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Secret Voyeur Ch. 04

Posted on : 2012-01-27 20:54:49.829155

Oh gods, I came right after he thrust himself deep inside of me! He dug his fingertips into my thighs; he was holding me so tight. My body easily meshed with his rhythm. My ears were ringing from the piercing sounds that came from my lips. Yes, oh gods yes, harder please I screamed out. I got what I asked for and then some, he fucked me so hard I thought he was going to fuck me dizzy and break the bed in the process.

Gods I screamed out, I felt the pain again rain down on my body at the same time as he fucked me. No... please... yes... more... no stop... don't stop! The pain mixed with pleasure continued, my body began to spasm with it all. I could feel moisture all under my ass cheeks, and the room was filled with the smell of sex. Just when I thought it impossible to come again I did when I felt his cock pulse inside of me, and the warmth from him flow freely.

Cosi Bello V, I heard him say as he collapsed on top of me. I learned so much more about him in the time we were together, not only does he speak English, he speaks French, and Italian too; but the V threw me off. What in the hell did V mean?

Soon my thoughts ceased, the fear of him gone, all tensions in my body released, panting heavily from all of the pleasures, and the pain I experienced, I lay there immobile underneath his sweaty, hot, sexy body. I fell asleep, not in his arms, but in his bonds. I never have slept as hard and sound as I did that night. Maybe Aria was telling the truth after all.

I opened my eyes and yawned. What an erotic nightmare! I stretched my legs underneath the blankets, oh gods what pain! It was as if they were licking me with blades. I tried to pull my hands down from atop of my head to rub my sore legs but I could not move. Dear gods it was not a dream, it really happened. NO! I screamed out.

I must have screamed extremely loud because Aria walked in. I felt so dirty and ashamed. She must know what I did with Eros last night, how could she not. I do not want to be bound when she comes at me like a mad woman because her boyfriend cheated on her in the same house while she was home and sleeping at that.

She slowly swayed over to me with a smile on her face. Is she blind? I would have gone off if I were her and caught someone like this, smelling of sex and my boyfriend's cologne all over her too! She smiled ever brighter when she pulled the blankets off of me. I lay there helpless and ashamed while she ran her fingers over me foot to neck. Her touch was like fire upon my skin.

I knew then she was a lunatic, she started sniffing me! I tried to close my legs, and I have strong legs being an aerobics instructor, but with the pain my legs felt, she barely touched them and I moved them away from her hands to save myself the agony of her touch. I felt her hair tickle my thigh as she leaned in closer fucking sniffing me like a dog sniffs another dog! What the fuck is wrong with her? I am turning into a sailor, never have I cursed so much in my life as I have in the past two days.

I heard purring, I felt her tongue flick on the inside of my thigh. I looked around to see where their cat was, I did not see one. I still heard purring! Oh gods I felt her tongue flicking on my clit. What the fuck I screamed out! She looked up at me with carnivorous eyes and I felt the hum of her mouth purring on my clit. My head shook back and forth calling out what are you doing, this isn't... oh gods! This isn't right I screamed.

Mmmmmm her warm, wet tongue felt so good, my body tensed at the feel of her flicking tongue. She licked me, sucked me, bit me. I cannot be enjoying this, oh gods I am! I was about to come when she stopped, she laid her head on my thigh, looked up at me and told me her Master had his fun last night and now told her she was allowed to have fun too, but to make sure everything was cleaned up before he returned home.

What in Hades do they think I am, just a fucking toy for their amusement and pleasure? She sniffed me between my legs again and slid her hands under my ass, then up my back. She raked her nails down my back, hard and abrasive. I reared up and screamed out you fucking cunt! She laughed at me and began to lick me again. My hips swirled around her face and I moaned out loud. I tried to grab something, anything, but I was unable to since I was still restrained, and my wrists were so sore, but I didn't care I still wiggled my hands trying to touch something!

Oh gods I came! I came hard to a woman's touch, and I loved it! I tried to pull away from her, I could take no more, and she held me down with strength I did not know a woman could possess! She was purring again, she sounded just like my cat Hera when she purrs. She's an animal! I pushed myself against her mouth, no I had to pull away I can't, oh gods! She stopped momentarily to inform me she was not done playing with me just yet, and giggled.

She straddled my body with hers and lowered her pussy onto my face. She wiggled her hips on me as she continued to lick me fiercely, like a cat lapping up milk from a bowl, gods she did not stop. I opened my eyes and saw moisture in her slit, I licked my lips, and so tempting was it to just taste her a little. No I can't it is not right. Oh gods I cried out and lifted my head to reach her!

She felt my lips kiss her and lowered herself just enough to where I would not have to strain myself to taste. I licked her just as ferociously as she did me. Surprising myself I began to growl, growling to match her sweet purring. Oh my gods I liked the way she tasted! I buried my face into her, moving my tongue as it has never moved before. I felt her legs twitch around my arms, mmmm I moaned louder! I was coming again, and I knew she was about to also. I tried so hard not to jerk my body away from her as I once did, I did not want to screw up the rhythm I was giving her so I would not loose the spot I found. Then I tasted it, I licked all of her come off of her like a wild animal.

Like a starving wolf I wanted more, I tried to have more but she slid herself off of my face just within reach but so far away. She laid down on me and wiggled her ass in my face, tormenting me, teasing me, she was in control as I lay there under her in the restraints her Master put me in last night.

