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Introducing: Black Master Olu Ch. 04

Posted on : 2012-01-27 14:40:43.373496

Becca had fallen asleep on her master's chest and had woken up less than two hours later surprised to not find him there. She looked in the living room and bathroom and he wasn't there either. Then she found the note he'd left her lying on the bed's headboard. It simply said he'd gone out to look into some things and that he would be back hopefully in a short while and for her to make herself comfortable till then. She felt a bit saddened and empty not finding him around, and it was more so because she'd woken up with a feel of horniness creeping up on her. Searching inside her bag, casting clothes aside, she took out her sliver-coated vibrating dildo and lay back on the bed, legs open, and went about fucking herself with it. Her hands massaged her tits while she moaned softly from the dildo's touch; in her mind's eye she felt it was her master feeding her with his black cock. How she wished she could get herself a sizeable dildo around, one that probably measured up to the girth of her master's cock ... if ever she would be lucky to stumble across on down here. She knew if she were back home, such would be very easy to find. This one she had tended to remind her so much of her husband's penis. She had no other choice than to manage it. It felt good though and she did arrive at a comfortable orgasm a few minutes later, though it was nothing comparable to when she was getting pleasured by her master's.

Done with that, she got up and began putting her clothes away inside the wardrobe. She did the same to her master's clothes, putting his and her toiletries away inside the bathroom. That done, she decided it was time she took a shower.

Becca had just finished taking her bath and was toweling her hair when she heard a knock coming from the apartment's door. Her first thought was that it was her master returning. She yelled out "Coming!" and hurriedly finished with what she was doing in the bathroom before rushing past the living room for the main door. She got a surprised shock when she opened the door and instead of seeing her master standing there?her hand went to the towel wrapped around her chest and she was just about to loosen and then flung it off her body for him to get first viewing of her body that she was keeping solely for him?there was a black woman standing there, looking like someone who'd just stepped out of some hip-hop video, staring back at her through a pair of sunglasses that made her features seem sort of cold. She was still wondering who this mysterious woman could be when she asked her: "Yes, may I help you?"

"Yes, you may," the black woman replied, taking off her sunglasses and dropping it inside her handbag. "Is your master around?"

Becca was about to say, "No, he's not?" then she drew herself to a halt. How could this woman know about such? "Excuse me, may I first ask who you are?"

"You may." The woman, in a whirl of surprise, grabbed Becca by the throat and propelled her backwards into the apartment. Becca was totally caught off guard and could only mutter a squawk of surprise as the woman's fingernails tightened like sharp claws on the flesh of her throat. She tried fighting her off but her attempts were hardly a match to break off the woman's grip. The woman kicked the door close with the back of her leg, let go of her handbag from her shoulder, and marched Becca backwards towards the direction of the bedroom. Becca tried screaming for the woman to get her hand off her, but her words came out in a gargle.

"My name is Nneka," said the black woman who then pushed Becca to fall on her back on the bed, unfurling the towel from her body. The black woman fell on her, pinning her down to the bed so she couldn't move, and then bent her face close to hers. The woman ran a red-coated finger down Becca's chin. "But you may call me Oba. I'm your master Shango's second wife. And I think it's about time you and I get ourselves properly reacquainted."

Becca felt powerless to fight back, it was like being with the master the first time he'd subdued her and her husband. There was something dangerous about this black woman that she was afraid to cross. Still there was something grossly sexual about her. It was like was a prey caught under the claws of a versatile predator. Amazingly, it made her become suddenly wet.

The black woman brought one of her gloved hand to her mouth and pulled her hand glove off from it. She sat upright over Becca and reached her hand backwards to feel Becca's cunt which was just starting to gush. Becca gasped from her touch, and instinctively rubbed her thighs together over the woman's hand. Nneka smiled wickedly at her.

"Hmm, is that something wet I'm feeling between your legs, or are you just happy to see me?"

