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Servitude and Sluttiness Ch. 03

Posted on : 2012-01-26 13:43:07.736051

Sarah slept fitfully. Her body was almost unbearably aroused by the stimulation belt. Desperate for relief, she had broken down and rubbed her clitoris, trying for an orgasm. Her frustrated moans and thrashing had woken several of the other slave women. Becca had laughed. "You don't get it, yet, do you? None of us can come unless the mistress is touching us, you dumb slut."

Then Revka had renewed the application of the warming ki-on extract to Sarah's clit. "I don't appreciate having my sleep disturbed," she said, as Sarah gasped and moaned hoarsely.

Morning exercises were torture as the strap rode over her aching, hardened clit. By the time Sarah was sent to Lady Miriam's chambers to lay out her clothes, her legs were so unsteady she could barely walk.

Lady Miriam ignored Sarah as the slave laid out clothes for the day and put away Lady Miriam's nightclothes. She watched out of the corner of her eye as the slave staggered around the room, hips rolling involuntarily against the tormenting strap, ass clenching with each wave of pleasure.

After only a few minutes, Sarah broke down. She knelt before Lady Miriam. "Please, mistress," she said, tears running down her cheeks.

Lady Miriam pretended ignorance. "Please, what?"

"Please, I need to come. Please let me come." Sarah felt shame wash over her as she begged.

"Oh, I don't know," said Lady Miriam. She brushed the kneeling girl's swollen clit with a toe. Sarah's body jerked violently. "Do you recall what you were being punished for?"

Sarah looked at the floor, her hair falling to hide her face. "Yes, mistress," she whispered.

"Look at me and tell me what you did to deserve being punished."

Sarah blushed as she looked up. "I said no."

"You said no to what?"

"To being f-fucked with your cock, mistress."

"So, and now you want me to let you come," said Lady Miriam. "Tell me you want it."

"Please don't make me say it," Sarah said.

"Say it. Beg me."

"Please, I, I want your cock," Sarah said brokenly.

"Where do you want my cock, slave?"

"In my cunt, mistress. I want you to put your cock in my cunt and make me come. Please." Tears of humiliation ran down Sarah's cheeks, but the need between her legs was undeniable.

"Good, you're turning into a good little slutslave," Lady Miriam said. She freed Sarah from the stimulation belt, admiring how red and wet the slave's sex was. She strapped the large cock into a harness, with the base pressing against her own clit.

Laying the girl back on the bed, Lady Miriam pulled Sarah's legs around her waist and poised the head of the cock at her entrance. Sarah felt even more wetness flow out of her as the thick head nudged her entrance. Lady Miriam pressed the cock into her slave. It was bigger than anything Sarah had even taken inside her, and she could feel herself stretching to accommodate it. Lady Miriam withdrew a little, then pushed deeper. Sarah grunted. The stretching was pulling at her clit deliciously. Again, Lady Miriam pulled back a little. Then, she thrust forward, impaling Sarah on the cock. Sarah let out a deep moan, her fingers digging into Lady Miriam's back as her mistress violated her.

Lady Miriam took her hard, using her for the pleasure of the cock against her own aroused clitoris. Sarah's cunt sucked and grasped at the invading cock, eagerly welcoming the hard length pounding into her. Her muscles tensed, and she could feel her orgasm building. "Oh, please, oh please," she panted.

"Come for me, slave," Lady Miriam said, and Sarah did. It was even more intense than the orgasm Lady Miriam had forced from her in the chair. Wave after wave of pleasure wracked her body. Her cunt clamped hard around the fake cock inside her.

Lady Miriam continued to fuck her even after Sarah collapsed under her. She raped the girl's weakly stirring body until she reached her own orgasm, thrusting the hard cock into Sarah's uncomfortably sensitive tissues.

When Lady Miriam withdrew, her cock was glistening with Sarah's juices. She pinched Sarah's nipple, hard, until the slave roused from her lassitude. "You got my cock all dirty with your sluttiness," she said. "Clean it with your mouth." Lying back, she watched in amusement as Sarah struggled to fit the big cock in her mouth. Sarah had never sucked a cock before. The action made her feel even more degraded than being fucked; tears ran down her cheeks. She tasted her own juices for the first time on Lady Miriam's cock. She dropped her jaw, trying not to gag, as her mistress thrust slowly into her mouth. She made involuntary choking noises as the cock hit the back of her throat; this seemed only to please Lady Miriam more. "Use your tongue, slave, and do a thorough job," Lady Miriam said. Sarah did her best. Her jaw and tongue were aching when Lady Miriam finally released her.

"Now, now," Lady Miriam said solicitously to the weeping, exhausted slave. "Look on the bright side. You've only got one orifice left for me to violate for the first time. After that, I'll have claimed your whole body, and you won't have anything left to worry about preserving from defilement."


"No," Revka said. "Suck it in and flick your tongue over the tip." By way of demonstration, she flicked a finger rapidly over the head of Sarah's clit, watching Sarah's hips squirm in response. Sarah was on all fours with her head buried between Becca's legs. Becca was panting and whimpering as her cunt was used as a teaching aid.

"Do you feel that tightness in her ass and thighs?" Revka asked.

