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A Quickie at the Movies

Posted on : 2012-01-28 09:37:43.870822

I do not usually post my sexual escapades or even talk about them all that, but the following story was impossible to pass up telling. My girlfriend, now wife, at the time of this story was a Japanese exchange student living in Korea. I was just getting out of the Army and had nothing but time on my hands until I started a new job as a civilian in Korea. Our usually weekly activity was going out and either watching a movie or sightseeing. This particular day was overcast and we decided to see a movie (best choice ever, as you will soon find out). Although it was years ago the details are still burned into my mind. I would like to tell it from my perspective; please bear with me as this is my first of (hopefully) many posts. Names and some locations have been changed, all participants are over 18.


"Hey, Fumiko. You busy today? I got the rest of the day off and I'm bored as hell," I said into my phone. I had just gotten back from an early daytime flight and as with most pilots and crewmembers in the Army; I had the next twenty four hours designated as flight recovery time.

"Not really, I just finished my homework. Can I come down to see you?" Fumiko said.

"Please, I'll pick you up at the train station at two?" I said.

"Sounds good, I'll eat something before I come down. It might rain so bring your umbrella."

"Right, I'll see you soon," I said and hung up. Fumiko and I had been dating for the past year. She was a great woman and we hit it off right away. I remembered the first time I met her at a student apartment complex up in Seoul, South Korea. I was staying in the same building for a month of Korean language training at a local university and she was in her first year of same said university. I offered her a donut and she took it, (not very clever but it turned out for the best).

I ran through my room and changed out of my uniform. I still lived in the barracks at the time but was due to move out into my own housing off base next month. I took a quick shower and put on some shorts and my favorite black button down John Henry shirt. I still had quite a bit of time before I met her at the station so I sat down and turned on a movie. I mulled over whether or not to rub out a quick one before meeting her but decided against it. Our dates usually ended in sex anyways and she liked it when I came on her tits. So I saved it up and settled for watching a few comedy shows before heading out.

I got a text from her that she was going to be there in a few minutes so I went out and caught a bus to the train station near our base. I had to wait a while so I made a stop in the nearby seven eleven to buy some drinks and condoms which I slipped into my bag.

Fumiko showed up just a little bit later and I gave her a quick hug and peck on the forehead before starting to go outside.

Fumiko is short, more than a foot shorter than me. My last girlfriend was nearly as tall as me so it was weird getting used to it at first but the more we were together the more I liked it. It also helped that she was drop dead gorgeous and had tits like a movie star. She was not gorgeous because of how she dressed or did her makeup, but she had a fresh sort of beauty that seemed to emanate from every crease and corner of her face and body. Her eyes were always cheery and bright and she had the enthusiasm of a rabbit on crack most of the time.

"Hey babe, what you want to do?" I said.

"Well, I really wanted to go to the park today. Is it raining?"

"It looked a bit overcast earlier but it might hold, shall we go?" I said.

She took my hand and we walked down the stair and onto the side walk. We started to walk towards the park when we felt the first raindrops hit our heads.

"Did you bring your umbrella?" Fumiko asked.

"Ah, I knew I forgot something. Where's yours?" I said.

She pulled out a small collapsible one from her purse and opened it just as the sky let loose. The umbrella was insufficient for two people and I let her have the umbrella. I was soon soaked by a monsoonal deluge. She stuck her tongue out at me and laughed.

It was summer time so it was hot outside and the water just made me feel like I was swimming in a swamp. I saw a movie theatre that we sometimes went to pointed it out.

"I think the park might not be a good idea today, want to see a movie?" I said.

"I guess, I wish you would have brought an umbrella, you look wet," she said.

"How nice of you to notice," I said and wrapped her up in a hug. She giggled and pushed me aside.

I opened the door to the movie theatre and was greeted with a blast of cold air that set my teeth to chattering and made my nipples want to poke out of my shirt.

We looked at the movie selection on the wall and didn't see much that we liked. It was still early afternoon and there were no other customers in the building at all. The guy manning the ticket booth looked up at us for a bit then went back to watching his small TV in the corner.

Although Fumiko and I can speak Korean we did not want to see a Korea film; most Korean films are boring and none had happy endings.

"Hey, how about the new 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' animated movie? Those guys are my favorite."

"Sure. Are you ok? Your lips are turning blue." Fumiko said.

I was feeling cold from the air conditioner but decided to tough it out. It beat returning to my room back on base and I did sort of want to see the movie.

"I'm fine," I lied. "Let's go."

We paid for the tickets and went to get some snacks before our movie started. It was on the second floor so we made our way up and I got some popcorn and beer for both of us. Most movie theaters in Korea do serve alcohol but it is usually way overpriced. So I paid for two and had some more beers in my bag that I purchased earlier.

I ran to the bathroom and tried to dry myself off using the electric hand dryer and paper towels but to no avail. I went to take a piss but my cock and balls had shriveled up so much I had to hunt for them and it felt like hell. I had just shaved them before coming out and it made the razor burn that much more noticeable.

