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Giving Her Away

Posted on : 2012-01-27 16:50:05.682618

This is a completely true story.

I love my wife, with all my heart. I want to make that completely clear, from the beginning. My whole existence, it seems, is geared towards making her happy, in any way I possibly can.

It is with that end in mind, that I am entering into this. Make no mistake,.. I am getting my own thrill from the events that are occurring, now,... but it would all be for nothing, if she were not enjoying this,.. if it was not a path to her own happiness.

I've read many of the stories about cuckolding, here. And it has had it's attraction,.. the humiliation,.. the conflict,... I can understand the intense addictive quality of the stories. I've enjoyed these, but after a while, it becomes,... redundant,... loses it's attraction, it's sense of urgency,.. It loses it's edge.

There comes a time, when fiction is not enough. And that time has come for me.

Over the past few years, My wife, Stacy and I, have taken part in a few swinging scenes,.. and some BDSM activity. But for me, these brief encounters ended far too soon. One night stands are lacking in many ways, for me.

Usually, what would happen is this build-up, as she and I chatted with someone online, followed by a one-night (or day, or afternoon) meeting, after which, everyone except me seemed to lose interest. A quick release, followed by sudden silence,.. from her,.. from whatever partner we had met,... and I was left feeling empty,.. lonely and deeply disappointed.

And so, we left our swinging hanging,... it simply wasn't for us, the way it was going. We focused on BDSM, which is, unfortunately, much more her thing than mine. And as my lack of interest became apparent, we even left that behind, except for a few excursions into bondage, domination, submission and all that,...

Let me talk a minute about my wife. She has a very dominant personality. She's always been in a position of authority, in her work. She was a trauma nurse, for twenty-some odd years. She was the person who showed up to a severe car crash, or a shooting, or the train wreck you hear about, on the eleven o'clock news and fished the pieces out of the wreckage and tried to keep that person alive till they got to the hospital.

When I met her, she was trying to find an escape from that mentality,.. that state of mind, where she was required to be forceful and "in control." She became submissive to me. And she enjoyed it,.. for a while.

I say, "for a while" because dominance is hard for me to maintain, on a day-to-day basis. And for this to work for her, she needed to be dominated all the time. I, as a rule, am a very laid-back person,.. easy going, unless I am provoked,.. and I feel much more comfortable without the high blood pressure that always comes with that mind-set.

It's a bit late to "cut to the chase" but let's try, by saying that our relationship is quite complex. But we have never, ever had any disagreement about one thing. We love each other, with every fiber of our beings.

Enough background,.. on to my tale.......

Stacy's car was way overdue for an oil change, a few months ago. After going to the big-name quickie oil change places, we decided to take it to a little place up the road, that does general auto repair and see what they had to say about it... the other places were very high-priced, in our opinion, and I am a big fan of small business,.. having operated a few myself, over the years.

We walked in the door, and were greeted by this big, burly, bearded fellow, with a full head of shaggy brown hair, an infectious smile and the most open and affable personality I have ever seen, in this Northern state. His name is Joe.

We stood around, in the lobby, while the guys in the back were doing the oil-change and talked, quite openly, about all sorts of things. (My wife's license plate is very suggestive, if you are into the BDSM lifestyle, and he had noted it and commented upon it)

All through this first conversation, I made note of the growing air of .... I want to say "sexual tension", but that's not all it was,.. it was like love at first sight. Looking back, from this vantage point, I would be inclined to remove the word "like" from that observation,... I believe now that it WAS love at first sight.

It sounds strange,... from a standard "guy" point of view, I guess, to say that I am on cloud nine, because my wife might very well be in love with another man,... I know that a lot of guys,.. most guys would be either pissed off, or depressed about it,.. but I've never been accused, by anyone who knows me, of being "most guys."

So,... we've been back, several times,... to get a leaking tire fixed,.. to have the tires rotated,.. things like that. And a friendship has grown,.. and the desire Stacy and Joe have for each other has also grown,.. and is beginning to bloom. Email addresses have been exchanged,.. and I gave him her cell-phone number, via email.

I have written to him about it,.. encouraged him to approach her,.. made suggestions about dating her, and told both of them that they are free to pursue a relationship as far as they want,..

Let me pause, for just a moment, to say that I am not just sitting idly by, while all this is going on. We have always had an open relationship,.. both free to do whatever we want, with whomever we want, with openness and honesty ruling the day. Be honest with me, and I'll never say boo,... that is our philosophy on life and love. So, I am not setting myself up to be a cuckold,.. I am free to date. And I do have one eye open, for my own special someone.

But back to the story, as it stands now.

Nothing has come of it, so far,.. as far as dating,.. it is still very much a romance in progress. But,.. I know it is coming,.. and I cannot wait. I am so eager for her to plunge into this relationship with him, because I know that he will make her happy.

And I know she has been thinking about it, quite seriously,.. including the possible outcome, down the road. There is a danger, after all, that she may come to love him more than she loves me.

And yes,.. that is part of the attraction,.. the danger.

Stacy asked me, the other day, "What if six months down the road, he decides he doesn't want you in the picture, anymore?"

And of course, what she really meant was "What if I decide, in six months that I'd rather be married to him, than you?"

When she asked, there was this glorious heat that rushed directly to my crotch,... and a jolt of electricity that ran to my brain,... Ah,... it's come to this question already,...

And I answered truthfully,.. "If you find he makes you happier than I can,... then I'd step aside and let you marry him."

I do not understand why I find this all so satisfying,.. even the possibility of losing the woman I love, to another man.

The only thing I have said about it, to her, since then, was one night while we were making love, I asked her to promise that if she did marry him, I could play the father's role,.. and give her away.

.... but I am so eager to begin,... hopefully I'll have some updates, before long,...
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