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Seven Lessons Ch. 01

Posted on : 2012-01-27 22:01:53.057377

(1) - Acceptance

Bryan was king of the road warriors. Speeding around the country in his sleek, powerful Mercedes selling whatever his latest job demanded. He was damn good at it too, always raked in huge amounts of commission until some faggotty client bitched about a one-sided deal he had put together and then it was off to another company.

Talking of bitches, stupid women were always getting in his way and slowing him down. He wished they would just stay off the road as it really wasn't the proper place for them. He'd cut up a least a dozen of the sluts today who were too slow to get out of his way. A few fags in little economy cars had been pushed aside too.

Despite all of this, today was a good day. He'd just closed a big deal and a four figure bonus was heading his way, time to pull off the road and celebrate with a big steak meal as important men like him often did. Luckily there was a Hooters nearby so he could eat the way a man was supposed to eat - fatty foods and slutty women with big tits wearing little in the way of clothing. Yes, life was good!

Little did he know, he was about to learn some hard lessons. One of the people he had cut up was the type you really didn't want to mess with. As he left the restaurant without leaving a tip (the bitches were already being paid why should he add to it?), he noticed a note stuck to the front of his car. In perfect script writing he read:-

Bryan, your driving and attitude are really not good enough!

I was one of the people who you cut up in your obscene car.

Normally I would let this go, but I had a look inside your mind and found that you really are an unpleasant man.

For your benefit, I've decided to teach you some lessons.

It is up to you whether they are learned the easy or the hard way.

As it is Halloween at the end of the week, I'm going to give you a task to perform every day up until then.

I know you're going to laugh this off, but be warned, if you do not perform the tasks of your own free will, I'll make you perform them and they'll be much harder lessons.

Lesson 1 - Acceptance

Your first task is to get in touch with your feminine side.

You are required to buy some pantyhose within the hour and to wear them for the rest of the day.

Good luck and remember, noncompliance means punishment!

"For goodness sake" he thought, "there are some real lunatics around, especially this time of year," screwed up the note and tossed it into the nearest bin. He looked at his watch. Four pm, time to drive home, drink a beer and watch some porno.

As he was nearing his home, he looked at his head-up display on his expensive car and noticed that the time was exactly 5 o'clock. "So much for the gypsy warning," he chuckled to himself smug in the knowledge that some crazy old bitch was sad enough to waste their time writing a stupid threatening letter. He was puzzled, however, about the fact that he had just driven straight past his house even though he had meant to turn into the driveway.

Now things were getting very weird. Having pulled up in a shopping center, he walked toward a beauty salon even though he was straining with every effort to go back to his car. Opening the door and facing the pretty receptionist he found himself saying "I'd like to book myself in for a full body waxing immediately please."

The girl gave him the once over, smiled, checked the appointment list and said, "We have one slot available, please take a seat whilst I get your beautician for you".

Although he wanted to get up and run away, he sat down placed his knees together and folded his hands in his lap appearing to be waiting patiently.

Shortly, the receptionist looked at him and said, "Helga is on her way to collect you".

"Helga?" he thought, "sounds kind of Swedish, this might not be so bad after all, especially if she was one of those lithe, statuesque Scandinavian types."

His daydreaming was brought to a close by a stern figure in a full length white coat. "I am Helga and I am here to depilate you," she announced with a firm German accent.

Examining her, Bryan decided he was in trouble. She was a full figured woman, wearing very comfortable flat white shoes, short plaited hair and an air of extreme confidence. He decided that if this was World War 2, she would be wearing an SS uniform and working in a medical camp!

She ordered in her pantomime broken English, "You vill follow me now."

That was it, he thought, he had to leave now and get out of here before she could inflict any pain upon him but instead, found himself following like an obedient puppy.

The treatment room was dominated by a large waist height, padded table on the side of which was a pot containing some sort of warm liquid. Wax, he thought.

"You vant wax yes?" Helga inquired and added, "You must strip and lie on bed."

To his absolute horror, he found himself removing his clothes until naked and luckily, lying face down on the bed.

"Most men lay upwards first, get the vurst ofer vith," she stated her accent getting stronger and an evil glint forming in her eye. "Are you sure you vant to do zis, men as hairy as you normally shave first?"

Although he tried to say no, he answered, "Yes please maam, remove all my nasty hair as quick as you can."

