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The Arrangement

Posted on : 2012-01-27 15:12:00.273252

It was just terrifying when my wife caught me surfing for porn. I thought she was asleep in bed and I was indulging myself as usual in front of my desktop computer. But for some reason she got up and I didn't hear her come into the study behind me until it was too late.

"And what exactly do you think you are doing?" she said. I thought I was going to faint. The blood rushed to my head and I panicked, pressing every key I could find. But the video just wouldn't go away. The big black guy was just easing his cock into the pussy of a rather ordinary looking mature lady. She was on her back, legs wide apart, massaging her clit.

"DON'T!" she shouted "Leave it alone. I want to see what turns you on these days Dave."

"Look I'm sorry..." I stammered "I just wanted to..."

"Oh shut up" Julie said "Don't start telling lies as well."

The big black guy was thrusting into the lady now, wobbling her huge boobs and making her gasp with each poke.

"He's a bit bigger than you isn't he Dave?" Julie said. "Don't you wish you had a cock like that?"

I didn't say anything. My wife sometimes taunts me about my lack of sexual prowess. This has the effect of making me lose my erection quite often, which just makes matters worse.

"She's enjoying that isn't she?" Julie went on. "I wonder if he'll give her a little black baby."

That was another taunt directed at me. We didn't have children. We never found out why because we weren't that keen to be parents anyway but she always hinted that it was me.

The black fellow suddenly pulled out of the mature lady's pussy and squirted his sperm all over her stomach and breasts. "Oh what a waste" Julie said, watching him squeezing the last drops out of his cock onto her bush.

"I suppose you were having a wank, were you?" she said.

"No, I was just..." I replied

"Shut up Dave, you disgust me." she interrupted. "Now I'm going back to bed and I suggest you find another bed in this house for tonight."

Well I was shaking after that episode. I helped myself to a large whisky and then went off to the spare bedroom. But I have to say I didn't get much sleep, and, after that roasting, I seriously thought she would divorce me.

Julie is scary. She hasn't always been scary. She was really quite meek and mild when I married her. I seduced her in a tent on holiday. She let me do all sorts of things and what's more she did whatever I asked! But for the last eleven years she's had a high powered job as Human Resources Manager with this big company in town and now she really thinks she's the big cheese. I heard that the staff call her "The Bitch". To be fair she looks the part, tall, short dark hair, quite a hard face, but sort of pretty too. Every day she wears a short black dress to work. She has a whole wardrobe of them. She does look spectacular in those black dresses. The summer dresses in particular are quite low cut which shows off her magnificent pair of boobs and all the dresses are slim fitting which leaves you in no doubt about her figure. She did a long course on Interview Technique some years ago and being questioned by her is something like being in a torture chamber. One of my mates called her a stuck up bitch. I wasn't supposed to hear that but I did, and what he said didn't really surprise me. There's a good joke -- "What is the difference between a slut and a bitch? A slut is a girl who will sleep with anyone and a bitch is a slut who won't sleep with you!"

Our relationship has gone downhill over the last few years or at least I think it has. We have sex once a week, on Saturday evenings. She just lets me take off her nightdress and fuck her. That's about it really. As I said, I'm not a great performer in the bedroom, but that is mostly because of her attitude.

I also have to confess that I probably couldn't perform at all without the little blue pill. I started taking these a year or two ago and they are fantastic! So when I get her nightdress off and look at her beautiful naked body I get really hard and it doesn't collapse on me until I've had her. But without the blue pills things don't always work out for me.

Relationships were distinctly frosty for some weeks after the video episode. Whilst I was permitted back into the martial bed, sex on Saturdays was completely off the menu.

It was a Saturday morning when my computer went down. I was just about to send an important email to a business colleague in Hong Kong when it just died on me. Right, what to do? I know, I'll use Julie's laptop, the one she takes to work every day. She was out shopping so I couldn't ask her permission. I just turned it on and soon I had my email away. I don't know why, but then I opened Internet Explorer and clicked on history. Oh my god! The silly cow didn't know about deleting history did she? There were all these sites, and every one of them interracial. I did a search next "*.jpeg". And all these photos came up. Jeez! One after another, there were hundreds! A small number showed white guys with huge cocks but the rest were black fellows with massive stiff cocks pleasuring neat little white girls! What's more there were three videos, and one of them was the very video I had been watching when she caught me!

