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A Teacher's Way Out of a Dilemma Ch. 08

Posted on : 2012-01-27 14:32:31.975266

Last of Chapter seven

Walking as quickly as I could with the new jewelry pressing against my labia, I went upstairs and into the bedroom. I didn't have time to shower and tore open the box to see what I was going to have to wear to meet Kevin. John yelled up to me and said sandwiches were ready. I said I was getting dressed and would be down in about ten minutes.

As I opened the box I found a large note on top. It said, "I hope you enjoyed this morning and your new jewelry. Tonight you will have an opportunity to wear it in public. I am very anxious to see my cunt in person. You will be able to dress quickly as you are to wear only a few items. Remove ALL of your clothing and put on ONLY the black garter belt, your new fishnet stockings, the new nipple showing, open cup, black satin platform bra and the enclosed sun dress. Put on only basic makeup but put bright red lip stick on your lips, your pussy and your nipples. Get dressed and I'll see you tonight."

When I removed my clothing and slipped off my panties and kotex pad, for the first time I felt the full weight of the "K" swing free and pull down on my labia. It did not hurt, but certainly felt unusual as if someone was holding and pulling down on me. Then I saw the bold writing which said, "Kevin's Cunt" just above my pussy. I was stunned and did not know what to do or how to act. I still have to get up the courage to tell my husband.

After dressing as requested, I went downstairs, walking carefully as the "K" poked me in the thighs if I walked with my legs together. John and I ate the sandwich he fixed and immediately got into the car for the hour's drive. It was already 6 and my mind was racing as to what was going to happen tonight.

End of chapter 7.


It was a very quiet drive, as my husband John and I did not say anything to each other. I know our minds were racing as neither of us had any idea what was going to happen in Charlie's Bar in Barnesville. It had been over two weeks since we had been with Kevin and he had made it clear to us that if we wanted to keep both of our jobs, we would do exactly as we were told and never question his commands.

Tonight I was torn apart emotionally and after what happened in the Parlor, physically. I was frightened, not knowing what Kevin expected of me. I was also frightened as to how John would react when he discovered my new "jewelry" and temporary tattoo.

The parking lot was only half full at Charlies Bar when we arrived at a few minutes till seven. We found a parking spot close to the front door and John opened my door and helped me out. As I stood up, the "K" dropped down and pulled on my left labia minora. It was not painful, but felt so unusual and erotic as it would swing free as I walked. I tried to maintain a good posture and not let this sensation be visible to the people in the bar.

As we had been instructed we went to the bar and took one of the many empty seats. The lights were brighter than most bars and the music was softer. You could easily overhear people talking while sitting in booths, tables and free chairs around the room. A female bartender came up and asked us what we wanted to drink. Remembering Kevins instructions we asked for a bartender named "Al." She laughed and said that she was Al, which was her nickname. Her real name was Alberta but she hated it. We told her we were instructed to ask for her by a man named Kevin. She asked if we were John and Pam. When we told her we were, she smiled and said she had been waiting for us. Instead of taking our order, she abruptly turned and walked to the far end of the bar.

We could see her preparing some drinks and came right back to us, sitting drinks in front of both of us. She said she had been asked to fix us the "House Special" and that it had been paid for by Kevin. It was in a tall glass and was a light brown and had a sweet taste, apparently with a rum base. Al told us to relax and enjoy the music. If we needed anything, we should ask her.

John pointed out the large clock above the bar as it was ringing exactly seven. It was time for Kevin to arrive. I attempted to find a way to sit comfortably on the bar stool and John was so nervous you could hear his knees knocking. Fortunately the dress I had been given to wear was a full, A-line with a flowing skirt. The top had a scooped neckline that was not nearly as bold as I had expected considering the pushup, open cup, platform bra I was wearing. My breasts were pushed up and together with the complete top of my breasts, including my nipples totally exposed. The high topped dress did not allow me to show anything.

Not knowing what to say to each other, John and I sat together without talking. I kept looking around and noticed more and more people were coming into the bar, filling the empty seats. Also, against the far rear wall, some workers were setting up some tall things against the back. It was fairly dark where they were at the other end of the room, so I could not see exactly what they were assembling. It was then John clutched my arm.

I looked toward the door and saw Kevin approaching. He was dressed unlike most of the casually attired people in the bar. He was wearing a very expensive suit, white shirt and a beautiful red silk tie. He is such a handsome man. Any woman would be turned on by his erect posture and broad shoulders. Despite what he had done to me and how he had treated my husband, I caught myself smiling, happy to see him approaching. I casually picked up my drink and finished it off as he came up behind me.

Surprisingly, John was the first to speak. He said, "Good evening, Mr. Richards." Kevin did not even look at John and said, "Shut the fuck up. I'll talk to you later." Moving against my back he reached around me and cupped both of my 34B breasts. Almost to himself he whispered, "Very nice. Not bad for being so small. We'll take care of that someday."

Waving to Al, he told her to bring refills for our drinks. I said, thanks but I was already lightheaded from the large, strong drink. He whispered in my ear, "I didn't ask you if you wanted another one, I said you were to drink another, do you understand bitch?" I nodded in agreement and saw John moving around in his chair obviously not knowing what to do, if anything. I was losing some of my positive feelings about my pathetically weak husband.

