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Bobby in the Bar Ch. 02

Posted on : 2012-01-28 09:11:05.412312

As soon as they got into the room Bobby was immediately pulled down onto Paul's lap as Paul sat down on a big bed in the center of the room. Nick was also pulled down onto the bed and Jake was pulled into a chair. Once again Paul's lips were on Bobby's and Bobby shivered as he felt Paul's big hands sneak up and under his teddy. When Paul's hands reached Bobby's nipples he gave them a little tweak before breaking the kiss to lift Bobby's teddy over his head. Paul unceremoniously tossed Bobby's teddy across the room, pushed Bobby down on the bed, and moved on top of him. With one hand he gently tweaked Bobby's nipple as he feasted on the other one with his mouth.

Bobby was beginning to get scared. Things were happening too quickly. He was doing things he never should have done. Never wanted to do. 18 year old Bobby never imagined he would go farther with a man than he ever had been with a woman. But oh he felt so good and his friends were doing it too.

"You have great tits," said Paul.

Bobby was confused. "But I'm a boy."

"These are no boy's tits." Paul continued to play with Bobby's nipples making them red, wet, and stiff. Bobby couldn't help but let out the occasional moan.

Suddenly the nipple play stopped and before Bobby realized what was happening his panties had been torn off and thrown across the room.

"Paul!" squeaked Bobby nervously. He was naked in a bed with another man. What was happening?

"Don't worry baby I'm just going to finger you. You liked when I fingered you before." Bobby tried to think of something to get out of it but he had liked being fingered before and Paul being so much bigger than him it wasn't like he could go anywhere without his consent. He would just let Paul finger him once more, cum, and then he would leave.

Once again Paul slipped a finger inside Bobby. "You're so tight and moist." Bobby blushed; he wished Paul wouldn't say those kinds of things to him but, oh, oh Paul's finger felt so good as it pushed deep inside him. Suddenly Bobby felt a small pang and a stretch as Paul slipped another finger in beside the first. Bobby let out a little moan of pain.

"Don't worry you'll get used to it before you know it. Plus thicker is always better for a little faggot like you."

"I'm not a faggot," said Bobby trying to push Paul off him, but it was like pushing against a brick wall.

Paul chuckled. "I'm sorry I called you a faggot baby." Bobby relaxed again. He might as well enjoy the sensations that were now once again becoming pleasurable since it seemed like he wasn't going anywhere.

Paul continued to plunge his fingers into Bobby as Bobby panted in pleasure. "You like that sweetie?" Bobby blushed but had to admit he did indeed like it.

"You'll like this even better than." Paul began scissoring his fingers before slipping in a third.

"Too much! Please stop."

"No baby I have to stretch you. Get you wet. Make you ready."

"Ready for what?"

"For fucking." Bobby began struggling harder than he ever struggled before but Paul didn't move an inch.

"No...please no. I don't want to be fucked."

Paul laughed. "Yeah right. You let a man buy you drinks all night long, flirt with him, go up with him to his room, let him lubricate and stretch you, but no you don't want him to fuck you."

"I don't. I'm sorry if I led you on. Please I'm not gay."

"You were in a gay bar."

"I just wanted to drink. I'm not gay. Please."

Paul stopped his fingering but only to take out his large erection. Bobby looked down at it; it was long, thick, and black with a large head shinny from pre-cum. Paul rubbed his cockhead along Bobby's small erection. Bobby couldn't prevent his penis jerking in excitement from the sensation. "See Bobby this is a man's dick. You only have a little faggot's dick, you will never pleasure someone with your little cock, but you are lucky you have a sweet ass that can pleasure a cock and I have a big fuckstick that can pleasure you." Paul began to gently rub his penis on Bobby's hole.

Bobby began to cry. "Please. Please no. I'm a virgin. I'm only 18."

"You don't think I know that sweetheart. Of course I do. I wouldn't spend so much time or money on all those drinks if you weren't something special, a young sexy little virgin for me to fuck. Now stop those tears it's going to happen. You're about to lose you're little cherry to me. You should be excited you will no longer be a virgin."

