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Journey of a Cuckold Ch. 08

Posted on : 2012-01-27 17:09:30.359906

As days passed the thoughts about what we missed after ending the relationship with Shrini and Rohini plagued me. Rohini and I frequently discussed about what transpired in the last year and half and each time I would unearth something that I didn't know.

I wondered when Rohini would try to convince me to reinitiate the affair but she never did. Despite the fact that I had let her know how sorely I regretted Mayuri's decision on several occasions, she didn't try to stoke my desire in anyway. Instead, she behaved as genuine friend, patiently listening to my ramblings.

Mayuri's libido had suffered as a consequence of this breakup and she seemed like the Mayuri I had known before she became Shrini's mistress. I had mentioned this to Rohini several times and each time she only mentioned that this was just a passing phase and soon she would return to normalcy. If this was normalcy then I preferred her previous avatar, I thought.

There were occasions when Mayuri in hot mood would discuss her episodes with Shrini, not in great detail but cursorily. As days progressed she became comfortable talking about her relationship with Shrini and didn't mind sharing more of the details. It was clear her motivation was psychological -- letting someone other than her husband mount her any and every time was incredibly thrilling experience for her. And if that someone happened to be well-endowed and skilled in the art of making love there is no end to the pleasure one can derive from such a promiscuous mating. To her the icing on the cake was that I approved and even waited for my turn on weekends, at least that's the way she saw it. She was not keen on reinitiating the affair though.

It was on the July 4th weekend, when Rohini finally opened up and shared with me what she thought about our situation.

"It is not a good idea," she said. We were discussing if there was anyway to convince Mayuri to become Shrini's mistress again.

"Why not?"

"Mayuri's interest in sex has waned," I complained.

"It is for good," assured Rohini. "You can't handle that kind of libido anyway."

"Precisely my point; she should become his mistress again," I retorted.

"You don't seem to see what it entails," said Rohini.

"Mayuri is not on the pills," she said hinting on what she meant.

"Shrini could use a condom," I argued.

"Forget it," she said dismissing that idea.

"Mayuri could use a cervical cap, diaphragm, or even a female condom," I added. Rohini laughed at my eagerness to reinstate the earlier state of affairs.

"Trust me," she said holding my hands in hers, "If this starts again then you would be raising Shrini's kids."

"She needs it," I said.

"But she is not selfish," said Rohini calmly.

"She knew Shrini would impregnate her if this continues.

"That didn't deter her though -- she suspected that anyway.

"What alarmed her was her desire to be bred by him."

"Are you serious?" I interjected.

"Hmm..." she nodded.

"My inability to conceive fuelled Shrini's desire."

"Mayuri, however, didn't need any such encouragement."

I was surprised by Rohini's description of the motives that ended the arrangement. Shrini harboring such thoughts was not surprising at all; although, I couldn't comprehend Mayuri's eagerness to conceive from Shrini. She was never keen on bearing children and had decided to postpone that process until she was into her thirties.

"Are you sure about Mayuri's eagerness?" I asked trying to get more information from her.


"Trust me," she said

"Mayuri would let him mount every time she is in heat, if this starts again," she said and quickly corrected herself, "She would encourage him to mount," emphasizing the word encourage.

"She always made him cum insider her during her fertile period. She instinctively chose to risk it with him," she added.

"Mayuri is not much into kids," I said surprised by her admission.

"You are right, she is not." Rohini quickly responded.

"However, alpha males tend to have such an affect on women they mate with."

All this surprised me a little. If Mayuri craved sex with Shrini to such an extent, she should have never stopped taking her pills. After all, the problem wasn't very serious and she had admitted this to me after we moved out of their place. And now that she had discontinued her pills, she shouldn't have much difficulty in conceiving from Shrini. After all, we had several discussions on reinitiating the arrangement again.

"What do you think?" I asked her changing the course of our conversation.

"Do you desire this?"

"The question is what you desire," she said taking a deep breath.

"If it excites you to have your wife become his mistress, then you should be willing to live with the consequences," she added as she took my hands in hers.

"Wouldn't it hurt you if Shrini choose to exclusively mate with Mayuri?" I asked her hinting at the motive behind my question.

"I have passed that stage now," she reluctantly admitted.

"Mayuri is incredibly beautiful woman and I understand that as you understand now that she was meant to be bred by him."

"It is not as if he would never need me!"

"Besides, you are always there," she added, hiding her nervous laughter. It was unnerving to understand her plight. She was able to hide her feelings but now that we had grown so close over past couple of years, I could see how vulnerable she was.

"To tell you the truth," she started again.

"It hurts a little but it is more psychological than physical."

"I would rather prefer to have sex with you, anyway," she said. I can't explain how elated I was after hearing this. Ever since Mayuri started sleeping with Shrini, I had been feeling a little low about my ability to satisfy women. I never had doubts about my ability to satisfy women and I never did think a lot about my size before this started. We had the urge to kiss each other and neither of us hesitated in doing so. And in no time I was on my knees eating her out.

"Hmm..." she exclaimed as I lapped at her pussy

"I missed this so much...."

"You are so good," she said as I moved on top of her. She latched onto my lips and kissed me fervently, while her hand moved to my erect penis and started jerking it.

"No wonder Mayuri has a tough time making up her mind," she said breaking the kiss.

"Choosing between your tongue and his penis!" she added. She slid down to take my penis in her mouth. Her talk was exciting me even further and I eagerly pushed my penis in her mouth. In no time, I started humping her mouth and when I tried to drive more of my penis inside, she pulled it out gasping for air and said, "I can't handle it!"

"Mayuri can," she said gulping her saliva.

"But may be she won't let you have that privilege," she said in a casual tone. Rohini had a knack in understanding psychology of a person. She would say things that would matter to me but very casually, as if it was just another statement. I had seen Shrini hump Mayuri's mouth twice and knew that Mayuri was quite adapt at handling him. Although, I never tried and neither did she ever encourage me to engage in that act. Rohini fellated me after taking a breather. She kept me on the edge by sucking on my penis and at the same fingering my asshole. She lay down after pleasing me and said, "Help yourself if you need more."

As I moved on top of her she stopped me saying, "No; I meant you could eat me." She pulled me to kiss and after the breaking the kiss said, "You are not allowed to mount Shrini's women."