She drove her finger into Becca's cunt and began fucking her like that. Becca's breathing went from being normal to being shallow and heavy in less than a few seconds as the mysterious woman's finger was digging deep into her, grazing her G-spot. Becca instinctively began grinding her hips up and down, wanting to get as much building excitement that she could. Her pussy juice kept gushing out of her, staining the woman's fingers who then withdrew it and gave it to Becca to lick clean, which she did, moaning in her throat while she did. How she so much loved the taste of her cum like she would gobble an ice cream.

Nneka's eyes around the bed for whatever thing she could find, and then her eyes fell on the silver dildo Becca had earlier been using on herself. She reached for it and then half turning her back, inserted the dildo into Becca's wet cunt. She was an expert the way she fucked Becca's pussy with the dildo, not forcing it all the way inside but rather rubbing it first around her labia walls, playing its vibrating tip against the surface of her clit, before sinking it deftly inside her. This sent Becca climbing up the wall and she had to steel herself from not wanting to cum too soon, but even that was seeming like a burden to hold onto. She desperately wanted to cum, and fast, but at the same time she wanted very much to savor the feeling she was having right now. She grasped the Nneka's arms and gave a sharp, convoluted cry as she felt the pound of orgasm coursing through her body, coursing like an abandoned forest fire, making her shudder all over. She could feel the orgasm course all the way to her brain, firing up her cells, and she managed to push herself up from the bed, nearly throwing Nneka off her.

"Ohhh! Awww-Ohhh shit! Ohh fuck!" she cried out over and over till it gradually began to fade away, bringing her back down to earth with shimmering ecstasy. "Oh God! I never thought I'd stop getting it any better!" she mumbled incoherently.

"Well, don't get too caught up in the excitement, bitch!" the black woman called Nneka hissed at her. "I'm yet done with you."

Nneka came off her and began stripping herself of her clothes, revealing to Becca the apparel she had underneath. She was naked underneath, except for pairs of slim black belts tied across her body, making her look like a soldier from some future apocalypse project. She had one belt tied across her long neck, another across her torso, just above her pair of jaunty breasts with dark brown areolas and a pair of standing nipples. Two other belts were tied across her abdomen and then two more across her thighs, turning her into a perfect black mistress. Becca couldn't help but ask herself where on earth her master would have stumbled across such a beautiful creature as this one? She sat there unmoving, watching with open eyes and mouth as Nneka, a.k.a Oba, went into the living room and returned with her handbag which she'd dropped on the floor earlier. Becca couldn't help admiring the sight of her cute round bottom, the way each ass cheek seemed perfectly shaped to the rest of her body. Everything about her was well proportioned to her chocolate skin. And another thing Becca couldn't help but notice was that she didn't seem to bear any stretch marks on her body at all. Amazing. Such a beautiful creature she was, she thought to herself as she felt a hand down her pussy, feeling herself growing further wet than before. Though she'd never before had the experience of making love to a fellow woman, but if ever there was a first time for her to try out such, she was grateful that it would be this.

Nneka reached into her handbag and pulled out a man-sized dildo from it. The one was black in color, and it had almost the exact make and texture of what a dildo should resemble from a black cock. The sight of it brought immediate memories to Becca as Nneka waved it before her.

"Do you recognize the size?" she asked her. "This is your master Shango's cock. He had this specifically done for him a year ago when he was on a diplomatic trip to Germany. Everything thing about it fits exactly to his cock," she ran her tongue over the dildo's knob-shaped head. Becca couldn't help mimicking what she was doing. "Almost everything I use the dildo on myself. I can't begin to tell you the wonderful orgasms I derive from it. It's a hundred times better than that silly stick you use on yourself. Believe me, I can fuck my pussy on this dildo from now till Sunday, and it feels almost like the real one. Though I'll admit, nothing beats the real one. You've got to feel a superior black cock to know what it's really about."

Becca left the bed and came over to touch the dildo. She thought she could sense a pulsing energy coming from it, like it was vibrating with life. Or perhaps it was merely her pussy trying to communicate with the dildo, explaining to her just how bad it wanted to be fucked by it.

"I'd sure like to get a feel of it," she licked her lips.

"And you will," asserted Nneka, who then grabbed her hair and brought her to the bed. "Assume the position," she barked at her. "On your arms and knees, bitch!"

Becca obeyed without delay. She reached a hand between her legs to finger herself but the black woman slapped her hand away.

