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A Teacher's Way Out of a Dilemma Ch. 04

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We were led to a side wall where there was a ledge about five feet above the floor with a long row of heavy wooden chairs fastened solidly to the wall. There were four or five people, men and women, seated in these chairs. Kevin told John he was to have a seat in one. Going up several steps, John sat in the third one from the end. Kevin was right behind him and immediately fastened strong Velcro straps around John's wrists, ankles and chest.

Being up high, he could see everything going on but was unable to move. He was now simply an observer with no control over what was happening below him. Kevin moved close to John and said, "Enjoy the show."

I was led out from John onto the large open floor. Kevin turned me toward my bound husband and removed my top coat, exposing me and my sexy costume to John. I will never be able to forget the shocked expression on his face. He started yelling at me but before I could understand what he was trying to say, two men grabbed John and fastened a rubbed ball gag in his mouth. Kevin turned me around, closely examining my body and the clothing he had sent me. "You are beautiful Pam, just as I had imagined. This will be an interesting and enjoyable night, at least for some of us." He laughed at Johns struggling and said "Now we can look around and see what kind of trouble we can get into..."

Chapter Four

Kevin took me by the arm and turned me back to face John. My husband's eyes were locked on me and I could see him struggling against his bindings. My top coat was now completely off and Kevin tossed it up onto John. I felt naked, although I was covered in all of my private areas.

Kevin moved up against my back and pressed his crotch against my ass. The background music was soft with a deep pounding beat. His crotch was grinding into me in rhythm with the music. He grasped both of my wrists and pulled them together behind my back. I heard a click and realized he had locked my cuffs together.

It was then I felt his hands reach under my arms and he placed them firmly on my breasts, starting to massage them as I laid my head back and closed my eyes. I knew it was wrong, but it felt so good. The dress material was so soft and thin, as if it wasn't on me. Immediately, I felt my nipples harden and stick out for my Dom.

"You have wonderful tits. Your nipples are as hard as rocks already. I knew you would love being my sex toy. What size are these boobs?" he asked.

"I am 38D," I whispered back to this man holding me tightly against his body.

I was ashamed to admit that even with John watching, Kevin's large, strong hands felt magnificent kneading my tits. Maybe it was the drugs I had taken, yes, that must be it!

I was not a slut and I did love my husband. Kevin had admitted he gave me a heavy dose of a special Spanish Fly he had imported from South America. No, I did not love or even desire my boss. Yet, struggling against my cuffed hands behind my back and Kevin squeezing my tits, I could feel the beginning of a flow of moisture between my legs. I could actually feel the swelling of my labia as the stimulant enlarged and made my sex increasingly sensitive. Damn, that Spanish Fly was working overtime!

Kevin took a hold of the dress straps over my shoulders and slowly pulled them down over my constrained arms. At the same time, both of my breasts popped out, freeing them from their confinement, now they were both fully exposed to everyone's view.

As he grasped me, he pinched my nipples and they became firmer and were sticking out at least an inch. Although I didn't think of it as dancing, his movement against me felt good. He was so much taller and bigger than me, I felt like a small doll in his large arms and muscular hands.

Yes, it must be the drugs I thought, because I was getting so aroused at his touch and the feeling of him against me. The music seemed to become more upbeat and loud, or was it all in my mind? It didn't even bother me to know my breasts were exposed to anyone that cared to look at me; including my husband as this powerful man grasped and massaged them further exciting me.

I turned my head to see John and it was obvious he was also affected by the drugs. His head was bobbing and his struggling had decreased, although he was attempting to watch me and to see what Kevin was doing.

We had not been in the Club for thirty minutes when I knew the aphrodisiac and ecstasy was flowing through my mind as well as my entire body. It was as if I was another person, looking back at Pam. My pussy was flowing with desire to be touched and fucked. My tits were aching to be held and fondled.

Glancing toward John, I could see that he was now seriously affected by the drugs he had been given. Although his eyes were open and he was looking at everything going on, including his wife being used, he seemed to be half asleep. I wondered if he would remember what he was seeing.

