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Pounds to Drop Ch. 04

Posted on : 2012-01-27 13:32:00.53907

Chapter 04: Kevin's Visit

(Please read parts I, II, and III)

When they arrive at the house, Jason points out to Kevin where to park in the driveway. They enter the house through the garage. Kevin mentions his liking of Jason's collection of Philadelphia Eagles memorabilia that dominates one of the walls of the downstairs living room.

"Well let's go upstairs and meet Rebecca," said Jason.

"Great," said Kevin.

Up the stairs to the main living floor level the two men climb. Jason's knees are buckling, he is so nervous. He did not expect to be this anxious with his dream so close to happening, the nervous rush is intoxicating!

Rebecca sitting at the kitchen island counter, her wine glass resting on the granite counter top. A bottle of pinot grigio one third of the way consumed resting near. Wearing a red cocktail dress that split to hip level along the thigh one word describes Rebecca, stunning. The dress accentuates the length and fitness of her legs.

Kevin for the first time has his aura of confidence shaken, he tries to say hello to Rebecca, but stutters when the words come out.

"Hi Rebecca, I'm Kevin," He finally is able to say.

"Hi Kevin, it's nice to meet you too."

"You look amazing, the photographs you sent don't come close to showing just how beautiful you are in real life."

"Thank you, that's so sweet of you. You're just as handsome as your picture lead me to believe."

"Thanks, I'm so excited to be here and be able to spend time with you and your husband."

Rebecca laughing and trying to make a funny comment to break the ice said, "Yea, I was worried that the two of you would never make it here, when Jason goes to the bar he never makes it home on time, he always stays longer than he says."

Rebecca then asks, "Would you like a glass of wine or a beer?"

Kevin answers, "Sure a glass of wine would be wonderful."

The three adults sit down in the family room and have a conversation, each consumes a glass or two of wine, and the mood begins to lighten. The apprehension fades away as a normal night with friends takes shape. Jason turns the subject to the point of Kevin's visit by asking if anyone would like to use the hot tub. Rebecca and Kevin nod their heads yes. Forgetting the purpose of the nights gathering Rebecca interjects, "Jason, I doubt that Kevin brought his swim suit?"

Jason counters, "Becca, do you think he needs one? Given why he is here."

Laughter fills the room as the three realize the innocence of the comment made by Rebecca. Plenty of times friends have been over their house and going in the hot tub was mentioned, yet a lack of suits keep them from using it, in this case nudity is not a problem.

Rebecca and Jason tell Kevin to wait in the living room for them to return. In a few minutes Jason returns wearing a bathrobe and holding a spare robe that he hands to Kevin, "Here, you can use this, it is a bit cold outside. You can use the bathroom over there to change. You can leave your stuff in there."

Kevin goes into the bathroom and takes off his clothes. Once in the robe he meets Jason by the sliding glass door to the deck where the hot tub is located. Jason says "Rebecca will be down in a moment and she said that we should just meet her in the spa."

It is a cool fall evening, with the sun down darkness is the only view one can see looking out from the deck. "We are lucky, behind our property is a local wildlife preserve, something about a salamander or owl, but the good news is no once can build out there, so we get a lot of privacy, its good really for nude hot tubing. I gotta tell ya it's weird when we have guests over and we have to wear our baiting suits. Becca and I never wear one when it is just us," Jason says as he removes the cover from the recessed hot tub and places it on the wooden deck surrounding it.

Kevin comments, "Why would you wear suits when it is the two of you, I'd be more worried if a couple wore them than not."

"Here give me your robe," directs Jason. Kevin removes his robe handing it to Jason. Jason takes off his as well and hangs them both up on a hook. A second later the two men descend into the tub enjoying the 102 degree water.

After a moment the sliding glass door opens and Rebecca walks out wearing a robe, holding a champagne bottle, and three red plastic cups. She places the bottle and cups on the deck next to the tub and walks to the set of hooks on the wall taking off her robe. Rebecca knows that she is now nude in front of a man that she is going to make love to, that he is seeing her body for the first time. He is viewing her bare shoulders, naked back, and exposed ass. She wants his view of her to be perfect. She clenches her buttocks to give him the best possible vision of her ass taking advantage of all the tightness her daily exercise routine would allow. She turns and lets him gaze upon of her front. Kevin's mouth drops a notch as he stares at her. He is drawn to her ample breasts, her C cups hanging there in place, no sag, just perfect breasts. Kevin looks upon her hips and how the curves of her form guides his gaze to the smoothness of her shaved vagina. Jason and Kevin gawk at Rebecca in all her exposed glory knowing it is a sight to behold.

