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MILF Teacher: Becoming a Present

Posted on : 2012-01-27 20:24:21.158012

SUMMARY: A widowed white straight teacher is dommed by a black teenager.

Note 1: This is a Christmas lesbian sub/dome story...if that offends you please quit reading.

Note 2: A thanks to the legendary Estragon who edits all my work.


For me, growing up in the south in the eighties, racism wasn't as rampant and blatant as it was in the past, but the undercurrent was there. I grew up in a very racist upper class family where my father believed that whites were superior to blacks in all ways. Even though we had a black maid, a black chauffeur and I grew up with a black nanny...I know it is ironic to allow a race supposedly inferior to feed you and raise your children; alas, no one else seemed to notice.

That said, Aretha was like the mother I never had, because as I grew up with a diva mom who didn't really raise me...Aretha did. Unlike the rest of my family, including both of my older siblings, I grew up with a great respect for Aretha and therefore I refused to treat anyone based on race. She was my mother figure growing up and the person I respected more than any other. When Aretha died two years ago after a long bout with cancer, I was way more devastated than I was a year earlier when my birth mother died.

Aretha understood me and respected my shyness, unlike my family that kept trying to make me into something I was not. My dad was a very powerful judge, my mom a lawyer as well and both my older siblings followed in my parents' footsteps. Me, on the other hand, I became a teacher.

My insecurities were many but one was my body. My breasts were pretty much non-existent and even today they are a tiny 34b. On the other hand, Aretha and her children all had large breasts. I grew up very self-conscious about my breasts, although I never told anyone...even Aretha...of my insecurity. This insecurity never completely faded away as I often had students whose breasts were much larger than mine. My breasts were a constant reminder of my imperfections.

I married a fellow teacher, and I would have lived happily ever after if my husband hadn't died last winter in a drinking and driving accident (no he was sober, it was some rich kid running a red light that hit him).

I was left a widow with two teenage daughters, one eighteen and in grade twelve, the other sixteen and two grades below her. The life insurance policy was enough to pay off our mortgage and guarantee my daughters' college expenses, so many people thought I was crazy when I returned to teaching after taking a year's leave. But I had missed it immensely and working with teenagers was the most rewarding job in the world.

It was the third day back when I realized this semester would be a challenge. Latoya was a black student in my English class with a real hatred for me. Her tone was snotty, her attitude terrible and her mouth lippy. Yet, I liked her. She was actually incredibly articulate and academically strong, although she often handed in her assignments late. I hoped I could help her reach her full potential...if only I could break through her hard exterior.

Alas, by December I was no further ahead than I had been in September until one day when she asked me for help. Well, demanded it really.

She put a document on my desk and said, "I need help with my scholarship resume."

Seeing a chance to maybe finally get her on my side, I ignored the entitlement attitude and asked, "When is it due?"

"Tomorrow," she snapped, as if I should have known.

"Oh that is not much time," I pointed out.

"I can come to your house tonight for help. I also need a letter of reference," she demanded.

"But the Christmas formal dance is tonight," I explained.

"So?" she replied.

"I have to supervise it," I pointed out.

"I will be over at seven. It shouldn't take long," she decided for me.

I paused, before succumbing to her strong-willed personality, "Ok, but I need to be at the dance by eight."

"Whatever," she said, leaving class. She stopped at the door, before adding, "Have my reference letter ready."

I responded, "I will need your resume."

"I'll bring it with me." She shrugged and left before I could respond.

I sighed. She really was a self-centered, stuck-up bitch. I hoped helping her would help her open up to me, but I doubted it. I packed up and headed home.

I had supper with the girls and they both left early to meet up with their friends and get ready for the second biggest dance of the year, the Christmas formal. Of course, prom was the biggest event for most high school students.

As Melanie, my oldest, was leaving I said, "I may be a little late. Latoya is coming over to get some last minute scholarship help."

Melanie gave me an odd look and warned, "Don't trust her."

I shrugged, "I don't. But her bark is way worse than her bite."

Melanie shrugged back, judging as she often did. "She is a butch dyke."

"Melanie!" I responded, astonished.

"Just saying," she said and kissed me on the cheek. Then she was gone.