"Alright Pam, it is time for you to experience some of the erotic joy, pleasure and pain offered by this Club. Come with me and let me show you one of my favorite toys for a novice like you. I like to call it the Breast Box for reasons you will understand soon."

I staggered as he pulled me toward a tall box near the middle of the room. It was like a vertical sarcophagus with barely enough room for a person to stand up in it. It was padded inside with a dark soft cloth on all surfaces. With my hands still locked behind me, Kevin backed me into this container and latched my collar to a steel bracket. This was holding me up toward the top and securely against the back of the box. It allowed no movement of my head. He then took a couple Velcro straps attached inside the box and tightened them around my hips and legs, further binding me firmly against the back of this fiendish container.

My mind was still in a daze from the drugs when he started to close the full length black door, as if I was being placed in a vertical coffin. I did notice two holes about a foot apart, each less than a foot in circumference. They fit perfectly over my exposed breasts!

As the box closed, Kevin positioned my breasts into the holes, having to squeeze them to fit into the undersized openings for my oversized tits. The door pressed firmly against my chest and stomach as he pulled all of my tits out through the two openings. As the door was fully closed, it was totally dark and I could not move but felt both tits sticking out of the holes.

Kevin said, "These put your tits on display for anyone that cares to use them. Enjoy it my sweet little, big titted bitch. I am going for a drink and to check on John. You have a good time!"

It was only a couple minutes, or so it seemed in my foggy mind when someone stroked my displayed breasts. The touch was so gentle and it felt good. As this continued I knew my nipples were becoming fully erect. It was then I felt a harsh pinching on my right nipple. Someone had placed a clamp on it and was tightening it as I cried out in pain.

I heard several males laugh and then whoever it was did the same to my left nipple. The pain was excruciating. I cried, screamed and begged them to stop. All I heard was more laughter. A man's deep voice said, "These really need piercing. They would look a lot better with some shiny rings." Oh my god, they couldn't do that to me! Certainly Kevin would never allow that to happen to me, would he?

What seemed to be an hour of agony passed with many people pulling, pinching and stroking my tits, when I heard Kevin's familiar voice telling someone that "the fun was over" as he had other plans for his sex toy. The clamps were removed causing even more pain as the blood flowed back into my flattened nipples. The blinding light flashed in my eyes as the door was opened. Kevin opened my straps and unhooked my collar from the box.

"Pam, wasn't that fun? You will never know who that was that enjoyed your nice tits. We have a similar box especially for cuckold husbands. We tie them in and stick their cocks out a small hole. Someone will then play with them and maybe suck them off and he never knows if it is a man or a woman. Some wives will actually have their husband pierced and rings inserted along their pricks. The women that do that say it feels a lot better when they allow their cuckold husband to fuck them. Think about it for John. You might get some pleasure out of this procedure for your husband."

Kevin took me into his arms, supporting me from falling as my legs were so weak. He unlocked my wrist cuffs from behind me and hooked them next to my neck onto my collar. His right hand went between my legs and he laughed as he felt the heavy cream flowing from my vagina. He knew that I was tremendously excited and it didn't matter to him if it was because of what happened to me in the box or the drugs. All he cared about was that he knew I wanted sex. I needed sex.

"Kevin," I moaned, "please let's go somewhere and make love. I really want you."

Kevin walked me over to where John was still tied in his chair. He nodded as if to say hello, watching what was happening and trying to stay awake. "Pam tells me she wants me to fuck her. You missed the action the other night. Would you like to see it now?"

"Pam, ask your husband if he would like to see me fuck you," Kevin said loud enough for everyone nearby to hear. I was fantastically horny and aroused by the Spanish Fly, my pussy was inflamed and my fluids were flowing down my inner legs. I just had to have a cock in me, so I begged John, "Please John. Tell Kevin you want him to fuck me." John shook his head no as I continued to beg him to tell Kevin he wanted to see me being fucked. As I continued to plead, "I need his cock, please tell him to fuck me," and the drugs were effecting John even more, he eventually looked at Kevin and nodded his approval.