"Please no. I don't want to lose my virginity to you. I want to lose it to a girl." Bobby could feel Paul's cock rubbing at his hole it was so big, so thick.

"Well baby that's not going to happen. You're going to be fucked; I'm going to take your virginity, your ass, and you're manhood. Make you a faggot. You can never be a real man once you know what it feels like to take a cock in your ass. Now just relax it's going to happen. It will hurt; it always hurts when a cherry's busted but don't you worry you are going to love it too."

Bobby screamed as Paul plowed his cock into his ass. With one good shove it slipped past his sphincter.

"Oh no, I have cock in me!" Bobby cried out.

"Oh baby, you're so tight."

It hurt so much. Paul continued to push into Bobby. In-out in-out a few times and soon Bobby had taken Paul's cock to the root. Tears poured from Bobby's eyes.

"Shhh. Shhh. Stop your tears it's over. You are no longer a virgin. No more fighting, now there's nothing left to do but to just lay back and love it."

The only consolidation, which was a small one at best, was Bobby knew he wouldn't love it. It hurt. Hurt too much to ever feel good. Paul rested his cock inside Bobby for a few moments and then began to slowly pull his cock in and out of Bobby. It started to hurt less and Bobby appreciated the relief from the pain.

Then suddenly a moan erupted from Bobby's lips; the pleasure was so intense that Bobby couldn't stop himself. Paul's cock had hit that thing inside him that felt so good when his finger touched it but it was so much better with a cock.

"I told you you would love it," Paul said to Bobby. "I'm the cockmaster," he then yelled over to Jerome.

"Just because yours is a bigger cock slut than mine doesn't mean your any better of a fucker."

Jerome's voice pulled Bobby out of the bit of stupor he had been in. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Jerome fucking Nick. Nick didn't seem to be enjoying it at all. Bobby felt himself crying again his face turning oh so red. He was being fucked by a man and he liked it. Nick knew he liked it. Jerome said he was a cock slut. What was wrong with him? How could he like being raped by a man?

Bobby couldn't help it he moaned again. "I told you you would love it baby," Paul said, "I didn't take more than 30 seconds of my big dick in your ass to make you a little cock loving faggot."

"No?oooh, oh god," moaned Bobby loving the sensations but hating Paul's words.

"Look down sweetie." Bobby did. He could see his cock rock hard his hips fucking back on a giant cock that looked so black between his milky white thighs.

Bobby moaned in shame and pleasure. The shame seeming to lead to pleasure and the pleasure seeming to lead to shame all so mixed up in poor Bobby's head.

"Fuck me. Oh god! Oooh, oh god! I'm a slut! God! Oh!" Bobby realized he was shouting something out aloud but he was too caught up in pleasure to catch his own words.

"Oh baby you feel so good!"

Paul's cock was so long and thick and hard in Bobby. He was so stretched. He could feel the brush of Jerome's hair on his sensitive hole, Paul's big muscular body overlaying his own. All these sensations added to the pleasure of Paul's cock thrusting in his ass.

"Fuck. Oh fuck. Yes. Just there. Oh!"

"You're going to come soon, all over yourself little Bobby. It will prove you are a faggot and loved to be fucked."

"Oh no."

"If you don't love being fucked all you have to do is not come."

"Ohh! Ok."

Bobby tried he really did but with all the wonderful sensations he couldn't stop himself. Two more thrusts and Bobby was cumming. Spewing all over his and Paul's stomach.

"You came! I knew you loved it."

"Oh, no." Bobby's coming had made his ass clench deliciously onto Paul's cock and soon he was shooting his own release deep into Bobby.

"Don't come in me!"

"Take it all faggot!"

"Oh you're coming in me!"

The feel of a man coming in Bobby was so dirty he couldn't help it he felt his cock start spewing again.


Don't worry readers there's more to come.
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Poor Simon Ch. 05

Posted on : 2012-01-28 13:06:36.77145

*Hello and welcome to the newest chapter of Poor Simon!

The following piece has gay BDSM, serious Master/slave dynamics, emotional turmoil, and an actual plot, so if any of those scare you or turn you off, then scram.