She kissed my inner thighs and told me how pleased her Master will be with her clean up this morning. Clean up? Hardly! There was more of a mess now, wasn't there? Apparently I am a fool because she told me what her clean up meant. She sucked all of his come out of me and then some. That must be what she was sniffing for, after so many years I am sure she knows his scent by now. What the fuck am I talking about, that is ridiculous... or is it?

After a while she slid off of me and snuggled against me, petting me like one would a docile animal. She slid her hands up my arms to my wrists, and freed me from my bonds. I should have fled right then and there, but I didn't, I turned to her and threw one leg over her hips, our legs intertwined like a pretzel. She rubbed my sore wrists and kissed me on the lips. I felt so limp and weak, I could not move if I wanted too, although I just awoke I was so exhausted, and eventually I fell back asleep wrapped up in Aria's arms. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I awoke again to the delicious smell of cooking food. It smelled like breakfast, my stomach began to ache and rumble; I was starving. At first I did not move, thinking myself still bound. I was in bed alone, covered up, and freed. I darted out of the bed looking for my clothes, any clothing to put on and run screaming for help out of this mad house.

I stopped and looked at myself in the mirror. From the neck down I had black and blue welts. My hand flew to my mouth and I tried not to scream out. I turned slightly to look at my back and there were claw marks that ran half way down my back, and they were deep too because there was dried blood.

I turned to look at the bed to see if I bled all over them, and there were blood stains all over the sheets. Oh my gods help me! Why am I still here? Any sane person would try to get out and call the police! I was held here against my will and forced... forced... forced to do what, enjoy it? I covered my face in shame, I was not forced, I begged for it. I fucking begged for it I screamed out loud!

I tip toed to the bedroom door and tried to quietly open it without making a sound. Oh no Hera! She must be starving by now, how long have I been gone? I fled down the stairs, half stumbling. I ran to the front door and stopped, I had no clothing on. I heard Eros to the side of me as he asked what I was doing. I jerked my head around and whispered I needed to feed my cat!

Ahh V, he said to me, she has been taken care of this morning. What!?! How, who? I shouted. Wait, I remembered I left my place unlocked when I came over here. My thoughts were confirmed, he sent Aria over to feed my cat, how fucking thoughtful! My body had been invaded, my home, not to mention now my cat too! I huffed and plopped down in a near by chair.

I tried to run my fingers through my hair, but I couldn't. My hair had so many tangles in it, I looked like I was walking into an 80's big hair band concert. Reality hit me, and I remembered I was naked, sitting on a chair in front of him. I blushed deeply and tried to cover myself with my arms, as well as I tried very hard not too look him in the eyes. I heard him chuckle, he was laughing at me. Then again he said, ah V.

What the fuck does V mean! I know a few languages, and Italian is one of them and V is not an Italian word! I looked at him with a pissed off look, which only amused him all the more. I asked him with sarcasm what V means. He leaned back in his chair with a sly smile on his face and simply told me V stood for voyeur, and how well it fit me since I thoroughly enjoyed watching he and Aria fuck in his back yard.

I know my mouth dropped wide open, I was stunned, he knew, he did see me that night, the bastard! He kept on knowing he was being watched, oh my gods they are freaks! And I was well on my way to becoming one after what I did with them both. What do I mean am becoming one, I am one. Fuck me! Wait, they did!

Aria came strutting in, nude of course, to let us know that brunch was ready. Eros stood up and walked over to me, this time he did not extend his hand to help me up as he did last night, nor did he tuck my arm into his as he walked me through his house. Instead he placed his head on top of my head forcing it back to where I had no choice but to look up at him, and told me to follow him into the dining room to eat.

What does he think I am an animal? What am I? I certainly jumped up and followed him like he said too. My head dropped down to look at the floor, I was embarrassed, ashamed, angered, in pain, weak, very hungry and nude.

He did pull out my chair and seated me, then for Aria he did the same. I have never sat at a table nude to eat, not even in the privacy of my own home, it did not seem to phase either one of them, and it was as if it was normal for them. And I could certainly believe this was normal for them after all I had seen in such a short time.

Platters of bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, grits, oatmeal, bagels, muffins, and toast, not to mention a variety of jellies were passed around the table. The spread on this table is far greater than anything you could ever get at Denny's. I tried to eat like a lady, but being so famished, I think I inhaled more than I chewed. Never before in my life had I been so hungry. I ate my fill, and luckily everyone ate in silence. I certainly did not want to speak to either one of them or listen to them.

After we were done eating, Eros snapped his fingers and pointed to only the gods know what, and Aria sputtered around cleaning the table off. Then he snapped his fingers again and pointed at me. What in Hades does he think I am going to do, come running like her? I am not a trained dog for Zeus' sake! I looked at him like he was crazy, and he looked at me like he was getting ticked off. He snapped his fingers again and pointed to the floor beside him.

Am I possessed? I got up out of my chair and walked over to him. What is wrong with me? I even sat on my heels like Aria does. But I still did not do it right, he pulled me up by my hair and caused me to yelp like a dog. He placed my hands behind my back and made me hold them there in place, forced me back down and pushed my head down to look at the floor, and then he told me "just like this V".

Ok, now I know I am possessed because I responded with a yes sir. What in damnation is going on? Breathe in V, what am I talking about? I am Sasha, not V! Breathe in long and deep, count to ten and open your eyes, you will wake up. I inhaled a deep breath and slowly let it out as I counted to ten in my head before opening my eyes. To my not so surprising position, I was still on my knees, I was still beside Eros, and I was going crazy.
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