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Husband to Master Ch. 02

Posted on : 2012-01-28 11:51:58.474318

Hi all, here its, chapter 2. The further adventures of Joe and his new whore. Hope you all enjoy, as always all comments are welcome. Also a massive thank you again to the wonderful juicy starchild for all the work she has put into editing this chapter.


Zoe slowly opened her eyes. Half asleep she looked up towards the alarm clock. Her Master stood there, turning it off. He looked down at her, her long brunette hair a tangled mess beside her, bare and beautiful, just where he had ordered her to sleep.

"Good morning, my whore. I hope you slept well," Joe said softly to his slut.

"Good morning, Master. Yes, I slept fine, thank you, although the carpet wasn't as comfortable as it might look." Zoe smiled.

"Well, my whore, if you please me today I might let you join me in bed tonight--but you must be a really good slut for me."

"Yes, Master, I shall."

"Now, on your feet, my whore. Let Master have a good look at you."

Zoe obeyed and pulled herself up from the floor. As she stood there, her Master looked her up and down. Her soft skin was marked with light red indentations from the carpets abuse in the night. Her nipples were beginning to harden from the mornings breeze. She stood there, looking a little uneasy on her feet, shuffling a little.

"What's wrong, my whore?"

"Master, I need the bathroom. Please may I go?"

"Yes, whore, go now and go quickly."

"Thank you, Master," she replied and hurried off to the toilet.

When Zoe returned Joe was sat on the edge of the bed.

"Come to me and kneel, whore."

Zoe immediately obeyed and knelt at her Masters feet, eyes looking down to the floor.

"Master's going to take a shower. As I do, you'll go downstairs and prepare breakfast."

"Yes, Master," Zoe replied, eyes still staring into the carpet.

"You'll be a good little slut for me and not get dressed, do you understand?"

Zoe looked up at her Master, with a look of surprise. She had never just wandered around her home naked before and now she was to make breakfast wearing nothing. What if she was seen? What would the neighbours think? All these things were running through her mind.

"Don't just sit there staring, whore. Answer me!"

"Master...I'd rather have a little something to wear. What if I got spotted?" Zoe said to her Master in an unsure tone.

"Well, my little whore, I don't care who sees you, and I don't care if you want to do it or not. You are my slave and you shall obey me."

"But..." Zoe interrupted.

"But...what, whore? And how dare you interrupt me." Joe grabbed his whores hair. Grasping it tightly, he stood up and pulled her to her feet.

"You never interrupt me when I'm speaking. You need to learn to respect your Master. Maybe my whore needs teaching a lesson this morning, don't you agree?"

"Yes, Master," Zoe replied quietly.

"I'm glad you agree, whore. Now get on the bed, on your hands and knees, head down. Now!"

Zoe scrambled onto the bed and onto her hands and knees, exposing herself entirely to her Master.

"Good girl."

Joe went and rummaged in the wardrobe. As he walked back to her Zoe heard a click, a noise she recognised as the sound of a cap being opened. She wondered what her Master had planned for her punishment--she didn't have to wonder long.

Joe got on the bed behind his whore, a tube of lube in one hand and a butt plug in the other. He squeezed a generous amount onto the ends of his fingers and rubbed it on Zoe's exposed arsehole. She flinched from the unexpected coldness.

"Right, my whore. I hope by the end of this punishment you'll have learnt that you must show me respect at all times. Do not question me and never interrupt me. Are you ready?"

"Yes, Master."

Joe pressed the black butt plug up against his whore and started to add a little pressure.

"Relax, my slut. Let it enter you."

Zoe was shaking a little--not from fear, but from arousal. She noticed the damp feeling between her legs. Joe added more pressure and the butt plug slid a little more into her tight hole.

"Good girl. Now relax even more and let me get it in."

"Mmmm." Zoe let out a slight moan of pleasure as she felt it go deeper into her. Joe continued forcing it in. Eventually, his whore took it all.

"Right, slut. The butt plug will stay in there the whole time you're preparing breakfast. You will not remove it, and as I said before you WILL be fully naked. OK?"

"Yes, Master," Zoe replied as she lay there, riding out the pain from the plug that was stretching her aching hole. The pain was starting to subside as her Master spoke to her.

"Now get off the bed, get yourself downstairs into that kitchen and do as you're told. I'll go take my shower now."