I got ready myself for the formal dance. I wore a glamorous red dress with tan pantyhose and red heels. It was rare I got to dress up since my husband had passed, so when the opportunity arose I liked to really go all out. Unfortunately, I got a pretty big run in my pantyhose and realized I had no more. Rummaging my drawer, I found an opened package of coffee thigh-high stockings. I found these uncomfortable and a bit too slutty even for my husband when he was still alive, but I definitely wasn't going to a formal event without something on my legs, so I reluctantly put on the dark brown thigh highs. The good news was the dress was long enough to hide the tops of the stockings and the darker color really accentuated my legs.

I had just finished with my matching red lipstick to my dress when the doorbell rang. I grabbed my three inch heels, which I also never got to wear, and went downstairs to get the door.

I opened it and Latoya just sauntered into my house like she owned it. She too was dressed up, although more for a biker bar, with a black leather skirt, black boots, black pantyhose, a red blouse that couldn't even begin to contain her large breasts and a black leather jacket. She took off her jacket and tossed it on my white couch.

I closed my door, surprised at what she considered formal. She seemed more dressed for a dominatrix line-up.

She looked at me. "Nice, you dressed up for me."

Startled by her comment, I replied, "What? No, I am dressed for the dance."

She shrugged, "Whatever you say, Ms. Malone."

Ignoring her condescending tone and smirk, I got to the task at hand. "So let's see this resume so I can finish the reference letter."

She pulled out a resume from her bag and placed it on the table as she walked around my home. She disappeared into the kitchen while I grabbed the form and skimmed it. I noticed she did not have any volunteer hours, which would make the scholarship application rather difficult. She returned to my living room with a beer in her hand.

Walking over and taking it out of her hand, I snapped, "What are you doing?"

She smiled, "We are both adults, Ms. Malone."

"That is not the point," I countered. Attempting to make the distinction crystal clear I pointed out, "I am the teacher and you are my student."

She shrugged, her voice changing to something that seemed oddly seductive, "But what if I was the teacher and you the student?"

She was standing directly in front of me, her dark eyes boring into mine, as I responded, confused, "What are you talking about?"

She smiled, "Oh, never mind. So do you have my reference letter started?"

"Yes," I replied, thankful to be back on topic. "It's on my laptop upstairs."

Latoya started for the stairs. "Let's take a look at what you got started."

Again her forwardness was annoying, but the quicker we finished this the better, so I followed her upstairs and into my room. I grabbed my laptop, typed in my password and handed my laptop to her.

She quickly read my rather generic reference letter and began adding stuff. I interjected, "Latoya, I won't sign anything I don't agree with."

She smiled, her tone oddly foreboding, "Oh don't worry, you will definitely agree with it when, I am done with you."

Her odd answer was unsettling. She exuded a smug superiority I just couldn't figure out. I attempted to take a peek at what she was writing, but she dismissed me. "Wait until I am done, Ms. Malone." She then added, treating me like a maid in my own house, "If I can't have a beer, go get me a coke."

My rage inside was beginning to bubble over and I had to use every ounce of tolerance I had to not explode. Instead, I gritted my teeth and went downstairs to get her a drink. While downstairs, I took a couple of minutes to calm myself down and put in perspective what I was doing. I repeated the mantra 'I am helping a student' over and over again.

By the time I returned upstairs, Latoya had moved to my bed and was laying on it with my laptop on her lap. My frustration immediately began to rise again.

She looked up and asked in a condescending tone, "What took you so long, Ms. Malone?"

I wanted to explode at her, but didn't see any advantage to such an outburst. Instead, I remained silent and brought her the drink.

She took it without even a hint of appreciation and took a sip before handing it back to me. She was treating me like a servant in my own home. She returned to typing and a couple of minutes later, while I stood there holding her drink like a maid, she announced, "Done." She patted my bed and said, "Come sit down and read the final draft."

Attempting to regain some sort of resemblance of power, I refused, reaching for my computer, "No, I'll stand."

Her smile faded and she pulled my computer away from me. "Sit down, Ms. Malone," she demanded; her aggressive tone startled me. Without even having time to process her command, I felt my body climb onto the bed and beside her.

She took the drink and placed my laptop on my lap. "Read the final reference, Ms. Malone," she instructed.

Dear who it may concern,

Latoya is a student I have had the pleasure of teaching this year in Grade 12 English at Salisbery High. I have also become involved in her extra-curricular endeavours.

I paused, "Latoya, I have not been a part of your extra-curricular endeavours."

