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The Story of R; R's Story Ch. 03

Posted on : 2012-01-27 14:58:28.236415

LG escorts me to a new room. There is a comfortable chair and my chair from yesterday. I stand waiting. An Orange comes in from another door and tells me to sit and remove my goggles. She turns out the lights and gives me a PowerPoint presentation on cunnilingus that adds on to what I have learned this morning. Afterwards she quizzes me on everything I have learned so far. I knew to pay attention but I still miss three questions. She tells me to remove my robe and bend over before she administers my 'corrections.'

After that I am blindfolded. I am helped to a kneeling position and my hands are secured behind my back.

"Demonstrate what you have learned so far."

Her hand reaches over the top of my head and pulls my face into her pussy. I barely hesitate before employing all the techniques that I have been taught, adding them to what I have known before. I try to remember the '10' and '2' thing and whether and when to hum. There is constant correction. When I make a mental error I feel a sharp sting on both sides of the small of my back almost as if she is wearing spurs.

My tongue grows tired but I dare not rest. I persevere. Finally the corrections stop and I feel her body relaxing. As I feel the pleasure grow inside of her I feel my cock rising in vicarious excitement. When she comes I experience a mini-orgasm inside of myself. She pushes my head away and I rise to my kneeling position.

When she removes my blindfold she is clothed again.

"That was satisfactory."

I revel in what has to be praise as she frees my hand. She allows me to use a sink in the corner to clean myself before I dress. Instead of returning to the hallway she opens a door I didn't see before and I go to another room. I am met with a different Orange who tells me to strip and sit in a chair. I comply. She secures my ankles to the legs and my wrists behind me. She puts on thin latex gloves.

The lights are dimmed and a video projection appears on the wall. It is a sex movie showing a threesome playing bondage games. The quality is far superior to anything I have seen on the internet, not so much the picture but the realism. I feel Orange's hand on my hardening cock. She puts some kind of clamp on my nipples that pinch slightly at first. When she turns on the stimulators they feel good.

"Today's lesson is on erection and ejaculation control. Your object is to stay as hard as possible as long as possible without coming. You will learn to sustain a heightened state of arousal without orgasm for long periods of time so you may please your mistress."

She placed what felt like a squeeze ball in my left hand.

"When you feel yourself approaching a point where you are close to orgasm squeeze the ball slowly and release. When you are at a point where any further stimulation will trigger an ejaculation, squeeze it hard and fast and hold it until you have recovered."

She starts her hand job and she is good. I had had some hand jobs when I was young but Orange's hand is better than many pussies and mouths I had ever had. It doesn't hurt that it has been several days since I have had any release and that I am tied up naked in front of a woman who as far as I can tell is beautiful.

I feel myself building towards an orgasm. I squeeze the ball slowly and release. She lightens her touch. I feel myself backing down and she starts up again. Her hand goes all over my cock, my balls, my perineum, and my thighs. She concentrates on the underside of the head when she really wants to excite me. She repeats this cycle three more times.

The fourth time she does not stop when I give the ball a squeeze. I give the ball another squeeze and hold it as hard as I can but she keeps going, staring at me. I summon my will power not to come. I feel the excitement building higher and higher and I squeeze the ball hard. Her hand immediately leaves my cock and she sits back on her heels and watches. I feel my body spasm as I think of skanky Paris Hilton naked and I am at the teetering point like the Grinch who stole Christmas when I finally back down but not before leaking a small amount of precum. Orange catches it in her hand and feeds it to me.


She starts over from the beginning. After only three minor cycles she builds me up to orgasm once more. This time when I squeeze the ball hard she delays for two seconds before removing her hand and I give in. I feel the climax already starting even as she sits back and watches me. My orgasm barely gets off the ground before crashing to earth like one of those early NASA rocket failures. I shoot one half-hearted stream of cum out of my cock and then leak the rest into a trough she has placed between my legs.

Suddenly my nipples are being stabbed by skewers as turns up the dial. I thrash in my chair in pain. She cuts off the power, puts her hand under my chin, tilts it up, and pours my cum down my throat. She unties me.

