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Corruption and Hunger

Posted on : 2012-01-27 20:41:20.829155

The colonial city of Arkham is celebrating its 100th anniversary and the entire city is in merry revelry. Karl Sands lurks in the shadows of his favorite alley watching the better off display their jewelry but tonight he has eyes only for Maria Von Bekk for this very evening the stone sits between curvaceous bosom the Star of Sarnath. The perfect emerald comes from over the sea but from there its origins become clouded in legend that even sages have failed to reveal. Karl stalks Maria from street to street watching the moonlight reflect off the stone in an eerie iridescence that chills the thief and assassin to his core; but wherever Maria goes her two no three body guards go. This was not going to be easy this was no doubt going to require entering the rambling Von Bekk estate and stealing the stone there.

'But what was this,' thought Karl as he watched the Lady Von Bekk and her shadows heading to the park that was just outside the gates of Miskatonic University.

'That seemed an odd choice,' the thief could barely hear her from his hiding place and what she said stunned him.

"You know the drill boys!" Maria said with a splendid smile.

One by one they freed their cocks and she attacked with the frenzy of a wild woman. While she sat on a park bench they approached her and offered their iron hard members to be sucked and sucked she did. The thief watched as her dainty hand stroked each shaft and her mouth descended all the way to the base and it took her little time to draw and yes swallow their seed with a very unladylike gulp.

"God I needed that!" She looked at the bodyguards as the last one finished adjusted his uniform. "Now piss off and be back here in one hour!"

There were looks of alarm but not one of them dare argue not after what just happened. They were gone in a flash and she stood up and looked up at the full moon.

"You can come out now," she purred. "Can you help me out of my dress please?"

The thief stepped out no need to argue with her. His deft fingers moved and soon she was free of her dress and emerald and he held her dress as stepped out of it. She turned and he saw her face for the first time up close.

"You are truly beautiful; I can see why men do your bidding so easily." He spoke in a voice just over a whisper.

The dress was acting as a barrier to his eyes so he could only see her from the throat up. They stood there for a long moment taking in each other him burning her facing into his mind and she how to further manipulate the situation to benefit. Green eyes she had green eyes the color of the emerald he was here to steal and a heart shaped face framed by hair the color of autumn fire. She had a petite nose that gave her a girlish look but the full kissable lips stole that away after seeing what she had done to the guards.

"With a great talent for cock sucking," he waited for her response and she only smiled and turned away the dress still in front of her.

She had managed to leave the estate with no undergarments. Her skin shone white under the perfect orb above and when she bent over to set the dress in a spot where it would stay dry and clean he could see the slit of her sex and it was absolutely dripping. Buzz! Buzz! Went the warning voice in his head and this time he heeded it. Yes he would fuck the spoiled little rich girl rotten but after that the tables would be turned on her. She looked over her shoulder and saw 'the look' and knew he was hooked and as soon as climaxed the knife she had gotten from her dress would be buried in his throat up into his brain. At least he would die happy.

She looked back down and made sure the knife was properly secreted when she felt him enter her hard nearly knocking her off her feet.

"UHHNNNN!!" She groaned.

Then he grabbed her hips and started to ram his cock in and out as hard and fast as he could; she could feel the stone rock back and forth with each thrust like a metronome keeping time with their love play.

"Uhhh uhhhh uhhhh!!!!" She was panting now matching each thrust with a gasp of pleasure. She was 'actually' enjoying this but he was still going to die.

"Too awkward!" He moaned.

He lifted her up impaling her as deep as she could possibly go and walked her over to the bench and set her down so she could lean over that. During the walk orgasm after orgasm ripped through her petite body.

"Oh fuck!" She whispers trying to keep her weak legs underneath her.

"Did you climax my dear?" He asks leaning closer driving his cock deeper and once again his long hard member drives her over the edge. Her eyes roll up and her body convulses.

"Well it's my turn now." He said with a smile and twinkle in his eye.

He looked down at her bent over the park bench loving the look of the moonlight on her ass cheeks.

"Wait... wait let me catch my breath!" She pleaded and she appeared to be sincere.