Zoe slowly got off from the bed and made her way out of the room. She found it difficult to walk, having her arse so full, but she did her best and made her way downstairs and into the kitchen. Feeling very uncomfortable, she began preparing breakfast, occasionally looking out of the kitchen window to check for neighbours or post men that could catch a glimpse of her. Her cheeks blushed from the thought, but her pussy betrayed her and got even wetter.

Zoe was just laying the table and dishing out breakfast as her Master walked into the kitchen.

"How's the plug, my whore?"

"Quite uncomfortable, Master."

"Good, and why is it there, whore?"

"It's there because I interrupted you, Master, and didn't show you the respect you deserve."

"Good girl, slut, and I hope this is gonna make you learn."

Joe sat down at the table, picked up his knife and fork and waited for breakfast. Zoe brought it over and placed it onto the table, followed by his coffee.

"Thank you, whore." Joe tucked into his cooked breakfast as Zoe stood beside him with eyes towards the floor.

"You may sit and eat, whore."

"Thank you, Master," Zoe said as she got her breakfast and joined him at the table, slowly sitting down. Zoe closed her eyes from the pain and discomfort as she sat in the chair, but she ate her breakfast without a complaint.

The doorbell rang and Zoe's heart skipped a beat. What if it's a neighbour, or one of Joes friends? She couldn't let them see her like this. A shiver of adrenaline ran through her body.

"Stay there, whore. I'll answer the door."

Joe stood and walked out of the kitchen, and Zoe sat there, quiet, her heart beating fast. The thought of being seen like this made her feel sick to her stomach. She could hear her Master speaking, but couldn't make out what he was saying. Then she heard the door close and footsteps--someone was coming back to the kitchen. She was relieved when she looked up and saw it was only her Master. She continued eating her breakfast.

"It was a delivery, my whore. I've been online and bought myself some things--things I think we're both going to enjoy." A wicked smile spread across his face. "Now, whore, get the pots washed up, then come and join me in the lounge."

"Yes, Master." Zoe stood and began clearing the table.

Joe was sitting in the lounge, boxes on the floor in front of him, the excitement making him smile, when Zoe walked in.

"Come and kneel beside me, whore. I want to show you what I've bought."

With his whore knelt beside him, Joe began tearing the tape from the boxes. Zoe watched, eagerly waiting to find out what was sealed within. Joe opened the first box. He pulled out a small package and tore it open--inside was a black leather blindfold. He held it up, so Zoe could see it, then placed it onto the sofa beside him. The next package he tore open contained a pink studded leash. He held it up to Zoe.

"Pink has always been you colour," he smiled, before placing it with the blindfold. Zoe was getting a little excited. He must have ordered these a while ago, she thought.

Joe tore open another package. From inside he pulled out a ball gag.

"Do you recognise this, whore?"

"No, Master." Her eyes fixed on the alien object in her Masters hand. She had an idea what it was for.

"Well, Master will introduce it to you later."

Joe had opened most of the boxes and packages now and on the sofa beside the blindfold, leash and ball gag, were a nice-looking pair of Japanese clover clamps, a pink leather hog tie, a pink 9 inch dildo and some shiny metal handcuffs. Zoes eyes were fixed on her Masters new items. He had two boxes left.

"I've saved the best until last, my whore," he said with a naughty smile on his face. He opened the first one, and lifted out what was inside. Zoe's eyes lit up as he held it up for her to see.

"Here we have a paddle, whore."

Zoe studied it, a black firm paddle that looked in its place in her Masters hand. Joe flipped it over and Zoe looked on. The word slut was imprinted onto it. She looked at her Master.

"Yes, slut. It has your name on it," he chuckled. "When I'm done using this on you there will be no way you can forget what you are, as it will leave a lovely red print behind to remind you that you are indeed a slut." He chuckled again as he lay it beside him and reached for the last box. Joe tore it open and smiled--his eyes lit up, he was so excited about this one. He lifted it out of its packaging and held it up to his whore. He was very proud of this one--it was a deerskin flogger. Zoe stared at it, taking in its long, angled-tip lashes. Joe pawed at the tails, moving the black ones to the side to reveal the vibrant red ones nestled within.

"Mmmm, whore, I'm going to enjoy using this one."

"Yes, Master, I can imagine," Zoe replied, still looking at the flogger that was gripped in her Masters hand.

"So, there you go, whore. Just a few things to start with, but I'll acquire new tools along the way. We'll have a great collection before long!" He smiled as he lay the flogger with the rest of his tools.