She took a sip of her drink before foreshadowing, "You soon will be. Now keep reading."

Wanting her out of my house, I ignored the lie and continued with the letter.

Latoya is an inquisitive student who excels at all she does. Her wit and intelligence exceeds all I currently teach. She is a great public speaker, a creative writer and a model student. If all my students worked as hard as Latoya they would all become successful members of society.

As I read this, I shook my head; I would never write such generic drivel. Nor did any of those descriptors adequately describe the truth about Latoya. Oh she was smart and creative, but her descriptors were a stretch. But I decided to remain silent and continued to read the rest of the letter I was supposedly writing.

Lastly, Latoya has become my Black Mistress and I eagerly serve her as the white slut I am. She owns me and I obey her every command.

I paused, completely stunned by the words in front of me. I looked up at a smiling Latoya, my cheeks red with anger, and said, "Latoya, what the hell is going on here?"

She smiled, "Did you finish the letter?"

Defiant, I responded, putting the laptop down beside me, "No. Now you need to leave!"

Her smile faded and she countered, using my first name for the first time, "Linda, you need to fall onto your knees and beg to be my white slut."

I stood up off the bed and raised my voice, something I never do, and demanded, "Get out of my home now!"

Her smile returned, but her condescending tone also returned in full force, "Awww, how cute, my little slut is playing hard to train."

Not sure how to get her out of my house, and tears beginning to stream down my cheeks, I pleaded, "Please just leave and we will pretend this never happened."

Her hand stunned me as in one quick move it went under my dress and directly to my vagina.

"Oh my," she teased, holding me with her other hand so I couldn't break free, "You wore thigh high stockings for me. You really are a slut, aren't you?"

"No, my pantyhose had a run in them," I argued and then attempted to fight back, "now let me go right now!"

She chuckled, her finger sliding inside my vagina, and me letting out an uncontrollable moan-gasp, "Why are you so wet?" I went to push her away but she was too strong. She smiled, using my first name again, "Now be a good little white slut, Linda and fall to your knees and into your proper place before me."

I let out a second involuntary moan when she found my g-spot.

"Hmmm, you like that, don't you, teach?"

"No," I responded, humiliated by the way my body betrayed me. "Please, stop."

She smiled, "Now here is how it is going to work, Ms. Malone. I want you to be my white little dyke and I always, I mean always, get what I want."

She slowly pumped her finger inside my long ignored vagina, which hadn't been touched by anything other than my own fingers in over a year. I was mortified by her words, yet her finger inside me had me morally weak. I attempted to stand up for myself, "We can't do this."

"Oh, we can and will. You have been so eager to please me all semester."

"No," I contradicted, "I was just trying to get the best out of you."

She countered, "And I plan to get the most out of you." Her finger inside me had me distracted, as she continued, "So why are you so wet, Ms. Malone?"

The way she said my name with such disgust was insulting, yet I couldn't deny that her finger inside me had me sexual stimulated. I answered with the only logical reason I had, "It isn't you, I am not a lesbian. It is just I haven't been touched in a long, long time."

"I'm not a lesbian either, Ms. Malone. I love a big hard dick in me sometimes too, but turning white bitches like you into the submissive sluts they crave to be deep down is a fun distraction."

I again tried to pull away, but she was too strong. "Please, don't do this."

"Do what?" she asked.

"Don't treat me this way."

"What way?"

"Like I am a slut," I finally blurted out of frustration.

"But you are a slut," she said.

"I am not," I adamantly replied.

"You are allowing your 18-year-old student to finger you in your own bedroom, that seems kind of slutty to me," she countered.

I tried one more time to break free and this time with enough exertion I succeeded, but fell to the floor.

She smiled, walking over to me, "They all fall for me eventually."

I stood back up and she immediately gripped my shoulders, lowered me onto my knees, and ordered, "Take off my boots."

She lifted her foot up a bit and presented me with her foot.

"No," I responded, meekly.

She looked down at me from her position of power and replied, "I am only asking you one last time. For now on any disobedience will come with a punishment. And trust me, you will not like the punishment."

I suddenly feared what she might do, as I was convinced this wasn't an idle threat. I tried to reason with her, "Please, Latoya, I am your teacher."

"One!" she announced.

"But, Latoya..." I began again.

"Two!" she interrupted, before adding, "For a teacher, you do not learn very fast."

