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Jasmine Daydreams

Posted on : 2012-01-28 09:01:22.455789

So, I sat there at my desk, typing away on my laptop because I realized I hadn't written a story in months. It was a new year already so it was evident, that even though College had begun again and I had my first class, I had no work due yet. So here I am. I stopped mid-type, if that's even possible and took in my surroundings. My room was small, I couldn't state exact figures because I wasn't a man and to me, that wasn't important; but I knew that even if I knew, I wouldn't know what that would mean. Not my area of expertise. I know, now I just sound dumb.

There was a door to the right of me, my desk facing the wall in the middle of the room. Behind me was my bed, where all the action went down with my lovely pink clit vibe. I would say it's sad but when I meet a man who can please me better than myself, I'll get rid of it. To my left was my closet- filled with useless lingerie, costumes and other accessories (like my whip and handcuffs) as I call them, which were not in current use. I know what you're thinking

"How when you have all that shit, you're not getting laid?"

Well I'm a collector, but before you say they don't have those in this day and age anymore, let me tell you they do. I'm living proof. At least this is better than my Laurell Hamilton book collection- her stories make me so wet sometimes I'm terrified. But at the same time I admire the way a woman can entice another woman through her words that way.

Which reminds me, I haven't introduced myself ... How silly of me... *insert giggle here*

Well, I am what you call "your worst nightmare"; just kidding ... they call me Jasmine... why? Well that's my name silly

Now fun and games aside, I was writing a story... my boyfriend of 5 months had just left me. I wouldn't call that a relationship, I mean the sex wasn't good but he was an excellent kisser....

"Can I kiss you," I said, staring at his lips while sitting cross legged on his bed, just the way he was sitting, our backs against the wall. 'Call of Duty' was on pause on his Xbox 360, because I'd grown tired of playing and even more tired of him just sitting there watching me lose over and over again. It was one thing to play a video game, but another thing to play a video game you suck at.

"Why would you even ask that?" he smiled, baring teeth. That smile would have me fall all over again for him. He leaned in and our lips touched. I could feel his breath on my lips, but he gave no hint that he was even going to move closer. So I traced my tongue above his top lip from right to left and continuing on his bottom from left to right. He parted his lips slightly to give me lee way but that was all. 'What a fucking tease' I thought. It doesn't take much to anger me but I felt I was the only one who wanted to make out here....

I knew I looked good, the only time I ever look especially good is when I have a boyfriend. 'Cause not only do I always want him to want me, but I want his friends to be jealous he has me.

I was on his bed in a jeans skirt... a mini jeans skirt that barely covered my ass. And to make things worse I was wearing a green thong underneath that matched my ultra tight low cut green shirt that read "looking for a fun guy"... I mean I could not only turn heads in this summer heat but I could cause car accidents. Now I did wear sneakers... converse to be exact. It just didn't feel right without them. Not that it took away from my sexiness or anything. My hair was now down to my breasts now, long and dark brown and REAL- I think I did pretty well for a black woman.

Frustrated, I grabbed the sides of his face with both my hands and brought my lips to his. Down we went, his head hitting the pillow hard and me mounting him, my knees on either side of his body. I didn't stop to see if he was okay before shoving my tongue into his mouth. I sucked him into me. Drowning in the sweet ecstasy of his mouth, as if I couldn't survive without his lips... his tongue... his saliva. I sucked on his lips, alternating, biting down at intervals as I whimpered my moans in his mouth. I could feel him rising below me and just for that stunt, I wanted to deny him. He reached his hands around to my back and practically rolled me over, pinning me below him as now he was on top.

Using his knees, he began to spread my legs apart. His breathing had quickened and the way he gazed down at me made me wet. He looked intoxicated, as if he had just had shots of patron or something and couldn't make it back to his car without help. His eyes lazily focused on my lips, for what seemed to be hours... but when I finally gave him a puzzled look as if to say "What the hell are you doing?" he nudged me where I was hot and wanting with his knee. I had totally forgotten that he was between my legs and I gasped, right before his lips locked with mine once more. His right hand had been in my hair, stroking it to the side of my face as he loved to do, then progressively his hand moved to my jaw line and he tried to use his thumb to pull my mouth open wider. I knew what he wanted, and as if it was time for pay back, I started to clench my body. I closed my legs together, entrapping his right knee between mine; and I closed my mouth shut as hard as I could...

"Eeeeep" this unknown sound came from me, when I realized that he realized that even though I tensed up, I was still exposed. That was when he bit my already erect nipple through my shirt as he nudged his knee farther up between my legs, tantalizing my clit. The shock and pleasure brought a sudden gasp from my mouth and he didn't waste an opportunity to lock lips with me again. Keeping his thumb on my chin to open my mouth wider, I fought with him, trying to wriggle free but he lowered his body weight on top of me, trapping my lower torso as his fingers now interlocked with mine. But since his hands were occupied I knew he was unable to pry my mouth open now.

