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Wanting What She Didn't Have Ch. 02

Posted on : 2012-01-27 14:52:04.426697

Anita and Jill had become pretty good friends over the last few days talking on the phone almost daily during the week. She was not sure if Jill would be interested in the party next Friday night but she needed to fill her in on exactly what would happen. Jack had talked her into taking Jill and she thought it would be fun to have a GF who enjoyed the same things but she was not sure Jill would be into the lifestyle.

She had been surprised when Jack had agreed with her when she jokingly suggested that Jill come to one of the parties. It seemed to her it would be very awkward for a brother and sister to be at these types of parties together. Then Jack told her he had interviewed for a position in Atlanta and had gotten the job. She now understood why he was ok with Jill joining in the fun because he would no longer be able to attend.

She had decided that she would fill Jill in today at lunch since it was already Monday and she only had a few days to broach the subject. She could not let her show up with no idea of what was going on.

Today at lunch would be the perfect time to give her some details on the party. She could decide then if she was still interested in coming. Anita had grown very fond of her new friend and hoped that their discussion today did not hurt their relationship. Even if Jill decided that she was not interested in the party she felt they could still be great friends. They had a lot in common, husbands they loved but who were into their careers at this point and no children to fill their free time.


When Jill walked into the restaurant she looked for Anita who had gotten there early to get a seat. Anita had picked a place in the back that was nice and quite so she could talk without being over heard. Anita waved and Jill made her way through the tables to her new friend. Jill was again confused by the selection of restaurants. For someone who liked Italian it seemed Anita never went to that type of restaurant. It did not really matter though because she had come to really like Anita. They shared the same interest and seemed to be at the same point in their lives with husbands who were focused on anything but them. Having a kindred ear to vent her frustrations to had really picked up her spirits the last few days and she was beginning to get excited about the party this Friday. Just this morning Bob had told her he was going out of town on Wednesday and would not be back until late on Saturday. When she had mentioned the party he had encouraged her to go thinking it would be something to keep her off his back since he could be back Friday night but had chosen to stay over an extra day to play golf.

Anita stood and gave Jill a quick hug before sitting back down on her side of the booth. Jill sat down and grabbed a menu noticing that Anita was already sipping on a glass of red wine. After placing her order Jill smiled at her friend noticing her fidgeting hands.

"How was your weekend?" Anita asked.

"About the same as any other weekend. Bob golfed Saturday and Sunday so I slept in and then went to the beach. I started to give you a call to see if you would like to go with me but figured you may be spending time with Paul," she said with obvious agitation. "It seems any spare time he has he is off with his buddies golfing or doing something else. Sometimes I feel like I could drop off the face of the earth and it would take him 6 months to notice.

"You just need to find something to do when he is not around. I actually like my time without Paul hanging over my shoulder. We both have things we like to do that the other is not interested in so it works out great." Laughing she continued, "I actually got him tickets to the ball game on Friday night so I would be free to go to the party. It is going to be a fun time, a lot more fun than sitting at home watching TV with Paul."

"I guess you are right but it just does not seem like the marriage I always wanted. I still want the fairy tale," Jill lamented.

"We all do honey but there are some great alternatives to the fairy tale marriage. At this point in my life I really like the way my marriage is working. Paul and I are still close but we each have our own lives. I do not know everything he does and he sure does not know all the things I do. Like this party Friday. He really has no idea about the people I hang out with and the things I enjoy," Anita said trying to broach the subject of the party.

"I am looking forward to it," Jill said. 'It will be fun to get out and have a couple of drinks. I am a bit nervous though because I have not been to a party without Bob in years. Jack has hinted that these parties can get a little wild. I wish he was going to be there."

The time had come to get into some more detail about the party. Anita wondered briefly how to bring up the atmosphere that Jill would encounter at the party. This party was not a social wine tasting event with everyone sitting around sipping drinks and talking politics.

The parties had started about a year ago and there were only 3 other women who were a part of the group. The men far outnumbered the women and although all of the women were married only one husband ever came to the party. On a typical night there would be at least 3-4 guys per lady which was fine with Anita. There was also no aversion to recreational drugs and although Anita normally stayed with alcohol there was plenty of other things you could get into. Anita did not want to loose her friendship but there was no getting around the talk she needed to have with Jill. Taking a breath she started talking.

"Well to be honest I think it is better if he is not. You may be uncomfortable as it is and with Jack there I know you would be. You see Jill, I have to be honest with you. These parties can get pretty wild."

Jill noticed the hesitation that Anita was feeling and urged her to tell her more.

"The group started meeting about a year ago and it is a real party atmosphere. We just like to have fun. It is a very sexually charged event and you might see some things that will startle you. It is a lot of fun and no one gets hurt. It is just about getting away and having a good time." Anita knew she was not doing a good job of explaining things and was playing around the edges.

Anita continued, "You will see people playing and going to bedrooms. Just remember no one is forced into anything and you can do as little or as much as you like."

