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Dragon Moon - Unnatural Alliance 05

Posted on : 2012-01-28 09:50:48.99451

Dragon Moon Unnatural Alliance is the third installment of my Dragon Moon series. If you have not done so, I would strongly suggest reading Dragon Moon and Bloodlines and False Bravery before beginning this tale.

As always, thank you to the Guild for being a great place to vent, brainstorm and share. A special thank you goes out to Mokk for all of your love and support of this story. To my Literary Angel, Mikothebaby, thank you as always for your wonderful work. You are ridiculously phenomenal!

To my fans, keep your comments feedback, emails, tweets and votes coming!

Thanks for reading me,

Nulli Para Ora


Gao's eyes narrowed and he stared at the man in front of him with coldness in his eyes. "What did you just say?"

Angelique was in a state of shock after hearing his declaration and she held her belly protectively.

Every beta and pack member could feel her unease and all heads began to turn in her direction. Everyone in range eyed the two strangers in front of their Alphas and prepared themselves in case they were needed.

Lovely? What's wrong? Jin had shifted and was running to her as fast as he could.

Mai and Cheng were also sending their thoughts, questioning what had affected her so deeply. What has happened, My Daughter? They eyed their sleeping grandsons, seeing them contentedly oblivious to their mother's mood.

In the months after Gao and Angelique became Alphas of Mao's pack, they had buildings erected extending out into the forest as far as the outskirts of their old territory. Likewise, they had buildings constructed from Mao's pack lands to meet the new ones they'd built.

This created a way to connect both packs through the pack bond, since they were too far apart otherwise. Similar to "whistle down the lane," the new pack members were made aware of Angelique's distress and even they were sending out their thoughts, asking questions, their betas heading toward the compound to provide support.

Angelique didn't answer. She stood completely still for several moments before she snapped out of it. "No!" She instinctively backed away from the man on his knees, taking comfort in being surrounded by her pack. "We don't even know you! They haven't even been born!" Her maternal protection switch had been flipped and she wasn't about to consider anyone taking her babies away from her or Gao.

"One of them is my mate, Alpha. I'm absolutely positive; there's no mistake." Nick's voice was even and he held himself still. He's their father. I can't look weak in front of him. "I'll give my life to protect your mate, Alpha." He moved his eyes to Angelique, staring at her belly and wishing that he had Tonya's acute hearing.

Tonya took in the scene and she dropped to her knees next to her friend. "I'll also give my life to protect her." Can't let this little one get away. I need to meet the wolf who'll finally be able to tame you! Tonya kept her head bowed, hiding the smirk on her face. She almost lost it when she could hear Nick's wolf growl inside his head. She couldn't help poking fun at him despite the situation. What are you gonna do if she's carrying all boys?

Nick's face hardened before he forced his expression to relax. You're gonna pay for that later, T! He had to keep control or he would appear to be challenging Gao and that wasn't something he wanted to do.

"WE will protect our Alphas! It is not your role to replace US. You were brought here for a different purpose." Enlai fixed his gaze on the two American betas. His anger was clear for everyone to see and he wasn't about to relinquish his role.

Tonya understood Enlai's position and she immediately jumped in. "We're not implying that you need our help. All we want is to add our strength to yours. We don't know what the coming battle will have in store. We're just offering ourselves in case you need us." She watched Enlai's face for understanding and she could see the muscles of his jaw relax slightly.

Enlai, show them where they will be staying. Keep an eye on the male. We'll be testing him; you know what to do. Gao stood and moved away from Nick and Tonya, returning to Angelique's side. With five betas in tow, they ascended the stairs and went inside the main building.

Nick watched them leave and slowly stood up. Everything in him wanted to be in that group of betas, guarding Angelique. He closed his eyes for a moment, replaying the image of her in his mind. If my mate is anything like Angelique.... He stopped himself from lingering on those thoughts. I need to focus; now's not the time for this. His face took on a serious expression, and he waited for word from the betas in front of him on what to do next.