"No touching yourself till I say so!" she came round to the other side of the bed, facing Becca and holding the dildo just inches from her face, teasing her with it. "You want to get a taste of this dildo, don't you, you white bitch!" she spat the words at her. Becca was so hungry for want of that black dildo she nearly felt like dying.

"I want it," she groaned. "I want it so bad ... so very bad."

"You sure about that, bitch? You'd better answer now or keep shut once and for all."

"Uhhh, I want my master's dildo cock," Becca pleaded. Hers was the voice speaking both for herself and her pussy as well. "I want it soooo very much!"

Nneka gave her a cruel smile. "Very well then. Let's see you open those lips of yours, white bitch. Stick out your tongue and let's give you a taste. If you can handle that then maybe I just might change my mind and fuck you with it."

Becca's mouth fell open and out came her tongue, flicking it in the air as if urging for the dildo cock to come to her. Nneka brought the knob head of the dildo towards her and Becca's tongue made contact.

"Go ahead and suck it, bitch!" said the black woman, who then thrust the dildo into Becca's mouth.

Becca took in the formidable head of the dildo as if it were her master's cock she was sucking. The dildo was her master's size alright, and just like when she's sucking his cock, she could barely get her mouth over half the length of the dildo's shaft. Still she didn't give up. She widened her jaw as much as she could and kept on nodding her head, choking her mouth steadily on the dildo, giving ever bit of it sloppy seconds. All the while, the black mistress kept urging her on.

"Go on suck that dildo, white bitch! Suck it as if you want it ... as if you haven't been fucked by the master's cock before ... yeah, suck it ..."

Becca felt invigorated by her words and kept on slobbering and licking every inch of its shaft. When Nneka figured she'd had enough, she pulled the cock from Becca's mouth and ordered her to remain as she was. Becca kept on being in the doggy position and watched as the black mistress walked around the bed behind her. She sensed what was about to happen and the anticipation flooded her every nerve cells as she began to wiggle her buttocks up and down, while pussy juice poured out of her pink labia opening. Nneka came up on the bed and sniffed Becca's pussy.

"Damn, white girl! You're so wet for this cock, I see." She licked her tongue up and down Becca's wet cunt.

Becca's face squeezed involuntarily as if she'd just been torched with lighted match stick, and she released a screeching moan while the black mistress went on perusing her pussy with his tongue. Nneka made Becca push her face down on the bed, sticking her ass up, and spread her ample buttocks with her hands and went on munching through her pussy like it was taffy. Becca gripped the bed sheets and howled with delight at what the black woman was doing to it; her feet beat a rhythmic drum on the bed while the rest of her body shook with fervor. This is almost like getting eaten and fucked by the master. Nneka went on pushing her nose deep into Becca's pussy zone while at the same time lapping her lips and tongue over her clitoris. Thousands of incendiary bombs went on in Becca's heart and mind, culminating in another vicious orgasm. One she was hardly able to resist and yet was highly welcoming.

"OHHHH SHIIIITTTTT!" she raised her head from the bed and shrieked aloud her anguish. "OHHH MY GOD! WOWW! I'm gonna faint ... Oh my God, I'm gonna faint!"

Except she didn't.

Nneka pulled her cum-covered face from her ass and grabbing Becca's hair, turned her face around to look at her. "Lick your cum off my face, bitch!" she said to her.

Becca lapped her tongue over the black mistress's face, licking up ever spot of her juice that was on the woman's chocolate skin. When she was done, the mistress held her face and shoved her tongue down her throat in an arrogant, yet lascivious manner. While they kissed, the black mistress's hand dug into her pussy and went on finger-fucking her badly. Becca couldn't help but moan from the contact, even though her lips were still covered with that of the mistress's.

"Alright, now go back to the position and feel this dick!" the mistress ordered her.

