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The Mystic-Party Girl Down

Posted on : 2012-01-26 13:32:22.292089

Author's Note: This is the second story of "The Mystic" series as I am calling it. Once again all credit for this looking like an actually story and not just words smeared across paper goes to my editor, Goddess_Sarah. Thanks again to everyone reading this, please remember to vote and comment if you like.

-The Devil Man


The hotel bar was busier than usual, which was a little unusual for a weekday. It was too early for the clubbers to be stumbling back to their rooms for the night, and it was too late for the white collars to be drinking. Lauren sat in her usual booth, sipping her glass of wine. A maroon color painted her lush lips tonight. Her hair was a lighter shade of red than it usually was in the light of the bar tonight -- it was loose and curled at the bottom. The black halter top dress covered her breasts, but left her cleavage ample, which several young men were eyeing shamelessly. No one had approached her yet, which left her with the feeling that she would not be working tonight.

Mike was "on fire" as they say, telling jokes and generally getting everyone in a good mood. This generally meant that his tip jar was filling rapidly with tens and twenties, and he smiled widely as he hoped tonight's earnings would pay his rent for the month. Everyone seemed to be having a great time as booze ran like water, and laughs were cheap tonight.

Lauren was looking over a woman who sat, almost pouting, at the corner of the bar, stirring her martini idly. Her hair was as black as the night, short with a slight wave to it; her skin was fair and looked very soft and smooth. A short, strapless, silver and black dress covered her just enough, but was still revealing, as her ample breasts were almost spilling out of the top and the dress barely reached her mid-thigh. Her hips were wide, and she was a little heavier, but that only gave her more pronounced curves.

Lauren watched with interest as the woman, who seemed to be in her mid-twenties, shot down every man who made a comical attempt to hit on her. Lauren smirked and felt a tingle between her legs she hadn't felt in a long time. She took her glass of wine and sauntered toward the sad woman. Her matching black heels clicking against the floor, black thigh high stockings clung to her legs, and the short skirt swayed, revealing the tops of the stockings and the garter belt that kept them up.

"I hope I am not being too formal, but may I ask you a question?" Lauren asked as she sat down next to the other woman, her back against the bar watching her face carefully. "You seem to be in the prime of youth and everyone else is having a good time tonight, why aren't you?" The other woman looked puzzled for a few moments before she found her voice.

"Oh, um... I don't know." She shrugged as she answered; her voice was sweet and innocent sounding. "I guess I'm just tired of the whole thing, you know?"

"I'm sorry but I am not sure of the subject we are on," Lauren said, taking a sip of her wine.

"Well I thought we were talking about partying, which is what's going on right now, isn't it? Everyone here is in town for a friend's party we are having on Friday, and some of us got here early to get ready." It was Lauren's turn to look puzzled, as she looked around at the thirty some odd people in the bar.

"You are all friends with the same person?" Lauren asked a bit incredulous.

"Yeah, a friend from high school. He kept in touch with all of us, and a lot of us were knocked down over the years and he was always a phone call away from helping anyone. When my mom passed away, he was at my house the next day. He's a really good guy, so some people called some other people and then they called some other people, and here we are."

"Wow, he must be one of a kind."

"Very." She smiled for the first time so far that night. "I'm Alex, by the way." Alex held her hand out and Lauren took it softly.

"Short for Alexandra, I suppose? People call me Lauren these days, and although I understand your concern about being tired, you've haven't got anything to really worry about, do you?" Alex looked at her, puzzled, before Lauren continued. "Tell me, if you will, do you work?"

"Not really. My family has money and my mom left me a lot when she passed."

"Okay, so you don't need to worry about work and your bills are paid. Then why are you tired? I am guessing you can't be more than twenty-five at best."

"I am twenty-four."

"You see. So why aren't you enjoying yourself? You have every right to."

"I don't know; I just feel like I've been here and done that before." Alex took a sip of her martini, as Lauren sipped her wine.

"I am sure you have plenty of other opportunities you haven't explored yet." Alex thought for a few moments, before responding.

"Yeah, I guess there is still some stuff I want to do." Lauren smirked impishly as she causally rested her hand on Alex's left thigh. Alex almost spilled her martini at the feel of the soft hand on her thigh. Lauren began to stroke the soft flesh of her skin as she sipped her wine with her other hand.

