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Trailer Park Adventures Ch. 02

Posted on : 2012-01-27 22:08:17.001906

After my encounter with mom and Jack I was more than a little bit shocked. I was also a little worried. I didn't really know what to do next. It would be great to have a relationship with mom that included sex of any kind even if it never went past oral, but it would be terrible if it ruined our relationship that had always been so great. As it turned out I had nothing to worry about at all, things just went back to exactly how they were before. We all worked, mom and Jack fucked on a regular basis, although things did cool off a touch from where they were before, and no one even brought up the events of that crazy day. I started to wonder if mom even realized that it actually happened. She was so turned on at that moment that it's possible she didn't even remember swallowing a hefty load of her own sons semen. I couldn't figure any other way to explain it. If she did remember what happened wouldn't she want to talk to me about it? I know I was dying to talk to someone about the whole thing. I decided it was time to go see Bobby-Joe, she would be shocked as shit but I had to tell someone and I could trust her.

Bobby_Joe only lived a couple of trailers down, so I just walked over and let myself in. Apparently no one in my family fucks in the bedroom, because as soon as I shut the door and look up I saw my eight-month pregnant sister completely naked, bent over with one foot on the floor, the other knee on her couch, and both hands on the couch in front of her. Oh and did I forget to mention the two cocks working her from both ends. Some dude I've never seen before was doing her doggie-style while the other guy, who I knew but who was also not her boyfriend, was getting what looked to be one hell of a blow job from the front. They didn't even slow down either, they just kinda' glanced my way and kept going. Bobby-Joe was loving it too, the guy behind her looked normal size but the one in her mouth was huge. She would just moan and take it all like some kind of sword swallower. You could see it in her throat moving down and then back up again. I think if they switched places this dude would end up busting her bubble, wouldn't that be a mess? This wasn't as much of a surprise from Bobbie-Joe as it was from my mom, because while we never fooled around with each other, we have see each other fuck before. We just had a really close brother and sister friendship like that. Hell we even fucked other people in the same room sometimes, but the only time things even got close to sexual between the two of us was once when a girl that I was bangin' made out with Bobbie-Joe while some other guy was doin' her in the same room. It wasn't awkward or anything but nothing else happened, just a little girl on girl kissing.

Something was different now though. I don't know if it was because I recently shot cum in my mothers mouth, or if it was because this was the first time I really saw my sisters oh so pregnant body, but watching her there bent over on that couch, with her belly all stretched and tight, her tits just hanging from her body swaying back and forth with the motion of each thrust, was just turning me on like nothing I can even describe. I had to get out of there fast before I did something that I might regret, so I took off. I knew just where to go.

I have been fucking this bitch Sindy from the other side of the park for about six months now, and I call her a bitch not to degrade women but because that's what she is, a stone cold bitch. She treats her husband like shit and fucks anyone with a hard pole to put in her. Eventually one of those fuckers got her knocked up and that's when I came into the picture. As soon as she started to show most of her poles went limp and mine got hard. I have always had a bit of a thing for pregnant women so it seemed to just work itself out that we started to fuck on a semi-regular basis.

When I got to Sindy's trailer I was instantly disappointed to see that her husband George was there sitting on the porch, but of course I was polite and said, "Hi George, is Sindy around anywhere?"

"Oh she's in there doin' somethin'. Probably bitchin' about me for damn reason, I don't know why I even bother."

Just as the poor sap finished his sentence Sindy came out the front door, "You know why you bother ass-hole, same reason all the other ass-holes around here do. You better watch your mouth or you won't be botherin' for quite some time." As she said this she looked at me, glanced down at my crotch and smiled. Then she looked at George and said, "Go get me some smokes, but take your time, I think a couple hours away might do you some good, I know it will me," then she looked at me and smiled.

After that she just turned and went back inside. I felt bad for the guy but I came here for a reason and that reason hadn't change so I just nodded at George and followed Sindy inside. When I got inside she was already naked and waiting.

She looked at me and said, "What are you waiting for, get those cloths off, momma needs some lovin'." That kind of startled me because she had never gone that direction before and the coincidence just threw me for a loop. One thing was for sure though, I was so hot for mom and Bobbie-Joe that Sindy was about to get the fuck of her life.

