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Video Amateurs Ch. 02

Posted on : 2012-01-28 11:28:52.930505

The delivery man went into the kitchen to make his call. I figured he didn't want giggling female voices to tip off his manager that the car trouble story was a shuck. In a minute or so he was back?totally naked. His cock was easily fourteen inches long flaccid, and the diameter of a kielbasa.

"Whoo!" Karen cheered. "I like what you got dangling." It was so uncharacteristic of her I rubbed my eyes?and other parts of my anatomy.

"Name's Jerell," he said, offering her his hand. Instead of taking it, Karen gently grasped the shaft of his penis, stroked it in greeting and said, "Pleasure, Jerell. I always like to know a man's first name before I suck his cock."

"That's a good rule to live by," Jerell said. He turned to Nicole, who covered her face and gave an embarrassed laugh.

"You sure you up for this?" he asked her.

"Only if she goes first," Nicole said, still shielding her face.

"Fine by me," Karen replied. "First served, first cum."

"You fulla rules I like, girl," Jerell cackled, clapping his hands together. "Only, you want me to take a lil sponge bath first? I been deliverin' for hours and I be kinda funky for what ladies got in mind."

"Wouldn't hear of it, Jerell," Karen said in a breathy voice filled with desire. "I love the taste of cock sweat."

The next song, Rick James' SUPER FREAK, began playing. My Karen inched lower and lower to the beat of the music until her face was mere inches away from the head of Jerell's cock. Jerell was semi-erect already and doing something that made his cock jerk and jump no-hands to the same beat. Karen took his shaft in her hands and jacked him once. Then she kissed the tip and licked it all over. The head of Jerell's cock after that much stimulation from Karen had grown to the size of a large heart-shaped plum?the the kind that would win you a blue ribbon at the state fair.

"Do you like it when I lick the little hole at the end?" she asked Jerell.

"Girl, I like everything you do, long as you keep on doin'."

Nicole watched intently as Karen grasped the base of Jerell's penis, took its massive head into her mouth and eagerly sucked on it. "I don't think I can deep throat you," she joked.

"Do the best you can," Jerell sighed. Karen took several inches of the shaft into her mouth, letting go with a pop after each plunge. Soon his cock grew so stiff from her attentions that it resembled a huge police nightstick covered in black leather. Karen's slick saliva made it glisten as though it had been treated with Armor All when seen in the twinkling Christmas lights. Jerell groaned with pleasure. Waiting in the wings, Nicole seemed to study Karen's technique as she pondered what it would be like, knowing she soon would be sucking Jerell's cock herself.

Jerell began pumping his hips, pushing the length of his cock into Karen's mouth. She gagged once, then came up for air and said, "Sorry," before taking a deep breath and going down for more. But try as she might, Karen could never take in more than about the first eight inches of Jerell's immense tool.

Jerell's moans grew louder and more intense as Karen sucked away. When he groaned, "I'm fittin' to cum." Karen withdrew and poised her face directly under the tip of his cock and jacked him furiously, her mouth opened wide and tongue extended.

Then the doorbell rang. "Oh, man!" Jerell said.

Karen reached up and grasped Jerell's cock head with thumb and forefinger, pinched down on it firmly for a count of three and said, "Hold that thought."

"But girl, I'm fittin' to cum!" Jerell protested.

Karen was already halfway to the door. "Tell her," she said, pointing to Nicole.

By now I was so excited, watching my conservative wife bring a powerfully hung black man nearly to orgasm, that I paid no attention as Karen got the door. Rather, I focused the Ipod on Jerell and Nicole, finding it hard to catch my breath I was so aroused by the prospect of secretly witnessing inexperienced Nicole's maiden voyage into the wonderful world of fellatio, particularly with such an imposing partner.

Nicole backed away at first, staring at Jerell's fully erect Mandingo penis towering in full view. "C'mon, girl, hep me out," Jerell pleaded, "I'm fittin' to cum."

Saying, "I?I don't think I can do that," Nicole scurried away a few steps. Directly past the room divider where I was hiding. "Omigod!" she screamed when she saw me there naked, video recording the whole thing. "Omigod! There's a naked guy hiding behind here and he's got a camera!"

