan. You are supposed to be the sweet and innocent one."

I waited until I saw Roger firing up a cigarette out on the landing. The girls were still laughing at Roger's comment when I whispered, "I can't stop leaking."

The girls changed demeanor immediately. "Come here sweetheart," Erin said. Lori joined us in a hug.

Lori had a worn old saggy pair of jeans that looked terrible and I wore the pink tee. I didn't want Roger to see me. I was horny for an ass fucking. My emotions were wrecked.

Erin took me into the bathroom and whispered reassurances until I calmed down.

"It's ok," I said. "I'm fine. I'll tell Roger that everything is cool."

"No, you won't," Erin scolded. "Think about it."

Tears came out of my eyes again. "Why did you run out of the lounge last night?"

Erin wiped my cheek and said, "When?"

"Roger's cock was wet," I said. "You were angry he was on top of me."

"Jan," Erin said. "Lori called me and told me you ran out of the restaurant. I was over at the tables gambling with the groomsmen and the groom. John, Dane and Lori went to check all of our hotel rooms. I was closest, so I went to the lounge. I thought Roger was taking advantage of you."

"I'm sorry," I said. "My mind isn't working right."

Erin sat me on the bed and said, "Take a minute, baby."

It didn't take long at all. I knew my role. I came back into the living room moving like I was searching for a compliment. Lori had fixed everyone a plate except for Roger who was sitting at the head of the table.

"What can I make for you?" I asked Roger.

"I'll get something," Roger said.

"No, I want to Roger," I said. "It's the least I can do."

"You choose," Roger said. "And get me a beer. I'm not drinking sangria."

I put a full plate on the table in front of Roger and opened his beer. Roger looked at the food and scanned over me and said, "Looks good...all of it."

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