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Dark Horizons: Laura Ch. 02

Posted on : 2012-01-27 20:17:35.13837

As she heard the front door slam shut behind Ray, Laura was gripped simultaneously by both a sense of guilt over what she had done, and a sense of panic. She wanted nothing more than to lie there basking contentedly in a sexual afterglow, reflecting on what just happened. Instead, she suddenly realized she would have to scurry around the house cleaning up any trace of her liaison with Ray. She quickly paused the DVD at a point where Maggie was lying next to her black lover, her leg thrust lazily over his thigh, and her hand and arm slung over his belly holding him close.

Moments before, the home video had shown Maggie on her hands and knees, with Marcus mounting her pussy and fucking her doggie style. Laura remembered seeing him thrusting fast and could hear his body slapping against her neighbor's ass until finally he growled then stroked really hard and deep one final time into her pussy. As he came he grunted a few times and started to pull his cock from her swollen pussy. Laura, still new to the experience of watching someone else fuck was both shocked and turned on by seeing this.

She noticed that Marcus remained locked into Maggie's pussy and held her by her hips for nearly a minute after he came, apparently wanting to make sure that his potent cum now planted deep in Maggie's womb stay deep inside her. Maggie simply laid her head down on the mattress with eyes closed. Her ass was still elevated, and her lover still inside her, occasionally shoving his cock into her again, and pulling her by her hips tightly to his cock and balls.

What the hell, Laura thought, it almost looks like he's deliberately trying to impregnate her or something. Then she remembered that Maggie was indeed pregnant and wondered whether she might be pregnant by Marcus. That seemed like a really crazy idea to her, but she knew that she wanted to watch the DVD again. She couldn't take the time to do it now though. She quickly pulled the sundress down over her hips and the top portion back up over her breasts. The strap ripped by Ray in his passion hung down behind her, ignored. She limped into the bathroom to take another pain pill as she was definitely feeling her ankle again.

She looked at the disheveled bed, and thinking she could delay Mark coming upstairs when he arrived, then smooth the sheets before he noticed. Like most people, Laura would forget some little detail trying to cover up their activities. In Laura's case, she was preoccupied with getting rid of the wine bottles and other evidence of her black boss having been in the house, and so she had forgotten about Ray's cum, still sticky and wet on the top sheet. She also didn't know she still had his wet cum in her hair, and dried cum high on her left breast. She one-footed it back down to the kitchen, ditched the wine bottles and hid the wine glasses in the back of the dishwasher just as Mark came through the front door with pizza.

A couple minutes earlier, Mark had passed a late model silver BMW driving out of the neighborhood with a tall black man at the wheel. He could have sworn the car had been backing out of his driveway, but he knew that was highly unlikely. It must have been a trick of the fading evening light. Perhaps, he thought, it was that lover of Maggie's, driving a different car, and he reminded himself that he wanted very much to watch one of the DVDs showing Maggie and the lover in action.

He hoped he could entice Laura to watch it with him. She had gotten so turned on watching the one last night that she has practically attacked him. He had never felt her pussy so wet and swollen with desire for him. He had cum in about a minute, but Laura hadn't complained, so she must have been satisfied too. He had been so turned on that he felt his penis must have been bigger than ever -- certainly a good five inches. Probably, he thought, Laura surely would have noticed his huge size and been quickly satisfied by it.

He knew that he wanted Laura to share his fantasy of her being with a black man and to be turned on by it, but beyond that, he really hadn't considered what might happen if the opportunity to act on the fantasy actually presented itself. Mark was a smart engineer, but generally ignorant about anything else in the world. He didn't know for example that Laura's boss was a black man who had been flirting with her practically every day in an effort to get in her pants.

Now as Mark came through the door he saw his slender, sexy young wife clearing what looked like posters from the breakfast bar and adjusting the bottom of a short sundress. The poor thing must have had a tough day with that really painful ankle he thought. She looked really disheveled. He walked over and gave her a big kiss to show how much he cared for her. He put his arm around her waist then let his hand drift down to her bottom and slip down under the skimpy dress. He could now feel that she didn't have panties on. That struck him as curious as she was normally modest, and would never go without panties. Even more curious was the fact that one of the straps of her sundress was ripped loose.

Curious too was the taste of her kiss. Her breath carried a strange odor and her mouth a funny taste. She seemed really turned on though, letting him kiss her deeply and sucking on his tongue as it invaded her mouth. They kissed passionately for several seconds and she ground her hips into his leg and ran her hand over his crotch.

Feeling as though Laura had finally started appreciating his masculine abilities, he responded to her by cupping her breast, and running his hand through her hair. She normally brushed it back from her face and tied it back in a pony tail that extended midway down her back, but now it was loose and disheveled as though she had been sleeping on it all day. He thought perhaps she had been having a bad day with the ankle.

When he felt Ray's cum in her hair, his hand stopped abruptly and his brow wrinkled in puzzlement. He rubbed the substance between his thumb and fingers and breaking off the kiss sniffed it. What was this, he thought? That plus the taste in her mouth vaguely reminded him of something but he couldn't say what.

"Laura," he asked, "What's this in your hair?" then showed the small glob to her.

She recognized what it was immediately, and panicking, she blurted out, "I have no idea. Probably some hand cream. What are you saying? What are you accusing me of anyway?"

"Laura, I'm not accusing you of anything, I was just asking," he responded in a defensive tone.

Laura hoped that would be the end of it, but her reaction made Mark curious, and suddenly he began to notice things, like the discarded wine bottles, and finally the conspicuous mark above her right breast, which looked as if someone had given her a hickey.

He ventured a guess, and asked, "Laura, was somebody here today?"

Laura was still panicked and now a little angry at him for managing to come to the right conclusion. She said in a raised voice, "Look, my boss was here to show me our new diversity posters. He was here for just a bit, and we had a couple glasses of wine together. I just wanted to show him I wasn't slacking off on the job just because I am laid up. That's ALL that happened, Mister Suspicious. I hope you're happy. I have had a rough day with my ankle, and now you're giving me the third degree."