Becca resumed her former position, this time her body tensed in anticipation for the dildo. Nneka thrust the dildo's head into her anxiously awaiting virgina and Becca just about exploded from it. The dildo's head did fill up her cunt. Surprisingly she cried out for more, and likewise the black mistress began fucking her steadily with it. Within moments, her pussy walls tightened around the dildo and began milking it with her juice a. Nneka thrust the dildo's shaft halfway into her pussy and slapped Becca's ass and told her to fuck back. Becca resumed wiggling her ass as she'd done earlier, and found it just as relaxing and sensuous now that her cunt was taking the dildo with ease. She'd never had a dildo this big before, and more than that, she'd never found herself being fucked by someone one using a dildo on her. In a tiny part of her mind, she wondered what some of her friends back home would think when she returned to tell them about this event. Would they envy her, or would they cringe inside at the thought of being manhandled by a black African mistress? Yes ... yes, they would cringe. Neither of them would ever envision the pleasures of being supervised like this ... not unless they were worthy to have a try. And for that, Becca considered herself luckier than most.

She was groaning heavily and she could barely hear herself breathing. She felt a wet tongue between her legs and looked down between her legs to see the black mistress lying on her back under her and still fucking her with the dildo while at the same time eating her pussy. The pleasure was double and sky-rocketing Becca to the infinite.

Nneka let go of Becca's clit with a smack and said, "You going to cum any moment, bitch!"

"Ohh yeah ... oh yeah," Becca moaned.

"Then cum," said the mistress, who now intensified thrusting the dildo in and out of her cunt while still keeping her lips glued to Becca's clit. "Cum for mummy, bitch! Cum for me!"

Less than a minute later, Becca did cum.


Becca did pass out from the climax she had though couldn't tell for how long. It couldn't have been that long though as she first heard what sounded like a shower running and then flicked her eyes open and noticed the bathroom door was open. Her eyes stared out the window and noticed the sky outside was gradually turning dark; she didn't have her watch close by to know what the time was. She remained where she was on the bed for more than a minute, unable to move an inch. There was still a throbbing sensation in her pussy and she was starting to wonder what could have made such?had the master arrived some time ago and fucked me in my sleep??then her eyes roamed the side of the bed in front of her and she smiled when she saw the familiar features of the black-shaped dildo. She pulled it towards herself and caressed it as if it were a long lost toy. She replayed back the exquisite tape of the black mistress fucking her with it, and just the memory recall brought a curling smile to her lips. Truly the black mistress had been right when she said it was almost like being fucked with the real thing ... however, nothing could ever beat the real thing. As she lay there she imagined herself getting fucked by the master and the mistress at the same time. She closed her eyes and in her wildest fantasy imagined the master and the mistress with the dildo in her hand exchanging places at the same time?one fucking her pussy while the other taking her ass ... and who knows, maybe having someone else too to join in the fun. Someone whose cock she would be sucking while the master and the black mistress went on deflowering her. It was something to think about, and she knew that in time she would propose it to both of them to try it out on her.

The sound of the shower died off and then came a humming sound like someone singing to herself. A shadow stepped out of the bathroom and there stood the black mistress drying her nakedness with a towel. Becca couldn't help but still be captivated by her beauty, and it was even more evident with her now looking natural. Nneka noticed the look she was getting and couldn't help but smile while she stood there at the bathroom doorway cleaning herself up.

"What's got you smiling there, Becca?" she asked.

"I thought you didn't know my name," she said.

"Of course I do, silly. Why wouldn't I when Shango's told me all about you. And also it's more obvious as you're now wearing his ring just like I am as well."

"Are there others women you think who're wearing the same ring too?"

Nneka shrugged. "Wouldn't know and not for me to care either. Sure, he likes to fuck around. I wouldn't be surprised if there're others right now wishing the same thing that we are."

"Tell me, are all black women as gorgeous as you are?" Becca couldn't help but ask.

"Why? Haven't you met any where you're from?"

"Sadly, I haven't. I'm not racist though ... just never gotten the will to?"

"I know what you mean, you need not explain yourself. It's like being down here, it's not every time one gets to run into a white girl every day. At least not an honest one like yourself."

"I don't follow what you mean."