"Say what?" Jerell shouted, outraged. He followed her, his cock still erect, until he stood over me crouched on the floor and demanded, "What the fuck you think you doin', man?"

"I'm her husband," I offered weakly. "Karen's my wife."

"You one a them pervert muthafuckas wanna play hide and seek, make a movie while you watch your ol' lady suckin' some nigga cock? That your game?"

Karen said, "Jerell please. We were only making the video for our own pleasure, to remember and treasure the experience, you know?" I noticed for the first time that Karen had once again answered the door naked. This time a zaftig woman in her late forties and wearing a pizza delivery uniform stood watching us. Her blonde hair was cropped short. She was wearing plus-size jeans tight enough to show a distinct camel toe. Even from across the room I could clearly notice how her full breasts strained at the buttons of her uniform shirt.

"Ain't nothin' wrong with a little peekaboo video, long as it's done in good taste and kept private, I always say."

"I like your attitude, Joanie."

"Thanks, Karen." Addressing us all she went on, "I was just telling Karen here how I've already seen it all and done most of it. Now that I get a gander at Jerell here, I wouldn't mind joining in. I prefer black men sexually, you want to know the truth."

"Well get undressed Joanie. Let me introduce you around. This gentleman of course is Jerell, the guest of honor for the evening. This is my husband Jeremy?the videographer, and this sweet young thing beside him is Nicole. Nicole's partial to manual stim by another woman, but she's confided to us that she wouldn't mind sucking a black cock?Jerell's cock, to be precise. As a matter of fact, Nikki and I were right in the middle of a blow job contest when you rang the bell."

"That stud can ring my bell anytime," Joanie said, giving Jerell a close visual inspection from ten paces. She had taken her jeans down, exposing a pair of white panties which she quickly slipped off, and unbuttoned her pizza shirt to expose an old-fashioned cantilevered brassiere that must have been 45DD. "Who wants to help me with this here?" she asked, reaching behind her to unhook the rear closure.

"I love a white woman with a clean-shaved pussy," Jerell remarked, staring at Joanie's genitals.

"Then you come to the right place, Darlin'," Joanie said. Turning to Karen she asked, "What was you sayin' about a BJ contest?"

"Oh, yes. You're welcome to watch or even join in if you like. Jeremy will video the entire thing, but the video is for our personal use only. Absolute discretion guaranteed, right, Jeremy?"

"Right," I muttered, scrambling to my feet. My cock was still hard and jutting out and upward at a forty-five degree angle.

"Which of you takes care of poor Jeremy while Jerell is judging your blow job contest?" Joanie asked mischievously, moving a step closer to me.

"I guess you're elected, Joanie," I said, looking Karen directly in the eye. "If you're willing to, that is."

"Ready, willing and able, Darlin.' That is, if Karen here don't mind."

"Go ahead if you want," Karen replied, a bit coldly I thought. Joanie didn't waste any time positioning herself, kneeling down in front of me and taking my cock in her mouth as though that service was all part of the pizza delivery. She looked up into my eyes, smiled mischievously and took the head of my stiff cock into her mouth. Her swirling tongue and bobbing head gave me a profound thrill that made me quiver right down to my spine as soon as she began sucking. I reached down to caress her tits. She had huge dark areolas and erect nipples that extended nearly a full inch outward. She interrupted her labor to tell me, "I love when you do that, Darlin'. Keep on touchin' my boobies like that."

For her part, Karen somewhat angrily resumed sucking Jerell off, renewing her heroic efforts at deep throat. From time to time she coughed and gagged when she tried to take him all in, but when he asked whether she wanted to take a breather she waved him away and kept going.

Joanie was bringing me close. Seeming to sense my imminent climax she said, "Y'all can cum in my mouth or on my face if you like. Either way, I'm ready for ya. Just watch out for my hair, okay?"

Before I could agree, the doorbell rang again. Karen withdrew from sucking Jerell and called out, "Nikki, could you get the door?"

Naked and apprehensive, Nicole nevertheless complied. But when she threw open the door stark naked, there was a black policeman in uniform standing at the door.

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