"Not until you have pleased them," she added pushing me down. Reluctantly, I started lapping her pussy again.

"Get used to it," she urged me, "This is what you would be doing most of the time once Mayuri becomes Shrini's permanent mistress."

"I can almost visualize," she said.

"You returning home on a Friday night at 10:00 pm."

"Mayuri is entertaining Shrini in your master bedroom."

"Not having much to do but wait we make out in another bedroom," she said and then clarified, "Which essentially means you going down me."

"Not that we can't have intercourse, but I guess you would rather prefer doing with her after Shrini is done."

"Obviously, Mayuri would expect you to perform cunnilingus on her to soothe her inflamed pussy."

"In the process lapping up their mixed juices," she added seductively. All this excited me to such an extent that I started rapidly fingering her asshole. Most of her juices had flowed down to her puckered entrance and made it easy for me to finger her without causing her discomfort. This was the first time she let me finger her anus for such a long time. She started moaning in response to my expert ministrations on her clit and her anus. After having worked on her for more than ten minutes, she pulled me up and said, "Mount me!" "Show me you deserve to mount Shrini's women," she added. I sunk into her in one stroke as she let out a loud groan. Having had a long session previous night with Mayuri, I was in no hurry to empty my balls. I shafted her for further seven or eight minutes before ejaculating in her. She kissed me very softly and said, "You sure do deserve to mount me."

"Perhaps even Mayuri," she said as I smiled in response.

"As long as you understand her desire to be mounted by an alpha male such as Shrini, you should do just fine," she prophesied.

Now that we had quenched our thirst, we could attend to important issue at hand -- whether to take it to the next level or not. Putting together the pieces of puzzle was straightforward after this episode with Rohini.

Mayuri was a beautiful woman and for her to marry at a tender age to someone like me always puzzled everyone. It was perhaps a primary reason why always a well-endowed man pleasured her in my fantasies. Few months into Mayuri's affair with Shrini, I started doubting my ability to satisfy women. Fortunately, my doubts were unfounded as Rohini confessed about her preference to mate with me rather than Shrini. While it was true that Mayuri enjoyed sex with Shrini, she never implied that she was dissatisfied with our sex life. Unfortunately, I always presumed otherwise and my reading about this lifestyle reinforced it.

In retrospect, it was my desire to see Mayuri mate with well-endowed man that fuelled the arrangement and Mayuri's affair. It had little to do with my inadequacies and perhaps little to do with Mayuri's desire as well; although, had Mayuri shunned these thoughts, we could have never reached this stage.

I didn't realize that Rohini had moved down and took my sticky penis in her mouth as these thoughts went through my mind. She quickly moved back and kissed me forcefully and pushed some of cum into my mouth. Not having time to react I kissed her back, only to taste the bitter taste of my semen. After a prolonged kiss, she said, "You have a lot of potential."

"You should encourage Mayuri to become Shrini's mistress."

"Why?" I asked.

"You know why," she quickly retorted.

"Nothing could excite you more than knowing that a much able stallion is breeding your wife," she said.

"Not once; not twice."

"But several times, until he does justice to the beauty nature has bestowed on her."

"You know all that," she quickly added as an afterthought.

"Let's talk later," she said implying that there was something else she had on her mind. We decided to talk about it the following week.

The following weekend on Sunday, Rohini and Shrini visited us. They decided to stay over since Shrini had work in the SF office next day. I was working from our local office on Monday and then flying to client's office that night. After dinner, Shrini stepped out to meet a friend of his while we three stayed at home. Rohini and I were watching a movie while Mayuri was busy cleaning up. In between when Mayuri was in the bedroom, I prodded Rohini for more details on what she had on mind the other day. She didn't reply but said we should talk later.

Mayuri stepped out to do our laundry. It was around 9:00 or so it was not big an issue since the laundry room was downstairs just above the garage. She often did the laundry this time of the week since then it mostly unused and she can do it all in one go. As soon as Mayuri shut the door behind her, Rohini pulled me for a kiss and passionately kissed me. After breaking the kiss, I said, "Too bad, we can't do much. You are extremely hot today."

"We won't have time for much," she replied eagerly and kissed me again. I squeezed her apple-sized breasts hard as I kissed her back. In no time I was on top of her grinding against her groin. She stopped me saying, "Don't."

"Save yourself for Mayuri. She would need lot of relief tonight."

"I am guessing, Shrini would ravage my pussy for sure," she added. It was evident in the way they stole glances on the lunch table that the fire was very much simmering underneath and it only needed a little encouragement. Rohini quickly untied knot of her Salwar and pulled it down along with her panties to expose her fresh pussy to me.

"Eat me," she said quickly pulling me face into the wedge between her legs.

"Don't worry," she said as I hesitated, "We would have enough time to straighten up ourselves before Mayuri enters the living room."

I went down on her for another five minutes or so when Mayuri returned. We didn't have to make ourselves completely presentable as Mayuri didn't bother check on us and went back down again carrying another load. We got back to our business again. This time around, I lapped at her pussy for more than ten minutes and yet there was no sign of Mayuri. After eating her out for another five minutes, I had the urge to penetrate her and hence without much thought moved on top of her and kissed her fervently. She returned my kiss passionately and let me dry hump her. Not able to control my desire to penetrate her, I quickly pulled down my pajamas and lined up my penis at the entrance of her pussy.

"What are you doing?" she frowned on me grabbing my penis and stopping it from entering her.

"Aren't you forgetting the rule?" she said. Her voice softened a little as her hand slowly yet firmly jerked my penis.

"You can't mount Shrini's women."

"At least not until, he has had his turn and done for the day."

"Seriously, once you embark on this journey, you would have to wait for your turn."

"Always," she emphasized.

"Now get down there and eat me," she said in a stern voice pushing me down.

"Trust me, you are never going to regret that you took this turn in life," she assured.

"Now make me wet and horny," she said shoving her pussy into my face. I spent the next ten minutes pleasuring her with my tongue until she climaxed and then the next ten minutes rimming her. I was getting a little concerned about Mayuri as she had gone for almost an hour. It was a little over ten when we tidied ourselves; I was planning to check out on Mayuri and see if she needed any help but Rohini pulled me for another kiss. It was a slow and long kiss -- we explored each others mouths with our tongues. Breaking the kiss, she said, "You have it in you!"