Jill listened quietly trying to read between the lines of what Anita was telling her. Jill was no prude and knew how to handle guys flirting with her and did not understand Anita's concern. A little flirting might be fun and if others let it go a little further she did not see the issue. She did not have to participate and the idea that Jack would invite her to anything that may cause issues with her marriage seemed ridiculous.

Putting her hand on Anita's she assured her new friend that she understood what she was saying and was comfortable. "There is nothing to worry about Anita. I have been to some pretty wild parties in my college days and know how to handle aggressive guys. I promise you will not need to baby sit me. Let's just go and have some fun."

Anita still had doubts that she had expressed herself well and that Jill really understood the type of party they were going to. Jill seemed very self assured so Anita dropped the subject and they finished lunch talking about new pool that Paul was having put in.


Jill was beginning to get excited about the party on Friday. After her conversation with Anita she could feel an undercurrent of sexual anticipation from her. Although Jill knew she would not be doing anything she shouldn't the idea of being in a sexually charged atmosphere was exciting.

As she finished packing Bob's clothes for his flight in the morning she was hoping he would be in the mood to have some fun when he got in. She quickly finished up and showered before putting on his favorite nighty. She was sitting in the den with a bottle of wine she her phone rang.

"Hey sweetie," said Bob in a slurred voice. "I am running a little behind but should be home in an hour or so. Have you had a chance to get me packed for tomorrow?"

"Where are you?" Jill asked feeling sure she knew the answer to the question.

"Bill asked me to take a client who is in town out to dinner and we are just finishing up. My flight is at 8am so I need to be at the airport at 6:30."

Jill was silent for a moment realizing that Bob was not going to be in any condition for a little romance again tonight. Sighing she replied, "I will have you packed and ready to go. I am going to bed."

Frustrated she walked to the bedroom and closed his suitcase. This was the last straw and she was tired of taking second place to Bob's career. She was going to take the advice of Jack and Anita and find interest of her own outside of Bob. When and if he decided he had time for her she hoped it would not be to late.


Jill was very excited about the party tonight and looking forward to getting out of the house. Bob had left early Wednesday and she always got lonely when he was out of town. She knew he was staying over to play golf on Saturday rather than come back home on Friday night. His lack of interest in her made her feel that she was not sexy and hurt her deeply. A little flirting with some good looking guys would do wonders for her confidence.

Anita was supposed to pick her up around eight and they were going to eat before they went to the party. Anita seemed excited about the party but Jill could tell there was something she was not telling her. Anita had told her to dress for fun but she was having a hard time picking out what she wanted to wear. She finally decided on a halter dress that Bob always told her was sexy without being slutty. Jumping in the shower she washed quickly and toweled off.

Glancing at the clock she saw that she only had 45 minutes before Anita would arrive. She found a pair of panties, opting for a normal pair rather than thongs and a matching bra. Finishing her makeup she finished dressing just as she heard the doorbell. Grabbing a pair of sandals she walked down the stairs and opened the door to find Anita waiting. She was a little startled at her outfit thinking it was just to risqué to be going out in public.

"Come on in," Jill said. "I will be just a minute I need to put grab my purse."

Anita walked into the den and as she waited on Jill to get her things and noticed the wedding photos on the table beside the couch. Bob was a good looking guy and they made a great couple. She once again had an uneasy feeling about the party tonight. The situation worked for her and Paul but Jill seemed to still have stars in her eyes and did not appear ready to take the same steps she had.

"Let's go," Jill said coming back into the room. "I am starved."


After a quick dinner, with lots of wine Jill and Anita headed over to Brett's house where the party was being held this month. The party always alternated between Brett and Earen's house because they had plenty of room to host the 15-20 people who always came. Pulling into the long drive way Jill could see the large house sitting back on the river. It was a beautiful place with a large dock stretching out over the marsh. It was only 10pm but it was evident that the party was already well attended. There were 8-9 cars parked around the driveway and loud music could be heard coming from the house.

Anita found a place to park and grabbed a gym bag from the back seat of the car. She waited for Jill to get out and together they walked up to the house where Anita opened the door and strolled in as if she owned the place.

The party was in full swing even at this early hour and Jill could see two women dancing out near the pool area. It was obvious they had been here for a while and neither was feeling any pain. Several men were lounging around the bar area and at tables around the pool. One turned as he heard Anita and Jill walked in and walked over to welcome the new guest.

"Greg, this is my new friend Jill," Anita said as she stretched up to give the man a kiss on the cheek. "Jill this is Greg."

Greg was about 6'2" and a very good looking man who was in great shape. Jill could tell from his accent that he was Italian as stretched his hand out to take Jill's and welcome her to the party. "Don't believe everything Anita tells you. She told me she was bringing you to tonight. You are Jack's sister right?"

