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Slave Sexual Conditioning Ch. 02

Posted on : 2012-01-27 20:41:31.901601

"Look," I say, starting to sit up, "I don't know what you did to me, but it stops now - I'm not your slave, and I want to leave, right now."

She smiles at me, and says "OK John, whatever you'd like." She stoops, puts on her shift, and busies herself at the console.

I prop myself on my arms, still feeling weak from the incredible orgasm, and gaze at her as she works. I notice the way her hips swing as she walks, and the light bounce of her breasts as she moves. After a few minutes of gazing at her I realize that I am day-dreaming, and shake my head to try to focus. I get up, and look around for something to cover my naked body with. The room is relatively featureless, just the large white bed and the cubby that houses the computer console. Some lines on the wall indicate cupboard doors, but otherwise there is just the outline of a door in the far wall.

Heidi turns to me, grins slyly, and says "Still here? You know you can leave any time you want to John," she says "but I should warn you that I don't think that's really what you want - I'm not sure you're ready for the Palace yet - at least not without me to show you around."

"You mean I can leave?"

"Well, you can, but I don't think you'd get very far, the Palace is a long way from civilization, and I think that there are creature comforts you will find it hard to be without. Also, not everyone in the Palace has been instructed to treat you the way I have John. It would be easy for you to get into trouble if you weren't careful."

"So what? I should wait around with you while you fuck with me until my brain withers away? I don't think so, I have to try to escape."

I head for the door, having been unable to find anything to wear, and open it as Heidi smiles at me and says "See you later then John - take care!"

Immediately I get outside the room into the broad white painted corridor I feel something strange, not exactly unpleasant, but feelings like shivers running through me every couple of minutes, and I notice that my still naked cock has become hard again. I think about how beautiful sex with Heidi was, and how incredible fucking her felt. My mind dwells on the amazing sensations of her vagina clamping down on my cock as I orgasmed inside her. I'm so absorbed by this that I don't notice that my hand has travelled down to my penis and I am absent-mindedly stroking my already aroused cock while I try to weigh which direction to head in.

My mind feels clouded, and I realize that several minutes of indecision must have passed when around one of the corners comes a tall dark haired woman wearing what looks like horse-riding gear - tall boots, tight trousers and a fitted leather jacket. Her long hair is tied back in a silky braid, and she is carrying what looks like a riding crop. She stops some 10 feet from me, obviously surprised to see me there, and stares.

"Well?" she says at last, "Aren't you going to kneel for me, slave?"

I am woken from my erotic wanderings, but I find my mind strangely fogged, and thinking seems hard, like wading through treacle.

"Erm, who are you?" I blurt out, immediately realizing that perhaps this was a bad idea. She raises her eyebrows disapprovingly, and reaches in a back pocket for a small device that looks like a remote control. She points it at me, presses one of the buttons, and my body explodes in agony, every nerve seeming to be on fire. I collapse to the floor, and after a few moments the pain ceases.

"On your knees, Slave, present yourself to me. NOW."

Through the renewed haze of my mind I realize I must kneel before her, but my body is having trouble coordinating my limbs. I manage to get onto all fours, but before I can get up she is in front of me, her riding crop under my chin, guiding my head upwards.

"Kneel, Slave, don't make me ask you again." I struggle into a kneeling position, her crop guiding my chin up. "Come on - back straight, arms behind your back, knees apart," I feel the sting of her crop on my chest and thighs as her orders are punctuated by the hand-whip. "Who trained you you worthless excuse for a cock-slave?"

I stare at her dumb-struck, humiliated by the kneeling before her with my head back as my cock stands to attention between my wide-apart knees. She brings her crop upwards as if to strike me again, saying "Well? Who? Come on - I haven't all day."

"Erm," I stumble "I don't know what you mean - Heidi started to condition me."

"Oh dear." She says, lowering the crop, "Those milkmaids are the worst. I know the Princess dotes on them, but if you ask me this is exactly the problem with their approach. Spare the rod, spoil the child. Well. Let's see about that, since you clearly have not been properly conditioned. Well, at least your behavioral conditioner is installed and working. Turn around, present your hands." She says briskly as she reaches for a paid of handcuffs that I somehow did not notice hanging from her belt.

