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Couples Vacation Ch. 02

Posted on : 2012-01-27 12:56:34.363778

PART II ? The Rubdown

The next morning, I slept in. I finally went downstairs around 11 after taking a shower. My cock was still sore from fucking my wife, Wendy, not to mention masturbating as I thought of Kylie and her story from the day before. I found Tom's young wife, Kylie eating a snack at the kitchen table, reading a book. "Where are Tom and Wendy," I asked, as I searched the fridge for food.

"They've been out swimming all morning. The two of them are inseparable. How did you sleep?"

"Great," I said, hesitating before I mentioned how her story raced through my mind all night.

"You really liked that story, didn't you John," Kylie said, reading my mind.

"Oh yeah." Kylie and I laughed easily. "So what's the plan for today?" I asked her.

"Well, I'm game for anything," she flirted with me, "but I think Tom and your wife are planning on 'catching up' in the lake all day." The thought of spending all day with Kylie and her tight young body made me really not care too much about Wendy's office gossip.

"Hot tub?" I asked.

"I thought you'd never ask," Kylie said with a cute smile. She dropped her book and gracefully glided upstairs to put on her bikini. I changed into my swim trunks and met her on the deck. Tom and Wendy had gotten out of the water, and were drying off on the chaise lounges at the end of the pier.

As Kylie and I soaked in the hot tub, we talked about different things. My constant erection had died down to a constant chubby. I started seeing Kylie as more of a person than the image I had of her when I jerked off for the past few years.

As we talked, I could see Wendy and Tom sunbathing, oblivious to us again. Every few minutes, they would take turns applying sunscreen to each other. At first, I didn't think much of it. Wendy has very pale skin, so she burns easily. But they were coating each other every 5 minutes, and Tom's tanned swimmer's body sure didn't need it.

I noticed that Wendy was not just rubbing the lotion in to Tom's back, but also on his chest. Most people can reach their own chest. As Kylie and I chatted in the hot tub, I watched my reserved wife playfully squirt cold lotion onto Tom's chest. She eagerly rubbed his hard pectoral muscles, her double-D breasts straining her too tight bikini top, just inches from his face. I could tell he was enjoying the show from the bulge in his swimsuit. Even from 25 feet away, I could see his pacakage was huge.

Wendy's hands moved slowly to his stomach, massaging his six pack abs. My cock began to grow and twitch as she grazed the top of his swimsuit. Tom wiped some of the excess lotion off of his chest and began rubbing it into my wife's back as she leaned over him. Her hand slipped under his trunks and I could see Tom arch his back a little. She tugged his trunks playfully, then quickly removed her hand and finished rubbing his chest. I couldn't believe my eyes?did my shy, reserved wife just grab another man's cock not 25 feet from me? I couldn't hear what they were saying, but I heard nervous laughter.

A few minutes later, Wendy came over to the hot tub to announce that she was going to sunbathe topless. It almost sounded like she was asking permission, but the look in her eyes told me she was telling, not asking. Before I could respond, Kylie said "go for it! I might join you." I was too caught up in thinking about hot little Kylie removing her bikini top to respond to my wife. Wendy dropped her bikini top on the deck and scampered back to Tom, her tits exposed to the sun and breeze.

Sadly, Kylie's perfect breasts remained covered by the two thin triangles of her bikini. We spoke for a bit about my wife's sudden exhibitionist streak. "It's not a big deal," Kylie said. "I mean men go around topless?besides. Besides, you can make out most of a girl's tits when we're wearing a bikini." She caught me glancing at her perfectly proportioned, taut, and tanned C-cups. She smiled knowingly. Kylie had some good arguments, so I comforted myself with the thought that my wife was just being normal. I guess.

As perfect as Kylie's breasts were, we couldn't pull ourselves away from the show Tom and Wendy were putting on. Wendy laid face down on the lounger as Tom stood astride her, eagerly applying sunscreen to her now naked back. I could see the bulge in his trunks clearly from the hot tub. Her arms were up, palms out and her face rested on the backs of her hands. Tom slowly applied the lotion to her back and let his hands drift to my wife's sides, at first just glancing the sides of her enormous breasts, then clearly trying to slip under them.

Wendy pushed up away from a chaise a little to give Tom access to her breasts. Tom quickly took advantage of the leeway he was being given, and spent most of his time unsubtly massaging my wife's breasts. Wendy seemed to be enjoying it, or at least not complaining.