I paused, suddenly realizing my predicament, and unsure how to get out of it. Reluctantly, fearing what her wrath may bring, I unzipped her boot and took it off her foot. Without a word, she switched her footing and presented me with her other boot. I repeated the task and began to stand up.

"Did I give you permission to stand?" she roared, her anger dripping with poison.

I fell back onto my knees and stammered, petrified by her outburst, "N-n-n-n-no."

"Who is your Mistress?" she asked.

"Pardon?" I asked back.

"Three," she announced, adding another theoretical punishment to me. "Don't you dare move, slut."

Being called a slut was like a hard slap to the face, but for reasons unknown other than fear, I stayed on my knees as Latoya walked to my laptop. I watched curious about what she was planning to do. She typed quickly and then announced, "Sent."

"What did you just do?" I asked petrified of her answer.

She smiled, "I just sent my reference letter to myself from your e-mail address. I think it will come in pretty handy if you disobey anymore."

"You didn't," I said, knowing she did, but praying she didn't.

She brought my laptop over to me and showed me the sent confirmation. Tears instantly formed and streamed down my face. As she tossed the laptop back onto the bed, she cautioned, "So if you disobey your Mistress again, there may be dire consequences, is that understood?"

"Y-y-yes," I stammered, realizing my predicament was even worse than before.

"So, I will ask you again, who is your Mistress?"

"You are," I replied reluctantly and with no conviction.

She smiled, "She was that so hard? Now next time I ask, I expect a much more eager answer, but I think maybe the problem is you don't believe you are a slut, do you?"

"No, I don't think I am a slut," I replied.

"Stay," she said, like I was a dog, and she disappeared out of my room. While she was gone a million ideas of how to get out of this predicament flashed into my head. I decided fuck it, and quickly went to my computer and attempted to see if there was any way to erase or stop the sent e-mail. I deleted it from my sent items, and was just searching the internet for how to delete sent e-mails when I heard her voice bellow, "Four."

I looked up at her startled and saw she was now half naked, her red blouse gone and her big breasts held in check barely by a red lace bra. Her skirt was also gone and she was now simply in black thigh highs, black panties and a big black strap-on cock.

"You really want to be punished, don't you?" she asked, walking towards me.

"N-n-n-no," I stammered, fearful, yet oddly entranced by the big cock wrapped around her waist.

"I see you checking out my cock," she smiled, "open your mouth, slut." I obeyed and she shoved the plastic cock between my lips. "Suck your Mistress's cock with your slut mouth," she demanded. I again obeyed, utterly humiliated by both the demand and the growing wetness in my panties. Why was such an obscene order and task making me wet?

I slowly and awkwardly sucked the plastic cock with its unpleasant taste. Latoya purred, "Hmmm, good teacher, you will be a perfect little present." A shiver went up my spine at her innuendo that I was a present and my dread began to overwhelm me. Almost as if realizing my anxiety was soon going to reach a peak, she pulled the cock out of me and demanded, "Get on your bed, slut. On all fours like a good little whore."

I looked up and once again tried to reason with her, "Please, Latoya, this needs to stop."

"Now!" she exploded, pulling me up and pushing me up towards the bed. Fear again becoming the motivating factor of obedience, I got up onto my bed and onto all fours as ordered. She climbed onto the bed as well, and pulled up my dress. A cold breeze gave me a quick chill and I held my breath waiting her next action. She asked, "Do you want your Mistress to fuck you slut?"

My damp panties were evidence of the contrary, but I refused to admit my growing excitement, when I replied, "No."

"Really?" she asked, "You don't want my big cock to fill your wet white whore cunt?"

I repeated, "No."

"Hmmmmm," she paused, her hand going to my very wet panties. "Your cunt disagrees with your words."

I didn't answer, as no good answer could defeat the evidence.
She pulled my panties to the side and put her big plastic cock at the entrance of my vagina. A sudden thrill weakened my knees and my resistance. My long ignored pussy was beginning to speak for me and it was quite wanted to be fucked...hard. I didn't even know I was doing it, but I felt my body against my control, leaning back and taking the cock inside me.

A smug chuckle echoed behind me, reminding me instantly of my predicament. I instantly stopped the backwards motion. "What? Don't stop now, slut. You need to be fucked. You need to become my whore, a white slut for black women. Don't deny it, slut. You need me. You want me. Just bend backwards, take my cock deep inside your white slut cunt and succumb to me."