"Shut up and get on your knees bitch. Momma's gonna take my first load down her throat today," I said as I dropped my pants. I meant it too, I was too worked up and needed to blow one quick so I could last for a while and fuck this bitch stupid.

Normally that would have sent Sindy off the deep end but there must have been something different about me because she just got on her knees and leaned over her sexy pregnant belly and sucked me. She wasn't the best cocksucker but she got the job done and even swallowed this time.

I looked down at her, "Mmmm that was nice. Does momma like my cum in her mouth?" She just nodded and went on, "let me help you up so I can bend your ass over and fuck you like the bitch that you are, doggie style." I figured this was probably going to be my last time with Sindy but it was too good to stop. I was gonna make her feel so dirty and used like everyone else she treats like hell. She gave me her hand and true to my word I bent her ass over on her bed and pounded her pussy from behind, HARD. Sindy's tits were flying back and forth slapping her belly then her face. It had to hurt because they were so full of milk that it started leaking all over.

The whole time I fucked her I just kept talking nastier and nastier. I called her every name in the book, and that was just my warm-up. I came up with shit that didn't even make sense. Then I decided I would have her ass. "I'm going to fuck your ass today Sindy," I said with a smile.

"The hell you are!" was her reply to that.

I didn't even acknowledge her words, "Turn over bitch. I want to look into your cunt face as I push into that tight ass of yours. Don't think I'll be the least bit gentle either you fucking whore."

The look on her face was priceless, but she did what I said. She slowly rolled onto her, spread her legs and used her hands to pull her knees back as far as she could for me to access the only spot I'd not yet had her. I don't normally get off on dominance but I was loving every second of this shit. Had to be because Sindy was just such a cunt.

I wasn't completely dry because Sindy's pussy was sopping wet but I wouldn't exactly say I was lubed up either as I pushed myself all the way balls deep into Sindy's tight asshole. She let out a whelp of pain but I kept going in then all the way out and back in again with nice fluid motion. After a few minutes of deep dicking Sindy's ass I was ready to cum so i stopped deep inside her and started talking to her again. I wasn't quite finished yet. I put my hand on her throat, not choking her but she got the idea, and slapped her pretty gently on the face just to get her attention. This almost made me cum anyway so I had to act fast.

"You're a nasty bitch aren't you Sindy?" I asked still holding her throat with my dick fully buried in her ass.

"Uh huh," she whimpered back almost inaudibly.

"You treat people like shit don't you Sindy?" I continued.

"Uh huh," she gave again.

"Are your titties sore slut?" I asked her as i gave her left tit a nice firm slap.

"Yes," She answered with a wince.

"Do you want me to stop?" I slapped her tit harder this time.

"No," she answered with tears forming in her eyes.

"I'm cumming in your ass," I grunted as I pinched pulled and twisted her nipple HARD.

She let out one last moan of pain and pleasure before I let go.

I pulled out and stood up in front of her, "Now clean my dick I have shit to do."

I thought she would get a rag for me or something but the crazy bitch just dropped back to her knees and started blowing me again. It was kinda nasty but what the hell why not, so I went with it.

"That's it clean my cock you dirty whore," I started, "and from now on your going to be a good wife to George aren't you? I'm gonna tell him what a whore of a wife he's got and how to keep you in line."

"I'll be good I promise," she said. At least I think that's what she said because she kept my dick in mouth the whole time. "He won't punish me will he?" she asked.

"That's up to him isn't it?" I said, "Go ask him yourself and give me my dick back you greedy slut. It's his you should be suckin' anyway."

We both started to get dressed and I looked at Sindy, "You're supposed to be asking George a question aren't you?"

With that she stopped dressing and went nude to her husband on the porch. She was out there sucking his dick when I left. "See ya George," I said on my way out.

"See ya Sid," he replied, "and thanks, shes never done this for me before."

"Gotta keep that bitch in line George," I told him, "Let me know if you have any more problems with her. Good luck."

Now that I relieved some pressure it was time to head back to big sissies house. We still had some chattin' to do.