"I would rather spend the night with you," she said teasingly, "But that would mean Shrini would be boning Mayuri all night."

"And if she is in her fertile period, which I believe she is, she would have tough time avoiding pregnancy," added Rohini. Mayuri soon entered carrying the load with clothes neatly folded and stacked.

"Let's talk tomorrow," Rohini whispered as I stepped out to get the rest of the stuff from the laundry room. Rohini opened the door for me when I returned. Shrini had returned from his friend's place and had already retired in our guest bedroom. Rohini took me aside and whispered, "You need to quench her thirst tonight."

"Ensure that she is satiated."

"Insist on sex even if she is reluctant."

"Mate with her as many time as you can."

"Who knows this might be your only opportunity to impregnate her," she added as she headed towards her bedroom. Her last statement was an ominous one and I contemplated over it for a moment. Rohini presumed that I had accepted her proposal and it was only a matter of time before it was consummated. While this was fair to presume, what Rohini really implied was that Mayuri would be willing to have bareback sex. I entered our bedroom a little hesitantly as these thoughts went through my mind. Mayuri was on the bed and the light was turned off already. Still unsure I moved to my side of the bed and sat there for a moment.

Mayuri hugged me from behind and planted a kiss on my neck. Her hands caressed my body and ever so lightly sneaked underneath my shirt. She caressed my body lovingly; her hands felt my taught stomach muscles before moving up to my well-shaped chest. And then she squeezed my chest (as if they were breasts) first gently and then viciously. She had picked up this nasty habit from Shrini as he had abused her breasts a lot during our stay at their place. It was perhaps one of the reasons why her bust size significantly increased during our stay. She played with my nipples a little, which I always enjoyed, before moving her hand inside my pajamas to seize my stiff penis. She jerked my penis the way Rohini did; mostly while disallowing me to mount her. Mayuri's this new act could have been interpreted as a novelty but to me it was clearly a way of humiliating me. I asked surprised by her new behavior, "What has gotten into you?"

"Lust!" she whispered into my ear.

"For whom?" I quickly asked not realizing that I was suggesting as well. In past we had several such intimate and hot conversations with full of innuendo but Mayuri never played along, she always tolerated it. Mayuri had frankly admitted, on a number of occasions, that she had immensely enjoyed the time she spent with Shrini. However, she never tantalizingly mentioned it in our conversations. To her it was just another fact -- similar to the fact that Rohini had difficulty in accommodating him. This time she didn't hesitate and whispered into my ear, "Lust for my lover," as her thumb massaged the knob of my penis. I turned a little to kiss her and she returned my kiss. She kissed forcefully, stroking my penis with her tight fist. Breaking the kiss she completed her response, "who is in the next room."

"Pity that he is not at his rightful place," she whispered again, every so slowly jerking my penis. She was not just participating but extending horizons of our relationship. I had admitted to her several times that the best part of the affair for me was that Shrini had his way with her as and when he wanted. As our relationship developed, we discussed our fantasies and a favorite one of mine was making love to her after she had been with Shrini.

"It doesn't matter, though," she said after a few moments.

"He must be blissfully asleep after dumping his load in my mouth," she said ever so lightly, her voice only trembling a little.

"Did you taste it," she asked, her voice returning to normal tone. I didn't know how to respond and only managed to ask, "Really?" I asked hesitantly, pretending to be disinterested.

"Here," she said leaning for a kiss, "try again." And without much hesitation I accepted her kiss. While I was kissing her, I wondered if she really performed fellatio on him and if so where?

"Not yet," she asked after breaking our prolonged kiss.

"Perhaps you should try to see if he left something down there for you," she added casually, pushing me to kneel down in front of her. She scooted forward and pulled my face into her pelvic region. She wasn't wearing her panties, which was unusual if she had indeed been fucked. Her lips were wet and didn't belie her state. Driving my tongue through her pussy a few times, I figured out that she had not been fucked. She laid back and lifted her legs over my shoulders and said, "Eat it out to your hearts content."
And then for the next forty-five minutes I was on my knees satisfying her with my tongue. I spent a lot of time on upper portion of her pussy, near her clit, and she would let me till it was too much for her and then she would push me southwards. I would spend a little time teasing her with my tongue at the lower end of her pussy. In doing so, often my tongue would slip a further down and lick her back hole. Surprisingly she never objected but only squirmed when my tongue accidentally invaded her puckered hole. Although Mayuri had rimmed Shrini countless times, he sparingly reciprocated the favor; Rohini insisted he only did three times on her. I wondered if Mayuri ever thought about receiving it, given that she knows how much Shrini craved for it.

She had two orgasms in the first thirty-five minutes but she never lifted her legs from my shoulder and every time I tried to rise, she forced me down with her legs. This was unlike Mayuri, who rarely insisted on such a long foreplay. In the last leg she did something even more unusual and unexpected. As her second orgasm subsided, I worked on her lower portion of pussy and as usual my tongue occasionally breached the forbidden territory. However, this time on every occasion her pelvis tilted up giving more access to her puckered hole. I wasn't sure if it was my mind playing tricks with me.

Mayuri had perhaps one of the finest asses among all the women I have personally known. Not that I had seen all of them naked but I could guess from general outline. Moreover, she certainly was one of the rarest to possess a reddish puckered hole that went along well with her pinkish pussy lips and slightly reddish areoles. I had seen Rohini's vaginal lips and asshole several times and they were very dark in comparison to her overall complexion. But then Rohini wasn't as fair as Mayuri either. Rohini and I had once discussed about this and according to her most Indian women would have her kind of color difference. Mayuri was special since she belonged to particular Brahmin caste that hailed from the Konkan region of Maharashtra, which was under French and Portuguese rule for quite some time. There were rumors that the rulers mixed with the local people, due to which most of these Brahmins have either blue or brown eyes. This was also one of the reasons why her parents were unwilling to accept me as their son-in-law.