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Eros Ch. 05

Posted on : 2012-01-28 15:24:11.798204

Chapter Five: Intermission

Everything turned black, as it always did in the dreams. Jack found himself seated on a throne of gold, a scepter in hand. A large, flowery crown was perched atop his head, gleaming in the non-light. A ...
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Bitsy's Inhuman Submission Ch. 05

Posted on : 2012-01-28 14:28:18.594263

Bitsy sat, ruminating over her fate, in the rapidly cooling water of her deep bath. The king?Stuart?Tristan?Master, she corrected her mental voice, had graciously allowed her the freedom of her bath. The tropical humidity that characterized the lushn ...
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The Equalizer

Posted on : 2012-01-26 15:51:27.767838

This is a story of a very generous, but small dicked man and how he repaid his cheating wife back. Although he had truly loved his wife throughout their 5 years of marriage, it still ended in disaster. There was really nothing, or so he thought at fi ...
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Star Wars: A Royal Introduction

Posted on : 2012-01-26 13:19:53.026615

(Disclaimer: This story is a work of fantasy for free entertainment. Star Wars is the property of Lucasfilm Ltd. Please DO NOT repost without the author's permission. *Versé is based on Megan Fox*)

Star Wars: Versé - A Royal Introduction

"Is that her?" the younger of the brown-haired duo asked, pretty face obscured by a thick cowl made of the finest shimmersilk. "It looks like her."

The one beside her--a few years older though of the same medium height and slender build--nodded her head but retrieved a holo from within her robe just to be sure, a flickering image of a beautiful woman of eighteen shimmering to life above her outstretched palm.

"That's definitely her," she confirmed, noting how seemingly every woman from the seaside city of Moenia looked as if she had just stepped off a Hapan runway. "Remind me to buy a home here when I retire."

The younger woman smirked, glancing at the half-naked beauties strutting down the sidewalks, their clothes designer but their faces screaming prostitute. "Tell me about it. I can already feel my credits melting away."

"Come on," the older woman said. "Before she gets hired out."

They pulled their robes tight around them as they hurried across the street, distinguishing them from the bevy of sex workers and rich lesbian customers crowding the city at midday. Their target, another woman of medium height but with much darker hair and bright blue eyes, saw them coming almost immediately and sensually licked her lips in preparation. No doubt she believed they were wealthy Theed customers come to sample the charms of Naboo's countryside, her nipples growing hard beneath her sheer mini-dress at the prospect of whoring herself out--and before either of them could so much as speak she stepped forward and grabbed the older woman by the waist, pulling her close before kissing her deep on the mouth, their tongues meeting halfway while they melted into each other's warm embrace.

The younger woman gasped as she watched, not so much at the act but at the unexpectedness of it. She went wide-eyed when the girl suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the huddle, moaning while the seductive young Moenian traded kisses with them both.

Several beats later, her lipstick smeared across her cheek, the whore fluttered her long eyelashes and eased away from their dual embrace, smiling shyly while she looked beneath their cowls and made intense eye contact.

"My name is Versé," she said, her accent thick as if she had only recently learned Basic. "I'm a little more expensive than the other girls, but definitely worth the price."

She reached up and caressed the younger woman's face.

"You can have me for the day or for the week. For you ladies, I won't even charge extra."

"How about forever?" the older woman asked.

She threw back her cowl, revealing a mature face with a distinct aquiline nose. Her partner did the same, revealing a woman in her early twenties with a firm jaw and a slender neck just begging to be kissed.

"I'm Saché," the older one explained. "And this is Sabé. We work for Senator Padmé Amidala--"

"Yes," Versé gasped. "I know who you are!"

She fell to one knee in front of the ladies, fully prepared to kiss their boots before Sabé grabbed her under the arms and pulled her back up.

"Please, we are servants of the palace. You need not kneel before us."

Versé nodded quickly, blushing at her brashness. "Yes, of course. I apologize."

?She glanced around, noticing how all the working girls were watching them before leaning in and lowering her voice.

"Is the Senator all right? Does she require my assistance?"

Saché reached into her robe. "As a matter of fact, she does."

