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Slave Susy's Saddle

Posted on : 2012-01-27 20:16:23.599468

Disclaimer: This story is fiction cast in the future. No inference to any person living or dead is intended nor should be inferred.

Whatever would motivate an intelligent, attractive, athletic eighteen-year-old Chinese girl to become a submissive slave to an old white man? Could it be that the gynoids (fembots, female androids) have saturated the market for female companions in the First World? Or is it that economics have made having children an extreme luxury, suitable for only the very rich or the very poor? Or are there other issues: economic, social, or political? All that is important to Susy is to find herself a suitable Dom to bind to. To the dismay of her parents, she left home and boarded a plane for San Francisco and a new life.

Dan Duncan is in his golden years. He met Susy on the internet. Over time they shared many experiences and Susy found something lacking in the men her age: romance and thoughtfulness. Susy had had Chinese boyfriends. Either they were totally dedicated to school or work or else they were into the relationship afforded by a lewd, promiscuous fembot. In either case, out of desperation and desire, Susy turned to the dark corners of cyberspace.

In "" she met Dom Dan. He is retired and living in an isolated rural setting. After retirement, he had purchased a small family farm and moved in. In anticipation of finding the "girl of his dreams," he had rebuilt the house to include an interior room housing a cage. The room's walls, ceiling, and floors are insulated and sound-proofed. From one corner of the concrete floor there is a drain hole, a foot in diameter.

Whatever one did in their life before retirement is generally irrelevant in retirement. To Dan, like almost other retirees, his incomes from his Social Security, pension, and investments are his main concern. In his career before retirement, Don worked on electronics. In one minor part of an Android factory, there was a human collar interface. Collars were made for girls who, for whatever reason, wanted to impersonate or role play as gynoids. These "obedient collars" emerged from the 3D chats of the late Twentieth Century. Dan was their design and prototype engineer.

In every big city, one would witness professionals and their androids, gynoids, and assorted human girls role playing as fembots. Of course there were still traditional partners. Then there were the ubiquitous collars. Some gynoids sported collars as did the girls who were role playing. The collars always had a "techy" look, replete with red, blue, green, yellow, and white LEDs. In fact, the collar was more than a tracking device and proof positive of ownership; the collar could be used to induce a variety of sensations.

The plane lands in San Francisco and Susy makes her way through customs. In addition to her passport and visa she has documents attesting her betrothal to Dan Duncan. She is wearing blue jeans, white cotton panties, tennis shoes with white cotton socks, a printed T-shirt with a white cotton bra, and a blue baseball cap. Her long black hair is tied in a pony tail and looped through the band on her baseball cap. She is carrying a small wicker suitcase. She looks around. From photos she knows how her Dom should look. As she exits customs, she makes eye contact with the familiar face.

They meet in an embrace. Dan produces a collar with a small locking key. The collar is flexible but, once locked in place, it isn't removable without disabling it. Susy puts the collar around her own neck and clicks it into place. She removes the tiny key and hands it to Dan. She is his slave now. He takes her suitcase and they head for the domestic terminal for their trip home. Dan is pleased with his "June to December" arrangement. There is more than a half century between their birthdays, but both seem satisfied with the arrangement. There are other couples of the same persuasion. In addition there are a few outside hecklers, feminists opposing the "human trafficking" of "mail order brides" such as Susy. No one is paying attention to the chatterboxes. Their minds are elsewhere.

The twosome says little. They have covered all conversation topics from the Internet, first started on Susy's eighteenth birthday. She got her laptop on her eighteenth birthday and "discovered" Dom Dan the very next day. Dan opens his laptop and shows Susy something he has been working on. She pretends to be interested, but jet lag is starting to take its toll. Dan realizes this and lets the raven-haired beauty rest.

Dan has made a devise similar to a collar, which he refers to as a saddle. It is a flat strip about 2 inches (or 5 cm) wide. It snugly fits from the bottom of the hypogastric triangle to the base of the spine. It is held in place by two "horns" or "restrainers." One is inserted into the vagina and expanded, the other into the girl's willing rectum. The device has the same "techy" appearance as the collar. But there is a difference.

The obedience collar sports some LEDs: red, green, blue, yellow, and white. They may be adjusted from zero (off) to a level ten of brightness. In a public place or theater, the custom is to set the collar LEDs to a barely visible setting of one. The "saddle" postulated by Dom Dan also has LEDs, made to illuminate the crotch of the slave girl. Should she be wearing a translucent gown, the results are striking. The restrainers of the saddle also can function as vibrator, remotely controlled, of course.

Dan looks through a catalog. He has had his eye on a particular black gown for some time now. It is expensive. The entire gown is sown from one single thread. The origin and terminus are located at the nape of the neck, at a single button. The gown is sleeveless, allowing Dan's girl the opportunity to display her hairy armpits. The material is somehow "programmable," allowing the gown to accentuate or emphasize curves, contours, cleavages, cusps, and clefts. In particular, the gown lifts and separates the breasts while allowing just the perfect spring-constant for the sexiest jiggle, wiggle, and wriggle. Seated in a provocative pose and a camel toe is pronounced. The gown is basic black, with an adjustable sheen, shimmer, and shine. It was created from the mind of a Twentieth Century actress whose IQ was 154, no less.