Her nasty words should have repulsed me, yet instead they made me tingle inside and made my pussy burn with need. My mind desperately tried to resist the temptation, but the resistance was weak and I slowly continued my collapse into submission.

As more of her cock slowly filled my vagina, she continued explaining our new relationship, "Good girl. I knew you would submit to me, Linda. I knew the first day when you couldn't get your eyes off my tits. My double d's so much bigger than your tiny training bra tits." Her humiliating words hit hard as she concentrated on my biggest insecurity. I stopped moving on the cock, tears beginning to form again.

"Hmmmm, keeping taking my cock, Ms. Malone. Once it is completely inside your cunt, it becomes my cunt."

The blunt declaration had me frozen in my tracks. The cock half inside me felt so good and I wanted more, but the revelation Latoya had just announced scared me. I stammered, "W-w-what do you mean?"

"I mean exactly what I said. Once my cock is buried inside your whore cunt, I own it. I own you. You will lick my pussy whenever I tell you to. Your pussy will be available for me and others whenever we want it. You need a black Mistress, you crave a black Mistress, and you crave complete submission to me."

"B-b-but I have a job," I pleaded.

"Oh, I won't wreck your career, slut. Unless you disobey me, then all promises are off. At school, you are the teacher and I the student, but when we are alone, I am the teacher and you the student; I am the Mistress and you the slave. Is that clear?"

"Ummmm..." I began.

"Don't answer with your mouth, slut. Answer with your wet, eager, cunt. Which I bet right now wants nothing more than to be filled by your Mistress's cock. With complete submission, comes complete pleasure. Now do it, slut. Bounce your fat white ass back on my cock, submit to me completely. Become my whore, my cunt, my white dyke, my...."

The nasty onslaught was too much and I ended it by taking the rest of her cock deep inside me. I moaned uncontrollably as the plastic cock filled me much deeper than my husband's cock ever could.

"Good girl," she purred, "who owns you?"

"You do," I moaned, beginning to believe it, loving the pleasure I was currently feeling.

"Good girl," she repeated. Her approval suddenly becoming important. "Now I am just going to kneel behind you as you fuck yourself. Go ahead slut, fuck yourself like the dirty whore you are."

Desperate to come, I began to move up and down on my 18-year-old's strap-on cock. Closing my eyes, I ignored the fact that I was submitting to a student, and instead just allowed the pleasure inside to take over. My moans increased and within only a couple of minutes I was close to an orgasm.

Suddenly, Latoya pulled the cock out of me and stepped off the bed. I moaned involuntarily, "Noooooooooo."

She laughed, "You were close, weren't you?"

"Yes," I admitted, my hand going to my needy vagina.

"Stop!" she demanded.

I froze.

"You don't get to come yet. Your Mistress, always, and I mean always, gets to orgasm first. Is that understood?"

"Yes," I replied, dejected and desperate.

"If you please me adequately, I may allow you to come," she explained, taking off her cock, sliding off her panties and climbing onto my bed.

She straddled my face with her hairy vagina and slowly lowered it onto my mouth. Having never done this before, I was unsure what to do. Her scent was strong, and realizing that I was stuck like this until she came, I attempted to lick her vagina. Her taste was surprisingly good and addictive. It was incredibly awkward and hard to breathe. After a couple of minutes of licking, she began to rub her vagina on my face and I just lay there, my tongue extended, as she used my face to get off. Suddenly I was being flooded with sticky juice. Her juice was sweet and I suddenly couldn't get enough of it. I eagerly lapped up her juice, attempting to get more of her nectar. Disappointingly, Latoya moved up and I reflexively moved up and attempted to continue to lap her juices.

She chuckled, "I taste amazing, don't I?"

Suddenly realizing what I was doing, I froze.

She smiled. "You want more of my cunt juice, don't you?"

Pretending to be repulsed, I lied, "No."

"Liar," she laughed, getting dressed. She reached into her purse and demanded, "Say cheese, Miss Malone."

I quickly covered my face with my hands.

She raised her voice like a teacher would do when scolding a student, "Don't you ever cover yourself in front of me again, slut."

I slowly moved my hands away, keeping my head down, "Please don't take my picture like this."