"Don't fret I will do all the work." The thief said as he pulled out and sat her down on the bench.

He used the generous amounts of juices oozing from her slit and began to apply it to her asshole. Then between the juices and his licking it began to relax.

"No that is wrong please don't," she pleaded but now a finger was moving in and out of her ass.

She tried to collect her strength but the multiple orgasms had stolen it away. She sat up just as he adjusted her body forcing her back onto her back. She felt his hands pulling her cheeks apart.

"NO!" She felt the head of his large cock pressing against her sphincter.

"Please NO!"

Tears fell down her cheeks as the head moved into her and with a 'POP' is fully within her. Then the shaft follows the head as this commoner violates her ass as no other man ever has! Such humiliation! Such pain! He begins to FUCK her ass! Such indignation! Slowly his hips move at first but knowing this that won't last long.

"Mmmmmm!!!" The moan of pleasure escapes her lips so quickly her hand can't move quickly enough to stop it from stealing away.

"I knew you would 'like' this, you are going to 'love' what comes next." He said.

"Next, what comes next?" She asked afraid even to speak the words.

"THIS!" The thief says with a grunt of exertion as he picks her up them still joined.

She is able to cover the scream of pleasure that tears through her as his cock is buried to the hilt in her ass. He begins to lift and drop her she buries her head in his chest to help stifle the screams as the surprising pleasure fills her.

"Are you going to fill me?" She asked.

"You mean with my seed?" He replied.

"Yes?" She needed to know.

"Why?" He was the curious one now. She lifted her face to his.

"I love the taste of it!" She said her eyes glittering.

His hands settled lower onto her ass cheeks for a better grip and he squeezed as he continued to fuck her deep and hard.

"How is that?" He asked.

"Oh God!" She said before her body shuddered and she leaned up and kissed him hard and passionately.

Their tongues dueled as her orgasm started that deep tingle inside him. He had plenty of time but he had to be wary from now on. He walked over to the bench sat down and held her as her body shook for a long moment and then went still. He lifted her off stood up and bent her over the bench. His cock entered her ass easier the second time. He played with her ass cheeks they had a lovely shape.

"Are you going to fuck me?" The Lady Von Bekk asked.

"What did you ask milady?" The thief asked as she began to move back and forward.

"I asked are you going to fuck me or do I have to do it myself?" She asked smiling from ear to ear.

He pulled back and out of her and grabbed her hand then led her to a patch of moonlit grass. He lay down and motioned for her; she straddled him slowly impaling her ass with his cock.

"Do you like what you see?" She asked leaning back so he could see her pussy and behind that her ass stretched to the limit with his cock in it.

She began to ride him slowly she was going to milk an orgasm out of him.

"Mmmmm! Nice and slow eh?" He asked.

"Yesss! If I time it right we will climax at the right time." She said.

"Clever girl," he commented.

The thief reached forward and began to tease the Lady's clit ever so lightly.

"What are you doing?" She moaned.

"Playing with your pussy," he said as he eased two fingers into her very tight sex.

"Oh God that feels so damn good! You are going to make me climax again. That is not fair!"

"Making you climax isn't fair? That doesn't make any sense girl."

"UNNNNN it almost feels like two cocks in me at once! I will have to try that at some time."

Her hips began to move up and down faster.

"God what a cock you have I think I could get addicted to it!"

He thrust his fingers faster now as well.

"Oh yessss fingers nnnnnnn!!!" .

He felt his own orgasm building slowly but it would come and when it did it would hit hard. With a gentle but firm shove she was off of him and she was on her knees and he rammed his cock into her ass and her fingers were playing with her pussy. There they were one born to wealth and one born to the streets both covered in sweat joined in primal pleasure.

"Just imagine Lady if one of your friends were to walk up and find us my cock buried in your ass and you playing with your pussy what they think?" He asked.

"She would think, nnnnn oh that feels so good! Think what a dirty little whore I am and she would be right. I am a whore I love sex and am drawn to men both single and married who are of like mind sex for sex sake." She explains while her fingers tease her clit. "And you? What are feelings about sex?"