I had little hesitation to rim such a beautiful ass However, I wasn't entirely sure if that is what Mayuri desired, hence I focused on perineum instead of directly moving to her asshole. She let me do that for a little while and then she placed her feet on my shoulders and lifted herself up a little to give access to her rear entry point. She gripped my hand as my tongue probed her asshole indicating that she indeed found that pleasurable. I supported her bum on my hands to ease the pressure on my shoulders and started pleasuring my wife. Mayuri immensely enjoyed the last ten minutes of our foreplay. By the time I was finished with her, her asshole had become so wet and supple that I could easily see-saw two of my fingers through her asshole.

Having satisfied her completely, I moved on top of her and kissed her forcibly and despite having climaxed couple of times, she responded fervently. She was not done yet and asked me if I had tasted his cum. To my utter surprise I quickly responded, "No but I wish I could," and kissed her again. Her hand quickly moved down to my erect penis but she had little difficulty in getting hold of it as our bodies were practically glued. I slid down next to her to give more access to her.

Our kisses were unusually wet, sloppy and extremely passionate. Breaking the kiss she said, "Perhaps he shot it right inside my womb." Her hands were busy jerking me very delicately and all the talk was now exciting me so much that I started to pump in and out of her fist.

"He breaches the narrow corridor of my cervix often," she said.

"Many a times he is deeply wedged inside my cervix while spewing his baby making sperm," she added in her seductive voice looking for a response in my eyes. In the faint light of our bathroom passage she could only sense my reaction. However, the frantic pumping underneath might have conveyed what she was enquiring about.

"Could he have impregnated me?" she asked innocently, reaching out for my lips. I kissed her passionately and very soon moved on top to mount her. She spread her legs and asked, "Where are the condoms?"

A rhetoric question! She immediately fished out one from our bedside table. Reluctantly I pulled it on top of my rock hard pecker that was longing to feel the insides of her vagina and perhaps have a shot at impregnating her.

"Just in case," she said as I slid my penis inside her well-lubricated vagina.

"I don't want to risk it."

"Although, I might already be pregnant," she said emphasizing that Shrini had the privilege of taking her bareback. Not sure what it was -- whether it was the humiliation or a sense of competition -- but it fueled my desire to quench her thirst. It was also Rohini's last words for the night that reminded me to do my best tonight; perhaps that helped me go down on her for over forty-five minutes. I never had much doubt in my ability to satisfy a woman with my tongue but satisfying a woman entirely with your penis is certainly a different ball game. I shafted her at a rapid pace as I thought about these things. Mayuri certainly was enjoying our intense session; she was continuously moaning and grunting every time I rammed my penis all the way into her. A few minutes into it, she raised her legs and placed them on my bum and pulled me into her. As my rhythm slowed down, she said, "Slow down."

"Easy," she breathed out.

"I want you to last at least half as long as he lasts," she added again nonchalantly. It inflated my desire to shaft her as long as I could but given very little room I resorted to kissing her forcibly and she responded passionately. I was eager to hump her -- her use of pelvic muscles was making harder for me to control my ejaculation. Breaking the kiss she said, "I can see that you enjoy having your wife entertain well-endowed men."

"Perhaps, I should invite him over every weekend." She eased the pressure and let me freely shaft her; realizing perhaps that I wouldn't hold on for much longer. I noticed in the watch that it has been over five minutes since I started shafting her. It truly was an achievement considering how excited I was and that I had already spend enough time with Rohini. Unfortunately, even my best timings couldn't beat Shrini's worst ones. Shrini's quickies would last thirty to forty-five minutes, the bulk of which would be Mayuri's foreplay on Shrini and then fifteen-to-twenty minutes of humping. Determined to please Mayuri for as long as I could, I tried varying the pace and rhythm to postpone my ejaculation and after about another eight minutes I climaxed. Mayuri hugged me very tightly as if were unloading in her.

"That was terrific," she exhaled.

"Looks like all the talk fired you up," she added.

"I knew you were making it up all along," I responded.

"I bet you wished it was all true," she said slapping my but.

"Of course, it drives me crazy," I responded.

"I am glad," she said, "I made you wear the condom."

"I wonder how much you would have ejaculated if Shrini indeed had fucked me," she added.

"You were pretty excited too," I retorted.

"You made me eat you for more than forty-five minutes!"

"I can't help it," she shrugged, "He has that effect on me."

"If he were to force himself upon me then I would have no choice but to accept him."

"Condom or no condom," she emphasized.

"After all I was his mistress," she justified.

We slept soon after that. Without doubt, this was our best session yet. We had certainly alleviated our relationship to the next level. Mayuri understood my desire to have her mate with Shrini and even accepted it as normal behavior. I wondered if she had indeed made out with Shrini in our laundry room. Our laundry room is secluded and hence that couldn't be ruled out. It was possible that she could have offered blow job to him as her pussy wasn't dilated at all.

Her last few words vindicated Rohini's suggestion. Although we had discussed about making love to her after she has been with Shrini, neither eating her out nor impregnating her were ever implied. It was Mayuri's extension to our favorite fantasy, perhaps. Mayuri rarely shared her fantasies, although she always confessed that her excitement comes from illicitness of the acts involved. Shrini's oversized equipment and his insatiable libido only heightened her pleasure.

Her sudden active interest in playing along in my fantasies raised a few doubts. I wondered if she had already reinitiated her affair; worse, if she never broke off the affair. The thoughts troubled me and I couldn't sleep well. I woke up suddenly around 1:30 am with thirst. Not surprisingly, I had an erection that needed attention but I turned to the more urgent need.

Returning to bed I snuggled next to Mayuri and planted soft kisses on her neck. She was fast asleep and didn't respond. I moved my hand to her exposed bum and squeezed her butt tenderly. Very slowly I slipped my hand in the narrow space between her thighs to reach her clitoris. She was fast asleep and was oblivious to my movements. However, as I gently massaged her clitoris and rubbed my penis between her legs, she started responding and her vagina got wet in no time. In her moans I heard her whisper, "Oh Shrini!"

"I thought you would never come," she mumbled. I still wasn't sure if she was awake or asleep as she didn't make any move. I continued kissing her neck and then slowly moved to her earlobes. She squirmed as my tongue traced her earlobe but didn't turn back and only spread her legs further and mumbled, "Mount me!"