She chuckled, "Slut, I will be taking many pictures of you. This first one is a great shot of you after your first pussy pleasing experience. Now look up."

I obeyed reluctantly and she snapped a picture. "Slut, you look so sad." She shrugged, adding, "Oh well, over time I think you will learn to love pleasuring me." Putting her panties back on, she suggested, "You may want to go wash up, Ms. Malone, you look kinda slutty, plus you are going to be late."

I began to go to the bathroom when she said, "By the way, don't you dare touch yourself until I see you again, understood?"

I nodded by head yes, defeated and longing to come.

"Good," she smiled, walking over to me. She put her hand back to my vagina and began to pump my already wet vagina.

I instantly began moaning as she explained, "You are such a slut, Ms. Malone, allowing your student to finger-fuck you in your own home."

I was so ashamed, but her finger inside me was the only thing that mattered at this moment.

"Do you want to come?" she asked.

"So bad," I moaned, the orgasm beginning to build a second time.

"Well, you can't," she said, pulling her finger out of me. She sucked her finger that had just been in me and added, "Hmmm, not bad for an old cunt."

She walked out of my room, leaving me wet and horny. I quickly went to the bathroom to wash up. I heard my front door close and I let out a sigh of relief. I looked in the mirror. My make-up was a mess. I washed up and also washed my vagina clean, the cold water submerging my wanton desires. Finally looking respectable, I rushed out of the house and to the school arriving twenty minutes late.

Ironically, nobody noticed I was late. Everything was normal until my daughter saw me and asked, "So how was your quality time with the butch?"

I instantly went red, as I stammered, "It-it-it was fine and don't be so rude."

She shrugged and disappeared back onto the dance floor. It was almost midnight when I heard the voice I prayed I wouldn't hear tonight, "Hi, Ms. Malone."

I turned around. She was alone with the smuggest smile possible on her face. She leaned in close enough so no one else could hear and ordered, "Be in your classroom in five minutes and don't you dare be late."

Before I could reason with her she was gone. Anxiety overwhelmed me, but also an excitement I couldn't control. Maybe she would let me come. Just as quickly, I realized how absurd it was that I was worried about getting permission from a teenager to orgasm. I looked around and silently slipped out and headed towards my classroom determined to end this once and for all. I was the adult. I unlocked my door and waited and waited. Five minutes became ten and just as I was getting up to return to the dance she sauntered in.

"You weren't leaving, were you?" she asked, her voice implying I'd better not have been.

I stammered, suddenly feeling weak again, "N-n-no."

"Good, because I need to get off again," she announced, walking to my desk. She demanded, "On your knees, teach."

"Not here," I pleaded.

"Would the gym be better?" she questioned.

"God, no," I gasped.

"Then I'll only say this one more time. On your knees."

Seeing no way out of this other than to quickly please her, I obeyed. Latoya sat in my chair, opened her legs and said, "Get to work on your homework, slut."

The word slut made me wince, but I ignored it and moved between her legs. Her strong scent still lingered and as soon as I tasted her wetness I let go of all inhibitions. I licked her pussy slowly, suddenly wanting to savour her flavour, just as suddenly I felt an undeniable tingle down below. Her scent was overpowering, somehow held in by her abundance of pubic hair. Her moans were low, but constant, which was an indicator I was doing ok. I continued this slow lapping for a long time before my knees began to get sore. Determined to get her off soon, I took her clit into my mouth and put pressure on it. Her legs twitched and she let a little scream and her moans increased exponentially. Doing what I would want done next to me if our roles were reversed, I slid a finger inside her vagina and began pumping it in and out. Within seconds, my face was again coated by her juice.

I kept licking her pussy until she pushed my head away.

She stood up and ordered, "Sit on your desk, teach."

Praying for the sexual release my body longed for, I obeyed her order.

"Do you want me to eat your pussy?" she asked, pushing my legs apart.

"Yes," I answered, no longer a teacher, but simply a vessel of pleasure.

"In your classroom? On your desk?" she questioned, her finger sliding inside my panties.

"Yes!" I answered, frustrated.

She fell to her knees, moved her head between my legs and paused. I held my breath waiting for her touch, craving it. Suddenly, she ordered, "Take off your panties."

I quickly obeyed, discarding my panties in front of this 18-year-old black student. Propriety vanished; I was completely at her will.