Kevin wasted no time and I was certainly ready for him, he stood me in front of John and moved behind me. Pushing on my back he bent me over a four foot high rail only a few feet in front of John. My husband couldn't have had a better view of what was about to happen to his wife. I was precisely facing my husband as I was bent over at the waist, my hands still bound to my collar.

Kevin spread my feet apart, opening me even more to his advances. I felt my skirt being raised, knowing I had no panties on and Kevin moving closer behind me. His cock was already erect as he slid it between my legs.

"Hay, John, watch this and look at your wife's face as my cock starts fucking her cunt," he nearly yelled at my husband. "It is going into places your small cock has never been." As his tip spread my cream around my labia, he found the entrance and pushed it entirely into me. I howled out in pleasure as he filled me and immediately began stroking in and out. His balls striking my clit and with all of the things that had happened to me this past hour, I was already nearing an immense climax.

Even through Johns gag, I could see his pitiful expression, knowing that I was receiving erotic, sexual pleasure beyond anything he had ever witnessed.

Leaning against the railing, I was being pounded hard as Kevin was so huge, filling me to my cervix with every stroke. I could tell that he too was near orgasm. The feeling started in my chest and expanded into my belly and out my legs as my first climax literally exploded, shooting out of my cunt. Just as I was shuddering from the wonderful orgasm, I felt Kevin shoot several times deeply into my cunt. He held his cock still, fully in me as he ejected at least three more squirts of his warm fluid.

It was then at the height of my climax, I looked directly into Johns face. Tears were rolling down his cheeks; a dramatic contrast to the huge smile across my face.

"How was that John?" Kevin asked the gagged John. "Have you ever made Pam finish like that?" Pulling out of me, leaving me feeling so empty and open, our blended cream was covering my inner thighs. Taking me by the arm, he led me to what appeared to be an oversized coffee table, about ten feet from where my husband was bound into a chair.

Looking up at John, he looked back at me with glazed eyes. I wondered if he had seen what happened to me in what Kevin called the "Breast Box." How did he feel watching me have the most powerful orgasm I ever experienced, all on the cock of our boss not six feet directly in front of him? He must have seen how much I loved being fucked like that by Kevin. Did he know or suspect what was about to happen to me? As for me, I was so sexually aroused I didn't care if he knew or what he thought about what was happening to me.

"I promised that you would get royally fucked tonight. So, let's see how you will enjoy our clubs method of welcoming a new guest," he said as he kissed me on my neck and ear.

The table was over six feet long and about three feet wide and covered with a thick, soft padding and felt cover. Kevin laid me on my back and pulled my hands above my head. He fastened both wrist cuffs to the top of the table and did the same thing to the rings in my boots at the bottom, spreading my legs apart. Surprising me, he covered my eyes with a blindfold and said that he was not going to use a gag, as he wanted to hear me moan and cry out in both satisfaction and agony.

My dress was still pulled down to my waist with my breasts completely out in the open. I felt Kevin pull up the hem of my dress, exposing my pussy, effectively changing my dress into a wide belt. "Ah, yes, much better shaved smooth," Kevin said. Stroking my slit, he commented on how open and wet I was, "The Spanish Fly is working well and lasting longer than I expected. Pam, tell me what you want..."

I was going crazy as he caressed my clit. He knew how to touch a woman to bring her to a fantastic climax, but he stroked me just enough to keep me on the edge, deigning me another orgasm. I cried out for him to let me cum. "Please, fuck me again," I begged.

He backed away without saying anything. I pleaded for him to take me, but he seemed to have left me alone to suffer from my unfulfilled erotic desire. My bound hands ached to touch myself, but they were firmly attached above my head. Involuntarily, my hips began to move and hump into the invisible emptiness above me.

I pulled on my wrist cuffs and tried to move but to no avail. My legs were uncomfortably spread, being held firmly by the rings on my boots. I felt a cool breeze drifting across my open thighs and my shaved and now completely exposed pussy. I squeezed my cunt lips and could feel the sexual fluids seeping out as I pumped my vaginal muscles, making me even more aroused. My kegel exercises were paying off. I could even smell my sex, all without help from Kevin.