She placed a credit chit in the teenager's hand, closing her soft hand around it.

"That's more money than you make in a year," she explained. "It's yours, no strings attached."

Versé's eyes went wide and remained that way, the teenager hefting the chit for several seconds.

"But why?" she asked. "You don't even know me."

"Dormé does, and she can't stop singing your praises."


Sabé winked, then pulled up her cowl and kissed at the air. Saché followed her example, and together they turned and left the way they came.

Versé watched them go, stunned by their beauty, by the credits, and by the revelation that her old friend had made it big.

"Dormé," the teenager whispered, turning the chit in her fingers while a grin slowly broke across her face.


Moenia was a city of sex. Located by the sea--mere leagues from Theed but seemingly untouched by Coruscant's laws--it was known galaxy wide for the beauty of its women, many of whom were said to rival even the Hapans in looks but with the added bonus of having almost no sexual taboos, their chosen deity The Goddess of Safety renowned for her immorality. Princess Veruna's mother had been a whore in Moenia, passing on her talents to a daughter who'd starred in a series of holoporns while her father was on the throne, and the up and coming sex queen Varina Kadaara was rumored to be from there as well, her name that of an ancient royal who shunned men for Gungans and packs of kaadu that serviced her long into her reign.

There were countless others, some not so famous, but always there was an unspoken fact: Moenia produced quality whores.

Which explained why Versé found herself on all fours in the middle of an ornate palace room, surrounded by several young women like herself who watched on in silence while she gasped for air and shook with lingering pain.

"Bitch!" Sabé grunted, grabbing her by the hair and pulling her to her knees. "Look at me when I'm talking to you!"

She spit in her face, blinding Versé in one eye, then backhanded her with all of her strength, the teenager's head snapping to one side as a heavy groan escaped her pouty lips.

She hit her again, and again, then threw her down on the ground and walked away, her long robe billowing around her.

The teenager looked up, catching Dormé's eye and reaching out to her. Her friend of several years merely looked away however, and before Versé could ask why, Saché came over and kicked her in the stomach.

"You think this is abuse?" the older woman said, her kind face filled with hate. "Huh, you dumb Moenian cunt? You think this is abuse?"

She rolled Versé over onto her back, then dropped down on her chest and pinned her to the ebonite floor.

"If you think this is abuse, bitch, then just wait until they rape you on the Senate floor, millions of beings watching while you take a big alien cock up your tight little ass."

She slapped her across the face, not quite as hard as Sabé, but with enough force to make Versé's blue eyes water.

"You still want to be a handmaiden?" she said, leaning over and gathering up the spit of a dozen women on her fingers before offering it to the prone woman who didn't hesitate to suck it down.

Versé nodded. She wasn't enamored of all the abuse, but it wasn't anything she hadn't endured back home. And besides, this was a mere hazing. It would end eventually, when the other women finally accepted her as one of them.

?If she were in their boots, she would have done the same thing.

"Prove it," Saché purred, growing just a little softer while she pulled open her robe and lifted her gown. "Suck my dick."

And what a dick it was, Versé's colorful eyes going wide when she saw the Gungan-inspired phallus hanging between her superior's firm legs, the fist-sized head throbbing like the real thing and leaking thick globs of pre-cum all over her chest and neck. Thirty-one centimeters long, wider than her forearm, Versé found her head spinning and her body coming to life as she admired it, barely even noticing when another girl came over and spit in her open mouth.

Saché didn't give her long to prepare herself, taking her by the hair and lifting her head off the floor while she shoved her hips forward and buried a good quarter of her length in her mouth, the teenager almost gagging as the fat head pushed against the back of her throat. Saché held her there, refusing to back off until Versé took control and began to suck, slurping loudly on the Gungan head and slithering her tongue along the bumpy underside, moaning at the taste and feel of a real alien penis.

"Yeah!" Cordé cheered from the sidelines, yet another Moenian girl who made sweet love to her by night and abused her by day. "Fuck that pretty face, Sach!"

That brought a chorus of agreement from the other women, and even sweet Dormé couldn't help smiling, leaning over to share a crude joke with the girl beside her, Jamilia's handmaidens having joined the audience that morning.