I came back out and we both went in to see the movie. The movie theater was deserted except for one random guy who was sitting in the front row. We chose a seat on the far right side near the wall and away from the exit. The previews started and we settled into our seats.

The air conditioner must not have been on as high as it was in the entry way because I became warm pretty fast. My clothes were still drenched and my balls felt like they were inside my stomach but I was getting comfortable.

"Are your lips still cold?" Fumiko asked. She reached up and touched my lips. She could not see them in the darkened theater but I could feel her warm fingers against my cold flesh.

"Just a bit, but it's warm in here so I'll be fine," I said. I took one of my fingers in my mouth and gave it a quick suck. Fumiko giggled and took it out and wiped it on my wet shirt. She got a towel from her purse and laid it on my shoulder before snuggling in next to me.

The arm rest between us was getting in the way so I pushed it up and settled her back down. The movie was just starting and I raised my beer for a quick toast before leaning back.

Right away I was not impressed with the movie. The animation was crap and the Korean subtitles at the bottom were distracting. I was determined to at least watch for a while longer before deciding to see if Fumiko just wanted to go. I continued to drink my beer and eat some popcorn and despite myself got lost in the movie for the first twenty minutes.

I soon lost my interest again and was going to ask Fumiko if she wanted to leave but as I looked over it appeared from her deep breathing and posture that she was asleep. I didn't want to disturb her so I just let her lay there and watched her for the next minute.

I could see the top of her head and leaned down and breathed in deep. Freshly washed hair is one of my turn-ons and Fumiko usually took a shower before meeting me. Right now it smelled a bit of papaya and mango and was soft and springy.

I lightly brushed my hand against her hair and took a few strands and twisted it around in my hand. I let that go and leaned further over.

She was wearing a button up short sleeve white blouse over a thin undershirt and I could just see the top of her cleavage poking out in the dim light from the screen. This was definitely more entertaining that the movie so I continued to watch her chest rise and fall. She was bustier that the average Asian woman and her tits were pert and upright. I struggled to see them a bit better but the top button kept me from getting a good view.

I reached my free hand over, careful to set down my beer, and slowly reached for the button. My hands are pretty steady from the type of work that I do and I gently teased the button open over the next thirty seconds, making sure not to disturb her slumber.

As soon as I pried it open the guy from the front started laughing like a hyena and Fumiko's head came up for a second.

"I'm so sleepy," she said.

"Go back to sleep," I said. "It's still raining out and I don't think it'll let up anytime soon."

I put an arm around her and she came in closer to me. I used the arm around her to hold her head, and her arm plopped down hard onto my lap. By this time I was at half mast and the speed of her arm hitting my still shriveled balls made my cringe.

I kept my groan of pain in and help her closer. Now I had a prefect view down her tits and I could just see the top of her bra. She was wearing her favorite bra that day, a pink cloth one, and it had no pads.

One of her tits pressed into me and I could feel her erect nipple from the slightly cool air grind into my side. She let out an involuntary shiver and I gave her a quick hug and peck on the top of the head. I made the attempt again to watch the movie but I just ended up drinking more beer and waiting for Fumiko to fall back asleep.

I did not have to wait long and five minutes later I could feel her breathing deeper and her weight pressed harder against me.

The movie was still shitty so I went back to a better past time; watching my girlfriend's hot tits rise up and down. Her nipples were still hard and when the screen was bright and I could look better I could see the rise of her nipple outside her blouse.

My breathing became a bit more ragged and my hardon returned with a vengeance. I reached my free hand over and with the upmost precision undid another button on her blouse. Now I could clearly see her bra, and the undershirt was cut low enough and it did not obstruct me from having a perfect view of her rising and falling chest.

I took my free hand and picked her hand on top of my lap and set it back down.

Now I had a great view of her body and both of our hands were resting directly on top of my cock. I could feel the blood racing through my veins and my balls became warmer and finally started to descend from the pit of my stomach.

I spent the next few moments just gazing at her and enjoying the feel of her hand on my cock. I have never experienced any sort of voyeurism before and now I could see how it might be a turn on for some people. Sure we were not in a crowded place and we had not done anything overtly sexual as of yet but just the thought of being out in public and having my lover's hand over my cock made my mind race.

By now I had drank a few beers and was feeling pretty good and a little daring. I took her hand on my lap and moved it down so it was cupping my throbbing balls rather than lying directly on my shaft. I was not wearing a belt that day so I was able to undo my top pants button left handed with relative ease.

I gauged her breathing to make sure she was not awake and slowly undid my zipper. I was wearing boxer briefs that day but my cock was now fully upright and I could just see the tip poking out of the top of my waist line.

I took her hand again and laid it back down on my underwear. I could not stop from drawing in a whistling breath as her warm little hand fit perfectly around my member.

I rested for a moment before taking my hand off again and brought it around in front of her chest in a half sort of hug. Her breathing was still shallow and I held that position. The movie was now almost halfway finished and I was determined to see some tits before it was over.