"Wall position."

I put my hands against the wall, spread my legs, and lean forward facing the wall. I don't know what she hits me with. It is different than other things. But it hurts just as much, just in a different way.

"You will do better tomorrow. Get dressed."

I have two more lectures that afternoon, both by Oranges. I finally realize Oranges must be instructors. I am so brilliant.

The first lecture is on grooming. Today's lesson focuses on hair. I am taught how to take care of ear hair and nose hair, how to groom my eyebrows, and how to maintain my body hair in a pleasing manner.

The second lecture is a cultural lecture. First I am given a test on my knowledge of both classical and current books, music, movies, plays, opera and ballet. I went to a good college as did M so I know more than average but never kept up.

M and I never really discussed these things. The conversation always degenerated into trying to show each other we were the smarter one.

I am shown a short film and then I am asked to discuss it. I am corrected on ways to keep the conversation going, on what to say and what not to say, and how to make my companion feel at ease. I am not punished for 'wrong' answers in this session.

An LG leads me back to my room for dinner. I am able to get through dinner without receiving corrections and without feeling totally on guard. I am learning.

After dinner I am allowed access to my computer to review lessons I have received today for about an hour and a half before it is bed time.

The week continues this way. Or at least I think it is the week. There are no clocks and there are no windows. I can only assume that my sleep cycle is 24 hours.

They have told me that my outside life has been taken care of. It is difficult for me to believe that I will still have a job when I get out of here. But I realize that there is nothing I can do about that and so I have faith that M and T have taken care of whatever problems my absence raises.

The days fall in to a routine. After breakfast I have a short sex video and sex exercises. That is followed by extensive physical training for 90 minutes to two hours. After lunch I have my sex training. First I receive instruction on techniques, then I practice the techniques, then I receive training on maintaining erections and delaying ejaculation. In the later afternoon I have two classes, one on personal care and one on socializing. Both of these classes touch on manners. This is followed by dinner and personal study time. I learn to use my study time wisely to help avoid beatings before bed. During any free time during the day I use my tongue exercisers and practice my Kegel techniques whenever possible.

After what I think is the fourth day my cunnilingus instructor gives me minimal instruction during our session and for the first time actually shows signs of sexual gratification after our session. The next day she starts me on manual stimulation instruction before ending our session with me licking her pussy. I wonder if that is standard procedure. I choose to believe it is not.

That same day I am able to keep myself from coming even after being taken to the brink three times in a row. On the fourth time as I am gearing up to stave off my orgasm my instructor tells me to come. I let myself go and she keeps up the stimulation and I almost black out from pleasure as my cock shoots a stream of come as hard as if I had had to pee for several hours. I am not forced to eat it. When I go to put my robe back on my instructor takes it from me and hands me an all-white robe to replace it. I believe I am now an official trainee.

I put my blinders on and wait for my LG. My instructor comes and removes my blinders.

"You are on your own now. You know what to do."

My LG arrives to take me to lunch. We walk down the hall, me a half-step behind him, when I see a figure coming from the other direction. I know I am inferior to all other people so I bow my head to look at the floor. After about ten more paces I stop myself just in time to prevent myself from running into the Green robed figure. A hand is set on my shoulder and I am guided to the floor.

Green opens her robe to expose her pussy to me and pulls my head forward. I bury my face in her cunt. This time I am not stopped. I put all the skills I have learned so far to use and Green appreciates it. I shift my eyes upwards and see LG's hands massaging and toying with Greens nipples. I lose myself in my tongue work. I am in a dream like state when Green's orgasm wakes me up from my reverie. She comes in wave as her pussy soaks my face.

After she is done she closes her robe and moves on. I pull a towel from my bag and wipe off my face before LG and I go on our way. After my hallway appetizer LG takes me to my lunch.

* * * * *

M never came home.

When I woke up the next morning her side of the bed was empty. I checked the phone and caller ID but there were no messages or even missed calls. I tried texting her.

