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Peggy Plunges

Posted on : 2012-01-27 22:09:53.23268

Peggy sat sipping a rum and coke and wondered why her husband Dave was out so much lately. For the last three months he was gone more than he was home and their sex life was suffering badly. She gazed out the window and was shocked to see her husband in an embrace with the black lady that lived next door. Peggy ran to her neighbors house and peeked through the blinds. There before her eyes was David undressing the heavyset black woman and himself. Peggy was both enraged and aroused as the woman sat on the sofa and her husband began licking the woman's fat cunt. As his 7" cock slid into the woman's sloppy cunt Peggy was totally engrossed watching the lewd show unfold when some one was tugging at her dress and saying, "What the hell are you doing lady? This is private property and I'm calling the cops."

Peggy beheld a very attractive young black girl and answered, "That is my husband in there and I demand to know what is going on."

The girl laughed and quipped, "It's quite plain to see whats going on now isn't it?" The 19 year old girl escorted the confused 39 year old woman into the cellar and announced, "My name is Lavern and my mom's name is Helen. Your horny husband has been fucking my mother for some time now. Sit on the sofa and relax and I will fix you a drink. What would you like?"

Peggy answered, "Rum and coke." Peggy was impressed with the cellar. It looked more like a nice family room that was even equipped with a wet bar. The young black girl handed Peggy her drink and sat uncomfortably close to her on the couch. The girl wore cut off jeans and a tank top that barely contained the young girl's enormous ebony breasts. Peggy found it difficult not to stare at them and felt heated and aroused when the girl moved and a thick, stiff, and pointy dark nipple poked out of the girl's top and was in full view. Peggy noticed that the drink was exceptionally strong as the girl's hand slipped under her dress and moved slowly up her lily white thighs. Until now the white housewife had never been turned-on by another female but she found herself fully inflamed. She uttered a weak protest by asking, "Wah, what are you ah doing? Please don't. I'm not like that."

Lavern smiled and replied, "Oh hell yeah white lady you are like that. We all are. You must be doing something wrong because your old man can't stop fucking my mom. I get aroused watching them too. He eats her pussy for such a long time and then fucks her brains out. I'm gonna get some of that myself soon. Your husband has a nice cock and a very talented tongue. He nurses on her big tits a lot. I suppose they are quite the treat to him as you have no tits at all. I feel bad that you had to find out this way so I am going to take you on a trip to paradise and you'll forget all about that other fucking shit."

Peggy could only gasp as the aggressive black girl finger fucked her pussy furiously using first one finger, then two, then three, and finally her whole hand. Peggy quivered and quaked to a powerful orgasm that only intensified when the girl's tongue sucked her clit and licked her flooding pussy. The naughty girl stuck a long dark finger up Peggy's ass as she licked and sucked her cunt with fervor. The white woman had one orgasm after the other and lost count there were so many. Peggy was oblivious to anything but her own sublime bliss until she heard a stern voice yell out, "What the hell do you think you are doing with my daughter you nasty bitch? You gotta lot of nerve taking advantage of my girl and making her eat your filthy snatch."

Helen was still naked from fucking David and decided to have some fun with his wife. She sat on a lounge chair and demanded, "Lavern drag the slut by the hair and put her on her knees, push her face in my cunt, and then slip on a big strap-on and fuck her while she eats my horny hair pie." Lavern complied. Peggy soon found herself licking and sucking her first woman. Peggy soon discovered that she found the black, hairy, and soaked cunt arousing. The smell and taste drove her wild with lust as she devoured the puffy womanhood with passion. Helen held her face tight to the erupting volcano and screamed out, "Yeah baby, just like that. Bet you can taste your husband's cum huh? Suck out all his cum and drink my juices bitch. Oh yessssss, so fucking good, don't stop baby, here it cummmmmmmssss, yesssssssss, fuck yeah! Lavern fuck the bitch with the dildo now. No need for lubrication but you can spit on the dildo before you shove it into her nasty cunt. My baby is going to fuck you good and I'm going to feed you some more hot cum you nasty slut."

Peggy couldn't get enough of the sloppy pussy and delighted in the feel of the dildo pumping in and out of her pussy. She was frightened when the big black woman commanded her daughter, "Shove that huge motherfucker up her ass while I cum in her mouth again. Fuck that skinny ass, hell yeah, fuck the shit out of her. She must like it because the bitch is really feasting on my creaming cunt. She loves it. Hell yeah, suck, suck, suck, yessssss! Now clean out my fat ass with your wonderful mouth slut." Helen moved so that the woman's face was in her ass. At first she felt repulsed but soon learned to enjoy licking and sucking ass while she was being reamed by the pumping dildo.

After the heated sex session they relaxed until Lavern declared, "This shit ain't fair. You both enjoyed a great pussy licking and now my young kitty needs some loving attention."

Helen agreed, "You are so right darling. We didn't mean to be selfish but we got carried away that's all. Sit on her face and fuck it good and I'll taste me some white pussy!" Once again Peggy was in orbit as Helen ate her out and Lavern rode her face with fervor.

When the torrid sex concluded Lavern brought them all another drink. Helen prodded Peggy to admit that she loved the lesbian sex they just had. After affirming that she totally enjoyed every minute of it Peggy said, "It was wonderful but Nancy you are fucking my husband so it's only fair that I fuck yours. What do you say?"

The black woman thought for a second, smiled. And then announced, "Sure baby, we can do that. Saturday Ray is off work and so is David. You and David come over about noon and we will have a friendly get together. Sounds yummy doesn't it?" Peggy agreed and kissed the mother and daughter goodbye. She promised to be there at noon and added that she was looking forward to it.