He felt the warm gooey liquid being applied to the back of his legs and being spread all over them, which was a sensuous and definitely not an unpleasant feeling. Even the application of a strip of fabric to the wax didn't feel that bad. After several strips had been applied, he felt a firm hand pressing down on his leg and the first one being ripped off.

The pain was terrible as hairs were yanked from his legs and he let out a loud scream, thinking surely she would stop now. To his amazement he heard himself shout "Rip another one off; pull them out by the roots."

The torture continued until his entire rear aspect was denuded. Each strip followed by his involuntary pleading for it to continue. As soon as it was finished, he flipped over onto his now smooth back, exposing his front.

The pattern continued with wax being applied and strips tearing the hairs out, screams filling the room followed by a plea for it to continue until the only remaining body hair was on his balls.

"You vish me to shave ze balls?" Helga asked her eyes gleaming giving away the fact that she wanted nothing of the sort and that nothing would please her more than using the wax to painfully pull the hairs away from his sac.

"No, I'd like those nasty hairs ripped out," he heard his voice say.

As Helga worked the wax into his balls slowly and sensually, perhaps spending more time than was decent, he realised that he was getting an erection and as the strip was applied he was beginning to get aroused. Abruptly he felt the head of his penis being slapped, his erection wilting and then the gates of hell opening as all of his public hair was torn from his balls in one powerful stroke.

Tears flowed down his cheeks from his eyes as he heard the evil bitch say, "You are done now, you are very pretty," with a snigger.

After thanking Helga (even though he wanted to tell her to fuck off back to lesbo-land and die), he quickly got dressed and ran out of the salon as quick as his smooth legs would carry him. He needed to get home and have a stiff drink right now.

He climbed into his car, his safe place, started the engine and headed back towards his house. Except his house wasn't in this direction, this was the rough part of town and he was pulling up in front of a sex shop! Garish neon lights on the front of the store declared it to be "The honey pot" which "specialises in all your kinky needs!" It looked like this ordeal wasn't over yet.

As he entered the seedy shop, his eyes adjusted to the light and noticed the young girl at the cash register. He guessed she was about 21, covered in tattoos, which were easy to see as her goth-punk clothes (tartan miniskirt, fishnet holdups, stomper boots, fishnet gloves and lacy boob tube) left little to the imagination. This was finished off by dark gothic type makeup on a pale foundation layer, short spiky punk hair and multiple piercings including a nose ring, tongue stud, belly button and he imagined the slight indentations in her top were from nipple rings. He really didn't want to talk to a weirdo like that. But as with the rest of the evening, found himself doing it anyway.

"Excuse me miss, can you help me?" he stuttered.

Without looking up from the magazine she was reading and still chewing her gum, she said sounding quite bored, "Video booths are in the back, left for straight action, middle for gay and right for transsexual. I have coins for the slots if you need them."

Maybe Bryan could get out of this by just asking for some coins, "I'd like to buy a crotchless bodystocking please." Wait, no, he didn't want that at all.

"What size is the lady?" still too bored to look up.

He answered, "Actually it's for me and I'd love to try it on." He couldn't think of any time that he had been more embarrassed in his entire life!

She looked up at him, her piecing blue eyes framed by the dark black eyeliner and squinted, focusing her eyes upon him, a hardness appearing in them, "Is this some kind of windup, are you shittin me?" she growled.

"No, I'm quite serious and I'll even throw in a fifty if you help me," he replied. She picked up the phone and started to dial. Fuck, he thought, "It's bound to be the police; I'm going to be arrested."

"Hey Mike, this is Rhonda I've got a guy down here who is paying for some extra service, watch him on the CCTV for me will you?" Then she looked at Bryan, held out her hand and said, "Ok you fuckin weirdo, give me the fifty and we'll do this thing. Lucky for you I'm behind on my rent."

After handing over the money from his wallet, he watched her lock the door, pull down the blinds and make her way over to the lingerie section. "Over here sissy boy," she chided him. Reaching down to a lower shelf, she grabbed a packet and added, "You should be an XXL I reckon."

"What the hell is going on, I'm buying lingerie for myself here?" he thought, "I really don't want to be doing this," and promptly started to take off his clothes.

Smirking at him she mocked, "You really are a sub sissy fag aren't you?"

When he was completely naked, he was very aware of the cold air on his skin, his face flushed from blushing and desperate to cover himself up but unable to.