Nneka gave her an amused look. "Lots of white men come down here year after year, a lot of them are expatriate workers that work for the oil companies. Many of them can't help wanting to get a taste of the black experience. It's something they've been harboring from back home, just that they're too scared over there to act on it. You know, wanting to get their first taste of black pussy, especially an African one. A lot of them act shy about it, so they figure here's where they can get loose without folks back home condemning them over it. Some of them are alright, but a lot are nothing but arrogant bastards."
"How arrogant, do you think?"

"Typical white man arrogance. I don't blame them, it's just about the same bullshit they've been living with all their lives. Thinking that they're God's gift to the world and stuff. A lot of them are so bigoted they don't know how empty their lives are."


"It occurs mostly with the men. You're even lucky your man decided to bring you along down here; few of them ever do so. They're scared their wives would find out about what they're up to down here. A lot of them have got sub-wives down here, girlfriends carrying their babies and stuff. Though another thing is they figure their wives too would get hungry for wanting to sample some African stallion cock, which is another reason why they prefer leaving them back home in Europe of America."

"That can't be true?" said Becca.

"Honey, it's as true as the color of your skin. I should know 'cause I meet a lot of them almost every week. I'm an exotic dancer. I get a lot of catcalls and invites from white boys wanting to have me in their beds. Except I'm not that type of bitch. Ain't no white boy in the world who can handle this sweet black pussy." She sniggered.

"Oh," Becca murmured. "I thought as much when I saw you naked. You've got the build of a dancer. So, you entertain a lot of white men around?"

"Oh yeah," Nneka nodded. "A lot of them come by the club where I'm at. Club Seen is the name?don't worry, Shango's going to bring you by pretty soon. A lot of white guys drop by there and don't usually leave till early morning. I'm part of the star attraction. I get them eating off the palm of my hands once I shake my butt at their red faces."

"The arrogant whites you referred to, are they British?"

"The Brits are usually loud talked, though they're not often as loud as the Americans tend to be. Though the problem with you Brits is how snobbish you often make yourselves out to be. But then I guess it's natural with you all, just like your weather. The ones though that often take the cake when it comes to arrogance are the French. They love fucking blacks, but if you ask them about it, few would swear that they do. But I've got no complaints with either one, just as long as I put on a good show, and they get to come back for more later in the week."

Becca didn't know what else to say about this. Never before had she been made aware of the double standards with which men from her country, or white men in general, tend to be around blacks. This was a whole new avenue for her and she didn't know whether to feel some measure of guilt about it or shrug it off and pretend she hadn't just heard all that had been said to her.

"You've got a beautiful skin, I don't know if anyone's every told you that before," Becca observed. "Have you ever thought of modeling before?"

"I've done my bit of modeling before, I was pretty good too. But it ended when I busted an organizer's jaw."


"He was an asshole and I didn't play ball like the other models did by sleeping with him. After that I just sort of called it quits and haven't looked back since. Though I still work out to keep in shape."

"How long have you known master Shango?"

"Far too long. He was there for me at a time when I was nearly contemplating suicide. But that's another story for another time." She finished drying herself with the towel and then went to check out her hair at a vanity mirror beside the bathroom door. She came into the bedroom, picked up her handbag and took out a make-up kit which she then carried with her to the bathroom. She was looking at herself at the mirror while applying an eye pencil to her eyebrow when she said: "How does your pussy feel?"

Becca managed to sit up on the bed and felt a hand over her love zone. The throbbing sensation was still there, although somewhat dissipated. She didn't know whether to be jealous of that or not.

"My pussy still feels like it had been fucked by a cucumber," she said, and then laughed.

Nneka joined her in laughing. "I'll bet that was how you felt the first time he fed you his dick, didn't you."

"That and more. You don't by any chance know where he went off to?"

Nneka shook her head. "I didn't ask. All he told me was that you'd be here and I was to make you feel right at home. I've got to be somewhere else in an hour's time."

"So soon?" Becca finally pushed herself up from the bed and approached the bathroom door. "You've given me so much this past hour and I've yet to repay you back with anything."

Nneka paused in what she was doing to smile at her. "Don't you worry, Osun darling. We've still got time to do more stuff later on. I promise."