"Kevin, please, I need you," I called out into the dark, receiving no reply. Minutes seemed to pass as my arousal increased. It was then I felt a tongue slide up my inner thigh just above my fish net hose. It stroked me moving closer and closer to my flowing cunt. "Kevin. Is that you," I asked. No reply. If it was not him, who was doing this to me? Whoever it was they were doing a great job. As the rough tongue finally caressed my Labia Majora, my thrusting shaved mound increased its speed and force to meet his mouth. I started to climax.

"Not yet," a strange voice said to me. I felt someone crawling on the table between my legs. "I want you to cum while riding my cock." His heavy body moved up onto me. The warmth of his naked skin against mine felt wonderful as his rigid cock slid up my vaginal opening, pressing against my swollen labia. He took no time entering me. As his cock rubbed against my clit, I pressed my hips up to meet him and to get him inside my pleading pussy.

Fortunately, he was a gentleman and kept most of his weight on his elbows and off my chest. Immediately, he followed my lead and began rapid humping. Never have I experienced such a powerful orgasm and one so quickly as his hard cock pumped into me. This must have been his first sex of the night as I could feel his warm sperm fill me. I collapsed back on the table, exhausted.

It only took a moment before he got off of me without saying anything. Before I could recover, I felt several hands on my body. Some were rubbing my inner thighs, some were caressing my breasts, and one was pushing several fingers into my open and drenched cunt. Only a few minutes of this and my energy and desire returned. A climax was building as I cried out, "Please fuck me...please...please.

A smaller man, also nude, climbed between my widely bound legs and pressed a semi-soft cock along my wet slit. Only a few strokes and he was rigid enough to enter me. As I started pushing my hips up to meet him, he grew and became very hard and longer than I expected. Again, I was disappointed to have him climax in just a few strokes. The cum felt fantastic filling me, but I had not yet had another orgasm. As he got off me, another man immediately placed his already hard cock into me and I continued pumping against him, loving the feeling of his very large and thick cock filling me. That was when I had my second orgasm just as he ejaculated into me and it was almost as good as the first.

I was in heaven. My cunt controlled my body, mind and soul. All I could think of was cocks using me, filling me and my fantastic orgasms while being ridden by anonymous strangers. It was as if I was only my cunt, no body, only a receptacle for men's cum. Then out of my haze, I heard a soft voice in my ear, it was Kevin saying, "That is enough for you tonight. More will be waiting for you in the future."

He untied me and took off my blindfold. As he picked me up, he straightened my dress to cover my private areas and without fastening my cuffs, he took me by my hand and walked me out the door. His car was waiting and as he put me in the back seat, I discovered John, asleep. Kevin told me he would have our car delivered to my house later that night.

During the long drive home, I was still so very horny. I unzipped John's pants and pulled out his soft cock. Taking it in my mouth I was able to get him to develop a hard-on as he was becoming awake. He asked what I was doing and where were we? I kept stroking and sucking on him as he held onto my head and started fucking my face. Perhaps it was the drugs, but it took about twenty minutes to get him to climax into my throat.

I loved it and I felt good bringing some sexual satisfaction to my husband but my own erotic arousal had decreased and the effects of the Spanish Fly and Ecstasy faded. John also began to overcome his drugs as we approached our house. Neither of us spoke as we walked into our house. I was afraid of what he had seen, especially that I experienced fantastic sex as I never knew it existed. My body was exhausted but my vagina was swollen and still flowing with gratification.

John fell into bed half way undressed and I soaked in a warm tub of water, trying to return to my usual self. It took nearly an hour, but I finally was relaxed enough that I thought I could sleep. I collapsed and was asleep in two minutes.

It was ten the next morning when I was awakened by the doorbell. I tossed a robe on and went to the door. It was a floral delivery van. The young man asked if I was "Pam". He handed me a beautiful vase filled with yellow roses, my favorite. I gave the delivery man a $5.00 tip and opened the attached card. It said, "Last night you exceeded all of my expectations. I hope you and John enjoyed yourselves as much as I did.

Next Saturday I have another adventure planned for you both. Have a great week and get plenty of rest," signed, Kevin.

The End of Chapter four.

Chapter five will reach into a greater depth of submission and Domination.

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