Is it sad to say I was wrong? Sigh... how wrong I was. I got my mouth closed then he bit me. He bit my cheek, trailing down my jaw line and down my neck, leaving a hot trail of saliva as he went. My body was aching for him, oh how he could tease me so with just a kiss. His bites turned into sucks as he tried to drain the blood at my neck. Nibbling at first, slight pinching with his teeth before he lapped at my neck, as if it was a puddle of water and he a dog; then the sucking began, like a kid on a pacifier, but sexier. I felt him take up a chunk of my neck with his teeth and try to suck it in between his teeth.

"Ahhhhhhh!" I screamed, but not for long. His lips soon found mine once more and this time I gave him what he wanted. My tongue. He took my tongue into his mouth and sucked it as if it were a fricking Popsicle on a hot summer day. I moaned as I tried to get back what was right fully mine. Slowly, his hands began to release mine as he found new places to touch and explore. Now licking my lips and sucking on them, his hands moved down, trailing fingers along my neck, my collarbone, the mounds of my breasts. They weren't that big but they were a handful, and I couldn't hold back my moans as he pinched my nipple between his index and thumb, rolling it between and slightly tugging it. It drove me nuts and I now began to pant. I felt like I was losing oxygen, and before I thought there's no way my breathing could be worse than this...

"Oh Fuck!" I couldn't contain myself, not after his fingers had found that haven between my legs. He was just on the outside, wanting to come in; but considering the barrier from keeping him in was just a thin film of fabric, just didn't seem like much of an obstacle. Finding my clit through the wetness of my thong, he rubbed his thumb against it hard and fast, as if he was fucking me. I swear to God, if he kept doing that I would have cum and would have been as pleased as a kid with a new toy. But he didn't. He stopped.

I can't say I don't know why our relationship didn't last, but I can say I'm damn well glad it's over. I mean, he is a good kisser, that's probably the only thing I remember clearly from our relationship... obviously. But I just needed more.

I sat there staring at my laptop still mid-sentence and realized that I've been reminiscing and had written a damn thing. I hope my readers won't be pissed, but then I remembered, it's not like I have a blog/vlog/twitter/fan page where I can keep them updated. You either see the new story or you don't.

I thought back and it made more sense to believe the perfect guy didn't exist. How could he? It would be like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow... that shit just doesn't happen. But If I could find the perfect guy... it would be a combination of my now ex- who was a-fucking-mazing kisser and my ex fuck buddy- who had stamina like a stallion. Of course they could never meet... *insert wicked smile here*.... And they never did.

"I'm outside," John curtly snapped his flip phone shut as he pulled up in his U-Haul truck outside my college. It was kind of hard to miss but I didn't care. He was the only white guy I'd ever been with on and off for over a year; what can I say? He got mad skills... *licks lips*

I climbed up to the passenger seat because it was fricking high and I hadn't grown an inch taller from my 5 ft 2" height since like grade 7. He looked at me and gave me that lazy smile that said

"Hey baby," then he said it, as if he read my mind or maybe I just knew him too well.

"I bet you got your panties all wet thinking about me eating that sweet pussy of yours," he said as he pulled out into the intersection and headed down a side street.

If I could turn red, I would have, but since I couldn't, I merely avoided eye contact.

"Where are we going?" I ignored his statement mainly because he already knew the answer to that and secondly because I knew he sold his apartment and moved to another province.

"You'll see," he gave me that wicked smile that told me everything and nothing that I needed to know. Great. He had gotten the truck to take out the last of his leather sofa and mattress out of the public storage he had, which means they were in the U-haul. So we were going back to the public storage, even though he had his stuff already, then he drove past his unit and parked the truck with the rear end facing the fence. The fence faced a hill that went up to the highway. There was no way anyone was going to see us. And I couldn't see a single car from where I was, but I heard them zooming past.

It was about October, fall season to be exact and it wasn't exactly warm weather but it was warm enough to wear a sweater which is what I was in. I had on grey tights, ankle boots and a long blouse that barely covered my ass. How's that for warm?

John took the keys out of the truck and we went to the back where he opened up shop. The couch and mattress lay there in the truck as if it were a part of the décor. As he climbed up, he offered me his hand and I followed suit. We both sat there on the couch as he told me about his new Asian girlfriend, and I about my shitty boyfriend, who I was still with. *insert gasp here*

"Do you like her?"

"Yeah, but I like you a lot more," he smiled. That's why I liked John, no matter how many times we left each other and moved on, he would always come back to me. Or maybe it was the other way around.