Well I was truly shocked by that! Carefully I put her laptop back exactly where it had been and wondered what to do with my discovery. Should I confront her? Ask her if she wanted to be fucked by a big black cock? Maybe I should arrange something?

I decided to do nothing and to think about it. So I was careful not to mention anything at all that might let on that I had ever used her laptop, or that I knew anything about her little obsession. Every now and again I checked up on her and sure enough the library of pics was growing. I was staggered, my wife was into porn! I may be naïve but I really didn't think that female did porn, well only a very few of them.

After a couple of months I finally plucked up enough courage to get her nightdress off one Saturday evening. But all the time I kept thinking about what she really wanted. Looking down at her beautiful naked body while my cock slipped in and out of her neatly trimmed bush, my imagination went wild thinking about how she might react to having a big black guy in bed with her and what they would do together.

Then I began to seriously think about how I could fix something. I knew that if I suggested anything to her it just wouldn't work. There would be denials and she would just explode. Anyway I would have to confess that I had been using her laptop.

Of course I knew straight away who I could ask. It would have to be Josh. I had been in the army with him many years ago. We had both been platoon sergeants on the same unit and we thought the same way. After we left the army we kept in touch and went out now and again for a drink and to reminisce about the good old days. Of course there was the small problem of how to ask him if he wanted to fuck my wife! I pondered on this for a long time, thinking about all the different ways I could approach the subject.

It took me several months to work out what to say to Josh. There was of course always the possibility that he would say no. Then there would always be the embarrassment factor and I might even lose a friend. But I knew that, sooner or later, I would have to ask him.

He listened carefully as I told him about Julie and me. I told him about our rocky relationship and how distant she had become. Then I told him about what I had found on her computer. I said she needed something that I couldn't give her. But he might be able to.

I remember the smile slowly spreading over his face. "You want me make love to your wife?" he said. "In a special sort of way" I said, trembling slightly with excitement. Then I told him what I had in mind. His smile got bigger and bigger as I outlined the plan.

"That sounds like a lot of fun Dave" he said. "When do we do this?"

I told him to leave it a few weeks and wait for his invitation. Now all I had to do was fix it with Julie.

"You remember Josh, don't you?" I said. She nodded.

"Well I thought we could invite him to dinner." I said casually "Haven't seen him in ages. What do you think?"

There was just a momentary hesitation which made me think she could read my mind. "Sure" she said "Arrange it then."

"Saturday week?" I suggested.

Again there was a slight pause before she said "OK, I'll buy something good."

I rang Josh from the kitchen phone whilst Julie was there. We had a chat and then I invited him to dinner. Of course he accepted!

I put the phone down. "He wants to stay over, that's OK isn't it?" I said.

"No problem" Julie said "As long as you make up the spare bed."

So it was fixed. I waited until Julie was out and then rang Josh to go over the plan in detail. Mostly he just laughed. "You really think this will work?" he said "What happens if it doesn't?"

"Then I guess I'll be single again pretty soon" I said.

"If you are sure Dave" he said.

"I'm sure" I replied.

Waiting for Saturday was an ordeal. I shook with excitement every time I thought about what I had arranged with Josh.

Of course Josh arrived with a gigantic bunch of flowers for Julie. I mean huge. They must have cost a fortune. Julie was flustered about the flowers and blushed as she thanked him by kissing him on both cheeks.

Josh's seduction technique was almost embarrassing. All through the meal he was so attentive, flattering and helpful. He jumped to his feet to help with dishes and the serving of the food, disappearing into the kitchen with Julie from time to time. Afterwards he insisted on clearing up and even washed the dishes. He couldn't put a foot wrong.

We sat in the lounge and chatted for a while about all sorts of things. Josh sat next to Julie and she pulled her legs up onto the sofa in a provocative sort of way. At least it tied in with how she was behaving towards him. Or was it just my imagination?

Finally it was time for bed. I showed Josh to his room. "Remember" I whispered "A couple of minutes after "Get on top""

"Sure" he said "You keep telling me -- stop worrying."

Julie was already in the shower when I went to our room and I showered after her. It was only when I got into bed that I noticed her new nightdress, a short black job, almost transparent. "Wow" I said, "That is really sexy"

"I wondered if you would notice" she said "Or whether you would just pull it off as usual..." She smiled at me in a way I hadn't seen for years.