"Right, whore, how is that plug feeling now?"

"Still rather uncomfortable, Master," Zoe answered.

"Tell me again, whore, why I made you wear it!"

"Because I disrespected you, Master. I also interrupted you, too."

"Good girl. And do you think you've learned your lesson, whore?"

"Yes, Master, I have. I'll show you respect at all times and I won't interrupt you again."

"I hope so, slut. Now come with me upstairs." Joe got up from the sofa and beckoned his whore to follow him to the bathroom.

"Now, whore, it's time for you to shower. I want you nice and clean, but first I'll remove that butt plug."

"Thank you, Master, and I have learnt my lesson. I've realised what I did was disrespectful and I won't do it again."

"Good girl. Now bend over the sink for me." As Zoe was bent over the sink, Joe walked up behind her and began to remove the plug from her sore arsehole, slowly sliding it out and then putting it in the sink for his whore to clean.

"How does that feel now, slut?"

"Much better, thank you, Master."

Joe put his arms around his slut, kissed her on the forehead and turned on the shower.

"Clean that butt plug for me, whore, then go put it in the drawer as I sort out the shower."

Zoe did as she was told. Joe got the temperature sorted on the shower, then turned to his slut.

"You may have this shower, but there's one thing I wish you to do while you're in there. I want that pussy shaved. I want it clean and hair-free for me. It belongs to me now and it will be how I want it. OK, whore?"

"Yes, Master, I'll do that for you."

"Good girl. Now get in the shower. I'm going to make some work calls. I won't be long."

Joe left the bathroom as Zoe stepped into the shower, the warm water jetting down onto her skin, running down her back and neck to her breasts, dripping from her erect nipples. It felt so good. Zoe began to clean herself with her soaped-up sponge, cleaning every inch of her beautiful curvy body. When she was done washing she shampooed her hair. There was one last thing she needed to do--she needed to shave her pussy. Reaching for the razor and foam, she sighed. She'd never done this before, and didn't really want to, but she also didn't want the punishment that would follow from not doing as she was told, so she proceeded to shave it.

Joe returned to the bathroom just as Zoe was stepping out of the shower.

"Ah, you're all done. On your knees, please, whore, with your hands behind your head."

Zoe got to her knees as she was told, resting her hands on her warm, wet hair.

"Spread those legs a little for me, whore. I'm going to inspect you, make sure you're clean and properly shaved for me."

Joe walked around his whore, taking in her clean scent. He got down to her level, placing his hand on her shaved mound. He felt around it, running his fingers all over, down to the lips, making sure they were nice and smooth, then right down and round to her sore bum hole, rubbing it gently.

"Well, whore, it seems you've done a good job. I'm pleased." He removed his hand and Zoe let out a sigh of disappointment, her pussy aching to be touched more.

"Did you want more, whore?" Joe asked.

"I love your touch, Master. I always want more." Zoe blushed.

"Well you'll have to wait, whore. Right now I think you need to get dry and dressed. I've put some clothes out on my bed for you."

Zoe walked into the bedroom. She looked towards the bed, and there they were, the clothes her Master had chosen for her to wear. Zoe dried herself and picked up the clothes to get dressed. There were a couple of items missing--Zoe was to not wear underwear today. Her Master preferred it this way. She slipped the white blouse over her warm body and buttoned it up, her nipples hard and showing through the material. Then she stood and picked up the rather short skirt from the bed, slipped her legs into it, and zipped it up. She picked up the brush from her dresser and pulled it through her long hair.

Joe shouted her from downstairs. "Are you done? I'm waiting for you in the lounge."

"Yes, Master, I'm on my way down to you now," she replied as she made her way to the stairs.

In the lounge Joe sat in the chair, holding a pen and some blank cards. "OK, whore, on your knees at my feet, please. I shouldn't have to tell you to do this every time, now, whore. You should automatically do this when in the house with me."

"Yes, sorry Master." She dropped to her knees at his feet.

"I have here some cards. What I want to do for the rest of this morning is make some punishment cards."

Zoe looked at him a little confused.

"Each of these ten cards will have punishments on them, which you have written. Then, when I feel you need to be punished, a card can be drawn and that will be the punishment you receive. Do you follow so far, little one?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good girl. OK, but I want you to be fucking yourself for me as you think of the punishments and write them down. But be warned, little one. I'll read them when you're done. If there are any you've written as a punishment, that I think is more of a reward for you, then you'll get five whacks with the paddle to your arse. Do you understand me, whore?"