I was useless that day. I alternated between being worried about her to being angry with her. I thought about calling the police but decided to wait until 5. I started wondering if she had been with another guy and somehow that made me horny. I couldn't do anything about that because I didn't know how much time I had to play and I didn't want to encourage those thrills in myself.

I called M's cell once but it went right to voice mail. I got a few things done around the house, checking out the window every few minutes, torturing myself wondering what had really happened the night before.

Finally I went to my computer to see if she might have e-mailed me. She hadn't, but there was a message from Mistress D.


I understand your situation. I can't do anything about your marriage, and if I could I wouldn't. But perhaps I can work something out on the financial side if that would make a difference.

I still want to see those missing balls?


Danielle scared me and intrigued me. I liked her style. I was afraid what she might do to me and to my marriage.

<> <> <> <>

After lunch the same LG comes in to fetch me. As soon as we are out in the hallway I follow her lead and bend my head.

I hear her voice softly. At first I think I am hearing things. This is the first time since I have arrived that someone has spoken to me in a non-authoritarian voice.

"Don't react to my voice. Keep walking as usual. Listen to me and don't answer. If we are discovered the punishment won't be pleasant, even if you enjoy pain."

I follow her without reacting.

"The Authority, that's what we call whomever is running this place, has cameras in most every room with microphones. That's There are cameras in the hallways also but not as many and they aren't as closely monitored. They won't listen to the tapes unless something unusual happens or the monitoring software catches a keyword. This is the only place that is relatively safe to talk.

"Someone did this for me when I first arrived. You will do it for someone who arrives after you.

"You master or mistress may have told you something about this place, but you still probably have a lot of questions. Don't ask anything. Don't speak at all. I will tell you everything I know. Any questions I don't answer probably will never be answered.

"I don't know where we are. Everyone who is brought here is drugged in their sleep and no one wakes up until you get here. Only the very highest level people know where we are, and they are sworn to secrecy. We speculate it is in an island somewhere.

"It doesn't matter. You are not getting out of here except on their terms. You may have volunteered to come here but you belong to them now and there is no escape. The best thing to do is to embrace your new life and your new role. The sooner you do that the sooner you can move on. There are no 'safe words' here.

"Your master or mistress has had you come here to learn certain behaviors. They may want you to be a full-time slave for the rest of your life. They may just be trying to iron out some of your personality and make you a better sexual partner. It may be something in between.

"Besides the basic program required of all slaves, anything you are subjected to will be because your master or mistress wanted you to. Remember that when you are subjected to something unusual and it will keep you going.

"You got that ring put on your finger the first day. You may be wondering what that is for.

"The ring had a small transponder embedded in it with all of your master or mistresses parameters coded into it. It tells the masters here how much pain they are allowed to inflict beyond the required minimum levels, it tells them what kind of sexual contact you are allowed to have. They have readers inside their robes that they can get the information when they want it.

"When your master or mistress arrives, she will have a ring also. It will communicate much of the same information. The major difference is that theirs are gold and they will only be required to wear the ring while they are here. You will wear yours when you return to the world and for the rest of your life.

"You are probably wondering about the world. Perhaps you left a job there. It has all been taken care of. If you left a job the Authority has either taken care of it with your boss or some other source of income has been found so that you no longer need to work.

"You are probably figuring out the robe hierarchy. Orange signifies instructor. All the others generally rank so that darker is higher. You already know that neophytes wear Candy Cane robes. That signifies they may be beaten but not used sexually. Once you have passed basic sex training you wear a white robe. You are still off limits for anyone who is not a blue or higher.

"Once you pass the probation status and become an official trainee you will receive a yellow robe with a white sash. After you have mastered all the basic techniques you will receive a gold sash. Around that time your master or mistress will join you here at the academy. Once you have both passed that phase you will officially become a light green, but you will return to the world before you wear it."

"One last thing. If you end up with a Purple giving you pain training be careful. She is a sadist. She loves giving pain so much she helps out the regular instructors."

We arrive at our destination. LG knocks on the door and leaves as soon as it opened. She has left me with plenty of questions, but they won't be answered today. Or as she said, they probably never will be.
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