"Impregnate me..." she moaned. I was stunned to hear that but thought she was only playing. Mayuri was practically sleeping on her back with her legs splayed open providing enough access to her pussy. I didn't waste much time and mounted her from behind and with hardly any effort drove my penis into her. This was the first time I took her in this position. We did doggie style several times but this position was a lot harder, perhaps because I wasn't long enough to keep my penis embedded inside her while shafting her in this position. Very soon Mayuri was moaning. However, having ejaculated only a few hours earlier, I was in no mood to finish so soon. Rohini's words were still playing in my mind. I had to prove that I was being worthy of her husband. Moreover, I just realized that I was taking her bareback in her fertile period. It was an incredible feeling, although Mayuri didn't respond, except for her moans. After about fifteen minutes of non stop humping, Mayuri said, "Let's change positions."

Without thinking I changed into our regular missionary style and started humping her again. I leaned to kiss her but she refused and pulled me further and tongued my earlobes. I knew she would resist, fearing her stale breath. As I pumped her hard, trying to match Shrini's virility, she whispered, "You are so good today."

"I almost thought it was Shrini." This excited me to great extent and I pumped her hard for another five minutes before shooting my sperm deep inside her. As we regained our composure after another wild session she playfully patted on my butt and said, "You bastard."

"You too want to sow your seeds?" she said.

"You too?"

"Who else?" I asked her surprised by her remark. It seemed as if I had caught her in the act. She didn't react but was a little uncomfortable before asking a rhetorical question, "Who else?" "Shrini!" she answered it herself.

"You never told me about this?" I acted surprised.

"What is there to tell?" she asked.

"In case you haven't realized, your wife tends to have such an effect on men she meets with," she added with a nervous laughter.

"Now, get off," she said, "Let me wash; otherwise you might really make me pregnant."

The thoughts about Shrini making out with Mayuri while I slept next to her intrigued me. I wondered if Mayuri was just playing along or was she in the middle of a dream. Anyway, having spent myself twice that night I couldn't worry too much about it and quickly dozed off. I woke up pretty early with a stiff erection -- partly due to inflated bladder and partly due to Mayuri's lips wrapped around my member. It was a pleasant wakeup call and perhaps very first time Mayuri woke me up that way. Finding me awake, she said, "You might as well return the favor," and moved on top of me into 69-position. I didn't need much encouragement and tongued her pink lips that had retracted back to their original shape. Her slit had certainly widened after having been fucked by Shrini incessantly for over a year. It made me wonder how much distended her lips would become after delivering Shrini's child. Yes, I thought "Shrini's child". I had a firm belief that Mayuri would bear him a child sooner or later and somehow I felt he would be the first one to knock her up. I pleasured her with my tongue and even licked her puckered hole. Mayuri was in hot mood as she deep throated me effortlessly and even fingered my asshole that drove me crazy. However, having spent myself twice I wasn't even nearing point of ejaculation even after Mayuri frantically sucked on my pecker for over 20 minutes. She, though, climaxed pretty soon. Finally, she gave up and said, "Looks like you would take too long," and left me unsatisfied.

"I would be late for work," she justified as she cleaned herself up before heading out to kitchen for her breakfast. It was only 6:15 and didn't understand her rationale since she had two hours. I didn't take much time to sleep again and woke up in an hour. I freshened up myself and was about to step out when Mayuri entered the bedroom and silently behind my back stepped into our bathroom. I grabbed her from behind and almost pinned her to the bathroom door and kissed her neck softly.

"You didn't finish what you started," I softly whispered to her.

"What do you want?" she retorted quickly and added, "We have done it thrice already." She very reluctantly turned around to face me but didn't directly look into my eyes. I sensed something was wrong but couldn't guess what. As I moved into kiss her she evaded my lips and said, "You don't want to kiss me now." Her looks told me she was guilty but of what I wondered. Did she do it with Shrini in the morning? Was she late because of that; it was 8:25 right now.

"If you have to know," she seductively said, cupping my hard erection with one of her hand.

"I was busy with my lover!" she softly whispered looking into my eyes. I didn't hesitate and quickly responded, "What makes you think that would deter me?"

She smiled seductively and said, "I said because it would encourage you." And very soon our lips locked and we passionately kissed each other again. For a moment I though she had indeed been with Shrini but then realized that she was just playing along as she did last night. After a little foreplay she complained that she had to hurry up or she would be late. I teasingly complained, "You never thought about it while doing with him."

Puzzled with my question she thought for only a moment and then retorted, "Well..."

"I am his mistress."

"And if I don't mate with him during my fertile period, how will I become pregnant?" she said casually. That statement of hers did it for me and I ravaged her right at there. She was late for her work by half an hour and she ensured that I wore condom before I fucked her to further humiliate/titillate me. We showered together for a change and in the shower she joked about our new role play in the bedroom. Mayuri agreed that she had immensely enjoyed previous nights fucking and agreed that it indeed spiced up our relationship. Upon probing further she reluctantly admitted, "I feel ashamed to say this but sometime I miss having sex with him."

"Why have you stopped the arrangement?" I probed further.

"I can't handle the pills anymore and Shrini would never use a condom," she replied softly.

"Trust me," she said before I could say anything.

"He will make me pregnant no matter what."

As she stepped out of the shower, she warned me, "Keep him away from me."

"You can't hold me responsible for the consequences!"

Mayuri left but I continued to shower contemplating about her affair. Mayuri was concerned of her desire to be impregnated by Shrini and was vulnerable around him. It seemed fairly certain to me that he would nail her sooner or later. Mayuri was quite intent on postponing her pregnancy until she was into her thirties, which meant five more years. Shrini, however, would have a five year window and even if Mayuri succumbs to his advances only a couple of times in these five years it would mean two children to him.

Mayuri and Shrini both were gone when I entered our kitchen. Rohini was sipping on her coffee browsing through newspaper.

"Did you sleep well?"

"Or did Mayuri keep you busy whole night," she asked. I smiled in response and sat opposite to her with my coffee. She neatly folded the newspaper and kept it aside; her hands clasped the cup very tightly as she thought for a few moments and said, "Things are a little more complicated than I thought."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, earlier you had a choice but now you have run out of time," she said.

