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Pippa and Harry Ch. 03

Posted on : 2012-01-27 15:42:55.079058

Please Please if you do not like Cuckold Stories which lead onto the husband being dominated by his wife (and this involves humiliation) please do NOT read. You will only upset yourself!! For those that do.. please enjoy and hope you will find the Journey worthwhile and stimulating.

Pippa and Harry -- A Journey.

Chapter 3 -- Sunday. Weight challenge.

Next morning I awoke to find that my eyes had been 'glued shut'... All those juices had dried on my face and encrusted round my eyes. I was like a small baby. I was just about to rub them when I remembered I had promised not to.

I lay there, in darkness, thinking about what had happened over the last two days. I could still not believe what had happened. We had never had so much sex and excitement since we had married some six years ago.

When one of your senses is removed it always seems as if the others are heighten...

I heard Pippa moving and wondered about calling out. Perhaps I had better not... and in any case I could now hear the shower going so I would have to wait. Hopefully not too long as I rather wanted to go and pee...

It seemed like ages, but probably no more than 15-20 minutes later when Pippa came in.

'Good morning little Harry.'

(''Little Harry'' now???)

I felt her approach the bed. Smelt her perfume as her face came close to mine, her breath.... and then... a gentle kiss on my forehead followed. I felt her draw back...

I did not move. Pippa's voice was calm, like a nurse.

'You are smelly and your face is a mess.'

'I cannot open my eyes.'

'I guessed that might be the case, now let Mummy clean you up. Hold your face still.'

(I was already hard and carefully I was playing with myself hoping Pippa would not notice. For some unknown reason what was happening now was turning me on).

A warm damp flannel was being used to clean my face. It felt great. Very relaxing really to lay back and have someone else do this for you. Soft wipes round my eyes got a lot of the 'gummy' residue of the night before off and I was able to open my eyes.

As I did so I looked up into Pippa's face, which was quite close. She leant in to kiss my forehead once again. At the same time her right hand had crept under the sheets and duvet and had found mine... on my penis. Her left was stroking my hair and face.

'Now now little boy leave that alone. That's Mummies property and little boys shouldn't touch it without permission. Promise Mummy your never touch that again without her permission?' I was caught up in dreamland. Why not? It's only a game.

'I promise.'

'Promise who?'

Oh no.

'I think you like this.. come on say it.. you know what'

'I promise Mummy.'

Pippa giggled.

'This is such fun.'

I was not all together sure. My cock was hard, and now Pippa's hand was on it, her fingers gently running in all directions... over and down to my balls... back again.. it was feeling even better..., but the humiliation, it was mortifying.. but sooo so arousing..

Pippa was now moving her hand up and down.. Grinning at me..

'Just think if I had really sucked off Jim last night...made him 'cum' in my mouth... and then given you a kiss straight after...'

I could not help it. I came.

Pippa was laughing.. 'Oh you naughty little little boy.'

With that she got to her feet wiping her hand on the sheet as she did so.

'Play times over. Time for you to get up. We have to pick up the kids in an hour.'

And, as Pippa was going out the door, she looked back at me... lying there almost in shock at what had take place..

'You can do the washing of all the bed linen. It needs changing.'

I wanted to go back to sleep, but there was not enough time.

As we got on with the day I noticed that both Pippa and I kept on glancing at each other. I could not help at times to grab her and give her a quick kiss.. which was reciprocated ..

We were sitting down to a late supper after we had got the twins to bed and I was just going to help myself to a second helping when I felt Pippa's hand take hold of the one I had the serving spoon in.

I looked up



'No more second helpings.

I know you are not fat, but I want you to slim down. I was thinking about you today. I want the man back who I married six years ago.. and that includes getting rid of the 'love handles' around your waist.'

I looked down. I did not look fat, although I knew I was carrying more weight than perhaps I should.

'I can try, but you know I tried a couple of years ago without success.'

'I want more than try. I want you to do it.'

I sighed, 'well in which case I need a few carrots...'

'Like a donkey?'

'Sure I need an incentive.'

Pippa looked thoughtful. 'Ok if you want to be a donkey..'

'I'm not a donkey.'

'Looks like I have to treat you like one. Incentives'!! Pippa was clearly exasperated.

I watched as an expression of thoughtfulness came over Pippa. I wondered what she was thinking.

'Alright I will compromise. The ending of that phrase is 'carrot and stick'. I can agree to former if you can agree to the latter...'

Hmm. I thought sounds ok for the first part.. but

'What's the stick?'

'Nope. You tell me what incentive will help you work to cut down your weight, back to what you had when we married, and then I tell you what the stick is.'

'Frankly I don't know what to suggest as an incentive...' at which point a grin crossed my face.. 'I've just thought of something..'

'Not sure I am going to like this...'

'You could wear stockings.'

'I don't wear them.'