Kevin can not take his eyes off of her as she descends into the hot tub, commenting to Rebecca, "You are beautiful."

"Thank you, I was getting the champagne and I missed you getting into the tub. I had hoped to be in the tub and watch you disrobe, you got the great view of me and all I get to see of you is the top of your head, the yummy parts are hiding under the bubbles," declares Rebecca.

Playfully Kevin asks, "Do you want me to get out and then get back in?"

"Sure!" answers Rebecca.

"Ok. If that's what you want, that's what you get," answers Kevin as he climbs out of the tub.

"Can you do a strut around so I can get a good look?" requests Rebecca.

Walking around the perimeter of the tub Kevin replies, "You do realize that it's cold out here and you might not be seeing me at my best!"

Staring at his crotch, Rebecca says, "I don't know about that you see pretty well equipped to handle any type of weather."

Climbing back into the tub, Kevin counters, "Thanks' for the compliment."

The three engage in small talk and drink for a little bit until Jason says that he is getting out of the tub so that Rebecca and Kevin can be alone. Jason accepts that Rebecca desires her first encounter with another man to transpire without her husband in the room. She promised him that the second time he could be there, but for the first time has to be all about her. Understanding that for his dream to come true he had to leave the tub, he informs the impending lovers he is going inside to watch a game on TV.

Alone in the tub Kevin decides it is time to take things up a level. "Rebecca, come here and sit with me, I want to be near you."

Rebecca slides next to him and Kevin places his arm around her neck. He moves his face to hers and kisses her neck. "You are so beautiful, I am a lucky man, thank you for picking me. I will not disappoint you."

"You haven't yet!" as she moves her hand to his penis and feels it begin to swell. "You are big, much bigger than my husband, I am not sure that all of it will fit in me?"

As he kisses her neck and then her mouth Kevin answers, "It will fit..., don't you worry..., it may take some foreplay..., but I'll get my cock into you... and I'll make you feel so good."

Rebecca coos back, "I know you will."

The two continue to make out and play with each other under the scalding waters of the hot tub. Kevin begins to finger Rebecca, playing with her clit as she strokes his cock and fondles his balls. They kiss and moan as their hands explore each other. Kevin breaks their kiss, and said, "I want to try something I've always wanted to do." He spreads her legs and slips below the surface of the water. He moves his mouth to Rebecca's vagina begins to eat her out under water. He licks and flicks her clit while holding his breath. He comes up for air and asks, "How was that?"

Rebecca gasps, "Wonderful, it's wonderful, do it again!"

Kevin dives down under the water and resumes eating her pussy. He has to grab hold of Rebecca's legs as an orgasm causes her to buck and thrust her hips into his face. Holding on to her is like riding a bronco under water. Kevin surfaces and kisses Rebecca full on the mouth. She looks into his eyes and says, "Take me to the bed room!"

Refusing to miss the scene entirely, Jason watches the tryst through the kitchen window. He left a light on outside that illuminates the tub perfectly if one is viewing from the kitchen window. He watches in amazement as his wife makes out and sexually plays with another man. This is what he has been asking for, what he lost the weight for. The erection forming a tent with the front of his robe displays his excitement. He is watching live porn, porn staring the woman of his dreams, porn staring his wife.

He sees the lovers get up from the tub and wrap themselves in the robes. He knows they are heading to the bedroom. He has to get there first and hid in the closet so he can watch them in action. He had promised Rebecca he would not be in the room for the first time she slept another man, but since the closet is not in the bedroom he justifies it as a hiding place. He makes it to the bedroom and into the closet just before the two new lovers enter.

Rebecca coos, "Let me touch you!" as she takes off Kevin's robe. She pushes him down on the bed. Rebecca knells down and takes his to her lips. Licking up and down his shaft, flicking the sensitive underside, Rebecca says, "You are so big. How am I going to get my mouth around it? Jason might get some more BJ's now that I realize just how easy it is to blow him." Rebecca continues her attempt at sucking Kevin's cock, but he is not there to get a blowjob. Jason's mission for the night is to pleasure his new lover. He sits up and grabs Rebecca under the shoulders and lifts her up into the air. He puts her down on the bed, spreads her legs and starts to eat her out. He drinks in her smell and taste, he loves eating pussy, and Rebecca has a wonderful aroma. Eating her out in the hot tub, while it was erotic, lacked what Kevin loves about tasting pussy. He loves the sloppy wet mess it makes on your face, and more than that he loves having a woman kiss him with all of her juices over his face. He moves from her pussy and licks his way up her stomach to her breasts and on to her face. He kisses her. Rebecca never lets Jason kiss her after he eats her out, but she let Kevin smear her own essence all over.