"Yes, Master, I understand you."

"Good. I'll not have you trying to trick me. I expect honesty from you, little one. And one more thing--you're not permitted to orgasm during this task."

"Yes, of course, Master."

"Good girl, now take the cards and the pen, get on your hands and knees in front of me, so I can see that nicely shaved pussy, nice and close."

Zoe immediately obeyed, her clit tingling already. She was in position and ready to begin. Joe got up and picked up the pink dildo, lifted her skirt and pushed the dildo into her wet, aching pussy.

"Mmmm, thank you, Master," Zoe said.

"Now whore, begin to fuck yourself for me. As you do, think of the things that Master could do to you as a punishment. And remember, don't you dare fucking try and fool me!"

Zoe worked the dildo between her legs, her cute round arse stuck up into the air, her arm brought under her body, the pen in her other hand. She tried to think of something to write on the first card--her mind was a blank. She couldn't think of it, the pleasure was too consuming. She tried harder and something came to mind and she scribbled it down.

"Good girl, that's number one. Keep going, whore," Joe said from behind her.

Zoe continued to fuck her pussy, the warm juices running onto her fingers as they grasped the dildo. Working it in and out, pleasure flowing through her, she craved her Masters touch. Zoe wrote on the second card, then the third and the fourth. She stopped as she felt the pleasure getting too much, her body well on its way to climax, the intense feelings rushing through her. She focused her mind on the task at hand, just managing to control herself and write on the fifth card.

"Very good, little one. Don't you dare fucking cum, though. Keep it together--don't let me down." Joe slid his hands into his trousers. His cock was aching and throbbing--he wanted to be inside his whore so badly, his balls ached to fill his cumslut.

Zoe was struggling, her orgasm too close. She was doing all she could to stop herself falling from the edge. She couldn't think about anything other than how bad she needed to cum. Zoe stopped fucking herself, and let her arm fall to the floor.

"What are you doing, whore?" Joe shouted from his chair.

"Master, I'm too close. I need to cum so badly, my mind can't think of anything else. I'm so sorry, Master."

"OK then, my little whore, stop what you're doing and bring the cards to me. You'll get punished later for not completing the task set." Joe had known his whore wouldn't be able to manage ten cards, but had set it as a test just to see how far she would go to try and please her Master. He was a little disappointed that she'd only managed five, but he began to read them with Zoe knelt at his feet, juices dripping from her cunt, her fingers wet and sticky. Joe looked down at her.

"Clean your fingers, whore. Get them in your mouth and clean them."

Zoe pushed the fingers into her mouth, running her tongue over them as she sucked on them, the taste of herself taking over her mouth, swallowing hard, then sucking them again.

"Mmmm, good girl." Joe smiled at her and read out the first card. "To be tied and blindfolded and left alone." He looked at Zoe. "So this would be a punishment for my whore, then, would it?"

"Yes, Master, it would."

"OK, good girl." He read out the next one. "Naked in public." He smiled to himself. "Yes, whore, this is a good one." He continued and read out the third one. "To be paddled or flogged." He looked confused at Zoe. "I thought my little slut got enjoyment from pain. Is this trying to fool me, whore?"

"No Master, not at all. Your slut does like pain, Master, but not the pain from the paddle or the flogger."

"Ah, OK. I see, whore."

He chuckled as he read the fourth card. "To be tied in a room with the television on loud, but not tuned in. Little one, I'm impressed with this one. Master knows the sound of an untuned television goes right through my whore. That would be an excellent punishment."

Zoe looked a little worried. Why did I write that? she thought.

Joe looked at the fifth and final card. "Now, my whore, I did warn you not to try and fool me, didn't I?"

"Yes, Master." Zoes head dropped.

"Then why did you write this?" He read out the card. "To be fucked in the arse." He scowled at Zoe. She looked at him.

"I know my little slut doesn't mind to be fucked in the arse, so I'm not gonna take this as a punishment, and you're now gonna have that arse paddled five times for trying to make a fucking fool of me. Then you'll give me a fifth to replace it."

"Yes, OK, Master. I'm very sorry." Zoe was a little mad, she couldn't think straight from the pleasure that was overwhelming her body. She hoped her Master would understand this, but she wasn't about to question him. She bent over and lifted her skirt, ready to take the paddle.

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