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The Sexiest Woman I Ever Met

Posted on : 2012-01-27 21:24:48.745892

This is a story about consenting adults, so if you are under 18 or have a problem with what adults do to stimulate the sex organ between their ears, get out of my world.

A friend of mine Richard and I decide to have a guy's night out; see a few clubs and hear some good music in the South Bay area of L.A. We wind up at the Forum in Torrance around ten, a great place for 30's guys like us that has a terrific resident retro country-rock band and not a lot of teeny-boppers.

Just inside the door we meet a couple of ladies Richard knows. They're unaccompanied so he invites them to sit with us and we find a table at the back where we can watch the band playing up a storm. We order drinks.

The lady closest to me is Maria, maybe twenty eight, part Hispanic from her complexion, a bigger woman but in a very attractive way and with a very pretty face. She is wearing a thigh length black dress with a little crepe in it, quite a lot of makeup and is sitting close enough on my left side I can tell the scent she's wearing is Pandora.

Soon Richard and the other lady want to dance so they leave the table. Maria and I don't say anything, just have a couple of drinks and listen to the music, which is quite loud. Then without preamble she leans close and says "Are you shy?"

I'm surprised and turn and look at her. Her face is still close to mine and she has a half smile. This should be good. I lean in quickly and kiss her. She doesn't pull away or put anything into it, just tilts her head for comfort. She has a nice soft mouth and it tastes good. Then I pull back and say "No."

She looks at me a second with a wider smile then pulls me back by my shirt and gives me a wet kiss. I can feel her tongue. She says "Nor am I."

I say "That so? Prove it."

"I would if we weren't here."

"Prove it here. Go in the bathroom and take off your panties and come back and give them to me."

"What if I'm not wearing any?"

"Oooo why would that be?"

"In case a guy wants to finger fuck me while we're out."



"But you are aren't you?"


"Then do it."

She looks at me a long second and gets up. Before she can walk away I catch her by the dress and she leans back down. "Before you come back I want you to finger fuck yourself a little while."

She sways away and I watch her go the ladies room. She has an ample ass but it's proportionate to her great tits. In five minutes she comes back and sits down. I feel her brush my hand with hers and then silky fabric in my palm.

"No over the table."

She hesitates then her hand comes up from under and puts a pair of black silk panties into my hand. I pocket them with my right hand and catch her wrist in my left. I bring it to my face and smell sex. The fingers are straight and I put the tips of the first two in my mouth and taste her.

She's grinning wickedly and says "You really know how to play this game don't you?"


"I like to play too."

"Ooo with?"

"Whatever comes to hand. Or mouth."

"And what would that be?"

"Myself. Guy's cocks."

"What part of yourself?"

She looks at me a moment gauging how far she wants this to go and leans in. "I like to play with my cunt. That's when there isn't a guys cock up it, and sometimes then too."

"Mmmmmm I like that."

"Do you want to go somewhere?"

"No I'm happy here for now."


We order a third drink and when the waitress turns her back I slide my hand up Maria's thigh under the dress until I touch short trimmed hair. She widens her legs to let me get further and I feel moisture.

"You're very wet."

"I'm horny as hell. I nearly came in the bathroom."

"Good. Stay that way."

"Bastard." But she's smiling.

My fingers find the gap between her folds and I wiggle them up and down over her clit. She writhes in her seat and grabs my wrist. "Easy."

"You don't want to play anymore?"

"Fuck yes I do. Just... easy."

"I thought you weren't shy?"

"I'm not, it's just..."

Richard and the other girl come for their drinks so I take my hand away, but they don't stay. When they're gone I say "I'll play the game with you but two rules."

"What are those?"

"No limits and if you refuse to do anything I say we stop."

"What do you mean no limits?"

"You do anything I ask, I do the same."

"Within what limits?"

"No limits remember?"

"You mean if you tell me to strip and walk around in here naked I have to do it? Or get down and suck you off right now I have to do that?"

"Yes but then we'd get arrested and the game would stop so that's not likely to happen. You can have a safe word if you like."

The band has launched into a pretty good cover of the Eagles' 'Lying Eyes'. We sip our drinks and listen and when it ends she says "Okay. Just till one am though because I have to get home. And the safe word is 'footwear'."