A pleading Rebecca begs to Kevin, "Fuck me, please fuck me!"

Kevin responds, "Are you sure you are ready for it."

"Yes, god yes, I am so ready."

"My condoms are in my pants down stairs."

"You don't need a condom, I can't get pregnant."

"Are you sure? You're not going to make me use a condom."

"Yes, I want to feel you in me. I want to feel you cum in me! Kevin, just fuck me!"

Kevin looks into Rebecca's eyes and sees a woman in heat. He climbs up on top of her and positions his cock at the entrance to her vagina. He rubs his cock around her steaming mound to lube up his shaft. Lubricated in her juices he places the tip of his penis in the opening and begins to thrust. Rebecca grunts out a moan as he enters her.

"Fuck, it's so big, it's so much bigger than I've ever had. Go slow, it's stretching me." Kevin's 7-inch cock is both longer and wider than Jason's 4-incher, getting it into her pussy is not easy. Kevin pushes and enters her little by little, Rebecca grunts and moans, begging for him to fuck her harder. Even though it hurts, the pleasure was as immense as Kevin's penis.

Kissing, thrusting, moaning, grunting, Kevin and Rebecca fuck like animals in heat. From the closet Jason's eyes are glued to the action. He cannot believe his prude wife is turning into such a sexual beast. She never talks to him the way is speaking to Kevin, she never begs for his cock, she never has this type of reaction to his lovemaking. He is watching his wife get the fucking of her life from a well-hung, experienced stud. Jason similes seeing the look of joy on his wife's face, knowing his wife is in the throws of passion. His dream has come true, his fantasy has become a reality.

Kevin pulls out of Rebecca and lays on his back and instructs, "Ride me, it will allow you to control the depth and power of the thrusts. This will get me deeper into you."

Rebecca mounts Kevin and rides him up and down. She is getting his cock deeper and deeper into her. With a final up and a strong push down Rebecca let out a howling moan as she is impaled upon all his manhood. She bounces up and down, moaning and screaming, her vagina expanding, accepting the full size of his tool. Kevin mid stride flips Rebecca into the doggy position and says, "I can get to the deepest penetration this way!" With out missing a beat he continues to pound Rebecca. Her moans and screaming of harder, harder increase in volume and voracity.

Rebecca loses track of the number of orgasms she achieves. Her last count is eight and that was a while ago. The flood of pleasure is broken with the words "I'm going to cum!" yelled by Kevin.

"God yes, let me feel it, cum in me, make me feel you!"

Kevin moans, "Here it is!"

The two lovers climax at the same moment as Kevin fills Rebecca with blast after blast of cum. Rebecca feels his cock explode inside her vagina and a massive orgasm ensues, wave after of wave of pleasure overcomes her. They collapse in a heap on the bed, panting and gasping for air.

Rebecca rolls on to her back, tightly clasping her legs together. Once her composure is regained she calls out, "Jason, I know you are in the closet. Come here and get your reward!"

"How did you know I was in there?" asks Jason.

"I knew you wouldn't miss seeing me fuck Kevin, so you had to be in the closet. Now get over here!"

Jason walks over to the bed where the two lovers are lying on their backs. As he approaches Rebecca lifts her knees and spreads her legs.

"Here you go Jason, what you have always wanted, what you have begged me to give you! Now you can have another man's cream pie from my pussy. Put you face down there and eat me."

"Can't I just fuck you first?"

"No, I want you to clean me out, then you can fuck me, for years you have begged and cried for me to fuck another man and let you eat the cream pie, now here it is, dive in."

Jason crawls in-between his wife's legs and looks at her pussy. Her vagina looks different, the canal is open more than he could ever remember, and the hole is a brighter shade of red than normal. Positioned right at the opening is a massive gob of Kevin's cum. Jason sticks out his tongue and licks it like an ice cream cone, getting a small amount of goo on the tip, tasting a salty mix of his wife's flavors and Kevin's seed.

