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Milk and Cookies Mom Ch. 03

Posted on : 2012-01-27 22:05:40.027959

That evening, after June and David Anderson, Mother and Son, had played a teasing game where June had used her body to excite the young man, the house had settled down.

David had cum hard in his bedroom after the game with the hoover, he kept picturing his Mother in that tight pencil skirt and clingy white top, bending over for him, her breasts and ass rubbing against his body, his cock being inflamed by the contact. He had imagined ejaculating over her perfectly made-up face as she begged him to cum.

After that dinner had been polite and quiet. Though June dressed in the same outfit she had stopped the provocative movements for now and they discussed college and chores they had to get done this week. Though David wasn't worried he didn't know why this change had occurred with his Mother, this running hot and cold. Maybe she was saving herself for tonight? David felt sure she would return to the kitchen cupboard again to bring herself off.

That night, as normal, June appeared in David's room in her robe (was it wrapped tighter than normal?) and kitten heeled slippers to kiss him goodnight. How could they just carry on as normal, wondered David? He decided to try a compliment.

"Mum... I really, really enjoyed spending time with you today."

"Oh... oh good, thank you. What's your schedule for tomorrow?"

"More revision. You know how it is."

June nodded and kissed him on the cheek.

"Well, goodnight, baby."

And then she turned and left the room.

David waited until he heard her pad down the stairs and then made his move. He moved out of his bedroom, on to the landing, quiet as he could. He heard the rattle of the key in the kitchen cupboard door. Once the door had shut that was his cue to move. David moved as quickly as he could without making a noise and silently knelt down to look inside the kitchen cupboard.

His mother was unlocking the chest. Out came the tall stilettos and she raised each leg to slip into them. Tonight, David realised his Mother's stockings were black with a seam down the back. So sexy! The bulge in his boxer shorts grew. June retrieved the dildo and then shut the box. No gag or handcuffs this time. She must vary it, the lad thought.

Then June reached into the pockets of her gown and pulled out some objects that David couldn't quite make out. She then turned back around, she was holding a bottle. Baby oil! The boy swallowed. His mum poured some oil into his palm and then picked up the dildo.

David thought his Mother was whispering straight to him to begin with, he almost gave himself away with surprise, but then he realised the dildo was replacing something else. His own cock. Up and down, his Mother worked the oil over the dildo, gently moving her manicured fingers around the toy.

"There baby, does that feel good? Mummy liked playing with you today, she knows she got you all riled up. Luckily Mummy knows how to take care of it, Mummy's going to take all that tension away, just wait and see."

By now, David's hand was slowly stroking his own cock, he bit his lip and tried to control his breathing.

"Mmm yes, darling. You all ready to go? Ok, wait for Mummy."

June put down the dildo and then undid and shrugged off her robe.

The garment fell to the floor and David was amazed. No corset this time, just a tight black waist cincher, clipped to her black stockingtops. Her breasts were completely free, beautiful and full. June then turned once more and picked up two small object.

David's eyes nearly popped out when he realised what they were. Two ordinary, wooden clothes pegs from the washing line outside. June's hands ran over her breasts, teasing and pinching her nipples and then, very carefully, she pinched the pegs into place, one on each nipple. His mother shuddered as she let the pain subside and the pleasure take over. She then turned to the side, so David was looking at his Mother's body in profile and then placed one palm against the wall. Her legs, magnificent in the black fetish heels and seamed stockings were placed wide apart and her breasts bounced sweetly, while the pegs stayed in place.

June picked up the dildo, turned it on (she didn't bother with the control device) and slowly inserted it into her pussy.

"Yessss, David. Yes, my Son..."

The oil-covered dildo slid with ease into the horny Mother's needy cunt. She gripped it tightly and began a slow, controlled in-and-out motion that made David want to cry out with desire. She continued to whisper to herself as she did. Slowly increasing the speed of her action.

"Oh, yes, baby, fuck Mummy. Fuck her deeply, yes, shit, that feels good. Your cock in Mummy's pussy, deep in my cunt. Please, David, give it to Mummy, she's so bad and she wants to be good for you, she wants to be there for you, use her, David, use your Mummy's pussy, take her, fuck her, cum deep inside!"

The young man's own fist was now a blur as he wanked himself at the sight of his horny Mother fucking herself with the toy cock. June began to let out low, little moans, trying to stay quiet, her eyes closed tight in concentration. Her orgasm building once more, she'd needed this all day, she craved this climax and she craved her own Son!

June was now stuttering obscenities between moans of deep pleasure as the cum that she had wanted all day tore through her. Her hand was barely in control ramming the dildo into her pussy with sheer force of need. Her body shook, the tips of the clothes pegs brushed against the far wall driving electric shocks through her tits. David couldn't control himself either, he forced his mouth shut as the cum shot from his cock, he forced his shorts around his penis to catch the semen as he trembled.

The Mother shook some more with a "Christ, fuck, fuck-" before her hand couldn't grip the dildo anymore and it clattered to the floor. The sound caused David to resurface from the daze of his cum and he shakily stood up, gripping his cock and staggered quickly back to his bedroom.

A few moments later June, once more wrapped up in her robe, walked out of the cupboard and turned to close the door. She was about to walk away when a glint caught her eye. Something sparkling in the moonlight. June looked at the door and there was a silvery trace there.

"Oh my," the Mother sighed.

It was semen and it could only have come from one place. Gently, she scooped up the liquid on her finger. She was fascinated by it for a few seconds and then reality dawned on her. Plucking a piece of kitchen towel from the counter she wiped away the cum.