When I got back to Bobbie-Joes place the guys were gone and she was in her short silk robe and panties pouring a drink in the kitchen. Her robe barely fit her before she was pregnant and now it pretty much just covered her tits. She tied it right under them and her belly opened it underneath and stuck out almost completely. I'm sure this is the only reason for the panties because I'm sure she didn't wear any with it before. I t looked crazy sexy though and I was hard again immediately even though I just fucked like a madman. Life was getting difficult for a horny fucker like me. She saw that I was back and offered me a drink. I accepted and we sat to chat.

"You took off in an awful big hurry," she started, "what was the rush?"

"I just came by to chat and you were uh busy so I just took off and went to Sindy's for a bit."

"You didn't have to go you know," she said, "We've never been shy with each other before, no reason to start now." She paused, "Sindy's eh. You fucked her didn't you?'

"Maybe," I replied with a smile.

"Well hot damn. My baby brother got all hot seeing me get fucked and had to go get a pregnant lay. What's the world cumming to," she teased and nudged me over a little.

Her teasing got me quiet and I just sat there a little embarrassed.

"Don't worry about it bro it's no biggy. To be perfectly honest when I saw you watching us it sent me waaaay over the edge and i came harder than i ever have in my life. I was probably cumming before you were even out the door," she said. "I didn't realize you had a pregnant fetish though."

"I guess there are still a few things you don't know about me sis," i told her, starting to relax again.

"Yeah your pretty deep little bro," she was teasing me again, "like a trailer park pothole. You get horny over women pregnant or not, big sister or not. Now that's deep."

"Yeah you're one to judge," I teased right back at her, "You had two dicks in you and it took you fully clothed baby brother to get your horny ass to cum."

"Touche' little brother," she said to my reply. Then we kissed. I don't know who started it but for the first time I was kissing my older sister and it was amazing. I swear if my dick could get any harder it would have torn right through shorts and underwear both. Bobby-Joe untied her robe as we kissed and as we parted I saw her massive tits in all their glory. I mudt have been staring because she said, "Oh Sid, do it, I want you to sooooo bad." That's all I needed to here. I snapped out of my titty trance and dove right in. i squeezed them and rubbed them and sucked on her nipples. I had milk all over my face, dripping down my chin.

Bobby-Joe stood up and took off her panties, "take off your clothes little brother and straddle the coffee table like this," she told me as she stepped over the table and sat down facing me. I did as she told me and then she said, "Does baby brother want me to stroke him off while he sucks big sisters titties?" She didn't wait for an answer she just took my dick in her hands and started to gently rub me up and down.

"Oh god yes Bobby-Joe your hands feel soooo gooood and your tits are amazing," I answered while I rubbed her tits and she rubbed my cock. Then I kissed her again. Her tits were full and she was leaning over just right so that when I squeezed it shot her milk right on her hands.

"Call me your big Sister Siddy and milk me all over while I milk you. Are you gonna let big sissy make you cum baby brother. Your hands feel sooooo good on sissies titties but your mouth feels so much better." She was getting really hot now, she started grinding against the tabletop.

"Sis you take suck good care of your little brother, stroking my cock for me. I can't wait for my sexy big sister to make me cum. I'm gonna cum all over your hands big sis while I suck on your massive milk filled melons," I started rubbing her pussy while I said it then dove back into her delicious tits. It was so incredibly erotic. I didn't drink the milk I just let it run down all over us.

I kissed my sister again and before I knew it i was cumming and so was she. What a position. Facing each other on a coffee table with my fingers in her pussy and her hands around my dick, kissing with such passion it was as intense as anything I had ever felt, including the Jack and mom incident.

Bobby-Joe changed her grip and ran her thumb from bottom to top up my shaft then lifted her hands up and licked them clean. "Would probably be better without the milk," she said, "Maybe next time we'll 69 little brother, bet you'd like that wouldn't you?" then she gave me a quick peck and got up.

"Oh you know I'd like it but you may just like it more my horny big sis," I had to retaliate.

"You might be right, I'm hornier than ever lately. I think it's this pregnancy messing with me, and don't even start with the big sis stuff right now I don't know if I have the energy for another round right now and that got me tinglin' already. What did you want to talk about anyway?" she finally asked.

So I told her about my experience with mom and Jack, and she was less shocked than I thought she would be. Apparently I have been eye candy for the women in my family for quite some time. It was turning into a great summer. I made sure to say, "See ya later big sexy sissy," on my way out.
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