After a while, Tom straddled Wendy and was rested his ass on hers, massaging her lower back and the sides of her breasts. After another few minutes, Tom leaned forward, his bulging cock pressed against Wendy's back, and whispered in Wendy's ear. Wendy looked at him over her shoulder, and nodded a slow, devious nod. Tom stood up ever so slightly while Wendy eagerly flipped over, exposing her tits to him. She kept her arms elevated, behind her head while Tom sat astride her thighs. His rigid cock and balls rested on her lap. The only thing between their sex was the thin fabric of their swimsuits.

Wendy only moved her hands to briefly point at her breasts and stomach. She was clearly giving Tom instructions on how to massage her front. Tom happily obliged.

By this point, Kylie was watching as well. She huddled closer to me leaned over to get a better view of the erotic massage between our spouses. "Wow, that's a little further than I thought she'd go," Kylie said casually. "Are you okay with..." Kylie's hand reached under the hot tub water to tap my leg, but she missed and grazed my erection. "I guess you are!" We laughed together. "I mean," she reasoned, "it's not like they're fucking or anything..." I could tell Kylie was asking whether I'd be okay with that. I let it pass, transfixed on the show my wife and Tom were putting on, oblivious to us.

"That's quite a nice hard on you've got there, John," Kylie said, as she slipped her hand under my swimsuit to grab firmly onto my cock. I snapped my head towards her instinctively. "Well, if they're going to do it," she said coyly. She held me in her long slender fingers as we watched Tom massage my wife's huge tits. Kylie began to slowly stroke my cock, and we leaned in, about to kiss. Her soft, young lips, just inches from mine.

Just then, two kayakers paddled out of the tree line, past the pier. Wendy and Tom abruptly stopped their groping and, apparently embarrassed by the strangers, grabbed their towels and headed towards us. Kylie slipped her hand out of my trunks, releasing her hold on my cock, and settled back into the hot tub seat as Tom and Wendy passed. All four of us were incredibly frustrated.

"We're um, gonna hit the showers, 'hon," Wendy said as she rushed passed. Tom's erection was straining his swim shorts. Kylie and I both felt weird all of a sudden, as if Tom and Wendy had given us license by their antics, and now that was revoked. Kylie and I quickly finished our hot tub, and I went upstairs to see if my wife could help relieve my hard on again.

When I got there, the bathroom door from our bedroom was open, and I could hear the shower running. I walked in, figuring Wendy was in the shower, but it was Tom. Just as she had done the day before, Wendy was lingering in the shared bathroom to admire Tom's naked body.

The doors to his and our bedroom were cracked open as well. I stood in our bedroom watching for a few moments. I could tell Wendy had not slipped in quickly to grab something; she was parked there, taking in Tom's body through the fogged up glass as he showered.

The shower was a glass-enclosed shower, and it looked as if it were built for two. It was positioned on the outside wall of the bathroom, opposite the toilet and the double vanity. The shower ran from the floor to the ceiling?all glass--with a door in its middle. The showerhead was on the far wall from our bedroom, across from the toilet. If you sat on the toilet or stood facing the wall-to-wall mirror over the vanity, as Wendy did, you had a clear view of the showerhead (and whomever was using it) through the floor to ceiling glass.

With the glass somewhat fogged, you couldn't see clearly, but you could see more than enough. Tom was washing his tight, young, muscled body. Even through the open door from our bedroom, I could clearly make out his flaccid cock dangling down between his legs. My wife, Wendy, was a lot closer, and she couldn't pull her eyes away from it. Kylie hadn't lied, it was a monster.

Wendy was casually drying and combing her hair, wearing nothing but the towel wrapped around her waist. Although the small amount of sunlight pouring in from the bathroom window didn't pose a threat to her tan lines, Wendy kept her voluptuous tits out in the open air.

As I moved closer, I noticed her eyes were in fact dancing, transfixed between the shape of Tom's oversized cock and his rippling muscles, each reflected in the mirror. He was quite a specimen. I knew he had a hairless chest and a six-pack abs from his swim with Wendy and their sunbathing earlier. But every inch of his 6'4" body screamed "stud," and Wendy was all ears. Wendy bit her lip as Tom reached up with both arms to wash his hair.

They were casually talking as if they were at the dinner table. I couldn't hear too much over the shower and the blow dryer until I stepped into the bathroom. "I guess it's mostly exercise and diet?plus a healthy sex life...," Tom was shouting to my wife over the running water.