"I wasn't thinking about later," said Becca, who then fell to her knees and turned Nneka's body away from where she stood towards her direction with her crotch a few inches from her face. Nneka had a light landing strip-shaped bush on her pubic region; Becca could easily smell the aroma of her cunt from where she was and brought her hands to part the black mistress's legs apart, giving her an alluring view of her pussy snatch. "I can't wait for later. I desire to give you something right now."

Before even Nneka could protest, Becca pushed her head forward to get a better scent of her musky-scented pussy. She parted her pussy lips with her upper lips and thrust her tongue into the black mistress's seductive wetness. Nneka inhaled deeply and held Becca's head to her crotch.

"Ohh yeah," she shut her eyes and murmured. "Ohh yeah, you do me good with your tongue, white bitch ... go on lick that black pussy ... Uhhh ... lick it good!"

Becca licked and slurped her way through every inch of her pussy's orifice that she could, even as the black mistress's pussy juice streamed down her face like waterfall. The black mistress did a ballet stand and raised one of her legs up while Becca continued lapping her pussy. A moment later Nneka held her face and pulled her up to her feet, breathing heavily while she did.

"I always love tasting my cum on another person's mouth," she said before she then stuck her tongue into Becca's mouth, flicking it every which way before intertwining her tongue with hers. Eventually she pulled off from her, both of them gasping with excitement.

"You see what you've done now," said Nneka, laughing. "You've gone and made me horny, when I ought to be someplace else right now."

"Can't you reschedule," offered Becca. She wasn't looking forward to ending their meeting so soon, and hopped it wouldn't.

"As it so happens, I already have. Come here, bitch. I'm gonna make up eat my cunt till I cum."

They returned to the bedroom, holding hands like they were old friends.

Five minutes later they were busy 69-ing each other with Becca lying on her back while Nneka lay over her?white skin and black skin?both of them looking like the world's most enjoyable sandwich. Becca was vigorously eating the black mistress's pussy and finger-fucking her with her thumb at the same time forcing herself not to succumb to another bout of orgasm which Nneka was starting to subject her to with the way she too was munching on her cunt. Her hand found the black dildo lying a few inches from her head and she began fucking the mistress's cunt with it, biting on the outward tasty flesh that was her clit.

Neither of them heard the sound of the front door coming open, nor the pair of feet that walked past the living room doorway and then stopped by the bedroom entrance. Both women were busy engrossed with their action, even as a hand raised itself high up. What then broke the women's concentration was when they heard a knock on the door and as Becca was on her back, she was quick to turn her head to see who it was.

"Master!" she said.


Black master Olu Shango had been busy; well, actually not too busy. He was here in Port Harcourt on a week holiday, and he was determined to catch as much fun he could get before returning to the dreariness of sitting behind a desk in the country's capital.

He'd left Becca while she'd been asleep, gotten dressed, and quietly left the hotel room. Downstairs he'd hired a Honda from the hotel and driven out of its gates. He had a few friends in Port Harcourt. Working-class guys whom though he regularly kept in touch with, either through phone or via Facebook, though he hadn't seen in a while. A lot of them were now married, while a handful still single and playing the fields just like him. He called up one such friends?an old-time buddy named Karo whom he'd been friends with since university days. Karo was able to spare an hour to meet with his at a fast-food restaurant close to the Hotel Presidential; prior to calling him, Olu had already given Arnold a shout-out to let him know he would soon be on his way over to see him.

Olu got to the fast-food joint before his old friend got there. He nearly didn't recognize him when he walked past the glass doors of the restaurant and sighted him seated by a far window inside the establishment, away from other people where were engaged in their meal. His friend Karo had added some weight since last time they hung out together and he didn't fail to point this out to him when they shook hands and hugged each other before taking their seats.

"Ol' man! You're looking different," said Olu, after a waitress arrived with two cold bottles of Guinness Stout. "Karo, life really has been good to you."

"Fuck you," laughed his friend. "You think I go remain langa-langa like broom stick for you? Look at you, you're not doing bad."

"Forget wetin your eyes dey see?all this na for show. I'm nothing but skin and bones inside these clothes."

"When you're there at Abuja hanging with bigger boys, fucking politician's wives and girlfriends, why won't you say so, yeye man!"