She handed him the underwear which she had removed from the pack making no attempt to hide the fact that she was checking out his hairless body, barely able to suppress her giggling. As he fumbled with the clothing she said, "Roll the legs and arms up first, step through the neck, pull it up as far as it will go so your dick is through the hole and put your arms in."

As if thing couldn't get any worse, as he pulled the cool nylon up his legs the sensation of it caressing his smooth skin started to have an effect and his penis started to grow. This made it harder to get the material on as it stimulated his engorged member and by time he'd squeezed into the bodystocking and released his penis through the crotch-hole, he had a fully fledged hardon.

This was too much for the assistant and as she walked over to the cash register she started to visibly shake with laughter. "That's 30 for the stocking and the fifty you owe me."

Great, all he had to do now was pay and get the hell out of here. To his dismay, the ordeal wasn't over yet, "Do you have any chastity devices?" he heard himself ask. "That's it, I'm booking in to see a shrink first thing in the morning," he thought.

By this time Rhonda had finished with being shocked and shouted over to him "Sure, we got the cb3000 which runs to 120 and is quite popular with our dom and sub types" and tossed him a pack.

"I'd like to put it on right now, can you help me?" he enquired.

"Well the first thing you're going to need to do is get rid of that!" she replied pointing at his erection.

"What, here?" he asked, dreading the answer.

She handed him some coins and a box of tissues, "Go use one of the booths and make sure you clean up."

Even though he wanted to run in the opposite direction, he stood in front of the 3 booths and chose the one on the right. "Transsexual pleasures 10" was the film being shown which promised "hot tgirl on tranny action".

As he placed his first coin in the slot, the screen flickered to life showing a man dressed as a maid on his knees in front of a woman of Amazonian proportions who possessed a dick that was at least 10 inches and really thick. The maid's hands were cuffed behind his back and he was leaning forward trying hard to get that monster in his mouth. The shemale had her cock in her grasp and was rubbing it over the maids face and then proceeded to slap it against the maid's face. Even though it looked to Bryan like the shemale was trying to club the maid with it, the maid was following it around pleading to be allowed to suck it!

Bryan found himself wetting his hand with his spit and wrapping it around his smooth cock. As the maid had finally captured the knob in his mouth, Bryan began to furiously work the shaft. He felt familiar stirrings from his balls and knew he wouldn't last much longer. As the shemale grabbed the maid's head and started to force her dick into the maid's throat, Bryan felt the first spurt of cum erupt from his dick and spray the wall, followed by several more leaving a pool of his cum on the floor. Even though the idea repulsed him, he dutifully dropped to his knees and used the tissues to clean up his mess.

Returning back to the store, he deposited the tissues in the bin and walked over to the assistant. Blushing now, eyes down thinking of what he had just done, once again heard himself say something he didn't want to. "Can you help me fit the device now?"

Rhonda rolled her eyes, grabbed the chastity device and dropped to her knees. In normal circumstances, having a young woman on her knees in front of his dick would have been a big turn-on, but dressed in a crotchless body stocking with all his body hair removed having just wanked himself off in a porno theatre and about to have a chastity device fitted he felt nothing but shame.

She unlocked the device, guided his limp dick through it, closed the clamp, locked it in place, stood up and walked over to the cash register. He followed her meekly, stopping to put on his clothes and paid her for the stocking and gave her an extra 100 for her help. As he left the store, rushing towards the safety of his car he heard her call, "Come back if you need anything else sissy boy."

As he approached his car, he noticed another note on his car.

Poor, poor Bryan!

You really should have headed my words.

Had you done what you were instructed to do, you would have been at home right now taking off a pair of pantyhose that you had bought and worn today.

Instead you are wearing a bodystocking, feeling ashamed and humiliated.

Now you can drive home, wear the bodystocking to bed and wonder what the rest of the week is going to be like with you locked in the chastity device.

Oh, by the way, did you forget to pick up the key? Of course you did! Don't worry though; you'll be released from it at the end of the week.

Damn! He had to go back to the shop and get the key back, he couldn't possibly stay locked up all week. Predictably though, he found himself get into the car, drive home, take part in his normal bedtime routine before sliding between the sheets whilst still wearing the stocking. As he drifted off to sleep he thought what a weird day he had experienced and wondered what was in store for him tomorrow.
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