"I accept."

After a second or two she says 'Okay start."

"When did you last get fucked?"

"Tonight about six."


"Same thing. Father of my kids. He always gets horny when he knows I'm going out."

"He's like that huh?"

"It's a big turn-on for him. Knowing I might play around."

"And do you?"


"What else turns him on?"

"He likes to watch me do it. We've done that a few times. Swaps and party games, kind of thing."

"Do you like that too?"

"He's my man and I love him. I want to please him."

We sit a few seconds while I think if that makes a difference. Decide it doesn't. "What does he like best?"

"Watching me give blowjobs. Me on all fours."

"Tell me exactly."

"She moves closer so she can talk quietly and says "He likes me as a submissive slut. On my knees in front of a guy with my big tits out so the guy can play with them. Licking the guy's balls or bobbing up and down on his fat cock until he comes in my mouth or on my face and it drips on my tits."


"Isn't that enough?"


"Or on my hands and knees with a guy behind me holding my hips and ramming his cock in and out of my cunt until he comes."

"What's he doing when this happens?"

"Watching and playing with his dick if I'm sucking a guy. If I'm getting doggie fucked he's usually in front playing with my tits and talking to me."

"Mmmmmmm but what do you like?"

"All those things, plus I like ahh... shall we say encouragement? It takes away the hang-ups."

"What... words? Actions?"

"I like words, names. Not roughness though."

"So you like to be called a Bitch?"

"One of my favorites."


"Oh yeah."

"We'd better get out of here before I do something risky."


We catch up with Richard and the lady he's with, doing a slow dance. He has his hands on her ass so he might get lucky too. I tell him I'll catch up with him tomorrow and we find my car.

On our way to Long Beach I say "Play with my cock." I'm working up to names.

She gets it out and plays with it slowly, slouched down in her seat so it's comfortable. Long slow strokes. I notice while she's doing it she has an ankle chain with a tag on it that reads 'Slut.'" Very nice. Once in a while she ducks down and gives it a sloppy suck but I don't let her get too far into that. I don't want to trash my Porsche.

We get to my place, a townhouse on Pacific by the Country Club and when we get inside she heads for the bathroom and I make a scotch for me and a black Russian for her, same as she was drinking at the club.

When she comes back she's barefoot and I hand her a drink. She sips some and then says "you haven't told me what you like."

"Oh I'm a lot like your man. I like to watch too."

"Do tell."

"Right now I want to watch you finger fuck yourself until you come."


"In the bedroom."

We go in and she reaches behind her to unsnap the dress.

"No. Just pull your tits out so I can watch then move, and lift your dress up."

She does and lies down on the queen sized bed and begins to stroke herself. I sit beside her with my scotch and play with her tits. Soon she's writhing and murmuring and her hand is flying. I grab it.

"No bitch. Wait! Play with your tits for me. Show me if you can suck those big brown nipples."

While she does that, greedily and noisily, I get down between her legs. I can smell her arousal from inches away. I lower my face down and it's wonderful and wet and musky. I begin to lick up and down between her lips as she shivers.

"Play with your clit! I want you to come. Do it!"

She does and in seconds is bucking so hard my stiff tongue is dipping in and out of her. Then she groans and clamps her thighs on my head, quivering. I wait till she sighs and relaxes, and get up. Unbuckle and unzip my pants and drop them on the floor.

"I want you to fucking ride me until I come. You hear me?"

I lie on the bed and she straddles me with her weight supported on her knees. Her cunt is so wet I slip in instantly and it grips me. She gets a slow rhythm going and her tits bouncing and I relax into the exquisite feeling of my cock sliding in and out. She has her hand on her clit again doing circles. I want to suck one of her tantalizing nipples but can't reach.

She feels me starting to build and fighting it, and speeds up, contracting her pelvic muscles as she moves. I lose it and come like I'm turning inside out. She does too and we roar and groan and shudder.

We lay in a sweaty afterglow for a while until she says "Oh God it's nearly two o'clock. I have to pick up the kids from your Mother's at seven."

"Yeah well I'm gonna lie a while. Oh and don't forget Rich and Sarah are coming for dinner okay?"

"Yes Dear. You're cooking."
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