As Al brought the drinks, she looked down at Kevin's hands cupping my breasts and obviously massaging them through my dress. I could feel myself blush but did nothing except look back into her eyes and smiled. "Drink up," Kevin told both John and I. We did as instructed.

Kevin faced John for the first time and asked if he liked the new jewelry he had bought for his "cunt". John did not know what he was talking about as I had not had the courage to tell him. When my husband asked what he meant, Kevin laughed and said that he would soon find out. He looked at me and said he didn't think I would tell John.

Mr. Richards sat between John and I on a bar stool and he proceeded to tell us all about his cruise. It was obvious he was passing time with this small-talk. When we had finished our third "House Special" drink I felt that I was firmly under the influence and John was now laughing at Kevin's off color jokes and seemed to enjoy it when our boss kissed me passionately with his tongue in my mouth and his hands caressing both of my breasts.

Kevin has a way of kissing that makes me think of nothing else. It was as if he took control of my mind and soul as well as my body. Pulling me against him, my breasts were pressed firmly against his masculine chest, enlarging and erecting my nipples. As my crotch pressed against his my pussy would involuntarily open and my fluids would begin to flow. I melted in his embrace.

He turned, looked at my husband and asked John, "Think I should have Pam give me a blow job before the show?" John sat silently as I started to get up. Kevin looked at me and said softly, "You'll do anything I ask you to bitch. Now sit down." I sat back on my stool.

The bar lights flashed and everyone stopped talking. An announcer came on a loud speaker and asked if everyone was ready for the contest. A loud roar of applause filled the room. The announcer said that tonight there were to be five contestants. Everyone would have one hour before the voting would take place. "The contestants have fifteen minutes to get ready and in place as the contest would begin at 8:30, in exactly fifteen minutes."

I asked Kevin what this was all about and he told me to go to the ladies room and empty my bladder. He said if I didn't, I would soon regret it. He said to hurry and come right back to him. I got off the stool and really feeling the strong drinks, staggered off. I made it to the ladies room with his insignia swinging between my legs and pulling down on my labia. When I returned, the announcer said over the loud speaker that the contestants were to be in place in five minutes.

Kevin stood me directly in front of John and told me to remove my dress. The time I feared had now come... John would see his wife in a new light. He would see "Kevin's Cunt." I unzipped the back of my dress and let it fall to the floor. I picked it up and handed it to John. He was shocked when he first saw my tits and bright red nipples exposed on the platform bra, but did not know what to say when he saw my shaved mound with its tattoo. That was when I slid my feet apart and let my new jewelry drop down, swinging as I rotated my hips. I know others around us could see me, but I was only interested in the reaction from my husband. He stared, leaned back against the bar and said nothing.

Kevin took me by my arm and led me through the crowd, pulling me and some men reached out for me. Several slapped me on the ass. I heard many dirty comments about me and what they wanted to do to me. One offered to "rent" me from Kevin, who ignored his offer. I also heard several say that they were going to vote for me. What kind of contest was this going to be?

Looking around the room I saw several women of varying ages and appearances being forcibly taken by the men around them as they fought to get away. Just a few feet away three men were stripping a screaming twenty something beautiful blonde woman while two other men were holding her.

As we approached the back, I saw for the first time five, solid glass vertical boxes. They were shaped like phone booths but were smaller in width and depth, although easily over six feet tall. Each box was about ten feet away from the others, allowing people to walk all the way around each individual box. Four other women were being placed into their container as I felt my hands being pulled behind my back.

Hand cuffs were locked on my wrists. Kevin ran a Velcro strap around my arms just above my elbows, pulling them together. This was forcing me to bow my chest forward. Kevin opened the glass door, removed my shoes and pushed me inside facing the front. A kiss on the cheek, he said, "I know you can win. Don't be afraid as this may seem painful, nothing dangerous is going to happen. I promise you will not be injured."

He closed the door and locked me inside with a hinged padlock. I could barely move as I nearly filled the box, touching it on all sides. Trying to kneel, I bumped my ass and my knees against opposite walls. My bare feet were cold on what seemed to be solid steel flooring. From my location, I could see the other four women and there were also locked in the same manner.

I could see two women already secured in their box that were totally naked. Another woman was in her thong panties and matching bra. One woman in the box next to me was dressed similar to me in garter belt, hose and bra. All were fighting a losing battle being outnumbered ten to one by the men forcing them into the containers. The women were yelling and pleading while the men standing all around us were applauding and laughing.

As Kevin stepped back, he examined me and the other four women. He smiled, turned and walked back to the bar and my husband. The drinks had certainly affected me, approaching the point of total intoxication. However, I did understand that I was standing in an all glass enclosure, unable to move but a few inches in any direction and anyone outside could clearly see all of me. I thought about my breasts being placed on the serving dish of the shelf bra as if being offered for anyone to use. I could almost feel the nakedness of my freshly tattooed mound saying. "KEVIN'S CUNT".

