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Wife, the Exhibitionist

Posted on : 2012-01-27 16:41:01.099338

My wife Lisa and I had been married for 3 years, had been married with me knowing the whole time that as inventive and open as she was sexually, that there was even more in there, struggling to get out.

To help your imagination, Lisa was 33 when this took place, was 5'5, a curvy 150 with long brown hair and equally brown eyes. Her hips led to a smaller waist, led to a pair of natural 38 D D D's. And yes, i did say natural, and yes, there are 3 D's in that measurement.

I always thought she could easily become an exhibitionist, and that played into a particular fantasy of mine. So, having had it, I decided to see if she would be open to it.

I slowly built up her self esteem, had her wear tighter or more revealing tops and or clothing in public, began with a little naughty talk.

That led to pointing out her exhibitionist streak, which was there, just hidden. That led to sex with the blinds open, sex on the back porch with the chance people might see.

The more things progressed, the more she was turned on by them. Of course, the ultimate end to that progression was the part that frightened her, and it wasn't discussed, i.e., sex with another person.

It progressed more and more. We would go to the bookstore and I would sit and drink coffee while she brazenly flirted with people. That led to her one time sitting at a table in the cafe, letting a man put his hand on her thigh as they chatted. I thought that was as hot as it would ever be, simply because I didn't think she would go farther. I had the idea that she wanted to, but there is a leap between want to and will.

She would pepper the naughty talk at home with what ifs, as in, what if instead of his hand on me, it was my hand on him? What if someone asks me for more than flirting? Like my number or something? What if i run into a really cute guy, huh?

And that was when I began repeating the mantra that as long as she was open and honest to me, and that she protected herself, that honestly whatever she wanted to do was OK with me, so long as she enjoyed herself. and so long as I could see, or hear, as that was most of the eroticism with me.

That went on for a while, her questions, my answers, her not believing them and wanting to.

She had a shirt that was sheer, meant to go over another shirt, and she would start wearing just the sheer one, when answering the door for the pizza deliveryman. Or she would pretend she was just ready to go into the shower and answer in a towel, one time 'accidentally' giving the poor man a tit show as she reached for the money. The sex after these times were very hot, and she finally admitted the thrill of it all for her, and admitted that she was receptive to taking it further, if I were.

That led to another sit at the cafe with another man, and while I sat on the other side of the room, she placed her hand on his thigh. When she moved it, it wasn't to take it away, but to move it up. I watched her stroke him through his pants and realized that everything had begun.

Well once she decided to go for it, she suddenly went from being assertive and sexually liberated to wanting me to make all of the decisions. I think it was a way of justifying it internally, such as: having sex with others = slut, having sex with others while my husband gains enjoyment = slut, but good wife, having sex with others while my husband gains enjoyment and tells me what to do = submissive wife. And as she was raised traditionally in the Midwest, i think that the submissive wife was what she was most comfortable in.

I knew that in order for this to work, she had to honestly enjoy the situation, which meant we had to choose wisely and, more importantly, ensure that she would actually enjoy it, more so than rubbing or flashing.

To that end, with my prompting, she decided to see how she felt letting men see her, nude or partially so. She bought a web cam and would show off her chest, she would clean the house in next to nothing with the blinds open, etc. She enjoyed it. Our back porch was ground level and had about a 4.5 foot wall surrounding it. It bordered on the main thoroughfare of our apartment complex. It was 80 feet to another building, so you had a thinly veiled illusion of privacy, but people could walk anywhere they wanted, 80 feet away or 6 feet away.

She wanted to take a chair out, have me sit in it (which made me all but invisible behind the wall) she would hike up her skirt, sit in my lap and go to town. She wanted to do this in the evening, when it was dark, but knowing that someone walking and looking at the right time could see her.

Now granted, she was clothed, and only visible from the tits up, but could still be seen rhythmically rocking, if nothing else. Plus, 'from the tits up' on Lisa was infinitely better than head to toe on most.

So we did, and we did have people see her, but apparently not me, as she just got a polite wave. She would become more brazen, unbuttoning her shirt more and more on subsequent tries, until there was a mound of cleavage to be seen.

She seemed to be 3 things. Turned on incredibly at what she was doing, slightly relieved that no one saw her, and tremendously disappointed that no one saw her. It also seemed like the last major hurdle for her, namely, that someone see her (whether just her attributes or in action) and give approval of her attractiveness. Then the shyness would disappear.

Knowing that the odds were low of a random walk by, and knowing how much she wanted to be seen, and also knowing that we might as well get the make or break out of the way, I had a work associate (with whom I discussed the situation, as he had a similar one) come to the neighborhood. I sent him a quick text when we went out, and voila, random encounter. I had told him to be casual, to be surprised. perhaps making a beeline in a dead run would be a little obvious, I told him.

Lisa had made it more than just cleavage by this point, often going without a bra and with the shirt completely open (as she did on this night). As she rocked, she saw him approach on the far side of the complex. She sat up a little straighter, just in case. He made eye contact, threw the friendly wave, proceeded on, and then, selling it like an actor, realized what he had seen and looked again.

When she realized he saw, she ducked a little, but also immediately came, so a nice mixed signal there. I put one hand on her hip, one in the small of her back to push her to sit up straight, as he watched. I whispered to her to tell me what was happening, that I could only half see. As she described, I asked what she wanted to do. She said she didn't know, but wanted to know if she should act like she didn't care or try to make more eye contact. When told it was up to her she decided to motion him over with a hand.

He told me the next day that he was just expecting a good long distance show, but when she motioned, he couldn't get there fast enough. He stood at the wall, smoking a cigarette, 6 feet away and watching very hungrily. Given how brazen it all was, it was silly that we continued to all whisper, but we did, at which point she invited him over the wall.

He looked around, climbed over and sat Indian style on the ground. Now she had her fantasy and the real question for me was what would she do. I leaned up and told her to ask him what he thought. She did, and he whispered back that he liked how she looked, he couldn't believe how lucky he was, this was so hot, he loved her tits, etc.

With no further prompting from me, she began to loosen, her muscles relaxed, she began to ask him to elaborate. Which he did. She whispered to me, "You said I can do whatever I want, right?" and I acknowledged this was true.

She asked him to prove he liked what he saw, he responded "Really?", and she told him again. He stood up, looked around, and unzipped and removed himself. She watched him play with himself for a second and then slipped off of me and stood.

She asked him if he understood that this was a one time show, to which he said he did. She asked if he enjoyed, he said he did. She took a step toward him and replaced his hand with hers. "Still understand?" she said, and he said yes.

And in one smooth motion she was in front of him, giving him furious head, the slurping grunting, I am so turned on that I am going to do this to completion as fast as possible to get my reward type, all hands and bobbing head. I watched the whole thing from behind her.

It took her about 2 minutes. I heard him groan, I saw her give that momentary twitch that let you know she had the shot in her mouth, and then she starting moaning and going at it again, swallowing and tormenting the poor man.

When she was finished she stood up, turned and went back inside. I smoked a cigarette with the 'stranger'. He just kept muttering "Jesus" over and over, hopped the wall and went on his way.

Afterward, she was a tigress.

And that was how it began. Stories soon to follow of how it proceeded.
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