Mark was taken aback and rushed over to calm her, holding her tenderly, but couldn't help but notice her body odor was a combination of sweat and sex,

She went to sit sullenly in the family room and Mark brought her a couple slices of pizza and a Coke. They ate silently and when she was done, she handed Mark her plate and said, "I'm going up for a bath and then to bed," then limped off.

Mark started to do the dishes, and as he stood at the sink, remembered her boss was a black guy. He began to fantasize, wondering whether the DVDs they were watching might have prompted her to do something with her black boss. His penis began to stiffen as he thought about it for a few moments, thinking how incredibly hot it would be, and how much he would love to see her fucked by a big black cock, then laughed out loud to himself, dismissing the whole idea of her doing something with her boss as ludicrous.

Upstairs, Laura was immersed except for her right leg in a steamy bath. She wondered whether Mark had bought her story. Her emotions were a mixture of anxiety, guilt, and a residual sexual excitement she had rarely felt before. She didn't want Mark to find out, and she didn't want to hurt him, but she couldn't forget the way Dr. Jackson had made her feel today either.

She had never been with another man than Mark, and had only ever kissed two other boys and one girl in her life, and now, in the space of one day, she had let another man, a black one at that, finger her pussy to orgasm and had sucked his immense cock until his cum filled here mouth and spilled onto her body. Both these things would have been truly beyond her limited imagination before today. Now though, she could close her eyes and see his black hand swiftly stroking her crotch, his fingers expertly strumming her G-spot until she cried out like a dog in heat.

She thought back to the feel, the smell, and the taste of that incredible huge pole between Ray's dark, smooth muscular legs and how it felt so different to Mark's modest member. They were so different between the two men that Mark's could hardly be called a cock at all. She started to touch herself as she thought about how that hard black cock might feel between her thighs. She remembered that she had not said no when Ray told her he would be returning the next day to claim her as his prize. She muttered under her breath, "No, that can't happen. I love Mark."

She tried to banish the entire matter from her mind by leaning back into the bath until her entire head and face were beneath the warm waters. Then she washed her hair with shampoo and her body with a lavender body wash. She towel dried her hair and limped into the bedroom.

Mark was in the process of straightening out the sheets and covers. He noticed the wet spot, but decided to ignore it, thinking his imagination was on overdrive. When Laura came into the room, he embraced her and she initiated a deep open mouth kiss that surprised him with its ferocity. She decided to make the best of her situation with her husband. She dropped her towel, letting him drink her in with his eyes, and then sank to her knees, kissing his penis through his trousers. She undid his trousers and pulled them down along with his briefs and started to kiss his rising penis.

As her head bobbed back and forth, she could not help but notice how much smaller he was than Dr. Jackson, and that his circumcised member lacked both the powerful pheromones and taste of the huge uncut black cock she had sucked so excitedly today. Although Mark was becoming very excited by Laura's oral attention to his hard little rod, Laura was not stimulated by it at all.

Pulling her mouth from the 5 inch shaft, she looked up at him with her deep blue eyes and asked in a husky voice, "Honey, why don't we continue this in bed and watch the DVD I was looking at today?"

Mark was happily surprised that she had been watching one of the interracial videos. Getting his penis sucked was such a rare treat, and now having her actually suggest they watch a video together was enough to make him forget all his suspicions from earlier tonight. He saw that a DVD was already in the player, and started it from the place Laura had left it. He undressed completely and got into next to his wife. He watched as his neighbor across the street was nestled by her black lover's side and she began to stroke him. Laura aped the action on their TV, and Mark was soon rock hard again.

He leaned across her and began to suck her nipples to erection. Her attention was intensely focused on the screen, and so she simply opened her legs wide when Mark put his hand between her thighs and began massaging her pussy lips. She was becoming noticeably more turned on than usual as he fingered her.

Things had never been this easy for him. Laura continued to masturbate him and they both watched Maggie arouse the powerfully built black man in her bed. Mark was in the full grasp of the fantasy, and whispered to his wife, "Look at that huge cock. Look at his smooth black skin and how her pale hand looks stroking it. I bet you wish it was you in our bed with him."

Laura was beginning to remember the feelings she experienced earlier in the day and as Mark finger fucked her wet cunt, she moaned, "Oh Yes... Yes... I want to feel you inside me. Give it to me now."

Mark whispered in her ear as he continued to stimulate her, "Say it baby, tell me you want me to fuck your pussy with my big black cock. Say it. Say exactly that."

By now, Laura's eyes were closed, her head back, as an image of Ray began to form. She could imagine him mounting her as she opened her legs wide for him. She could imagine her arms reaching up to pull him in.

Mark prompted her again, "Tell me you want my black cock inside you honey. Tell me you want to feel my black skin on yours. Do it please, please honey."

Laura was incredibly turned on now, and did not self censor the words that came tumbling from her lips, as she cried aloud, "God yes, I do need your hot black cock inside me. I do want your black skin on mine. Make me yours. Fuck me. Take me. Take me Ray."

Mark wasn't sure whom 'Ray' referred to; perhaps he misheard -- but was too turned on to care. He pushed Laura's legs apart and inserted his penis into her waiting vagina. In the darkness of the bedroom Laura frowned as if to say something was wrong, that the member stroking her soaked pussy was not right, that it was too tiny, almost like a boy's. Mark stroked her furiously for a couple minutes, then shot a tiny rivulet of cum into her wetness. He rolled off her and contentedly fell into a deep sleep.

Laura came down from her sexual frenzy, and still unfulfilled, masturbated herself to a powerful climax as she watched Marcus mount Maggie, his huge cock sending waves of pure pleasure into his woman. She switched off the DVD with the remote and fell into a troubled sleep.

That night, she dreamed three dreams which were especially lucid and which she reflected on the next day. In the first one, she was dressed in a ball gown and at some fancy function with Dr. Jackson. They were sipping champagne and sharing witty conversation. She was quite taken with her companion's charm and they danced gracefully around a ballroom. All eyes were on her and she felt like a princess.

In the second, the scene turned dark. She was in a jungle in the dark of night, her clothing had been ripped off and she was naked and cold, lying on a marble altar. A campfire in a jungle clearing sent bright yellow fingers licking the darkness, and brightly lit the area within several feet.