Whenever I give myself goals I will try tenaciously to complete it, sometimes at my own expense and personal comfort levels. However with the liquid courage of a few beers running through my body I was determined to follow through if I had to rip the shirt off of Fumiko.

I still wanted to be stealthy so I slowly moved my hand down until one hand was gently holding her right tit. I could feel her tense up for a bit but as her breathing was still low and regular I put that as an involuntary response to my gentle caress.

I used my thumb to circle her still erect nipple and felt it get even harder under my touch. I let go and slowly, and with as much caution as my testosterone controlled brain would allow, reached my hand inside her blouse and touched her bra.

The cloth felt as though it was rippling under my touch and the absence of pads made it feel as though I was actually touching her tit right then and there rather than silky cloth.

I moved my hand down still further and touched her nipple. By now it was as hard and responsive as I have ever felt it before. My cock throbbed in anticipation and I could feel it twitching under Fumiko's hand. I gave her nipple what I thought was a gentle squeeze but it must have been harder than I thought because she drew in an audible gasping breath and turned her head to look up at me.

She gazed sleepily at me and then looked down at her blouse and gasped as she saw her nearly exposed breast. Then she looked down and saw her hand resting on my hard cock with a few inches sticking out from my briefs. She gave me a sultry smile and rested her head back against my shoulder after giving a quick look around to make sure no one was watching.

The theater was still empty but for the guy in front, but he was still glued to the screen. I let out a ragged breath and reached my hand back across to feel her tit.

Fumiko didn't stop me so I took that as permission to continue what I had started. Her breathing was also getting more ragged and as I softly touched her right nipple again she gripped my cock and clutched it tight. I looked down and saw a trickle of pre-cum on my stomach and went back to looking at her perfect tits.

I undid another button and now her bra was fully exposed. The clasp was in the back and I didn't want to reach behind her so I looked imploringly at her.

Fumiko looked up at me again and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. She then reached inside her own shirt and pulled her bra down, fully exposing both of her tits.

"Duh," I thought, "Cloth bra."

She then reached over and before I could stop her pulled down my briefs just enough to free my cock from its prison.

Now both of us were exposed and I had a one of her bare tits pressing into my arm and one of her hands enfolding my cock. She pulled up with her hand and a fair size amount of fluid came out and coated her hand. She gave one of her giggles and brought her head down to envelope the tip of my cock. I almost wanted to come right then but forced myself to relax as she started to blow me.

As a quick side note, Fumiko was a virgin when I met her. Having sex with a virgin at first is not very fun, especially if you are sexually experienced. But after a while it is one of the most amazing things. You are able to teach each other what you like and to me it is more fulfilling than sex than with someone who might have preconceived notions about what feels good to their partner. As is evidenced by the blow job that followed.

By now, Fumiko was well versed in the art of what I thought was a good blow job and her saliva started to run down to my balls and soaked my briefs. She tugged at them and I obliged her by sliding them down a bit more and exposing my balls to her ministrations.

She held them in her hand and gently tugged on them as she continued to slurp up and down on my cock. Her tits were bouncing into my thigh and I used my right hand to grab one of them and fondle it as she proceeded to nearly deep throat me and pull hard on my balls.

She could not totally deep throat my full eight inches yet but with one hand at the base of my cock it was a good compromise.

She looked up at me with puppy dog eyes and I could not keep it in any longer.

"I'm gonna come inside your mouth," I whispered and she nodded her head and she sped up her sucking and hand action. I had never come in her mouth before and the added thrill of that on top of getting a blowjob inside a movie theater set me over the edge and I came hard.

I could feel her tense as the first few drops, then a torrent of cum went inside her mouth. I thrust my hips up firmly as I finished.

I shivered as my hips came back down and Fumiko looked up at me as my cock slid out of her mouth. She still held on to the base of my cock but a small amount of cum came out. She leaned back down and licked it up before going up to kiss me on my mouth. I could smell the saltiness of my load and shied away. I didn't care that it is my cum, but I have never tasted myself before and had no inclination at the time.

Fumiko frowned but then licked her lips and swallowed everything. She leaned over, her still bare tits brushing my arm, and grabbed a beer to wash it down.

Eventually the movie went to credits and we both made ourselves as presentable as possible before going outside. Fumiko took my arm and held on tight as we exited the movie theater. The rain had stopped and I basked in the afternoon sunlight pouring down onto my shoulders. It felt as though I experienced a rebirth right there.

We started back to the train station and saw one of my buddies with his girlfriend coming up the way.

"Hey Nate, you guys see a movie?" he said.

"Yea, the new Turtles movie," I said.

"Any good?"

I turned to look at Fumiko and we gave each other a knowing smile. "It sucked," I said and we both laughed and walked away.


Please leave comments and notes below, criticism is welcome but only if it is constructive. Thanks for reading and let me know if you want more, I got lots of stories!
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