Both friends burst into laughter and clinked their glasses together before taking a sip. They talked about the vital stuff that's been ongoing in their lives since last time they saw, of some of their friends whom they hadn't seen in a while and others who'd left the country to seek employment elsewhere. For Karo, things hadn't been all too rosy for him. He'd left his former place of work a couple of months back when there'd been time for some massive restructuring and was currently managing some contract work on his own. But on the bright side, he was glad that his friend was in town, as he was planning on getting married by the following week.

"Wow, congratulations!" said Olu, pumping his friend's hand with a handshake. "One of these days, I too am going to be like you."

"Look at you, a chronic womanizer like yourself? You can't cope."

"That's what you think. So tell me, who's the lucky lady?"

"Her name's Amaka, and she works with Fidelity Bank, and we've been seeing each other on and off for months now. I just felt it time I settled with her. You know how draining all these Port Harcourt girls can be to a single man's pocket. They're getting expensive and hungry by the minute, always wanting stuff you can't give them."

"Ol' boy, that's women everywhere for you. They hardly change." Olu took a sip of his beer. "So, when's it happening?the wedding, I mean."

"A week from today. Will you be around to make it?"

He shook his head. "Sorry, I've got to be back at the office before then. But how about if I get you a massive present before then."

His friend looked at him mischievously. "What kind of present are we talking about?"

Olu smiled. "What do you think?a special Bachelor night. One you'll never dream of having. Just leave it to me, I'll give you the heads-up soon."

"As long as the chicks are hot, I don't care."

"Let's see, today's Friday. Are you going to be free this weekend?"

"Aside from a few stuff I had to get done at the office, I think so, yeah. Why?"

"Stick by your phone," said Olu. "I'll give you a call to let you know when."

They chatted for another couple of minutes before his friend then got up, saying he needed to start getting along, though they promised to keep much in touch. Olu got into his ride and drove towards the direction of Onne. It took him forty-five minutes to get there, arriving a few minutes past five-thirty. Arnold had called to let him know he was parked in front of the residential camp gate waiting for him already. Olu made one more call to a friend who as well promised to be waiting for him.

He met with Arnold ten minutes later and first Arnold took him into the camp's security office adjacent the entrance gate to sign him in as a visitor before they were then allowed to drive into the camp. Arnold led the way in his Hilux truck while Olu tailed behind and together they made it to the apartment building where he was holding up inside the camp. Arnold dismissed his driver for the day after he'd parked the Hilux in front of his apartment's door, and opened the door for his master to step inside.

"Nice pad you've got here, white boy," said Olu, admiring the comfy-looking quarters. "Very nice. I'll bet you've been having some fun with the local chicks around, haven't you?"

"I don't know what you mean," stammered Arnold.

Olu turned to face him. "Come on, white boy. Who is it you think you're talking to here. I know you had some local pussy in here with you last night. I've got a nose for such stuff; I'll bet if I come your bed properly I'll still find some pussy residue on the sheets. You still want to pretend you don't know what I'm talking about?"

"No ... no, master, I never would admit that ... but, how did you know?"

Olu couldn't help but laugh. "I told you I've got eyes on you, boy. You'd better believe it. But enough of that for now." He glanced at his watch. "We've still got some little time on our hands, let's stroll over to the poolside and grab ourselves a drink. What do you say?"

"I'd say that's an excellent idea."

Olu got into his Hilux truck with him and Arnold drove towards the direction of the camp's poolside and then walked towards it. Arnold caught a familiar face seated at a canopy table across the other side large swimming pool and was once again surprised when his black master steered him towards the seated black man who then got up as they approached him. Arnold stood there totally speechless as his master shook hands with the black man who was dressed in a sleeveless shirt and combat shorts. He listened to them exchange greetings in typical Nigerian pidgin.

"My man, how far!" exclaimed Olu. "I know it's people like you that are enjoying this place."

"Forget that thin'!" said Abbey. "This place too dry. No fine chicks dey come around much."

Olu then turned towards Arnold, noting the stupefied look that was on his face. "Hey Arnold, you've met Abbey, right?"