To the "button" one may attach a thin cable to the collar. This is exactly Dan's plan. His expertise with the American Android Adventure, Inc., has provided him with the ideal tools. He has dreamed for years of having a submissive slave in all her natural beauty with a collar and a saddle flashing "bling" for arousal and able to be aroused and forced to climax by remote. Moreover, Dan wishes for a girl who is naked and caged when not in service or displayed. The famous Black Pearl Restaurant in the state capitol is his idea of an ideal place to show off his slave girl.

Thoughts float through the convolutions of Dan's brain marrying images from the Id with the reified thoughts of the Ego and Superego. He can only image looking at a television show when an IM comes from the cage room. His girl is begging permission for something: water to drink, food to eat, permission to perform some bodily function or another. The very thought of such absolute control induces endorphins to his parasympathetic nervous system and inducing a stone-like erection, replete with throbbing irregular veins. He glances at the raven-haired beauty who belongs to him and sighs. There is no way they can get back home too soon to assuage his crass carnal cravings and dark, depraved desires.

Dan imagines the reaction of the community should they ever learn of his slave girl. The old farm house was reconditioned and rebuilt to house the cage room. This was done by BDSM Builders, Inc. They are very discrete. The cage is equipped with all the modern devices: a time lock, automatic open during fire, earthquake, or tornado. This is true, despite the fact that the cage room was the most secured place in the building.

The plane lands at the state's main airport. Before leaving the secured area and getting their baggage, Dan asks Susy if she's hungry. They stop for some Chinese take-out. Susy seems nonplussed.

"This is Cantonese," she says, "your girl is Mandarin." Then she smiles and says: "Thank You, Master. You may punish a girl for her attitude if it pleases you to do so. She begs your strict discipline."

Dan smiles. His wildest dreams seem to be coming true. They collect her luggage, retrieve his car from the short-term parking facility, and head out to his place in the country. Arriving at his place, the proceed directly to the cage room. Susy kneels and looks up with wide Chinese eyes. "How may a girl serve her Master? She asks.

Dan's excitement is at the crescendo level. He nearly fumbles as he tells her: "A girl may undress completely and enter the cage." Susy smiles coyly and disrobes, neatly folding and stacking her clothes on a nearby shelf. She positions herself to reveal her slender, muscular body from various angles. The simple act of disrobing electrifies and intoxicates Dan. She removes her her T-shirt so as to allow a detailed display of her hirsute underarms. She knows how the hairy armpits are a fetish of her new master. Pulling down her blue jeans shows off her full bush, dark hair pushing forward against thick white cotton cloth.

Susy steps onto the concrete floor expecting it to be cold. But it was surprisingly warm. Dan explains: "There are two windmills and solar panels on the steel building out back. In addition, there is a well and circulating hot water. The cemented floor is adjustable, warm on cold days and cool on hot days. This old farm is energy independent. Notice that the cage is inside an insulated and soundproof room. To the side is the toilet and bath area. You know to ask permission for anything and everything."

"Yes, Master," Susy replies, "a girl needs to urinate please."

"Use the hole in the corner girl," Dan commands, "keep eye contact. Use the so-called 'Cutie' pose. I enjoy seeing a girl's feet widely splayed."

"Yes, Master," Susy answered. She made an elegant transition from standing to kneeling, ending her graceful change of pose in such a manner as to make Dan flush with atavistic animal attraction. He knew that Susy was a gymnast, but her feline, fluid, flexuous motion amazed him totally. He was in awe of her agility and balance.

Dan enjoyed the scene. He left, not permitting Susy to recover from her Cutie pose and returned with two items: a black sleeveless gown and a techy saddle. The dress was programmable, among other attributes. It could allow translucence from an angle, to allow one admirer a seductive view while blocking others. It could form fit the girl's figure to enhance her attractiveness. And it could support both the inputs from the collar and the newly created saddle. The cybersex saddle was Dan's latest creation. It was almost two inches wide and covered her from the end of her hypogastric triangle to the base of her spine. It was wedged onto her perineum via two indwelling restrainers---one in her vagina and the other in her anus.

Susy was elated to see the two items. She had always dreamed of being totally controlled, even to being aroused and forced to cum in public. The very idea of having a mind-numbing, earth-shattering orgasm in a four-star restaurant or an expensive jewelry store turned her on and pushed all her buttons.

In the black sleeveless gown, with her hairy armpits, collar and saddle, all that was missing was a pair of shoes. Before making their appearance at the Black Pearl Restaurant, they would have to buy high-heel dress shoes. They would have to be black, her Leitmotif. For sure Dom Dan would use the remote control to make Susy climax while trying on shoes.

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