'I know, but I have always wanted you to and if anything would give me an incentive to lose weight that would be it.'

'How would it work?'

I thought quickly.. 'Say we use our electric scales each Sunday to check my weight. If I have lost a pound and a half or more then you wear them every day for the next week when you would normally wear tights. No cheating mind you and wearing jeans every day. Just as you would do normally.'

I could see Pippa was thinking about it.

'Actually that's not unreasonable. I tend to wear trousers most of the time anyway. Alright, agreed, but what if you do not lose a pound and a half or more or worse still gain weight?.

'Thought you were going to choose the 'stick' to beat me with?' This was almost silly. I was starting to giggle.

'True, my choice, let me think about it.'

I waited wondering, watching Pippa twist her wine glass round by it's stem as clearly she was turning ideas over in her mind. Pippa cleared her throat and she had a sly look on her face. That did not bode well. She could be quite devious at times as I knew to my cost over the years of our marriage when she wanted to get something her own way.

'I think the stick should be on a sliding scale. Light punishment to start with it getting tougher as it goes on. That way you will have more and more incentive to lose weight.'

I slowly nodded my head. 'Sounds acceptable.. so far... do continue my dear wife.'

Pippa glared at me for my sardonic tone.

'If you take that attitude.'

'Sorry sorry' (hands in the air.. surrender) 'only teasing..'

Pippa subsided and reached over to grab her diary.

'I'm going to write this down so we do not forget. Out of interest how much over weight are you?'

I hesitated

'We will check you know before we go to bed tonight, but roughly for now'

'About nine pounds I think'

'Ok so that should take you no more than about five weeks. If you work at it. Harry I am going to write some thoughts down and at the end you can comment.'

I looked on as Pippa wrote down

Failure penalties, cumulative.. 1st Harry does all the washing, ironing and cleaning 2nd + Harry does not fuck me (He will hate it, I will really miss it..) 3rd + No more blow jobs or hand jobs 4th + Sleeps in spare room (tell the kids Dad's ill... which he is!) 5th + Has to call me Mummy and obey me, (even in public..)

'You have got to be crazy.'

'Why? It's no good have something which is too easy. Clearly you get something you have wanted in years.. I have to wear stockings. That's not good for me. You in turn, I am sure, would agree that if the punishment is too easy then you will just keep losing and gaining weight. I want you to really want to lose it.'

'There is still no way I can agree to this.'

Pippa's mouth went to a thin line, her face was stern.

'I'm fed up of your attitude. Your to agree to this, which is reasonable, because I absolutely sure your be climbing walls even by the 2nd penalty, if we get there.. so we never will.

Frankly we had better not as I really like a long fuck and I shall be really fed up also, but you have to lose weight.

Or you can move into the spare room now.

You seem to have no will power at times. I am not going to be married to a middle aged slob. If you keep eating as you are you will be one. That is not one of the things I want. Think again.'

I looked at her. This was no bluff. She looked utterly determined. Just as I imagined she could be when she was working as a lawyer..

Slowly I tried to relax. It would never get that far. I could lose the weight. Think of the bonus. Pippa in stockings.. My cock twitched.

'Alright, but surely there must be exceptions??'

'No. I mean every word of this. I have to be firm otherwise I fear you will fail.'

I nodded, then, what if I get my weight down? what then.

Pippa looked at me. Considering... after a minute or so...

'IF you maintain your weight lose then I will continue to wear stockings. We still do the weight in each week. If you put any weight on at all... the penalties start immediately again'.

I tried to be calm. 'Is that it?'

Pippa's face was showing no emotion... but her voice was very very firm 'Yes'

I took a deep breath... I could do this... Pippa in stockings... "OK, Done'

We went back to our meal... I only had a small amount of the chocolate desert...

Later on...

After we had cleared up from supper and were getting ready for bed. I heard Pippa say from our connecting bathroom... 'Time to weight you.'

As I thought, after the 'weigh in' I was just over 9 pounds more than my original weight. Not impossible to manage. I was confident.

As we cuddled in bed before settling down Pippa whispered in my ear...

'I know what you are after ... however I am just too tired tonight to do anything now, so we have to get to sleep...however I leave you with this thought....' She trailed off.. Her hand was now loosely curling round my penis

'Go on..'

'I wonder what would happen if we got to the 5th penalty?'

'Not sure Why?'

'Well you have to obey me, right?'


'Try a few of these thoughts on... sleep on them... I might tell you no more masturbating as that would be all you would be doing by then...'

I could feel myself start to harden.. Pippa's breath and voice was in my ear...

'I might even ask you to arrange a date for me with another man... as by then I would really need a fuck... and I would not have had anything from you for weeks...'

I came on the spot...

'Oh dear. You've done it again. Sleep well'..' and with that Pippa turned over with her back to me.

I was left contemplating my very damp pyjamas and why it was that such a thought made me cum so fast.
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