Suddenly from the dark brush a panther lept onto the altar. Its fur was midnight black and it had luminous yellow eyes. It spoke to her saying, "I will have your body."

Laura shook her head and cried out, "Please, no. No!

It crouched down on her, its phallus flopping heavily on her belly. Looking into her eyes, it said, "I will have your sex."

Laura fearfully shook her head again begging it to leave her alone. Finally it demanded, "I will take your soul."

It opened its jaws wide and Laura thought it would tear her limb from limb with its dagger-like incisors. Instead, it began licking her pale naked body all over with its long pink tongue. In the dream, Laura was writhing in ecstasy from the tongue moving over her breasts and her belly, but finally managed to whisper, "Yes, God yes. Take my body. Take my pussy, and my soul too." She opened her legs and the panther licked her crotch until she came in wave after wave of orgasms.

In the third and final dream, she was again lying on a marble altar, naked in the jungle at midnight, but now the panther became Dr. Jackson. She saw him lit by the light of a campfire, dark and enrobed like and Egyptian Pharaoh, with a loose robe of pure white, trimmed in gold and blue. He wore a crown of ancient Egyptian Middle Kingdom style. Holding the train of his robe were several nude girls, and strangest of all, her husband Mark. This dream version of Mark had very smooth, hairless, girlish skin and rosy cheeks. He was chubby and feminine with small breasts and a tiny, flaccid member barely visible between his legs.

As Dr. Jackson approached, the small, nubile girls removed his robes, and gave them to this feminine version of Mark. Now Raymond was naked, impressively muscled with a sheen of body oil which had been rubbed all over him. He stood at the end of the altar between her open legs, and said, "I will breed you. You will serve me and carry many black babies for me." He nodded to dream version Mark who pulled her toward the edge of the altar, then spread her legs and bowed to the Nubian god dream version of Ray, who quickly shoved his enormous phallus inside her eager loins. Each time he stroked her, Laura was in ecstasy. Looking down, she saw her belly now large, and obviously pregnant. She cried out, "No, no, no!" but he continued to slide his engorged member in and out until she screamed, and woke herself drenched in a cold sweat.


Several miles away, Dr. Raymond Jackson sat in a comfortable chair in his pretentious library in his two story "MacMansion," thinking about this little white girl. His cock twitched into life as he thought about how easy it had been to turn her on, and how her excitement grew as he fingered her to climax.

He thought of his next moves with her. He had been grooming her from the first interview to become his white lover. He thought back, remembering her interview and what a little cock teaser she was, flaunting her thong clad vagina in his face, practically daring him to make a move. He remembered her creamy pale thighs and her fresh scrubbed look. He remembered her scent and the softness of her skin when they shook hands the first time. He remembered how eager she seemed to please him and although she wasn't the best candidate for the job, she was perfect given what he had in mind for her right from the start.

She was exactly the kind of white girt who wouldn't have given him the time of day back in the forced integration public high school he attended. Even when he won a state track and field championship, then later distinguished himself as a collegiate athlete on a full scholarship at an Ivy League university, the rich, entitled white coeds wouldn't give him a second look. How times had changed. The county he lived in and where the university was located was now majority black, with a few white enclaves, Moreover, he was in a position of power and could easily dominate a naïve girl like Laura, and now that's what he intended to do

Although he had made his intentions obvious from the start, he thought this girl was either very dumb or simply lacked sufficient street smarts or worldliness to understand her place. He had laid down so many hints, double entendres, and jokes that could be taken two ways, but she had not understood any of them,

When he started touching her thigh during discussions, or rubbing her shoulders, or "accidentally" brushing against her breasts, she still didn't seem to understand his message. But now, he thought, the last few months of preparing her paid off hugely, where it all began coming together in the space of one day. Not only had he seen her nearly naked, but she had willingly sucked his cock? Not well, he thought, but there would now be plenty of time to teach her to be a competent lover worthy of a black man. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a deep pink thong, then deeply inhaled its aroma. Everything the thong had touched would soon be his, his exclusively. He would soon demand she discontinue any sexual activity with her husband, who obviously wanted to see her with a black lover, but that too might take some time.
He wondered about the husband and how well he would take to Ray becoming his wife's lover, perhaps even the father of her children, but it wasn't a serious concern. He would text her in the morning to find out when the coast was clear. He made a mental note to tell his secretary he would be out of the office all afternoon.


As the morning dawned, Laura woke feeling refreshed after the bad dream. She wanted to tell someone, anyone -- even Mark -- about it, but then decided to keep the whole thing to herself. What did dreams mean anyway, she thought to herself. Mark was already up and had showered. He walked into the bedroom drying himself with a towel. He walked over then kissed her. She really needed the security of her plain old boring husband right now, and so she kissed him with an unexpected passion letting his tongue invade her wet mouth. She put her arms around his neck and easily pulled him down into the bed.

He slid beside her and started feeling her breasts through the tee shirt she had been wearing. He liked the fact that the soft cast had been preventing her from wearing her normal boring pajamas and that she had adopted panties and a tee top as her nighttime wear. She smelled warm and slightly rank as though she had been sweating in her sleep, but it was a nice, womanly fragrance and that combined with her enthusiasm this morning were turning him on. He continued to play with her nipples, and kneaded her tiny firm breasts then yanked Laura's top off with some help from her. As he leaned over her to suck one of her nipples, he admired her small breasts then noticed the love mark on her right breast.

Frowning and pointing to the hickey, he asked, "Laura, what is this anyway?"

Noticing it herself for the first time, Laura struggled to compose a lie, then decided to bluff her way out of it. She looked at him, smiled and said, "It's a giant hickey my black lover left for you to see."

Mark's jaw dropped and he was speechless. His body froze.

Laura's brow wrinkled with mock or real concern, then she broke the tension with a raucous laugh, and said, "I had you going there for a second, you silly goof!"

They both collapsed on the bed beside each other in a fit of laughter. Only later would Mark realize that she never actually answered his question.

Catching their breath, Laura was the first to speak, "So? So? Be serious for a minute. I want to talk about this interracial stuff. You? would actually like to see me in bed with a black lover?"