When I tried to move I felt the tugging of the letter "K" swinging by its chain from my fully exposed pussy. The garter belt and fishnet nylons must have provided a frame to the picture most people were viewing. In a way I felt protected as I didn't believe anyone could lay a hand on me locked away in this solid cell.

A loud horn went off, startling me, followed by the announcer saying the contest was now on and votes would be accepted for one hour. At that time they would count them and present the award to the winner. Nearly drowned out by the laughter he also said the two contestants with the lowest votes would receive their "LAST PLACE" rewards. He then said, "Ladies, it is time to dance." Loud music began with a heavy African drum beat. How could they expect us to dance in such a small confinement?

I looked at the other four contestants and they appeared as uncomfortable and frightened as I was in that situation. It was only one minute when I heard two of the women scream as if in pain. It was only a moment later when I felt something similar to a bee sting on my left ass cheek. Turning my head as much as possible I saw a man behind me with a narrow rod sticking through a 1 inch hole in the glass. Looking closer I discovered that all four walls of glass had these small access holes all over them.

While looking behind me I felt another sting, this time on my right nipple. Screaming, I looked forward and saw a man sticking a similar rod through a hole in front of me and touching my tit. Even being nearly drunk, I now understood why my shoes had been removed and why I was on a steel plate for a floor. It allowed a ground for the electric shock I was receiving from the rods beginning to touch me all over my body. The announcer yelled out, "Come on ladies ? dance for us!"

As I was stung by a sharp electric shock on my side I jumped and twisted as much as the container would allow. No idea how many men were sticking their rods in and zapping me. They seemed to be everywhere and coming from every direction. I was pleading and crying when several electrical shocks hit my dangling jewelry. The worst I was experiencing was the painful shock that went up from the metal hanging from between my legs and travelled deeply into my cunt.

Several men made a game of it and kept trying to tap the "K" and watch me jump. My tears were flowing as the shocks continued from every direction. There was nowhere to hide or escape these stinging rods.

The announcer said, "We already have our two last place dancers." He asked for someone to get the women out of box number 2 and 4 as they had both passed out. I could see several men open the boxes and carry the women over to two small tables in front of the bar. Both were stripped naked and had men holding them on their backs, spread-eagle on the low lying tables.

I was still hopping and dancing to the decreasing number of shocks I was being given. I considered pretending to faint, but wondered what would happen to me if they discovered my game. As Kevin had said, this was not going to seriously injure me; it was just uncomfortable and mildly painful. The men just wanted to see us prance around, boobs bouncing and hear us beg.

After the two women on the tables were cared for and were beginning to wake up, the loud horn sounded again. The announcer said for the men to stop shocking us and that they had thirty minutes left to vote for their choice of best dancer. I fell back against the back of the box and almost immediately saw Kevin opening the door. He pulled me out and removed my cuffs. I looked for burns or marks but could not find any. Kevin said, "I told you it was only a game and you would not be hurt." He walked me to a small booth where John was waiting for us. I nearly fell into the seat, totally exhausted.

Directly in front of us were the two women on tables that had passed out. As they were now awake, there were four men holding each of them, one at each arm and one at each leg. Standing next to them was the announcer who said the votes were being tallied and the winner notified later. Now, the two losers were going to get their "REWARDS".

He asked all of the men present to look at the tickets they received when they came into the bar. He then pulled open a large jar, shook it and called out number 423. One man across from us yelled out and came forward. The announcer told him that he had his choice of the women and could use her for ten minutes. Wasting no time, he went to the closest woman and had the men holding her legs to spread them for him. It was obvious the woman was not sexually excited and not lubricated but the man climbed between her legs and jammed his amazing erection all the way into her. She yelled, probably hurting more than the electric shocks in the box.

She was held tightly in place as the man fucked her on the table. Fortunately for her, her assailant had been excited by everything that had happened and reach his climax quickly. He shot a huge amount of cum into her before she could even become aroused. Standing up, he zipped up his pants and turned and walked away. She laid there, streams of cum dripping from her pussy.

The announcer then said that he was about to draw another number for the other woman. Reaching into the jar he pulled out a ticket and called out 107. He called it several times and Kevin checked his and told John to check his ticket. John pulled his ticket out and called out "107"! The announcer told him that the second woman was his to use as he wanted. John was told he could either get a blow job or he could fuck her.

John stood up and told the announcer that he did not want the woman and was sitting with his wife. Kevin stood up on the table and told everyone that John was a cuckold and would rather eat out the used pussy of the first woman. A couple men grabbed John and forced him down between the legs of the woman that had just been fucked. With the help a couple more men, they pressed his face into the dripping crotch of the raped woman. The announcer asked the audience if the cuckold should "clean up" the woman that had just been fucked. Everyone laughed as the announcer told everyone to let him go. John quickly got up and he told me he was going home. He nearly ran out the door.

Kevin turned to me and said the rest of the evening would be just for the two of us. It was already an evening I would never forget. I couldn't imagine what else was in store for me.

End of Chapter eight.

Chapter nine would be Pam and Kevin enjoying themselves the rest of the night.
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