All the times he had dreamed of eating the cream pie, he had never thought that the man who had given it to his wife would be laying right next to her as he lapped away. Jason looks up to see his wife making out with Kevin. Jason knows he has to please her, so he dives into her and sucks away. He puts his fingers in her to scrape out all the cum he can find. He feels his wife's back arching in orgasm as he licks her clit and fingers the ridges on the top of her canal. The combination of two men pleasuring her is overwhelming.

"Fuck me Jason, fuck me."

Jason climbs up and enters her. This is not the same vagina he had fucked for years. When she used the rabbit and he would fuck her, the vagina would have a different feel than if they just made love. He loved fucking her after she used the rabbit, he loved the way her canal felt stretched out and used. Tonight this is a whole new experience. Her hole is beyond anything the rabbit could produce, the tightness of her vagina is gone. As he thrust in and out of his wife, he fells lost in a canyon. Kevin made her pussy into a gaping rift that Jason can not feel with his 4-inch tool.

The look on his wife's face told it all. She is giving herself to Jason because she loves him and he needs to cum. She is not writhing in pleasure, she is not moaning, no back arching orgasms are coming from her as Jason pounds away. The animal in heat is no more, the loving wife who gives herself to her husband for his pleasure has returned.

Rebecca turns to Kevin and kisses him as her husband fucks her. Kevin moves from mouth to breast and back alternating ever so often. She cannot feel Jason fucking her, but she loves her husband very much. Rebecca's pleasure is derived from knowing his dream has come true.

With a grunt Jason empties his balls into her vagina as he collapses on his wife. Rebecca pushes his shoulders and moves him off to the side and calls out to Kevin, "Fuck me again stud!"

Kevin mounts Rebecca and places her legs up on his shoulders. He slides his cock into her pussy, the mix of his first load plus Jason's lubricates her hole so his cock slides right in with ease. Rebecca takes hold of Jason's hand and says, "Kiss me as he fucks me!" Kevin attacks her vagina with his cock as Jason kisses his wife. Rebecca is lost in pleasure, she arches her back, moans, grunts and has orgasm after orgasm.

She breaks the kiss with her husband and looks into his eyes saying, "Thank you! You were..... right....this is amazing!.... Are you happy?"

Jason answers, "Yes, so happy! Are you happy?"

Rebecca shouts out her reply as an orgasm hits her, with her back arched and eyes rolling back in her head, she shouts, "YESSSSSSS!" as Kevin shoots his latest load into her.

The three collapse in a heap on the bed. Rebecca kisses Kevin, then Jason, then rolls over and falls asleep. Kevin gets up and asks, "Can I use your shower?"

"Yea, go ahead. I'll go get you clothes from down stairs."


With that Kevin takes a shower and Jason retrieves his belongings and places them in the bathroom. Jason goes down stairs into the kitchen and opens a beer. Sitting in his robe at the kitchen island he waits for Kevin to come down. Half a beer later Kevin walks down the stairs to join Jason.

"Want a beer?"

"Na, I'm good! A beer would put me to sleep and I have a 40 minute drive ahead of me."

"Kevin, thanks man, tonight was awesome!"

"Yea, it was, you have quite a firework in bed for a wife. I have joined a few other couples for sex but tonight was the best by far."

"Cool, that is great to hear."

"Jason, you do know she is going to want this again! Are you sure you will be ok with her wanting sex with other men, more and more often."

"This has been all I thought about for years. I became obsessed with my wife fucking another man. When we would make love it was all I thought about. Now that it has happened it was better than I could have ever hoped. You saw her orgasm, she never had an orgasm like that with me when I would fucked her. She would get off from me eating her or fingering her, but never from me fucking her. She looked so happy with you! It was amazing."

Smugly Kevin adds, "She did seem to enjoy herself."

"Understatement! So, Yes I'm ok with it! Yes, I want her to do it again, and yes I hope you will come back for an encore."

"You name the date and I'll be back. Rebecca is a great woman and a great lay. I will fuck her anytime she asks."

Walking out the door, Kevin extends his hand to Jason, "Thank you for sharing her with me. It was a night of nights for me man."

"Same here, lets do it again."

"Agreed, talk to you later,... bye," Kevin said walking out the door.


Jason closes and locks the door, he walks up the stairs to his bedroom, smelling the aroma of musty sex in the room. He looks at his wife's naked form lying curled up half way under a blanket on the bed. He crawls in next to her, he kisses the back of her neck and says, "Thank you for keeping your end of the bargain." Rebecca says nothing back, she is sound asleep, but Jason knows that he has opened Pandora's box regarding his wife's sexuality.
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