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Master's First Night

Posted on : 2012-01-27 20:25:13.316763

The collar around her neck pulled tightly against her skin as the chain was yanked on. One and a half inch links made up the lead she was being dragged along with. On her bare knees, she walked across the hardwood floors, warm with the afternoon sun. He lived on the 6th floor of a city's skyline. The flat was the 6th floor. Master wasn't rich, but he was well paid. This made for a luxurious living for his pet.

Leading her through the flat, she admired the simplicity of the place. Perfect for him. The place reminded her of how he dressed her. Thigh high black socks with two white stripes on the top, black leather restraints with a strip of white leather on top and black fur, with matching collar. Nothing else. Simplicity.

"Since we will be living together, there are some rules you must follow in my house, understand?" Over the months his words had formed to fit the role he belonged to. Strong, demanding words that flowed through a medium ranged voice.

A soft nod in his direction was all that was needed to let him know to continue.

"You will be on two feet unless told other wise. You will NOT speak unless spoken to. You will make constant eye contact with me while being spoken to, no less. Never will you argue or deny my requests no matter what they be, understand?" He pulled the chain tight, lifting her eyes to his.

"Perfectly, Sir." Bright hazel gazed back at him until he let the chain go, her body falling to the floor. Gently she picked herself up and stood on the balls of her feet. It was respectable to be gentle to the ground that didn't belong to her. Balance was a strong point of hers. When he had enforced it she would walk on the balls of her feet to tread lightly.

Again he took the lead in hand and took her to his bedroom. A pair of black socks with white stripes lay on the bed. Master bought a new pair for the occasion. The ankle and wrist restraints lay, clean and fluffed on the bed beside the pair of new knee highs.

Her clothes were basic. Enough to get her to his place without being too noticed. A soft black tank top with spaghetti straps sits gently over her soft round mounds. The slight chill of the flat made her pink nipples push against her shirt. Light blue jean shorts, torn at the hems rested tightly against her hips. As her Master had instructed from the beginning, no underwear or bra is to be worn. She followed his orders perfectly.

"Undress. Change into what I laid out for you." He instructed her to move slowly. Not rush any movement. She did as she was told.

Facing the bed, away from him, she began to slide the tank over her head, and gently to the floor. Soft hands slid over her hips to the button of her jeans, and undid their bindings. They too fell softly to the hardwood. Gingerly she stepped out of them, picking up both articles of clothing and folding them neatly to place on the corner of the bed. Cold air swept over her naked body as she stood, gathering the socks. She slid one on, and up her leg with great ease. The movements were nearly fluid. Same went for the next sock. Came, then, were the restraints. Nimble fingers undid the clasp and slid the fur and leather over her left ankle. Fastening them to a comfortable size she moved on to the right. Then her left wrist. Lastly her right. Once the job was complete she slid her hands over her naked body before she turned to face her Master.

A soft grin painted his lips. The grin of approval. His gait was confident as he made his way over to her. Being careful to not clip her long black hair he closed the clasp of the lead once more around the D-ring on her collar. Turning on heel, he lead her into the kitchen, pointing to sit beside the island in the middle of the open floor. Soft steps led her to her place, where the lead was attached to a hook on the island. He had been planning this.

Patience filled her as she sat, aroma of a cooking meal filled her nose. The muffled clank of plates and glasses rung through the air. Master was making his lunch. He set the place, and poured a glass of soda. Taking is pace at the island he savored his lunch, taking his time to finish. Once done he put the plate in front of her. One third of a grilled cheese sandwich, and a couple sips left of soda were now in front of her.

She knew that this was all she would receive for lunch. Ignoring the fact that he knew better how to treat a slave than she thought, she ate up the remains, and looked over at him reading a book. Finally he glanced over and saw her finished. Setting down the book he walked over to her and unhooked her lead. "Clean up the kitchen while I'm gone. I won't be long."

A look of understanding was shared, as she began her work, he picked up his keys, wallet, and was out the door. She spent the next hour cleaning the kitchen to a sparkling sheen. The floors were swept, the island cleaned, dishes done. Once complete she sat beside a chair near the door, awaiting the return of her Master. Not more than fifteen minutes passed before he walked in the door once more.

"Finished?" he asked, looking down at her. In the time he was gone it had grown late, the sun beginning to set. Her eyes answered yes, as he took her lead and went into the kitchen. Checking every thing he found that the pan he cooked in hadn't been cleaned. Taking the pan to her, he yanked on her lead, and pulled her close. A once strong voice now fell into a near whisper. "Do you see this?"

She nodded coyly.

"Get to your knees. All fours," his booming voice demanded.

Falling to her knees, she placed her palms on the floor, eyes closed softly. He took her lead and led her to the bedroom. "Stand. Face the wall. Hands on the bed." She did as she was told, for she feared what he might do to her. Once she had moved into position he kicked her feet apart, so she was standing lower, legs fully spread.

A moment a pure silence filled in through the flat. Suddenly the sound of a belt's buckle unclasping was heard. He took his belt, and folded it over. "This is your punishment, I don't like doing this. You made me do this." were his words, strong and meaningful.

Closing her eyes, she prepared for the impact. Eyes scanning over her body he saw her tense. He waited for when she wasn't expecting. Her legs began to shake softly with the tire of standing there so long. Finally he struck. The belt made a loud cracking sound against her bare ass. The string rang through her body as she held in a scream. Again he wound back for a hit. This crack was louder, hitting near the same spot. Her body shook with the pain being dealt.

His eyes scanned over her body once more, watching the welts grow. He noticed her cunt becoming glistening in her fluids. He cracked the belt against her cunt, causing her to scream in pain. "Didn't like that one, did you, slut?"

The shaking that pulsed through her legs told him she didn't. Once more he cracked at her bum, leaving one last welt. Admiring his work, he slid his belt back into his jeans. Taking one last look over her, he slid his fingers over her moist cunt. The misleading gesture aroused her more. Noticing, he slapped her pussy hard, making her see what she's done. He pulls her hair to make her sit up and look him in the eyes.

"This is punishment," he pulled her hair back, making her back and neck bend. "You are pathetic," he whispered to her, throwing her against the bed. He pulled down his jeans and pulled her down to her knees, hot cunt dripping. The look in her eyes was sorrowful, but lustful. He slapped her hard across the face with his member. "Show me that you're sorry."

Closing her eyes, she gently licked over the head of his erection. She tasted his pre-cum on her lips. He took her hair and tangled his fingers in it. Awaiting the perfect moment when she moved just right, he prepared for his move. Her head moved just right, and he forced his member down her throat, deep and hard. She moved in rhythm to his thrusts and shoves. His anger was being let out on her.

A single tear fell down her cheek as he neared his climax. She had upset her Master. With a final thrust he released his load inside of her.

"Don't you dare let a single drop be missed." Was his warning. He moved to sit in the chair near by as she licked her lips and felt the cum slowly slide down her throat. Once she had licked up every drop on her she moved over to him to clean him up, as he expects her to do every time. Gently, she licked up her mess, leaving a kiss on the head of his member to apologize for not being better. He nodded, and lead her to a bed beside his.

Tying her there, he went off to get ready for bed. Returning thirty minutes later he leaned down and kissed her passionately. "Good night, my slave."

"Good night, Master," she whispered, laying down on the bed he had made for her.
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