"I want to put that sweet clit in my mouth Miss Jasmine," he started peeled my tights along with my panties to my knees. With my boots still intact, he pushed my legs up to meet my shoulders, and got down on bended knees before me. Any man, who proposed to me that way, would get a definite "yes". Looking up into my face between my legs, he watched me as he licked me in one slow stroke from my hole to my clit. He continued watching as I threw my head back and opened my mouth to let a moan escape. It had been so long since I felt his tongue on me like that and for a second I wished it wouldn't end.

Releasing my legs I used my hands to keep them up for him, as he shoved his finger inside me. I couldn't control the gasp that left my mouth as his tongue flicked over my little bud, pulling it between his teeth and licking it in its place then sucking on it hard and fast. He lapped me up as my juices reacted to his probing and prodding. His licking keeping up with the rhythm of his fingers going in and out of me; I could hear the squelching noises and feel the juices running down my asshole and he pulled his finger in and out of me.

The when I think it couldn't get any better, he used his hands to grab my cheeks to pull my lower body closer to the edge of the couch. That's when my panties started to fall back down, but he didn't stop. Now we were in such a position that it appeared that he simply pushed his head in through my panties- because they were keeping him glued to my fat cunt. Letting my legs go, I let them fall on his back and began to use my right hand to stroke my clit as he licked me... yeah I'm a right hander

"Oh baby, cum in my mouth" he muffled as he sucked on my pussy lips, tugging and pulling them between his teeth. I threw my head back and started screaming his name as I stroked my clit and he licked it at the same time. Totally doubling my pleasure meter over within seconds, my back began to arch and I tried to pull away. You can always know when I want to cum because I try to pull away, but John also knew this, and knowing that he held me down. Sucking me hard as he rubbed his lips from side to side across my clit

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" I started screaming as the pleasure wave washed over me. My legs started with little tremors at first, and then vigorous impulses began to run up my body as I tensed- almost suffocating him between my legs.

"Stop, stop, stop!" I was now breathless, but I was shaking so hard I couldn't find the strength to push or pull John from my pussy. I came over and over until I wasn't sure my body could take any more. An endless wave of pleasure, I couldn't even swallow. I had been gasping in so much of that cold air that my throat was too dry to swallow.

Looking up at me through my panties, he pulled his head out and stood up. I hadn't even noticed that his pants were already undone to his knees. I was so drunk with pleasure that when he pulled my boots and tights off, pushed my legs up to my shoulders and entered me, only then did I come back to earth.

I screamed my pleasure for it was intense after just Cumming; raking my nails into his back as he pounded my pussy with his hard cock. His hands on my legs, pinning them to my shoulders as he fucked the living day lights out of me- He was going so fast I thought he would cum way too soon. Pushing his chest back I got him to slow down before he eased out of my slick wetness. He stepped back and I got on my knees and elbows on his couch and raised my ass in the air. Inviting him to a more comfortable position, I buried my face in the couch to muffle a scream as he entered me.

Bending over me, he grabbed handfuls of my breasts, squeezing and taunting my nipples as he fucked my fat little pussy from behind. Biting on my lips, I helped him as I rammed myself onto his cock ramming into me.

"It feels so good..." I moaned but I was cut off as he pulled my hair back and stuck his fingers in my mouth. I licked his fingers up and down in slow wet strokes, and pushed my tongue between them on the way up to his nails, making small circles around the tips as I would have done with his dick. He shoved his fingers in deeper in my mouth, until I gagged and the drool ran down my chin and onto my breasts. He smeared some of my warm saliva onto my nipples before pushing my head back down into the couch and ramming his fingers in my ass.

"Oh John!" I gasped as he fingered my ass while fucking my pussy. At this rate I would cum again. I could feel him spit into my ass crack and use his thumb to hook into me. Not moving his fingers anymore but just holding on as he fucked me. He started to moan and thrust faster into me. I knew he was near whenever he fucked me like there's no tomorrow, so I helped.

I did what would finish the deal

"Oh John, I've been a bad girl, fuck me, fuck me," I licked my lips, "punish my little ass and pussy."

"Oh baby," he moaned as he pulled out of my pussy and shoved his dick right into my ass. Just in time too, I felt him milking his hot seed in my ass and it felt so good. He hammered me in three more times just to make sure he got all of it before he collapsed and pulled out of me.

"Oh baby, that was great," he smiled at me before reaching to stroke my clit. At first I gave him a puzzled look but when he grinned, I knew I would be getting off again before going back on campus.

Shit I did it again... old times sure are fun. Just then my cell phone rang

"Hello," I answered

"Oh you want to go drinking? Who's going and why should I?"

I sighed

"Four of us? Okay you owe me" I smiled as I hung up

So, one of my friends want to go drinking, it's a double date and he wants a chance to fuck me. But he has a girlfriend, so he figures if he gets her drunk then she won't have any control over what happens. I'm a bad drunk so I guess I'll be having a foursome tonight...

"Oh shit, I still haven't written my story," I sighed. I'll tell you about my night later, I gotta find something slutty to wear *insert giggle here*
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