Saché took the junior woman's comment to heart, leaning over and placing her hands on the floor before rolling her hips and rocking the huge penis in and out of Versé's mouth, more and more slipping into the girl's throat with every push.

Versé turned a dark red as her air was suddenly cut off, tugging at her lover's robes while she struggled to deepthroat her amazing cock. It wasn't the first time she had taken something so big, but on her back it was proving nearly impossible to get any oxygen, something the others could see but refused to care about. Likely they had endured similar treatment when they were hazed into the intimate circle of Padmé's women.

"Gods this cunt can suck dick," Saché groaned, shaking her head from side to side. "Dormé, where have you been hiding her?"

She fell forward and pressed her forehead to the floor, soft brown hair hiding her features while she humped Versé's face and throat, the only sound for the longest time their shared moans and the squish of a teenager's tight passageway being steadily stretched to the breaking point.

Versé ran her hands over Saché's bare legs and ass, caressing her soft skin and dragging her nails over the delicate surface while she kicked her feet and writhed beneath her, her own dress riding up high enough to tempt the other girls. Only Eirtaé was brave enough to come over and take a peek, golden flesh like a magnet to the spoiled older woman who leaned in and inhaled the teenager's musky feminine scent before kissing her warm inner thighs.

Now there were many moans, Eirtaé wincing while she feasted on the new girl's sticky mess, her nose buried in dark curls while she lapped at Versé's gooey pink center. The teenager whimpered and bucked her hips against the blonde's face, every lick causing her to inhale the massive Gungan cock that much deeper.

It was a situation not fated to last for very long.

Saché reared back, putting all of her weight on Versé's chest before yanking her cock from the teenager's throat. Thick saliva coated the bumpy surface and dripped from the head while she took aim at the girl's pretty face and stroked it with both hands. There was a brief pause, filled with Saché's cries, and then suddenly it was over.

Versé moaned like a whore as hot Gungan spunk poured into her mouth and splattered against her face, her dark hair turning a disgusting off-white as thick seed gushed out of the penis like water from a fire brigade hose and she was forced to swallow millions of little Gungans, with twice as many more coating her nubile upper body.

Cordé and Dormé drifted together, unable to take their eyes off the drama at the center of the room and holding each other close while their fellow Moenian was treated like a piece of meat. They seemed concerned, knowing how kind and thoughtful she was, but also glad that the cheap little slut was getting what she deserved, the mind of a Moenian often switching from good to bad at a moment's notice.

Saché shuddered when her cock emptied out, gasping one last time before rolling off the soaked teenager and collapsing on her back. A fellow handmaiden hurried over to help her to her feet, carrying her back into the circle where the others slapped her sensitive cock and kissed her in congratulations.

Versé moaned pathetically, Eirtaé still eating her out, and coughed up thick globs of Gungan spunk. She felt as if she had just downed a gallon of blue milk and an entire Bothan love cake, her belly hard to the touch and her throat sore and gaping. Semen trickled from her nose and gurgled in her lungs, yet she couldn't stop smiling, and not just because Eirtaé was rimming her like a woman with a blaster to her head.

One of the girls seemed to notice. "Come on, Eir, you can eat that trash out anytime. Fuck her!"

The others joined in, egging on the blonde whose green eyes lit up while she contemplated the matter. Versé groaned--lying in a puddle of semen, her hair pasted to the floor, her dress clinging to her soaked torso--and reached out a hand when Dormé came over and knelt at her side. But instead of helping her the older woman merely took a quick kiss, moaning at the taste of Gungan seed while grabbing the hem of Versé's dress and peeling it off over her head, revealing to the others a nicely toned body, firm breasts, and rounded hips that made mouths across the room water.

"You're almost done," Dormé whispered. "Hang in there, princess."

She spit in Versé's mouth, slapped her breasts a few times, then stood up and carried away her dress, sucking semen out of the wet material before passing it to the others.

Versé grinned for the first time, feeling as light as air knowing that her friends still had her back.

"Yeah!" she spat, lifting her head to look Eirtaé in the eye. "Come on you twat, fuck me!"