When Peggy was gone Helen broke out in laughter and announced, "I do declare, this is going to be a real fun thing. She thinks that she's going to get a big black cock. Can't wait to see her face when she learns that her husband has a dick twice the size of Ray's. However I will let her have some of Dave's cock as she eats my cunt. She does that so well doesn't she?"

Lavern replied, "She sure does and she tastes so fucking good too. What the hell am I supposed to do while you two whores fuck each others husband?"

Helen scolded, "Now don't you talk about your mother like that young lady. You can go out, have a friend over, take a nap, or you could watch and get off!"

Lavern offered, "Maybe I could watch for just a little while and then join in the fun. I wanna fuck David too. His cock really turns me on. Please mom."

Nancy simply stated, "We'll see girl. I don't know about that"

Peggy and Dave Murphy arrived at noon and enjoyed some drinks with Nancy and Ray Jackson. The conversation soon turned to sex and they danced with each other's spouses. Ray was kissing Peggy and when he came up for air he was shocked to see Dave and Helen engaged in a torrid sixty=nine. He sat the white woman on the sofa,lifted her dress, pulled down her pink panties, and proceeded to eat her pussy. The smell of sex filled the air and moans of pleasure was all that could be heard. Lavern was watching the wife swapping intently. She only wore a short skirt and a flimsy blouse. Lavern got so fucking hot that she tossed her clothing aside and fingered her sopping wet cunt with one hand and squeezed her full breasts with the other.

After bringing the white wife to a powerful orgasm with his mouth Ray noted, "Your pussy hair is the same as your head. A reddish blonde. It's all real. I like that. Now suck my cock baby." Ray dropped his pants and the white woman's eyes opened wide as she reached for the 3 ½" erect pecker. She was so disappointed and embarrassed but didn't want her feelings to show. She sucked it as best as she could and pretended to enjoy it so as not to hurt Ray's feelings.

After David shot a load in Helen's hot cunt she got up and saw the white woman's plight. The black woman move to another chair and commanded, "Peggy get the fuck over here and clean out my cum-filled cunt. Ray fuck the hell out of her pussy and ass while she pleases me." Helen was the only one to spot Lavern but didn't say a word as her daughter knelt before David and gave him a blow-job. A wicked grin crossed her face as she realized that her daughter could taste her pussy juices on the white man's now erect and throbbing cock. Lavern then sat on the thick white cock and fucked him with all she had. The young black girl was propelled into a state of blazing bliss as she reached several orgasms before bringing Dave to a catapulting climax.

As the obscene orgy concluded Ray fetched another round of drinks. He gave his daughter a stern disapproving look but refrained from comment. They all got dressed and the men went into the other room to shoot some pool. Helen asked Peggy,"Are you disappointed baby? Where you expecting something larger? I have a friend named Candy and she is a stripper. She is an ebony bombshell but has the same problem as I do with her husband. Candy has a couple of studs on the side that are really hung. I'm talking about huge black cocks baby. If you are interested I'll walk you home and we will call her from your place. Don't want Ray or David to overhear now do we baby? Well what do you say?"

The white housewife replied, "Sure why not? They sound yummy."

They walked to Peggy's place and Helen went right to the telephone. Peggy went to the kitchen to get drinks and when she returned Helen was done with the phone call already. Peggy anxiously inquired, "Well! What did she say?"

The 42 year old black woman teased, "She will do it but you will have to earn the two studs by eating out her and another stripper or two. I told her that you were new to the woman to woman thing but you just plunged right in and what you lack in experience you more than make up with enthusiasm. She wants you at her place tomorrow afternoon and you can eat some chocolate candy and if you do well then she will set up a get-together with the men. Don't worry about your husband I will keep him occupied. Do you wanna eat some candy little girl?"

Peggy was both excited and embarrassed but answered, "You know I do. I want more black pussy and some big black cock. I already know how much I love black pussy and have absolutely no doubt that I'll go wild over a big black cock or two. I've often imagined what it would be like and now I'm going to find out. A fantasy come true. This is so exciting. Thank you Helen."

The black lady picked up a picture of a pretty girl and asked, "Who is this lovely young lady?"

Peggy replied, "That's my daughter Ann and she is a freshman at college. I am expecting her to visit over the holidays."

Helen was drooling as she stated, "We'll have to all get together then. Oh baby! I want to do bad and nasty things with the sweet thing. I bet Lavern would like to get to know her as well. That pretty white face was made for sitting on. I can hardly wait."

Peggy felt fear and disgrace at the thought of her darling daughter being used in such a vile and filthy manner and pleaded, "Please leave Ann out of this. I will do anything that you want but please spare my little girl."

Nancy became angry and shot back, "You fucking hypocrite. I walk in on my daughter eating your nasty cunt and now you tell me that your precious Ann is too good for us! I've got a news flash for you slut. Your girl is going to love eating my cunt and ass and you are going to cum while watching us. How dare you act so fucking high and mighty? You are a pig slut and nothing more than that. You are all excited about eating chocolate Candy and her friends and sucking and fucking monster black cocks. More than likely some sexy bitch is sitting on Ann's face in the dorm. Like mother like daughter and I am sure your little girl is going to thrill and delight at gobbling up my hot cunt. If I hear just one more word of protest out of your slut mouth I'm going to turn your daughter out to do tricks downtown. Then I'll make her clean out the cum from all the other freshly fucked whores. Now just to show that you understand your place I demand that you call me Mistress or Momma from now on."

The black woman smiled wickedly when Peggy submissively uttered, "Yes Mistress I understand and I am your slut and will do anything you say." Peggy felt humiliated and defeated but somehow felt a sense of relief knowing that she no longer would be making decisions. She felt strangely titillated as she pondered what it would be like now that her Big Black Momma was in charge.

The End
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