I dimmed the bedside light. She hadn't picked her book as usual but lay on her back, legs slightly apart. She looked at me and wet her lips. I kissed her and she responded with her tongue, poking it in and out of my mouth. I felt her breasts and found the hard nipple under the flimsy fabric of the nightdress. Her hand slithered down to hold my stiff cock. I kissed her nipple through the nightdress and slipped my hand down over her stomach. The plan was working so far!

A few minutes later and the nightdress was on the floor in a crumpled heap. My fingers explored between her legs, slipping down through her neatly trimmed bush and between her lips. She moaned as I pushed two fingers into her, probing for her G spot. My thumb flicked over her clit and her hips bucked off the bed. "Oh yes" she whispered "Just like that, just there..."

"You know what we should do" I said softly, my lips nibbling at her ear "We should ask Josh to come in here and get into bed with us. You would enjoy that wouldn't you, sexy lady..."

Julie writhed on the bed, her eyes tightly shut. "Mmmmmm...." She moaned.

"He would be on one side of you and I'd be on the other" I went on "Our hands would roam all over your beautiful body, squeezing your nipples and down here too; you would be able to feel his huge cock pressing against your know he's going to fuck you, there's nothing you can do to stop him."

Julie's breath came in short gasps now as her imagination went wild. Her hand squeezed my cock tightly. "Yes, yes, I can feel it..."

"Then... my darling" I continued "We'd slowly pull your legs wide apart and Josh would kneel there, bending his massive black cock down to your dripping pussy..."

"Oh stop it" she gasped "I can't stand it, you randy bastard..."

Her pussy was really slippery now and my fingers whirled round her clit. "You feel his great big shiny knob pressing against your pussy, easing the lips apart..."

I took her earlobe in my mouth and whispered softly "I'd like to watch you darling" I said "I'd really like to watch you fucking with Josh, I want to see his huge stiff black cock sliding into you... watch your back arching in orgasmic pleasure..."

"Oh god, oh god, oh god" Julie gasped, her body shuddering.

"Maybe before he fucked you with that monster black cock" I went on "Maybe he'd go down on you and use his tongue on you like this..." Placing my hands on her knees I pushed her legs wide apart and buried my mouth in her pussy, slipping my tongue inside her and then up and over her clit. My fingers pinched her nipples, feeling their hardness. Julie moaned and moaned, her cries getting louder and louder.

"So it's time" I said, rolling onto my back "Now get on top and think of Josh's huge black pole..."

It was almost like the old days when she had been so compliant. Quickly she scrambled up and straddled me, taking my rigid cock in her hand. Then she sat down on me and I felt the warmth of her body envelop me. "Yes, yes" she whimpered "he would take me Dave, take me and fuck me, so hard, so hard..."

I thrust into her, pretending I was Josh. If I wasn't careful I'd cum inside her and it would all be over much too quickly. I hadn't seen her turned on like this for years and years.

"You know what should happen now" I said, holding her wobbling breasts and running my thumbs over the hard nipples "Josh should come in through that door, and then he would get on the bed behind you..."

Julie shuddered. "Oh yes" she said breathlessly as she rocked back and forth on my cock.

"His massive cock is ready to take you Julie" I went on "Coming at you, touching your pussy, easing between your lips and..."

"Fucking me like the bitch I am" she gasped.

The bedroom door opened quietly and the light flooded in from the passage. Josh came in. He was wearing the white towelling robe from the spare room. Julie froze, breathing hard. "No" she said quietly "Not really, you couldn't..."

Josh came silently to the bottom of the bed, grinning at me. Then he undid the cord of his robe and let it fall open. Even in the dim light from the bedside tale lamp I could see his massive erection. He took a bottle out of the pocket of the robe and squirted a liberal quantity of lube into his hand. Still grinning he greased his cock with it, then dropped the robe off his shoulders onto the floor. The bed moved gently as he knelt on it, just behind Julie. His knees began to push her legs further apart.

"Oh my god no, no, really can't happen...." Julie gasped

But it was going to. I withdrew my cock from my wife's wet pussy. It fell onto my stomach with a slap. Josh put his hands on her hips and shuffled forward. My wife jumped as she felt his cock touch her lips. Then Josh took his cock in one hand and wiped it up and down her pussy, mixing the lube with her juices. Julie shuddered and she began to sway slowly back and forth. "No" She muttered, contradicting what her body was doing "You can't let him Dave, you can't let him fuck me, no, no..."