"Ooh," Yané laughed. "She's calling you out."

Eirtaé glared at her rumored girlfriend before pushing away from Versé's pussy and coming to her knees. She tore open her robe and quickly pulled off the dress underneath, leaving her nude except for her boots and a familiar Gungan penis hanging between her strong thighs.

She stretched out over Versé and kissed her hard while she lined up her cock, entering the girl with one hard shove and burying the monster somewhere inside her womb. Versé cried out, her screams muffled, and kicked her feet in earnest. Eirtaé didn't care, pinning her hands to the floor and lapping cum from around her mouth before drawing back and slamming inside.

Versé stared at the ceiling and whimpered pathetically while Eirtaé fucked her, curling her toes and gasping for breath while she took her most brutal sex in years, the blonde pounding her with every last ounce of strength while the others urged them on. Her breasts jiggled wildly from the exertions, drawing Eirtaé to lick her sun kissed mounds and chew her hard pink nipples.

Slipping back and forth through a sticky puddle of semen, Versé looked up at the other girls, their faces a blur as she was violently ridden. They were all so beautiful, so perfect, like a collection of goddesses, and she was one of them now. Or at least would be when this day was over.

That warmed her heart. Warmed it almost as much as the Gungan cock warming her pussy.

"Eirtaé!" she cried, throwing her long legs around the blonde and hugging her tight while a climax ignited between her thighs. "Eirtaé! Oh gods Eirtaé, I love you!"

She didn't really, of course, but when she was coming there was no controlling her mouth, something that didn't seem to bother the hot blonde, Eirtaé giving her a deep kiss while she drove herself into her again and again.

"Agh agh!" the blonde grunted, Versé's quivering pussy squeezing down on her cock like a fist. "Huhh, huhh!"

She pushed off, coming to her knees and grabbing the teenager by the hips, holding her lower body in the air while she stabbed her soaked pussy. Her face was an angry grimace, her naked body glistening from head to foot, and she wasn't finished yet, digging her nails into the teenage slut's flesh while she bounced her fake scrotum off her tight ass.

"Here it comes!" Eirtaé whimpered. "I'm coming, baby! I'm coming inside you!"

And she did just that, her buttocks clenching and unclenching, her breasts jiggling as she did a full body shudder and her cock poured gooey semen into the wailing teenager.

Versé threw her head from side to side, feet in the air while she rocked back and forth on her lover's cock and a fresh load poured from her body to splatter on the floor underneath.

Eirtaé went very still--eyes shut, lips trembling--and then slowly smiled before looking down at the teenager. She gave the girl's clitoris a hard thumbing, giggling when Versé silently begged for mercy, them dismissively pushed her off her cock before coming to her feet. Unlike Saché, she managed to make it back to the circle without collapsing, giving Dormé a contemptuous glance and shoving her aside with her shoulder.

Versé groaned at that, wondering what was going on between the two as she tried to roll over on her side. Cordé was there, sweet and perfect Cordé, but instead of helping, the oldest of the Moenian trio yanked her by the hair and forced her over onto all fours, where she gave her ass several hard slaps that turned the teenager's golden flesh a bright red.

"I thought it was over," Versé gasped, looking to Dormé who was in the process of removing her own clothes. "You said--"

"So I lied," the sultry former whore said, a massive penis dangling from straps around her hips. "Now shut up and do your job, slut."

She dropped to her knees in front of Versé and shoved her cock into the teenager's mouth. Versé groaned and immediately went to work, bobbing her head and sucking hard on her old friend's womanhood.

At the same time Cordé knelt behind her and shoved another Gungan cock into her aching pussy, the large phallus sloshing around in Eirtaé's cum while she fucked her.

The other women moved closer, pulling off their robes and removing their simple handmaiden dresses, feet sticking to the cum-painted floor while they stroked their matching faux erections and anticipated fucking the blue-eyed piece of ass for themselves.

Dormé looked down, smiling warmly as she caressed her friend's pretty face. "I had a feeling you would like it here."

Versé, her response muffled by a large cock, couldn't have agreed more.
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