Wendy jumped when I came into the bathroom. "Oh, John, you startled me. What are you doing in here?" She asked incredulously as she finally turned off the hair dryer. I noticed her voice was loud enough for Tom to hear?as if she was warning him.

"Who's that?" Tom asked, his eyes soaping over.

"Me?" I whisper-shouted to Wendy, assuming Tom could figure it out on his own. "Me? What are you doing?" I pointed to Tom, who was just then washing his cock in the shower.

"Oh, don't be silly," she said defensively. "I just need the mirror to fix my hair." She turned to Tom, "It's just John."

I just stared at her. "Oh, don't be such a prude, you've seen naked men at the gym." That was true, but I usually didn't take my wife to the men's locker room. "Besides, you didn't mind if I sunbathed topless," she said, but her defensive tone said, and besides, you've seen young Kylie's tits up close. "We're all adults and we're just having a little harmless fun," she added, as if that settled it.

I passed by Wendy to take a quick leak in the toilet. As I pulled out my cock, I saw Wendy's eyes flash a glance between my equipment and Tom's in the shower, obviously comparing. She then kept her gaze locked on Tom's body through the glass, mindlessly pulling a brush through her hair. As I flushed, Tom turned off the water and finished his shower.

I left the bathroom, expecting Wendy to follow me, but she lingered, continuing to brush out her hair. That had to be the smoothest mane in the state by now. She was not too subtly waiting for Tom to step out of the shower so she could see him without the foggy glass in the way.

He did, and without any modesty. I sat on the corner of our bed, facing the bathroom. I could see from my spot as he opened the shower door and stepped out, completely naked, cock swinging in the breeze. "Hand me a towel, would ya, Wendy," He said, water beading on his tanned, hairless chest and firm biceps.

Wendy jokingly handed him a washcloth, as she made no attempt to avert her eyes from Tom's impressive cock. "Very funny, that wouldn't cover anything."

"I noticed," my wife said, referring to his cock and making Tom reach across her for a towel. His chest pressed against hers as he stretched. As he did, his cock dangled forward and rested against her thigh. My wife arched her back and neck, and for a moment, I thought they would kiss. Tom just smiled at her obvious lust. An ounce of pre-cum dripped out of my hardening cock uncontrollably. Wendy greedily put her hand on his waist, pretending to steady him. My wife bit her lip, trying to control her cock lust for her coworker.

"You're one to talk," Tom retorted. "You need a tarp to cover those luscious ta-tas," he said, staring at her double-D breasts, sandwiched between them. They pressed against each other far longer than needed for Tom to grab the towel.

They continued to talk and flirt, telling stories about people at their work, while Tom dried off. He made no effort to cover his cock and Wendy made no effort to avert her eyes, lingering a lot longer than she had to. She seemed hesitant, and kept fidgeting with her towel on her waist. I wondered whether she was trying to keep it up or make it fall.

Tom put his right leg on the vanity, a few inches away from Wendy's hip. As Tom rubbed the towel across his lower legs, Wendy leaned forward to check her eyebrows in the mirror. His cock dangled freely a few inches from my wife's ass. Wendy pretended not to notice, but I could tell she was focused on it, wantonly.

Tom put his leg down and took his cock and placed it in the towel to dry it of. It had to be 6 or 7 inches limp. It was like watching someone dry a baseball bat. Wendy stared at his cock as he rubbed it dry. My cock was aching now, watching Wendy so obviously coveting Tom's massive cock. They kept bantering, nervously, but it was obvious they were both stretching out the conversation. Tom began rubbing lotion on his chest and legs.

"Let me help you with that," Wendy offered. He turned towards the mirror with her behind him, also facing the mirror. She rubbed lotion into his back as he continued to rub it down his abdomen. As she reached up to caress his shoulders, her towel fell to the floor. She made no attempt to pick it up. Tom's hands slowly worked down past his abdomen, and started gently rubbing lotion into his cock. My wife stood there naked, rubbing lotion onto another man's naked body while he practically masturbated.

Tom was clearly glancing at her in the mirror as he spent far too much time rubbing lotion into his cock as it twitched and grew from his own and Wendy's touch.

Wendy slowly moved her hands down Tom's back, across his lower back and onto his ass. She eagerly rubbed the lotion in as she leaned forward, pressing her plump tits against his sculpted back. Their conversation had faded as they both focused on the lust. Wendy's tongue slipped out of her mouth to wet her lips. Tom swallowed hard. Wendy continued to press her breasts into Tom's back as she reached down to massage the lotion into his ass and the backs of his legs.