Both of them shared a burst of boisterous laughter that had a couple of heads turned towards their direction; Arnold couldn't help but blush.

"Come over here, white boy," said Abbey. Arnold came over and shook hands with him. "Don't you worry about a thing, you hear. It's all cool between you and me."

Olu asked if he had time to share a drink with them, but Abbey told him he needed to be pushing off. Olu told him of his meeting with Karo and repeated the same instructing he given his other friend earlier, for him to stay close to his phone. Abbey replied that he would do just that. He winked at Arnold before leaving them alone. A waitress girl appeared to take their order, after which she hurried off to get their drinks. Arnold waited for the drinks to arrive and for the girl to leave before inching his chair closer to his black master and asking the question that's suddenly been pressing to his mind.

"Was it all a set-up?" he asked.

Olu sipped his drink before turning to face him. "You mean between you hooking up with Abbey?"

Arnold nodded.

"Nothing to get worried about, white boy. I knew you were going to have yourself a hard time finding a black guy in here to go down on. I figured Abbey would easily do, which was why I told him to wait here for you. It was a good thing too that you approached him, or else he would have done so. Goes to show you're a real foot soldier, boy." He slapped his shoulder and laughed. "I'll bet you were nervous when you first brought up the subject to him."

"I was at first ... I didn't know how, but things just sort of fell into place. He saw this video I'd downloaded off my computer and figured that was what I'd invited him over for."

"Nice. So tell me, how was it like?"

Arnold was about taking a sip of his beer when Olu asked him this.

"You mean when I sucked his cock?"

Olu shook his head. "That I don't want to know. I'm talking about the young black pussy you smuggled into your apartment last night. How did it feel like?"

Arnold lounged back on his chair and sipped his drink while his mind went back to last night. He'd finally dared himself to give in to his inner desires, but mostly to the capricious whims of being an expatriate in this part of the world. There he'd been in his apartment when he'd felt the need to get out of his apartment, if only for a minute or two. The thought then had occurred to him to visit a supermarket shop located across the street from the camp's gate. His intention had been to get himself some fruits and some beverages. The young girl had been the one who had accosted him just as he was leaving the supermarket with his items in his hand. She'd asked him if he desired a good time, and unabashedly had lowered the top of her blouse to give him an eyeful of her pressing black tits. Why had he taken her up on her offer? He couldn't tell ... expect right there and then, he'd felt his cock cry out inside his khaki pants and then next thing he knew, he'd indicated for her to follow him into the camp and signed her in for the night.

"It was ... a pleasant experience, really it was," said Arnold dreamily.

Just how pleasant an experience had it been? He'd let himself and the young girl into the apartment and said for her to make herself comfortable while he went into the kitchen to dump the fruits and beverage items he'd bought inside the fridge. He'd taken out a bottle of Irish Cream with two glasses but he nearly dropped them from his hand when he stepped back into the living room and found the young girl standing there half naked in her panties. He stood there unmoving as she approached him and took the Irish Cream bottle along with the glasses from his hands and dropped them on the table before falling to her knees, unzipping his pants and taking out his cock and introducing it right into her mouth. He'd pressed his hands against the back of her head and held his breath while the girl went on sucking his cock. A jumble of pictures had filtered into his mind's eye at that moment: he saw himself back at the hotel room with his wife and the black master, watching his wife suck master Olu's stiff black cock, and as he looked down on the girl who was sucking him and playing with his balls, he imagined himself in his master's shoes, pretending the young girl was a slave to him.

Then he and the girl had retired to the bedroom. She climbed upon the bed and pushing her panties to the side, waved her buttocks invitingly at him. Arnold hadn't hesitated, although he'd been unable to control his excitement from beating drums against his chest. His hands grasping the roundness of her ass cheeks, seeing the contrast between her dark skin and his and loving every second of the swelling sensation he derived from fucking her cunt ... it had all been too much for him to bear, though he'd still fought to hold on. The girl moaned in tandem with his fucking. She sensed he was soon going to cum and she half turned to look at him over her shoulder and told him not to cum inside her. Arnold replied with a grunt and nearly five minutes later he pulled his weenie out and blew his load over the girl's ass.

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