"What? Please, I have to get back to Heidi - she - she's expecting me!" I stammer - beginning to realize that I may have stumbled into an even worse situation with this woman.

"Ha - don't try that nonsense with me Slave - if that milksop let you out then it was so that I could teach you the real meaning of obedience. Now!" she says - fingering the remote in her left hand as she holds out the cuffs - "I won't ask you again - turn around and present your hands."

The thought of more of that pain makes my head spin, so I shuffle around on my knees to present my back to her and push my hands backwards.

"Stand up, fool!" she said - "You expect me to bend to cuff you? You have a LOT to learn." I stand, backing slowly towards her to position my wrists, and feel a moment of desperation as the cuffs click tightly onto my wrists. I know that my powerlessness is probably no more than it had been a moment ago, but the feeling of not being able to use my hands brings home my utter helplessness.

"Now," she says, "follow me. Stay three paces behind me, don't say anything, and when I stop you kneel and present yourself. Head up, knees apart - do you understand me?" I nod dumbly, and suddenly feel the sting of crop on the side of my face. "'Yes Mistress' are the words you are looking for Slave."

"Yes - yes, Mistress!" I stammer, and begin to follow her as I hear her boots turn and she starts to walk quickly in the direction from which she came.

We come quickly to a door, which she opens, and I don't have time to drop to my knees before she motions me inside, closing the door behind me. The room is sparsely furnished, not unlike Heidi's, but it contains what looks like a cross between a saw horse and a set of stocks. She motions me over to this unusual piece of furniture, and I walk over to it, remembering to kneel facing her with my head held high.

"No, Slave," she says dismissively - "assume the position on the frame."

My heart sinks as I look at the horse more closely, cuffs, straps and other fittings abound on it. One particular feature I note is that it is made from two lightly padded beams, and as I struggle to lift my torso onto it, so that my face lies in what looks like the head rest from a massage table my hips rest on the end of the table with my legs off the end.

The woman who I only know as 'Mistress' calmly walks over to me, uncuffs my hands and guides each one into the stock-like restrains, forcefully, but not unkindly. While I have momentary thoughts of resistance, my mind seems to be working too slowly, and my body to be too afraid of punishment, to act on them. With my hands securely in the wooden restraints slightly lower than my head, she pulls something from beneath the horse, and while I cannot see what it is, I hear a clicking sound and then feel her guide and cuff my legs into stirrup like fittings. I find myself bound into a loose all-fours, with my head and torso unrestrained, but far from comfortable. Working quickly, the woman attaches more devices below me, and I notice wires trailing from below the horse to a computer console like Heidi's on one side of the room.

As she works my mind starts to drift incomprehensibly, and I realize that my cock is still hard, and that I am incredibly turned on. My thoughts are interrupted by her firm hand on my penis, as she confidently guides it into what feels incredibly like a vagina.

"Pull back." She orders, guiding my pelvis to the furthest position the restraints will permit, "Now push down." Again guiding me to thrust into the artificial pussy as she tightens it in place on a structure I cannot see from my bound position. The sensations are incredible as the device massages my rigid cock, the ribs of the artificial hole stroking me in a way that feels tantalizing and captures my entire attention. She pulls me back so my ass is positioned high in the air and the head of my cock rests at the entrance to the sweet opening. My mind goes blank as my head is filled only with the overpowering sensations of pleasure and need, all of me focussed on the incredible ministrations on my cock.

"There," she says, bringing me back to my senses, "now hold still while I place the probes." I feel a cold pressure on the outside of my anus, and instinctively my sphincter tenses and tightens. I move forward to avoid the pressure, thrusting into the vagina mounted on the saw horse. The pleasure is immediate and intense, but once my penis is buried to the hilt in the vagina her response is equally fast - I feel her plunge what feels like it must be a cylindrical shape into my ass. This time I have nowhere to go to escape, and though I buck my hips forward, the dildo enters me with a stabbing pain that gradually dulls into an aching fullness. My muscles clamp down but the more my anus tries to expel the intruder the tighter it seems to be seated inside me.

"Obedience would have spared you that pain, moron." She says. "Now, do as you are told first time and we will get along just fine. Open your mouth wide."