"Good slut," she purred, picking up the panties. She reached for an empty coke bottle on my desk and handed it to me. "Fuck yourself, slut."

An overwhelming disappointment hit me, and my need to come vanished. "No. I can't," I responded.

"You don't want to come?" she asked.

"Yes, no, not like that," I replied, suddenly no longer wanting to.

She again pushed my legs apart and again fell onto her knees. The second her tongue made contact with my vagina I was a puddle of goo. She sucked my clit into her mouth and I screamed, "Oh sweet mother of mercy."

I felt my vagina vibrate as she chuckled at my reaction. Literally within seconds I was sopping wet and when she demanded, "Hand me the bottle," I didn't even hesitate. I suddenly wanted it in me. She rubbed it up and down my vagina lips for a few seconds and then in one sudden thrust she filled me with the bottle. I whimpered, the sudden thrust filling me completely and spreading my vagina wider than I was accustomed to. She stood up, leaving the bottle in me. "Fuck yourself, Ms. Malone."

My building orgasm all I cared about now, I grabbed the bottle end and began fucking myself with it. I pumped it in and out of my cunt ferociously and in less than a minute I was having my most powerful orgasm in my life. I bit my lip to hold in the scream that usually echoed off walls when I orgasmed.

I looked up and saw Latoya with her iphone and I assumed she had taped my sexual perversion. She smiled and said, "And you say you are not a slut." She put her phone in her purse and said, "There is a gift in your desk from me. It is one of your punishments. I expect you to wear it at school on Monday."

"What is it?" I asked, my orgasm still sending shivers of joy through me.

"Take a look when you are done coming, slut," she answered, heading for the door.

I pulled the bottle out of me and stood up, attempting to regain my composure. "Where are my panties?"

She pulled them out of her purse. "A souvenir. Hopefully, you are not a leaker."

With that she was gone. I fell back onto my chair and attempted to recover. Opening my desk drawer, I saw a silver egg shaped thing. I looked at it and after thinking for a few seconds I was horrified. She wanted me to wear this in my vagina for school on Monday. I put it in my purse; no way I wanted some colleague to go through my desk for some reason and find a sex toy. I realized I still had her juice on my face, so I quickly left my room and luckily made it to a bathroom without detection. I cleaned myself up, again, and returned to the dance. Thankfully, Latoya seemed to be gone and I supervised the remainder of the dance with a constant reminder of Latoya: a bit of leakage from my well-pleased vagina.


All weekend I tossed and turned about what to do about my predicament. She had pictures and video to blackmail me. If I attempted to resist her, my career would be over. On the other hand, if I continued to obey her, my career was bound to be in jeopardy as well. Yet, every dream I had over the weekend included me pleasing Latoya. By Monday, I was an anxiety-riddled mess and considered calling in sick, but was worried that she would take that as disobedience.

I put the egg in me over the weekend and found that, after a few minutes, I was used to it being there. It was inconvenient and a distraction, but controllable. So, I obeyed Latoya's order and went to work on Monday with the egg in me. The day flew by, the only real distraction from the toy, when I would forget it was there and sit down too quickly. Then came my last period.

Latoya came in with her usual smug smile and gave me a subtle wink. I was teaching for a few minutes, lecturing on Hamlet, when I felt a sudden jolt in my vagina, a slow buzzing. I looked to Latoya who had a big grin plastered all over her face. In her hand was a remote control, which I assumed was for the toy inside me. Seconds later, the vibrations increased and I held onto my podium.

A student asked, "Are you ok, Ms. Malone?"

Just as suddenly the vibrating stopped and I replied, "Yes, sorry. I got dizzy there for a second. I am suddenly not feeling real well. So, class, get into groups and list five things Hamlet discusses in his 'To Be or Not to Be' soliloquy."

Sitting at my desk, I looked up to Latoya who smiled, but thankfully didn't turn the toy back on. Once class ended, Latoya waited for everyone to leave, sauntered over and asked, "Do you want to come, Ms. Malone?"

"Not here," I answered.

She handed me the remote control, "My gift to you. Now you can come anytime you want."

I took it and quickly dropped it in my purse. She added, "Watch the door for me."

She went behind my desk and quickly pulled off her panties. She handed them to me. "I figured you would be going through withdrawal by now."

I held them in my hand, stunned by what she had given me.

She whispered, "You may want to hide them, it may be weird if someone came in and saw you with soiled panties your hand."