"Please be clear," I urged.

"Please promise me that you would never ever share this with Mayuri," she said looking into my eyes. After I nodded, she started, "Her desire to procreate with Shrini is much stronger than I thought."

"How do you conclude that?"

"Well your wife performed fellatio on Shrini last night," she said.


"Where?" I asked puzzled.

"In the laundry room."

"I wouldn't blame her. Shrini might have planned it," she reasoned.

"Why didn't you satisfy her last night?" she asked a little annoyed.

"What makes you think so?" I asked.

"Mayuri came back for more in the morning," she exhaled.

"What do you mean she came back for more?" I asked.

"She did it with him on the bed while I slept next to them."

"Give me a break," I said not believing what she was saying.

"Trust me, she has played with him several times in my presence and is not at all shy."

"We did thrice," I answered her previous question.

"She is such a slut," exclaimed Rohini.

"Four times in a night and yet she comes in the morning for more."

"She didn't even hesitate to smooch him," she added.

"You mean a French kiss?" I asked.

"Yes, tongue-to-tongue, exchanging loads of saliva and yes Shrini hadn't washed his mouth but Mayuri had," she clarified. I had sensed that Mayuri had penchant for pleasing her lovers. On New Year's morning, I had witness her French kissing him soon after he woke up. It wasn't surprising either given that she never hesitated to rim him.

"Did they fuck?" I asked since it didn't seem to me that she was fucked.

"No, but he did fuck her mouth."

"The ordeal went on for more than an hour," she exclaimed.

I was a little surprised with sudden turn of events and it seemed Mayuri was only pretending but then why would Rohini lie to me. Moreover, she herself seemed to be disturbed.

"Anyway, Mayuri has a very strong desire to procreate with Shrini."

"But she would resist until you consent."


"Yes, she satisfied him with her mouth both the times although she was in her fertile period."

"She surely can't resist getting mounted by him for long."

"Are you suggesting that I don't have much choice?"

"Yes, sort of; if you would like to think that way."

"Please be specific and clear," I said earnestly requesting her to guide me through this difficult decision. "Do you believe Shrini would impregnate Mayuri sooner or later?"
"Sort of," I said preferring to be vague.

"Irrespective of whether you consented or not?" she added.

"Perhaps," I tried to be brief and vague.

"No point in stopping her from becoming his mistress then."

"Not at all," I answered promptly.

"We had talked about this," I said.

"Yes, however, you seem to have either misunderstood or completely ignored the issue," she responded.

"As Shrini's mistress, she would be obliged to bear his children!"

"And if you still have any doubts," she said, "Mayuri is more than willing to fulfill her destiny."

"I perfectly understand that," I countered.

"It is only fair that Shrini being *the* alpha male gets an opportunity to impregnate her."

"Yet, Mayuri carries her guilty conscience that doesn't allow her to fulfill her destiny."

"What are you suggesting?" I asked.

"Mayuri is aware that you could accommodate an accidental impregnation."

"However, her mistress duties demand that she bear as many children as she could."

"In fact, as a perfect mistress she would always conceive from him."

"I have sort of decided to give her free rein in this regard," I shrugged.

"That's the first step," retorted Rohini.

"The second step is to let her know that you truly desire this."

"I mean, if you don't have a fervent desire to have her impregnated by Shrini, then this is bad idea."

"After all you would have to live with the consequences!"

"There isn't much doubt it in my mind and perhaps your mind that this excites you."

"We wouldn't have come this far, otherwise."

"Trust me; there is real danger if you are not willing to live with any of the consequences."

"Shrini is an inconsiderate bastard," she said casually.

"He would ensure that she is pregnant with his child most of her child bearing years."

"We can't possibly afford so many children," I complained.

"Yet from her young age of 25 to ripe age of 35 she could easily bear six children."

"All of them fathered by Shrini," she emphasized.

Rohini was pacing around the room as we talked about this while I sat at the dinning table listening to her intently. We were in serious discussions and didn't try to engage in any kind of sexual foreplay. Rohini suddenly grabbed my crotch from behind and said, "This is what I am talking about."

"Just the thoughts of such a possibility gives you an erection," she joked.

"You have a passion for this," she said, "and can endure this effortlessly."

"Don't worry about the financial implications," she said sitting in front of me, holding my hands in hers.

"Shrini and I would financially support his children."

"Here is my proposal," she said.

"You let Mayuri become his mistress for life and let things take its natural course."

"Is Shrini aware of this?" I asked.


"And he should never know about this and neither should Mayuri know about this."

"You are quite adept at conveying your acceptance non-verbally to Mayuri, though"

"And that's the only encouragement she would need."

"The understanding is you never interfere with Mayuri's mistress duties and willingly accept the consequences thereof."

"It would be a semi-open relationship."

"In the sense, that Mayuri and Shrini wouldn't try to hide their relationship but wouldn't make it a central theme either."

"Is this acceptable to you?" she asked.

"I need time to think," I replied since I didn't want to get into it right away not that I felt I had lot of choice in this regard.

"To sweeten the deal, I have another proposal for you," she said encouraging me to accept her proposal.

"I see that you would be traveling to LA and Denver on a frequent basis," she said.

"How about hooking you up with someone over there?"

It struck me that she was referring to Dolly and Sneha. Pratik and Sneha had recently moved to Denver from Fresno.

"You are kidding right?" I asked stumped by her suggestion.

"Not really if you are serious about humping these two classy ladies," she quickly retorted.

"Who wouldn't want to?" I asked a rhetorical question.

"Well then, here is your chance," she said.

"All you have to do is let Mayuri be Shrini's true mistress."

"And you would be mounting these ladies on a regular basis."

"Not that you would need such an incentive," she added.

"I can't see how I can stop her from becoming his *true* mistress," I responded casually.

"She cannot become his *true* mistress, until she has your unconditional support."

"Agreed she might succumb to Shrini's advances and might deliver a child or two."

"But she would carry her guilt conscience and that might affect your relationship."

"What are you suggesting?" I asked.

"Well, you need to help her get rid of the guilt."

"And how do I do that?" I quickly retorted.

"By subtly conveying your desire to have her mounted by a superior stud, who rightfully deserves to impregnate her, every time she is in her fertile period," she said it rather casually. I was surprised by her directness but perhaps she was correct in being forthright about it.