I obey quickly, and she pushes something that looks like a large rubber penis with metal strips down each side into my mouth. She ties it with a strap to the back of my head, and attaches wires to the base which run to what I assume is a control panel that is out of my sight. As I try to adjust to the sensations of the objects in my mouth and ass, shaking my head slowly as I get used to the feel of the cock deep in my throat, I notice that my penis is still sending urgent messages to my brain that it aches to thrust again into the vagina.

"Slave." She says, and I realize that she is standing in front of me with a slight smirk on her face, observing me bound on all fours, humiliated, and helpless on the horse.

"Slave. Here is how our little game works. As you can tell, you are bound, and your motion is highly restricted. You can suck on the cock in your mouth, and you can thrust your own cock back and forth in the simu-skin vagina. It is positioned so that you can pound energetically without worry of slipping out, but you will have to lift your torso to do it. I'm sure you will find the sensations pleasing, and the dildo in your anus will certainly give your prostate some exercise as you do. The only catch for you is that the vagina attached to your penis has a moisture sensor in it, and if it is triggered, for example, by you cumming, the electrodes in your mouth and ass will give you the most horrendous shock you have ever experienced. I want to leave the details of it to your imagination, but suffice to say that from your record in the computer we have a VERY thorough understanding of your pain responses. I must say that your body responds in the most exquisite way to pain. Very sensitive. So, Slave, you might want to think about whether cumming is worth the price for you."

"Oh, in addition, to keep it interesting for you, the anal dildo detects whether it is higher or lower than the oral dildo - that is to say that it knows whether you have thrusted in or pulled out. If it doesn't detect a change in position every thirty seconds you will get a notification, though increasingly severe shocks, until it does change. That means you will have to accept the shocks like a man, or thrust in and out at least once every minute - just make sure not to get carried away and let yourself cum. Oh, and I recommend you suck vigorously on the cock in your mouth whenever you hear this tone." She reaches out of my line of site and a musical chime sounds, followed a couple of seconds later by a searing light and pain in my mouth.

"Aaargh!" I scream, the penis gagging me as I reel from the brief shock.

"Yes, obedience would have saved you that pain." She says "As I told you, I encourage you to suck vigorously on the penis whenever you hear that tone. Oh, and there will be no warning on the thirty second shocks, so do keep count. I don't usually explain the reasons for things to my slaves, but I want you to understand what is happening to you this time Slave. We are monitoring the way in which your body responds to combinations of pain, pleasure, frustration and arousal. The cock thrusting will be quite pleasurable to you, and should result in a high level of arousal, especially with the dildo in your ass and the drugs and other stimulation you've been receiving, but the humiliation of the cock sucking and pain from shocking will provide some powerful counter-stimulation. The results will be informative, and useful in crafting more refined behavioral programs for you. Of course, it's also entertaining. For me, at least. So - you may begin." As she says that, she removes her hand from my butt, and gives it a gentle but surprising slap.

Her comments about drugs and stimulants suddenly make sense to me - I realize I have been feeling unusually horny and confused since I came to, but for a moment I panic, not knowing what to do, and struggling to remember what she instructed me to do. I remember the sensors in the anal dildo, and realize that my ass is as high as I can push it, the head of my penis resting gently on the outside of the vagina.

Moving as slowly as I can, in an attempt to control the amount of stimulation the tight, ribbed canal gives my cock as I push inside it, I lower my ass, bringing my head and chest down and forward to lie flat on the horse, my bound hands level with my abdomen, my cock thrust deep inside the artificial vagina, now below the level of my mouth. I gasp at the overwhelming sensations, momentarily forgetting the rubber cock in my mouth before I remember to breath around it through the sides of my mouth. I can feel my penis beginning to lubricate itself with pre-cum already, and the fullness in my ass that at first felt uncomfortable is now contributing to my arousal as the movement causes the dildo to rub exquisitely against my engorged prostate gland.

I rest for a moment, my breathing already ragged, and try to consider my options. I know as my body rests on the frame, my cock sunk deep into the artificial pussy, my body bound helplessly in an un-winnable predicament, that I cannot last for many more thrusts before I cum. Despite my horror and fear my body is already responding to the torment in ways that are betraying my desire to resist. I glance upward, the cock feeling heavy and awkward in my mouth, and see the woman who I know only as 'Mistress' standing watching me with a mild smirk on her face. I see in the eyes the look of someone who knows they are in total control of the situation, and a deep despair fills my heart, even as a panic grips me - how long has it been since I thrusted? It must almost be 30 seconds?