No, no, she hadn't meant for it to go this far. Not this far at all! How long had her Son been spying on her. I mean - she wanted him to look at her, but only when she could keep control of it! This was terrible, she hadn't meant to do this. June's head dropped into her hands. She needed to sleep, she needed time to think.

The waves of guilt hadn't left the Mother by the morning. She showered, her mind still spinning from the revelation that not only had David watched her, but he'd been masturbating and he'd cum. What could she say? Would he feel happier not knowing that she knew?

She dried herself and went to dress. This had to stop. No more teasing. June then dressed. This time she opted for some jeans, not that tight and a jumper, baggy. She found some plain ballet flats and went downstairs to make breakfast.

David was already there, making coffee for them both. Focusing on the mugs he said brightly:

"Morning, how did you sleep?"

June looked a little surprised and then took a seat at the kitchen table. As David approached with the mugs his face fell.

"I slept OK, thanks." June smiled weakly at him.

He was clearly surprised by the way she was dressed. Not in a good way, either.

"Mum... are you ill?"

"What? No, I'm just... you know... fancied a change." She tried the smile again. It wasn't working.

"Well, why?"

June was a little surprised at David's tone of voice. He seemed genuinely upset. He was frowning.

"I just... I.. don't know. Feel a bit down I suppose."

"After the fun we had yesterday? I'm feeling a little offended."

"What? Oh no, honey, it's not you, it's me. It's, um, woman stuff."

Her poor Son, he was beginning to worry. This wasn't his fault, she'd lead him on. He was staring into his coffee.

"Well, if you need time for, uh, whatever it is that's fine, but I don't like it."

"You don't like what?"

"Seeing you like this. It's just not... it's not you. It's not you and me. I need to revise."

David got up from the table and took his coffee with him. He stomped up the stairs and slammed his door.

June's couldn't believe it. She'd wanted to avoid any sort of tension, sexual or otherwise and had managed to create completely the opposite. Nice one, June, thought the Mother.

She examined the frayed ends of the horrid baggy jumper she'd put on. This wasn't making her feel comfortable, this was a nightmare. She'd had a good thing going. They weren't hurting any one. David had grown use to seeing his Mother like this, with the effort put in, sexy, carefree, loving, smart. She couldn't just change like this, especially when he had exams coming up. On the other hand it wasn't right that he had watched her cum like that, spied on her!

Coffee was sipped, options considered. June made a decision. If her Son wasn't happy, then she wasn't happy. Making him happy fulfilled her. Time to make her Son happy.

David was sulking in his room. How could she have done this now? Things were going so well, she was clearly happy playing with me, those little games and now this. It felt like a slap in the face. He couldn't just start ordering her to dress better, to dress to excite him. That would be really wrong, but she must, must know that her sudden change upset him. There was a light tap on his door.

"David, I need your help."

Five minutes later, David was sat on the edge of his Mother's double bed. She had explained, that she had felt out of sorts this morning, but it had passed. Coffee had helped. Now, she wanted his help, he clearly knew what worked best as an outfit for her and so he should pick one. He was very surprised by this turn of events, but agreed.

"So the jumper will have to go, what do you want in its place?"

"Well something more like yesterday."

"A sweater, huh? How about this?" June pulled out a red v-neck sweater from her wardrobe. David nodded, it looked a size too small for her. She asked what else.

"A s-skirt," he fumbled. Why was he so embarrassed by this?

"Red to match the sweater?" June asked.

David nodded. June moved her head from side to side and found a lengthy red skirt and positioned it in front of her legs. It was nearly down to her ankles. The Son pulled a face.

"I see," said June, she hung the skirt back up. "How about this?"

This time the skirt ended above his Mum's mid-thigh. It was even shorter than yesterday's! He nodded enthusiastically.

June smiled back at him.

"Is there anything else I need...?"

"Shoes!" said David helpfully. June returned to her wardrobe, the same one David had ferreted about in for the key yesterday. She looked for a few seconds and then plucked out a pair.

They were a pair of red mules, with a tasteful red bow on the top. David noticed they must have had at least a two inch heel. June placed them on her hand and showed them to him.

"Tell me, does Sir find these acceptable?"

"Very," replied the Son. June grinned and gathering the clothes she scurried to the bathroom.

David's head was spinning, this was mad, enjoyable, wonderfully mad! His cock was once more beginning to strain beneath his trousers. Before he realised, the bathroom door had opened.

His mother's sexy, slow, provocative movements from yesterday had returned. She stood in front of the door. The skirt ended where it had promised, exposing her long sexy legs, that looked wonderful in the red mules. Her v-neck top barely concealed her breasts that suddenly looked bigger and bouncier than before.

"Do I meet with Sir's approval?"

It took David a moment to take in the look of his sexy Mother before he piped up.

"Yes. Yes, Sir does approve."

June clapped her hands together.


"There's just one thing..." David was once more eyeing her legs. "Don't you usually wear, um nylons, stockings, that sorta thing?"

"Oh yes... that 'sorta thing'," smiled his Mother. June walked over to her dresser drawer and pulled out two black stockings. For a moment, he thought they were the same from the previous night, but they weren't. "Let me just put these on..."

Taking her foot out of the red mule, June balanced it on her bedroom chair and pulled the stocking over her toes and calf, she then pulled her skirt back a little and fastened the hold-up stocking in place. David watched astounded as she repeated the action with the other leg, his cock was now painfully visible under his jeans.

June checked herself in her mirror and then walked that sexy walk back to the bed where David was.

"I'm glad Sir approves," she cooed. "Are we good to go for the day?"

David nodded and he stood up. As the both walked towards the door, June paused and looked around at him.

"I can't wait to see what you pick out tomorrow," she said and with a wink, continued on her way.

David felt ecstatic.
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