Mark slid his hand up her legs and under her panties. "Yes, I really would." He told her as his fingers prodded her pussy through her panties. His fingers lacked Raymond's expertise, and so Laura was not particularly stimulated. Already she was beginning to unconsciously compare her husband with Raymond.

Laura looked down at him, peering into his eyes silently for a few moments. There were tears in her blue eyes. Her lowered lip quivered as she stammered out, "Mark, don't you love me anymore? I feel like you're trying to pimp me out or something."

Mark was momentarily at a loss for words and even more so at her use of the phrase 'pimp me out.' He didn't know that his wife even knew of such concepts. Regaining his composure, he though about how to explain his interest in interracial swinging and help plant the idea in her head that this was a fantasy they could share together. He hadn't really come to the point of understanding yet that one logical path for fantasies to take could be turning them into reality.

Taking a deep breath, he carefully began to explain, "Laura, I love you more than anything, and that extends to wanting you to have the most fantastic sex you can have. Already, watching these videos together has helped make our sex mind blowing; you have to admit that right?"

Laura quivered and nodded her head in response. Moving close, Mark dried her tears with his soft hands and fingers. He hugged her briefly, and then held her at arms length. He took a deep breath, looked into her deep blue eyes, then summoned up his courage and decided to try to move her to the next plateau -- going beyond fantasy.

In his deepest recesses, he wasn't really sure he actually wanted them to do what he was about to propose or not, but the idea burned within him and his little dick stiffened at the prospect. He simply barged into the topic, blurting out, "Honey, If you had the chance to sleep with a sexy black lover with no consequences, with my blessing, wouldn't you want to?"

Then he continued, "Isn't it incredible the way the wives in these amateur videos respond to their black lovers? Who wouldn't want that for their wife? Don't tell me you wouldn't love that too?"

"Ummmm? I guess? Errr, I mean I don't know... I mean, I suppose ... I mean maybe ... I mean yes, I think I might." She responded trying to gauge his acceptance, "But are you really, really sure you want me to?"

Mark nodded enthusiastically, replying, "Oh yes honey, I want that so much for you. I want you to experience that so much!"

Then she ventured a bit further saying. "But... but honey, wouldn't it bother you having someone bigger and better than you fucking me?"

He contemplated it for a few moments, and then shook his head. "Well yes, I might be jealous, naturally, I really don't know. I do know that I would love to watch you get fucked by another man!" He told her.

"If you really would do this for us, maybe Maggie or one of the neighbors could suggest someone who might like to play with us?" he asked, thinking aloud.

Laura was surprised at his blanket acceptance, and now she was becoming turned on at his tacit permission. Yes, they had fantasized, even before yesterday about her being fucked by another man but they had never discussed it seriously.

She looked him in the eyes once more, and said, "Sweetie, if you're really serious, I might know someone... someone we can trust, and not have to involve the neighbors... but only if you're really, really sure about this."

She bit her lower lip and whispered very low as if saying the words out loud would condemn her in her husband's eyes, "Honey, what if ... you know ... what if the person we choose would want to fuck me a lot, or maybe want me exclusively? How would you feel about having a strong black man in our bed? I mean ... this is serious stuff my love."

She noticed how aroused he had become. His little penis was sticking straight up and his complexion was flushed. She reached over and began stroking him. He laid back passively and let her take charge,

"Mmmmm... feels so good... But Ummm... Who would we get, honey?" he said in a low voice, then continuing to react to her stroking, moaned, "Mmmmm... Yesss..."

Laura could not believe this was happening, that her husband was more or less offering her up this way. She stroked him, then she smiled, and said sweetly, "Don't worry about that sweetie. That can be my job."

She leaned over his supine form and began to suck him. This was a pleasant surprise for her husband and something she had only done once before for him. It felt so incredible for him that he began to run his fingers through her silky hair and over the smooth skin of her back. Within minutes he was on the verge of orgasm, and announced that he was going to cum soon, to give Laura a chance to pull her mouth off his swollen member and direct his squirts into his belly with her hand. Instead, she kept sucking him with her hot lips, and in moments, he came into her mouth.

As she lay beside him, he could not believe what had just happened. Laura had actually taken his cum in her mouth and moreover was not rushing to spit it out. He felt more confident than ever now that their joint decision for her to find a black lover was already paying dividends in their marital bed.

Wow, he thought, this is great. Laura really might become a hotwife after all.

He was still breathing heavily as Laura starting sliding off the unmade bed, and looking at herself in the mirror she saw the love bite reflected. Mark casually hopped out of bed to get his clothes on. Laura started making the bed, and then thoughtfully began to speak again. "Mark," she began, "I want to make sure we are really on the same page, and I want to come clean about something. I feel so guilty about this, but yesterday..."

She hesitated, so Mark picked up the thread, "Yes sweetie... Yesterday?"

Laura bit her lower lip, then forced the words out, "Well... You see... Ummm... Yesterday, Dr. Jackson brought some posters by for me to approve."

This stopped Mark in his tracks. He wasn't sure where this was going, but he swallowed hard, waiting for her to continue, he prompted her saying, "Ok, Go on... Your boss was here... And..."

Laura continued, "And anyway... well... we might have kissed a little bit and such... Oh Mark, I am so sorry." She started to cry again and put her hands to her face.

Mark was intrigued. He now remembered that her boss was a good-looking black man in his forties or fifties. That must have been his car Mark thought he saw leaving last evening. He walked around the bed and took Laura in his arms to comfort her. The two of them were still naked and her warmth stirred him to massage her back lightly. His small penis was beginning to stir again as well.

Holding her tenderly, he said, "Shhhh... Don't worry honey. It's alright. It's fine. In fact, it's more than fine... What else did he do... You can tell me..."

As he held her, he smiled, thinking that perhaps the DVDs were having the effect he secretly hoped they would.

Laura sniffled, then looked into his eyes with a shy half smile. She continued, "Well he touched my breasts, and well... well, he kind of kissed them. And... well... the hickey here..."

She pointed to the mark that Ray had left, and said through barely parted lips, "H-h-he kind of left that. Oh God, Mark, I am so sorry. It must have been a combination of the wine and the pain pills. They left me with no self-control. Please forgive me. I am so sorry."