I quickly dropped them into my bag as she added, "I fucked myself twice to orgasm thinking about all the things I plan to do to you."

"Please, stop," I whispered.

"Oh, I am just getting started, Ms. Malone." She smiled and began to leave my room. Turning as she left, she added, "By the way, keep Wednesday evening clear. I have plans for you."

I began to say I wasn't available Wednesday, but she added, waving her phone in the air, "This is non-negotiable." She winked and was gone.

All flushed, I packed my papers for marking, and made my way home.

Home earlier than normal and horny, I quickly went up to my bedroom, lay down on my bed and turned on the toy. The good vibrations instantly had me feeling good and I reached reflectively to my bag and pulled out Latoya's panties. They were slightly damp and sticky and I couldn't resist. I moved them to my nose and took a whiff, the scent was as intoxicating as it had been on Friday and I instantly got wetter. I closed my eyes and imagined being between her legs again. The buzzing was building an orgasm in me and as I got closer I opened my mouth and sucked on my student's soiled panties. Her sweet taste was addictive and I attempted to suck any remnants of her juice as my orgasm hit me. I screamed into her panties and quaked on my bed. I lay there immobile as I recovered from the orgasm. Once it had subsided, I tossed her panties away and quickly pulled the toy out of me. Aghast at what I was becoming, tears flew down my cheeks like a rainstorm. How was I ever going to get out of this mess?


Tuesday was uneventful again until my final class. Latoya wasn't in class when it began and I felt a sudden relief and yet oddly disappointment. I was fifteen minutes into class when she walked in and interrupted the class. "Sorry teach, I was getting homework ready for you."

I caught her innuendo, she didn't say 'I was getting my homework for you,' which implied she had homework for me. I replied, "Take a seat, Ms. Wallace."

She did and the rest of the class went normally. Again, Latoya waited till everyone was gone before coming to my desk and asking, "Did you use my panties yesterday?"

"No," I lied.

She called me out. "Liar. I can always tell when you are lying."


"That is for me only. So unless you want more punishments added, you will answer my question properly."

I sighed, "Twice."

"Reeeeallllly," she said, over-dramatically.

"Yes," I answered, ashamed by my weakness.

"So I am guessing you would like a fresh pair?"

At the thought of her wet panties my panties got wet too. Although mortified by my growing desires and desperate to stop them, I nodded instead.

She smiled and informed me, "And do I have a treat for you."

She checked the door, moved out of immediate view and quickly took off her panties. She handed them to me and I, without even thinking, put them to my nose. Just as quickly, I realized what I had just done and dropped them into my bag.

She laughed out loud, "Oh my, I really have turned you into a little lez slut."

I went ruby red.

"By the way, when you get home to fuck your cunt and smell my sweet soiled panties and put them in your mouth, you will get an extra gift."

"What?" I asked, nervously.

"Hank's cum. That is why I was late. He fucked me before class and his cum was leaking out of me all class."

"Oh my god," I responded. Hank was a six foot four black student and all-star linebacker for our football team. He already had scholarships to almost every school in the country.

"Oh my god, yes," she purred. "His cock is so fucking big. You will love it in that white cunt of yours."

"What?" I gasped.

"You heard me," she smiled and began walking away. Again turning before leaving, "And remember after school tomorrow you are mine."

"I can't," I quickly said.

She smiled, "If you don't I will bring the plan to school and trust me you don't want that." When I didn't respond, she asked, "So you are free tomorrow?"

I nodded 'yes', reluctantly.

"Excellent, and make sure to wear those stay up stockings. Have fun with the cum," she finished, leaving me alone and mortified.

I again quickly packed up my things and went home. Although the temptation was there to smell her scent, I ignored it throughout the evening. Unfortunately, at bedtime, I tossed and turned, my thoughts continually teasing me. After an hour of restlessness, I gave in to my temptations. I got up, grabbed the soiled panties and returned to bed. I lay back on my bed and began pleasuring myself as my other hand moved her panties to my nose. The scent was different, but still intoxicating. I moved the panties inside out and looked at the dried stain. I put it to my mouth and sucked on her panties while sliding two fingers inside my fiery vagina. The naughty act made me even hotter. I came hard from my feeling of moral degradation and the filthy act I was performing. I spit the panties out, and, past exhaustion, fell asleep in seconds.

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