"I suppose now would be a good time to explore?" Lauren asked as she hand moved up the hem of the dress. Alex's legs moved apart of their own accord, as Lauren's fingers rested on a thin strip of silk fabric that was her panties. Alex moaned quietly as Lauren's fingers pressed into her womanhood through the fabric. Lauren caressed Alex over the silk underwear, and leaned into her so only they could hear each other. "I'm a "businesswoman" whose time is for a price, and I'd like to make you an offer. Five hundred for the night and I promise you'll wake up tomorrow with a whole new outlook on life." Lauren whispered into her ear, her hot breath making Alex squirm. Lauren traced her tongue over the edge of her ear slowly, making Alex breathe in sharply.

"I guess it's worth a shot." Alex replied shakily, Lauren continued to stroke the silk under her fingers.

"Finish your drink, baby, then we'll head upstairs." Lauren smiled as she drank her wine, feeling her fingers get a little wet as she continued to play with Alex. As soon as the drinks were gone, they made a hurried exit out of the bar. Mike noticed the wink from Lauren in his direction, and continued about pouring drink and telling jokes.

The two women waited outside the elevator bank for one to open. Lauren rested her hand on Alex's back just above the gentle curve of her bottom. An elevator finally opened, releasing three woman who were giggling almost uncontrollably, rushing past the soon-to-be lovers as they entered. Lauren hit the top button and the doors closed, Alex turned to Lauren, who pressed her up against the elevator's paneling, and kissed her forcefully.

Alex was taken off-guard, but soon closed her eyes and began enjoying the kiss. Their lips parted as Lauren slipped her tongue into Alex's mouth, and they played with one another, as Lauren's hands started to explore. Lauren's hands started at her hips and slipped around to cup Alex's ass cheeks, which were soft and firm under her hands, and it was clear to Lauren she was wearing a silk thong. Alex moaned into Lauren's mouth as she caressed her soft flesh.

Alex's hands began to caress Lauren's shoulders, then slipped one hand under the strap of the dress and cupped Lauren's right breast. Alex felt the hard nipple in her palm as she massaged the firm skin in her hand. Lauren, in turn, moaned into Alex's mouth as she grasped her nipple carefully with her fingers.

The elevator dinged when they reached the top floor, and the women separated and held hands, as Lauren lead them to her room. Lauren pulled her room key from the top of her stockings and led Alex into the room, flinging her onto the bed. Alex giggled wildly as she landed on the bed and Lauren fell on top of her. They resumed kissing as Alex wrapped her legs around Lauren. Lauren's lips moved from Alex's lips to her neckline, as Lauren pulled the strapless dress down. Alex's breasts were easily in the D to DD range, and they bounced free as the dress was removed. Lauren hands caressed them softly, and she paused to watch Alex's reaction.

Alex closed her eyes and moaned softly as her nipples hardened at Lauren's skilled hands. Lauren gripped Alex's left breast softly, and began to slowly lick the nipple. Alex whimpered at the feeling of another woman's tongue on her nipple. As Lauren sucked the nipple into her mouth, Alex grabbed hold of the loose red hair and pressed her chest further into her lover's mouth. Lauren switched breasts while her free hand found its way behind Alex, to the zipper on the dress. When both nipples were hard and wet Lauren leaned back taking the zipper down and removing the dress.

Alex lay there in just a very thin, very wet, black thong. A tattoo of a ying-yang was on the lower left side of her flat stomach. Lauren smiled as she carefully laid the dress on the floor. Lauren straddled Alex's lap and ran her hands over the other woman. Caressing her breasts, shoulders, stomach, and face, Alex moaned as she touched her feeling like her whole body was being caressed gently. Then she leaned forward to slip the strap of the halter dress Lauren was wearing over her head and released Lauren's breasts.

Alex marveled at the soft globes as she explored them timidly at first, running her palms over them, then pinching her hard nipples softly, causing Lauren to moan loudly.

"Are you enjoying playing with me, baby?" Lauren asked, her impish smile returning. Alex just nodded as her hands ran across Lauren's skin. Lauren reached behind her and unzipped her dress, standing up, causing Alex to whimper, as Lauren's dress fell to her ankles.

Alex gasped as Lauren stood before her in just a black, lacey garter belt and black stockings. Lauren's sex was visibly pink and wet, as her honey dripped down her legs a little. Lauren then reached down and took the strings to Alex's thong, and Alex raised her hips up as she slid the skimpy underwear off of her.

