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Park it Right There

Posted on : 2012-01-27 14:35:53.251131

Yeah, that's the spot. Turn off the lights. Don't worry if anyone will see. No one should be around here and if they are then they're in for one good fucking show.

I know you're all a little nervous. I like that, but now it's time to relax. Amy, turn on the music. No, not that crap, that's not the right mood at all. Something else. Hey there you go. Good job.

Stop staring at the wheel man. You have a beautiful woman next to you. I'd tell you she doesn't bite but look at these marks on my forearm. No need to silence her when she cums tonight though, even if she does love a mouthful.

Amy looks as nervous as you do. Both of you turn around and look back at us. Your wife Sharon here is hot. Look at these nice bare legs. Watch me touch them very lightly. Go ahead, reach your hands back here and rub them. That's nice Amy; rub Sharon's legs too. Not fair though, poor Sharon next to me can't see Amy's legs if she's sitting up there. Get that ass back here now so we can get you two ladies together. Sorry man but you can sit in the front and watch for now.

That's good Amy, come on back here and scootch by the window next to Sharon. Man, your car may be a piece of shit but at least there's plenty of room back here for us three. Your wife looks comfy sandwiched between Amy and me. You girls need to stop being so nervous. What happened to the two half dressed sluts at the bar just a half hour ago, huh? Shot after shot with hands grabbing each other's tits and asses. You put on a pretty good show for the locals, but they're not here anymore. It's just us and you look like you don't know if you're ready for this. Go ahead and lean in. Let her lips touch yours. Now give her a little tongue.

Let's get rid of the dresses. Ok and now the bras. Wicked hot. Really enjoying looking at your wife's tits for the first time man. Amy your tits are nice too. Don't know why your husband couldn't join the four of us tonight. His fucking loss.

Damn your wife's nipples are hot. Amy's tongue sure is working the other one good. Sorry you have to sit so far off man. Go ahead and keep rubbing their legs from the front seat if you want.

Sorry girls to break this up but I'm going to hop in the middle of you two ladies. Time to give my cock some love now. Sharon you unzip me since Amy's already seen my dick. Man you look so nervous up there. Perfectly natural because she's never been with another man except you. Amy you stay back here with his wife and me while we see his wife's skills.

She's never seen a cock like this one. Your wife is pretty drunk man. You've never seen a girl look so happy to see a man's junk! It's ok Sharon go for it. Wow, a head doesn't go down much faster than that. Amy be patient let her work on it a little first. No, that's all wrong. Your woman is hot but it's like she's never done this before. It's ok, Amy wasn't so great either when we first started hooking up but she's been back again and again to practice. Baby show her how it's done.

See Amy's working it. Good rhythm girl. Get your mouth down as far as you can. That's right Sharon watch it get even bigger. Go ahead put your head down there too and watch. Now take a try. Suck on it good. Now she's starting to get it. Man after I have your wife enough times she might be a great cocksucker. Now both of you chicks stroke the shaft with your tongues at once. Look at their eyes; they're so fucking hot.

Watch your hands there man! Just keep them on the ladies' legs. Damn I love holding different tits in each hand! Amy's are so much younger and perkier, but your wife's are worth a good grope. Feeling those thighs and asses too. Move them a little girls while I slip my hands in between those legs. Man these women are wet. Your wife likes my fingers. Amy that's enough sucking my cock, go up front and help him out now. I'm ready to fuck his wife.

Just straddle me. Don't worry about your husband. He's just nervous. If he doesn't get it up tonight he'll be fine. Right now you don't care about that. You just want this cock don't you? You can tell it's going to feel good in your pussy by just looking at it but now it's time to feel it. I know we talked about condoms, but I want to feel your pussy. Sit down nice and slow. Yes. Oh yes. Your wife has a very nice pussy. It's so tight I think she'd be crying if she weren't so wet. Damn it almost sounds like she is crying with these screams. That is one hell of a smile though! You've never felt a cock this good have you?

Just ride with it you're doing so well. That's the way now! Rock it! Fuck that! Dude where have you been hiding THIS wife? Haven't met her until now! She is wild! YES! Wow. I know it was really important to you that I cum somewhere else, but I just shot a load way up there. Keep moaning and going though because I'll cum several times. You can clean the car later.

Amy he looks ready for you now. The seats up there are kind of awkward but let's see you two give it a try. Wait he's not ready now. She can't suck your dick all night so at some point you have to fuck her. Go ahead and play with yourself if you can't get it up. Amy you come back here now. Maybe his woman can help his dick. Damn dude.

Amy you lay back while I put your legs up on my shoulders. Oh yes, give me that pussy while I grab these tits. Curl those fucking toes and keep on screaming while I plow my cock. That's right, give your pussy to my cock. So good!

Damn, another load in and you still aren't ready. Sharon come back here now and lay on top of Amy. Watch them make out. Amy sit up more and let Sharon take a closer look at your pussy. Put your lips down there Sharon and lick my cum off her clit. She likes that.

Stick that ass up too. Sharon tried anal with you once and didn't like it huh? Well we're going to have her try again but with me. Here both of you girls suck on my cock and make it nice and wet. Gag if you have to, spit up my cum from your pussies or whatever you have to do. Sharon put your head down now and hold Amy's hands. Oh yes. Yes. So tight. Pump that butt faster. Fuck my cock. Damn your wife is loud! Faster now. Harder now. Now put your heads together. Yes! Look at your wife and Amy's cum covered faces.

Gee, we did give you a few chances to get hard. Sorry that it isn't working out for you. Maybe next time you can try again with fewer drinks. Pull your pants up and take us home now.
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Dear Aunt Flabby

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This column is for all you deviants out there with sexual questions. I will try to answer all that I can, all you need do is to write and ask Aunt Flabby.

Dear Aunt Flabby:

My wife came home late last Friday night and u ...
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