As she massaged his lower legs, her breasts caressed his lower back and ass; she pressed them firmly into him. When her hands reached the back of his knees, his cock was fully erect, pointing straight away from his flat stomach. My wife paused, her sweet, pouty lips glancing against his firm ass as she kneeled on the bathroom floor behind him. She held his legs as she admired Tom's member, fully enlarged. It was at least 12 inches long and 7 inches around.

Tom's testicles hung like tennis balls under his cock. His shaft was long and straight, with a vein pulsating over the top. The head of his penis was noticeably wider than the shaft, and the shaft was enormous.

Wendy was awestruck. "It's so...big," she said breathlessly. Tom just smiled. Wendy worked her hands up the top of his knees and calves, her hands now on the front of his muscled physique. The whole time, her eyes were locked on his impressive member. Tom stopped rubbing lotion into his cock, wiped his hands on a towel, and grabbed his member by the base. When Wendy reached his groin, my wife enthusiastically cupped Tom's large, dangling sack with her left hand. "I just want to touch it," she said. I knew she had long forgotten me, and was just giving words to her cocklust.

My wife firmly grasped the shaft of Tom's cock with her right hand. Tom's shaft was so thick that Wendy's delicate hands could not make it all the way around.

Wendy squeezed Tom's cock firmly while lifting and cupping his balls. She placed her cherubic face against his hips, her hair gently tickling his leg while she inspected his equipment closely without releasing her grip. She stroked firmly and slowly down the shaft, biting her plump lip as she did. She stroked him in the way several times, gleefully eyeing his throbbing tool. His left hand found her head and the pace of her strokes quickened.

I watched as my loving wife began to jerk off another man. Wendy was squeezing his cock hard, and thrusting forcefully away as she reached his bulbous head. She was focused intently on Tom's oversized member. The house could've caught fire and Wendy couldn't have stopped herself.

Tom's hand slowly moved to the back of her reddish brown hear and gently nudged it forward. Tom was clearly hoping to feel my wife's supple lips on his purple headed cock. Wendy resisted, though she continued to lick and bite her lips; filled with lust for Tom's cock. I got the sense that had they not been using lotion, she would have freely blown him in front of me.

It wasn't long before Tom arched his back and his firm ass flexed inward. MY wife's other hand moved from caressing his balls and slipped between Tom's ass cheeks. My dear, shy wife massaged another man's prostate while stroking his massive cock. Wendy opened her mouth in awe as Tom sprayed his hot semen into the sink and onto the mirror. Tom let out a primal groan and large drops of his cum splashed back and landed on Wendy's cheeks and chin. She released Tom's ass with her left hand and wiped the cum from her face, then licked it off of her hand.

At that moment, we all heard Kylie come in from sunbathing downstairs. Tom quickly grabbed a towel and began cleaning up. Wendy caught her senses again and stood up from her kneeling position. She grabbed her towel from the floor, wrapped it around her waiste and wiped her hands as she left the bathroom. As she closed the door, I saw Tom quickly cleaning up his cum and wiping down his cock.

"Wendy, what the hell was that?" I protested. Pointing to Tom through the crack in the door.

"Oh, John, I..." she had been in a trance and seemed to forget she was married. "I'm sorry, sweetie, he's just so big. I couldn't help myself." She dropped her towel on the floor again and said "how about you show your wife a good time." I knew she was just trying to change the subject, but my own cock ached for release.

As my wife approached me seductively, I caught a glimpse of Tom, peeking through the bathroom, admiring Wendy's naked body. I heard Kylie come in the bathroom from their bedroom and ask, "Since when do you use lotion?" Tom mumbled something and then the lights went out.

Wendy and I kissed and I felt her massive double-D's press against me. I pulled her onto the bed and put my hand between her legs. Her pussy was soaking wet. "You little slut," I charged.

She pulled off my swim trunks to reveal my purple-headed cock, dripping with pre-cum. "You seemed to have enjoyed the show, too, John," she said mockingly. "Was it seeing his big cock," she asked teasingly as she stroked my hard on, "or seeing me in there with him?"

"You want me to fuck another man, don't you John," she tortured me, whispering in my ear. "Fuck me. Fuck me now, baby." Usually, Wendy needed some foreplay, but giving Tom a hand job had left her dripping wet. I climbed on top of her and put my cock inside her as deep as I could reach. "Yes, put that big cock in me, baby."

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