There came from the thief more a moan than a real voice with a deep quality to it then he pulled back, paused and rammed his cock as deep as it would go then began to pound her ass as hard and fast as he could.

"Unnn unnn unnn good answer!"

"Whose whore are you?" he asked.

"What!?" she said looking over her shoulder.

"I asked, at this moment, whose whore are you?" he asked his gaze intent.

She smiled understanding his need to be dominant.

"Your whore," she said smiling.

He rewarded her with a long series of deep hard strokes. The pleasure seemed to have doubled somehow and she minded not a whit.

"Whose whore are you?"

He asked his voice carrying more power now and she saw his eyes glittering in the moonlight.

"Yours," her voice came without a conscious thought.

She was his! When did this thing happen? There was a moment of fear but the pleasure drowned it out. He moved his cock from her ass to her pussy. He moved his hips slowly letting her feel every inch teasing her now as she had teased him before.

"Head down ass up so it can go deeper," he said matter of factly.



"Yes Master?"


He kept a steady rhythm with his hips but his hands left for a moment then they returned and then he attacked her pussy with his cock again fast and hard her moans were loud and steady matching his pace but there was a sound besides the slapping of their bodies and her moans a sound that didn't belong to love making. She almost looked back but something told her not to; a deep something told her that if she did something in her would break and would stay broken. The pleasure tripled. Her body betrayed her with orgasm after orgasm and her throat ached from the screams of pleasure tore from her by the stranger behind her. Who was he really? Was he just a thief to steal from her or an assassin here to kill her? Probabilities began to run through her head as another series of orgasms tore her thoughts away. Everything went black and the world faded away.

She became aware again she was impaled on her Master's cock sitting on the bench. He was suckling one of her breasts and new pleasure flooded her, her nipples were especially sensitive. Then Master moved His attention to her other nipple flickering it with His tongue. She tossed her head back, arched her back and moaned she was letting go of any and all inhibitions. But it was not just her inhibitions it was humanity; slipping away, orgasm by orgasm the pleasure was washing it away into the dark. With each climax she felt colder and colder and then her Master pressed His chest to hers and His heat filled her! His hands settled on her hips and He began to lift and drop her. Soon they were working in concert and she felt his body begin to shake. Finally! His climax was upon her Master! She began to squeeze her inner muscles to give Him more pleasure! She closed her eyes lowered her head and focused on only one thing His orgasm. She drove her hips fast and hard squeezing her muscles as she went up and released as dropped. She could hear Him grunt and groan now. Music to her ears!

She stopped dismounted and turned around to face away from him and lowered her pussy onto him. He grabbed her and again they moved in unison working towards his orgasm. Her senses seemed more alive than ever before in her life. She could smell the mingling of their sex. She could feel the swelling of his cock signaling his pending climax. She could taste the salt from the sweat they had both worked up. She could hear his moans and even the pounding of his heart. She turned around and saw her Master his body covered in a sheen of sweat his muscled chest the source of his beating heart. As she rode him he gritted his teeth and nodded telling her it was time. She lifted up and dropped one last time and felt his orgasm as his seed shot into her his face a look of pure joy. Her eyes never left his and as his body shook a strange thing happened the pounding of his heart got louder and louder. She looked down and there was an eerie green glow; the glow had a shape she was all too familiar with it was the Star of Sarnath! When they were in the field he had swallowed it somehow. Now it had taken the place of his heart! She felt his powerful arms wrap around her waist and begin to pull her towards him. The pounding sound got louder and louder and wherever their flesh touched it began to merge!

"NO! Dear God NO!" She screamed as loud as her sore lungs would allow her.

"You called me Master; you submitted to me this is your reward!" He said.

"NO! I did not know the consequences!" She howled in defiance but still their flesh became one.

Her back touched his chest and the tears poured from her but a part of her didn't care.

"Why fight?" It said. "You are no longer truly human."

"I am human!" She screamed! She felt his chin on the back of her head. A steady stream of tears flowed now and there was nothing she could do.

"Not for long!" It laughed. "You are food for the Old Ones!"

"The Old Ones," she asked. "Who are they?"

"Ask them yourself you are about to meet them." It said as the two became one.
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