She broke down into tears again. Mark's little member was now hard as a rock. He lifted her chin and reassured her saying, "Honey, I am fine with this. I really am. You know I have been pushing for you to experience a black man one time and we just talked about how it would be fine with me. I am glad you took the initiative. Feel how excited I am."

He took Laura's hand and placed it on his member, now sticking straight out. She was surprised and puzzled that he was so hard again. She stroked it, her single hand encompassing its entire length and breadth. Again, without realizing it, she was comparing him to Ray.

She pulled her husband's head toward her and gave him a passionate kiss sending her tongue into his mouth then looked into his eyes and said, "God, Honey I can't believe how excited you are just from listening to me tell you everything that happened with Ray. Your dick is so hard. Do you like hearing about it? Do you like knowing that I let him touch me?"

Mark was breathing hard, and couldn't form words for an answer, instead he just moaned as Laura continued to move her hand back and forth on his shaft. My god, she thought, my poor baby is so tiny there, but he's so excited. She ventured further, "Honey, he wants to come over today to go over some work. I have a feeling he might want to do more than work...What should I do about it... Are you saying you'd like it if I flirted with him?

Mark's heart was racing as he listened to his wife and hesitantly and slowly replied in a low voice and said. "What do you mean when you say 'flirt with him'?"

Laura smiled a shy smile with downcast eyes. She appeared to think, then kissed her husband passionately on the lips and said, "Well, maybe I could let him touch my ass or maybe let him kiss me or kiss my boobs again?"

Moving her hand faster back and forth over his little dick, she continued, "Tell me honey, how far would you allow Ray to go? That far? More?"

Mark was breathing heavily as his wife now teased one of his nipples with her lips and tongue. With his eyes half shut, he whispered, "Yes...It's OK... Anything... Everything... It's fine..."

Laura squeezed his dick now, rotating her hand as she continued to jerk his penis. She knew this was probably embarrassing her husband, so she replied in a tender whisper, "So? You mean it's all right if he wants to do any of those things to me today? And I can tell you about it later? And you'll be OK with it? This is really what you meant when you said we should go further?"

Laura kissed his lips again. Mark was on the verge of a climax, and seconds later his body convulsed spastically. He shot two small squirts of cum on Laura's tummy and through clenched teeth, he finally whispered and said. "Yes? Oh yes... Anything you want ... As far as you want... Oh yes...Ok, yes."

Weakened, he fell back on the bed. His wife looked down at her belly at the little stream of her husband's cum and smiled, shaking her head in pity. Mark lay there with his eyes closed. Laura, all business now, told him, "Honey, you better get ready now or you will be late for work. You know how your boss keeps his eye on you!"

He grudgingly pushed himself off the bed and began to dress. His wife turned to her closet and began to look for something to wear for the day. She had won her husband's consent, his 'blank check' for her to go as far as she wanted to with Dr. Jackson, and now she turned her attention to the task of finding something sexy and alluring for the man who might be visiting her later that day.

It had not been her intention to connive or trick her husband into giving her a free pass for Dr. Jackson to do what he clearly intended to do with her, not really. Things just seemed to go in that direction when she stroked his modest dick with her delicate hand. Thinking about it as she stared into the abyss of her closet, giving Dr. Jackson what he wanted seemed to fit with what her husband wanted, and what she now wanted too. She gazed over at her husband and her eyes took in his slight physique. They were built so much alike, she thought. Mark was so unlike Dr. Jackson; her husband was more like her male twin.

Mark caught her gazing at him and smiling and thought how awesome it was going to be to watch her fuck a black lover and how hot it would be to fuck her afterwards. She broke into his musing when she frowned, then turned to him, complaining, "Gosh sweetie, this is all so new to me, and things are happening so suddenly. I really need your advice on so many things. I can't think at all!"

Her husband slipped the Batman tee over his torso, and then said, "Advice? Like what honey?"

Laura idly twirled her long silky hair, looking at her body.

"Well, what should I wear, for one thing? And just look at this darn bush down here," she said, pointing to her mons and rubbing her hand over her soft pussy hair. "God, it's like a forest. Honey, I need help to shave these tree stumps on my legs, and make my pussy smooth. Could I just ask you to help me? I know it means you will have to work late to make the time up, but it would help me get ready so much."

Her husband was speechless. Was she actually asking him to help her prepare and dress so that she could seduce this black man? Suddenly, he was conflicted. As much as he wanted her do to those things he was seeing in the DVDs loaned by the neighbors and as much as some part of him wanted her to do the things they had been discussing this morning, now the impact was hitting him. Was his wife, who had never been with anyone but him, really preparing to offer her body to a black man? This was almost surreal. Now even his little dick, which had been sucked and then jerked to orgasms already this morning was becoming hard a third time.

Laura hobbled gingerly into the bathroom and started running a warm bath. He finished making their marital bed and fluffing the pillows. His wife's iPhone jingled. Laura called from the bathroom, "Sweetie, can you get that?"

Mark was in the middle of pulling on his Superman underpants, and picked up, the call. The name that came up on screen was "Dr. Jackson."

Mark said tenuously, "H-Hello?"

Inside the BMW idling in his drive, Dr. Jackson answered, "Hello. Who is this? I am calling Laura Taylor. Can you get her for me? I wanted to come by with some work today."

On the other end of the line, Mark said, "Oh h-hello sir. This is her husband, Mark. Umm, she is starting a bath. Can I take a message?"

Ray smiled and raised an eyebrow. Already, he was feeling he had a huge advantage in this triangle, so he continued boldly, "Mark, it's so nice to finally talk to you. Laura has told me so much about you. I assume she told you all about yesterday?"

Mark answered, "Uhhh, yes. She told me about yesterday."

Ray responded, "Well great! Are you as excited about me dating her as I am? I can't wait to be with her today. I was so surprised when she gave me a blowjob yesterday! I think I left a big gob of cum on your sheets -- sorry about that."