"Yes," she said as she tried to coyly look him over. He was a very attractive man and had a confidence that made him even more interesting. "I appreciate being invited. This is a great place. How long have you lived here."

"Wrong guy," he replied laughing. "This is Brett's house. He is the money man of the group. The rest of us are just normal working stiffs. The party will be at Earen's place next time. I hope you have enough fun tonight to come to the party next month. Come on and I will show you around." Taking her hand he started toward the house.

Jill turned to let Anita know that she was going on a tour with Greg but she had already walked over to the bar to talk to some of her friends. Jill noticed the kisses all around and the roaming hands but thought nothing of it. It was just heavy flirting and she turned back to her guide anxious to see more of the house.

"So how long have you known Anita?" Greg asked as they started back into the house.

"Not long really," she said as they veered to the left into a formal dining area. "Jack introduced us a few weeks ago over lunch and we just seemed to have a lot in common."

"That is great news about Jack and the job in Atlanta. We will miss him around here but if I had to choose between having you here or Jack then I am glad he got the job," he said.

"Yes he was excited about it. He liked his job here but it was very limited in promotion opportunities and he will like Atlanta. He really needed a change," she replied.

Jill noticed he was still holding her hand as they continued to tour the house going from room to room. She had to admit it was fun being led around by a hot looking guy and letting him flirt with her. It had been a while since she had this much attention from a young single man.

"So have you been to these kinds of parties before?" he asked. "Jack never mentioned you and to be honest Anita said you would probably be a fly on the wall for this one and just observe."

Jill was not sure she liked the implication but was not really sure what Greg was referring to. "And exactly what kind of party is this" she inquired.

Greg suddenly seemed to be at a loss for words, "I thought you knew about these parties? Why don't we go to the den and I can give you some more details," he said.

As they passed the doors going to the pool Jill glanced out and could see the party had gotten a little wilder. One of the ladies was now topless and in the pool while the other was at the bar talking to a few guys. She did not see any sign of Anita and wondered where she had gotten off to.

Greg pulled her down on the couch beside him and turned to face her. "Before I get into details let me tell you up front that no one is forced to do anything at these parties. If you are uncomfortable with anything you do not have to participate or even stay. If Anita is busy I will be glad to take you home if that is what you want?" he said.

"This is not a normal party. This is a sex party. It will not be long before everyone is naked and engaged in all kinds of things. I am not talking about a little grab ass and flirting," he said. "I have no doubt we will be having fun and games in the next hour or so and Anita will be in the middle of it all."

Jill could not believe what he was saying. Anita was married and she could not believe that she would cheat on her husband with all these guys. Jack had agreed that Jill should come and he would never do anything to jeopardize her relationship with Bob. She had just misunderstood what Greg was saying and suddenly giggled at how badly he had explained himself.

"I doubt it is as wild as you are saying. Anita is married and I doubt she will go to far with anyone. She may do some flirting but she would not cheat on Paul," she replied.

"Did Jack ever tell you how he met Anita?" Greg asked.

"Not really but Anita said she met him here at one of the parties."

"Did she give you the details?" Greg asked.

"No," she replied wondering where he going with his question.

"They actually met on the ottoman over there. She was leaned over with Sam behind her having sex when Jack walked up naked. Anita really liked what she saw and started giving him oral sex," Greg said.

Suddenly Jill remembered Anita's words, "I met Jack at a party a couple of months ago. I looked up and there he was. Big as life if you know what I mean....". She had wondered why she had blushed when she made the comment.

This was just to much for her to take in. Surely Greg was exaggerating about what happened at these parties. She could not be a part of this and would not cheat on Bob even if Anita betrayed Paul.

Greg could tell he had upset her and hastily tried to smooth things over. He liked Jill and he had no intention of letting walk out the door and never come back to a party. He was patient and would not press her but he wanted to keep her here so she could get see and enjoy what was going to happen.

"Tell you what. Why don't you stick with me. We will both be flies on the wall and you can just enjoy the show. If at anytime you want to leave you say the word and I will take you home. I will warn you that if Anita holds true to form she will be occupied most of the night," he said.

Jill considered his proposal. She was in a no win situation because she did not want to make Anita leave the party but she certainly did not want the neighbors to see a handsome guy dropping her off at home.

"OK," she replied. "I really hope you are embellishing your story. I cannot believe that Anita or Jack would be into these kinds of things."

"Great. Let's grab another drink and I will introduce you to some of the others before things get out of hand. It is really a nice group. We just enjoy some unusual sex and you will enjoy watching even if you decide not to participate," he said.

Stopping him Jill said, "Greg you should know up front that I have no plans to cheat on my husband. I don't know what Anita has told you but my husband and I have a good marriage and I would not throw that away because of some temporary issue. I know Anita tried to tell me about this party but I really did not realize what was going to happen.

"Understood. But you might as well enjoy the show while you are here. Come on and I promise I will take you home whenever you like if Jill is not available," he replied.
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