"Oh yes I can" I said quietly "You've wanted it for ages, now here it is Julie, the biggest, blackest, stiffest black cock you've ever seen..."

Josh was still teasing her with his shiny knob, pressing it against her pussy lips, threatening to part them and push his whole length into her. Julie slumped forward onto me, moaning quietly. But her backside was up, waiting for Josh to take her. I slid my hand down to her clit, feeling the little hard bump with my fingertips. I could feel Josh's cock there and now I took hold of it, gripping the shaft. Josh put his hands on her hips and slowly pushed forward.

"Now" I whispered into her ear "Here it is my darling, real black cock, all for you..." As I spoke I felt Josh's slippery cock sliding through the palm of my hand and into her wet pussy. "Aaaaargh" Julie moaned loudly and her pussy squelched as it enveloped him. "Oh Jeeeeeez!" she moaned "That is so huuuuuge!" Josh and Julie grunted together as he rammed the last few inches into her.

I pulled Julie's head down to my face. "Is that good Julie?" I whispered "How does real big black cock feel, deep inside you like this?" Julie moaned, her eyes tightly shut "Mmmmmmm...." She muttered "That feels so good, so big, so deep inside me..."

She couldn't help herself and began to rock her body gently back and forth, her wet and slippery pussy sucking at Josh's cock. "Yes" she gasped "Yes, oh yes, that's it, fuck my pussy just like that, Oh yes..." And now Josh was warming up. Holding her hips he began to reciprocate her rocking motion, easing his cock in and out of her as she swayed back and forth. "That's good" he muttered "So nice and tight, so wet and willing..."

Julie gasped as my fingers found her erect little clit. "Oh yessss!" she hissed "Just there...Oh yessss!" I started a circular motion with my fingers, round and round on her little bump. Then I found that I could massage her clit with the heel of my hand while my fingers pressed on her labia and tickled that most sensitive area to each side of a woman's pussy.

The action was getting a little more energetic now. Josh was gripping her hips more tightly and his gentle easing of his cock in and out of my wife pussy had become a firm thrusting. "Ugh!" Ugh!" Julie grunted in time with each stroke. Now she pushed up from me so as to let Josh fuck her better and deeper. Her big breasts swung slowly back and forth over me, her erect nipples brushing against my chest. Stretching down I could still reach her pussy with my right hand, cupping her whole cunt in my hand, curling my fingers round to press her labia against Josh's thrusting cock.

Josh growled gently and upped the pace a bit. Julie matched him, thrust for thrust, pushing back on his shaft, gasping, wriggling, moaning. Obscene sloshing and smacking sounds came from my wife's pussy as Josh continued to take her, harder and harder.

"Mustn't..." moaned Julie "Mustn't cum in me, can't let him Dave...mmmm!"

But I knew he would. There was no way this great mating was going to suddenly stop now. He would go on until he spurted his sperm deep into my wife's body, up into her womb, perhaps to fertilise her... and the danger of that excited me.

"Oh my god I'm gonna cum" gasped Julie "It's too much, too much, yes, yes, Oh, yes, there, fuck me Josh, fuck me, harder, HARDER, YES, YES,YES!!! OOOOOOOHHHHH!" Julie crashed into her orgasm, wriggling and writhing, her buttocks clenched tight as she fought to escape Josh's pounding thrusting cock. But Josh wouldn't let that pussy get away from what he was about to do. My wife's noisy climax had triggered him and he wanted to give her his seed. As Julie howled and struggled Josh gripped her hips tightly and pulled her against his waist. I knew then that this was the moment and that he was pumping his sperm into her. "Ugh, ugh, ugh, arrrrgh!" he shouted as his spurts of semen shot up into her body.

"Oh my god! oh my god!, NO, NO, NO! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!!!" she shouted. But Josh just grinned from ear to ear. Then, he slowly withdrew his cock from Julie's sopping wet cunt. "Oh Jesus!" said Julie as he stood up. I could feel it now, his semen dripping out of her pussy down onto my cock and belly. Then Josh casually picked up the robe from the floor. "Catch ya later" he said quietly "And thanks, I really enjoyed that... your wife is a terrific fuck."

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