I lift my torso, bringing my butt up into the air, and as my pelvis lifts the vagina starts to pull slightly with a gentle suction, exquisitely rubbing the shaft and head of my cock as I feel every ridge and bump. I feel the restraints tighten as my body reaches the limits of its motion, my butt high as I kneel on all fours. I try to count thirty seconds, and get as far as fifteen when I hear the bell ring.

Immediately I begin to suck energetically on the cock plug in my mouth, horrified to feel it begin to stiffen and grow slightly in my mouth. The sensation causes me to panic a little, as I am suddenly unable to breath through the sides of my mouth. Glancing upward at my Mistress I notice her laugh slightly when she sees the look of terror in my wide eyes before I begin to breath through my nose.

Then wondering how many seconds must have gone by I thrust downward into the vagina, trying to keep my sucking rhythm going as the delicious sensations from my cock cause me to draw back, and thrust again, before I recognize the sensations of being movements away from cumming, and pause in the upward position, trying desperately to control my body. I know I cannot hold out much longer, and wonder how long I have to keep sucking the cock to avoid a shock?

I decide impulsively that the only way to delay tipping myself into the inevitable orgasm is to rest from my thrusting, rationalizing that the reminder shocks cannot be as bad as the punishment for orgasming. I thrust deep, trying desperately to control the arousal I feel, and rest there, tensing my body in anticipation of the pain to come. I pause my sucking of the cock in my mouth, my eyes drifting once again to the Mistress who is the cause of my dilemma.

"Please! Help me!" I try to beg, but all that comes out is a grunted "Pwwws! Pwwws - hul mu!" She smiles, not cruelly, and walks over to bend down beside me. I cannot help notice, despite the terrible situation that I am in, that her jacket frames her milky white cleavage beautifully.

She brushes my hair from my forehead gently, and whispers "Get ready." into my ear.

Suddenly my body convulses, as I feel the muscles in my ass contract violently around the dildo, my abdomen spasming, and my teeth biting convulsively on the dildo. The shock is brief, but violent, and I am left breathless and dizzy. She brushes my forehead again, and whispers "There, there." I realize that I have let more than 30 seconds pass between thrusts, and wonder how many more of those shocks I can take.

I look into her eyes, inches from mine, pleading with my eyes and with every muscle in my face for her to have mercy on me. She smiles at me, strokes my forehead one last time, and then places her hand gently on my neck. She runs her fingers down my spine, pausing at the top of my butt, and gently tugging on the dildo, bringing my pelvis involuntarily upward with her gentle urging. The contrasting sensation of blissful massage of my cock by the soft, warm firmness of the vagina soothes the last memories of pain from my body and I am lost in the feelings of pleasure and need.

I hear the bell ring again and without a thought I begin to suck energetically on the cock, her hand resting lightly on my butt just above the dildo in my butt that is feeling even fuller than before. My thoughts are racing now, far ahead of the remains of my rational mind, and I notice awareness of the pleasant sensation of fullness in my ass, and how natural it feels, then how good it feels to suck on the cock in my mouth, and how wonderful the light pressure of my Mistress's hand on my ass feels. I realize on some level that I am loosing the ability to think at all, surrendering to a stream of sensations, and then this thought too is pushed out as her hand slowly traverses my buttock, and lightly grasps my testicles. The sensation is incredible, and I loose all ability to control my body, beginning to buck wildly with my hips, my body sweating with exertion, the need for orgasm and release filling my mind to the exclusion of all else.

When it comes, my orgasm fills my entire existence. I push with all my might against my bonds, my cock thrust deep in to the artificial pussy, my neck and back arched in ecstasy, my Mistress's hand lightly cupping my balls as I pump again and again, oblivious to any consequences. I finally come to rest, my eyes closed, exhausted and defeated on the saw horse. She slowly walks around to face me, lowers herself to my level, and using her crop to bring my face up to meet hers, whispers "That. Was. Very. Very. Naughty. You will pay for that disobedience."
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