"Understand," I responded and quickly asked, "What makes you think that Sneha and Dolly would be willing?"

"I know."

"Yet, why me?" I asked.

"Because they would pick you if they were to pick one from the three other men," she said.


"It shouldn't be a surprise to you," she said, "after all Mayuri must have seen something in you."

"Now it is a different matter that after sampling each one of you, she might choose to only get impregnated by Shrini."

"So, what makes you think that they would choose to mate with me?"

"I know that they would be willing to have an ongoing affair with you."

"This doesn't make sense?" I interjected.

"Why wouldn't they want to do with Shrini or Pratik or Vinil?"

"There are reasons for it," she quickly replied.

"But I guess, I would have to let the cat out of the bag," she added.

"The seeds of this were sown during the July 4th weekend of last year when Mayuri got the first taste of Shrini's majestic equipment."

"I guessed something happened that weekend and we guys were left in the dark," I said urging her to tell the whole story.

"Did they indulge in excessive activities that night?" I asked.

She nodded to my question. It was surprising why nobody voted on continuation of such an arrangement. As Rohini narrated the discussions that happened in our master bedroom that shaped much of our life, things became clearer. The ladies had decided to not relent and win the battle with us at all costs. They had figured out that by providing unrestricted access to them, they were actually helping the men defeat themselves. Rohini definitely had a subplot to the main theme, which entailed enlisting Mayuri's services to assist in her bedroom duties. It turned out Pratik molested Dolly to great extent and made full use of his rights that night. He irritated Dolly constantly by manhandling her breasts and even sticking up his finger up her ass most of the time. Vinil on the other hand was a lot more reserved and needed lot of encouragement from Sneha. We had all sampled our spouses to such an extent that we could practically have agreed to our wife swapping arrangement with no conditions attached.

The ladies vividly discussed their episodes that night -- naturally Rohini and Mayuri tempered their stories a little. Dolly expressed her resentment about being abused by Pratik but understood that he was only trying to unnerve her with his antics. Sneha didn't enjoy her time much with Vinil and later on confessed to Rohini that he was rather under equipped to handle someone her size. Sneha enjoyed kissing him though since Pratik rarely every kissed and he almost never went down on her. It was at this moment when Mayuri volunteered that I was, perhaps, the best kisser amongst all the men and perhaps rare one who could make a woman orgasm just by using his tongue. Rohini agreed with Mayuri and even added that I was decently equipped as well, which perked up Dolly and Sneha's interest.

All the ladies found me very attractive and felt that I was the best looking of the lot even though I was a little darker for their taste. Dolly was interested in me because of my all-round capabilities but more importantly because of my penis size. Sneha was interested in me because of my ability to please a woman with tongue. Rohini claimed that Pratik and I were similarly equipped.

Vinil and Pratik were certainly a little unsure about having their wives fucked by other men so they didn't vote in favor of the arrangement. Dolly and Sneha knew that their husbands wouldn't approve of such a wild idea and hence had to vote against it. Rohini and Mayuri voted against as per their initial plan.

Rohini smartly maintained these conversations with Dolly and Sneha on an individual basis and found out that they were eager to experiment outside their marriage. On confronting her with the question why she and Shrini chose Mayuri over the other interested ladies, her answer was enlightening. While Dolly and Sneha were willing to experiment, they could have never passed the litmus test -- walking the last mile. Pratik and Vinil were too possessive to allow their wives to become Shrini's mistress and both Dolly and Sneha certainly don't have the desire to undertake such a responsibility. Mayuri on the other had strong desire -- was capable -- and had an accommodating husband, apart from being the most beautiful and desirable woman among the three.

Having heard the entire story, I was satisfied. For once, it felt very good knowing that there were two other ladies who were interested in me. It was a happy coincidence that the three ladies, surprisingly, were interested in me and the three men, not surprisingly, were interested in my wife. This was an important revelation that shaped most of our lives.

Dolly and Sneha were attractive ladies, perhaps not as beautiful as Mayuri, yet attractive enough to spike my interest. In retrospect, it was thoughtful of Rohini to provide me such an opportunity. It was easier to accept her proposal -- not that I needed such an incentive but it helped me save my face in front of Mayuri and even Shrini. Dolly and Sneha were extremely fair like Mayuri but both were a little shorter than her. Dolly was the shortest at 5'1" while Sneha stood 5'3". Sneha was blessed with glowing complexion, very similar to that of Mayuri's, however her facial features weren't as striking and neither was her figure. She had a pyramid structure with wider hips but her breasts couldn't quite match her overall physique. Dolly on the other hand had slightly wider hips and narrow chest but her breasts were much bigger for her frame; they would have seemed even larger on Sneha. Dolly wasn't gifted with flawless complexion and her skin was a little rough but she was very cute.

I asked Rohini, "How soon can things begin?"

"As soon as you wish," she replied calmly.

"In fact, Dolly and Vinil are contemplating on starting their family."

"If you are lucky then you may get a chance to impregnate Dolly."

I was stunned hearing this. It was a little difficult for me to even accept that they would engage with me in an illicit relationship and here she was suggesting far too forbidden. It was difficult to understand my eagerness to fuck these women, since none of them were as beautiful as Mayuri. Nevertheless, I was hard pressed to accept Rohini's proposal.

Mayuri wouldn't be able to resist Shrini's advances and hence it was futile on my part to even resist such a proposal. Moreover, I truly desired to have her mounted by a much able stud -- one who could do justice to her beauty. I didn't take much longer to make up my mind and the following week just before flying home, I confessed to Rohini.

"Great," she said hearing my confession.

"It's the perfect choice for you."

"Besides you will get a chance to have some fun on the side as well."

"Now, listen," she continued.

"The plan is to have Mayuri deliver her first one before her 26th birthday."

Mayuri would be turning 25 this November, and her birthday was only two months away. We were planning to be in India in the month of November for her cousins wedding, so I presumed things would start after we came back. Rohini, however, had much grander plans.

"You need to encourage her to resume the affair," she urged.

"And in subtle ways suggest that you are not averse to the idea of having her bear Shrini's children."