Lauren then slid back on top of Alex and slid her leg in between Alex's and began to rub herself on her. Alex moaned as the soft skin of Lauren's thigh first spread her pussy lips and then caressed them as her wetness began to cover Lauren's thigh. The stocking material and strap from the garter belt only heightened Alex's pleasure. As Lauren's sex did much of the same on Alex's thigh they both moaned and watched each other as they began to fuck slowly.

"Oh god, this feels great, I never knew this could feel so good. OH!" Lauren rolled her hips causing a slight increase in pace and pressure as Alex finished her statement.

"I thought I'd break you in slowly baby, before we get down to the real love making. I'll make you feel so good, you never want it to end." Lauren moaned into Alex's ear before continuing to kiss and lick her neck gently as they fucked slowly. Alex enjoyed every touch of skin against skin, the way their breasts pressed together and their nipples rubbed against one another as they moved.

Lauren slowed down and began to kiss her way down Alex's body, once again sucking her nipples and licking her breasts, then continued to kiss down her stomach. Alex moaned loudly when Lauren placed a soft kiss on her outer lips, feeling the wetness coat her lips, and the smell of Alex's juices excited her. Lauren wanted to take her time, so she kissed over her right inner thigh to Alex's calf, then her foot. She then kissed the top of her foot all the way up to her hip, then raised her leg and kissed from the curve of her ass back to her heel. Alex was breathing heavily when Lauren began to do the same thing to her other leg. Lauren tasting her flesh and running her tongue over her soft skin left Alex wanting so much more.

Lauren ran her middle finger over Alex's dripping sex, coating her finger with her juices before slowly inserting the finger into her lover. Alex's body shuttered as the finger explored her deepest parts of her. Lauren began to pump the finger in and out of her, and Alex moaned again with increased volume as the pace increased.

"Oh fuck... Please don't stop!" Alex shouted as Lauren smiled and removed her finger, Alex whimpered as the digit was removed. Then Lauren began to slowly run her tongue over Alex's outer lips before slipping it deeper into her sex. Lauren tasted the sweet and sour mix of Alex's juices, as she tongue fucked her.

Alex was too far gone enjoying the pleasure she was receiving for words anymore. She gripped the sheets as Lauren worked her in ways she didn't think someone could do. Lauren held Alex's legs before taking the moaning woman's clit into her mouth, rolling the hard little bud of pleasure with her tongue, pulling back the hood and stroking the clit under her skin, and sucking it gently.

"OH DEAR GODS!" Alex shouted as she finally came on Lauren's tongue, the first wave of pleasure crashing hard, causing her to shake almost uncontrollably. Lauren continued to bathe the woman's clit with her tongue, as her second orgasm came on in full force. Alex was moaning and grunting loudly, like a sexual beast in heat. Finally, after the third orgasm came and went, Lauren released her grip and climbed back up to Alex to hold her as her body recovered from the intense pleasure.

Even though Lauren had been licking Alex for easily an hour, her face remained mostly clean, her makeup still in place and her lips only had a very thin coat of Alex's juices. Lauren kissed the panting woman to let her taste her own sex. Alex eagerly kissed her back, tasting her own juices turned her on more as the other woman held her, caressing her skin until she could talk again.

"That was amazing; I've never felt anything like that before," Alex stated in-between kisses.

"I figured you'd enjoy that, baby. I enjoyed giving it to you." Lauren kissed her again, caressing her breast as their tongues began to play with one another again. Alex flipped them over so she was on top, and started kissing Lauren's neck, licking her ear lobe then trailing her tongue lower. Lauren gasped as Alex took her right breast in her mouth, tonguing the nipple and raking the flesh with her teeth. After spending a generous time on each nipple, Alex resumed her journey south, stopping to play with Lauren's belly button and leave soft kisses over her smooth, soft mound.

Alex pulled back to run her tongue over her stocking covered knees and licking back up the grater belt the kissing back over her mound. Alex could smell Lauren excitement as she placed a tender kiss over her outer lips, leaving a thin coat of juices on her lips. Alex's tongue tasted the other woman on her lips for the first time, enjoying the tangy, sweet taste of her lover. Alex spread Lauren's pussy lips with her fingers, looking over the pink treasure, then dipped her tongue and started to lick slowly. Lapping Lauren's sex over and over again, while Lauren moaned and toyed with her breast and gripped Alex's hair to push her face into her pussy more.