"Come, follow me to where you will be staying." Enlai motioned with his hand for them to follow. Nick and Tonya quickly collected their bags from the SUV and followed the beta to their building.

Way to go. You sure know how to make a first impression. Tonya was rolling her eyes as she adjusted the strap on her shoulder.

Shut up, T! Nick lifted the heavy bag from her and slung it over his own shoulder as they walked along.

You couldn't just keep it to yourself? They'll be our Alphas while we're here! You could've tried a different approach. She was still irritated about his behavior and she didn't like the position it put them in. Like it or not, Nick was her friend and she wouldn't abandon him.

We'll see how patient your wolf is when you scent your mate for the first time. He looked at her out of the corner of his eyes, which had shifted from brown to hazel, and a wicked smirk formed on his lips. Of course, he'd probably have to land on you for you to notice! He held in the laughter as he walked along.

You're just never going to let that go are you? Tonya's mind replayed the source of his joke. She'd had a thing for a guy but she was hesitant about revealing her intentions. He was human and her wolf was a dominant part of her personality. She'd only been with Weres but there was something about him that she couldn't resist.

She'd initially spotted him running around a track not far from their pack lands. She was on patrol and she just happened to run by, seeing him, shirtless, covered in sweat, running along at a fairly descent clip. She stared at him for a few moments before continuing with her patrol.

She started looking for him regularly after that, watching him run, checking out his body. One morning, she decided to run on the track in the hope that she could talk to him. Unfortunately, he didn't show. She came out the next morning and still nothing. This went on for two weeks before she finally gave up.

One morning, she was moving through her patrol, deep in thought about what could have happened to him when she heard a slight sound. She followed it through the woods and stopped when she was close. Before she could look in the direction of the source, she heard a loud snap and was nearly knocked off her feet.

She was immediately on guard, widening her stance a bit and preparing for an attack when she looked down to find him there on the ground. "What are you doing here? This is private property." She kept her voice firm. She was happy to see him, but this was her pack's land and she wouldn't allow him to trespass.

"This didn't go quite the way I'd planned." He brushed himself off and stood up, smiling in an attempt to mask his embarrassment. The bright red flush of his ears gave him away though. "I sort of noticed that you come through here every day. I thought I'd surprise you. Your friend Nick told me that you like this sort of thing. You know, having to play a little hide and seek. Guess I misjudged that branch." His eyes were staring up at the tree that he'd just fallen out of.

Tonya nearly laughed out loud at the memory. I still owe you a kick in the nuts for that! She looked at Nick and shook her head as their feet moved from grass to a narrow stone path that snaked through the residential buildings.

You should be making me breakfast in bed every day for that. From what I recall, he kept you thoroughly entertained for quite a few years. Nick's smile was devilish as they continued walking along.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm not worried about finding my mate just yet. But if I do find another toy, I'll be sure to enjoy it for both of us. Seeing as how you won't be getting any for the next twenty years! Her own smile was wicked and she purposely avoided looking at him.

Nick could only groan in frustration as he walked on in silence. Twenty years!

\*\*\*/*/*/Shut up, T! Nick didn't like the idea that his mate would be expected to provide for him. His wolf paced restlessly inside his head. We will take care of our mate! He lingered on these thoughts and reality started to sink in with an almost blinding force. I can take care of us, but she'll be used to living like this.

Stop it, Nick. You know that your mate will be happy with you no matter what. Even if that means living in the gutter for the next five hundred years! This time the laughter burst out of her. The look on his face was pure annoyance and Tonya couldn't help herself.

When we get back to that house, your butt is grass! Even he laughed at the visual. We'll never be that bad. Tonya's mocking words were just what he needed to remind himself that he would be able to provide a life, a good life even, for his mate. I just need to make sure everything goes fine with the pregnancy.

"Come with us." Enlai and three other betas ran up to the group, signaling for Nick to follow.

I won't have to worry about a future if these guys keep trying to kill me!

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