Sarah's mumbled assent buzzed against Becca's clit.

"Normally, that would mean she's about to come. Speed up."

Becca's hips were thrusting her hot, swollen cunt against Sarah's face. Her pussy muscles pulsed hungrily. As Sarah continued to torment her clit, Becca forgot herself enough to beg. "Please..." It escaped through gritted teeth.

Sarah found herself enjoying Becca's response. For once, she was not the one degrading herself by begging for pleasure.

"Please, I need to come," Becca's fingers twisted in Sarah's hair. Her voice was distorted, almost unrecognizable.

"Of course, she won't be able to come without Lady Miriam, however desperately she wants to." Revka pried Sarah free of Becca's grip and lifted her to her feet. Sarah's face was slick with Becca's arousal. Becca moaned in protest, writhing on the floor for several minutes before her body resigned itself to frustration.

"You both stink of sex," Revka said. "Go clean up. The lesson's done for the day. Tomorrow, Sarah, I'll teach you to take a cock all the way down your throat."

On her way back from the bath, Sarah encountered Becca in the hallway. "This is your fault, Sarah," Becca hissed angrily. "When Lady Miriam got rid of Ruth, I was going to be her main body slave. Then she saw you in the market."

"I didn't want to be sold and raped," Sarah said.

"Oh, but you enjoy it now," Becca said. "You're her favorite. She uses you all the time, and meanwhile she hasn't let me come in weeks." Seizing Sarah's arms, she pushed her back against the wall of the corridor. Sarah's head bumped painfully on the hard stone.

Becca pinned Sarah's arms to the wall and thrust her thigh roughly between Sarah's legs. Becca's leanly muscled thigh felt good against Sarah's clit; she found herself rocking her hips.

"Did you like feeling me moving under you?" Becca demanded. "Did you like making me beg?" Becca grasped Sarah's throat with one hand and forced the other into her crotch. Sarah whimpered at the touch. She could feel wetness coating Becca's fingers.

"Let's see how you like being the one left aching to come, and knowing you can't" Becca smiled triumphantly as she stood back, leaving Sarah leaning weakly against the wall.


Sarah's clit was pounding with pressure at every heartbeat. She tried to ignore it as she brushed and folded Lady Miriam's clothing, but every step she took sent shivers of intrusive pleasure through her pussy.

Becca and some of the other girls, jealous of Sarah's position, had taken to tormenting her at every opportunity. Her nipples were twisted whenever she went to the laundry. Now they were permanently hard and rubbed against the her chemise with every breath. Hands stroked her clitoris when she was asleep, so that she woke to a raging need and Becca's mocking eyes. Just this morning, she was cornered and fingerfucked in the stairwell. The constant arousal was wearing on her, a neverending reminder that she was an enslaved slut.

Lady Miriam came in as Sarah was getting out the saddlesoap to clean the strapon harnesses. "Why are you walking wih your legs so far apart?" Lady Miriam asked.

"It's nothing, mistress," Sarah said quickly.

"Tell me."

"It's just some of the other girls. They like to-- tease me. They think it's funny to get me hot."

Lady Miriam smiled. "Do they? Show me."

Sarah could feel heat in her cheeks as she lifted her skirt. She knew her lips were swollen, and that her engorged clitoris was peeking out from between them.

"Put your foot on that stool and open yourself so I can see." Lady Miriam studied the glistening pink of Sarah's pussy. Sarah was praying silently for her to touch it. Perhaps this was her chance to finally come.

"Tell me what they did."

"Becca and Esther caught me in the stairwell. Esther held me while Becca raped me with her fingers." Sarah's cunt had slurped eagerly at Becca's fingers, even as Sarah cried and protested.

"How many fingers did she use?"

"Three." Wetness was trickling out of Sarah at the memory. She was quickly losing hope that Lady Miriam would punish the other girls for tormenting her. Lady Miriam seemed to be enjoying hearing about what had been done to her.

"Show me exactly what she did."

Sarah sank three of her fingers deep into her cunt with a moan.

"She just put them inside like that with no preparation?" Lady Miriam asked. "You must have been very wet already."

"Yes, Lady Miriam," Sarah whispered.

"Fuck yourself on your fingers. No, don't close your eyes. Look at me."

Sarah complied, hips jerking as her fingers pressed into her wet cunt. "Please, Lady Miriam. They've been teasing me for days. Please touch me and let me come."

Lady Miriam watched Sarah plunging her fingers into herself. "You are so sweet when you beg."

Sarah's cunt was making wet noises. She moaned.

"No," Lady Miriam said. "I decide when you can have your release, and I think it's more amusing to leave you hungry this time. You may fuck yourself for me as long as you like, and there's no need to stop that pretty begging. But you're not going to come."

It took several minutes for Sarah to get herself back under enough control to stop fingerfucking herself. When she finally withdrew her fingers, she bit her lip, panting and sweating. Her cunt clenched repeatedly, protesting its emptiness.

Lady Miriam watched avidly. "That should encourage humility," she said. "Now, take that basket of clothes down to the washerwomen."

Sarah did as she was told. Becca was waiting for her in the laundry room.
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