Alex was enjoying pleasuring Lauren; she had never known that pleasing another woman could be so sexy. The way she moaned at her efforts and her taste were becoming addictive. Lauren was even coaching her on what to do.

"Oh, lick my walls baby, suck on me... Oh that's it, now stick your tongue in me like a cock and fuck me with it," Lauren moaned as Alex did as she asked, pleasing her in ways she hadn't been pleased in a long time. Alex was taken back when Lauren's orgasm rushed out from no where, covering her face in juices and leaking all over the bed, and down her chin. Alex lapped up as much of the other woman's cum as she could until Lauren begged her to stop licking her; it was too much. Lauren and Alex held each other for a while as Lauren kissed and licked her juices off the woman's face.

Alex had never felt so sexy and wanted before; she had only been with men before, and all they ever wanted to do was play with her breasts and shove their cocks in her until they came and were done with her. She had only ever had a couple unselfish lovers before, but nothing like this. Alex was lost in her thoughts until Lauren flipped her on her back again, straddling her lap. She leaned in close and whispered.

"Are you ready for more?" Lauren asked, thoughts swirling in Alex's head about what more could mean.

"Yessss," Alex hissed as Lauren sucked on her neck. She climbed off her and went into the bathroom. When Lauren came back her garter belt was gone, but still wore the stockings, but had a strap-on dildo around her waist. Alex was stunned as it was easily nine inches long and was rather thick. "Can that even fit in me?" Alex asked as Lauren spread her legs and pressed the head of the dildo against her tight sex.

"We'll take it slow, baby." Lauren leaned down and kissed her, pressing the head against her, wetting it with her juices. Alex groaned as the head was pressed inside her and Lauren waited till she was ready and pressed more into her. It became a rhythm of sorts, as Lauren would press the dildo in, then slide out and return. Alex was moaning softly all the while, until finally their hips met. She had never felt so full before; Lauren had held her hands, pressing them into the bed as she began to rock back and forth slowly. Their breasts were bouncing on each other and Alex's moaning was only increasing with the pace.

"Oh Gods, oh my, fuck me baby, oh fuck me harder!" Alex was shouting by the time Lauren was fucking her at a high pace. Alex loved the feeling of the fake cock fucking her, and her breasts swayed up and down against Lauren's. When their nipples would rub against one another it was like Alex was shocked by lighting; it felt too good.

Unexpectedly, Alex flipped Lauren over and began to force the dildo deeper into her. She was bouncing wildly on top of the other woman, her breasts bouncing and her moaning echoing. Alex was sure people in all directions could hear, but she didn't care, her whole being felt on fire with desire and pleasure; she never wanted it end. Then her orgasm came rushing out of her, her walls griped the fake cock and wouldn't let go as continued to hammer herself on the strap-on. Lauren was cumming at the same time, a nub on the belt rested on her clit and the sight of Alex fucking her was too much to bear.

Alex collapsed on top of her lover, breathing heavily, her face buried in a pillow. Her body was covered in sweat, and her legs ached from the intense love making. Lauren held the other woman in her arms, whispering sweet nothings into her ear, her own voice a little hoarse from moaning and screaming. Alex carefully rolled off of her and lay staring at the ceiling for a few moments, Lauren took the chance and slipped out of bed to discard the strap-on the bath room sink.

"I'm all sweaty," Alex stated as she heard Lauren come back into the room.

"Well I do have a shower in here if you want to shower, and I'll change the bed spread." Alex was a little puzzled till she sat up and saw several large wet spots covering the bed. She got up and found she was laying in one.

"Yeah, I think that's a good idea," Alex giggled and had to lean on the wall because her legs were weak when she stood up. Lauren wrapped her arms around her and helped her in the bathroom. Alex sat on top of the toilet as Lauren turned the hot water on in the bathtub, then helped Alex into the tub and turned the shower on.

"Are you going to join me?" Alex asked, unsure if she could stand, much less clean herself.

"After I make the bed baby," Lauren stated with a smile. Alex just sat there for a long time, letting the water rise over her, closing her eyes. Alex had never had any interest in other women before tonight. Sure she had boyfriends who wanted threesomes and what not, but she never agreed to it, much less thought about it. Now, a whole new world had opened up before Alex's eyes, a world full of possibilities and new fantasies she never thought of before.

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