Mark was dumbstruck. His face was beet red. His jaw opened wide incredulously. He thought to himself, Blowjob? Blowjob! Blowjob? What the... She never told me about a blowjob. His mind was racing. Now he knew the origin of the wet spot on their bed, and the sticky substance in his wife's hair last night. Now things were becoming very clear. His wife was had already gone further than he would have thought possible in turning this fantasy into a reality. Several awkward seconds of silence followed as Mark thought about what to do and how to play this new knowledge.

Raymond took advantage to let that sink in. He now realized that Laura might not have told her husband everything about their afternoon together. He drove his advantage home, saying, "I am so glad you are open minded and willing to share your wonderful young wife. I couldn't believe how beautiful her body is. I tell you Mark, I am getting hard just thinking about how her skin tasted and her erect her tits got when I sucked them. Listen buddy, can you give the phone to Laura?"

Laura's husband was simply overwhelmed by what he had heard. There was churning in the pit of his stomach and his whole body shook. Tears formed in his eyes. He dutifully carried the phone to his wife who was now in the middle of a warm bubble filled bath.

She noticed that his hands shook and his face flared red. She took the phone with a worried look on her face. When she answered and discovered it was Dr. Jackson, she relaxed a bit. He husband heard her side of the conversation.

She spoke sweetly, in a low girlish voice, swishing the bath water around with her uninjured leg and unconsciously twirling her hair, "Oh hi.... Yes, I am fine, thanks... Yes, I would like to see you today. I think I am ready for it. Mark and I had the talk you asked me to have... Yes, he is... Rules... Oh, I see... Yes... I understand that there need to be rules in this kind of relationship... Ok, sure, tell me more... Please..."

Mark was staring intently down at his wife whose attention was focused on the caller. He turned his back to her, took off his black-rimmed glasses and dried his eyes, wiping the tears away with his tee shirt.

On the other end of the call, Ray was smiling and touching his swollen cock as he continued speaking to this beautiful young woman who would soon be his. His guts were churning too, but for a much different reason. He continued, "Well Laura. First of all understand that we are about to embark on a long and intense sexual relationship. We both need to focus our sexual energies solely on each other. So the first rule I am laying down is that I have you all to myself. Exclusively. I want us to be a couple in bed. I need you to tell your husband to take a back seat for a while so you and I get to know one another sexually. He needs to step up to this. Tell me you understand this and both agree."
Laura chewed on her lower lip, considered it for a moment, then answered gravely, "Y-y-es. I understand I guess. I will tell him. Go on."

Raymond continued, feeling that he was already gaining control of this naive young girl and her husband, "I have plans for all three of us in this relationship, and believe me, we will all enjoy things so much more if we accept our roles. If Mark needs relief other than from his role as a cuckold, you can help him get started by telling him about the things we do, even touch him if need be, but he must grow to take his pleasure in our sex together."

"Next, you and I will need our privacy. We don't need any spectators in our relationship just yet, do we? You and I need the time to enjoy each other as lovers without any distractions. That makes sense, right?"

Laura concentrated on his words, and they seemed to make so much sense to her, she replied, "Ummm, I don't know... Well yes, I guess it makes sense."

In fact it actually did make sense to her. She didn't want Mark watching her at all really. She wanted to be free to experience everything that sex with this powerful man could offer without worrying about how her husband might react or having him see the way she reacted to Ray.

She reflected a few moments, then asked Dr. Jackson, "S-So... is there anything else?"

Having won his first two points, Ray was ready to make a more important demand. He said, "Laura, I want us to enjoy each other fully. As you probably know from all the videos you and hubby have been enjoying, black men don't use condoms, and I won't either. I want you to feel my hot love inside you every time I cum in your tight little pussy... You know that's the way it has to be, yes?"

Laura was beginning to be excited and her tummy now churned too. She replied, "Oh Ray, I-I-I think I want that too, but what about... You know... Ummm... protection and all? The women in my family are very fertile. Will I be safe?"

Her husband heard this and knew what was being discussed. Still he stood half dressed and said nothing.

Dr. Jackson smiled and said, "Nothing to worry about there. I am completely healthy, we will be exclusive, and I told you I was 'fixed' right?"

This last statement was a complete fabrication, but he already knew she would be completely under his domination by the time the lie was discovered.

He reached into his pants pocket, pulling out her soiled thong and deeply breathed its fragrance, then said, "It's too bad really, because you told me your husband has been shall we say, less that a complete man in that department, and I would love to give you a black baby," he laughed then continued, "I remember how you said yesterday how black men and white women ought to get together more to breed black babies, and I told you I agreed."

Laura moaned involuntarily, then caught her breath and suppressed her reaction as she looked up self-consciously at Mark. Dr. Jackson was right; her husband really shouldn't be a part of what she would be doing with this strong black man. Not yet, anyway.

They finished their conversation with a few pleasantries. Raymond told her he would be there after noon, and she rang off.

Looking up at her husband, she unconsciously began to sense a sudden shift in the dynamic of their marriage, especially because of the new rules Raymond had imposed on them both. Clearly, her husband would become more subservient to her and by extension to her lover.

Mark looked at her expecting her to clue him in on the substance of the conversation. Instead, she looked up at him with dreamy blue eyes, handed him a Venus razor, and asked him softly, "Darling, be a dear and shave my legs and my pussy."

Her husband said nothing but began to lather and smooth shaving cream on his wife's legs. After he made them slick and silky smooth to his touch, he turned his attention to her pussy, which she had thrust upwards for him to shave. It took him a good ten minutes to carefully shave her clean between her legs and above and around her now swollen vulva.

Laura stroked her husband's hair and rubbed his shoulder as she kept her legs spread and propped up on the edge of the tub, encouraging his devoted attention to the task she had given him, "Thank you for helping me, I want to make sure you get it really smooth for Ray." She pushed her hips up a bit, and then continued, "Are you getting every little hair honey?"

Her husband didn't speak, but instead swallowed hard and nodded his head, looking at her baby smooth pussy. Laura lifted from the bath with Mark's help, and began to towel off. She lifted her leg and handed the towel to Mark. His dick was now rock hard as he continued to dry her off, tenderly patting her beautifully padded ass dry. Laura turned to face him.

Laura spoke softly saying, "Honey, do me a favor and kiss my pussy. I want to make sure it's nice and smooth and you would be the best judge of that -- sort of a stand-in for Ray. Please get on your knees so you can look really close and make sure there's no little stubbies."