This was easier said than done, though. Rohini's master plan was to be launched in India, as she later revealed. She arranged for a mini tour of Rajasthan on horseback knowing very well that Mayuri loved to ride. Mayuri herself had several times confessed that it was one of her dreams to go on a horse safari. Rohini decided to fulfill her dreams while providing Shrini an opportunity to fulfill his dream. I imagined Shrini mounting Mayuri while riding on a horse as I had once seen in a movie named Sirocco. Rohini left it to me to convey the plans to Mayuri. Quite unexpectedly, Mayuri got mad at me.

"You agreed," she shot back.

"What do you expect?" I responded.

"This was something you yearned for so long," I added not realizing that it carried another connotation as well.

"Besides, it would have been impolite," I added.

"Sameer you are already aware," she started. I responded "What?" not knowing what she meant.

"I can't sleep with Shrini," she added dejectedly, "without having consequences."

We had reached a point in our relationship where we clearly understood what this trip with them meant. Moreover, we could even talk about it -- albeit not in a very open and frank manner yet. Mayuri clearly understood that there would be an attempt to resurrect our arrangement, and this time she was hesitant to take the lead as it would have entailed consequences that we would have to deal with our entire life.

I understood her nervousness and took her in my arms. Her face was flush red, embarrassed about having to admit her plight. I lightly kissed her lips and whispered, "Yet you would always desire to sleep with him," and after a little thought added, "perhaps with some *unintended* consequences." I very cleverly stopped a fraction longer on the word *unintended*.

She had a nervous smile but I didn't let her feel embarrassed and kissed her passionately. Breaking the kiss she said, "You don't understand."

"Don't worry about the consequences," I interjected.

"Savor the moment!"

"I can't resist his advances Sameer," she moaned into my chest.

"I know he is much well-endowed and gives you much more pleasure," I responded very lovingly.

"You don't have to feel embarrassed of admitting your desires," I said very courageously.

"As long as you are not falling in love with him, we have nothing to fear." I added.

She kissed me and in between the kiss said, "You are an ideal husband." Her nervousness had vanished and she seemed to be a little more composed now, given that I almost suggested that she get pregnant from him. She slid her hand into my pajamas and cupped my erection that was painfully concealed in my underwear. Then pulling out my erection, she gave it a very wicked twist, and breaking the kiss said, "And he is an ideal lover," looking straight into my eyes. There was no shame but only pride as she made this statement.

"You only reserve the very best for your wife," she said tracing my lips with her tongue. She was practically drooling; I gulped lot of her saliva as we shared another open mouthed kiss.

"Your best mate to satisfy your wife in bed," she whispered between her kiss and then bit my lower lip. I quickly responded, "If he does the job," while my lower lip was still between her teeth. Hearing my prompt response heightened her excitement and she started nibbling on my lower lip.

"He does a magnificent job," she responded breaking the kiss. I quickly moved my hand inside her panty and inserted my middle finger deep into her vagina. It was soaking wet and I could slide it in with almost no effort.

"I can see the idea excites you," I said playing with her open vulva with my thumb.

"Very much," she moaned into my mouth, "More so during my fertile period," she added tactfully. I latched onto her lips and furiously pumped my penis in her palm. I moved my other hand behind her ass and fingered her puckered hole. It was already wet with her secretions flowing from her vagina and I didn't have much difficultly in titillating her there.

"You seem to be a little more interested in my ass," she said sexily.

"Don't get any ideas; I am reserving it for my lover!"

She was masturbating me as I probed both of her holes. I had already slid my other finger up her asshole up until my knuckle, beyond which I found a little difficult to maneuver. She was breathing heavily as my other had massaged her clit furiously. Pretty soon she was having her orgasm. Towards the end, her anal opening had widened enough for me to see-saw my finger effortlessly. Yet, it was in no way distended to accommodate my penis, much less Shrini's.

Recovering from her orgasm, she asked, "You wouldn't mind if I provided exclusive access to Shrini during my fertile periods, do you?"

"Not if you intend to get pregnant from him," I responded without missing a beat. She smiled and kissed me deeply again. Her kisses were much wetter and longer than usual. She straddled me and positioned my quickly inserted my penis into her lubricated vagina.

"You wouldn't mind if I reserved myself exclusively for Shrini on Friday nights?" she playfully asked bobbing up and down on my penis.

"Not if you make it up following night and I get to bone Rohini," I replied promptly.

"You bastard!" she said.

"You should consider yourself lucky if you ever get me all to yourself after this starts."

"I wouldn't mind as long as you are willing to entertain me in your spare time," I responded pushing my penis deep into her.

"You can definitely count on that," she replied playfully. She didn't ride me all the way; instead chose to fellate me. She then gently kneaded my asshole for the first in our life. And then after spending a few minutes sucking on my penis, she did something that totally took me with surprise. She wet her middle finger with her saliva and applied a little more pressure to the entrance. She generously applied her saliva to lubricate the entrance, enough to slide her finger in. I squirmed with pleasure as she did this. It was perhaps too much for me and I climaxed in a matter of couple of minutes after she initiated this. I expected her to swallow my cum as she had done several times for Shrini but she didn't. Instead she let it just rub my sperm smeared penis across her lips.

"I would have swallowed every drop of Shrini's ejaculation," she said with a little smirk as she headed for our bathroom. She turned back and justified, "Part of my mistress duties." As we slid in bed, snuggled against each other, she whispered, "I have not intention of entering the family way, yet."

"So, you better keep that stud away from me."

Next few weeks until we flew to India went in similar fashion. Each night Mayuri would test the limits of my desire and my willingness to surrender my breeding privileges to Shrini. As each day passed it seemed clear to me that although Mayuri enjoyed our fantasy, she was unwilling to live it. The three weeks in India were spent quite passionately as well. Mayuri despite being busy with marriage arrangements never neglected my needs; in fact she would fuck me tirelessly.

Just a day before we were scheduled to fly to Rajasthan, Rohini called and let us know that she wouldn't be able to make the trip due to her mother's health. She encouraged both of us to go ahead with our plans. Mayuri and I were surprised with this sudden change of plan but believed Rohini as her mother indeed wasn't well. Rohini called me a little later after Mayuri went out with her friends.

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