Her husband slid to his knees and ran his hand over her exposed vagina. Laura ran her hand through his long fine hair, and pulled his face close to her pussy. Her scent was heavenly and he kissed her mons experimentally, then pressing his nose against her clit, he lavished her pussy with kisses.

She held his head close and continued to stroke his hair. She smiled at him, and said, "How is it honey? Will Raymond like it?"

He looked up into her deep blue eyes and realized how much he wanted to be inside her, then said, "Oh God Laura, what are we doing? We need to call this off! Let's get in bed, I want to be inside you so bad."

He started to insert his tongue into her tight pink slit. His hands were on her thighs, trying to force them open. Laura yanked his hair gently, pulling him away. She shook her head and said, "I don't want you to turn me on honey. I want to be fresh for Ray. Besides, I think it's a little too late for second thoughts. This is what you said you wanted. I think we have to go through with it at least once. I need to know certain things, and you, young man, you need to get to work!"

Her husband rose to his feet and retreated into the bedroom to finish dressing. Laura felt for him, and following him into the bedroom, she said, "Don't worry honey. This will be fun for both of us."

Mark turned to her and now having second thoughts, said pleadingly, "Yes I know, but I'm also remembering the old saying," He told her, "Once you go black you never go back!"

Her husband finished and walked downstairs while Laura contemplated what to wear.

At about 1 P.M., Laura paced back and forth in the foyer of their house. The light coming from an upper window made her hair shine luminously. Her soft cast had been replaced by a simple, unobtrusive Ace bandage earlier in the day, but still she limped when she put weight on her right leg.

Maggie, her neighbor whom she now knew was pregnant with a black lover's child had been kind enough to drive her to the doctor's office. They had a long talk about Laura's emerging situation.

Maggie's advice had been to enjoy every bit of the experience and not worry about her husband. Maggie told the young wife that her own husband Jack had adapted so well to the cuckold role, it was if he had been born to it. Maggie warned her that most black men were very dominant with white wives, so she should expect a number of changes in that regard. Laura wanted to probe more on that topic, but decided to let the thread die and ask her later if the topic became important.

She asked Maggie what it was like being with a black man and why Maggie had decided to become pregnant by her black lover. Maggie explained that it was like no sex she had ever experienced with a white man, incredibly sensual and hard to put into words. Black men just really understood how to bring out things in white wives their husbands had no idea existed.

As to the reason she let Marcus breed her, Maggie said that it was a decision that was hard for both her and her husband. She explained that after having had sex with Marcus exclusively for several months; after so many incredible climaxes; after Marcus had begun to dominate her every thought about men; after Marcus had made her husband into a supportive cuckold; after he had made her submissive to his every wish -- after all that and more -- it was obvious that Marcus would breed her, no question about it.

Laura had smiled to herself and thought, there's no way that will be me. I am too smart and too independent. This is going to be a one-time thing. I am not going to be a submissive white wife, responding to her black lover's every command. She thought back to the dream she had the night before in which both she and a dream version of Mark were completely submissive to the Nubian god caricature of Dr. Jackson and the thought made her shiver suddenly. She rubbed her arms to massage away the goose bumps.

Now it was afternoon and she continued to pace nervously at her front door. Her hands shook and she nervously twirled her hair. She had an uncomfortable premonition that when Ray walked through her front door their lives would change forever. A part of her hoped that Mark would change his mind and stop her from going ahead with everything; saving her from herself. She could not resist Dr. Jackson's pull on her but Mark just might be able to. Mark had the power to put a stop to it all. If only her would call to tell her no.

The front doorbell chimed its cheery refrain interrupting her thoughts. She swallowed hard, smoothed her hair and tugged at her short sundress, then answered the door. It was Dr.Jackson.

He looked dashing in his sport jacket and dark brown trousers. She felt so small, so inferior in every way to him. He swung the door behind him and it slowly slammed shut, dividing Laura's life into two parts: what had been before and a new, as yet unknown life.

Raymond had a bottle of wine in one hand and posters in the other. He put them on a side table then took Laura in his strong arms, smiled then kissed her deeply their lips smacking wetly. She reached up to caress his dark face, and gazed into his eyes. He tenderly brushed her hair aside and stroked her soft cheek. Her insides were beginning to churn with desire. Her delicate white hands massaged his expansive chest and she looked up at him with longing. For a scant few moments she thought to herself, Oh God, is this real? Am I really going through with this?

He let his sports jacket fall to the floor, then picked up the bottle of wine and posters and together they walked into the kitchen. He lifted her onto a bar stool as if she weighed nothing then remarked, "I see you got your cast removed. That will make it much nicer for us in bed."

Laura blushed, hoping he wouldn't notice. His mouth found hers again and he forced his tongue into her mouth and stood between her thighs as she sat stroking his arm with her hand. He gently lifted the straps of her dress down off her shoulders, and slid the top portion down toward her waist. Excitedly, he smiled and told her, "I haven't seen you fully naked yet, and I am so looking forward to it."

The feeling of his hot hands on her, and the cool air against her skin made her tingle between her thighs. Looking into her eyes, he started to slide her bra up over her tiny breasts. He twisted both nipples between his dark fingers saying, "Mmmmm... Very Nice... Ver-r-r-y nice. I want these every night, Laura."

She bit her bottom lip and moaned. Looking down through half closed eyes, she saw his huge black hands on her snowy skin and her long nipples standing hard and erect against the pink palms of his hands. His head moved forward to engulf her tiny right breast in his warm lips. They felt so soft and thick as he sucked her nipple that she felt as though she would melt inside.

She had never felt this kind of weakness with her beloved husband. She closed her eyes and gasping and shaking, she began to stroke Ray's clean-shaven head with her left hand. As he continued to suck and nibble, the petite white wife now held his dark head tightly to her breast with both hands. She kissed the top of his head, and then continued down the right side of his face, kissing his ear and neck wetly.

Her skin was becoming pink and flushed as he continued. He began alternately biting and sucking her skin and leaving his love marks on her soft flesh. Her right nipple was almost painfully erect as he moved slowly to her left breast. She gasped but had the presence of mind to pull her bra roughly over her head and toss it aside. Now Ray pulled back a few inches to admire her tiny chest. She arched her back to display her breasts and Ray continued to run his black hands over them.

She could not mouth words, but Ray broke the silence, looking at her taut up-tilted nipples, now each a deep red. He looked into her eyes saying, "Such perfect breasts. I would love to see a black baby suckling at them."

Laura was momentarily startled, caught her breath and said, "Baby? Black? No... I mean... How? I-I I thought you were, you know..."

Ray moved slowly to her left breast, and whispered, "Yes, but what if I wasn't?"

As he started to bite her nipple she moaned again, her vagina now wet and throbbing, all thought vanishing from her brain. His tongue wetly licked her swollen breast and she began to stroke his neck again. She massaged his strong shoulders as he pulled off his shirt and for the first time, she felt his strong shoulders and felt his muscled skin. "Mmmm..." she said, "You have such soft skin; so beautiful and dark."

He squeezed both breasts in his hot hands and Laura began to squirm on the stool. His lips found hers again as he tugged her sundress off her bottom. She moved her hips to help him, and soon she was clad only in her French cut panties. She felt for his manhood and began to pull his trousers down. They continued to kiss hotly, with Laura accepting his tongue deep in her wet mouth. She ran her hands over his naked skin then opened her eyes slightly to see how sensual it looked, her white hands on his ebony skin. She hadn't seen him fully naked yet, and suddenly the prospect made her even wetter at the thought.

"Laura," her lover whispered, "I need your mouth on my cock again. The right way this time."

"T-t-the right way?" she stuttered after catching her breath.

"Yes," he whispered gently, "The right way. On your knees, worshipping your man." Ray intended to break her in the right way and today would be the beginning. Laura thought momentarily of the image in her dream of Ray as a Nubian god figure then trembled perceptibly. Through parted lips she said softly, "The right way... I understand you... I just want to please you the right way too. Always."

He finished stripping then swept her into his arms. As he carried her upstairs she thought how powerful he was, and how much she wanted him. They paused midway and he kissed her open mouth once again. With her free hand she stroked his black skin.

When they at last arrived at the marital bedroom, he slid her slowly out of his arms and pushed her to her knees. She looked up into his deep brown eyes and without hesitation, submissively reached for his partly swollen cock with her right hand. Unlike with her husband's modest little member, her hand could not go all the way around. She engulfed the head immediately, pushing his dark foreskin back, exposing the lighter head. She suddenly smelled his strong African scent again, and unlike the first time when she was repulsed, this time it caused her mouth to water excitedly. Ray felt her mouth on him and moaned, "Yessss... Yes... baby. Now you need to learn to take it deep and slow for your man. I will teach you."

He grasped her head and said, "Open up your throat. Relax, and let me push." Her face was red and flushed but she let him take control. Looking down, he saw her breasts pink and flushed, her nipples hard, and her ribs expanding and contracting as she breathed rapidly in fear and excitement. Her earrings glinted in the light and her wedding bands were sparkling against her pale flesh as they moved up and down the skin of his belly.

He slowly moved his 10-inch cock down her throat until she could feel the wiry pubic hair around his member pushing against her nose and mouth. He moved in and out slowly until she gagged and explosively expelled his shaft from her aching throat. It was liberally coated with her saliva. She coughed and looked up apologetically. He stroked he face then gave her a little slap on the cheek, and said simply. "Again."

Laura licked the saliva from his tight black balls and then licked her way up the shaft again. She planted deep kisses on the shaft and then the head and opened her mouth very widely as she felt the huge mushroom head invade her lips again. She sucked the first five or six inches making loud slurping noises until Ray took control again. He reached over to the radio and turned it on thinking to help give this white girl a sense of rhythm. He deftly tuned it to a hip-hop station, and in moments she was moving in time to a strong drumbeat. She was beginning to feel things she had never felt before with her husband and understanding how important it was to suck black cock correctly. She closed her eyes and concentrated on making him feel her passion. Now she was feeling the jungle beat and the taste and scent of his huge cock take over her body.

After several minutes of her rhythmic sucking, he pulled her back from his shaft by her hair, and commanded, "Look up to me when you suck my cock. I want to see your eyes."

Obediently, she looked up at him with her blue eyes deep and glowing. She licked all around his head, paying special attention to his pee slit, leaking pre-cum.

He looked down at her masterfully, stroked her hair, then slapped her cheek again, this time more softly, and said, "Again."

She braced herself, opened wide and again took his cock deeply into her mouth. He held her head steady as he assaulted her open mouth and throat. With the music as a cue, she was now moving in time with his thrusts and found a way to breathe.

He moved her head back and forth on his swollen shaft in time with the beat of the urban music, until he could contain himself no longer. He wanted to see his cum coating her face and mouth, so he pulled until only the first five inches were still in her mouth. Laura's jaw was sore now, but she needed desperately to bring him to climax, to prove her worth to him. With one free hand she was touching her clit and her pussy lips and her excitement was growing.

Suddenly, Ray's balls tightened, he groaned like an animal and came explosively. Laura felt his thick cream spasm deeply into her mouth, from her lips and all over her neck and hair. Ray could only groan and keep pushing his body forward. Laura collapsed on the floor, spent from the effort. He black lover gazed down between his legs and smiled. He had begun her training and she had done very well.

Laura looked up at his massive form and tenderly stroked his ankles and calves. Ray extended an arm to her, and suggested they shower together. As they stood under the steamy water, Ray noticed that she had shaved her pussy smooth for him. He hadn't insisted on it, but he very much liked the effect. He reached out and stroked it and she responded by turning her back to him. Now standing behind her, he took her breast in one hand and thumbed her clit with the other.

Laura breathed excitedly and thrust her pussy forward to his fingers and thumb. She reached behind her and felt his cock. Unbelievably, he was hard again. Maggie had told her about the sexual appetites of black men, but until this moment, she hadn't understood how true it was. Ray continued to finger fuck her and to lay love marks on both side of her neck. Her neck and upper torso were now liberally covered in his love bites, which would within hours turn her porcelain pale flesh into a patchwork of bruises.

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